Phoenix Journal #158

By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

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FOREWORD .................................................................................................................................. 1 THU., DEC. 14, 1995 ........................................................................................................ 1 CHAPTER 1 ................................................................................................................................... 3 FRI., NOV. 24, 1995 ......................................................................................................... 3 FOR THOSE WHO DARE, THANK YOU ................................................................... 3 CHAPTER 2 ................................................................................................................................. 10 SAT., NOV. 25, 1995 ...................................................................................................... 10 B.S. ON PULSE WAVES? ............................................................................................. 10 ELF RADIATION ANDGROUNDWAVES IN THE 1990s, PART 2 by Dr. John Coleman, 1994 .................................................................................... 12 CHAPTER 3 ................................................................................................................................. 18 SAT., NOV. 25, 1995 ...................................................................................................... 18 ELF RADIATION AND GROUNDWAVES IN THE 1990s, PART 3 by Dr. John Coleman, 1994 ............ 18 ELF RADIATION AND GROUNDWAVES IN THE 1990s PART II .......................... 21 CHAPTER 4 ................................................................................................................................. 26 SAT., NOV. 25, 1995 ...................................................................................................... 26 ELF RADIATION ANDGROUNDWAVES IN THE 1990s, PART 4 by Dr. John Coleman, 1994 ................................................................................................ 26 CHAPTER 5 ................................................................................................................................. 36 TUE., NOV. 28, 1995 ...................................................................................................... 36 PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING ........................................................................... 36 RELIGIONS ...................................................................................................................... 38 DESCENT INTO SLAVERY, PART 1 by Des Griffin ..................................................... 38 TALMUDIC INFLUENCE .............................................................................................. 38 THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO ..................................................................................... 39 COUP OF COUPS ......................................................................................................... 41 CROWN OF THE MONARCHY?—OR CROWN OF THE “CITY”? ...................... 41 THE “CROWN” AND THE CITY ................................................................................ 41 TWO MONARCHS ......................................................................................................... 42 CHAPTER 6 ................................................................................................................................. 45 WED., NOV. 29, 1995 .................................................................................................... 45 VALLEY OF SHADOWS ............................................................................................... 45 CHAPTER 7 ................................................................................................................................. 50 THU., NOV. 30, 1995 ..................................................................................................... 50 TEACHING VS. DEBATE VS. ARGUMENT VS. LEARNING VS.— ...................... 50 CHAPTER 8 ................................................................................................................................. 57 FRI., DEC. 1, 1995 ......................................................................................................... 57 THE “MUSE” ................................................................................................................... 57 DESCENT INTO SLAVERY, PART 2 by Des Griffin ..................................................... 58 TWO SEPARATE EMPIRES .......................................................................................... 59 i

THE QUEEN BETRAYED— AND THE NATION SOLD INTO CAPTIVITY .............................................. 60 CHAPTER 9 ................................................................................................................................. 63 SAT., DEC. 2, 1995 ......................................................................................................... 63 DHARMA ASKS... .......................................................................................................... 63 A SUBJECT OF THE CROWN .................................................................................... 63 THE “CROWN” IS GUILTY .......................................................................................... 64 THE RISE AND FALL OF AUSTRALIA OR THE BRITISH CROWN’S ASSAULT AGAINST THE COMMONWEALTH??? .................... 64 DON’T QUIT ................................................................................................................... 68 CHAPTER 10 ............................................................................................................................... 71 SUN., DEC. 3, 1995 ....................................................................................................... 71 MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT A NEW REPUBLIC .................................................... 71 CHAPTER 11 ............................................................................................................................... 78 MON., DEC. 4, 1995 ...................................................................................................... 78 INTELLECTUAL SHAREWARE PART I ....................................................................... 78 INTELLECTUAL SHAREWARE, PART I ..................................................................... 79 NOW, DEMOCRACY? ................................................................................................... 79 WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REPUBLIC? .................................................................. 79 THE GREAT DEPRESSION ........................................................................................... 81 HOW IT IS ...................................................................................................................... 81 CHAPTER 12 ............................................................................................................................... 85 DEPOPULATION OF A PLANET PART I: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE by Rick Martin 11/19/95 ..................... 85 THINNING OUT THE “USELESS EATERS” AN UNSPOKEN NWO AGENDA ... 85 THOMAS MALTHUS ..................................................................................................... 85 GEORG WILHELM HEGEL ........................................................................................... 86 KARL MARX .................................................................................................................. 87 THE FABIAN SOCIETY ................................................................................................ 89 GEORGE ORWELL ......................................................................................................... 90 ALDOUS HUXLEY ......................................................................................................... 91 LETTER TO U.N. SECRETARY GENERAL U THANT ............................................... 97 POPE PAUL VI HUMANAE VITAE (1968) ................................................................. 97 U THANT ........................................................................................................................ 99 UNITED NATIONS WORLD POPULATION CONFERENCE (1974) Resolutions and Recommendations ........ 99 POPULATION GOALS AND POLICIES ..................................................................... 99 Recommendations for Action .......................................................................................... 100 JIMMY CARTER’S MESSAGE TO CONGRESS MAY 23, 1977 ........................... 102 CONSIDER THIS .......................................................................................................... 102 PRINCE PHILIP OF GREAT BRITAIN ...................................................................... 103 CHAPTER 13 ............................................................................................................................. 104 DEPOPULATION OF A PLANET PART II: WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE WILL HURT YOU! by Rick Martin 11/22/95 .................................................................................... 104 ii

IF YOU THOUGHT IT WAS BAD.. IT’S WORSE THAN YOU THINK! ............ 104 MALTHUS’ PREDICTION HAS COME TRUE .......................................................... 105 SOLUTIONS MUST BE FOUND TO CURB POPULATION GROWTH ............... 105 CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE ............................................................ 106 RUSSIA REPORTED PRODUCING ‘DISEASE AGENTS’ FOR WAR ..................... 111 REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN ......................................................................... 118 THE CLUB OF ROME ................................................................................................ 119



REC #1 HATONN THU., DEC. 14, 1995 7:36 A.M. YEAR 9, DAY 120 THU., DEC. 14, 1995 We are greatly honored and wish to give recognition to an author who has done a superb job of putting together a comprehensive Monologue on ELF waves and other dangerous pulse games. We wish to give Dr. John Coleman both credit and appreciation for sharing his information gathered and put to print that we might send it forth a bit further in the effort to bring it to your attention so that you can know what is taking place—that the Controllers wish you NOT TO KNOW. Moving within the same circle of necessary information and more connected than you might at first realize, you will find portions of a topic called DEPOPULATION by Mr. Rick Martin, Investigative Journalist. These are both frightening subjects for BOTH involve YOURSELVES! They are “things” which are in full-play to control and thin-out the population of human species and animal growth and propagation on your planet. The results of both will bring sickness and death AND terrible mutations to the remaining species if left unattended. All manners of microscopic entities from chemical ions to microbes can be sent forth onto the public without recourse and without realization—right through these pulse systems. Since Mr. Martin, at this time, only writes for CONTACT Newspaper I would suggest that you have to contact him at his place of business. There will be no separate published form other than perhaps reprints of his material. Dr. Coleman’s work, of which he now has at least THREE MAJOR PUBLICATIONS: Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, Diplomacy by Deception, and now, Socialism, The Road to Slavery. Dr. Coleman can be contacted for acquisition of his books or for personal communications: WIR, 2533 No. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89706. I highly recommend his Newsletters and his publications. We also share some other works which we will enlarge on as we move along so we can save those comments regarding the publications. We will be touching more on Final Judgement by Michael Collins Piper and a book called Descent Into Slavery? by Des Griffin. The former is about the Kennedy assassinations and the latter is about the SYSTEM that has brought you to this point of world enslavement by the FEW of the global population. Do they overlap? Yes, because when you share TRUTH you have to overlap for MANY stories indicate at least one mutual fact and many assumptions or distractions. It is through the comparison of bits of fact that a WHOLE TRUTH can be finally achieved. My purpose is to allow you to FIND these puzzle pieces, fit the pieces that are truth and cast aside the pieces that are incorrect. 1

Couldn’t I simply do this job FOR you? Yes, but as with wine before its time—it would simply be grape juice! Grape juice is fine if you want juice or jam, but if you want wine it is hardly a good purchase. What is your goal: wine or juice, vinegar or sugar? I can only, at this time, continue to focus on those things which can now be assimilated and bring truth to your senses. Until, further, you stop sorting me into a category of guru of spiritualism or an invisible vapor on the landscape, we can’t get very far, save my team-mates who have to learn facts as well as you. The difference? My team-mates are seeking and FINDING TRUTH and not “just searching” with no intention of finding. It is identical to the purpose of illness in those who WISH TO BE SICKLY. No amount of help will heal them if the intent is to get attention and control THROUGH ILLNESS! It is soon obvious when that which CAN HEAL is denied, refused and then disallowed with the personal system in order to heal. You may well think I am nuts or something and that no-one would wish to suffer and agonize. WRONG, sickliness and death frights to hospitals gets attention, disrupts everyone’s schedule, requires visitations, flowers, gifts, sympathy and all manners of personal attention—especially the diseases which have no known “cause” and no known “treatment” other than loving care and special handling. If you really don’t want a headache—you will take something to get rid of it for there are plenty of things abounding to rid you of it. Ah, and better yet, if you can learn to “fake” it you get both the attention and no discomfort with which to REALLY suffer. How can you tell the difference? Watch what the “assumed” victim does with the tools offered. Furthermore, some of the things the doctors will resort to in order to “save” you—will most certainly KILL you if you push that river too much. God is certainly NOT GOING TO HOP IN AND SAVE YOU FROM YOURSELF! If there is any “saving” of yourself going to be done—YOU WILL DO IT! Tools can be offered for the ailments that plague you but beyond that, good friends, you have to do it yourself. If you refuse information, you will also miss knowing about the TOOLS of which I speak. GOD HAS GIVEN YOU DIAMONDS, GOLD AND SILVER FOR YOUR USE IN FORMS WHICH ARE PERFECTION FOR YOUR NEEDS—AND YOU CAST THEM ASIDE AS CRUSHED PEARLS FROM THE OYSTER STORE. WE SHALL SEE WHAT YOU DO—FOR GOD PROVIDES, YOU DECIDE! A pearl on a ring is so much more enjoyable than one between the crowns of two teeth in your mouth, unexpectedly chomped in your soup! Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn December 14, 1995



REC #1 HATONN FRI., NOV. 24, 1995 6:42 A.M. YEAR 9, DAY 100 FRI., NOV. 24, 1995 FOR THOSE WHO DARE, THANK YOU On this day following Thanksgiving feasting let us turn directly to our topic at hand. I repeat that the information I will utilize is from John Coleman. There are a lot of other good-to-excellent resources but I appreciate the generous sharing of John, as he dares to present that which brings a lot of headache to himself and those he loves. It is truly a lonely world for the daring ones who bring truth through the shoddy cover-up(s). I highly recommend the work of this person, especially the work regarding the Committee of 300. As to the validity of other groups you will hear about—some are suspect, some are total fiction and thus and so. The Club of Rome and the Committee of 300 are REAL AND WILL EAT YOUR LUNCH. IN FACT THEY HAVE ALREADY EATEN YOUR LUNCH AND ARE NOW ABOUT TO FINISH OFF “YOU”. Of course there IS help because they will also finish-off each other in the process as the lesser ones rise up to smite the higher entities. [QUOTING: From W.I.R., 2533 N. Carson St., Ste. J-118, Carson City, NV 89706, 800 942-0821.] ELF RADIATION AND GROUNDWAVES IN THE 1990s, PART 1 by Dr. John Coleman, 1994 Extremely low frequency (ELF) radio waves, which are less than 200,000 cycles per second, are known to vitally affect human beings in that they readily resonate with brainwave rhythms in a more effective way than the higher frequencies. The type of ELF experimentation that went on in the 1930s has been considerably updated and, in most instances, the research was conducted in military establishments in the former USSR, Britain and the United States. ELF weapons were developed in tandem with electromagnetic pulse anti-personnel weapons (EP) in the 1950s only by the then Soviet Union. These experiments went on throughout the war years and right up to the 1960s. The first indications that “new” weapons utilizing ELF energy came with the downing of the Gary Powers U2 spy plane. Since then there have been many awesome displays of the power of ELF energy, including the massive underwater shot off the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico, the downing of “Challenger” and the shooting down of the Arrow DC8 at Gander Airport, Newfoundland that killed all on board that flight. Today, there is little doubt that ELF weapons play a major role in strategic planning of future wars, and that is an ongoing process. But what effect does this have on civilians who get in the way of such waves? 3

Even ordinary electricity power grids are now being recognized as a major health hazard, as we shall see. In many instances, the electrical wiring in our homes has been done in such a way that it becomes a receiver, to the detriment of our health and well being, and we shall return to this. Then there is the constant testing of new ELF devices, not to mention the weather control grids that crisscross the skies over the United States. In addition to these hazards, there are the highly active “groundwaves” or electromagnetic signals that are used as navigational beacons for our nuclear submarines, without which they would not be able to launch their nuclear missiles. “Trident” nuclear missiles could not be operational over its enormous range of 6,000 miles without global navigation chains of “groundwaves”. The Groundwave Emergency Network (GWEN) was designed for the purpose of nuclear submarine navigation. At intervals of 250 miles, GWEN transmitters pulse out their radio groundwaves across the United States. In 1973, the former USSR Army newspaper, Krasnaya Zvezda, complained about construction of the American system of long-range navigation for nuclear submarines. What happens when these powerful transmitters send their signals pulsing through giant coils of copper wire buried in the soil? What is the impact on people and animals who might enter this intense electromagnetic field? In this monograph, I will try to provide some of the answers to these and other questions that are troubling so many people and, perhaps, dispel some of the mistaken ideas about radio waves. There is much disinformation doing the rounds in the United States at present, and in this work I hope to separate fact from fiction. [H: I ask that you readers call Dr. Coleman’s number 1-800-942-0821 and get whatever listings of his work which might be available. He has done some superb monographs as well as books and journals. His qualifications go all the way back to personal interaction with MI-6 of British Intelligence. Is he totally informed and every tid-bit of information he bears, true? I doubt it because each of us is limited by the truth we can find available even through digging in the underground. If nothing more is present, however, than the research on these “systems”, it is worthy of great respect and appreciation.] ELF research falls into two broad categories: Weapons Systems (which includes weather modification) and biological systems. The two are intertwined and the key to research into new weapons is the effect that ELF radiation will have on the human body. Although it has not been allowed to develop in the West, particularly in the United States, ELF waves can CURE diseases as well as kill people. It is all a matter of degree and application. There is a distinct link between electromagnetic pulse weapons and the better-known laser beam weapons. Both have undergone extraordinary fine tuning and both the United States and Russia have defense systems against ELF and laser beam weapons. For many years the former Soviet Union was the undisputed leader in this field but over the past ten years the United States has been hurrying to catch up. ELF weapons have many common features with laser beam weapons. Electromagnetic pulse weapons, when used against enemy personnel, use electromagnetic propagation of 186,000 miles per second, using compact power sources such as generators, magnetrons and gyrotrons. Let it be said at once that when the human body is exposed to coherent short pulses in millions and even billions of watts in less than a billionth of a second, the effect is far more devastating and instantly lethal than any nuclear missile strike, 4

with the added plus of negligible collateral damage to property. Is this new? Not really, because it was known back in 1975 that the Russian scientists M.S. Rabinovich and A.A. Rukhadze, of the Lebedev Physics Institute in Moscow, developed microwave pulses of electromagnetic radiation 35 billionths of a second long, known as nanoseconds, with a radio frequency of 10 billion cycles per second (gigahertz) with a pulse peak power of 2 million megawatts. Rabinovich and Rukhadze used a “cyclotron resonance maser”. A.N. Didenko, of the Nuclear Physics Institute at Tomsk, and the Institute of Applied Physics at Gorky, using a cyclotron resonance maser known as a “gyrotron, generated 3 gigahertz 50-nanosecond microwave pulses” with a peak power of 2000 megawatts. In 1978 the Lebedev Institute developed a plasma-filled gyrotron operating on microwave pulses of electromagnetic energy radiation 35 billionths of a second with a radio frequency of 125 billion cycles per second. The Russians developed radio and microwave generators combined with plasma which vastly increased the power and the density of electromagnetic generators. The use of plasma magnetic filled intensifiers was accidentally discovered by Russian scientists running the test program aimed at the United States embassy in Moscow. Copper wires used in the generators became ionized. From this lucky accident, the Russian scientists developed high-frequency plasma microwave generators, which became known as GYROTRONS. The highest peak power achieved by the United States in experiments at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was 1/15th of the power achieved by the Russians. Since then, the United States has closed the gap, and it may be from some of the experiments carried out by various institutes of MIT that so much of the reported “electromagnetic” activity being reported by the public has come. The ELF devices used by the United States are reportedly less adaptable to weapons applications, and up until as late as 1988 it was believed that only the Russians had fully developed portable high-peakpower, short-pulse gyrotrons suitable for battlefield conditions, as well as long-distance applications. In May of 1986 the Rand Corporation reported on the advanced development of gyrotrons. I obtained a copy of their “Report R-3377: Soviet Development of Gyrotrons” by Simon Kassell. In addition I was able to secure several Russian publications which were translated for me. From them I learned that Russian investment in this type of research increased by some 600 percent between the years 1960 to 1980. It soon became clear that development of high peak power gyrotrons was an important national objective of the military/industrial complex of the then Soviet Union, in keeping with the stated objectives of Marshal Orgakov of the Soviet Armed Forces. Not that we, in the West, had no inkling of what was going on. The United States sent its U2 reconnaissance planes over Russia in an attempt to spy on the many institutes engaged in electromagnetic high power microwave generation. One of these planes, flown by Gary Powers, was shot down by an ELF device in May of 1960, which stunned the military establishment of the United States. We were lied to, being told that the U2 was downed by a surface-to-air missile. This was soon discounted when it became known that Powers was hit at an altitude of 90,000 feet, well beyond the reach of any SAM missile in operation at that time. Moreover, Powers told his Russian interrogators that his plane “seemed to bump into something, there was a tremendous orange-colored flash, which did not go away, but seemed to hang around” [the doomed 5

U2]. President Eisenhower tried to excuse the spy mission by calling it a “weather plane”. An insulted Khrushchev went into a towering rage and immediately ordered a demonstration of Russia’s prowess in ELF transmissions interferometer weapons. On April 10, 1963, from Sarysagen, a giant ELF transmitter unleashed a blast of energy in a bolt that totally disabled the controls of the “USS Thresher”, an atomic submarine. With its electrical controls smashed by the blast, and unable to steer, the submarine sank to the ocean floor and was crushed like a sardine can by the tremendous pressure of the water above it. All hands on board died. The very next day (April 11, 1960), still not satisfied that the United States had understood his message about Soviet weapons capabilities, Khrushchev ordered another huge blast into the ocean depths off the northeast corner of Puerto Rico. The ELF generator sent a blast of EM energy into the water, raising a giant mushroom cloud to the height of more than a half a mile. The explosion was observed by the FBI, the U.S. Coast Guard, the crews of several jet airliners flying in the vicinity, as well as the masters of a number of ships in the area. Later, there were the well-documented attacks on the “Challenger” and the Arrow DC8 by Over The Horizon (OTH) electromagnetic holographic-type shots, both unmitigated disasters for the United States. Over a two-year period (1985-86), the Russians, using their internalized electromagnetic energy transmitters, spread the Woodpecker grid across the North American continent. Using “Woodpecker” weapons systems, they declared war on military and civilian aircraft and rockets. The Russians were satisfied that they had demonstrated their electromagnetic weapons prowess and did nothing really drastic after that, except to warn the United States that they had weapons we hadn’t even dreamed about in their arsenal. The late Russian Chief of Staff, General Sergei Akhromeyer, was indeed right when he warned us: “If the United States deploys a shield in space, the Soviet Union will very quickly find a response of which the United States has no inkling.” It seems likely that Akhromeyer was thinking of the Azramas-16 disc electromagnetic generator, which can generate bursts of electromagnetic energy far beyond the most vivid imagination of any science fiction writer. Scientists at Los Alamos admitted that they had nothing that would even remotely compare with the “megajoules” disc electromagnetic generator, which uses high explosives to compress and intensify a magnetic field. Akhromeyer is gone, but the Russian ELF weapons remain in place and are a continued source of danger to the people of Western Europe, and more especially, to the United States. The Cold war is far from over. The appearance of Russian troops in Bosnia-Herzogovena, albeit under U.N. command, highlights the fact that the “new” Russia is once again at the center of West European affairs. “The story of the NATO ultimatum is a small step toward peace, but a giant step toward Russia’s return to the game of the ordering of Europe.” These wise words came from Josef Janning of the Research Group on European Affairs at the University of Mainz, Germany. The Russian military high command will be tempted to use its “silent killer” weapons over a global range during the next confrontation with the West, one which is presently in the making and which could 6

come swiftly when Yeltsin is ousted. I believe it is only a matter of a short space of time before this happens. In this type of tense, hostile atmosphere, the megajoule disc electromagnetic generator, with its capacity of a thermonuclear explosion, would play a key role. In 1984, probably spurred on by Russian threats, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories began an urgent program with the purpose of developing high-peak power nanosecond pulses of microwaves. There is no way of knowing for sure, but according to some sources of mine, it was the type of activity entered into at Livermore National Laboratories that set off a whole slew of reports about ELF activity. All across the country, people began calling their radio stations and writing to their local newspapers, complaining of strange high-pitched humming noises, of feeling unwell during these manifestations. The reports differed widely in content, but all seemed to agree on one thing: some type of highly unusual electromagnetic radiation was going on. At Los Alamos, spurred on by the revelation about the “megajoule” generator, plans were made to produce a similar device, which bore the name “Procyon” and is said to be similar in design to the Russian model. In September of 1993, Russian scientists at Azramas-16 tested the device which produced 6 million amps and set up a strong magnetic field. When used in conjunction with explosives, a huge current of 200 million amps was generated. The effect of this on human targets, military installations, radar sites, radio and telephone communications can be described as totally devastating. The Russians developed radio frequency high peak power systems for strategic defense weapons through the work of Leonid Rudakov which led to very efficient and mobile Radio Frequency (RF) weapons that could produce from 3 to 125 gigahertz, and they had these weapons operational in 1978. West German military intelligence reported in 1980 that one of the Russian scientists working on the program by the name of E.P. Velikhov, Vice President of the Soviet Academy of Scientists, had developed a portable device mounted on the back of a truck that was capable of doing a lot of damage. Electromagnetic Pulse technology (EP) anti-personnel weapons generate and send forth electromagnetic radiation. The Russians also developed solid state radar which they used in their hand-held weapons, usually the shape and size of a fairly small briefcase, such as one might see any businessman carrying at one of our busy airports. Radio frequency anti-personnel weapons use electromagnetic pulses to daze and disorient by scrambling brainwaves, paralyze or kill the “enemy”. Successful kidnaping of key personnel has been carried out in the past by KGB agents using hand-held “brief case” weapons, and I know that this happened in the case of Captain Hughes, and may have occurred in the case of three scientists working on a key Marconi underwater cable project, who vanished without trace. Where assassination is the objective, the “target” can be “switched off” by destroying vital organs. This is accomplished by the non-linear effects of electromagnetic radiation, “traveling” (to use a term that is easily understood) at 186,441 miles PER SECOND, or the speed of light. Because it is concentrated, the effect is devastating. Another thing worth noting is that such attacks can be fine-tuned to suit a particular “target”. The Russians have great experience with military radar systems, especially the phased-array radars at Pechora and Krasnoyarsk, huge structures that compare in size with the Capitol building in Washington. Such mammoth “Over the Horizon (OTH) radars can send out devastating punches in single bursts of 7

electromagnetic energy that could knock out the entire power grid of the Eastern seaboard of the United States, along with radar, telephone and radio communications. The colossal “Angara V” electron beam pulse generator has such capabilities as does the phased array radar at Krasnoyarsk, which could be used for this type of action. Indications are that “test shots” might have been fired at the United States in the past, which might help to explain the massive power and radar failure that occurred all along the East coast from the Canadian border down to New York, Arizona and New Mexico in 1986. The United States said the problem was a shortage of air traffic controllers. But air traffic controllers had nothing to do with the Federal Aviation Administration’s two major radar control centers at Phoenix, Arizona, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. In early June of 1986, a mysterious occurrence knocked out the two widely-separated radar systems. The government said the breakdown was due to “power failures”. This is not possible, because both facilities have their own independent generators on hand for just such an emergency. We are supposed to believe that the generators also failed, but no explanation was ever forthcoming. During the near-total blackout of radar communications, high-altitude flights controlled by the Arizona and New Mexico radar stations were thrown into chaos, because the stations were out of commission for two days, an inordinately long time to fix a “power failure”. What really happened may never be officially confirmed, but my sources told me that the Russians kept up their ELF radiation bombardment for 48 hours and it was not until their transmitter at Dushnabe, on the border of Russia and Afghanistan, was shut off that the “power failure” at the two key radar stations could be corrected. [END QUOTING OF PART 1] The next thing in order is a summary of weapons of Soviet development so it appears a good place to break the writing. We have been at this keyboard since before daybreak to attend other matters and I note fatigue. I appreciate your hanging in here with me, Dharma, while we sort some of the life-stream things that happen while we plan to do these other topical writings. You are surely people under siege and I simply don’t know how to reach through to you. I can tell by some of the letters I receive from ones who should know the answers they seek that there is no real concept of the problems facing you. I am required to answer the petitions for apparently no one else is understood but, readers, it is going to have to get less and less that I personally respond in separate correspondence for it is simply too time-consuming and other things have to “go begging”. We cannot afford to allow this type of TIMELY information to go begging because it truly means your LIFE or your DEATH as these pulse systems are tested and then turned on full-time. Also, I ask apologies that Dharma is unable to respond to the numerous wonderful cards and letters of support, in a timely manner. I have her bogged and the hands and arms are again “giving out” on us from time to time—as the computers are more and more under assault. We get letters and some of them are right on target but, alas, we don’t quite know what to do about the circumstances. We have heard from an old friend who objects to our allowing people of less than good 8

intent to have any measure of our fundings. I would ask her, and any one: how do you know who will turn away and attend their own personal circumstances? When you have the answer for THAT ONE, please let us know what it is because we have such a load that when one takes and is within the circle of activities—it is hard to get the other people to see and recognize the damage. This latter portion, of course, deals with the Ence/Enz painful happenings and connections. You may as well know that it is worse than originally seen. Ence/Enz got the funds for the tractor equipment from one of you readers under the disguise of being responsible as a member of the Board of Directors of the Phoenix Institute (exactly as did Green). He was, in fact, unlike Green, President of the Board. The equipment is now out of order, secreted off the farm and stashed while other farm equipment is also with it—or stored in locked storage “somewhere”. In addition, Sandy’s mother, Mrs. Rhoads, has spoken with this person personally to ask her not to send any funds to the Institute or to provide any further help to these “evil” people here. This is on top of the vicious letter “To Whom it May Concern” from Mr. Rhoads which stated: “Due to the vicious lies, manipulation and transgressions by Doris and E.J. Ekker and also spy Charles Neil, to have the Rod Ence family Evicted from the Ranch, please remove my I can no longer support an operation under such evil leadership as Doris and E.J. Ekker.” Then came an even more deliberately hurtful bomb from a “sister” of Sandy. I find it unacceptable. It is ONLY through the responsible actions of these very people here that the con-game is STOPPED. This is painful, hard, miserably uncomfortable and EXPENSIVE. Now these “offended” (I suppose because they got caught) parties AGAIN threaten to go to Jason Brent and George Green to “getcha”! I suggest some careful thought go into that before you act so foolishly. Grand theft and diversion of funds become a corporate felony offense and go beyond selling off some birds. Not only were the funds used by Mr. Ence only directed THROUGH him but the funds ACTUALLY PAID FOR THE EQUIPMENT THROUGH WIRE TRANSFERS—WERE DIRECTLY FROM PHOENIX INSTITUTE. When sums reach into the mid-to-high thousands (as in around $24 thousand) it becomes unacceptable to excuse it when the equipment is now broken AND REMOVED. Yes indeed, he did have some input from some other parties giving him advice—but the facts remain THE SAME. We shall be having to spend some “time” working through this mess so please bear with us as writings seem a bit tardy. Thank you and good morning. Salu.



