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Doing Multiple Stone Sizes/Colors on the 1V2P Machine

When preparing to do more than 3 Stones sizes or colors on a 1V2P (Mini CAMS) Machine, there are a few things that have to be done to ensure proper run out of design with all stone sizes and colors.

1. Gem Palette #1 should reflect the size stone as the machine is set to. For example, Gem Palette #1 is always dealing with the left side hopper of the machine, So if the machine which normally comes with an SS06 plate in the left hopper, than your Gem Palette in GemMaster must have an SS06 stone set to Palette # 1 and Palette # 2 must reflect the plate size in the Right side of the machine.

2. Whatever color stones you have set in the Gem Palette for the first two colors, These stones must be installed in the plates.

The Machine can only run 2 stones at a time, whatever is in Gem Palette 1 and 2 and set to the machine, These stones will be run. The alternate size and color stone will most likely be in Gem Palette # 3, Which when the design is sent to the machine, Whatever size and color stone that is in the design and set to any of the 14 other Gem Palettes will not be transmitted to the machine.

When the first two colors finish, You must them open up the Gem Palette and Right Click on the Alternate 3 rd color and choose Palette Change, and Choose which Palette you want to send those stones to, The only 2 options you can palette change to will be to Palette #1 or Palette #2. IF the alternate color and size is an SS06 size stone, then you would Palette change to Palette #1, since that is where your SS06 Plate is located. If it is an SS10 stone size, then obviously you will Palette change to Palette #2 since that is where you SS10 stone size plate is.

3. After you have selected palette change of the 3 rd color and size stone, You must turn off the computer under the color box so those stones will not be sent to your machine with the alternate 3 rd color.

For example, let’s say the design we are running is using SS06 Crystal color stone, and a Red SS10 color stone, and the alternate third color is another SS06 stone which is Blue. My gem Palette will be set up like this:

When these stones finish placing to my transfer sheet, the machine will stop, I would

When these stones finish placing to my transfer sheet, the machine will stop, I would then open the Gem Palette in GemMaster and use the palette change option by right clicking on the 3 rd alternate color stone and choose the #1 Spot in the Gem Palette since the 3 rd alternate color stone is a SS06 stone. The SS06 crystal colored stones will swap its position with the Alternate 3 rd Color stone which would be SS06 Green. I would then turn the Computer Icon off by clicking on it since the SS10 Red stones will have already ran and placed on my transfer sheet. That would ensure these stones (SS10 Red) Will not be set to the machine a 2 nd time to run out. In this example below we can see now the SS06 Green stones are now in Gem Palette #1, And the SS10 Stones in Gem Palette #2 is turned off, and the 3 rd Gem Palette has my SS06 Crystal colored stones in it. When you send the design to the machine and are in the RUN menu, you can confirm that the stones count the machine is ready to run should reflect the stone count listed in Gem Palette #1 in GemMaster.

You can confirm that the right stones are ready to run, by looking at the

You can confirm that the right stones are ready to run, by looking at the quantity of stones on the RUN menu. My design has 2871 SS06 Green stones to it, so before I TAB to RUN to run the design, I glance at the stone count of the design I am about to run and confirm that the quantity of stone listed in the RUN menu, match to how many stones are listed in the Gem Palette. If you have more alternate colored stones, then if there were a 2 nd SS10 color I would Palette change to Palette #2 which is where my SS10 plate is located on my machine, and of course I would not have to turn off any computer Icon since my design had 4 colors, If you have a 3 rd SS06 color in the design, After the 3 rd color placed on the transfer sheet, you would then go back into Gem Palette and do the Palette change to send the 3 rd SS06 stone to Palette #1 as we just did, then send and confirm the stones the machine is ready to run matches the quantity of stones that you intend to run and so on.