Speech for Parents: Outlook Hi. I’m going to speak in English – my Chinese is terrible.

I’m in charge of the Outlook training at EF. We’re starting our second round of classes. I believe the first round was very successful: many of our students finished the written test in ten or fifteen minutes and most scored very high: over 90%. I’m going to try to introduce what it is that we do in our classes. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our goals are simple. We can’t guess what students will be asked during the competition… so we try to develop skills that will work for every question. Some students in Zhengzhou speak English very fluently but they can’t structure an answer. Some students read and can understand a lot of English – but when they try to talk nothing comes out. There are a lot of things that go into a successful answer. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Each lesson of ours develops one skill. We start with building the vocabulary and receptive listening skills. If a student doesn’t understand a question he can’t answer it very well. Then we practice questions. I leave a lot of this for homework. I believe that a student can practice at home by reading books. That’s fine. What a student can’t do at home is get feedback on his answers. He doesn’t know if his answer is structured well or if his pronunciation is off. In my class I don’t talk a lot. I want the students to talk. We try to get the students to speak as much as possible. Answer as many questions as possible. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here are some examples of our homework worksheets. Questions from last year’s Outlook competition. New questions with this year’s topics. Example answers. These are things students can read and study and practice at home.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ These are examples of our in-class worksheets that develop other skills: on the left is intonation. Students recite the same passages. In the middle we have tongue twisters to work on pronunciation and enunciation. On the right we have listening comprehension.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ What you can do at home is read books and watch videos. Become familiar with the Outlook competition. The more you know about the competition the more prepared you will be. Ok. Thank you for your time. I have a class to run to!

Renato Ganoza for EF Zhengzhou, 2009

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