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Europes valued annual learning and networking event for the

legal knowledge management community

I am delighted to be speaking at KM Legal
Europe again this year. The conference last year was a great forum
for sharing best practice around knowledge management across a
wide range of organisations in continental Europe. The conversational
style of chairing made the exchanges particularly lively.

A two-day intensive conference

with half-day site visit:
Join this established community of pan-European legal
knowledge professionals
Learn from leading law firms from across the continent
Engage your fee earners in KM do rewards work?
Hear comparative case studies from Norton Rose Fulbright and
Latham & Watkins
Win the argument with senior management for KM investment
Measure the impact of your programmes
Understand the benefits of a legal project management approach
Gain ideas from practical sessions on SharePoint and other KM tools
Understand the movement to open access legal texts
Visit the offices of Van Doorne N.V.
Make new connections for future advice back in the office
Choose the right KM tools
Ground breaking case studies
and expert insights from:
Ius Laboris BELGIUM
tel: +44 (0)20 7324 2365
presents the 8th annual
Two-day conference with pre-event site visit
21-23 January 2014 Amsterdam






Strategic and practical
Managing Partners leading research into legal knowledge
management on the continent has revealed that there are clearly two
sides to this job role. On the one hand, you have to have a strategic
plan for where knowledge could take your firm and how you will embed
it. On the other hand, the strategic plan is useless if you dont have the
practical techniques to
manage knowledge and
demonstrate that you are
managing as well as
actually embedding it.
This years 8th annual KM
Legal Europe conference
has been carefully balanced between strategy and practice, in alignment
with this research, to ensure that any knowledge manager or lawyer
attending will leave with a clear view of how to best focus their time and
effort. Indeed, keynote speaker Mart van de Kerkhof, Head of Know-How
at Allen & Overy will reveal a new strategic approach for how you can
choose the right tools to support KM activities in your firm.
A strategic future for knowledge
Back by popular demand, world renowned keynote speaker Dave
Snowden, will explore agility in legal knowledge management. Often
knowledge projects become so large and so complex that it is hard
to keep up with the fast changing nature of the legal services market.
Through his keynote, Dave will demonstrate how you can use agile
project management to change direction during your KM projects, in
response to changes in the market and your firms strategy.
Client matters are also becoming increasingly complex, and,
since satisfied clients are your bread and butter, the use of knowledge
management in client service is the key way to get knowledge on your
firms strategic agenda. Some clients are now demanding that firms
demonstrate their legal project management (LPM) skills and their IT
capabilities at the time of tender. Global firm Baker & McKenzie, which
has several offices on the continent, has been quite radical in creating
actual Legal Project Manager roles and its Director, Knowledge Global
M&A Practice Group will give the second keynote at this event, drawing
on themes raised by Dave Snowden to help you decide if you should
implement LPM in your firm.
Winning the argument with senior
One sure fire way to win investment in your KM programmes is to draw
a clear link to the bottom line. At KM Legal Europe 2014 two different
presentations will explore the methods of measurement of KM activities
and their potential for creating cost efficiencies in law firms, now that
fees are being squeezed.
Engaging your fee earners
A big challenge that seems to be common across Europe, no matter
what stage of the knowledge journey a firm is at, is engaging lawyers
in the importance of KM. At this years conference, we are fortunate to
have comparative case studies from two different European firms on
the techniques they have used to achieve this. Norton Roses Head
of Knowledge (EMEA), based in France, will explain how the firm has
used a knowledge cost code to track the hours invested in knowledge
management, while the Latham & Watkins team from Germany will
explain how the firm has introduced a knowledge element directly into its
annual bonus structure for lawyers.
There is certainly a debate to be had over whether incentives work to
encourage knowledge sharing or not and Menno Ong, the past-event
Chair will present the counter-argument, against incentives. You will then
get the chance to have your say via a floor discussion so that when you
leave the conference you will have a clear idea of how best you could
engage your lawyers back at your firm.
Practical tools
At Managing Partner we understand that while you need to keep
an eye on the strategic goals, much of your day job is about the
practical implementation of KM projects and programmes. This years
programme will also include practical advice on topics including:
Open access legal texts
External content
Dont feel that you are alone
One thing that past delegates have rated highly about this conference,
is the opportunity it provides to establish long-standing relationships
with other knowledge managers and lawyers dealing with similar issues
across the continent, which becomes of value when you need advice on
knowledge issues from your peers once you return to your firm. Indeed,
a subcommittee of the International Bar Association was enhanced
by the discussions resulting from our last conference bringing this
community closer together. We are delighted to have the Chairman of
the subcommittee speaking at KM Legal Europe, to share with you the
committees work during 2013 and its plans for 2014, so you can have
the opportunity to be involved at a pan-European level going forward.
Make sure you become a key player in the European legal
knowledge management community, book your place on KM
Legal Europe 2014 today!
Two-day conference with pre-event site visit 21-23 January 2014 Amsterdam
tel: +44 (0)20 7324 2365
Directors and Heads of Knowledge Management, Knowledge
Managers, Knowledge Lawyers and Information Managers from
across the European continent.
This is an established community annual event and is the best
way to establish face-to-face connections with those working
in the same field as you and to determine common solutions to
shared problems.
New ideas,
practical examples and
good to meet new people.