REC #1 HATONN SAT., NOV. 25, 1995 7:29 A.M. YEAR 9, DAY 101 SAT., NOV. 25, 1995 B.S. ON PULSE WAVES? I guess I shouldn’t say that games are going on which displease me for usually any game going on is pretty much a useable item for my purposes. However, CONTACT readers, please use your God-given senses about your actions and your thoughts. I have some amusing, if they were not so serious, tales of ones being contacted by Mr. Jackson for raising funds. Our readers have been hurt badly enough by the shysters who have come along already to be subject to MORE of the same. Two things strike me as strange: No. 1: That there are not ample funds for all sorts of things if the man has told you a breath of truth, and No. 2: when asked about these pulse beams and waves he told the party(ies) on the other end of the line that “this is all hogwash and bullshit.” We have to assume in this instance that he misunderstood the question OR he has used foul language to the extent that he doesn’t know one end of himself from the other. It appears very strange to me that the only contacts this man seems to have are OUR READERS. Where are all those VIPs of which he has such control? I especially dislike the calls to ladies who have supported him with communications and care for so long. It is not gentlemanly, in any way, for he may well have not had active and legal bindings prior to November— but I believe you will find that he DOES NOW! I had an agreement with higher quarters than him which included him and we also have his public promises and commitments—but we have seen nothing (save the constant flow of complaints for no return on investments and loans to him, from our readers). Do that which you will, readers, but please do not assume that I support such antics—we have had our own kettle of bad fish right under our noses. I believe you will find, as we undoubtedly have, that he has no Committee of 16 (or even one). Elsewise I cannot believe that Mr. Christopher (A-5, I believe) would sell you out to disaster in Bosnia. By the way, now that you see the other politicians supporting Clinton in this move rather than struggling with Congress to shut down the “send the boys over there”, you are witnessing the hidden agendas fold in their faces. MR. CLINTON DOESN’T HAVE TO ASK CONGRESS FOR A DAMNED THING— HE ALREADY HAS A STATE OF EMERGENCY FOR NATIONAL INTERESTS IN BOSNIA. HE CAN SEND ALL THE TROOPS HE WISHES TO “OVER THERE ANYWHERE” WITHOUT BATTING HIS CUTE LITTLE EYELASHES. Well, I certainly am not at war with one Ronn Jackson who is doing God-only-knows-what, for all the work being presented is coming from others and not himself. I hope he is about getting his own contracts filled. Here, we are all out of ability to longer do much of any helping, thanks to such as Jackson, even for ourselves. Neither, however, will we be intimidated by his threats when people speak the truth. A man who becomes as public as to have a touted 33 million “followers” has given up his right to a personal life 10

without peerage. You simply can’t have it BOTH ways. If you are going to pretend to live for Creator— it behooves one to act like it from time to time. IF A MAN MAKES A PROMISE TO ME AND CLAIMS HIS WORD IS HIS LIVING BOND—I ACCEPT THAT AS SUFFICIENT. IT DOES NOT REQUIRE THREATS TO LATER SHUT ME UP! I HAVE BEEN INVITED OUT OF “THEIR BUSINESS”? FINE, BUT STOP COMING TO MY FRIENDS TO CONTINUE YOUR “WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING” THING. I EXPECT THE CONTRACTS TO BE MET, THE AGREEMENTS KEPT, AND I FIND MYSELF GETTING A BIT MORE THAN SIMPLY ANNOYED. LIE TO GOD’S TEAM AND YOU HAVE ERRED! YOU HAVE INVITED ME OUT OF YOUR GARDEN? FINE, I DON’T LIKE GARDENS WITH THE STENCH OF FISHY TALES. AND, WHEN YOU HAVE THREATENED THE LEAST OF MINE OR THE HIGHEST OF MINE—YOU HAVE THREATENED ME. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU, INCLUDING THE CLOSEST, HAS SEEN OR MET A BEING OR A PLAN AS PRESENTED, NOT EVEN THE ELUSIVE ATTORNEYS CLAIMED. YES, MR. JACKSON DOES HAVE SOME CONTACTS WHO CAN DANCE CIRCLES AROUND THE CLEVEREST COMPUTER GIANTS AND DOES HAVE ACCESS TO INFORMATION WHICH OTHERS DON’T. I AM NOT EVEN INTERESTED ON THE DOMESTIC CLAIMS—I KNOW WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED AND THE SHECKELS HELD. I CAN ONLY WARN MR. JACKSON THAT HIS “HIGHER-LEVEL” BUDDIES ARE GETTING FAR MORE ANNOYED WITH HIM THAN AM I FOR I HAVE “TIME” AND THEY DON’T!! THEY CLAIM TO HAVE NEVER HEARD OF MR. JACKSON UNTIL OUR NEGOTIATIONS STARTED—AND I SUSPECT THEY SPEAK TRUTH—BUT THEY DO NOW AND SUCH AS MR. CHRISTOPHER IS PEDDLING ABOUT AS FAST AS HE CAN. Now, please, back to the operations of the pulse grid. It IS as important as anything on your globe could possibly be this day. Any “authority” who will tell you otherwise is mixing his smoke with his fumes. The adversary is ready to shake, rattle and roll your planet—literally! The assumption and desire seems to be that “if we must live in hell we will bring all we can with us.” I would also warn people in New Mexico and Arizona and a few places in Utah—that areas around the major Indian centers have been contaminated with “mystery” microbes which will be found in your rodent populations. Especially do “they” (nasty little traitors) want to “get” a few aliens. Well, the “aliens” you had better consider dangerous are the ones in your face—not from the Cosmos. I can’t alter what you will do on individual bases; some like to pretend things don’t exist—because they don’t have information or respect for input—and others just want to do it “their way” and to hell with everybody else. We experience that on any given day and especially on THIS weekend when open neglect is upon Dharma and Oberli. Some dare the angels and/or the devil and bring the very focus into the target zone. Well, I can’t help it if people wish to disallow my suggestions or warnings. But then, don’t expect me to pick up the pieces later. It certainly seems that families cannot believe one another could possibly be doing anything of importance and, much the less, dangerous. Do I become irritated at these games? YES. If you care no more for input than to “do it your way”, then stand aside for I will see to the integrity and security of my mission. I suggest you take some of the writings, such as this one, to these people and suggest they get informed—THEIR CHILDREN ARE NOT SAFE! Some would even come here and then move right on into the viper’s pit of Las Vegas. The system has already been turned on this 11

morning and we will be lucky to get through this writing without interruptions. You see, when the system is on, there is not even need for the choppers or fighters for surveillance—NOR TO CARRY THE PULSE GUNS. TO EACH HIS OWN!! ELF RADIATION AND GROUNDWAVES IN THE 1990s, PART 2 by Dr. John Coleman, 1994 [QUOTING:] [H: We were just about to offer you a summary of pulse weapons which were fully operational since 1978, so, we will pick up directly where we left off in writing one on the subject in point.] PULSE WEAPONS Here is a summary of Russian electromagnetic pulse weapons known to be fully operational since 1978: 1) Hand-carried briefcase-size solid-state units for close work, such as kidnaping and assassination. It has an effective range of up to half a mile. Solid state is the fastest growing area in this field. The brain is the target of this device, which has an output tuning signal. The “target” can be tuned for maximum or minimum absorption, which depends on the geometry of the wave, which can be focused on any area of the body. If the “target” is the subject of a kidnaping attempt, he will receive lower absorption, enough to either make him act like a drunken person, or render him unconscious. Maximum absorption tuning would be used to assassinate the “target”. 2) Mobile systems weapons that can be carried in vehicles such as cars, trucks and aircraft. These have a range of approximately 18 miles. These weapons are for use by commando units and forward reconnaissance military units, and would have exactly the same effect upon military installations and command post personnel as the hand-held device, but with the added capability of disrupting radio, telephone and radar communications, over a distance of 18 miles. These mobile systems have been expanded by the Russian military since they first put in an appearance in 1976, and are now capable of ground-to-air action and their range has increased to up to 25 miles. They are really tactical battlefield weapons, which can replace nuclear weapons in battle. The “URAL” MHD generator, carried on the back of a truck, is fully capable of unleashing bursts of 50 MILLION WATTS of electricity, 40,000 amperes, for at least 5 seconds. Much smaller units, called the “Pavlovskii” provide amazing power for sustained anti-personnel action which could cause havoc on the battlefield. The Russians no longer need tactical nuclear battlefield weapons. A simplified explanation of the way they work is analogous to the way nerve gasses in CAB weapons work. Nerve gasses act rapidly and are always fatal, without destruction of tissues as they interact with the electromagnetic fields in the human body. (The body “building blocks”, molecules, are electromagnetic 12

energy configurations.) The molecules exchange electromagnetic energy with other molecules. In radiation weapons, the destructive effect is possible through electromagnetic energy alone. This is done by “tailoring the signal”, but in the case of nerve gas it is accomplished by an invasion of the poison which then disrupts normal body functions. “Thickened somane” nerve gas, for instance, paralyzes the nervous system controlling breathing, and the victim chokes to death. 3) Land and space-based electromagnetic pulse weapons, which have the capability of knocking out power and all types of communications over huge areas, and killing hundreds of thousands of people. Khruschev once told Eisenhower, at the time of the U2 incident, that the Russians could destroy all of Washington D.C. if they wanted to. Eisenhower is said to have dismissed the statement as a wild boast by an angry Khrushchev. But the fact was that Russia did indeed have new and dangerous weapons. For attacks on far-off locations, the Russians would use the giant radar facilities at Krasnoyarsk, Dashnuba and Pechora. 4) “Megajoule” disc electromagnetic generators, with or without combined high explosives. These magnetized-target fusion disc devices use explosives to generate powerful magnetic fields which do not need immense beams or heat energy. Russian experiments, that have gone on since 1975, might very well have contaminated areas of the United States with a holographic-like three dimensional cloud of electromagnetic radiation. What is certain is that these “megajoule” weapons have been tested against NATO member country electric power grids, radar installations and teletype, radio and phone communications networks. 5) Weather modification transmitters capable of generating huge masses of electromagnetic long-distance weather systems buildup. Tesla demonstrated this possibility in 1905, and later, with his “Standing Column Wave”. In 1986 Pope John Paul II sent a message to the Kremlin, requesting that the Russians cease their interference with weather patterns around the world. The CIA had prepared a special briefing for the Pope on UMBRA (a code word used in top-secret communications) of NASA and the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) findings about extensive and highly unusual weather changes of an unnatural kind, which had been occurring over the China Sea and the Sea of Japan. These unnatural weather formations were first picked up by United States satellites, “White Cloud” and “Rhyolite”, back in 1975. The satellites sent back images of gigantic mushroom-shaped cloud formations in these areas. At first it was thought they might have been the aftermath of nuclear explosions set off by Russia, but an examination showed that there was no radioactivity present. Volcanic ash was also discounted as the cause. The papal briefing was sent from the U.S. embassy in Rome on the Via Venatta, where it was handed to an aid to the Pope who immediately carried it to his chambers adjoining his private study, which is located next to his bedroom. The briefing contained a detailed overview of the weather modifications treaty signed by the USSR and the United States, and showed how a massive high-pressure ridge of electromagnetic energy was stalled over China. The effect of this long distance weather system on weather patterns was described. In March of 1986, this electromagnetic mass spawned a huge storm system that swept across nearly 14,000 miles of ocean and land—an unusual occurrence, because such storms usually travel over not 13

more than 3000 miles. The storms were a disaster for the West coast of the United States. NSA reports told the Pope that the Sea of Japan was being used as a testing ground for Russia’s scalar ELF weapons which were being readied for weather modification warfare. By 1987, violent winter weather hit the Midwest and West coast of the United States, and over faraway South Africa, violent storms dumped between 60 and 80 inches of rain in one night. Almost exactly the same type of weather over South Africa, hit China, Vietnam and Burma, virtually shutting down large areas of these countries. From the foregoing it is not difficult to imagine how weather modifications could be used to shut down large and vitally-important regions of the United States, under cover of which a surprise attack could easily be launched. With the initial operational capability [IOC] conclusively proved, the Russians continued to play fast and loose with weather modifications over the North American continent. They showed that their Woodpecker system could operate as an Over The Horizon (OTH) radar. U.S. intelligence can no longer conceal the existence of “Woodpecker”, but it is passed off by labeling it as an OTH radar system. Nobody in government will admit that its principal task is to modify our weather systems. The Office of Naval Intelligence and the Department of Defense still classify “Woodpecker” as OTH radar. But civilian science magazines could not be kept silent on the matter. For instance, the magazine “Science” clearly identified what was going on—the United States was being used as a testing ground for hostile weather modifications. In an amazing turn of events, a United States scientist, Bernard J. Eastland, [H: I am not much on your spelling, especially of proper names, but this may well be Eastlund instead of Eastland.] developed an electromagnetic current to steer jetstreams, and was actually granted a patent for it in August of 1987. The Department of Defense and the State Department initially asked Eastland NOT to file a patent application, and then, when he would not be deterred, tried to have the patent invalidated. Eastland showed that he could produce and move standing waves of energy that could steer jet streams controlling our weather system in any desired direction. Furthermore, Eastland stated, his system could disrupt all forms of electromagnetic communications and even turn away a nuclear missile attack on the United States. One wonders why this brilliant scientist got no encouragement from his own government? Weather modifications hostility by the Russians continued unchecked, with our government scientific community denying that such things are possible. However, denials were forced to come to an end in January of 1990, when scientists working on the atmosphere at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, detected a huge, 6 kilometer-in-height pressure wave, between 80 and 100 kilometers in wavelength, moving at about 45-50 miles per hour. Nine days later, the scientists observed another huge pressure wave, and this continued right through to December 21, 1990. Since 1990, there have been innumerable sightings of similar huge interferometry electromagnetic waves, which have turned weather forecasting over North America into an unpredictable science. [H: They have also turned regular airline routes into instant roller-coasters.] While secretly appealing to the Pope for help, the United States government continued its cover-up attempts. In the aftermath of the U.S. initiative involving the Pope, Russia turned its attention to “blinding” 14

on the ONI’s NAVALEX capabilities. “White Cloud” satellites began sending back conflicting signals. More on this later. For those who look askance at weather modifications and mind-control techniques as “science fiction”, let me say that in 1912 Dr. Nikola Tesla [H: This is fine, it is the European way of spelling Nikola(i). Now you probably also begin to see the need for the presence for Sir. Nikolai a couple of days past.] invented the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter, and demonstrated to skeptical American scientists that weather modifications had come of age. The Russians were not skeptical. Teams of Russian scientists spent years in the U.S. Patent Office in Washington, D.C., copying the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter data and thousands of pages of the work of this remarkable genius, a man long before his time. Russian scientists also have ELF devices capable of penetrating the mind and controlling it, but that is outside the parameters of this study and will be dealt with in my monograph, “Mind Control—New Horizons 1994”. [H: That is probably available directly from Dr. Coleman.] The ONI is the largest of all intelligence services in this country, dwarfing the CIA in size and scope. It operates under a command structure guided by the Director of Naval Intelligence (DNI) of the Naval Intelligence Command (NIC) and the Naval Security Group (NSG). The NSG is responsible for encoding and decoding signals and carries out cryptographic crytological duties. This includes the satellites “White Cloud” and “Classic Wizard”, an ocean surveillance program. NSG runs the SIGNT ocean surveillance bases in Iceland, Scotland, Norway and Japan. It also monitors and intercepts signals emanating from foreign embassies in the United States. The Naval Electronic Systems Command (NAVALEX) runs the “Rewson Project”, which is an underwater surveillance system. All these services are interconnected with DESKTOP, HOLYSTONE and SAND DOLLAR operations. The six Marconi scientists who were killed were working on these projects. When the Russians turned their attention to U.S. surveillance satellites, it was the Navy Space Command center at Dahlgren, Virginia that suffered the most. This is the command center for Naval Space Intelligence (NAVSPASUR), Fleet Satellite Communications (FLATSCOM) radar and ocean surveillance and NAVSTAR global position systems (GPS). [H: I knew Ekkers would like this one for they were in the private circle of NAVSTAR before the government corporations took it over.] They were compromised by Russian electromagnetic radiation attacks on them. The attacks on the Navy satellites originated from powerful ELF transmitters stationed at Sarysagen, near Moscow. These systems were probably compromised by the attacks on the British scientists working for Marconi. WHITE CLOUD, CLIPPER BOW and CLASSIC WIZARD began sending out conflicting signals after being hit by ground and space-based scalar shortwave electromagnetic distant pulsed “shots” as well as “blinded” by space-based beam weapons. For six months the entire ocean surveillance program hung in the balance and the ITSS satellite program appeared to have been compromised. Attacks on U.S. Titan 340 and Delta rockets became an epidemic, with disastrous consequences. The United States was unable to launch any new satellites during the sustained Russian attack on the Delta and Titan launch vehicles. At more or less the same time, a continuous-wave scalar electron magnetic energy beam was directed at flying aircraft. 15

It was as if the Russians wanted to demonstrate to the United States that they had capabilities “we have never dreamed of”, to paraphrase Akhromeyer. Two of the best-remembered cases were the downing of the Arrow DC 8 at Gander, which killed everybody on board, and the China Airlines Boeing 747 SP, flying at 41,000 feet on February 21, 1985. As the scalar lock-on occurred, the Boeing began to wobble as it was hit by the interferometer beams of electromagnetic energy, which flamed-out all four of its engines. Had the Boeing jetliner been flying at the usual altitude of 37,000 feet, aviation sources told me, “It would have been a total disaster.” The plane fell like a stone for 32,000 feet, but thanks to the skill of the pilots, they got the engines started again, with 12,000 feet of airspace left. The plane’s flight recorder captured the comments of the pilots, enabling military experts to piece together the sequence of events, which led them to the conclusion that the Boeing had been hit by an electromagnetic spatter. [H: E.J. might well find it interesting to note that these beams can be carried on typical laser blasts which did, in fact, bore a hole in the manifold and burn out the ignition system of the airplane being flown by E.J. Actually it happened in reverse order. I don’t play games with you so why do you continue to play games with me about your safety?] How do electromagnetic RF weapons (a slightly misleading term) affect the human body? Obviously I cannot get too technical, but I hope that the information I am providing will be simple and clear enough to be readily understood. The electromagnetic weapons are based on “pulse trains over several frequencies, with a variety of modulations and pulse shapes” according to the translated Russian literature in my possession. The attack on the Arrow DC 8 at Gander, which killed 248 Americans in cold blood, was carried out with an ELF missile, which is a projectile of electromagnetic energy that hangs together while traveling to the target which it strikes, like any other projectile. In this case, the OTH radar weapon was aimed at the aircraft using distant holographic beams. It hit the DC 8 on the right side of the fuselage, just forward of the engines, shutting off power to all four engines. The hole it blasted was examined for traces of chemical explosive substances, but none were detected, simply because it was an electromagnetic explosion and not a chemical one. Rather than having to admit that the Russians did indeed have this weapon, and that they had used it deliberately as a test shot, and thereby risking provoking the wrath and anger of the American people, a qualified witness who watched the plane take off, and who saw the interferometry beams form in the sky, flash down and hit the DC8, was refused permission to give her eyewitness evidence at the official Canadian board-of-enquiry proceedings. [H: Oh yes, indeed, you can visualize the formation of these tracers and beams and see the actual grid laid out from which the coordinates are computerized.] Other witnesses, including three truck-drivers who were passing Gander airport at the time, said they saw a bright flash (like something resembling lightning), which lit up the plane and covered their trucks in an orange glow. What these truck-drivers witnessed was actually the beam structure holograph tracking and targeting mechanism that enveloped the plane. They were not allowed to give their evidence to the board-of-enquiry, because of the cowardly nature of the United States and Canadian authorities, who also withheld autopsy reports showing that in more 16

than half the servicemen, death was caused by inhaling deadly hydrogen cyanide fumes, given off by the burning plastic interior furnishings of the stricken DC 8. The interior became like a furnace at the moment of impact of the electromagnetic projectile, which would account for the rapid inhalation of hydrogen cyanide fumes which killed at least half of the passengers before the plane hit the ground—TAIL FIRST. [END QUOTING OF PART 2] We need to take a bit of a break here, so we will take this off the machinery. I’m sorry, Dharma, for the interruptions on the computer system—but we are stuck with it for a few days until we get past this weekend at the least. It will be good for the batteries to recoup a bit anyway. I do need to keep on this topic for next week’s paper and having a meeting tomorrow causes us to have to work on it today. Thank you; you are far more secure right here with me, anyway. I must demand that you keep your head and lay a bit low. The problems are serious and the surveillance teams on overtime so please maintain attention and caution in all you do—like get out of the area if need be. I don’t want to offer you “fear”, just caution. I find it hard that my input is so blatantly disregarded for the privilege of the moment. So be it. Salu.



REC #2 HATONN SAT., NOV. 25, 1995 12:33 P.M. YEAR 9, DAY 101 SAT., NOV. 25, 1995 Speaking of the crash of the DC 8, Gander, which killed 248 Americans. [QUOTING:] ELF RADIATION AND GROUNDWAVES IN THE 1990s, PART 3 by Dr. John Coleman, 1994 (PARTS I & II) CRASH AT GANDER Officials and ground personnel who rushed to the crash site did not realize that they were exposing themselves to scalar-wave radiation. The people who gathered up the dead, touching parts of the plane in the process, all became ill within a short period. Their symptoms were those of victims of ELF radiation: Nausea, stomach upsets, dizziness, vertigo, stress, irritability, sleeplessness, respiratory problems and lack of appetite. Some of the female personnel who were at the site of the crash developed serious menstrual problems later on. Similar, but more severe symptoms are being experienced by veterans of the Gulf War, who were not told about the danger of becoming contaminated by spent Depleted Uranium (DP) shells. None of the tank crews or soldiers were warned about the dangers of radiation sickness that would come from exposure to DP rounds, nor did they know about the dangers of radiation contamination coming from destroyed Iraqi tanks and trucks, not to mention the thousands of dead Iraqi soldiers. It is interesting that exactly the same type of ELF electromagnetic blast knocked down an overpass under construction near the Los Angeles Airport. The projectile was aimed to hit the San Andreas fault, probably with the intention of triggering an earthquake, but somehow the bridge structure got in the way. Puzzled engineers stood around for days, trying to figure out why the structure had come tumbling down. They had no idea that their bridge had been hit by an ELF electromagnetic missile! The amazing thing about anti-personnel weapons is that by being “tuned” they can use an output of less than that of a microwave oven and still kill; this is because of an “output coupling” action. They do it by bypassing molecules in the human body and by acting directly on vital organs. This is made possible by mimicking the electromagnetic energy of molecules and by “tailoring” the signal to suit a particular target. Using gulag prisoners for their experiments, Russian scientists discovered that electrical stimulation of 18

the brain could bring on profound changes, and I deal with this in my work on mind control. They also discovered that varying degrees of electrical stimulation could daze a person, and that it was possible to kill with this technique. Madison Avenue and their One World Government controllers in Washington put this technique to use in the United States on mass audiences, most of whom, to this day, do not realize what is happening to them. The medium? The television in your home! Russian scientists, working under the control of a military scientist by the name of N.D. Basov, did extensive research into microwave Radio Frequency (RF) electromagnetic weapons at Alma Ata, which is close to Vladivostok, the Pushchino Biological Physics center a short distance from Moscow; the Lebedev Institute in Leningrad, the Novosibirsk Academy of Medical Sciences, Siberian Division, the Applied Physics Institute in Gorky, and the closed Azramas-16 nuclear weapons research facility about 180 miles from Moscow. This is the top-secret institute, without accessibility. It is probably one of the most deadly of the more than 21 of such institutes. The civilian in charge is Professor N.D. Devyatakov of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, but the military exercises overall control through a group under Basov. How has this affected the lives of the American people? Apart from the disastrous weather modifications, of which the floods along the Mississippi basin in 1993 are an outstanding example, our homes have become threatened and the distribution of plagues via scalar waves threatens the very existence of our nation and, indeed, every person on this planet. [H: And some of us even more than others, so when you take little “chances” and disregard my warnings, I am a bit miffed—to say the very least!] There is also a substantial body of evidence that massive action using Dioxin transmitted by scalar waves has been used against thousands of American citizens. By innocently getting in the way of scalar electromagnetic waves, our health can be seriously jeopardized, and this does not take into account DELIBERATE targeting of population groups by ELF radiation, which is well-known, has been done in the past. [H: And on some occasions WE have interfered with their transmission programs.] One of the dangers, in regard to accidental radiation, comes from the United States defense establishment’s Groundwave Emergency Network (GWEN) program, a Very Low Frequency (VLF) navigational system for accurate launching of submarine ballistic missiles. These consist of a world-wide network of huge copper coils buried deep beneath the surface soil. Why was GWEN established? According to my intelligence sources, and which I reported in my monographs and newsletters as far back as 1975 and 1988, it was to counter the threat of the Russian Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS). Although the United States entered into a treaty with the then USSR back in 1971, which disallowed further testing and placement of FOBS, the Russians went ahead anyway and tested 15 more devices by 1972. By 1986, the Russians had carried out an additional 20 FOBS tests, in defiance of the aforementioned treaty. In 1966, at the very time that it was preparing to sit down and talk with the United States about an Outer Space Treaty, tests were under way to place a high-yield nuclear bomb in a space orbit. Later, the SALT II Treaty forbad this weapon in space. The Russians replied by placing 20 more nuclear FOBS in orbit, as if the SALT II treaty had never been signed. 19

These FOBS tests were first picked up in 1966, when the office of Naval Intelligence began noticing strange orbits of Russian KOSMOS satellites. These new trajectories, took the KOSMOS satellites far higher above the earth than any previously known. But then, after reaching its highest point of the trajectory, instead of completing the orbit, the satellites would fall back toward earth. In 1967 the first successful launching of FOBS was confirmed by the ONI. The launching took place from east to west, opposite to the usual, normal course from west to east. What was the objective? It was to avoid detection by the Distant Early Warning (DEW) line, our defense which gives warning of any “incoming” ICBMs or Russian long-range bombers carrying nuclear weapons, traveling along the great circle route. In 1975 our DEW line was still facing east to west. By using the rotation of the Earth, FOBS could come up on the blindside of our DEW defense line, without being spotted. FOBS are designed for an altitude of 1300 kilometers above the targets. But instead of the bomb being dropped on the ground, it is set to explode 700 kilometers above the targets. The ensuing explosion, or several explosions, will generate massive electromagnetic pulses which will spread out and knock out the entire electricity grid of the North American continent, taking down our radar, telephone and teletype communications. The United States would be a helpless giant, with commands from the President to the military unable to be transmitted. The development by Russia of FOBS was confirmed at the “All Union on High Current Electronics” conference held at Novosibirsk in 1986. By then, at least 5 FOBS were in orbit. The United States was totally hamstrung because of Congressional opposition, stoked by the jackals of the media, which resulted in so cutting the SDI counter-defensive system that no progress was made with its deployment. The jackal media dubbed SDI “Star Wars” and constantly released statements from so-called scientists who said it wasn’t necessary and was, in fact, a waste of money. No amount of intelligence information that the Russians had developed devastating new weapons (probably the ones referred to by Akhromeyer and Khrushchev) at Azramas-16 could convince Congress—which seemed to under the domination of men like Paul Warnke, who said that there was absolutely no need to spend money on the type of research being done in Russia. From what I was able to gather, the “Akhromeyer secret weapon” was a device that could, for the sake of simplicity, be called a disc electromagnetic generator. But the purpose of the disc electromagnetic generator was anything but simplistic. It was in fact a device that could compress hydrogen plasma and intensify a magnetic field that would lead to a thermonuclear reaction. Such a device would burn out our satellites and blind our DEW line. The pulsed power generator device, packed with high explosives, simulated conditions that take place in a nuclear explosion. Faced with the possibility that our defenses against a sudden attack could be defeated by a veritable jungle of electromagnetic energy directed over the country, and then a blast or blasts from orbiting highyield nuclear bombs 700 kilometers above us, the U.S. Navy set to work to develop a system that would give the United States a second-strike capability, using our OHIO-Class submarines armed with Trident and Polaris missiles.


