The Morning Journal Election Questionnaire Political Party: Non Partisan Name: Marian Carter Age: 66

Date completed: September 26, 2013 Office Sought: Midview School Board

Date of Birth: 5-13-1947

Place of Birth: Elyria, Ohio

Home address: 1000 Shelby Court Grafton, Ohio 44044 Length of residence in that community: 35 years Facebook: Occupation: Retired Elected Office Experience: This is my first time seeking an office Education: Attended Lorain County Community College Marital Status: Widow graduates Name and Age of Children: 2 Adult Children who were Midview

Organizations: Elyria PTA, Midview Women’s Club, VFW Ladies Auxillary, Midview Compass Committee, Midview Band Boosters, Election poll worker, Lorain County Fair cashier for Kiwanis, Lorain County Fair participant, Co-author of a play produced by Friends of the Metroparks Should you be elected what are three areas you would like to change, address, improve or further research and how specifically would you go about it? 1. I will encourage the schools to reach out to the community more. As a senior, and a taxpaying citizen, I will seek out programs that the school creates, geared to older citizens in our school district. Examples of these would be a senior exercise program and season passes to arts programs, such as there are for athletic events. I will accomplish this by surveying the community to see what they would like to have available and seek funding for these things. 2. In order to stop declining enrollment because students are going to other schools, we have to increase programming available for students. For example, increasing the amount of foreign languages offered and increasing available extra and co-curricular activities. These could be funded through the acquisition of competitive grants and corporate sponsorship, relieving the burden on tax payers. I will do this by sending administrators and teachers to training to learn how to write grants and offer relief time for proposal writing. 3. I will work to provide after school recreational activities for elementary students during cold months to increase fitness and fun. I will facilitate this in innovative ways with the physical education instructors.

Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? Voters should elect me because I will create a district that moves ahead of the rest. A district that not only educates children in a wide variety of progressive programs, but that offers programming to unify and serve the community. Teachers should have access to the best tools and technology in the district to move students beyond the basics. This can be accomplished if we look at new methods of funding our schools…we cannot cut our way to excellence, and we are outsourcing many children to different places because we do not offer services that we should. This is taking away from the money we have to work with for our regular programming and co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings. I will market the district so that people seek out homes in the Midview area because of its educational reputation for excellence.

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