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PRODUCTS AFFECTED / SERIAL NUMBERS AFFECTED: See Table Below SUBJECT: Procedure to Prevent Error Codes Caused from Poor Contact of the Sub PCB’s

Products Affected: imageRUNNER C3170 / C3170U imageRUNNER C5870 / C6870U Color imageRUNNER C5180 / C5180i / C4580i / C4580 / C4080i / C4080 Color imageRUNNER C2880G / C3380G / C2880 / C2880i / C3380 / C3380i Serial Numbers Affected: All All All All

GENERAL: This Technical Publication is to inform the field of a procedure to prevent error codes caused by the Sub PCB’s. DETAILS: When one or more of the Sub PCB’s (Figure 1) are not properly seated in their slot on the main controller there are multiple error codes that can be generated. (Please refer to the specific Error Codes on the next page of this Technical Publication).

Sub PCB’s

Figure 1

THIS TECHNICAL PUBLICATION IS THE PROPERTY OF CANON U.S.A. INC. AND CONTAINS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION OWNED BY OR LICENSED TO, CANON U.S.A., AUTHORIZED CANON U.S.A., DEALERS MAY USE THIS TECHNICAL PUBLICATION FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY. ANY OTHER USE BY AN AUTHORIZED CANON USA DEALER, OR USE BY ANY THIRD PARTY, IS PROHIBITED. For additional technical information, please visit the Canon Systems and Technical Support Division website at: www.support.cusa.canon.com. You can also call the Technical Support Center at 1-800-528-2830 or contact your Regional Support Office.

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E351-0000.E747-5906.E747-7F00.E748-4000 E241-0001.E747-051B.E748-4000 PDRM-EF-A PCB R-A PCB imageRUNNER C3170 / C3170U / imageRUNNER C5870 /C5870U Name of Sub PCB SJ-A PCB Possible Error Codes E240-0001.e-Support Filename: Date: TP07 094.E747-051B.E747-3C00.E351-0000.E747-DF00.E747-DF00.E747-DF00.E748-4000 E241-0001.E747-FF00.E350-0000.E747-FF00.E748-4000 E350-0000. Page 2 of 6 . E7475F02.E747-DF00.E350-0000.E748-4000 E350-0000.E351-0000.E351-0000.pdf 04-13-07 Color imageRUNNER C3380G / C2880G / C3380i / C2880i / C3380/ C2880 Color imageRUNNER C4580i / C4580i / C4580 / C4080i / C4080 Name of Sub PCB SJ-A PCB Possible Error Codes E240-0001. Therefore.E747-7F00.E350-0000.E350-0000.E733-0001.E747-5906. E747-5F02. E747-0C19.E351-0000.E732-0001.E747-3C00.E747-FF00.E732-0001.E747-DF00.E747-3F02. when multiple boards have poor connections different error codes may occur.E732-0001. E7470C19.E733-0001.E732-0001.E747-3F02.E748-4000 PE-A PCB R-A PCB NOTE: The error codes in the tables above can be generated when a single pin of each Sub PCB is not properly mated with the slot on the main controller. SERVICING PROCEDURE: Field: The procedure below describes a process to ensure that the Sub PCB’s are mated properly into the slot on the Main Controller.E747-7F00.E747-DF00.E732-0001.E747-7F00.E747-FF00.E732-0001.E351-0000.

NOTE: For E747. Although this procedure can be performed on a specific Sub PCB. Page 3 of 6 .pdf 04-13-07 CiRC5180 Series and CiRC3380 Series Main Controller Cage Assemblies Steps to Take When E747/E748 Error Codes Appear: Introduction: The Main Controllers Cage Assemblies for the CiRC5180 Series and CiRC3380 Series are very similar. a.13 2. Remove the Back Cover and Main Controller Cage Assembly Cover. 3. Procedure: 1. execute the procedures listed below before replacing any parts. all Sub codes are ranges. it would be considered a good practice to execute this procedure for all Sub PCB’s when an E747 occurs.01 b. Each range of Sub Codes is in hexadecimal format and will inform you of which Sub PCB is in question. Unscrew and remove the Sub PCB from the Main Controller. please be sure each engine affected has the latest applicable System Software installed. If an E747 or E748 error code appears on either the CiRC5180 Series or CiRC3380 Series.e-Support Filename: Date: TP07 094. Be sure all System Software on the engine is up to date. The communication between Main Controller and Sub Main Controller PCB’s in these cage assemblies are the similar as well. CiRC3380 Series System Software version 20. Then if there is no resolution after installing the latest System Software. CiRC5180 Series System Software version 21.

Clean the terminals (both front and back) of the Sub PCB using a lint-free cloth. After the PCB is mounted half-way. hold the Sub PCB firmly and slowly insert it approximately halfway. lightly impregnated with alcohol. Be sure not to damage any of the terminals.pdf 04-13-07 4. After the alcohol has dried completely. If damage occurs.e-Support Filename: Date: TP07 094. The mounting holes will be to the left of the cage frame. replace the Sub PCB in Question. You can see this by looking at the mounting holes of the PCB. Page 4 of 6 . place the mounting screws loosely in place (approximately 1mm between screw and frame). 5. Engine Frame Mount PCB Mounting Hole 6.

and then tighten the screw nearest you first. 8.e-Support Filename: Date: TP07 094. Measure the lower PCB as it is connected to the PCI slot. Measure between Sub PCB’s. Page 5 of 6 . NOTE: When measuring. the measurement from one Sub PCB to the next should be equal. press the Sub PCB into a full mounted position. As each PCI slot is lined up. If all Sub PCB’s are equally distanced. do not use the upper PCB of the PDRM-EF-A PCB assembly.pdf 04-13-07 7.

Page 6 of 6 . re-assemble the Main Controller Cage Assembly Cover and Rear Cover. Once confirmed. 11.e-Support Filename: Date: TP07 094. 10. Then tighten the screw nearest the frame second.pdf 04-13-07 9. Re-measure and confirm the distance from one Sub PCB to the next.

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