ELF RADIATION AND GROUNDWAVES IN THE 1990s PART II A system known as the SANGUINE system was developed by the ONI. The system, coils of copper wire buried beneath the soil, was believed to obviate having to depend on satellite information to launch the missiles, which in the case of the Trident D5, had a range of between six and seven thousand nautical miles. The idea was that our submarine fleet could locate in waters as far south as Australia, and then launch a devastating nuclear second strike at Russia that would do immense damage. Ground wave receivers known by the code-name OMEGA, began to be installed in U.S. Navy OHIO-class submarines. OMEGA, it was said, would guide the missiles to their intended targets with greater accuracy than ever before. [H: In Victoria the people were told this was to control the shipping routes.] But SANGUINE ground waves resulted in a very substantial number of complaints from those affected by it—even though people probably didn’t know what was causing the problem—so much so that SANGUINE had to be scrapped. The copper coils of SANGUINE could most likely handle as much as a quarter-of-a-million-watt wave output, although the exact wave strength was never disclosed. No one knew for sure what groundwaves would do to people living near stations transmitting such intense electromagnetic fields, but one scientist, Dr. R. Becker wrote two books on the subject: one The Body Electric in 1985 and the other, Cross Currents, in 1990. [H: I should interrupt this writing at this point to let you know that this copy of Coleman’s work was sent to me through very strange routing FROM Australia near where this system was installed. We have written about this station prior to now { Editor’s note: See p. 30 of the 2/7/95 issue of CONTACT.} but the sender makes a very good point about people not being allowed to know what goes on. This OMEGA system is near Melbourne and the people are given absolutely no information and have no idea about the massive danger.] I don’t have the space to quote page numbers of these books, nor whether the information was ever verified by anyone else. Dr. Becker stated that all man-made electromagnetic energy fields produce adverse effects on the human body, and all are harmful in varying degrees. We need to remind ourselves that electromagnetic energy can be in the form of a slug, like a bullet, that hangs together as it moves at incredible speed and then strikes the target. It will do terrible damage, far worse than any bullet. [H: This is why I am not impressed with your silly quarrels over hand-guns. A militia, even with militarylevel hardware, is absolutely NO MATCH and is totally laughable against any of these beam weapons—even the smallest.] Among the several effects listed were changes in learning patterns, an increase in certain cancers and neurological changes brought about by neurochemical changes. These could result in suicidal behavior. (It is believed that the drug PROZAC works in a similar fashion. For details see my monograph “Mind Control: New Horizons 1995”.) Can ground waves actually be measured? The answer is yes, they can. Groundwaves, as the name implies, travel along the surface of the earth at a height of about six feet. In the United States this was measured by environmentalists using a spectrum analyzer. The fact that the transmissions are so low 21

(between 10.2, 11.3 and 13.6 kHz) does not make any difference to its effect on the human body. According to Dr. Becker, “All abnormal man-made electromagnetic frequencies, no matter what their frequencies, produce the same biological effect. These effects, which deviate from normal functions... are actually, or potentially, harmful.” Defense considerations overrode objections about the potential risks to humans who got in the way of groundwaves, and a newer version of the SANGUINE ground wave, dubbed the OMEGA, was ordered installed at intervals of 250 miles all across the United States, with one or two stations in South America and in Hawaii, Norway, Monrovia (Africa), the island of Reunion, Australia and Japan. The GWEN-OMEGA groundwave navigational system transformed the way nuclear subs are navigated and their missiles directed. OMEGA is 100 percent accurate, having none of the atmospheric wave inaccuracies. OMEGA has the added benefits of VLF transmissions (virtually the same as SANGUINE, ranging from 10.2 through 13.6 kHz). U.S. Submarines do not have to surface to receive the signal, a huge plus. OMEGA groundwaves are known to penetrate to a depth of 50 feet of water, whereas “skywaves” can only penetrate to a depth of 5 feet of water. Again, I stress that the exact ground wave output is top-secret, but the OMEGA coils can carry as much as 500,000 watts, without even slightly heating up, have very stable velocities, providing the best navigational positioning thus far. GWEN/OMEGA will continue to operate even after an electromagnetic and/or a thermonuclear attack has destroyed all communications and burned out the NAVALEX, WHITE CLOUD, RHYOLITE, FLATSCOM, CLIPPER BOW and CLASSIC WIZARD satellites. Obviously, GWEN/OMEGA bothered the Russians very much. What would be the use of an electromagnetic and thermonuclear first strike, when the U.S. OHIO-class nuclear subs could aim and fire their Trident and Polaris nuclear missiles with deadly accuracy, from a range of 7,000 miles, well out of reach of Russian “killer submarine” range? Such an attack could do huge damage to Russia. This was noted by the Soviet Defense Ministry newspaper, Krasnaya Zvezda, which complained about it in an article published on October 4, 1973. [H: How far do you think they might have gone since then? After all, this is November 25, 1995!] Tests conducted by the U.S. Navy proved conclusively that our nuclear submarines, submerged at 50 feet beneath the ocean as far south as the southern end of Australia (and out of range of “killer subs”), could launch their nuclear missiles at Russia with deadly accuracy. This is the reason why, in all of the SALT Treaty negotiations, the Russians sought to neutralize this disadvantage to themselves by demanding that “Polaris” and “Trident” missiles be brought into the treaty. [H: Do you also see WHY nuclear weapons are being tested in the Pacific?] While national security remains the primary goal, or at least this is what we are told (although I have other thoughts on the subject), the effect of groundwaves on human bodies has still not been made public and, for all we know, might well be a contributory cause of the terrible rise in the number of cancer cases in the United States. While there is no proof of this contention, neither has any proof been offered that GWEN/OMEGA waves are NOT a contributory cause of the almost epidemic of cancer in this country. 22

The biological action of electromagnetic pulse weapons was first spelled out by Russian scientist V.M. Koldayev, who had been experimenting with a number of pharmaceutical drugs to establish their suitability in defending the human body from a microwave-pulsed radiation attack. Koldayev also tried to establish whether post-radiation exposure could be treated by drugs. In the course of his experiments, Koldayev became convinced that intensive microwave radiation, such as would occur during an ELF attack, alters the membrane characteristics of the cells and ion transport, generating electrical breakdown at the “boundaries of phase regions and other effects, causing a destruction of living processes...” [H: See now how valuable those lessons on cellular life really are?] In plain language, properly directed ELF pulsed radiation, can and WILL KILL. Russian pioneers in the field of electromagnetic radiation, known as bioelectromagnetics, were V.I. Vernadsky and A.G. Gurvich. It was Vernadsky who put into words what scientists Pasteur and Curie already knew: “We are surrounded and penetrated, at all times, and all places, by eternally changing combining and opposing radiation of different wavelengths—from 10 millionths of a millimeter to several kilometers.” Perhaps it would be appropriate to explain in clearer non-technical terms, exactly what ELF fields are: An ELF magnetic field is 9-dimensional, self-organizing “cloud field” that can penetrate every known material substance, (iron, brick, concrete, plastic, water, etc.) while not losing its power. It is called “non-attenuating”, that is to say it does not grow weaker over distance. ELF has a range of 1-100 cycles per second, using extremely low power, described by Tesla as 2x10-9, which can profoundly affect the human biological system. It can be used to cure diseases such as cancer, AIDS, or, on the dark side, actually cause these diseases. By using beneficial frequencies in a range of 7-9 Hz (or cycles per second) which is related to the magnetic frequencies from the sun and to 8 Hz, the Earth frequency, most diseases that plague mankind could be cured and stopped. But research I have done proves to me that this “frequency for good” range 7-9 Hz is NEVER used! One can only ask the questions, “WHY?” In order to understand just how low the power of ELF is, one can compare it with the old horseshoe magnet which is roughly one-tenth of the Tesla measurement. ELF radiation acts by “turning on” or “turning off” any gene cell by interacting with the DNA molecule in the presence of the protein Kinases in the cell nuclei. In experiments conducted at the Lebedev Institute in Moscow, Soviet microbiologist Gurvich demonstrated that he could change the metabolic process in an onion, using pulses of ELF. Using gulag prisoners, the Russian team working under the direction of Soviet scientists, did experiments that caused depression and anxiety among the prisoners, when the ELF pulses caused the release of cholinergic neuropeptides in the brain. [H: Indeed, pay attention, please, for the lives we are talking about here—are yours!] Even though in a controlled prison environment, “mob violence syndrome” was created among the prisoners by “tuning” the ELF pulse to suit this requirement. By the same token, it is perfectly feasible to use this technique to get people to go on a shooting rampage, which is what I believe is happening in the United States, in order to create hysteria and a climate suitable for “gun control” to be accepted by the American people. 23

The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) conducted a seven-year study—much of which has never been disclosed—which proved that “subjects” in an ELF magnetic field can, and did, suffer the following changes: * The reaction time of irreversible chemical processes were altered. * Perceptions of time are altered. (Very useful in “UFO [claimed] abductions”.) * Inhibited or enhanced protein Kinase production. * Defects and alterations in animal embryos. * Altered behavior of cells, tissues, organs and organism. * Speeded aging process. * Inhibited bone growth. * Affected immune process of body to diseases. * Affected calcium ion bonding in cells. * Entrained DNA transaction process. * Destroyed and ruptured cells. * Induced sleep. * Altered cell chemistry. * Entrained human brain waves. * Altered hormone levels. * Suppressed cyclic amp production. The ONI report also indicated that it was possible to do non-invasive surgery using ELF techniques, advance bone growth, inhibit or enhance RNS synthesis and processing. The study showed conclusively that by using the ELF frequency ranges 7-9 Hz, certain diseases could be completely cured. Vernadsky’s colleague, Alexander Gurvich, is credited with the distinction of being the first to prove the concept of “tuned” radiation—the basis of ELF/EP weapons, when he demonstrated that such “tuned” electromagnetic radiation decisively reacts and changes biological events in the human body. Gurvich was the discoverer of the multiphoton process, which was taken further by one of his pupils, Professor Vlail Krazneechev of the Medical Division of the Soviet Academy of Sciences and developed into the most advanced electromagnetic anti-personnel weapons for the Russian military. Krazneechev’s Novosibirsk experiments were mentioned in his paper “Electromagnetic Bioinformation in Intracellular Interactions” and in at least three other papers by him, “Distant Intracellular Interactions in a System of Two Tissue Cultures”, and “Information Function of Ultraweak Light Flows in Biological Systems”. Simultaneously, work on explosive MHD generators went ahead so fast that, in 1960, the Russians perfected and had ready a pulsed power generator already described, the Azramas-16. The Azramas-16 generator can emit, for 1 millionth of a second, a greater electrical output than all of the Earth’s power stations. Its output can only be measured in “megajoule” energy units, hitherto reserved entirely for describing energy output of nuclear explosions. [END QUOTING OF PART 3] We need another short break, please, to get the body working again and the joints moving. I think that you 24

can see that anyone who labels these pulse systems as “Hogwash” is somewhere with his/her head in the slop-bucket. This is WHY God has given you such as Gaiandriana and the specific colloids offered—to save those cute little necks of yours. I don’t like to be a spoil-sport but one day, little ones, you are going to pay attention to me along with my requests for caution. The sky above those unusual clouds this day in this area—are a total grid-work of pulse beams—many of them originating from a central hub at Northrop. People aren’t having “flu”; you are overwhelmed with elfs playing games with you. I suggest a bit of extra gold intake. Also, keep up your natural intestinal bacterial intake because the low frequencies are killing off some of your natural resources as well as the nasties. Most of you can now handle the bombardment if you have been dutifully following instructions—otherwise, you are going to feel pretty lousy off and on. I thank “2 x 6” for the hand gloves—this will be a Godsend while we tackle these long subjects for we MUST keep up now and we don’t have scanners allowed in here. We are in great appreciation that allows us to continue our work when the body and spirit are at low tide.



REC #3 HATONN SAT., NOV. 25, 1995 2:57 P.M. YEAR 9, DAY 101 SAT., NOV. 25, 1995 [QUOTING:] ELF RADIATION AND GROUNDWAVES IN THE 1990s, PART 4 by Dr. John Coleman, 1994 [H: When we interrupted the writing we were speaking of “megajoule” weapons.] Such an output has the potential to destroy human life on the same scale as a thermonuclear attack, but without the material damage such an attack would cause. Electromagnetic weapons leave no contamination that would affect the advancing military forces. But it is not only on the battlefield that we have to contend with radiation. The biggest mistake made by American civilian research establishments is the belief that when one is exposed to electromagnetic radiation in the civilian arena, the body merely heats up, as food does in a microwave oven, for example. There has been little, if any PUBLIC INVESTIGATION by the United States government into the effects of electromagnetic modulated fields on the brain, or different regions of the brain, and the entire human body. But as the ONI study shows, the United States Government is FULLY AWARE of the ramifications and is, today in 1994 and for the past decade, perhaps using its own citizens for experiments, without their knowledge and consent. In July of 1976, Soviet-Russian ELF transmitters began bombarding different regions of the world with ELF radiation. Between the United States and Russia, 15-16 giant transmitters such as the one at Alma Ata are fully operational. Intelligence sources of mine, who closely monitor ELF transmissions, told me that not once in 12 years has the 1-9 Hz signal been picked up, which means ELF transmissions are not being used for the good of mankind. There is no doubt in the mind of one of my intelligence sources that a certain faction inside the United States government is using American citizens to test ELF effects and the distribution of diseases by means of enfolded scalar waves. The work done by Gurvich leaves no room for doubt that exposure to electromagnetic radiation, even at comparatively low levels, can, and does, have precisely predictable effects on neurological functions. Gurvich was the first to report a direct effect of scalar energy on nerve cells in tissues and cultures. Gurvich’s disciple, Prof. Vlail Krasneechev, gave details in Russian military publications about experiments conducted at the Medical Division of the Soviet Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk, while another Gurvich protege, G.M. Franck, of the Institute of Biological Physics in Puschino—a key military research center for ELF—also reported on his findings. 26

The consensus of Krasnacheev and Franck was that scalar ELF energy “can and does modulate the basic biochemical communications between nerve cells mediated by neurotransmitters. It is clear that scalar energy will affect cells in addition to nerve cells. It has been demonstrated that insulin production in the pancreas can be suspended through ELF interaction with these cells.” (This is an accurate translation from the Russian language.) [H: It is also noted that ELF energy waves “use-up” the gold particulate necessary to make those biochemical connections between nerve cells and this causes great sluggish and negative confusion within the target. Scalar energy is simply a coined phrase meaning universal, or life, or prana, waves.] These two Russian scientists said they elected to study the effect of ELF waves on nerve cells in order to establish the premise that scalar energy can, and does, directly affect the nervous system of the human body in the absence of feedback signals from the body. (Although a different word is used in the Russian text for “feedback”, it is close enough.) The first experiments showed that the functional properties of noradrenaline, a commonly abundant neurotransmitter in cells, was weakened by electromagnetic fields. Depression and anxiety are common symptoms of decreased noradrenaline levels. By “tuning up” the signals, Franck maintained that persons subjected to this type of transmission were most likely to commit suicide after bouts of extreme and prolonged depression. It is perfectly clear from these studies that a “targeted” person could be induced, FROM THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY, TO COMMIT SUICIDE, WHILE OTHERS COULD BE INDUCED TO COMMIT MURDER, MOB VIOLENCE AND SO ON, SIMPLY BY A PROCESS OF “TUNING” THE ELF TRANSMITTER SIGNAL. Earlier I mentioned our homes being wired for electricity in such a way as to become potential receivers for electromagnetic energy levels that are potentially a danger. All across America can be seen vast grids of high-tension power cables. For years there has been talk of dangers emanating from these electromagnetic lines and the wiring in our homes, plus the commercial and domestic appliances that could give off long-term lethal radiation. In 1953 some efforts were made to bring these ever-present dangers to the attention of a number of governments, including our own. In 1953, The University of Pennsylvania did a study on exposure to electromagnetic radiation which concluded that people should not be exposed to a power density of 100 watts per square meter. This standard did not, however, take into account radiation effects other than thermal heating, so well established by Russian scientists. Consequently, the standard adopted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is not thought to be safe enough. Athermal effects were not taken into account in the University of Pennsylvania study. Recently two Swedish research teams reported their findings following an exhaustive study they conducted on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the human body. Their study showed that the closer one lives to overhead powerlines the greater the risk of a carcinogenic reaction which, their study showed, takes the form of brain tumors, leukemia and lymphoma. The Swedish study showed that there is a clear relationship between these cancers occurring in people who are exposed to EMFs and that the risk increases in proportion to the closeness and length of exposure to EMFs. In other words, the closer you live to overhead power lines, and the longer you live there, the 27

greater the risk of getting cancer in one form or another. [H: It should be understood right here, however, that you can’t confuse the TWO circumstances, for the body is not particularly bothered negatively from overhead power lines of any size. It is when the frequencies are mingled that you have a problem and that problem can slip over into even the small electrical devices as small as a timepiece.] The study also showed that children are at great risk if they live close to EMFs, and that their chances of getting leukemia, when exposed to 1-2 milligaus, are double those of children not exposed to EMFs. [H: Now, again, don’t go off the deep end here—we are again referring to the interlinkage of these EMFs with other frequency introductions as carriers.] It is not only powerlines that present a danger: electric wires in the home through which power is passed are an EMF field, a bedside electric clock is another EMF, and the Swedish research team showed that an electric clock next to the bed could cause brain cancers. [H: This is, however, if you have the introduction of either very, very high frequencies or very low frequencies into the workings of the apparatus. You can sometimes tell if you have electrical disturbances beyond the ordinary by the way a watch or clock keeps “time”. For instance, a clock on Dharma’s computer, separate and apart from it, will speed up greatly while, if placed away from the apparatus, keeps perfect time. This is also true of wrist watches so if yours starts speeding along out of time—watch it and keep up your Gaiandriana, etc. Dharma doesn’t leave her watches running when not in use because they pick up so much extra time from one wearing to the next. This is getting to be rather normal for this location and it seems the better the time piece the more susceptible to the impact. I’m sure Dr. Young could tell you a lot about this topic as he lives right above a tunnel connector and it expresses through his own body circuits which is easier on his appliances but hard on watches and speaker systems. The better the quality of speaker system the more easily “blown” out.] The Swedish study is not the only one pointing to the danger of EMFs. Professor S.M. Michelson of the University of Rochester School of Medicine said in 1967 that the dangers from EMFs are very real: “The occasional reports of headache, lassitude, stomach ache pains, sleeplessness, irritability and other subjective symptoms among workers in the vicinity of microwave generating equipment have not been thoroughly investigated. These findings should not be ignored, as similar vague, mild, unidentified symptoms have been experienced in the course of microwave studies in this laboratory. Such symptoms could indicate a basic microwave effect.” The Swedish research findings are not easy to brush aside, as the power industry, the military and the companies that supply the hardware have been doing for years. Using highly accurate computerized demographics data on 500,000 people who, in the period 1960-1985, lived within approximately 100 feet of powerlines, typical of the powerline grids that crisscross urban and suburban America, the study came up with some alarming conclusions. If you live in close range of power lines, your health is going to be adversely affected. So conclusive was the Swedish study, that NUTTEK, a division of the Swedish government’s energy department, instituted new rules designed to safeguard people against the harmful effects of EMFs. [H: I would like to thank Dr. Coleman for being so observant when in this location as to loan Dharma a coat with built-in wiring and shielding for use at the computer. We have since directly shielded her computer station and still the frequencies seep through. It is an ongoing battle with 28

our people who are simply doing their jobs. Since there is no way to monetarily repay John for his sharing, we could send a better-health package. Please send enough for three!] Why is the standard 10,000 microwatt ANSI safety standard still adhered to when the Russian safety standard is one thousand times more demanding? Why has the power industry in the United States gone on the attack to defend this hopelessly low safety margin? The answer to these questions may have been provided by Professor S.M. Michelson: “There were persuasive economic reasons why the 10,000 microwatt (= 10mW) standard was and still is defended at all costs. Lowering it would have curtailed expansion of military EMR use, and cut into the profits of corporations that supplied the hardware. A reduced standard (of safety levels) would now constitute an admission that the old one was unsafe, leading to liability for damage claims from ex-GIs and industrial workers.” No doubt the power companies would face a blizzard of lawsuits if ever they were forced to admit to the howling electromagnetic storm that rages across their powerlines. Then there is the powerline leading to your home from the service drop line. Corrosion and/or careless installation could lead to your house becoming a virtual “magnet” for EMFs from the surrounding houses. It would be a wise move to check the wiring in your house as a precaution. “Microwave News” says that the power companies must not be allowed to get away with the technique of pouring scorn on the Swedish research. When it was first brought out that there is a link between lung cancer and smoking the tobacco companies heaped scorn upon such an idea, and continue to do so today. An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report (367 pages) showing that a stronger connection between EMFs and cancer in human beings exists, than the proven connection between second-hand smoke and cancer, has been completely suppressed. Why is the EPA recommendation that EMFs be rated as a possible cause of cancer, being stifled? How much money has the power industry donated to politicians in key positions, able to keep the American people from the truth? Why does the SurgeonGeneral not include EMFs in the all-out bid to reduce cancer from smoking? Why has there been no effort to investigate the danger to citizens exposed to electromagnetic radiation? Where is the “EPA champion” Vice President Al Gore? We live in an electromagnetic forest, absorbing all sorts of signals. The human body acts as a radiation antenna in frequency ranges from 70 to 100 megahertz, at which point FM radio and TV frequencies overlap. Have you ever wondered why so many people fall asleep in front of their televisions set? The answer is that they are being exposed to a continual flow of electromagnetic radiation, which will affect their nervous system and make them doze off. Unusual tiredness is an almost sure sign of exposure to ELF/EMF. For those who wish to learn more than I can put in this monograph with its space limitations, I strongly suggest the reading of Russian Professor M.N. Sadchikova’s Clinical Manifestations of Reactions to Microwave Irradiation in Various Occupational Groups published in 1973. Sadchikova assembled an impressive array of data covering 1180 workers exposed to microwave radiation and 200 who had not been so exposed. The microwave radiation to which the 1180 workers were exposed was approximately 3 milliwatts per square centimeter. [H: Please don’t focus on your little microwave ovens where you warm your coffee, readers, for you would be in great error—as that is probably the only safe microwaves around because they are, at least, shielded.] 29

Common symptoms exhibited by the 1180 workers and which were not found in the 200 unexposed workers were: Anxiety, a heaviness in the head, irritability, a slower heartbeat, tiredness and moderate to heavy fatigue, anxiety, sleeplessness, lowered blood pressure and partial loss of memory. Overall, the study showed a significant amount of neurological problems not found in the 200 unexposed workers. What is disturbing is that these “radiation sickness” symptoms occurred at well below the 100 milliwatt safety standards set by the ANSI. What is also frightening is what happens with “accidental” exposure to radar beams. We know that the United States has been hurrying to catch up with the Russians in “phased array radar” techniques, such as are installed at Krasnoyarsk and Petchuka. There is secret government data showing that exposure to such radar waves for a matter of 60 to 80 seconds can cause the following: Arterial hypertension, vertigo (sometimes mistaken for threshold strokes), a reddening of the skin, stomach cramps, chest pains, clogged-up eyes (“gritty-like sand in them”), sleeplessness and irritability. The study showed that the hypertension continued for six months and could not be attributed to other causes. How much of this type of RF, RM and ELF activity by the military are we being subjected to? Nobody knows, because all radar, radio microwave, and extremely low frequency electromagnetic research by and on behalf of the United States military is classified. But if the number of complaints about strange high-pitched humming and similar manifestations continue to increase as they are doing, public pressure might be able to force a disclosure of just what we are being subjected to. If you believe that you are living near radar or microwave corridors, then the best thing to do is move. There is conclusive evidence that so-called “Radionics” instruments are being used to spread chemicals like Dioxin-2, which can cause cancer and variety of serious ailments. Even cocaine can be spread by this device. Getting into the realm of mind control for a brief moment, there exists proof-positive that mob violence, acts of random shootings and suicides have been triggered by subliminal messages sent via Radionics instruments. The mysterious “suicide” of President Clinton’s close friend and legal assistant at the White House, could, conceivably, have been “triggered”, but such a theory would be very hard to substantiate. [H: Well, we can’t call this MURDER a “suicide” under any circumstances, although it is possible. There is too much evidence that this was a homicide to silence Foster and protect the ongoings of, especially, Hillary Clinton. Regardless of what you have “heard”, Foster was EXECUTED with TWO shots to the base of the skull (back). It is both hard to commit suicide from such a position and a second shot is rarely effective after a lethal first fire. This is simply how blatant the thugs have become—and “the gloves didn’t fit” no matter how much the Mishpucka tries to shove them on.] Radiotronic instruments have been in use for more than a quarter of a century, yet little is ever mentioned about the device by the news media. It is as if the whole area is “off limits” to the press, or taboo. Radiotronic transmissions can be made using toxic substances, or they can simply be used as electromagnetic transmitters to disturb the neurological processes of the targeted person or persons. There are even photo-accommodating Radiotronic transmitters that enable the sender to home-in on the intended victim, merely by placing a photograph of him, or her, between two electrodes and adding a 30

high-frequency A.C. corona field around it. The process was invented by the Russians, Valentina and Semyon Kirlian . It is called “electrophotography”. The object to be generated and the photograph are placed between the two electrodes which are coupled within the dielectric field. Research shows that by transmitting with this device, it is possible to injure the health of the targeted person, or even cause death. Apparently the relative magnitude of what is known as “a free electron discharge, resulting in luminescence and color, indicate the psychological and physical health of the targeted person.” I have no way of verifying it, but an intelligence contact of mine holds the view that the mystery illness that has plagued actress Elizabeth Taylor is a result of Kirlian electrophotography and dousing with longrange ELF electromagnetic waves. Certainly the reported symptoms of Taylor’s illness compare very closely with the symptoms of a person who has been irradiated by ELF transmissions. These symptoms include, but are not limited to fever, headaches, swollen glands, earache, sore muscles, nausea, dizziness, night sweats, swelling of fingers and eyelids, confusion, breathing problems, bladder dysfunction, severe fatigue, rashes, chills and a prickling sensation of the skin. Chronic fatigue is an almost sure sign of an ELF and/ or chemical attack. Taylor may soon be hailed before the courts to testify in the trials of 3 doctors who are said to have prescribed more than 25,000 drugs for her, in an effort to quell the strange health problems with which she is plagued. There are cases on record—although they have never been acknowledged—of persons who have never had any direct contact with Dioxin-2, or have never worked in plants making this chemical, who did not serve in the military in Vietnam, where they might have been exposed to “Agent Orange” (Dioxin-2), who were thoroughly contaminated with this deadly chemical. [H: For more information on Agent Orange please get a copy of a book called Waiting for an Army to Die by Fred A. Wilcox.] In one specific case, blood samples taken from a doctor’s patient showed high levels of Dioxin-2 present. Where could the poison have come from? There is a school of thought in intelligence circles that the ordinary citizen has become a testing ground for Radiotronic transmissions of all sorts of toxins, including Dioxin-2. As far as I am aware, there is no program at State level to test for Dioxin on a broad scale, nor does the Centers of Disease Control have such a program. Yet, according to intelligence sources, the problem of Dioxin-2 poisoning may be approaching the problem of AIDS. Some city government laboratories do run urine tests for the presence of Dioxin-2, but such tests are inadequate because only a full blood serum trace analysis, using a pint of blood, will show the presence of Dioxin-2 at dangerous levels. For years the medical profession sought to downplay the so-called “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, but experiments carried out at the University of Umea, Sweden, show that chronic fatigue could be the result of Dioxin-2 or other chemical-agent poisoning. It is believed by the same intelligence contact that AIDS and any other deadly disease can be used to target a person. The creator of “The Muppets”, the late Jim Henson, is believed by this source to be the victim of a Radiotronics-generated illness, which was finally diagnosed as “AIDS related”. There may be a clue in this in the curious statement made by former President George Bush when Ryan White died of AIDS. There is no dispute about the fact that Radiotronic devices can transmit such deadly chemicals as Dioxin-2, among others. As is the case in so many instances, the perpetrators of these outrages cannot 31

contain themselves. They seem to have an overpowering desire to brag about their “successes” and so they go bragging about them in the complacent belief that even if their crimes were to be investigated, there would be no proof to convict them. Apart from the serious effects of ELF pulses on the tissues of the body, known to cause cancer, intelligence sources say that conclusive evidence exists that Radiotronics instruments can be used to poison people, cause heart attacks, epileptic seizures, cause chronic fatigue and urinary problems associated with the prostate gland in men. The shocking rise in the number of children suffering from cancer is attributed in certain intelligence circles to the use of electromagnetic energy and Radiotronic devices which can “broadcast” cancer-causing substances such as Dioxin. Truly, cancer has become the scourge of America when we take the following statistics into account: * More than 1200 people die each day from cancer. * More than half a million people will die from cancer this year. * Cancer is the No. 1 killer of children under the age of 14. * Two out of three people who get cancer die within five years. * Cancer deaths have increased at the rate of 1 percent every year since 1939 and are increasing at twice that rate in 1994. * There are more than 1 million people under treatment at any given time in the United States. No one can say that these shocking figures can possibly relate to anything other than abnormal factors at work. These include ELF radiation, chemicals in foods, chemicals in drinking water, pollution of the air, the deliberate spread of Dioxin-2 and other cancer-causing chemicals in targeted areas, and microwave RF radiation caused by EMFs and electrical appliances. Even so-called “allergies” have their origin in ELF and microwave radiation absorption. By simply “tuning” or “tailoring” the transmitter, a variety of “allergies” can be induced. In 1979, research into cancer deaths among children living near high current electrical wires was published. The findings of the two researchers, Wertheim and Leppert, were published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, 1979, Vol 109, under the title, “Electrical Wiring Configuration and Childhood Cancer”. What Wertheim found was that “service drop” [power lines] were giving off a marked “hum” when exposed to a gaussmeter. Wertheim then charted the deaths of all children from cancer who had been living in homes near such “service drop” lines and/or power transmitters. Over a period of several years she continued noting the relation of children who died of cancer and the homes they had lived in, close to “service drops” and transformers. What Wertheim proved was that children living in the vicinity of high-current electrical wires died of cancer at twice the rate of children who did not. Wertheim’s findings were immediately attacked by the power companies and the medical profession. [H: Yes, and the reason the findings could be questioned is that unless there is ELF or Very High Frequency introduced into the system—there won’t be any such findings. It is not the hummmnn and it is not the electric alternating current—it is the integration of the frequencies which cause the mutation of cells (cancer).] 32

There was a weak link in the study; it did not account for the substantial increase in the overall number of cases in children below the age of 14. In the light of what I have read in the documents made available to me, the terrible increase in the cancer rate in young children must come from the corresponding increase in ELF transmissions. This conclusion was reached after a detailed study of environmental pollutions statistics and the possibility of cancer being caused by polluted drinking water, air and food. The incidence of cancer among adults has reached alarming proportions. Never in our history, have so many Americans been stricken by this dreaded killer. There are some areas in the home which might tend to expose us to radiation. These include electric bedside clocks, electric razors, electric blankets and television sets. But the highest risk comes from electrical wiring in our homes. The return current is supposed to balance this out but, today, the electrical system is “earthed” to the plumbing. This makes all pipes in the house, if they are metal, excellent EMFs. [H: There is a mistaken perception here which I would clarify a bit for there is no actual “return” current. When you understand LIGHT and ELECTRICITY you will find what I say to be fact.] However much danger lurks in or near our homes from EMFs, the danger is 100 percent greater from groundwaves, radar and microwave transmissions. The huge phased array radar facility at Krasnoyarsk in Russia has the capacity to radiate vast areas of the United States if it is so desired by the Russian military. Basically an antiballistic missile radar, the unit has a 26-mile-diameter phased array consisting of thousands of elements, capable of directing a single “beam” or hundreds of beams operating against different targets. Unlike the radars we see at civilian airports, this one has eliminated the need for a rotating antenna. The Krasnoyarsk radar has the ability to create a three-dimensional electromagnetic field around any target, or given location or a series of locations. Whole cities could be blanketed with such a field. Corrections for interference, obstacles and reflections can be made immediately. The electromagnetic field, or cloud, can be shifted from one location to another in rapid succession. Thus the Krasnoyarsk radar has the potential of being turned into a deadly weapon at the will of the controllers. There is a great deal of evidence that this facility, and others like it in the former USSR, were used for such “test” purposes of short duration against locations all over the world, but particularly against the United States. Groundwaves emanating from the GWEN/OMEGA stations spaced 250 miles apart across the United States, while not as devastating as an attack-radar weapon like the one at Krasnoyarsk, nevertheless must pose a hazard to those in the path of its groundwaves of electromagnetic energy which can be detected at a height of 4-6 feet above ground. Using a spectrum analyzer, not only can these signals be clearly recorded, but they grow stronger when the earth under which they pass is measured. The waves penetrate the ocean and this was confirmed as far back as 1905 by Nikolai Tesla who said only frequencies below 20 kHz can penetrate earth and water. Thus GWEN/OMEGA’s range of 10-15 kHz fits this requirement. GWEN/OMEGA stations are believed to have huge tuning coils which are wound from so-called “Litz” wiring. The aerial antennas are only capacitors for the groundwave through the copper earth aerials buried beneath the soil. Although it is claimed that there is no environmental impact emanating from these electromagnetic waves, it is interesting to note that monitoring stations are placed ten miles away from the GWEN/OMEGA sites, although the exact locations of such monitoring sites remain secret. Some fairly useful information about OMEGA navigation was published in “Flight Magazine” of Janu33

ary, 1976. But as far as I am aware, there have been no definitive studies about the possible harmful effects of groundwaves on human beings and the environment. What we do know is that Alexander Gurvich systematically demonstrated, over a period of twenty years, that the absorption by the human body of even the smallest amount of electromagnetic radiation, can and does bring about decisive biological changes. This was confirmed by Kaznacheev and L.P Michailova in their work, Ultraweak Radiation In Intercellular Interaction. We also know from data given in Russian technical journals, that selectively tuned electromagnetic pulses can kill, and that nearly all of the modern electromagnetic weapons are directed to this end. Those who might be tempted to doubt the existence of such weapons should read the 1987 Pentagon Study, Soviet Military Power: “Radio Frequency, Recent Soviet developments in the generation of radio frequency (RF) energy have potential applications for a fundamentally new type of weapon system that would degrade electronics or be used in an anti-personnel role. The Soviets already have, or are working on, much of the technology needed for such a system...” [H: They have it, friends, and so do you. This, after all, was a decade past and in this world of technology—it is a billion light-years in importance.] That the Russians have been testing these devices for more than a decade is not in dispute. What is not stated is against whom are such devices used for “testing”? The United States with its huge land mass and population would be the ideal testing ground, in the view of experts on Soviet military matters. There is another potential threat posed by Russian ELF weapons and this concerns nuclear waste sites around the United States, some of which are very concentrated and extremely large dumps of spent nuclear fuel. It is quite possible that a wave, or several waves of ELF-holographic guided electromagnetic energy, could be directed at these storage sites. Such ELF pulses would sharply increase the nuclear potential on the radioactive nuclei. This would most probably cause the radioactive nuclei to immediately fission and that would produce a nuclear explosion with radioactive fallout covering an area of as much as 1000 miles around these sites, depending on the quantity of spent nuclear waste stored there. There would be absolutely no warning—just a huge explosion. Apart from what I would call “direct applications of electromagnetic energy for use in anti-personnel weapons”, there is the second aspect of using electromagnetic energy to induct killer diseases that destroy cells at a long distance. To achieve this, Russian scientists worked to perfect a method they called “infolding” the hidden EM wave structure. The so-called “information content” of such waves could contain biological disease which could be used for biological warfare purposes. With their technology the Russians could destroy the biological functions of everything on earth, as Khruschev threatened. The Russians also have the means of changing mental and behavioral patterns, using similar techniques. The WOODPECKER transmissions use an infolded wave in which diseases could be concealed. This was graphically described in papers written by Kaznacheev in 1981, in which he describes transmission of cellular death in literally thousands of military related experiments, by which we understand that he 34

was working on military weapons for use in biological warfare. Dr. Robert Beck confirmed the presence of infolded waves transmitted on no less than 15 channels, and that these waves could entrain normal brainwaves of human beings. The Russian LIDA generators can generate pulsed 40 megahertz that can affect our biological functions. In a series of experiments, it was demonstrated that the “subject” went into a trance-like state when subjected to LIDA waves, and was totally unaware and disinterested in his surroundings. WOODPECKER transmissions in distant locations in Russia can heat the atmosphere to produce low pressure areas, or cool the atmosphere to produce high pressure areas. As scientists in California know all too well, even if they refuse to admit it, it was the constant created high pressure mass over the coast of California that caused six years of drought that followed in the wake of WOODPECKER signals that began on July 4, 1976. The date was no accident. The Russian military wanted the United States to know that it was not as independent as we would like to believe. [H: It is exactly that same condition which holds rain off the coast of California as we write, right now.] The December, 1980 issue of “Military Review”, published an article by Lt. Col. John B. Alexander, whom readers of WORLD IN REVIEW have already met. The article gave some startling information about the “transfer of energy from one organism to another”. In this article, Alexander makes it clear that “the ability to heal or cause diseases can be transmitted over distances, thus inducing illness or death for no apparent cause.” Alexander goes on to say: “Telepathic behavior modifications which include the ability to induce hypnotic states up to distances of 1000 kilometers have been reported.” Alexander concluded by saying: “The information provided here will be considered by some to be ridiculous, since it does not conform to their view of reality, but some people still believe the world is flat.” by Dr. J. Coleman, February 1994. [END QUOTING OF PART 4 AND ENTIRE DOCUMENT] We are so long into this writing that I only have one or two things to add: It has been an additional nearly two years since this was first written. The systems are up and functional, the satellite connections are in working order, and you are in for some bad days, citizens. Hold your LIGHT shields around you for it is still the best and ONLY real protection you have. We can offer you tools to boost your systems—but you have to want to do something for selves. Wrong choices are going to be very, very costly from here on in, friends. It is decision time! Salu.