09:00 Registration and refreshments
09:30 Chairs opening remarks
Dr. Raffael Bchi, Head of Know-How & Business
Development, Br & Karrer, Switzerland
09:40 Staying agile in a changing legal
services environment
How can large and medium sized law firms identify client
knowledge needs and deliver quickly on them?
Changing direction responding to
changing circumstances
Learning from users and competitors
Linking agile KM project management to legal
project management
What will KM look like in the future?
Big data and its impact on law firms
Dave Snowden, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer,
Cognitive Edge, UK
11:10 Morning refreshments
11:40 Can process management improve service delivery to
clients and profitability for law firms?
A case study in legal project management at a leading global
law firm.
Responding to growing pricing pressures
What do clients think?
Making the case for dedicated project manager roles and
improved project management skillsets
Floor discussion around the wider applicability and
scalability of this approach
Stuart Hopper, Director, Knowledge Management Global M&A
Practice Group, Baker & McKenzie, UK
12:20 Networking lunch break
13:20 Winning the argument at a senior level: How can KM
drive down costs?
It is no secret that labour is one of the two biggest costs that
a law firm has. As the slow European economy leads to a
downward pressure on fees, every firm must examine these
costs and seek efficiencies in order to maintain profitability.
One key way to do this is to give fee earners quicker access
to the knowledge contained within past cases, files and public
sources. Hans Schuurman, former law firm CFO, is a key
proponent of knowledge management as a key driver of law
firm efficiency. From a financial perspective, he joins us to
share his view on the discrepancy between efficiency gains
and the willingness of senior management to adopt labour
saving technology. He will also share some arguments you
can use to win investment in KM in your own firm.
Hans Schuurman, Independent Consultant and Interim Finance
Manager, Netherlands
14:00 Building a business case for KM
KM and law firm economics
Improving performance with KM
You cant manage what you dont measure!
KM and business development strategy
Turning your strategy into specific initiatives
Convincing your management
Jakob Kisser, Director Knowledge & Compliance,
Schoenherr, Austria

