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Oct. 2013 Vol.

4 Issue 2

Exciting Times in Orchestra

Coming off a performance-packed school year that culminated in an All-District Orchestra festival (featuring over 300 student musicians), the CHS Orchestras are up and running again this fall, preparing for their next performance. While this years music selections and performances will be different, our goals of excellence and audience appeal are still very much the same. The CHS Orchestras took their show on the road in May to perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Performing the music of Queen, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin (to name a few), the orchestra looked more like rock stars than a symphony, as they were all dressed as their favorite musical icons! After a stop to hear the Cleveland Orchestra and to eat at the Hard Rock Caf, the trip was capped off with a visit to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky. It was a whirlwind of a weekend and a memorable experience for all the students involved. The students got back just in time to prepare for their performance at the All-District Orchestra Festival on May 29th. Featuring over 300 orchestra students from Westchester Intermediate, Liberty Intermediate, Chesterton Middle, and Chesterton High School, the festival concluded with a mass performance of several pieces, including a work that was actually written in 2008 for the Chesterton Orchestra students. Skyfire, written by Bob Phillips, was commissioned by the Duneland School Dates to Remember Orchestras and premiered Oct. 16th: DAT/PSAT Testing by the combined orchestras Oct. 23rd: End of 1st grading period the last time this festival Oct. 24-27: Fall Break took place. The performance again this year was just as exciting! This school year brings many more exciting performances to the school and community. Our first concert of the year is rapidly approaching on Tuesday, October 22nd at 7:00 p.m. in the CHS Auditorium. This free performance features both high school string ensembles, the Intermediate and the Advanced Orchestras. The concert will display a wide variety of works (though more traditional than last spring), including music of Bach, Grieg, and Faur. The Advanced Orchestra will, however, finish off the evening with a brand new work for orchestra called Lyric Metal, which brings many of the rhythms and sounds of heavy metal to the string orchestra setting. We hope youll join us for this entertaining concert or an event in the future! Submitted by Vince Arizzi, Orchestra Director

Life as a Student
Physical education is a requirement for every student who attends Chesterton High School. Every student takes gym during their freshman year, and the courses include running, football, tennis, bowling, and even Just Dance to get students moving. In tennis we learned where to stand and how to keep score which can be difficult, freshman Kyla Sharpe said. I like running the athletic loop because its easy and you just run. Besides land activities the students are also required to take at least one grading period of swimming. Freshman Anthony Kurek said, So far we have learned freestyle, the elementary back stroke, and the side stroke. I like the free days we are given, and jumping off the diving boards is fun, Kurek added. The students also learn deep water treading and different dives on the diving board. Whether they are throwing footballs on the field or racing down a lane of the pool, students at CHS are getting out and getting active.
Katie Smith Senior

Chesterton High School is dedicated to quality education for all students and committed to developing lifelong learners who value themselves and others, contribute to their community, and achieve individual success in an ever-changing world.