REC #1 HATONN TUE., NOV. 28, 1995 8:02 A.M. YEAR 9, DAY 104 TUE., NOV. 28, 1995 PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING I am patient; I am understanding, and I can deal with either or both for a very long time—what I can’t do, however, is wait around for each of YOU to get out of your confusion long enough that our mission doesn’t bog down in the mire of that confusion, doubting, struggle and profoundly unimportant trivia. Some say you want ONLY to serve God and help in any way you can do so—then you proceed to do negative or totally chaotic things. If I trust you to fill a job and you don’t, must ALL wait for the “confusion” to pass from thine brow? A lot of things take place in any center of activity. I want to give you some last remarks on some of these happenings so that you can evaluate, better, your position. I am here to inform, keep our people in freedom, and provide passage for, at the least, a remnant. I serve ONLY the living God of Creator/Creation IN GOODNESS and I DO NOT DOUBT GOD. Look around you and see what you do and how you do it. I am here to CONVINCE you of nothing—you can believe or disbelieve anything you wish. But, how do you expect to serve God and be given responsibility when you shirk what you have or, worse, get more only to handle it irresponsibly? It is exactly as with O.J. Simpson—THE GLOVES DIDN’T FIT! All the jawing and haggling doesn’t make the gloves fit any better. George Green took gold which would fall to others for the accounting and make-up—is this right? He can give a thousand excuses but the fact is that the person who gave the gold DID NOT GIVE IT TO HIM TO SERVE HIMSELF AND STEAL AWAY TO ANOTHER STATE FOR HIS OWN USE. It is time to GROW UP, little kiddies. If you think that I will allow people to come in and destroy our work, cheat and steal, and then dump the garbage on others to absorb the damage while you continue to lie and claim wide-eyed innocence—forget it. We are responsible to MANY people regarding the Institute and those people come to us to have answers (I note the ones who steal do not take any responsibility at all for anything). I suppose that has to be expected as ones seek every excuse to justify wrong actions but it does NOT make it right. It does not, further, make it right to have ones who are responsible for other jobs to shirk their own to wallow in confusion over any given incident. If you don’t understand or remain confused, LOOK AT THE FACTS!! IF YOU ARE STILL CONFUSED, GET THE FACTS EXPLAINED. ALL 36

YOU DO WITH THE CONSTANT HAGGLING AND WAGGLING IS CAUSE OTHERS TO THINK YOU FOOLISH, AT BEST, STUPID IN REALITY. AND, IF YOU CANNOT OR WILL NOT HANDLE RESPONSIBLY THE SMALLER JOBS—IN TRUST AND NON-CONFUSION, THEN HOW CAN I GIVE UNTO YOU A LARGER ONE FOR FEAR YOU WILL TURN WITH THE ENEMY TO CHASE A SKIRT OR A LIE? When you defend wrong actions you will have loss of respect. It has nothing to do with judgement of people—it has everything to do with being untrustworthy. If you are in confusion it is because YOU CONTINUE TO CREATE THE CONFUSION AND WALLOW IN IT—IT BORES OTHERS WHO HAVE WORK TO DO! IF YOU ARE IN CONFUSION OVER A GIVEN EVENT—WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE THE FACTS AND THEN DISCERN. WHY DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH WHAT YOU OBVIOUSLY DO NOT KNOW? THEN, AS YOU FIND THE FACTS, IT BEHOOVES YOU TO LOOK AT THEM. WATCH A MAN’S ACTIONS; LISTEN TO HIS “EXCUSES” IN “REASONING”; LOOK AT THE CLUES, AND THEN BE TALL ENOUGH AND BRAVE ENOUGH TO, AT THE LEAST, SAY YOU DISAPPROVE. IF YOU CONTINUE TO ASK FOR THE LIES—YOU WILL GET THEM—EVERY TIME, FROM THE SAME EXCUSE MAKERS. HOWEVER, IN THE DRAGGING OUT OF THE “CONFUSION” MORE IS UNCOVERED AND THE “CRIMES” AGAINST YOU AND THE OTHERS ARE ADDED TO AS MORE AND MORE IS DISCOVERED AND PROVEN. Do you expect the thief and liar to suddenly tell you truth? Oh, you helpless, hapless little lambs before the wolves. When might a person be “old enough” to face and handle truth? From birth! However, just to give you a rule of thumb—any time you KNOW what is right or wrong. Agewise, I find immature children in their 40s, or any age. They are not blind—they are covering up their actions of ineptitude so why would anyone wish to hire them for anything once they prove themselves so confused as to be untrustworthy? THE MAJOR THING I SAY HERE TO ONE OR TWO OF YOU TORN INDIVIDUALS—IS TO GET WITH THE FACTS FOR YOU ARE GOING TO FIND THIS IS A JOB, NOT A PRESCHOOL FOR CONFUSED BABES. YOU ARE BEING TOYED WITH LIKE THE MOUSE IN THE CLAWS OF THE CATS. IF YOU CAN’T OPEN YOUR MIND—THEN SHUT YOUR FOOLISH MOUTH! We are responsible to a lot of people and when you are among the damaged, for goodness sakes, get off your goody-two-shoes silliness. We need mature and responsible people who won’t take criminal behavior—PERIOD. When you think people “wouldn’t do such a thing” and yet, there before you is truth and fact—get off your New Age Confusion kick—for you are neither confused nor honest—and it shows the world that you are the fool. Another rule of thumb, wishers-to-servers: if you quarter with the thief—how can I trust you with my assets? Stop worrying about what who will think of you—consider what GOD sees in YOU. What do YOU OFFER TO GOD FOR LOYALTY? THE GUFF IS ALMOST EMPTY, DEAR ONES, AND THE SOULS OF MAN ARE AT RISK HERE AND IF YOU WILL DUMP A LIE ONTO ANOTHER FOR ANY REASON AT ALL—YOU ARE WRONG! When you have trouble with decisions just remember something: God requires integrity, honesty in all things, lack of confusion, order and RESPONSIBILITY! SHIRK ANY ONE OF THESE THINGS AND YOU ARE TOTALLY SUSPECT FOR ALL THINGS. THE MIDDLE OF THE FENCE IS TOO FULL TO EXPECT TO PERCH THERE VERY LONG WITHOUT TOPPLING. WATCH THE 37

PEOPLE YOU CONFRONT WITH TRUTH—AND SEE WHAT YOU GET BACK! TRUTH ALWAYS SHOWS ITS FACE AND THE LIAR ALWAYS WILL UNDO HIMSELF. RELIGIONS I am continually asked why certain people are attracted to a given religious order or why there is a predominance of less than perfect people in one versus another grouping. Well, if you are ill-intended won’t you go where you find acceptance? Won’t you go where you fit in, your actions are the norm, not the exception? And, believe me, when you are kicked out of some of the sects—you have done something pretty blatant and it usually is not good. But when you cannot be trusted as a business partner—you show no integrity at all. God forgives, man is unforgiving of actions against himself. By the way, you can forgive “THE MAN”; you can, at best, only EXCUSE his actions. You who question this point had best go and research meanings of language and heart responses. I mentioned, last week, the book Descent Into Slavery by Des Griffin. Now that I have finished the brief monologues of Dr. Coleman [on ELFs and Pulse Beam Weapons in last week’s CONTACT] I would like to share some of the contents of this book in point. Since this comes from Australia you may find that, in South Africa and the U.S.A. for instance, ONLY the idea is changed—not even the people, otherwise.

DESCENT INTO SLAVERY, PART 1 by Des Griffin FROM: THE STRATEGY, 92 Neale St., Bendigo Vic. 3550, Australia. Excerpts and summary of a book, DESCENT INTO SLAVERY by Des Griffin. [An American address for obtaining this book is: OMNI/CHRISTIAN BOOK CLUB, P.O. Box 900566, Palmdale, CA 93590; $10.00 + $2.00 shipping.] [QUOTING:] Lead in: The most sensational information is revealed in a top-selling book by Des Griffin. This author is revealing in “Descent into Slavery” information which puts the blame for most of the world’s troubles right where it belongs. He names those who are the manipulators and how they do it. Understanding of how national constitutions are subverted hits like a bolt of lighting and shows politicians, in general, for what they are.” TALMUDIC INFLUENCE From the same authoritative source (The Rothschilds by biographer Frederic Morton) we learn that “on Saturday evenings when prayer was done at the synagogue Mayer would inveigle the rabbi into his house. They would bend towards one another on the green upholstery, sipping slowly at a glass of wine and argue about first and last things deep into the night. Even on work days... Mayer... was apt to take 38

down the big book of the Talmud and recite from it... while the entire family must sit stockstill and listen” (p. 31). It could be said of the Rothschilds that the “family that preys together stays together”. And prey they did! Morton states that it is difficult for the average person to “comprehend Rothschild nor even the reason why he, having so much, wanted to conquer more”. The Rothschilds formed no true friendships or alliances. Their associates were but mere acquaintances who were used to further the interests of the House of Rothschild, and then thrown on the garbage heap of history when they had served their purpose or outlived their usefulness. The truth of this statement is demonstrated by another passage from Frederic Morton’s book. He relates how, in 1806, Napoleon declared that it was his “object to remove the house of Hess Cassel from rulership and to strike it out of the list of powers.” “Thus Europe’s mightiest man decreed erasure of the rock on which the new Rothschild firm had been built. Yet, curiously, the bustle didn’t diminish at the House of the [Red] Shield.... “Dust whirled behind carriages in which the round-faced Rothschilds still sat, avid and impenetrable, portfolios wedged between body and arm. “They saw neither peace nor war, neither slogans nor manifestos, nor orders of the day, neither death nor glory. THEY SAW NONE OF THE THINGS THAT BLINDED THE WORLD. THEY SAW ONLY STEPPING-STONES. PRINCE WILLIAM HAD BEEN ONE, NAPOLEON WOULD BE NEXT” (pp. 38, 39). Curious? Not exactly! The House of Rothschild was helping to finance the French dictator and, as a result, had free access to French markets at all times. Some years later, when both France and England were blockading each other’s coast lines, the only merchants who were allowed to freely run the blockades were—yes, you guess it, the Rothschilds. They were financing both sides! “The efficiency which powered Mayer’s sons brought on enormous economic spring cleaning; a sweeping away of fiscal dead wood; a renovation of old credit structures and an invention of new ones; a formation—implicit in the sheer existence of five different Rothschild banks in five different countries—of fresh money channels via clearing-houses; a method of replacing the old unwieldy shipping of gold bullion by a worldwide system of debits and credits. “One of the greatest contributions was Nathan’s new technique for floating international loans. “Before, the English investor had been hesitant about foreign projects. He didn’t much care to receive dividends in all sorts of strange and cumbersome currencies. “Now Nathan attracted him—the most powerful investment source of the nineteenth century—by making foreign bonds payable in Pounds Sterling.” (P. 96). THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO 39

As the wealth and power of the Rothschilds grew in size and influence so did their intelligence gathering network. They had their “agents” strategically located in all the capitals and trading centers of Europe gathering and developing various types of intelligence. Like most family exploits it was based on a combination of very hard work and sheer cunning. Their unique spy system started out when “the boys” began sending messages to each other through a network of couriers. Soon it developed into something much more elaborate, effective and far reaching. It was a spy network par excellence. Its stunning speed and effectiveness gave the Rothschilds a clear “edge” in all their dealings on an international level. “Rothschild coaches careened down the highways; Rothschild boats set sail across the Channel; Rothschild agents were swift shadows along the streets. They carried cash, securities, letters, and news. Above all, news—latest exclusive news to be vigorously processed at stock market and commodity bourse (European stock exchange). “And there was no news more precious than the outcome at Waterloo...” (The Rothschilds p. 94). Upon the battle of Waterloo depended the future of the European continent. If the Grande Armee of Napoleon emerged victorious France would be undisputed master of all she surveyed on the European front. If Napoleon was cursed into submission England would hold the position to greatly expand its sphere of influence. Historian John Reeves, a Rothschild partisan, reveals in his book The Rothschilds, Financial Rulers of the Nations, 1887, page 167, that “one cause of his (Nathan’s) success was the secrecy with which he shrouded, and the tortuous policy with which he misled those who watched him the keenest.” There were vast fortunes to be made—and lost—on the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo. The Stock Exchange in London was at fever pitch as traders awaited news of the outcome of this battle of the giants. If Britain lost, English consuls would plummet to unprecedented depths. If Britain was victorious, the value of the consul would leap to new dizzying heights. As the two huge armies closed in for their battle to the death, Nathan Rothschild had his agents working feverishly on both sides of the line to gather the most accurate possible information as the battle proceeded. Additional Rothschild agents were on hand to carry the intelligence bulletins to a Rothschild command post strategically located nearby. Late on the afternoon of June 19, 1815, a Rothschild representative jumped on board a specially chartered boat and headed out into the channel in a hurried dash for the English coast. In his possession was a top secret report from Rothschild’s secret service agents on the progress of the crucial battle. This intelligence data would prove indispensable to Nathan in making some vital decisions. The special agent was met at Folkstone the following morning at dawn by Nathan Rothschild himself. After quickly scanning the highlights of the report Rothschild was on his way again, speeding towards London and the Stock Exchange. 40

COUP OF COUPS Arriving at the Exchange amid frantic speculation on the outcome of the battle, Nathan took up his usual position beside the famous “Rothschild-Pillar”. Without a sign of emotion, without the slightest change of facial expression, the stony-faced, flint eyed chief of the House of Rothschild gave a predetermined signal to his agents who were stationed nearby. Rothschild agents immediately began to dump consuls on the market. As hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of consuls [H: We have to suppose that here “consul” refers to stocks, bonds or other commercial “currency”.] poured onto the market their value started to slide. Then they began to plummet. Nathan continued to lean against “his” pillar, emotionless, expressionless. He continued to sell, and sell and sell. Consuls kept on falling. Word began to sweep through the Stock Exchange: “Rothschild knows.” “Rothschild knows.” “Wellington has lost at Waterloo!!” The selling turned into a panic as people rushed to unload their “worthless” consuls or paper money for gold and silver in the hope of retaining at least part of their wealth. Consuls continued their nosedive towards oblivion. After several hours of feverish trading the consul lay in ruins. It was selling for about five cents on the dollar. [H: And you think it will be different in the good old U.S.A. one of these days soon—for you are being set up for the duck-shoot in exactly the same manner. Only the names of places are different!] Nathan Rothschild, emotionless and expressionless as ever, still leaned against his pillar. He continued to give subtle signals. But these signals were different. They were so subtly different that only the highly trained Rothschild agents could detect the change. On the cue from their boss dozens of Rothschild agents made their way to the order desks around the Exchange and bought every consul in sight for just a “song”! A short time later the “official” news arrived in the British capital. England was now the master of the European scene. Within seconds the consul skyrocketed to above its original value. As the significance of the British victory began to sink into the public consciousness, the value of consuls rose ever higher. Napoleon had “met his Waterloo”. Nathan had bought control of the British economy. Overnight his already vast fortune was multiplied, twenty times over. CROWN OF THE MONARCHY?—OR CROWN OF THE “CITY”? “The City” is not part of England. It is not subject to the Sovereign. It is not under the rule of the British parliament. THE “CROWN” AND THE CITY The Strategy takes this opportunity to thank the author, Des Griffin, for his kind permission to use material from his “explosive exposé” on Descent Into Slavery, of which this chapter is a part. (Emphasis, however, has been added by The Strategy. T/S.) 41

When people think of England such terms as “Great Britain”, “The Queen”, “The Crown”, “Crown Colonies”, “London”, “The City of London” and “The British Empire” come to mind and blend together into an indistinguishable blur. They are generally looked upon as being synonymous, as being representative of the same basic system. During the 1950s and 1960s the author lived in England (London for five years) without even beginning to realize the vast difference that exists in the meaning of some of the above terms. When people hear of “The Crown” they automatically think of the King or Queen, when they hear of “London” or “The City” they instantly think of the capital of England in which the Monarch has his or her residence. To fully understand the unique and generally unknown subject we must define our terms: When we speak of The City we are in fact referring to a privately owned Corporation—or Sovereign State—[H: Just like your Washington DC.) occupying an irregular rectangle of 677 acres and located right in the heart of the 610 square mile “Greater London” area. The population of “The City” is listed at just over four thousand whereas the population of “Greater London” (32 boroughs) is approximately SEVEN AND A HALF MILLION. The “Crown” is a committee of twelve to fourteen men who rule the independent sovereign state known as London or “The City”. The City is not part of England. It is not subject to the Sovereign. It is NOT under the rule of the British parliament. Like the Vatican, in Rome, it is a separate, independent state. It is the Vatican of the commercial world. The City, which is often called “the wealthiest square mile on Earth”, is ruled over by a Lord Mayor. Here are grouped together Britain’s Great financial and commercial institutions: wealthy banks, dominated by the privately-owned Rothschild controlled BANK OF ENGLAND, LLOYD’S OF LONDON, THE LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE, and the offices of most of the leading international trading concerns. Here, also, is located Fleet Street, the heart and core of the newspaper and publishing worlds. TWO MONARCHS The Lord Mayor, who is elected for a one-year stint, is the monarch in the CITY. As Aubrey Menen says in London, Time-Life, 1976, page 16: “The relation of this monarch of the City to the monarch of the realm [Queen] is curious and tells much.: It certainly is and it certainly does. When the Queen of England goes to visit the City she is met by the Lord Mayor at Temple Bar, the symbolic gate of the City. She bows and asks permission to enter his private, sovereign State. He grants permission to enter by handing her the sword of State. During such State visits “The Lord Mayor in his robes and chain, and his entourage in medieval costume, outshines the royal part, which can dress up no further than “service uniforms”. The Lord Mayor leads the queen into his city. The reason should be clear. The Lord Mayor is the monarch. The Queen is his subject! The monarch always leads the way. The subject always stays a pace or two behind! 42

The small clique who rule the City dictate to the British Parliament. It tells them what to do and when. In theory Britain is ruled by a Prime Minister and a Cabinet of close advisers. These “fronts” go to great lengths to create the impression that they are running the show but, in reality, they are mere puppets whose strings are pulled by the shadowy characters who dominate behind the scenes. As Disraeli wrote: “So you see... the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes” (Coningsby, The Century Co., N.Y., 1907, p. 233). This fact is demonstrated by a passage from Menen’s book: “The Prime Minister, a busy politician, is not expected to understand the mysteries of high finance, while the Chancellor of the Exchequer [Budget Director] is only expected to understand them when he introduces the budget. Both are advised by the permanent officials of the Treasury, AND THESE LISTEN TO “THE CITY”. If they suspect that some policy of the government will [backfire]... it is no use their calling up British ambassadors to ask if it is so; THEY CAN FIND OUT MORE QUICKLY FROM THE CITY. As one ambassador complained to me, diplomats are nowadays no more than office boys, and slow ones at that. “THE CITY WILL KNOW. THEY WILL TELL THE PRIME MINISTER. WOE BETIDE HIM IF HE DOES NOT LISTEN.” The most striking instance of this happened in recent history. In 1956 the then Prime Minister, Sir Anthony Eden III, launched a war to regain the Suez Canal. It had scarcely begun when the “City” let it be known that in a few days he would have no more money to fight it: the Pound would collapse. He stopped the war and was turned out of office by his party. When the Prime Minister rises to address the Lord Mayor’s banquet, he hopes that the City will put more behind him than the “gold plate lavishly displayed on the sideboard” (p. 18). History clearly reveals that the Britsh government is the bond slave of the “invisible and inaudible” force centered in the CITY. The City calls the tune. The “visible and audible leaders” are mere puppets who dance to that tune on command. They HAVE NO POWER. They have NO AUTHORITY. In spite of all the outward show they are mere pawns in the game being played by the financial elite. [ENDQUOTING OF Part 1] Since this is getting gangly in length we will begin our part 2 of this topic with a history of THE CITY. What is important to all readers is that the deception and the “illusion” is carried out globally and is especially visible in such as the United States where all of your originally established Constitutional governments did not take on the flavor, so greatly, of such as the British Israel mode of commerce or Bank Monarchy. All, unfortunately, that remains to be played out in a commercial forum—is how and when the collapse and total takeover happens. Unless you KNOW who is your enemy—how can you “fight” it? I suggest you keep this in mind when you have “leaders” pushing and shoving you around who are NOW more ignorant than are you—if you care43

fully read this information. In this relationship we can go right back to the top of the writing—if you are making decisions, confusion accusations and other garbage observations about happenings and know no more about them than you do “this”, I suggest you pay attention, zip the lips—AND LEARN WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR WORLD FOR YOUR FOOLISH FACES ARE SHOWING TRUTH. Thank you. Salu and good morning.



REC #1 HATONN WED., NOV. 29, 1995 9:33 A.M. YEAR 9, DAY 105 WED., NOV. 29, 1995 VALLEY OF SHADOWS When we literate about such as the “valley of the shadows...” what do we actually mean? It is worthy of a moment of our time to speak on this topic. We have light (Sun) and shadow (shade)—but this indicates a light source which can cause a casting of shadow. If you have a heavy overcast day—you have a circumstance where there is blockage of the shadow-casting light source. Now, you can go forth and make artificial light from a lamp of some kind and still cast a shadow in a very, very limited magnitude—but the life-light source is not present and functioning. You CAN have a Moon which is so bright as to also cast shadows but is the light the same quality for lifesustaining need as is that from the Sun? In the proverbial “valley of shadows...” the indication is that the Sun resource is blocked and the entire of everything is blotted as if in shade with no characterization of light as opposed to shade with no definition of shadow outline. In other words, there is absent LIGHT from SOURCE. The absence of light-producing source, i.e., lamp, Sun, arc, etc., does not mean the light has been extinguished, but simply is not visible to your senses. If all light is removed it is total DARKNESS and you have neither ability to “see” nor have shadow. So, when you consider passing, proverbially, through a valley of shadows—it is only a temporary condition in which choices are required as to direction, progression vs. regression, and thus and so—until you can again tell shadow from light. The highest energies of light rays, even from the Sun, are INVISIBLE, so if you consider a dark day which is clouded—it does NOT mean absence of light, as such, it simply means that you can’t see the light (or interpretation, clearly, as might be the case). With this in mind what do people usually do? They begin to question the shadowy figures present and fail to find the light (information) required to CLEARLY see. When the world is in total darkness—it no longer matters, for there is no light source through which to return to anything or progress. Darkness MEANS death of progression toward light. A seed sprouts in the darkness, perhaps, but it moves, ALWAYS, TOWARDS THE LIGHT, ONCE SPROUTED. If the plant is then NOT given light—it will perish. If it is not then given a “full” spectrum of light rays, it will wither, wilt, be invalid and/or die. Certainly it will NOT BEAR FRUIT. I might well get argument from some who remind us that at the very depth of the oceans there is life form but it is dark. No, it is not totally dark and the life-forms which survive in the murky depths of the seas, for instance, have evolved to have lights with them as in phosphorescence. AND HARKEN UP: THE LIFE FORMS WHO LIVE IN THE DARK CAVES AND TUNNELS or WITHIN THE DEPTHS OF THE OCEANS—HAVE NO USEABLE SIGHT IN THEIR EYES. Artificial light brought into their atmo45

sphere is worthless to change that status UNLESS IT BEARS THE FULL SPECTRUM OF RAYS AS IN SUNLIGHT. There are, however, INVISIBLE (TO YOU), rays which penetrate soil and water which allow life to be sustained, but it can never be considered “healthy” life although it can sustain itself, as in seed form or microbe form, for indefinite eons of time. Many of the “things” which you consider to be evolvement or evolution are simply changes through “natural selection” to protect themselves to suit given life needs. This is a constant happening with bio-microbic life forms. It is also a constant thing with human life but you don’t notice it nearly so easily. A good qualifier for this is “if God wanted me to fly, He would have given me wings”! Well, he gave you a mind AND a brain to function for the mind—so go forth and fly; why should you have to give up your hands and arms to have wings with which to fly? YOU CAN HAVE BOTH. However, if your wish is to be like, or as, a bird—you have to take the consequences of the BIRD’S LIFE AND FORM. So, do you actually desire to be the bird rather than “Man” who can create his capability to fly? In other words, if you want to be a bird—you are stuck with a “bird’s brain”. Now for the big ONE: Even if you are in the valley of shadows, you KNOW what is right and what is wrong. If you do something that causes another to have to so much as “answer for your errors”—YOU ARE WRONG! This does not mean that original intent was wrong—but somewhere along the line the actions moved into the shadows and secrecy and you leave ANOTHER to answer for YOUR INDISCRETION IN ACTIONS. When you continue by making your “new enemy” answer for your actions— you compound your problem for the thrust most often will BACKFIRE UPON YOURSELF. TO COVER A SECRET WITH A LIE, NO MATTER HOW TINY IT MIGHT APPEAR AT THE TIME, AND THEN CONTINUE THE LIE AFTER IT HAS SMITTEN YOU IN YOUR FACE—OR POCKET-BOOK—IS WRONG REGARDLESS OF THE INTENTIONS. WHEN YOU HAVE CUT YOUR NOSE FROM YOUR FACE IT IS HARD TO EVER SEW IT BACK AGAIN REGARDLESS OF THE SUTURES USED. YOU CAN “MAKE RIGHT” THE DAMAGE WHICH IS PRESENT—BUT THE TRUST IS GONE AND, THEREFORE, THE NOSE WILL NEVER AGAIN ACTUALLY BE AS IN THE ORIGINAL ATTACHMENT. IN FACT, PONDER IT, FOR THE LONGER THE LIE—THE LONGER GROWS THE NOSE for to reattach properly it must be instant in recognition and bear viable life-flow. Friends, you can rewrite the play as you go along—but if your characters overlap and you have built part of your play on another’s script—that other has to know of your changes for they will continue to work on THEIR PERCEPTIONS and, when you change the play to suit your own personal druthers, and others are stuck with your secret rewriting of intent—you are in ERROR. The others are still in the responsibility of the JUSTICE and FORMAT of the original screen-play. AN INTENTIONAL MISDIRECTION OR DISINFORMATION IS AS BIG A LIE AS IS MISREPRESENTATION! Then AN OUTRIGHT EFFORT to FURTHER cover the facts in more disinformation and misrepresentation becomes an ongoing lie for the purpose of deceiving the unsuspecting. When deception is present and for whatever reason it was established—IT IS THERE AS BIG AS LIFE AND YOUR CHANGES OR EVEN YOUR REASONING MAY BE WORTHY—THE DECEPTION IS NOT! When the facts are not as suspected— is it not wise to COMMUNICATE FACTS, FOR CONFRONTATION WILL BE MEASURED ON THE FACTS WHICH EVOLVE. When you are dealing with MORAL issues it seems up for grabs as to PERCEPTION of any happening or course of action: HOWEVER, IN THE CORPORATE WORLD OF RULES AND REGULATIONS, IT IS PRETTY CUT AND DRIED AS TO BEHAVIOR WHILE SERVING IN ANY COR46

