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Sealed quotations are hereby invited for fabrication and supply of kitchen equipment from experience fabricators/ dealers/ suppliers of commercial kitchenware to hostels/hotels/restaurants/guest houses, etc. for the Ambedkar-Ganguly Students House for Women, housing 100 girls.

Kitchen: Modular constructions (wall units and islands) to current design standards, with butt joints, rounded front edges, backsplash with rounded corners, no visible screws, stainless strips, allowing top and bottom units to be assembled together for hygiene and reduced maintenance: Body (front sides) in 1 mm thick 18-10 Grade-304 Stainless Steel. Top and internal structure in 2 mm thick stainless steel. Depth 900 mm. adjustable height between 880/900 mm. Four-burner cooking range. Gas heating by open burners/open burners with solid top, which can be taken apart for cleaning and by stainless steel microperforated burners controlled by safety taps and thermocouple. Electric heating (hot plates) by elements enclosed in stainless steel and controlled by on/off switch, thermostat or simmerstat with indicator lights. In-built ridged/ smooth griddles, noodle boilers, multipurpose tilting bratt pans 0.50 M2 area with bimetallic base. Bottom units: stands, storage units, heated storage units, 2/1 conventionmicrowave oven at height 340 mm. 4-in-1 refrigerator drawer (freezer-200 C), refrigerator (-20 C), thaw and rapid chill, freezer ice-cream cabinet and refrigerated salad unit (cold well). Ventilation and exhaust system Gas bank

Storage racks Tiles on walls, sinks, vegetable preparation area, work top, etc. Other equipment: Commercial pressure cooker Idli plant Vegetable cutter Toaster/grill/salamander Stick blender Commercial wet grinder Food processor and mixer Rice vessel Potato peeler Chapatti puffer Dough maker, etc. Washing area/pantry: Dish and glass washer assembly 3 compartments sink unit with side drainers Drainage unit Glass and plate racks

Store: Grain trolleys (rice and wheat) Racks for storing onions/potatoes Pull out wooden modular wall units with stainless steel rack drawers for storing dals, masalas, etc. The drawers should be fixed with strong sliding units to withstand daily wear and tear. Commercial stainless steel refrigerator for storing vegetables. Dining area: Modern hand washing unit with automatic hand drier Refrigerated salad unit Kettles Soup counter Intending bidders may inspect the site on any working day between 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. the sealed quotations will be received up to 3:00 p.m. on 10/01/2009 in the office of Provost, Ambedkar-Ganguly Students House for Women, University of Delhi Hostel Complex, Banda Bahadur Marg, Dhaka, Delhi-110009. For other details, please read the Annexure.


Annexure- A Subject: Renovation of Kitchen and Dinning area and supply of Commercial kitchen equipment for the Ambedkar-Ganguly Students House for Women, University of Delhi

TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Rates are to be quoted both in figures and words. 2. In case of fabrication, rates per unit weight of the specified grade 304 stainless steel may be quoted for the modular units, or rates of prefabricated units may be quoted along with their detailed specifications. 3. The items supplied should be installed/configured at the location specified by undersigned without any extra charge. 4. 90% payment shall be made after supply and satisfactory installation of the equipment and rest 10% shall be paid after satisfactory performance of items for three months. 5. Periodical and breakdown maintenance shall be attended within 24 (Twenty four) hours of call. 6. Any part found defective after installation and within the warranty period shall have to be replaced with a new one. 7. The rates should be inclusive of all Taxes. 8. Quotations without seal are liable to be rejected. 9. Quantities may deviate on either side up to 100%. 10. Preference will be given to vendors with experience of supplying kitchen equipment to hotels, hospitals, restaurants, banquet halls, residential schools and colleges, etc. The quotation should accompany a letter detailing experience of similar work.

11. The acceptance of quotation rests with the Provost, who does not bind herself to accept the lowest quotation, and reserves to herself the authority to either accept the quotation in whole or in part or reject any or all of the quotation received without assigning any reason. Quotations in which any of the prescribed conditions are not fulfilled or are incomplete are liable to be rejected.

Provost, Ambedkar Ganguly Students House for Women University of Delhi, Hostel Complex Banda bahadur marg, Dhaka, Delhi-110009 Ph. 27602602, Mb. 9210572385/9818217325 27602602 (Tele fax)