Date September 30, 2013 Office: North Olmsted Board of Education Political Party Democrat Thomas R.

Herbster Age 61 Date of birth 10/10/52 Place of birth Lakewood Ohio Address 4965 Porter Road north Olmsted, Ohio 44070 Resident 50+ years Facebook NONE Campaign Web site NONE Occupation Employed by the City of North Olmsted as a State licensed Class III waste water maintenance tech 5200 Dover Center Road, North Olmsted, Ohio 44070 Elected Office experience: Member of the North Olmsted Board of Education for 12 years Served as VP 2years and president last year. I was selected as one of the top 5 Board of education Members by the Ohio School Boards Association twice for my service and dedication to the district. Planning Commission 2 years, Chairmen of the North Olmsted Utilities Deregulation Committee, Co-chair of the 1990 Permanent Improvement Levy (which built the new bus garage), Member of the strategic planning committee in 1988, President North Olmsted Community Council 4 Years, PTA President 12 years and an officer for 16 years, President North Olmsted Alumni Association 2years and VP 3 years, Cub Master Pack 52 for 2 Years, NOSO Coach 3 years and their treasurer for 3 Years, President of AFSCME 4 Years Education North Olmsted High School Married to my wife Bard for 39 years and have two children Wendy 31 and Nick 25 all 4 of us our North Olmsted Grads. In the Past I have belonged to : Kiwanis , Alumni Association, PTA, NOSO, Hot Stove, Cub Scouts, OSBA work with the DARE officer . I have been selected as both the Citizen of the Year and Alumni of the year in North Olmsted

Areas for improvement: Do a complete assessment of the district’s facilities and recommend how to best use them and the needed updates to make them serve the educational needs of the 21st century student. Increase the student’s availably to current and future technology in the classrooms throughout the district. Districts need to work closer with our nation and state leaders to stop unfunded mandate. We need to engage them as much as possible to understand both our needs and limited funds to educate public school children. The taxpayers can only afford so much and the districts stretch those dollars that we are given. We need to continue to be accountable to the public for the resources we have been given. Cost need to be continually monitored by the board to insure that every dollar is spent wisely.

I have been and continue to be the most visible member of the board. During any given month I attend an average of 3 to 4 district events each week. I have attended events when things are running smoothly and more importantly when change are made or proposed that some may not totally agree with. Open communications are important. I have made some decisions that have not sat well with some. I have listened to all and made the decisions that I felt were in the best interests of our students understanding that they are also doing what they believe is best for their children.

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