PORATE CAPACITY WHERE GAINS ARE MADE FROM “INSIDE” ATTITUDES AND INFORMATION ALLOWING FOR THAT GAIN. A tiny corporation MUST be treated exactly as would be the LARGEST IN THE WORLD. Moreover, what you consider right or wrong about ANOTHER’s life OR corporation is not your right to use for your own gain simply because you sit in a place of trust—and, because you are sitting in a PLACE OF TRUST, if serving none other than the owner of the corporation— YOU ARE WRONG TO MISUSE ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. This IS the law. I find it interesting, further, that the very ones who misuse, either deliberately or in error—when caught in their little evil mischief, somehow turn about and call “the catchers” EVIL. You can have a choice, friends: you can simply roll-over and find a way to live in the twilight zone—or, you can keep on keeping on in that journey BACK WITHIN THE SUNLIGHT. Let us say you have a corporation which you control. Let us go further and say that you receive your reimbursement for expenses for that company from that company. The immediate corporation with which you work we will call A, the second corporation is B. Now, it may well be worthy and honest to charge off a business lunch to A, while to charge off for reimbursement from B is both immoral and unlawful. If you are going to operate either one you MUST know the difference for in a court of law “ignorance of the law” is no excuse for wrongdoing. Certainly the first thing in rectifying possible error is to go directly to the other corporation and communicate all misunderstandings and make the situation RIGHT. You don’t go tattle about how bad corporation B is for demanding correct accounting. Neither can you, FOR YOUR OWN CONVENIENCE, USE another’s corporation to cover your ASS-etts so that you can do secret and shadowy deals which fall back to and upon the unknowing people in any corporation—most especially when the reckoning of indiscretion falls to OTHERS while you continue to paint the lie a bit bigger. IT WON’T FLY! Someone has to eventually make restitution, correct the errors and assume responsibility. The guilty party, standing in his foxhole with his submachine gun, calling “evil” is NOT GOING TO DO IT, READERS! I have another example to share as to when “circumstantial” evidence is convicting even if not totally accurate but it accounts for WHY there is misunderstanding even in such cases as O.J. Simpson. The similarity may only be small in my example but I think it is exemplary in simplicity. Let us say something is missing; for practical purposes let us say money is missing. Now, if Miss A is SEEN going into the office wherein money is known to be—and at least two parties saw her enter the office and the money box was out and used just prior to Miss A’s visit and is missing IMMEDIATELY after the entrance—AND, Miss A knew exactly where the money was kept—what would be your first question? Many people are involved but each “other” communicates, proves, searches and yet Miss A does nothing except deny even being in the office, so what are the suspicions? Now, let us assume that Miss A even leaves evidence (like DNA evidence) and later even tells exactly the amount of the loss but still calls the others “evil liars”—what might be the suspicions? And further, would Miss A not want to get rid of the two who put her at the office at the right time??? In fact, how far would YOU go to get rid of those witnesses? Would you try to get them deported if possible, discredited if possible, call them, at the least, names which might well get them fired? What would you do or think? What would others do or think? What are some of you thinking now about similar circumstances? Is this as serious as a Simpson “murder”? Well, is it or is it not? Wouldn’t you think in either case it would be well to meet, commune and confer? Or, do you go to the people’s enemy to try to further destroy and cover? And, the longer it goes, 47

the harder it is to sew the nose back onto the face with invisible scars. Are YOU being set up to lose your own credibility by the smoothe talkers? You had best be careful for, even in the shadows—TRUTH WILL PREVAIL SO THAT THE DEEPER YOU DIG, THE DARKER IT GETS—BUT FACTS ARE UNCOVERED! Then to worsen the matter, others are blamed, questioned and made to “take the fall” for your actions! Is this right or wrong? Remember something, children: YOU ARE JUDGED, BY MAN, BY THE COMPANY YOU KEEP AND THE DEFENSE YOU OFFER TO COVER ANOTHER MAN’S LIES. CONFUSION IS NOT A REASON—AFTER THE FIRST “CONFUSE” IT NO LONGER “SELLS”. How much should another give to “your” confusion factor? It doesn’t matter how much “should” be given; I can promise you that, past the second telling—it gets NO response save impatience and boredom. When truth is all around you, even in possibilities, and you choose to stay confused—YOU ARE LYING! Worse, if the lying is only to self—that becomes WORSE. If we wanted to play games at our own confrontations—do you not think we could do better than simply offering facts and truth? If facts and truth are present—don’t you actually think a “worse case” COULD be made in almost any circumstance wherein so much is available through simple fact and truth? I can give you, any of you, a good rule of thumb when you catch a man in an awkward position. See where he chooses to go for backup, even if the parties in point are LESS THAN EFFECTIVE IN THEIR OWN MERITS. And, how many answers do you get if asking a question, i.e., “Were you there, Miss A, at the office on that day in question?” Do you get, “Yes—er, but...” or do you get denial so that it is word against word—only with Miss A it is word against several words. Just see what you get. “Well, yes, I took it, but I deserved it because—” and, after all “I thought...”. Well, what was thought by Miss A was that she could “get away with it...!” or, she didn’t do it and wouldn’t you think she would be QUICK to confront the possibilities to protect herself, instantly? So, when questioned and she makes it look like someone else is at fault, for anything she can conjure against them, does this not become “suspect behavior”? Guilty or innocent—is this not suspect behavior, for what are other people to believe? Now, let us assume that in the next week following the theft, another thief breaks in and from other parts of the building takes something else—BUT DID NOT TAKE THE MONEY AND YET IS CLAIMED TO HAVE INCLUDED THE MONEY IN THE LOOT-SACK or, at the least, is accused of breaking in TWICE. This is questionable—BUT ABSURD if FACTS are presented. It is especially more complicating and harder to believe when only Miss A knew how much was TAKEN and slips with the information while others who knew the amount were keeping silent until someone would give an amount which no one else COULD know. Oh, Mr./Mz. A can catch the slip and cover with something to account for funds, like loans, etc., but it is out and only the “confused” factor exists. Next point is that if you simply want to remain “confused” to hang onto something you perceive exists, BUT DOES NOT, you do whatever you like about any given circumstance—but don’t expect others to give you tasks which are filled with need of TOTAL commitment and decision and responsibility lest you confuse heck out of that job as well. When there is a choice of right or wrong and you choose “confusion”—you have actually already chosen “wrong”. Otherwise you stop “confusion” and get facts. I hope I have helped clarify the picture of choices and while I have spent time on this topic of “confusion” there is something that might well be found “confusing” and that is that the DEADLY HANTAVIRUS IS NOW RUNNING THROUGH CALIFORNIA and the information comes from San Francisco VIA A FLORIDA NEWSPAPER. Does anyone find THAT confusing? It should be, IF YOU ARE IN CALIFORNIA! Also, there is a “Rabbit-killing” virus running rampant through Australia. “How does that affect us?” you might well say. Maybe to the Australians of the given area in point, who are OVERRUN 48

with wild rabbits and rats—it is good news. But rabbits are dying by the hundreds of thousands—and what happens after the virus runs out of rabbits? Hummmhummnn. I am rapidly running out of “time” (YOUR TIME) to deal with “confusion” over what you WANT TO BELIEVE. I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE OR HOW CONFUSED YOU MIGHT BE— WE HAVE A JOB TO DO AND IT REQUIRES RESPONSIBILITY AND INTEGRITY—AND THEREIN LIES THE FACTS OF THE MATTER. Anyone “confused” into ad nauseam infinity—is lying to self and better look at why you lie to self, deceive self, and what do you stand to lose in the relationship you have going which continues your “confusion”— and you better check on that relationship for you will find YOU HAVE NONE! A person who will USE ANOTHER FOR HIS/HER GAIN is NOT A FRIEND and considers YOU a fool. So be it and good morning.



REC #1 HATONN THU., NOV. 30, 1995 7:13 A.M. YEAR 9, DAY 106 THU., NOV. 30, 1995 TEACHING VS. DEBATE VS. ARGUMENT VS. LEARNING VS.— Readers, I do not write to begin debates and never to encourage “arguments”. I come with observations, reminders and under a lot of “conditions” of our Father Creator. I have a massive mission which affects millions of beings. I do not, even though it may well seem otherwise, come to quarrel over the separate, or even the unified “anything”. Various people write and I am grateful for I enjoy the feeling of trust that allows another to accept me for what I am—whatever I am. I have a letter of yesterday which actually is mixed in intent and comes from a person I greatly respect for his work toward reclamation of constitutional law and authority. Constitutional LAW is NOT “GOD’s LAW”. A constitution, at best, is set forth by men (the strongest in a nation at a given time) for the benefit of, mostly, themselves or the “class” in which they sustain themselves. I have the same observations regarding the RELIGIONS of your place. The doctrine of a church is the same as a constitution of a nation, it gives the guidelines laid forth by MAN into a set of presented rules and regulations within which said church and its various parts function. In all instances there is good and there is bad intent—but always there is the assumption of control. However, there need to be laws, doctrines and rules and regulations so that each can see and know and select his own best possible environment. A Catholic might well tell me there is no control—but any time your very religious experience is based on following a bunch of ritual expressions, followed by a “charge” for same to stay in good stead, there IS control. Laws should maintain “order” (vs. chaos) within a society, be it a nation, world or church. Arguing this will not make it different even though “intent” may well be very different according to the placement or “standing” of any given individual practitioner. Now, any person and myself can enter into great debates which, by the way, I quite enjoy. Perhaps some day there will be opportunity to spend the endless hours required for such interchange. For now, I have not the right to impose on those who already serve 24 hours of every day. The writer referred to above is not only a goodly man, serving to the best of his capability, and if you have read CONTACT you have read his great contributions; however, if we get into a debate or possible quarrel over such as the Mormon Church in relationship to one Brent Scowcroft—we have erred greatly in our purpose and service. How a given person or church is perceived is rarely as seen by either party in an argument. This person offers to “teach” me something, and always I need to learn, but I offer the peace towel before the argument for I single out NO church, religion OR ORGANIZED CONTROL CENTER—EXCEPT GOD CREATOR. 50

I AM A CHRISTIAN vs. what? Well, zillions of people claim to be christian while they have not the slightest idea of Christ. Christ is not the name of a MAN or a church. “Christ” is a state of being—in goodness. The very term is a label for status within goodness. It represents the PERFECTION of growth of soul and I find NO CHURCH ORGANIZATION WORTHY OF CALLING IT BY THE LABEL PERFECTION. I have no pick with revelation, either. However, I do have quite a negative feeling about “convenient” revelation. No man is without error, no Church is without error and NO NATION IS WITHOUT ERROR—THEREFORE, NO CONSTITUTION IS WITHOUT ERROR. I am not without error and neither are YOU. Now, my next statement, as to how I can be sucked in by such as Ronn Jackson—is: how can I be sucked in by YOU? If this person in point comes to me and says he not only “can” but will do certain things—what do I do? And sir, YOU were sucked in by Mr. Jackson and you contributed to his status if through nothing else than the use of your subject material. God gives each discernment but am I to trust, distrust, allow or banish such as you—who may well hide perfection, funding, or outright confidence racketeering? I am not given to JUDGE a man and therefore I may well allow too long a time to see what a man will do if given opportunity. I asked no man or woman to send anything to Ronn Jackson, save letters asking parole and filling in a form as requested through CONTACT. When people are sucked into a whirlwind of activity and choose to give money to anyone, I have no input to those choices—for surely I asked support for YOUR plan for the “50 States” as well. We do things because they are the RIGHT thing to do, not because we want to prove our prowess or our ignorance. People who are NOT RECEIVING JUSTICE UNDER THE CONSTITUTION are not RECEIVING JUSTICE, and therein lies the circumstance. I also have to look at a man and see the “possibilities” of accomplishment and allowance to meet contracts and agreements. Perhaps you have a better grip on what your mission might be, but my mission calls for freedom and justice for ALL. I have been warned to stay away from two major topics: Religion and Politics. And yet, everything in your world is revolved around Religion and Politics. I abhor both. I loathe the abuse and use of another through these entities—but I “hate” neither for they are the choices allowed through free-will contract with Creator. Would it not be wonderful to find a group of individual persons who can work together within the laws of God AND MAN and simply serve, share and behave justly one with another while ALL grow, learn and RESPECT one another? Ah, but it happens not, for along with groupings come the ones who always feel their rules are better and lock in that which serves “self” first and then, if goodness slops over, so be it. Do I want a Ronn Jackson’s New Republic? No—I want a NEW Republic or a refinished old one— UNDER GOD, WITH FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL—NOT JUST THOSE WHO AGREE WITH RONN JACKSON. However, what I really want is neither: my purpose is to remind and awaken a mankind in confusion as he has forgotten GOD and his relationship with God. He has been put down into ignorance wherein he does not see that which is hidden deliberately FROM HIM and, therefore, has no way to know TRUTH. Even as within a church: YOU may think you know the doctrines. Ah, but are the doctrines you know actually THE doctrines of the authorities in the secret chambers? If you can destroy such as a nation’s constitution—do you not think a group of “Elders” can bend, a bit, a Church Doctrine? 51

I am not asked to meet somewhere and share knowledge. YOU invite me to come forth so you can “TEACH” me something and “set me straight”. This implies forceful refusal to listen to anything I might have to say while you try to push something or other down my gullet. If I am in error in generalizing about a given religious grouping by any label, I apologize—but I doubt that perfection is available in any such organization, including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon). This is not an insult, sir, this is an observation and I do not put anyone down, but I shall join with no physical indoctrinated group WHERE I MUST WORSHIP ACCORDING TO ANOTHER MAN’S REVELATION OR DOCTRINE. I HAVE TOTAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD CREATOR AND ALL ELSE IS JUST THAT, SOMETHING ELSE. And, after all is said and done, no argument over the matter will be worthy of its wasting of time—for, by the way the “invitation to meet and confer” is issued, you shall not bend in your sanctity and I would not learn anything—I would simply be gracious enough to hear you through. Mankind constantly tries to replace GOD with something or someone else and I wonder why? Is it because no man can attain the perfection of God? Does this mean that God should therefore be set aside in order to better utilize the power and control of some men or a man? Believe me, Jesus Christ wouldn’t mind if you put GOD in your label, for the assumption that “Jesus” Christ and God are the same entity/ being is incorrect, so how can you “teach” me for you have no authority nor the proper knowledge. Certainly I would not presume that I might teach you—anything you already assume to know. Does this mean that we cannot work towards a better world, a JUST society in growth, brotherhood and Constitution? I hope not, for if I just become “one of the boys in the hall” I have forsaken the TRUTH OF GOD. I am NOT one of “the guys on the block”; I am sent by God to do my job and I shall do it. I most certainly am NOT sent forth to argue over religious houses or JUDGE any individual MAN. I can perceive man’s actions and judge ONLY those. I can discern regarding other aspects of man—but remember something: MAN IS GIVEN FREE-WILL CHOICE and man changes with the wind and convenient ease for himself. These changes are not in my authority to transform except through offering information upon which each individual might find growth. To place your basis of LIFE on Man’s ability to keep it straight and without blemish on truth, you place your soul in great jeopardy for what if revelation, and/or the man offering same, is just a bit twitched? The responsibility is YOURS—not his. Certainly we do not need to focus on our differences—can we not work, both of us, toward our sameness? “How” Brent Scowcroft serves the Mormon Church is none of my business—but nonetheless, there it, and he, is and mass recognition is that he represents Mormon authority within his councils. “I” did not make this so and I do have Constitutional Rights to make note of it. Moreover the FOUNDING of the Church in point has nothing to do with that which is TODAY PRESENT, even Brent Scowcroft. If the Church invites in the dragon—it is not my fault or error. And, further, all the “teaching” in the WORLD will not cause me to allow the dragons within my house (soul). My enemies may well eat at my table—they will NOT be seated within my SOUL. I am required to function within the rules of your physical placement and, like it or not, I am stuck with it. However, YOU ARE EXPECTED TO FUNCTION WITHIN THE RULES OF MY PLACE—WHEN THAT TIME OF TRANSITION ARRIVES. I can honor you, work with you, and do whatever is appropriate within the laws of God and nation—I do not choose to wallow in the primitive lack of KNOWING TRUTH. I am SENT to give you the rules of my dimensional placement—for you either will grow to realize transition into higher “order” and “freedom” or you will remain locked within the confines of man’s chosen doctrines. The choices are yours. Being a Mormon or a Methodist will not make the slightest 52

amount of difference—as MAN INDIVIDUAL STANDS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS JOURNEY, HIS ACTIONS, AND HIS SOUL INTENT! GOD WILL ALLOW NO EVIL WITHIN HIS HOUSES AND THEREIN LAYS SELECTIVE PLACEMENT. MAN HAS FORGOTTEN WHO HE IS AND WHAT IS HIS PURPOSE. IT IS TIME FOR THE REMEMBERING FOR YOU HAVE REACHED THE END OF A CYCLE OF IGNORANCE. YOU MAY WELL REMAIN IGNORANT OR REFUSE KNOWLEDGE—BUT THE ULTIMATE PLACEMENT IS NOT UP TO YOU—EXCEPT FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE JUDGEMENT OF YOURSELF WHEN TRUTH IS BEFORE YOU AND YOU MUST MEASURE YOUR GROWTH AGAINST THAT TRUTH. My suggestion to all who inquire regarding “churches” is to go forth and enjoy the social aspects of the group, take the truth as may be offered and use it for strength; and remember that you pay for the ticket through your tithes and offerings. So what is incorrect about my perceptions? In SOME instances I prefer the company of church (any) MEMBERS. I do not care for the narrow interpretation of a God of choice by doctrine or opinion. This does not mean that I go have my revelation and simply START ANOTHER CHURCH. Most often, however, I find no freedom of choice in the matter unless one wishes to change denominations. I honor your RIGHT TO WORSHIP AS YOU PLEASE. Have I not the same RIGHT? This does not speak of “knowing more”; it simply IS a question which I too have right to ask. You cannot read ONLY PART of my writings and make a decision which will be accurate any more than I can read your letter, sir, and make an informed decision about your indoctrination. Therefore, a debate in ignorance of one another produces exactly what you have going in your world—foolish actions, foolish assumptions and total lack of knowing anything worthy about either. I am noting the days that first there is denial about the United States being out front with desire for defending and peace-keeping in Bosnia. Your president comes forth and claims we must support the world desire to do “something”. Then he has to “sell it to Congress” and the “people” when he has the constitutional authority to do whatever he pleases under Emergency Powers (IN BOSNIA, DON’T FORGET). Now, the decision is made to go “help”. But what have you today? YOUR PRESIDENT CLINTON IS NOW IN EUROPE “TO SELL HIS PLAN TO THE EUROPEAN ALLIES”. Say what? Can you see you have been “had” AGAIN? Is it actually different as you go about handling the doctrines of churches AND STATES? MAN, for his own purposes and gains, WILL “SELL” WHAT HE CHOOSES AND THAT WHICH WILL FOOL AS MANY PEOPLE ALL THE TIMES AS BECOMES POSSIBLE. No, please, do not be offended but I will not argue the merits of one religion against another or one form of fascist/socialistic monarchy dictatorship against another. I will be happy to present and share in every way I can the movement toward constitutional FREEDOM and honor but I will not debate one church denomination against another for I find too much ROT at the core of each one. I am totally a Christian (ONE WHO BELIEVES ONLY IN THE CHRIST GODNESS) but I am not a church member of anything. I have a perfect and working relationship with GOD CREATOR and there is no higher relationship to be found—anywhere! I find it interesting, in fact, that mankind seems so blinded by media hype. I note that a beautiful girl-child was murdered by a known problem photographer. And what is the hype? It is said that just recently this lady was “born again” and “baptized in Christ”. Fine, she then goes forth and removes her clothes to be presented naked to the world for lustful purposes and is murdered! Why? Is it because she is now a Christian or because a sick mind lusted after her and presented her with the ultimate experience—DEATH? 53

Am I to mourn the lack of good judgement of the girl, the insanity of the photographer, or mourn the ignorance of both? Neither intent is “right”, but neither has RIGHT to do these atrocities under any circumstances. Which CHURCH baptized this beautiful person and condones the very focus which gets children killed? Which church sanctions, however, the focus on exploitation by inviting posing? It has cost a beautiful child her life and for what? So that men can oogle and gaggle over her pictures and advertise merchandise that allows him to think he gets both the motorcycle and the girl. Until you can individually make better choices, you will have these atrocities come upon you for you live in a sham world of cheap goods. Immorality has become the accepted mode of operation—for your world. Because it is accepted does not make it RIGHT. Does this child’s death mean that God loves her less absolutely? No, but it DOES mean that a sham covering of “Christianity” does not change the opportunity for it to happen—only the actions of the child can change the circumstances. I do not lessen the murder—but had the child acted within good sense, she would not place herself into these environments of ability for the happening. The child is misinformed in thinking that God is UNCONDITIONAL love. GOD places many CONDITIONS on His love, His guidelines and His commandments. Let us hope that believing on the blood of Jesus will save the SOUL for unless you change your condition you will not automatically garner anything except the perceptions of God making no difference in your life. The man involved is an insane idiot killer and must be treated as the sick mutant he is—but society is equally at fault for you accept LIES instead of acting on the TRUTH you know exists. I remind you that even THIS man did not go forth to the local “convent” to murder; he lured the child into his lair with his evil entrapments of exploitation and she “bit” on the possibility of becoming a beautiful, almost nude “come on” picture girl for selling cars. What she did was sell her life in searching for the dollar and adoration. And, the dragon took his prize, including her life. I remind you, readers: YOU MUST BE RESPONSIBLE FOR SELF, ACT IN RESPONSIBLE MANNERS AND, IN GENERAL, BE RESPONSIBLE, BOTH IN ACTION AND IN INTENT LEST YOU TOO FALL TO THE DRAGON’S SWORD. No, you can’t always determine the happenings BUT YOU CAN USE SOME DISCERNMENT AND GOOD JUDGMENT—AND GOING TO A MAN’S HOME, STRIPPING FOR NUDE PHOTOS AND THEN GOING OFF TO THE MOUNTAINS WITH THIS NERD IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, IN MY BOOK OF RULES, AS RESPONSIBLE AND GOODLY BEHAVIOR. THIS MAN was known THROUGH THE MODELING COMMUNITY as a deviant weirdo. The next question comes: “How could God allow this to happen?” GOD DIDN’T! You defy God every day and trample HIS laws so I ask why you BLAME GOD when you are the trampler? GOD ATTENDS THE SOUL AND SOUL INTENT. He allows your actions in the human arena according to YOUR CHOICES. “Mankind gets too late SMART,” a wise sage once said. When you march full-steam ahead into that Valley of Shadows, you invite corruption and possible damage. God will go with you—HE WILL NOT INTERFERE. Perhaps this girl’s full mission for GOD was to insure this evil man would be caught in order to save many others. I know not the contract but I know that GOD ALLOWS and things do not always go as EXPECTED in return for prayer—but God always 54

responds to the call. Each and all of you miss the major gifts because you refuse to see the answer to “that” prayer of yours, for if it comes and reflects not your desires or assumptions, you discount it. You sit and pray fervently for God to show you the WAY. He does so but you refuse to accept it because it didn’t fit your doctrines. God always sends His/your messengers—but most are cast down and refused hearing. And then you take up your banner and cause—TO TEACH THE MESSENGERS A THING OR TWO. So be it for it has ever been thus. These self-proclaimed “teachers” also desire to run your nations. Be careful lest you let it happen—ALL OVER AGAIN! When you exchange the wolf for the fox and you are the chicken, you have not gained a lot of ground, friends. How long will it require before you LEARN that you only need SELF and GOD? When you introduce a third party into your spiritual communion—you have erred. A church cannot be the reflection of God for YOU ARE THE FRAGMENT REFLECTION OF GOD. Now, with this in mind what good is there to debate and quarrel? Nations rise and fall on that which is POWER and that power is usually gained through the deceptions and YOUR MISINTERPRETATIONS and assumptions that what you are told is true and honorable. This is why that, unless you learn the structure of governments and how certain groups become powerful enough to enslave the global masses, you CANNOT heal, change or logically argue over the facts for you will refuse to HEAR truth and cling to opinion. You in Southern Utah or Texas who don’t KNOW, for instance, that the downfall of the U.S.A. came directly from the various crown-heads of British-Israel, cannot do a confounded thing about it. THIS is WHY we drag you through the doldrums of unfolding FACT so that you can measure your fiction against those facts (proven) and can SEE THE NEEDS AS REGARDS POSITIVE CHANGE. To exchange one simpleton for another is unreasonable in outcome. Righteousness and TRUTH will stand the test of ALL TIME(s). All the slings and arrows, accusations, battles and quarrels will not change one iota of it. It simply wastes “time” that others might well be using for learning. At best, you of physical manifestation can only quarrel over perceptions (opinions) for it is in the physical domain where you reside, have restrictions and limitations thrust upon you, and which you, in turn, accept or reject. When you KNOW a thing to be TRUTH—argument has no meaning and no place—for all the king’s men and all the king’s horses (whatever that means) cannot change an iota of it—only your perception of a “thing” is impacted, in and by, reality. In the realm of physical environment you have only perception, while the you of soul bears REALITY. One is physical and the other is infinite. One is “passing” circumstances as on a stage of illusion—the other, infinitely eternal. To debate over church doctrines is not of eternal, but only of physical expression. Within the physical you can give “time” to such, but in the etheric dimensions there is neither need of the debate nor the perception of “time”. Human has a very finite time-schedule so he must utilize wisely the actions and perceptions of his role upon the stage for the offering of the “play”. How much time do you waste in senseless quarrel or debate when the stage is falling apart? It seems wiser to learn how to choose a new board, a nail or two and a hammer, and fix the stage. Then and only then is it worthy to worry over the script because the curtain may well FALL DOWN before it COMES DOWN at your bidding. By the way, IF YOU ASSUME ONLY ONE MESSENGER, you are in deep “yogurt”. There is only one infinite TRUTH but there are unlimited ways in which to find that truth while at the same time there is ONLY ONE WAY TO KNOW THAT TRUTH. 55

In that light of, hopefully, acceptable wisdom, I shall turn to our ongoing topics of life-streams in action. May we, finally, become able to focus on reality and decline the distractions. Salu.