Incentivising lawyers a comparative case study by Norton
Rose Fulbright and Latham & Watkins
14:40 Knowledge investment hours at Norton
Rose Fulbright
Global best practice pooling
Knowledge planning
Budgeting for knowledge work
Performance reviews
Results after Year 1
Tara Pichardo-Angadi, Head of Knowledge (EMEA),
Norton Rose Fulbright, France
15:20 Afternoon refreshments
15:50 Latham & Watkins: Institutionalising standardised KM
in a global law firm
Development of a firm-wide database and the integration
of various existing resources
Bridging of cultural and jurisdictional gaps
Motivation, involvement and the coordination of lawyers
through KM initiatives and control of KM projects
Dr. Kirsten von Rnn and Dr. Susanne Kgemann, Knowledge
Management Lawyers, Latham & Watkins, Germany
16:30 Engaging fee earners and support staff in legal KM
Persuading your colleagues to perform KM activities, when
these always constitute extra work
Do rewards work?
Change management for KM
National and cultural differences what can we learn from
each other?
Is there a link between engagement in KM and respect for
legal KM as a professional career choice?
Lead speaker: Menno Ong, Knowledge Manager, Hcker
Advocaten, Netherlands
Panelists include:
Tara Pichardo-Angadi, Head of Knowledge (EMEA), Norton
Rose Fulbright, France
Dr. Kirsten von Rnn and Dr. Susanne Kgemann,
Knowledge Management Lawyers, Latham &
Watkins, Germany
17:10 Chairs closing remarks
17:20 Close of day one
tel: +44 (0)20 7324 2365
09:00 Registration and refreshments
09:30 Chairs opening remarks
Dr. Raffael Bchi, Head of Know-How & Business
Development, Br & Karrer, Switzerland
09:40 Creative thinking: Which technologies will best
support KM in the future?
By popular demand, our keynote speaker, Mart van de
Kerkhof of Allen & Overy will review past approaches to KM
tools to determine whether they will be robust enough to cope
with the future needs of the legal services profession. Mart will
argue that todays law firm knowledge manager needs to think
differently about the technologies they use, to consider which
tools will best empower high-earning lawyers to think better.
Mart van de Kerkhof, Head of Know-How, Allen &
Overy, Netherlands
10:20 Building a thin KM infrastructure for a leading Baltic-
Belarus law firm
Role of the KM team
Using document management, SharePoint and bespoke
systems for the management of templates, precedents
and know-how
Experience from document automation
Incentivising and monitoring the use of know-how
Kaido Loor, KM Partner, Sorainen, Estonia
11:00 Morning refreshments
11:30 SharePoint opportunities and threats: A three
year review
An analysis of three years of operation
Managing document collections dos and donts
Lists, a holy grail?
Termstore management a dream come true?
Changing to SharePoint 2013?
Jo Van der Spiegel, Knowledge Manager, Claeys &
Engels, Belgium
12:10 Networking lunch break
13:10 Open access legal texts and linked legal data
Building an open access repository for legal texts
Creating a level playing field for legal information
Linking legal texts with legislation and judicial verdicts in
cooperation with the Dutch government
A unique cooperation between universities, government
and legal practice
Peter Piepers, Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer, Van
Doorne, Netherlands
13:50 Content is king: How to balance license costs against
individual needs
Meeting the specialists desire for the best-of-the-best and
the organisations aim for optimisation
Keeping your portfolio of licenses fresh in a
changing world
Balancing legal content against business information
Jantinus Meints, Global Leader for Acquired External Content,
EY with Paul Bartelings, Director of Learning & Knowledge,
Holland van Gijzen, Netherlands
14:30 Afternoon refreshments
15:00 Client collaboration: Why you need to understand
your clients better
Law firm consultancy Altman Weil conducted a survey of
200 chief legal officers over the past year, and found that
71 percent of companies negotiated with their law firms
to get lower rates, and 41 percent of surveyed companies
changed some of their work over to firms that charged less.
This is the first time in three years that legal departments
outside counsel spend decreased. However, there is hope.
The study also revealed that chief legal officers cared more
about how well firms understood their companys business
than about financial factors. More and more clients are
collaborating. In this session, Paul Byfield will talk about a
collaboration between the General Counsel of international
financial institutions including the World Bank and the Asian
Development Bank to help you understand:
What do your clients want from legal
project management?
What role can KM play in attracting clients?
What will increasing collaboration between clients mean in
the future?
Paul Byfield, Legal Knowledge Manager, Office of the General
Counsel, EBRD, UK
15:40 The IBA law firm management committee
subcommittee on KM and IT: Overview
and perspective
Current projects
Perspectives and plans for 2014
Luis Felipe Mohando, Associate and Knowledge Manager,
Sorainen and Chairman of the International Bar
Association Law Firm Management Committee Subcommittee
on KM and IT, Estonia
16:20 Chairs closing remarks
16:30 Close of conference
tel: +44 (0)20 7324 2365
Dont miss the chance to visit
Van Doornes offices!
A half-day site visit to the offices of Dutch firm Van Doorne based in
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Van Doorne N.V. is one of the leading independent Dutch law firms,
which advises corporates and government institutions as well as being
the state attorney for the Dutch Ministry of Finance. Not only will you
take a tour around the offices, led by the firms Chief Knowledge
and Innovation Officer, but you can also hear about a unique project
that has been developed as a collaboration between Dutch law firms,
universities and Dutch government bodies. This project consists of
moving legal doctrine (comments, articles, papers) to open access and
interconnecting these legal texts with legislation and judicial verdicts.
The goal of the project is to improve the quality, actuality and discussion
of legal information and to realise a level playing field by making legal
information open access, available to legal professionals and the public.
The project has resulted in web based tools that can be demonstrated
and explained easily although they are focused on Dutch texts.
Attend this afternoon to discuss and find out what the future of legal
publishing will be. The workshop will be presented by speakers from the
participating parties. Afterwards there will be the opportunity to go for
networking drinks in the traditional Dutch-style pub.
Facilitated by: Peter Piepers, Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer,
Van Doorne, Netherlands
13:00 Registration and refreshments
13:30 Welcome to Van Doorne
13:45 Platform open comments and the linked legal data project
14:30 Afternoon refreshments
15:00 Demonstration of the web based tools
16:00 Tour of the building
16:30 Close of site visit and drinks in the (traditional Dutch) pub
on location
About Peter Piepers
Open access and linking legal data is the
future says Peter Piepers, chief knowledge
and innovation officer at Van Doorne and
chairman of the Foundation Platform Open
Comments. Open access offers a great way
for lawyers to profile themselves as experts
on certain areas, while linking legal data
makes clear how the data is interconnected.
Combined it offers a level playing field for
legal information.
Peter is responsible for knowledge management, innovation, library
services and learning and education at Van Doorne. Peter studied law at
Erasmus University Rotterdam. Before joining Van Doorne he worked as
lecturer in Computers and Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam and as
director of postgraduate legal education at Leyden University.
pic of site visit location
Van Doorne offices, Amsterdam
About Van Doorne
Van Doorne, founded in 1930, is an Amsterdam based independent full service Dutch law firm of approximately
140 lawyers, tax specialists and civil law notaries, servicing the higher end of the commercial market and the
public sector. Van Doorne has an association with VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne with offices in Aruba,
Bonaire, Curacao.
This half-day site visit can be booked as part of a
conference package or separately for 295+BTW.
tel: +44 (0)20 7324 2365
22-23 JAN 2014
21 JAN 2014
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