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E-Mail Complaint to: Fax Complaint to: 011 403 0682/0668

As concerned South African's we wish to express our outrage at the damage that the Red October protest caused to racial relations in South Africa. It is our opinion that the Red October protest promoted racism and resulted in racial hatred. Banners like "1 Parent vs 1 Taxi "(equal to "One bullet one settler" or "one white person one black taxi") and "Addergeslag" (referring to black people as a "viperous race") were displayed.

We urge you to: - Please pay immediate attention to this matter. - Investigate and charge Sunette Bridges, the organiser of this event.

Hate speech and racism on the facebook pages of Sunette Bridges over the last 2 weeks (29 September to 12 October) and 23/24 September ONLY
Referring to black people as: "kaffers"; "houtkoppe"; "barbarian, sewerage-like , raping, stone throwing, striking, murdering GARBAGE "; "flat nose gland head garbage"; "inhumane black adders"; "tarred poles"; "uncrowned barbarians"; "black baboons"; Clearly stating that "black people are not human, but "sub-species plague"; that black people "have small brains and are as dumb as rocks"; and that they are "more disgusting than barbarians". President Zuma was referred to as a "Kaffer Dog". Racial hate and violence was promoted by the following comments: " It is time that we take on the kaffirs with might and main" and that 100 blacks should be killed for every one white person murdered. "Let's start our own second revolution! The white revolution!" "let's beat die (kaffer) idiots to death" "We have to get rid of the ka*fer garbage", It also included suggestions to bomb black settlements, "declare war and get rid of them all", "throwing a bomb" at black protesters, and that it is time to "shoot the white wax out of them" It was suggested that whites should blowing up Nelson Mandela's (called a "terrorist kaffir murder") statues, and that " We have to get rid of the ka*fer garbage (Referring to Julius Malema) !!!"" We quote the following example: " Let's launch the following action: In each town/ city/ farm a reaction unit with the mission to obliterate... Call ourselves "The Invisibles". The goal: for EACH attack, murder etc of barbarian on white Afrikaner to do exactly the same to them (except in the case of rape, we can rather cut their throats) in and around the area where they committed the crime. We will kill 7 of them for every one of us that is murdered..."