REC #1 HATONN FRI., DEC. 1, 1995 7:33 A.M. YEAR 9, DAY 107 FRI., DEC. 1, 1995 THE “MUSE” “It seemed like any other morning with soft colored shafts of light brushed by the artist’s brush streaking haphazardly across the sky, through the window now often shielded by coverings to guard against the unwanted and death-bringing rays, and a soft shaft of light crawled across the room and rested on Obear’s pillow and in so doing bounced the colored reflections off his cheek and across his face. Indeed it was a colored crayon morning and the mind flitted back to the long-ago and the Crayola colored sticks so cherished in a childhood now only memory; these things flitted ever so briefly through Imnu’s mind. How long ago it now seemed when all that mattered very much was a new box of crayons at the beginning of the school-year. What had happened to the world? It now bore death instead of life as the plants shriveled and became scorched stalks of barren presence while all outside tasks had to be accomplished before the Sun would rise and bring with it more death. But, people had adjusted and became hibernating shells of what once was, but no longer existed, except in the minds of the muses and poets. “Imnu could remember back to the days when the winds blew and thrashed everything in their path until even the creosote bushes had slowly given up their species. She could remember when spiders spun webs and on a colored morning like this one, droplets of water from an early morning rain hung like jewels from the fine strands of silk woven the night before—a billion diamonds sparkling their spectrum of lights through the crystal prisms of the water drops. Ah, such a long, hard time ago.... “Where had all the children gone? The babies now coming along were crooked and deformed and the memory of pink and chubby toddlers playing in the sand or in the garden spray was only a fantasy which no longer had reality. The last few remaining people were old before their time and lingered on in a dreamworld of mental nothingness. They served and survived only to suffer in a mindless slave and master relationship. Ah, but the worst of all to the mind in pain—there were NO birds. The mornings which once were filled with the chirping of birds, especially the fledglings, were silenced and Imnu’s mind cried out for the diminishing generations to come—for they would NEVER KNOW. “The Sipapu called as it did every morning before the Sun would rise to it’s full and blaring peak and passage would be made to the underground which would shelter the still-partially-living beings from the radiation which was rapidly frying everything on the surface. Ah, for the day when the passage could be made on into the Sipapu, through the tunnel, into the light and once more one could travel to freedom among the stars. Ah yes, but to dream didn’t make it so and now there were wishes that ‘we should have listened’ but, oh well, the time is gone and so are we as we wait to perish in the cinders of another time barely recalled except as the elders could reminisce and recollect faded times long gone. It appeared that even before the passage into this bleak and dying world became, the minds were warped and morality had 57

vanished and simply living had become HELL. “And so it went from cycle to cycle and Imnu turned to cover the windows against the colored crayon light rays and prepared to wake Obear and scramble to the dark passageway to pass another day...” And so Dharma Dorushka turns back to the keyboard in realization that one day a segment of Sipapu will not be beautiful as was the original vision while man had opportunity to change his destiny. And we too, readers, muse about the possibilities and have to face the probabilities. But one thing will NEVER CHANGE—GOD! God will never change but man MUST. I ask that Rick’s recent writings and ongoing writings be integrated into the journals for history must be preserved for whatever generations might come again one day, searching for a new world and a way to save their own. Will they learn from their elder’s mistakes? Likely not, but it is our task to offer knowledge so that they can if they choose to do so. A world without SOUL is a terrible thing. Let us return to our ongoing topic of Descent Into Slavery. [QUOTING:] DESCENT INTO SLAVERY, PART 2 by Des Griffin As presented first in THE STRATEGY. (Australia) CROWN OF THE MONARCHY?—OR CROWN OF THE “CITY”? HISTORY OF THE “CITY” From the time of William the Conqueror until the middle of the seventeenth century the British Monarchs ruled supreme—their word was law. They truly were Sovereign in every sense of the word. As British strength and influence grew around the world toward the end of the 1600s the wealth, strength and influence of the elite merchants in the City also grew-only at a faster pace. In 1694 the privately owned Bank of England (a central bank) was established to finance the profligate ways of William III. The bank was financed by a group of City merchants who used William Paterson as a ‘front’. The names of the founders have never been made public. It was at that juncture that the Bank of England and the City began to dominate and control the affairs of Britain. Their influence and wealth grew in leaps and bounds in the century that followed. The Illustrated Universal History, 1878, records that “Great Britain emerged from her long contest with France with increased power and national glory. Her empire was greatly expanded in all parts of the world; her supremacy on the sea was undisputed; her wealth and commerce were increased. But with all this national prosperity, the lower classes of the English people were sunk in extreme wretchedness and poverty.” The elite controlled everything. The masses lived in poverty, having been bled dry during the struggle of the previous twenty years. 58

It was at this juncture (1815) that the House of Rothschild seized control of the British economy, the Bank of England and the City—and, through their other branches, control of the other European nations. Prior to this period Britain had developed colonies and outposts in the far-flung reaches of the globe. Having been thrown out of the Western Hemisphere, Britain now concentrated on acquiring and developing additional possessions elsewhere. During its heyday in the nineteenth century approximately 90% of all international trade was carried in British ships. Other shippers had to pay the Crown royalties or commissions for the ‘privilege’ of doing business on the high seas. During these years “Britannia Ruled the Waves” through the domination of the most modern and powerful navy known at that time. [H: Here is a good place to remind you to reread Dr. Coleman’s book, Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, for you will also learn about the opium trade by these same people and the East India Company. Remember that these historical documents are ALL RELATED.] TWO SEPARATE EMPIRES To avoid misunderstanding, it is important that the reader recognize the fact that two separate empires were operating under the guise of the British Empire. One was the Crown Empire and the other was the British Empire. All the colonial possessions that were white were under the Sovereign—i.e. under the authority of the British government. Such nations as the Union of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada were governed under British law. These only represented thirteen percent of the people who made up the inhabitants of the British Empire. All the other parts of the British Empire—nations like India, Egypt, Bermuda, Malta, Cyprus and colonies in Central Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong and Gibraltar (those areas inhabited by the browns, yellows and blacks) were all Crown colonies. These were not under British rule. The British parliament had no authority over them. They were privately owned and ruled by a private club in London, England, known as the “Crown”. The Crown’s representative in such areas held the absolute power of life and death over all the people under his jurisdiction. There were no courts and no method of appeal of retribution against a decision rendered by the representatives of the Crown. Even a British citizen who committed a crime in a Crown colony was subject to the Crown law. He couldn’t appeal to British law as it didn’t apply. As the Crown owned the committee known as the British government there was no problem getting the British taxpayer to pay for naval and military forces to maintain the Crown’s supremacy in these areas. Any revolts were met with terrible retribution by the British navy at no cost to the Crown. The City reaped fantastic profits from its operations conducted under the protection of the British armed forces. This wasn’t British commerce and British wealth. It was the Crown’s commerce and the Crown’s wealth. The international Bankers, prosperous merchants and the British aristocracy who were part of the City ‘machine’ accumulated vast fortunes which they lavishly squandered in their pursuit of prestige and standing in British Society. Had the wealth been spread out among all the people in the British 59

Isles prosperity would have abounded. In spite of the wealth of the world flowing into the City the majority of the British people were barely making ends meet. Many were impoverished to the point of despair. The elite lived in regal splendor. The poor British peasants were never given a chance to get a cut of the action. THE QUEEN BETRAYED— AND THE NATION SOLD INTO CAPTIVITY Simon Haxey in England’s Money Lords Tory M.P. drew his readers’ attention to the “total disregard or open contempt displayed by the aristocracy” towards the British people. He also asked: “What part do the colonial people play in the battle for democracy when they themselves have no democratic rights and the British governing class refuses to grant such rights” (pp. 114, 115)? David Lloyd George, a future prime minister, emphasized the power of the City and its total contempt for the “wretches” who were not part of the ‘club’. In a 1910 speech he stated: “We do most of the business of the world. We carry on more international trade—probably ten times more—than Germany. Germany carries her own trade largely. The international trade is ours. Well, we do not do it for nothing. As a matter of fact, our shipping brings us over a hundred millions (pounds) a year (1910 currency), mostly paid by that wretched foreigner. I’m taxing the foreigner for all I know. You’ve heard a good deal of talk here, probably, about the exportation of capital abroad. There is no way in which we can make the foreigner pay more. We get the foreigner in four ways by that. The first way we leave to Lord Rothschild...” (Better Times, published 1910). About a half century ago Vincent Cartwright Vickers stated that “...financiers in reality took upon themselves, perhaps not the responsibility, but certainly the power of CONTROLLING the markets of the world and THEREFORE THE NUMEROUS RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN ONE NATION AND ANOTHER, involving international friendship and mistrusts. Loans to foreign countries are organized and arranged by the City of London with no thought whatsoever of the nation’s welfare but solely in order to increase indebtedness upon which the City thrives and grows rich. This national and mainly international dictatorship of money which plays off one country AGAINST another and which, through ownership of a large portion of the Press, converts the advertisement of its own private opinion into a semblance of general public opinion cannot for much longer be permitted to tender Democratic Government a mere nickname. Today, we see through a glass darkly, for there is so much which ‘it would not be in the public interest to divulge’. “ (E.C. Knuth, Empire of “The City”, p. 65.) All of the above points were stressed by Roland G. Usher on pages 80, 83 and 84 of Pan Germanism written in 1913: “The London and Paris Bankers [H: The International Bankers] control the available resources of the world at any one moment, and can therefore practically permit or prevent the undertaking of any enterprise requiring the use of more than a hundred million dollars actual value...” The International Bankers “own probably the major part of the bonded indebtedness of the world. Russia, Turkey, Egypt, India, China, Japan and South America are probably owned, so far as any nation can be owned, in London or Paris. Payment of interest on these vast sums is secured by the pledging of the public revenues of these countries and, in the case of the weaker nations, by the 60

actual delivery of the perception into the hands of the agents of the English and French bankers. In addition, a very large share, if not the major part, of the stocks and industrial securitites of the world are owned by those two nations and the policies of many of the world’s enterprises dictated by their financial heads. The world itself, in fact, pays them tribute; it actually rises in the morning to earn its living by utilizing their capital and occupies its days in making the money to pay them interest, which is to make them still wealthier.” [H: And just how much “better” to you think it has gotten since 1913? (???)] In 1946 E.C. Knuth wrote: “The bulwark of the British financial oligarchy lies in its ageless and selfperpetuating nature, its long-range planning and prescience, its facility to out-wait and break the patience of its opponents. The transient and temporal statesmen of Europe and particularly of Britain itself, who have attempted to curb this monstrosity, have all been defeated by their limited tenure of confidence. Obliged to show action and results in a too short span of years, they have been outwitted and outwaited, deluged with irritants and difficulties; eventually obliged to temporize and retreat. There are few who have opposed them in Britain and America, without coming to a disgraceful end, but many, who served them well, have also profited well” (Empire of the “City”, p. 65). [END QUOTING OF PART 2] I realize that this is a somewhat short writing but we have a lot of other things that need attention. I do wish to connect this prior topic with the “fall of the Commonwealth of Australia or better put: The British Crown’s Assault Against the Commonwealth—of Australia. It, you will find, matches the DOWNFALL OF AMERICA(S). Please remember and recognize that nothing could take over EVERYTHING without the cooperation and conspiratorial actions of governments, elitists and Power-mongers. The citizens, in all instances, are lulled into La-La-Land and it’s finished! By the time you awaken and realize the plight—it is beyond return as all the bondage strings to you puppets are tied in hard-knots with cement glue to insure the inability to simply untie the strings. It takes courage and Grace to be able to come up through the morass of misery to make changes and, by golly, if YOU are no better than the ones in power—I certainly HOPE you don’t get very far. What do I mean? Well, I have here copies of a couple of notes Ronn Jackson sent personally to the “Gorby Foundation”. Why? I assume he must have received some objections to his threats of violence in prior writings and faxes. However, I find that if a man cannot keep his word and can only identify with vulgarity and tauntings, I can work with him—I cannot support him. I find the following which went out on the massive FAX network to be offending and I have a high offense level of endurance: “When a ‘sissy’ makes a threat against a MAN, he must be a part of ‘Alternative Life Styles’ or a Bitch. Since you won’t identify yourself, call your mother, ‘when she is finished with sexual relations with the neighborhood dog’, and tell her your feelings were hurt. Ronn Jackson” And a second: “The next time a threat is received by this office by the Presidio “police” on the physical soil of this sovereign nation, I will make a personal appearance in San Francisco. Please take your petty one world chicken shit mandates and place them where the Sun don’t shine. Have a restfull night. Ronn Jackson” 61

What do “I” think of this? I don’t! I don’t think much about people with either big mouths, big egos or an inability to speak well. We need incredibly well-spoken MEN TO LEAD A NATION. Mr. Jackson is not going to put anything where the Sun don’t shine, especially the United Nations’ Soviet Gorbachev Foundation. Making nasty “na-nas” at someone you have priorly threatened as crudely is usually not accepted well—by either the remaining “THINKING” people or the receiver. When a would-be LEADER places all patriots in a category of crude and vulgar teasers it bodes no good-wind for our patriot sails. I also think that if one is BIG enough to threaten an INTERNATIONAL leadership he should at the least spell “RESTFUL” correctly. I HAVE A BUSINESS AGREEMENT WITH ONE RONN JACKSON; I HAVE NO CONFUSION WITH BUSINESS AGREEMENTS VS. ESTABLISHMENT OF SOME SORT OF EXCHANGE GOVERNMENT. FRANKLY, WE HAVE SEEN NEITHER TAKING SEED AND CERTAINLY THIS KIND OF FOCUS PLACED ON ALL OF US BY THE “ONE”—IS A DISADVANTAGE AND CERTAINLY MAKES ALL OF US APPEAR TO BE LESS THAN SANE INDIVIDUALS. PERHAPS “DOMESTIC TERRORIST” FITS THE DEFINITION—YOU BE THE JUDGE—IT APPEARS AS UNWISE ACTIONS TO ME. CAN Ronn Jackson DO ANYTHING he claims he can? I suppose NOT. HOWEVER, THIS DOES NOT RELIEVE THE MAN FROM HIS RESPONSIBLE CONTRACTS AND PROMISES! IF THE POINT IS TO CROSS-FIRE AND ESCAPE IN THE “UP YOURS” STANCE, IT BEHOOVES THE PERSON IN POINT TO CONSIDER THE RELEVANCE OF THE POSITION OF HIS OWN ASS-ETTS FOR I DOUBT THE SUN SHINES THERE, EITHER. WHO IN HIS SANE MIND WANTS TO FOLLOW THE COURT JESTER? “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES,” I BELIEVE IS THE TERM USED IN FORREST GUMP AND I PREFER TO NOT ALLOW MY ENEMY TO KNOW MY WEAK POINTS AND, ESPECIALLY, I DO NOT SEE THE FUN IN PLACING THE LOVING CARING FRIENDS IN JEOPARDY BECAUSE I CAN’T CONTROL MY LANGUAGE. Do you think the Gorbachev Foundation group is quaking in their proverbial boots? But what do I know? I was told by Grandma to “get my ass from over the dashboard and mind my business”. I have also been told by Jackson to “get out of my face”, while he raises money from OUR FRIENDS and yes, indeed, I take exception to crude and threatening blasts against anyone—for therein lies no value. I get the feeling the man is trying to get back to the SAFETY of a prison cell. So be it. Good morning. P.S. Mr. Jackson says the HAARP and GWEN pulse systems are “hogwash and bullshit”? You had better take a second look—your magnetic pole has shifted some 8 to 18 DEGREES JUST SINCE THEY COMPLETED THE SYSTEMS AND TURNED THEM ON FOR TESTING! Have a good day.


CHAPTER 9 REC #1 HATONN SAT., DEC. 2, 1995 7:41 A.M. YEAR 9, DAY 108 SAT., DEC. 2, 1995 DHARMA ASKS... I will give Dharma an opportunity to use this forum again, to spread out some things before you who have turned out to be the most giving and forgiving friends. We can either share the hard times or we can be whatever else may be around while lies and greed or, at the least, unwise actions take place. Sometimes it is “either-or” and I always watch to see which it will be as the decisions come to the table. Before I do that however, I would like to offer a short but well-put response regarding the circumstances involving the “City” and the “Crown(s)”. Then I ask that Claudia be given the paper being utilized so that you can see you are more of a united population than you can know from your livingroom or workroom. The SAME culprits of destruction of freedom and righteousness are at work everywhere. This seems hard but on the other hand, if you KNOW you have compatriots in every nation of the globe, it becomes easier to see that YOU have more allies than do the controllers. Further, they have gained their power through deceit, force and lies. This means that only revealing of the deceit, countering the force with good judgement and wise actions AND, ABOVE ALL, BRINGING FORTH TRUTH to the view of all is the countering position. Why do I choose Australia? I didn’t for the focus was brought to me. Further, readers, we have focused on other places, such as South Africa which seems a long way from the U.S.A. If, however, you can see the plight of a nation such as New Zealand or Australia half a planet distant—AND IT IS THE SAME, HOW CAN YOU FAIL TO SEE AND RECOGNIZE YOUR ENEMY? Therefore, please see the following in the wise supposition it represents. [Quoting from The Strategy, November 1995:] A SUBJECT OF THE CROWN Truth is worth more than their entire arsenal of money, media control, U.N. control, health and food industry control, etc. They should fear nothing, you would think; but truth and exposure is feared by them for very good reason. At present the “Crown” stands on the brink of a world take-over of a magnitude never before attempted and they know full well that if their real identity were known and the excesses of their lies “reversed”, the whole charade would break into pieces like clay. The Truth that stood alone from beginning to end is the only fear that haunts this seemingly “invincible” worldly empire, yet it is trembling and unable to protect itself from the power of truth. TRUTH is something so powerful that it multiplies the strength of the people by a factor of unimaginable magnitude. When we grasp it, we can no longer be a captive of these imposters of the “Royal Crown”. This “Crown” was actually built on a reversal of truth. Their identity is actually the opposite of what they 63

portray. They even try to reverse our identity. Have you ever wondered what it is that they fear we will learn about them and about ourselves? Why are they so afraid of the Bible that it must be changed and kept out of schools? Why is our country sinking fast under their style of government? The Constitution was subject to the laws of God and as such is totally unacceptable to them. Who is their god or gods? and do these gods represent lies and death? We know that the God of the Australian Constitution that is so abhorrent to them is the God of Truth and Life. We know because He identified Himself nearly 2,000 years ago. “I am the Way, Truth and Life.” Sooner or later the reason why we have strayed so far from Truth will be sought and, finding it, we will be saved from the incredible decline of today’s society under the doctrines of these imposters who have peddled lies and death to us for too long. [END OF QUOTING] Now, from the same source, I would like to share some insight and observations of these intelligent and thinking writers regarding the good old brother, U.S.A. [QUOTING:] THE “CROWN” IS GUILTY THE RISE AND FALL OF AUSTRALIA OR THE BRITISH CROWN’S ASSAULT AGAINST THE COMMONWEALTH??? ... The following material is abridged and emphasis added by The Strategy. In order to distinguish that which is [The New Citizen material] it will be enclosed in the square brackets shown. [It (the EIR/TNC paper) then makes a statement. “But the current proposed ‘republic’ would be more of the same ‘tyranny’, and even worse, just under a different label.”] [H: Citizens, BEWARE of false leaders and teachers that you don’t fit this very identification in replacing one user for another.] It is doubtful that the CEC fully appreciate the horrible truth of their statement, for Mr. Keating’s Banana Republic is already swapping English law for “Crown” Possession “Law”, which is, as in the US, TURNING COURTS OF LAW INTO CIRCUSES FOR RHETORIC, WHERE JUSTICE IS A JOKE AND LAWYERS FEES ARE PARAMOUNT. 64

[Using an old Chinese proverb which says, “When you are offered two choices, take the third.” And so we do. The third choice is to create a true republic, on the model of the first great republic in history, the United States of America.] It is often said that the Australian people are extremely gullible, particularly when it comes to politics, but blind Freddie can see that the U.S. is heading down the same path as Australia ONLY THEY ARE DOING IT AT AN EVEN GREATER RATE OF KNOTS (THEY HAVE AN UNREPAYABLE DEBT OF NEARLY $5 TRILLION) WHICH WOULD TURN ANY THINKING AUSTRALIAN AWAY FROM SUCH AN ARGUMENT. These combined groups are often claiming a motto “imago viva Dei” (created in the image of God), here an attempt to silence questioners, when it proclaims [“a great and glorious task” of committing Australia, as an outpost of Western civilization, to help lift up the hungry, the poor, and the downtrodden masses of Asia, the victims at various times of Japanese, Dutch, French, and of course, mainly British, colonialism.] They carry on with a diatribe which is obviously pointed at making Australians feel small and/or guilty about something which is either not their fault or not strictly true. Here CEC conveniently forgets America’s colonial past in, for instance, the Philippines. The article then moves into their “pet theme”... [...continuing in the same vein, relating to British anglophile lackeys and being freed from their lies and dribble they have given us. Because only if we know our true history, do we really understand who we are, and who we can be.] Ruled, as the U.S. is, “by the Anglophiles” of Sir Henry Kissinger KCMG, AND OTHERS IN THE cft AND THE US FEDERAL RESERVE, all ARMS OF THE “CROWN” OCTOPUS. This aspect of the American “Republic” has prevented many of us from becoming “Americanophile” lackeys.] There is a Biblical quote “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32—but, it means TRUTH, ALL THE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, and that would not seem to be the aim of The New Citizen. [END OF QUOTING] I believe this makes my point better than I could fumble around with it. You have a lot of problems, citizens of wherever you might be—you have to contend with the very lack of moral integrity in the tiny handful of working friends to the mighty governments—a downfall of truth in ACTION of participants. One can’t do it all even though it only requires ONE to believe enough in TRUTH to do the task of changing the world’s diapers. However, while there are ones who will act in dishonor even within a family—it is hard to get on with the support system, building systems for care and actual living projects and, of course, just stayin’ alive. 65

It is no different in the halls wherein God reveals Himself, readers, and the disappointment and pain is no less as the small amount of funds are taken for singular use in secret. This causes less help from “outside” by ones who now presume that this is “just another scam” or bad management. Doris and E.J. Ekker did not ask for a role greater than any other, and certainly did not ask to play nurse and doctor to a group of people totally unknown to them. They are quiet and simple people willing to reach out and take responsibility for their own actions, and step out and take the “risks” of sharing, no more and no less. Dharma now sits in front of another couple of “copies” of a letter of Sept. 28, 1995 from the father of one Sandy Ence/Enz. It is painful for in the split in that relationship you cannot, as just readers, imagine what has taken place in the depths of deception. You people out there who get copies of these documents are gracious in sending them along and I am NOT being sarcastic for the problem is with verification of what it means and “what in heck is going on”. For all of you who question, we will offer full documentation and information as the problems are resolved. However, you need to know that loans were made through total deception and secrecy, equipment bought, then broken and now removed from the research farm. Now it comes to attention that we speak of THOUSANDS of dollars, not just a few missing birds or a bunch of weeds choking the fields. Now, because the “lender” called to give intent to the CLC and E.J., we and she (the lender) are accused of “crucifying” Rod Ence—and this came directly to her ear from Rod Ence/Enz. Crucify? Crucify? WHO MADE THE CHOICES? There have been several letters which have blasted Dharma/Doris for her moving into evil arenas with evil speakers but they ALL come from the family surrounding the Ence family. Do you think we dream up dastardly tricks to make another’s life somehow miserable? Without question, without notation, without even so much as a phone call—we get the following—routed through CONTACT but obviously sent to everyone on the mailing list of possible “side”-gatherers. “Sides”? What is this, we no longer deal in truth of action—but “side-taking”? And “confusing”??? What is confusing? You take TRUTH, proven documentation and LOOK AT THE ACTIONS! HOW DARE YOU ONES BEAT DOWN THE VERY ONES WHO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY TO CHANGE A BAD SCENE! But this is not the reason I offer Doris a minute of time and space, although it is connected in a painful way. You see, you are now well OVER the half-million dollar mark in “taken” direct funds. And you have a great lack of support on anything—except by the few who KNOW and are ON MY CREW. Know that your cards and loving letters are saving our days because, otherwise, there would be no reason to go on in service. I think I need to help her a little by reprinting the letter in point from Sandy’s father [first printed in the 10/ 24/95 CONTACT on p. 3]: “To Whom it may Concern: Due to the vicious lies, manipulation and transgressions by Doris and E.J. Ekker and also spy Charles Neil, to have the Rod Ence family evicted from the ranch, please remove my name from your “Contact” list, and include the tape list, Journals and Gaia products, as I can no longer support an operation under such evil leadership as Doris and E.J. Ekker. Thank you, 66

Robert E. Rhoads P.O. Box 60 Victor, MT. 59875 *** Doris Ekker here, please: Never mind the above for I have the support I need as the days pass and TRUTH is borne forth. Neither I, nor E.J., ever pretended or intended to LEAD anything anywhere. We got STUCK with the problems left over by the Greens, and others fill in to help so that the burden of decisions is not left to the two of us. What I want to share with you readers fits the “good news/bad news” idea. We have a family member in trouble—DEEP TROUBLE—and, at first, despair fills the heart and the soul weeps at confrontation of “what do we do”? This is then replaced by “of course we know what to do”—we reach out for the sharing arms and hearts—not to bear a burden but to allow us to share what we are REALLY about. You all know, or will now, that Rick’s mother, Zita, has just had a breast removed because of cancer. This is no longer uncommon—but day before yesterday the doctor in HIS great wisdom announced that the tumor cells had spread to the bones and gave Zita a couple of years if left untreated, further, by chemicals and radiation. Fine? No, not fine. They have no way to measure Zita’s condition from where she was, might have been, or how much the “Gaia(s)” may have helped. She had offered herself as a “test” but I think none of us expected such hard testing. Well, we decided to enter her into a health program for three weeks prior to further decision and one with which the clinicians would allow the Gaias and colloids without interruption and thus and so and, then, we may place her with someone, probably Dr. Edie Koenig for oxygen therapy in her hyperbaric chamber, etc. We also have with us Mr. James who knows all about pulses and frequencies, etc. Zita has cheerfully agreed and I am humbled by such courage in the face of sheer terror. She is in EXCELLENT health otherwise and is willing to wait and see if healing can come about through these alternative methods. Now, for the wonderful part, and I only wish to share with you, our friends, that we will form a new “branch” for the Institute which was, after all, established for research and education. We will support and follow through with Zita and then be able to branch out with a program center as we can grow. We get letters regarding the products Commander has blessed us with having, that are outside my “medical” mind to recognize as truth in their healing revelations. We did, however, need “control” bodies and Zita said she KNOWS that this is her gift—her contribution. Tears around here? Oh indeed, we all blubber like babes losing a candy stick, but you know, it is for the RIGHT REASONS. So, why would I be angry? Because the costs of such treatment are great and the pockets empty. At the same time God provided a good response to product sales and we can manage it through the loving 67

sharing of New Gaia. My anger is that through such as the theft of funds by some of the inner crew we are half-a-million dollars short when we could otherwise send a dozen people through such programs. Is Mr. Ence’s assumed “crucifixion” important to me? Yes indeed, I resent the grouping of himself with such as Christ. This whole thing is an EXACT duplication of George Green’s taking of the “Overton” gold— exactly, only the amounts and names are different. The lender of the funds sent the money through Rod Ence as President of the Board of Directors of the Institute for FARM EQUIPMENT. Rod said it was a personal gift from his family (mother) and only used paperwork to protect his corporation. He then called the “lender” and petitioned to keep the equipment to grow spelt for the “cause”. Well, the tractor had a blown engine from ill-treatment and yet the “lender” agreed—not knowing anything was amiss. Rod sent copies of EJ’s letters (to Rod during the summer) to back up his complaints—but a strange thing happened—the lender saw that EJ was simply trying to HELP ROD get organized. We don’t want to hurt or damage anyone—but we are bound by LAW and CONSCIENCE IN RESPONSIBILITY to attend BUSINESS. So—”nuff” said. This sharing is not to settle those circumstances; however, it is for the purpose of sharing the burden of some of our most busy and overburdened people here. Rick will need a lot of time to attend Zita for she will begin on Sunday with a three-week stay in San Diego—a long way away from Tehachapi. This means that Rick will be absent quite a bit but I’ll bet he can turn it into a good story. We ask a lot of patience with CONTACT as we try to pick up the shortfall in budgets for these treatments. If Zita is willing to share her very LIFE with us for our growth and opportunity—SHE WILL NOT BE LEFT TO WORRY OVER $$$! We are either all in regaining of health and freedom—TOGETHER, or God, please, let me off NOW! We WILL NOT allow sacrifice to the priests of the medical association, no matter how well-intended just because Medicare doesn’t cover REAL HEALING PRACTICES. DAMN THIS GOVERNMENT OF THIEVES, ROBBERS AND LIARS, NOT TO MENTION CHEATS AND DEPOPULATION MANIPULATORS. We know of MANY of you who already correspond with Zita and to make it easier to reach her (since no time is offered for delaying the temporary move) we will give you an address as quickly as we have one (like as soon as this writing gets to Dr. Tulanian) where you can reach her. It is CHRISTmas time and we hope to get through this initial treatment by then but somehow illness at this Season seems so much more dreary than otherwise. You readers have worked impossible miracles and we are about to see another in Kelly Cox (Cathy O’Brien’s daughter) as we wait to hear about the “hearing” over Kelly’s foster-placement. I have seen that we can accomplish all things if we work AND PRAY together. I sit with a card in front of me—from Lester in New Zealand—with whom I have been friends for years, as with all of you. We have never met, probably never will in this lifetime—but the card is a writing called Don’t Quit. It is special in that when I can’t seem to find courage enough to go on—I get at least 5 or 6 messages of this thought as if you all know when my fuel tank is reading empty: DON’T QUIT When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, 68

When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill, When the funds are low and the debts are high, And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest if you must, but don’t you quit. Success is failure inside out— The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, And you never can tell how close you are, It may be near when it seems afar; So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit, It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit! I ask Lester to remind himself of this verse—for he has lost his position at the hospital whereat he worked and has watched in horror as New Zealand has been destroyed. On the same day I received that card, Bob Peters sent a picture post-card with a flaming Phoenix on the front. I guess I won’t ever understand why it has to be destruction which allows rebirth of the “Phoenix” but these questions are not mine to necessarily understand or comprehend—as long as I comprehend TRUTH and the need for same. We stumble along in our dark little passages and all the while we fail to see the flaming Phoenix in full glory and LIGHT. We actually seem to prefer to stumble in the dark than walk in Light. I have learned one thing: WHEN I WALK IN THE LIGHT—I HAVE TO HIDE NOTHING! I find that I tremble and am frightened a lot—BUT I AM NEVER IN “FEAR”. LAW AND ORDER! There are always the more positive things that come from the bitter play and here is one to share with you: Gene Dixon is home recovering from back surgery—but the CLC went right on functioning from Karen, Paul and Valerie, even through his very hospital room. Out of it all has come a chance for some realizations about our legal plight. We cannot compete with the Bar Association on their level—EVER. So, invention being the mother’s way of creating, we are going to, as soon as Gene is stable, able and well, begin some CLASSES (another Institute “Department” in research and education) in “Pro-per” legal structuring so that you, too, can have a say under the Constitution and, done well enough, within law and informed structure. It is true that if you have a corporation you HAVE TO HAVE AN ATTORNEY CARD CARRIER (this is by “law” and I guess we can guess whose law). I don’t know “why” but perhaps it is simply “one of those cute rules laid forth by them for themselves”. Through this new approach we can find out. Integrated within this program will be hands-on opportunity for young (new) lawyers (or old experienced ones) to assist in preparing, teaching and practicing. Actually, you readers know that the CONSTITUTION allows for spokespersons (without attorney status) to speak in court FOR YOU and WITH YOU. We will have to “try” that law—and I guess among us we have just about every kind of case to offer opportunity. I’m sure Gene will burst forth with his usual enthusiasm with the program fully outlined by the time we can find 69

him up and about. Would it not be WONDERFUL if the attorneys started paying US for opportunity? Yes, I guess I had best close for I most certainly have “gone bonkers”. Thank you for again hearing me—that makes three times this year, so I guess I will have a silent 1996! In unlimited appreciation to each of you to whom I am so indebted, I thank you for your patience and allowing all of us to keep on keeping on. Doris Ekker



