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The IELTS Exam
The IELTS exam is primarily for people wishing to study or live abroad. It tests reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. At EF we focus on developing speaking skills.

Common problems
Many students lack conversational skills – they cannot describe an object or elaborate or argue a point convincingly.
Many Chinese students have developed their listening skills and receptive vocabulary sets beyond their productive speaking skills.

Our approach
Most students struggle primarily with the speaking section of the IELTS exam. So we focus on speaking. It is the section where students can see the most improvement and gains in their final band scores.

Our teachers

Our foreign teachers come from a variety of native English speaking countries. They’ve been trained to bring the perspective of a seasoned IELTS examiner to class.

Our lessons
Our classes are all taught by our foreign teachers and conducted in English. We focus on discussion work. Students are expected to be active participants in class.

Each lesson is equal parts theory and practice. Students get inside information and experience.

Our materials

We use internally-produced materials for IELTS training courses. Students are advised to pick up a vocabularybuilding or test preparation book to practice on their own time.


Many of our students see a one to two-point increase in their speaking band scores after a single IELTS course at EF.

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