REC #1 HATONN SUN., DEC. 3, 1995 7:56 A.M. YEAR 9, DAY 109 SUN., DEC. 3, 1995 MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT A NEW REPUBLIC I would prefer that the numerous questions now being sent my way would be a bit “rethought” because it is again somehow assumed that I know all about what is going on in the minds of the group working with and for Ronn Jackson. Dharma becomes a bit less cooperative as Ronn discards my input with a simple: “‘Doris’ has exceeded her instructions” so go eat worms (not literally of course, but it serves well the issues). One of Jackson’s cryptic messages was to Commander “Doris”. She didn’t even pick it up, but a lot of you fax receivers DID, so Mr. Jackson penned his personal insults along the borders of their letters and sent them back to the senders. We appreciate BOTH for it quickly tells you where a man IS when he insults the very people who gained his freedom and ability to do anything, such as blast everybody who dares to disagree with his antics. I don’t know about Ronn’s “Instructions” but I do suspect he may well have overstepped his information base. I admire the intent of Ronn’s group’s actions; I simply see no way for their edicts or declarations to be enforced or even carried forth at this time, but perhaps they have more input and direct knowledge about their proposals than do I. In this I am quite serious for of course they have the correct assumptions working FOR THEM and all would be granted much if the Elite Nation-takers could be dislodged so easily as by contract, agreements and self-established courts. The problem, as I see it, is that establishing your assumptions on something which has been long ago cast down falls on deaf ears and all the threats in the world of lack of sunlight will NOT give the proper information, for those assumptions still assume that deeds WITHIN YOUR CONSTITUTION HAVE NOT YET TAKEN PLACE AND ARE NOT YET ENFORCED BY YOUR LOCAL LAW OFFICERS, UN, FOREIGN POWERS, ETC. Please remember that “Executive Powers” under the War Powers Act and any National Emergency allows a PRESIDENT to take certain actions—which have remained in force since the early ’30s (right or wrong). This allowance IS PART OF YOUR CONSTITUTION! Any PUBLIC course of action against these orders is considered TREASON. Right or wrong makes no difference. However, to retake control of your government and nation and eventually have a free world—you have to begin somewhere with ones willing to do the extraordinary and run those initial risks. So, for explanation of this discussion let us consider the paperwork nicely done and filed and waiting for 71

your signatures to join the march to freedom. There is a paragraph of the cover letter of Nov. 27, 1995 which reads [QUOTING:] Only you can put a stop to the insanity and lies. Government is trying to cover their tracks and unlawful activities by making you think we need to become involved in “Bosnia”. You need to call all of your Federal elected officials and ask them the following questions: 1. Why were you, the American citizen, not told abut the international filing of bankruptcy of the “Corporate United States”? 2. Why were you, the American citizen, not told about the pending collapse of the monetary system in this country, along with all stock markets!? 3. Then ask them to explain, “The Glasglow Corporation / Roebbels Bank” connection to this country! “Bill Clinton” will try to impose “Martial law”. You can stop him. This country belongs to you and I. Let us take it back now! In Light and Freedom, Ronn Jackson supreme Court for the (u)nited States of America Original and Exclusive Jurisdiction, sitting in Law under Mandate of Article IV, section 2 empowered by We, the People sitting in Petit Grand Jury mode and also as a supreme Court pursuant to Section II of the grandfathered Northwest Ordinance Signatures: Ronald L., Jackson Betty J., Jackson Rex R. Weeks Charles C., Miller Shirley J., Newby David A., Newby and, Sovereign Principal and Grand Juror: Alfonso Velazquez. [END OF QUTOING] The above is from the “Cover letter” and I appreciate all the efforts and daring-do of the parties involved. However, I must take note of some of the silly reasons it will be discarded as a worthless effort for as long as the operating government can do so. There are TOO MANY errors in the structure of even the cover72

letter. Please, readers, this is no offense to those who structured these documents—but IF YOU ARE BALANCING YOUR POWER ON THE “STRUCTURING” OF WORDS, CAPITAL LETTERS, LITTLE LETTERS, SPELLINGS, ETC. YOU HAVE TO DO YOURS RIGHT. Example: “This country belongs to you and I”. No, it does not and it does not now belong even to you and me. It is mortgaged hook, line and through the sinker and fish to the New World Order BANKSTERS. Those are FACTS and they were accomplished through the manipulation of and by your CONSTITUTION. Cases have been tossed in the “round file” for far less than the next obvious punctuation errors as all names are written thus: Ronald L., Jackson, etc., thusly indicating that Ronald L is a surname or “last” name of identification and Jackson is the “christian” or given first name. A picky thing? Yes, but we are expected to grab onto an “error” in your Constitution which uses (u)nited States of America and base the takeover or overthrow of a functioning government on such assumptions. This in no wise indicates my disagreement with this mode of action—I just remind you that when you base your own appeal carelessly, you will get what you are tossing back at them—and they are far better at cunning shrewdness than are most of you law-abiding citizens. This, at the least, will keep you tied up in your established courts for the duration of the quarrel. There will be no recognition of your courts by the established courts and if you got your nation back under the qualifications you demand—you ALSO GET THE DEBT AND THE BANKRUPTCY—OR, YOU REPUDIATE THOSE DEBTS—OR, YOU TOSS ASIDE THE DEBTS AND LET THE OLD ORDER SWALLOW THE LOSSES. I personally find the latter to be the JUST outcome. I find all in the Declaration and Determination of the National Grand Jury to be intellectually valid but with no way to have enforcement and that the supreme Court members, being the same as the members of the petit Jury acting in Grand Jury Mode, will be held without merit, and the order issued and cleared by the petit Jurors acting as supreme Court Justices WILL NOT CARRY THE DAY. IF you did have a zillion dollars backing you and as many as even a million people in full marching support—you would have a chance. However, there are no funds, YET, and the same names show up over and over again which to me indicates a far less number of “followers’ than the 33 million touted. So, let us consider the “ORDER”: “Be it Ordered that the nine Justices of the supreme Court for the (u)nited States of America are hereby mandated to issue an Order to the purported “President of the United States and Commander-inChief”, William Jefferson Clinton, in the form of a Common Law Writ of Estoppel to [H: Now pay attention!] preclude him from signing any Executive Orders or P.D.D.’s that would put this nation under a Declared Emergency, martial law or any other form of military-like control. Any such act on the part of the purported President could only be construed as an Act of War against the People of this nation created only in order to avoid prosecution of the crimes and findings enumerated herein and constitutes treason.” [H: Sounds good! However, you have been under Martial Law and the War Powers Act which supersedes the Declared Emergency and you ALWAYS have, somewhere, a declared emergency. Bosnia IS YOUR INTERNATIONAL DECLARED EMERGENCY EXTENSION. “COULD” this develop a coup which could overturn the system? Yes, but my doubts are that it 73

WILL in this condition of self-appointed “everythings” because we come to the next paragraph of the order which declares:] “Be if further Ordered that the nine Justices of the supreme Court are mandated to Order the Joint Chiefs of Staff, upon the violation of said Common Law Writ of Estoppel, or in absence or prior to issuance of said Writ, to stand down and ignore any such directive by the purported President of the United States and arrest and detain him on the charge of treason against the People of this nation.” Who are the Joint Chiefs of Staff? (???) The “violations” antedate any formation of a “new” Joint Chiefs of Staff serving in an emergency capacity (under your Constitution) NOW. Now consider the problem here as you move through the expectation of making changes through a “Common Law”, which ALSO came from ENGLAND, just as did the Admiralty or Maritime Law. By what means can you RE-ESTABLISH? Through what conduit can you have “revolution”? Affixing names to a paper is of no consequence, readers, although the only way to RE-cover integrity in your system is through the building of a Republic under separate “cover” of LAW. Another problem I see with the legality of this document is that all parties serving are on every slate of “managers”. This becomes a typical document of self-appointed dictators and at best is represented by only some 17 “States” of the “accepted” States united, of America. I want you all to remember a most important FACT of life: Saying a thing does not make it so! Being in TRUTH is the only thing which can make a statement SO. So, I am asked my opinion of this purpose as outlaid. I have only given you silly observations because I want you to think seriously about what YOU DO AND WHAT YOU PERCEIVE. What ELSE is available to you for ACTION within LAW? How much REAL POWER do you have behind this declaration—”of Independence”? What are you ACTUALLY asking for or demanding? Is it not that the actions thus far manipulated are within the original Constitution? I CANNOT TELL YOU WHAT TO DO! There are a large number of Congressional misfits bailing out of reelection mode and there has to be a REASON, for these are inbred leeches of the blood of the people. SOMETHING is taking place—and it is called the “handwriting on the wall” and you ALREADY are in a National Emergency, International Emergency, Economic Emergency and State of Disorder. Clinton has simply continued that which his predecessors set into motion before the turn of the century and intend to finish in total control by the end of it. Please don’t write for copies of this large document to CONTACT or us for we cannot afford to supply them. This is not to construe displeasure—only that CONTACT is unable to meet the expenses. The document is available, I would presume, from Jackson’s New Republic. It is a well thought-out document as have been other attempts at reconstruction and change. We most certainly would be pleased to keep a running update on this action for we represent FREEDOM IN PRESS. Our thrust recently has been toward information and help in the plague side of the “getcha” coin while we have to leave a lot of the political and Constitutional display to others. There is NO POINT in having political nations if there are NO PEOPLE IN OR ON THEM! 74

I would, however, like to suggest you obtain a reprint from Grandma which is labeled “Think About It”. Why? Because it is worthy of your SERIOUS thoughts about it! It is from: Voice of the Old Guard, Tuesday 21 November 1995, by: Grandma Herman-Hermann and can be obtained from Ronn Jackson’s New Republic as well as the above discussed documents, I believe. I don’t seem to get copies of the newsletter by the same name although FAX documents are forwarded to this desk. I do think, like most of us old battered and broken old folks, she doesn’t have funding for secretaries and mailing so let us take care not to ask too much. I am asked not to run the material because of lack of space and duplication with the “New Republic” format of information distribution. I would like to add that one thing which was offered for validity of the personage of Ronn Jackson did come from “Grandma” who says she KNEW AND WORKED WITH (OR AROUND) RONN JACKSON WHEN THEY SERVED IN PRESIDENTIAL CIRCLES OF SECRET SECURITY SERVICE. We based a lot of confidence on that very recognition for we, like you, must play the game with what we draw as a “hand”. You must understand something, readers: when I am cast out of the “loop” for service and consideration, I GET OUT OF THE LOOP! WE have no knowledge or part in any CLAIMS, CERTIFICATES, etc., as presented by Grandma or Jackson. We sincerely hope all tactics bear fruit because they do have an agreement and offered us sharing in rewards if we met certain agreements. We met our commitments and still pray diligently that their plans bear fruit and offer some help in building projects for needed materials for the long, hard days ahead. I am often in regret and despair to realize that “their” mailing list is OUR reader mailing list, for the touted lists of some 33 million people would, obviously, far outweigh our some 1,300 subscribers. Of these people, some handful have invested funds against credit which at present appears to be lost. I remind you who write to me almost daily that I can’t do anything about that state of affairs. If indeed Mr. Jackson produces his Committee and, with their involvement, makes this idea work—I would think the investment would bring dividends. However, I find that no member thus listed on his Committee of 16 would you want as a LEADER of your NEW NATION, most certainly not as a permanent Ruler. Remember that Mr. Jackson HIMSELF told you that the leadership would simply BE REPLACED, at least initially, by equally as forceful (through force) personages as now manipulate your lives. Remember to check your “miracles”. Replacement of a dictator for another dictator is NOT A MIRACLE. A MIRACLE IS WHAT HAPPENED IN WASHINGTON D.C. IN THE MILLION MAN MARCH WHICH HAD PEACE INSTEAD OF THE INTENDED CIVIL WAR. THAT WAS A SHOW OF GOD’S ADJUDICATION AND RESPONSIVE INTERCESSION. FURTHER, GOD HAS ADEQUATE FACILITIES TO SEE TO HIS PEOPLE IF THEY PETITION IN RIGHTEOUSNESS AND NOT JUST MORE NEW WORLD ORDER UNDER DICTATORSHIP. If these ones claim to be ONLY in service unto God Creator in this march to new order—they mis-speak. That endeavor is blessed with much deception and ego-based intent. To claim God as author (which they certainly DO NOT) would be false in both statement and intent. I have NEVER witnessed Godly response coming from human coercion or force. God sends His messengers and by actions shall ye know a man, so, I stand down and petition that you take valiant care with your own decisions and actions. I simply 75

ask HOW you plan to pull off this coup with your military in foreign lands and only Russian-ruled UN troops to guard your citizens? GOD INTERVENES FOR “GOODNESS”—NOT FOR ONE ARMY AGAINST THAT OF ANOTHER! (!!!) THINK ABOUT THIS VERY, VERY CAREFULLY FOR JUST BECAUSE “YOU” THINK A THING TO BE RIGHT BECAUSE “YOU THINK IT”, DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT. And likewise, remember something about this new Bosnian farce: The Serbs already have announced they will NOT honor the Peace Agreement! Where does this leave your “peace”-keeping TROOPS? Just how can you enforce a peace that is a war? Do you not see that you HAVE TO HAVE THIS MOVEMENT—TO INSURE A CONTINUATION OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY? BOSNIA IS THE VERY FOUNDATION OF THIS STANDING EMERGENCY STATUS! The Congressional RATS are bailing out of the boat because THEY have led your nation to this disaster and YOU are now going to find out about it. Also, they KNOW it is only “moments” before the collapse of the economy, currency, and GOVERNMENT! Please, please, please: if you can help us get some spelta planted, some preparations furthered, and help us with the things of life sustaining backup, we thank you. Politics are going to simply be a collapsing thing of puppet-masters with their hands full. A remnant must come through or there is no hope for a return to respect and freedom. You keep dividing into fragments supporting one or another cause as the tales shift. I cannot stop you from doing so but you leave your ONE avenue of positive progress naked and denied. So be it. You are at CHILDHOOD’S END—this does not mean that the basis of the story “Childhood’s End” is valid nor factual, although you DO have harbingers and “overlords” of truth and structure, and certainly comes along the OVERMIND. The play will run its course and the actors go back to their lives of waiting for armies to die—but will your planet (stage) survive? Will YOU survive? This is a SERIOUS consideration as the enemy forces can take your very soul and splinter it into the far reaches of the universe. Satan said it would be this way: that mankind would follow the drum-beat of his limited physical expression of illusion. But, readers, you may lose on Both Counts—for GOD wins and where will HE find YOU? There are bases of extraterrestrial origin and station in, for instance, New Mexico—that is not to say that it is a BASE of GOD CREATOR or even HIS messengers. Your idiots have crossed, spliced, inbred and altered living beings to the point of ability to distort the whole of human structure on your globe. GOD WILL NOT SANCTION, WITH GRACE, SUCH ALTERATIONS. I will allow, observe, and take note of your choices and actions for I AM NOT TO INTERFERE IN YOUR DECISIONS AND ACTIONS AS ARE AGAINST YOUR FREE-WILL ACTIVITIES. You as a species will GROW INTO STRENGTH AND RECOGNITION OF HIGHER UNIVERSAL MAN OR YOU WON’T—AS A SPECIES. THOSE CHOICES ARE YOURS! MY ORDERS ARE TO STAND BY IN PREPARATION FOR ALL SORTS OF THINGS AS THE PLAY MOVES FORWARD INTO DESTRUCTION OR INTO CHANGE UNTO GOD-NESS. WHICH DO YOU THINK IS HAPPENING MOST RAPIDLY? God indeed announced that there would be all manners of things coming against mankind, from plagues to wars. HE DID NOT SAY HE WOULD SEND THEM. The interpretors of the biblical rule-books seem to have misconstrued a lot of things and a lot of information. He promised to send messengers WITH TRUTH and offers LIFE to HIS own. And HE PROMISED YOU THIS: HE WOULD WIN! How? Through HIS own creation of YOU HE HOLDS THE ABILITY TO “UNCREATE” just as you can tear 76

down your own sand-castles. Mostly, however, the only thing you need is the natural SEA to wash upon the beach sand-castles. It reminds me of the man who wrote this week asking for information on alchemy of substance to make gold and how that works and to give him a formula, and would dried drias do the job? No to all the above. And, as to the drias, you have to have “un”dried drias to be of any value at all—for they represent the “perfect CELL” which is based in fluid. GOD keeps a lot of things out of your reach to protect you from yourselves. How long do any of you think you would live if you could convert anything to gold? If you find a way to convert evil into goodness (oh yes it IS possible) then, and only then, in the final telling— you will have all the gold you could desire! We have a meeting this afternoon so I must release Dharma. May I please have offered something herein upon which you might think very carefully. Good morning.



REC #1 HATONN MON., DEC. 4, 1995 7:13 A.M. YEAR 9, DAY 200 MON., DEC. 4, 1995 INTELLECTUAL SHAREWARE PART I Even I am astounded that, as the questions and petitions for more integrated understanding of the volumes of work that, yes, even we put out there in front of you, needs integration and itemization as to points and, yes, authority. In our need we receive, and here indeed, comes a single document offered as “Intellectual Shareware”. Our eyes turn to the “urgent and important” “stack” of documents and our senses turn to that which can be offered elsewhere and let “Australia and the Mossad” wait another day or two. One is directly related to needs of the MOMENT in the U.S. while the other confronts the WORLD problem as has been established through contracts with Satan. You who recognize the involvement of CIA and other groups can relate to my meaning. Further, anyone who watched Mr. Constant (Haiti problems) knows that the CIA and the White House of the U.S. were working on opposing sides of the same game in Haiti for the past three years. He and his story were offered last evening by 60 MINUTES. You now have long enough time cycles to SEE the occurrences of sending your boys away while the inner nation is destroyed and they attend garbage details in foreign places. You SHOULD also be KNOWING that the news is filled to overflow with controlled lies to manipulate YOU. And yet YOU allow it to continue until the disease finally kills the nation and all the people. We were also informed by Ronn Jackson yesterday that the new Declaration of Independence has been made ready. It will be by the same seven or eight people who have presented you with the papers filed in the matter over the past week or so. At this time I am also informed that CONTACT doesn’t have space or funds to print it “as is” in the paper. So, having not yet even examined or conjectured on the writing, I don’t wish to make adjudication. I am sure that, if possible, the document will be faxed for maximum distribution by Ronn Jackson’s group. So, if within a few days you have not received the document copy, please contact Mr. Jackson’s New Republic. I have no input or further comment for I am not informed nor solicited for any such input. Thank you. And so—back to the document I DO have and the one I find intriguing by its simplicity in presentation and thus, concept. We will offer segments as we have space and they are received. At present we have no names, nor a place—but a LOT of excellent and exceptional text. [QUOTING:] 78

INTELLECTUAL SHAREWARE, PART I IN DEFENSE OF THE CONSTITUTION [H: REGARDING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.] Author’s note: These novel ideas have the potential to change the future in the favor of individual freedom and constitutional REPUBLIC. Since I have no vehicle to distribute these ideas I have decided to share them with individuals and groups that may have some means to utilize them and understand what is at stake. This SHAREWARE has no strings attached; if you can use these ideas, please do! After the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “What form of government do we have, sir?” He replied, “A REPUBLIC, if you can keep it!” Thus began the American experiment in individual freedom through government of, by and for the people! [H: Well, not quite for it only was FOR the White people of European origin. The Blacks and Native Americans were not considered to be “people”, at the time.] This was the culmination of the movement that sprang from the Magna Carta (a document that resulted when the human spirit overcame the suppression of the Dark Ages.) Over 200 years have passed since the Constitution was written and things have changed. We have made many mistakes; hopefully we can learn from those mistakes. Some say that the future requires central control; however, the idea of central control not only eliminates the ideal of individual freedom, it also eliminates any remnants of the idea of checks and balances which were designed into our Constitution in order to protect us from unscrupulous leaders. We have drifted far from the Constitution already, even without the people (citizens) knowing the facts. Much of this has happened as the result of fraud by our leaders. It did not happen without a large dose of apathy on the part of the people (citizens). The experiment has come to be tested! Possibly, if people come to understand what has happened, they may yet awaken in time to restore our ideals. NOW, DEMOCRACY? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REPUBLIC? Our leaders often proclaim that our government is a democracy. If it is a democracy then something has happened to change it from a republic. The fact that our leaders call our government a democracy is evidence that they are in the know about what happened. You should be asking yourselves, “How did we lose our republic and its system of checks and balances?” [H: I would suggest that your leaders led you directly in the red and black ink of the checks and balances of the BANKS!] Let’s start our analysis by reviewing the foundation. Our Constitution set up three branches of government. 79

The President to administer as Chief Executive. The Congress to LEGISLATE! The House to represent the people. The Senate to represent the states. The Supreme Court was designed to judge whether or not legislation complied with the Constitution. So—what happened which pulled away from this ideal plan into the morass of chaos now being experienced? Our government has seen many changes and although we hold the idea of our constitutional liberty there has been a transformation within our actual system which has taken us far from the original ideals. When the facts are seen in perspective it becomes clear that a parallel government has been created and it functions as a parasite upon our legitimate constitutional government. The following highlights illustrate how this was achieved. The JUDICIARY was intended to judge the law, not create the law! However, as a result of the Supreme Court decision (Marbury v. Madison in 1803), the courts took on LEGISLATIVE function. This resulted in a system of case law setting precedents for future court decisions. [H: In other words, you moved from a court system of hearings on the basis of facts of a case to simply a judicial system based on prior rulings by good or bad judicial participants. Facts of a case became bogged in allowance of information to surface, a code of silence among the judicial operatives, AND new laws came from old and intentional ERRORS of rulings.] In effect the courts actually change the laws with their rulings. This was the first serious breach of our constitutional system of checks and balances. 1913 was a year when several serious breaches occurred. As a result of the XVII Amendment (direct election of senators by the people) the states were stripped of their voice in our federal government. Prior to that time the state legislators chose federal senators and could recall them. This Amendment removed another form of check and balance and weakened states’ power by changing the role of our federal senators. [H: This is an extremely important point so please read it again.] In 1913 the income tax was added to the Constitution. Much can be said but I will save it for later. Also in 1913 Congress made a contract with a private corporation, THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, to supervise and control our currency. Actually congress had NO AUTHORITY to delegate this power assigned to it by Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution. Not only did this act involve our government in a contract with a private corporation, the collateral damage was that the profit does not go to our Treasury but to secret private stockholders of the (central bank) FED who arrogantly exempted themselves FROM the income tax. In 1921, in the wake of WW-I after the League of Nations failed to be ratified by our Senate, the CFR was established. The Council on Foreign Relations has been the organization that has orchestrated this agenda to create a world government, from within the U.S. government. It has coordinated an end run around the Constitution, with little resistance from the American people. It has created a parallel govern80

ment using trickery. It has promoted globalism above national interest with the aid of TV propaganda. It uses money from our taxes and from interest on our currency in order to finance its anti-American agenda and no one challenges them. THE GREAT DEPRESSION In 1933, two significant effects resulted from the Great Depression: NUMBER 1: F.D.R. declared a state of “national emergency” using the newly enacted “Emergency Powers Act” which essentially put the U.S.A. in a form of martial law and activated the presidential power to legislate by “EXECUTIVE ORDERS”. [H: STOP, go back and memorize the above for this is what Bosnia is about TODAY!] Prior to 1933 the President was the chief executive; however, since then the U.S.A. has been under a constant state of “national emergency” which has allowed each president to LEGISLATE, claiming the power to issue Executive Orders using Emergency (War) Powers. Recently our presidents have proclaimed that they do not need congressional approval for their actions (like sending U.S. troops to fight for the United Nations). Is this because they are fully aware that the Constitution has already been suspended? Someone should ask our President to explain this publicly. It should follow that the Executive Orders would only be valid during the national emergency. Some might be surprised to find out that every president since F.D.R. has RENEWED THE STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY which has kept all presidential legislation in effect. IT WOULD APPEAR THAT IF THE NATIONAL EMERGENCY WAS CANCELED THEN ALL OF THESE EXECUTIVE ORDERS WOULD BECOME NULL AND VOID. THE EXECUTIVE EMERGENCY POWERS ARE ANOTHER METHOD WHICH HAS BEEN UTILIZED TO HELP SET UP THE PARALLEL GOVERNMENT. Since there is no true national emergency, this practice is FRAUDULENT. See public document #94412. NUMBER 2: The second thing that resulted from the Great Depression was that in a series of Executive orders F.D.R. declared that our nation was BANKRUPT and in default on its contractual obligation to the FED. Since our debt to the Federal Reserve Bank could not be paid we were obligated to restructure our debt. F.D.R. was able to use INTERNATIONAL LAW to restructure the national debt because our government was unable to honor the terms of its obligation to an agency outside of the government (the Federal Reserve Bank). In effect this action took the country out from under the constitutional protections and PUT THE U.S. CITIZENS UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW. This could not become public knowledge without a public uprising; therefore international law was recodified and called Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) as a disguise. The imposition of this law is unconstitutional; however, through a series of tricks we obligate ourselves to these laws and relinquish our constitutional rights. Various licenses are forms of contracts which allegedly entangle us in this system. As a result of this line of play, the parallel government was securely in place. HOW IT IS AS YOU CAN SEE, SINCE 1933 ALL THREE BRANCHES OF OUR GOVERNMENT LEGISLATE; THE SEPARATIONS OF POWERS DESIGNED INTO OUR CONSTITUTION ARE NO LONGER BEING UTILIZED! AS A RESULT OF THE ABOVE SERIES OF MANIPULATIONS, 81

AMERICA HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED FROM A REPUBLIC INTO A DEMOCRACY WITH A MONARCH! Many people claim that so much has changed in the past 220 years that our Constitution is outdated. After all, there were no automobiles or television and no computers when the Constitution was written. IN REALITY NOTHING HAS CHANGED. The Constitution was designed to protect the citizens from a powerful greedy elite that would usurp control of the government. Guess what? THESE PEOPLE ARE EVER PRESENT! It is true that special rules may be necessary that weren’t anticipated by our founding fathers, however the Constitution provides for this; it can be amended. The problem we see is that our leaders chose to circumvent the Constitution and sneak changes past the people without going through the proper channels. This covert methodology leads to distrust of our leaders. When we hear our leaders saying, “let bygones be bygones”, you might consider that they are party to the crime. The people who set up the parallel government do not want us to discover the details; however, it has been said that if you don’t learn from your mistakes then you are bound to repeat them. We must strive to know the truth for “the truth will set us free”. If we are to restore our ideal of individual liberty then we must seek the exact truth. If the above scenario is correct then individuals are responsible for fraudulently setting up a government outside of the Constitution. These people should be responsible for the debt that this parallel government has incurred! [H: So, does Mr. Jackson plan to set up a Constitutional Government? Yes—but under WHAT CONSTITUTION? He tells you all very openly that he is going to put the Congressional heads where the sun don’t shine, and thus and so—while he also tells you that “his” government will, of necessity, be only a representative change of HEADS. CHANGE is the only sure thing within life, readers, so what actually happens, what is touted will happen, and the RIGHT PATH are up for grabs in an “overthrow” circumstance. You can build up through a separate placement and return to the original LAWS but WILL THE ONES IN POWER DO SO? I note that POWER CORRUPTS TOTALLY. I can tell you this much: Mr. Jackson will do whatever he is told to do—by his handlers. He has contracts and commitments unmet and to place a nation in the hands of one who does not produce according to his word is rather “iffy” at best. He would like me to “just go away” but I keep my HEAD IN THE SUNLIGHT WHERE IT SHINES CONSTANTLY! When you cast God’s messengers out of the considerations, it usually does not bode well for the masses who will fall under the “new” order. These things can, however, become a good distraction, but if the game continues to be played around the government elements in power while picking at “their” leaders, you don’t accomplish anything other than distraction at best, military control at the least, while more and more scarce funding is poured into personal ratholes under the guise of new freedom. NOTHING—NOTHING SHORT OF TRUTH UNDER GOD’S LAWS, OFFERS FREEDOM— ALL ELSE IS A SHAM TRICK AGAINST YOU-THE-PEOPLE! Moreover, when people are USED through trickery and game playing, promises never met, loans never repaid, etc., you have the foundation of lies, and truth can never evolve from those lies until discovered, uncovered and exposed. When contracts are MET we can speak of possibilities which can become 82

workable probabilities—IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH AND UPON A FOUNDATION OF TRUTH—NOT GAMES.] Another aberration of 1913 was the XVI amendment. Suggestion! ELIMINATE THE PERSONAL INCOME TAX The concept that bigger is better has been promoted for a long time. Bigger is definitely more efficient and in the past there may have been advantages to accomplishing more with less. In the past it allowed us to raise our standard of living. At present it is a “job killer” and a source to centralize money into the hands of a few merchants. When Wal-Mart or K-Mart come into a town they put many smaller “mom and pop” family enterprises out of business. This bigger-is-better mentality is now creating a two-class society by centralizing power and eliminating people’s livelihoods. This trend could be creatively reversed by a simple change in our tax laws. Personal income tax is a key part of the Communist (Khazarian Zionist) Manifesto (2nd plank). It was never ratified and is therefore also fraudulent. It robs us of the fruits of our labor while it has fostered a system to record and track our every motion. It must be abandoned. A transition step that I have been speculating about is to first eliminate personal income tax and replace it with a more progressive income tax on Corporations and Foundations. This would be supplemented by tariffs until deficits and debt were reduced by spending cuts and until our industrial base is rebuilt. This idea is novel and at first might sound peculiar, but it may be the only way to reverse the artificially promoted centralization of power created by government regulations. Very large corporations are created by the state and often have been assisted by federal, state and local tax policies; therefore, in a sense they should be considered to be public-service concerns. To tax a state-created entity would be constitutional whereas to tax individuals is not, unless they are resident aliens. [H: Sorry, but here you lose me. If you honor the criminal activities ALONG WITH making good the very unlawful conditions created by WRONG LAW, you cannot ever recover. You must face “collapse” if necessary, readers, for otherwise you HAVE NO CURRENCY OR ANYTHING ELSE WITH WHICH TO BEGIN TO REBUILD. YOU STILL ONLY HAVE THE FED AND ITS GARBAGE PAPER. PERHAPS YOU NEED A FEW NON-RESIDENT ALIENS WHO CAN SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE FROM “OUT-THERE” SOMEWHERE, UNCLUTTERED WITH BANDAID THERAPY.] This type of tax structure would foster small businesses and lead toward an increase in competition. It would result in greater employment with fairer distribution of money. By redirecting the idea of progressive tax from individuals to corporations, small corporations would pay small percentage of tax and large corporations would pay hefty taxes. This would result in generalized downsizing and more oversight of large state-created entities (corporations and foundations) by the public. This would be the opposite from the current situation whereby the agencies created by the people are monitoring their creators (citizens), often to the point of extortion. The people should have the tools to monitor the agencies they create and this innovative change in the tax strategy would give them the tool they need. In addition it would shift 83

economic advantage back to the individual citizens causing more locally controlled jobs to be created. A mentality of small is beautiful would develop and people would eat at family-run restaurants and buy from family-run stores again. THE U.S. ECONOMY WOULD THRIVE! [END QUOTING OF PART 1] No, this sounds beautiful in closing concept but is not what would happen. Until you dissolve the PROBLEM you cannot build except as through what already is WRONG. WHO is going to monitor all this? You still have present the very things upon which the downfall of freedom arrived in the first place. Until a system is built on a worthy foundation of total truth and integrity—a makeshift will only grow into the same unwieldy chaos as the first. What this would do is simply shift the burden of the “little man” onto the shoulders of the corporate “little man” for the “big boys” will jump-ship and go back into their holes until the “break” in your system comes around—AGAIN. PEOPLE have to be informed for until you get your brain-dead population to wake up (usually by the ringing of bombs in their ears) you CAN CHANGE VERY LITTLE! Believe me, the bombs are certainly on their way! Writing dozens or hundreds or even thousands of NEW constitutions will NOT RULE THE DAY. In fact, you will find the Elite helping to write them with you, pat you on the po-po and shout good sounding things in your secret worldly ears while stabbing you in your proverbial backsides. Remember that a tight hug leaves the hands behind the other’s back! Sometimes the “government” leaves you alone because you are doing more to serve their cause than they could possibly do on their own. BEWARE the wolf in those cute little curly white suits. May the Grace of God be rested upon you through these days of confrontation with truth and THE LIE. Salu.



DEPOPULATION OF A PLANET PART I: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE by Rick Martin 11/19/95 THINNING OUT THE “USELESS EATERS” AN UNSPOKEN NWO AGENDA Many writers have spoken of intentional plans by certain Elite to thin-out the world’s population; it’s a recurring theme among so-called conspiracy theorists. There are frequent references to “useless eaters”, which includes the bulk of mankind. Most, when hearing of plots to depopulate the planet, simply say under their breath, “Yeah, right,” or more often, while shaking their head, “You’re nuts.” But when there is a careful examination of writings by prominent authors of this century, pieces of the puzzle certainly do fall into place—pieces which support the contention that there are certain individuals, if not entire governments, who have implemented a program of global genocide in an effort to salvage and corner “resources”. What you will be reading in this series on Depopulation Of A Planet are selected writings from a wide cross-section of viewpoints and political leanings. I will be using “their” own documents, their own words, to weave a fabric which, in the end, will be a tapestry of undeniable clarity for those with eyes to see. Without the historical foundation upon which to base understanding, writing about current efforts at depopulation, through the use of viruses and microorganisms, would have far less significance. So please stay with it as you read and it will come together. I realize that some of this initial material may seem dry, but it is important for a broader understanding of this critical and timely issue.

THOMAS MALTHUS Thomas Robert Malthus was a parson of the English State Church and an economist who lived from 1766-1834. He is best known for his writing An Essay On The Principle Of Population, published in 1798. His main idea is that populations increase more rapidly than food supplies. So, he claimed, there would always be more people in the world than can be fed, and wars and disease will be necessary to kill off the extra population. Malthus did not claim to be the originator of this idea, although it has come to be known as the “Malthusian Theory”. Malthus based his argument on the works of Condorcet, David Hume, Adam Smith, Defoe, Sir James Steuart, Townsend, Franklin, and others. Malthus’ Essay suggested to Charles Darwin the relationship between progress and the survival of the fittest. This was the basic idea in Darwin’s theory of evolution. 85

GEORG WILHELM HEGEL Turning to the New American Encyclopedia, we read, “Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), German philosopher of idealism who had an immense influence on 19th and 20th-century thought and history. During his life he was famous for his professorial lectures at the University of Berlin and he wrote on logic, ethics, history, religion and aesthetics. The main feature of Hegel’s philosophy was the dialectical method by which an idea (thesis) was challenged by its opposite (antithesis) and the two ultimately reconciled in a third idea (synthesis) which subsumed both. Hegel found this method both in the workings of the mind, as a logical procedure, and in the workings of the history of the world, which to Hegel was the process of the development and realization of the World Spirit (Weltgeist). Hegel’s chief works were Phenomenology of the Mind (1807) and Philosophy Of Right (1821). His most important follower was Marx.” In the book edited by Carl J. Friedrich titled The Philosophy of Hegel, Hegel writes in The Philosophy of History, “In the Christian religion God has revealed Himself, giving to men the knowledge of what He is so that He is no longer secluded and secret. With this possibility of knowing Him God has imposed upon us the duty to so know Him. The development of the thinking spirit, which has started from this basis, from the revelation of the Divine Being, must at last progress to the point where what was at first presented to the spirit in feeling and imagination is comprehended by thought. Whether the time has come to achieve this knowledge depends upon whether the final end of the world has at last entered into actual reality in a generally valid and conscious manner.” Hegel concludes with, “World history, with all the changing drama of its histories, is this process of the development and realization of the spirit. It is the true theodicy, the justification of God in history. Only this insight can reconcile the spirit with world history and the actual reality, that what has happened, and is happening every day, is not only not ‘without God’, but is essentially the work of God.” In his work A History Of Western Philosophy, Bertrand Russell writes, “Throughout the whole period after the death of Hegel, most academic philosophy remained traditional, and therefore not very important. British empiricist philosophy was dominant in England until near the end of the century, and in France until a somewhat earlier time; then, gradually, Kant and Hegel conquered the universities of France and England, so far as their teachers of technical philosophy were concerned.” Russell continues, “[Condorcet 1743-1794]...was also the inventor of Malthus’s theory of population, which, however, had not for him the gloomy consequences that it had for Malthus, because he coupled it with the necessity of birth control. Malthus’s father was a disciple of Condorcet, and it was in this way that Malthus came to know of the theory.” Of Hegel, Russell writes in part, “Hegel does not mean only that, in some situations, a nation cannot rightly avoid going to war. He means much more than this. He is opposed to the creation of institutions—such as a world government—which would prevent such situations from arising, because he thinks it is a good thing that there should be wars from time to time. War, he [Hegel] says is the condition in which we take seriously the vanity of temporal goods and things. (This view is to be contrasted with the opposite theory, that all wars have economic causes.) War has a positive moral value: ‘War has the higher significance that through it the moral health of peoples is preserved in their indifference towards the stabilizing of finite 86

determinations.’” Still quoting Bertrand Russell, “The Philosophical Radicals were a transitional school. Their system gave birth to two others, of more importance than itself, namely Darwinism and Socialism. Darwinism was an application to the whole of animal and vegetable life of Malthus’s theory of population, which was an integral part of the politics and economics of the Benthamites—a global free competition, in which victory went to the animals that most resembled successful capitalists. Darwin himself was influenced by Malthus, and was in general sympathy with the Philosophical Radicals. There was, however, a great difference between the competition admired by orthodox economists and the struggle for existence which Darwin proclaimed as the motive force of evolution. ‘Free competition,’ in orthodox economics, is a very artificial conception, hedged in by legal restrictions. You may undersell a competitor, but you must not murder him. You must not use the armed forces of the State to help you to get the better of foreign manufacturers. Those who have not the good fortune to possess capital must not seek to improve their lot by revolution. ‘Free competition,’ as understood by the Benthamites, was by no means really free. “Darwinian competition was not of this limited sort; there were no rules against hitting below the belt. The framework of law does not exist among animals, nor is war excluded as a competitive method. The use of the State to secure victory in competition was against the rules as conceived by the Benthamites, but could not be excluded from the Darwinian struggle. In fact, though Darwin himself was a liberal, and though Nietzsche never mentioned him except with contempt, Darwin’s Survival Of The Fittest led, when thoroughly assimilated, to something much more like Nietzsche’s philosophy than like Bentham’s. These developments, however, belong to a later period, since Darwin’s Origin Of Species was published in 1859, and its political implications were not at first perceived.” KARL MARX In his 1843 writing from The Kreuznach Manuscripts: Critique Of Hegel’s Philosophy Of Right [from Discussion Of The Princely Power, Comments On Hegel’s 279] Karl Marx writes, [quoting:] Democracy is the truth of monarchy; monarchy is not the truth of democracy. Monarchy is forced to be democracy as a non sequitur within itself, whereas the monarchical moment is not a non sequitur within democracy. Democracy can be understood in its own terms; monarchy cannot. In democracy, none of its moments acquires a meaning other than that which is appropriate to it. Each is actually only a moment within the whole demos. In monarchy, a part determines the character of the whole. The whole constitution has to take shape of this firm foundation. Democracy is the type or species of the constitution. Monarchy is a variety, and indeed a bad variety. Democracy is ‘form and content’. Monarchy is supposed to be only form, but it falsifies the content. In monarchy, the whole, the people, is subsumed under one of its particular modes of existence, that of the political constitution. In democracy, on the other hand, the constitution itself appears as only one determination, and indeed, as the self-determination of the people. In monarchy, we have the people of the constitution; in democracy we have the constitution of the people. Democracy is the riddle of all constitutions solved. In democracy the constitution is always based on its actual foundation, on actual man and the actual people, not only in itself, according to its essence, but in its existence and actuality; it is postulated as autonomous. The constitution is seen as what it is, the freely-created product of man. One 87

could say that in some respects this is also true of constitutional monarchy, but what specifically differentiates democracy is the fact that in democracy the constitution is only one particular moment in the existence of the people, that the political constitution does not itself constitute the state. Hegel begins with the state and turns man into the state subjectivized; democracy begins with man and makes the state into man objectivized. Just as religion does not create man but man creates religion, so the constitution does not create the people but the people create the constitution. In certain respects, democracy bears the same relation to all other forms of state as Christianity bears to all other religions. Christianity is religion par excellence, the essence of religion, man deified as a particular religion. Similarly, democracy is the essence of every constitution; it is socialized man as a particular constitution. Democracy is related to other constitutions as a species is related to its varieties. But in democracy the species itself appears as a particular [form of] existence, as one therefore that appears as a particular type vis-avis other particular [individual] existences that do not correspond to their essence. Democracy is the Old Testament in relation to all other forms of state. Man does not exist for the law, but the law exists for man. In democracy law is the existence of man, while in other forms of state man is the existence of law. This is the fundamental distinguishing mark of democracy. [End quoting.] Marx concludes with, “In all states other than democracy the state, the law, the constitution is dominant without actually dominating, i.e., without penetrating materially the content of the remaining non-political spheres. In democracy the constitution, the law, the state itself as a political constitution is only a selfdetermination of the people, a particular content of theirs. “It is self-evident, incidentally, that all forms of state have democracy as their truth, and are therefore untrue in so far as they are not democratic.” In a correspondence of 1843, which was an exchange of letters between Marx, Ruge, and Bakunin concerning the prospects of social and political emancipation, Marx writes, [quoting:] Man’s self-esteem, freedom, must be awakened once more in the heart of these men. Only this feeling, which disappeared from the world with the Greeks and vanished into the blue mists of heaven with Christianity, can once more transform society into a fellowship of men working for their highest purposes, a democratic state. Those people, on the other hand, who do not feel themselves to be men become appendages of their masters, like a herd of slaves or horses. The hereditary masters are the point of this whole society. This world belongs to them. They take it as it is and as it feels. They take themselves as they find themselves and stand where their feet have grown, on the necks of these political animals who know no other destiny than to be subject, loyal and at their master’s service. The world of the Philistines is the political kingdom of animals; if we have to recognize its existence then we have no alternative but simply to accept the status quo. Centuries of barbarism created and shaped it and it now exists as a consistent system, whose principle is the dehumanized world. The perfected world of the Philistine, our Germany, naturally had to lag far behind the French Revolution, which restored man to himself. A German Aristotle, who would take his Politics from our conditions, would write on the first page: ‘Man is a social, but a completely apolitical, animal.’ [End quoting.] 88

Further on, Marx continues, [quoting:] To be sure, in times when the political state as such is born, violently, out of civil society, when men strive to liberate themselves under the form of political self-liberation, the state can and must go on to abolish and destroy religion. But it does so only the way that it abolishes private property, by setting a maximum, providing for confiscation and progressive taxation, just as it abolished life by establishing the guillotine. In moments when political life has a specially strong feeling for its own importance, it seeks to repress its presuppositions, civil society and its elements, and to constitute itself as the real, harmonious species-life of man. It can do this only by entering into violent contradiction with its own conditions of existence; it can do so only by declaring the revolution to be permanent; and the political drama therefore necessarily ends with the restoration of religion, of private property, and of all the elements of civil society, just as war ends with peace... We have shown, then, that political emancipation from religion leaves religion standing, even if not as privileged religion. The contradiction in which the follower of a specific religion finds himself in relation to his citizenship is only one aspect of the universal secular contradiction between the political state and civil society. The consummation of the Christian state is a state that recognizes itself as state and abstracts itself from the religion of its members. The emancipation of the state from religion is not the emancipation of actual man from religion. [End quoting.] In Capital, Marx writes, [quoting:] The laboring population therefore produces, along with the accumulation of capital produced by it, the means by which itself is made relatively superfluous, is turned into a relative surplus-population; and it does this to an always increasing extent. This is the law of population peculiar to the capitalist mode of production; and in fact every specific historic mode of production has its own specific laws of population, historically valid within its limits alone. An abstract law of population exists for plants and animals only, and only insofar as man has not interfered with them. [End quoting.] Bertrand Russell writes in A History Of Western Philosophy, “Marx’s philosophy of history is a blend of Hegel and British economics. Like Hegel, he thinks that the world develops according to a dialectical formula, but he totally disagrees with Hegel as to the motive force of this development. Hegel believed in a mystical entity called Spirit, which causes human history to develop according to the stages of the dialectic as set forth in Hegel’s Logic. Why Spirit has to go through these stages is not clear. One is tempted to suppose that Spirit is trying to understand Hegel, and at each stage rashly objectifies what it has been reading. Marx’s dialectic has none of this quality except a certain inevitableness. For Marx, matter, not spirit, is the driving force. But it is a matter in the peculiar sense that we have been considering, not the wholly dehumanized matter of the atomists. This means that, for Marx, the driving force is really man’s relation to matter, of which the most important part is his mode of production. In this way Marx’s materialism, in practice, becomes economics.” THE FABIAN SOCIETY In one of his Fabian Essays [The Fabian Society], titled Economic, George Bernard Shaw wrote the following in 1889, “All economic analyses begin with the cultivation of the Earth. To the mind’s eye of the 89

astronomer the Earth is a ball spinning in space without ulterior motives. To the bodily eye of the primitive cultivator it is a vast green plain, from which, by sticking a spade into it, wheat and other edible matters can be made to spring.” Shaw continues, “It was the increase of population that spread cultivation and civilization from the center to the snow line, and at last forced men to sell themselves to the lords of the soil: it is the same force that continues to multiply men so that their exchange value falls slowly and surely until it disappears altogether—until even black chattel slaves are released as not worth keeping in a land where men of all colors are to be had for nothing. This is the condition of our English laborers today: they are no longer even dirt cheap: they are valueless, and can be had for nothing.” On overpopulation Shaw writes, “The introduction of the capitalistic system is a sign that the exploitation of the laborer toiling for a bare subsistence wage has become one of the chief arts of life among the holders of tenant rights. It also produces a delusive promise of endless employment which blinds the proletariat to those disastrous consequences of rapid multiplication which are obvious to the small cultivator and peasant proprietor. But indeed the more you degrade the workers, robbing them of all artistic enjoyment, and all chance of respect and admiration from their fellows, the more you throw them back, reckless, on the one pleasure and the one human tie left to them—the gratification of their instinct for producing fresh supplies of men. You will applaud this instinct as divine until at last the excessive supply becomes a nuisance: there comes a plague of men; and you suddenly discover that the instinct is diabolic, and set up a cry of ‘over population’. But your slaves are beyond caring for your cries: they breed like rabbits; and their poverty breeds filth, ugliness, dishonesty, disease, obscenity, drunkenness, and murder. In the midst of the riches which their labour piles up for you, their misery rises up too and stifles you. You withdraw in disgust to the other end of the town from them; you appoint special carriages on your railways and special seats in your churches and theaters for them; you set your life apart from theirs by every class barrier you can devise; and yet they swarm about you still: your face gets stamped with your habitual loathing and suspicion of them: your ears get so filled with the language of the vilest of them that you break into it when you lose your self-control: they poison your life as remorselessly as you have sacrificed theirs heartlessly. You begin to believe intensely in the devil. Then comes the terror of their revolting; the drilling and arming of bodies of them to keep down the rest; the prison, the hospital, paroxysms of frantic coercion, followed by paroxysms of frantic charity. And in the meantime, the population continues to increase!” GEORGE ORWELL In George Orwell’s classic Animal Farm, he writes, [quoting:] Now, comrades, what is the nature of this life of ours? Let us face it: our lives are miserable, laborious, and short. We are born, we are given just so much food as will keep the breath in our bodies, and those of us who are capable of it are forced to work to the last atom of our strength; and the very instant that our usefulness has come to an end we are slaughtered with hideous cruelty. No animal in England knows the meaning of happiness or leisure after he is a year old. No animal in England is free. The life of an animal is misery and slavery: that is the plain truth. But is this simply part of the order of nature? It it because this land of ours is so poor that it cannot afford a decent life to those who dwell upon it? No, comrades, a thousand times no! The soil of England is fertile, 90

its climate is good, it is capable of affording food in abundance to an enormously greater number of animals than now inhabit it. This single farm of ours would support a dozen horses, twenty cows, hundreds of sheep—and all of them living in a comfort and a dignity that are now almost beyond our imagining. Why then do we continue in this miserable condition? Because nearly the whole of the produce of our labour is stolen from us by human beings. There, comrades, is the answer to all our problems. It is summed up in a single word—Man. Man is the only real enemy we have. Remove Man from the scene, and the root cause of hunger and overwork is abolished for ever. Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals. He sets them to work, he gives back to them the bare minimum that will prevent them from starving, and the rest he keeps for himself. Our labour tills the soil, our dung fertilizes it, and yet there is not one of us that owns more than his bare skin. You cows that I see before me, how many thousands of gallons of milk have you given during this last year? And what has happened to that milk which should have been breeding up sturdy calves? Every drop of it has gone down the throats of our enemies. And you hens, how many eggs have you laid in this last year, and how many of those eggs ever hatched into chickens? The rest have all gone to market to bring in money for Jones and his men. And you, Clover, where are those four foals you bore, who should have been the support and pleasure of your old age? Each was sold at a year old—you will never see one of them again. In return for your four confinements and all your labour in the fields, what have you ever had except your bare rations and a stall? And even the miserable lives we lead are not allowed to reach their natural span. For myself I do not grumble, for I am one of the lucky ones. I am twelve years old and have had over four hundred children. Such is the natural life of a pig. But no animal escapes the cruel knife in the end. You young porkers who are sitting in front of me, every one of you will scream your lives out at the block within a year. To that horror we all must come—cows, pigs, hens, sheep, everyone. Even the horses and the dogs have no better fate. You, Boxer, the very day that those great muscles of yours lose their power, Jones will sell you to the knacker, who will cut your throat and boil you down for the foxhounds. As for the dogs, when they grow old and toothless, Jones ties a brick around their neck and drowns them in the nearest pond. Is it not crystal clear, then, comrades, that all the evils of this life of ours spring from the tyranny of human beings? Only get rid of Man, and the produce of our labour would be our own. Almost overnight we could become rich and free. What then must we do? Why, work night and day, body and soul, for the overthrow of the human race! That is my message to you, comrades: Rebellion! I do not know when that Rebellion will come, it might be in a week or in a hundred years, but I know, as surely as I see this straw beneath my feet, that sooner or later justice will be done. Fix your eyes on that, comrades, throughout the short remainder of your lives! And above all, pass on this message of mine to those who come after you, so that future generations shall carry on the struggle until it is victorious. And remember, comrades, your resolution must never falter. No argument must lead you astray. Never listen when they tell you that Man and the animals have a common interest, that the prosperity of the one is the prosperity of the others. It is all lies. Man serves the interests of no creature except himself. And among us animals let there be perfect unity, perfect comradeship in the struggle. All men are enemies. All animals are comrades. [End quoting.] ALDOUS HUXLEY 91

In the Foreword to the 1946 (second printing) of the classic novel Brave New World, first published in 1932, author Aldous Huxley writes, [quoting:] There is, of course, no reason why the new totalitarisms should resemble the old. Government by clubs and firing squads, by artificial famine, mass imprisonment and mass deportation, is not merely inhumane (nobody cares much about that nowadays); it is demonstrably inefficient and in an age of advanced technology, inefficiency is the sin against the Holy Ghost. A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and school teachers. But their methods are still crude and unscientific. The old Jesuits’ boast that, if they were given the schooling of the child, they could answer for the man’s religious opinions, was a product of wishful thinking. And the modern pedagogue is probably rather less efficient at conditioning his pupils’ reflexes than were the reverend fathers who educated Voltaire. The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects, by lowering what Mr. Churchill calls an “iron curtain” between the masses and such facts or arguments as the local political bosses regard as undesirable, totalitarian propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively than they could have done by the most eloquent denunciations, the most compelling of logical rebuttals. But silence is not enough. If persecution, liquidation and the other symptoms of social friction are to be avoided, the positive sides of propaganda must be made as effective as the negative. The most important Manhattan Projects of the future will be vast government-sponsored enquiries into what the politicians and the participating scientists will call “the problem of happiness”—in other words, the problem of making people love their servitude. Without economic security, the love of servitude cannot possibly come into existence; for the sake of brevity, I assume that the all-powerful executive and its managers will succeed in solving the problem of permanent security. But security tends very quickly to be taken for granted. Its achievement is merely a superficial, external revolution. The love of servitude cannot be established except as the result of a deep, personal revolution in human minds and bodies. To bring about that revolution we require, among others, the following discoveries and inventions. First, a greatly improved technique of suggestion—through infant conditioning and, later, with the aid of drugs, such as scopolamine. Second, a fully developed science of human differences, enabling government managers to assign any given individual to his or her proper place in the social and economic hierarchy. (Round pegs in square holes tend to have dangerous thoughts about the social system and to infect others with their discontents.) Third (since reality, however utopian, is something from which people feel the need of taking pretty frequent holidays), a substitute for alcohol and the other narcotics, something at once less harmful and more pleasure-giving than gin or heroin. And fourth (but this would be a long-term project, which it would take generations of totalitarian control to bring to a successful conclusion) a foolproof system of eugenics, designed to standardize the human product and so to facilitate the task of the managers. In Brave New World this standardization of the human product has been pushed to fantastic, though not perhaps impossible, extremes. Technically and ideologically we are still a long way from bottled babies and Bokanovsky groups of semi-morons. But by A.F. 600, who knows what may not be happening? Meanwhile the other characteristic features of that happier and more stable world—the equivalents of soma and hypnopaedia and the scientific caste system—are probably not more than three or four generations away. Nor does the sexual promiscuity of Brave New World seem so very distant. [Let me remind you this was written in 1946.] There are already certain American cities in which the number of divorces is equal to the number of marriages. In a few years, no doubt, marriage 92

licenses will be sold like dog licenses, good for a period of twelve months, with no law against changing dogs or keeping more than one animal at a time. As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase. And the dictator (unless he needs cannon fodder and families with which to colonize empty or conquered territories) will do well to encourage that freedom. In conjunction with the freedom to daydream under the influence of dope and movies and the radio, it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate. All things considered it looks as though Utopia were far closer to us than anyone, only fifteen years ago, could have imagined. Then, I projected it six hundred years into the future. Today it seems quite possible that the horror may be upon us within a single century. That is, if we refrain from blowing ourselves to smithereens in the interval. Indeed, unless we choose to decentralize and to use applied science, not as the end to which human beings are to be made the means, but as the means to producing a race of free individuals, we have only two alternatives to choose from: either a number of national, militarized totalitarianisms, having as their root the terror of the atomic bomb and as their consequence the destruction of civilization (or, if the warfare is limited, the perpetuation of militarism); or else one supra-national totalitarianism, called into existence by the social chaos resulting from rapid technological progress in general and the atomic revolution in particular, and developing, under the need for efficiency and stability, into the welfare-tyranny of Utopia. You pays your money and you takes your choice. [End quoting.] Mark Twain in The Mysterious Stranger writes, “And what does it amount to?” said Satan, with his evil chuckle. “Nothing at all. You gain nothing: you always come out where you went in. For a million years the race has gone on monotonously propagating itself and monotonously reperforming this dull nonsense to what end? No wisdom can guess! Who gets a profit out of it? Nobody but a parcel of usurping little monarchs and nobilities who despise you; would feel defiled if you touched them; would shut the door in your face if you proposed to call; whom you slave for, fight for, die for, and are not ashamed of it, but proud; whose existence is a perpetual insult to you and you are afraid to resent it; who are mendicants supported by your alms, yet assume toward you the airs of benefactor toward beggar; who address you in the language of master toward slave, and are answered in the language of slave toward master; who are worshipped by you with your mouth, while in your heart if you have one you despise yourselves for it. The first man was a hypocrite and a coward, qualities which have not failed yet in his line; it is the foundation upon which all civilizations have been built.” In a lecture titled The Population Explosion, delivered at Santa Barbara, Calif. in 1959, Aldous Huxley said, [quoting:] Today I want to pass on to what is happening to the human species and to think a little about what our philosophy and our ethical outlook on the subject should be. This lecture is essentially about human numbers and their relation to human well-being and human values in general. Needless to say, any accurate estimation of human numbers is very recent, but we can extrapolate into the past and come to what seem to be fairly good conclusions. Although there are some fairly wide margins of difference among the experts, the numbers they come to are roughly in agreement. They agree that in preagriculatural days, for example in the lower Palaeolithic times, when man was a food-gathering creature, there were probably not more than twenty million humans on this whole planet. In later Palaeolithic times, after organized hunting had been invented, the number probably doubled. We can make a rough estimate 93

of what an organized hunting people could do because we know how many Indians were present in North America when the white man arrived—not more than one million in the entire North American continent east of the Rockies—and this gives one an indication of the extremely low density of population possible in a hunting economy. The Great Revolution came about 6000 B.C. with the invention of agriculture, and the creation of cities in the next millennia. By about 1000 B.C., after five thousand years of agriculture, there were probably about one hundred million people in the world. By the beginning of the Christian era, this figure had a little more than doubled: it was somewhere between two hundred million and two hundred and fifty million—less than half the present population of China. The population increased very gradually in the following years; sometimes there were long periods of standstill and sometimes there were even periods of decrease, as in the years immediately following 1348, when the Black Death killed off 30 percent of the population of Europe and nobody knows how much of the population of Asia. By the time the Pilgrim fathers arrived in this country, it is estimated that the population of the world was about twice what it had been on the first Christmas Day—that is to say, it had doubled in sixteen hundred years, an extremely slow rate of increase. But from that time on, from the middle of the seventeenth century, with the beginnings of the industrial revolution and the first importation of food from the newly developed lands of the New World, population began rising far more rapidly than it had ever risen before. By the time the Declaration of Independence was signed, the figure for the human population of the world was probably around seven hundred million; it must have passed the billion mark fairly early in the nineteenth century and stood at about fourteen hundred million around the time when I was born in the 1890s. The striking fact is that since that time the population of the planet has doubled again. It has gone from fourteen hundred million, which is already twice what it was at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, to twenty-eight hundred million. And the rate of increase now is such that it will probably double again in rather less than fifty years. Thus the rates of increase have been increasing along with the absolute increase in numbers. [Please remember, this was written in 1959. The world’s current population is rapidly approaching the 7 Billion figure—those are not “official” numbers, however.] Still quoting Huxley: Let us now ask ourselves what the practical alternatives are as we confront this problem of population growth. One alternative is to do nothing in particular about it and just let things go on as they are, but the consequences of that course are quite clear: the problem will be solved by nature in the way that nature always solves problems of over-population. When any animal population tends (a) to starve and (b) to suffer from severe epidemic and epizootic diseases. In the human population, we can envisage that the natural check on the unlimited growth of population will be precisely this: there will be pestilence, famine, and, since we are human beings and not animals, there will be organized warfare, which will bring the numbers down to what the Earth can carry. What nature teaches us is that it is extraordinarily dangerous to upset any of its fundamental balances, and we are in the process of upsetting a fundamental balance in the most alarming and drastic manner. The question is: Are we going to restore the balance in the natural 94

way, which is a brutal and entirely anti-human way, or are we going to restore it in some intelligent, rational, and humane way? If we leave matters as they are, nature will certainly solve the problem in her way and not in ours. Another alternative is to increase industrial and agricultural production so that they can catch up with the increase in population. This solution, however, would be extremely like what happens to Alice in Through The Looking Glass. You remember that Alice and the Red Queen are running a tremendous race. To Alice’s astonishment, when they have run until they are completely out of breath they are in exactly the same place, and Alice says, ‘Well, in our’d generally get to somewhere else—if you ran very fast for a long time as we’ve been doing.’ ‘A slow sort of country!’ says the Queen. ‘Now here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!’ This is a cosmic parable of the extremely tragic situation in which we now find ourselves. We have to work, to put forth an enormous effort, just to stand where we are; and where we are is in a most undesirable position because, as the most recent figures issued by the United Nations indicate, something like two-thirds of the human race now lives on a diet of two thousand calories or less per day, which—the ideal being in the neighborhood of three thousand—is definitely a diet of undernourishment. [End quoting.] Further into the speech, quoting Huxley again: The third alternative is to try to increase production as much as possible and at the same time to try to reestablish the balance between the birth rate and the death rate by means less gruesome than those which are used in nature—by intelligent and humane methods. In this connection it is interesting to note that the idea of limiting the growth of populations is by no means new. In a great many primitive societies, and even in many of the highly civilized societies of antiquity, where local over-population was a menace, although less fearful than the natural means. The most common was infanticide—killing or exposing by leaving out on the mountain unwanted children, or children of the wrong sex, or children who happened to be born with some slight deficiency or other. Abortion was also very common. And there were many societies in which strict religious injunctions imposed long periods of sexual continence between the birth of each child. But in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries various methods of birth control less fearful in nature have been devised, and it is in fact theoretically conceivable that such methods might be applied throughout the whole world. What is theoretically possible, however, is often practically almost impossible. There are colossal difficulties in the way of implementing any large-scale policy of limitation of population; whereas death control is extremely easy under modern circumstances, birth control is extremely difficult. The reason is very simple: death control—the control, for example, of infectious diseases—can be accomplished by a handful of experts and quite a small labour force of unskilled persons and requires a very small capital expenditure. [End quoting.] Again, Huxley, “The problem of control of the birth rate is infinitely complex. It is not merely a problem of medicine, in chemistry, in biochemistry, in physiology; it is also a problem in sociology, in psychology, in theology, and in education. It has to be attacked on about ten different fronts simultaneously if there is to 95

be any hope of solving it.” And, continuing later in Huxley’s speech, “Merely from a technical and temporal point of view, we are obviously in a very tight spot. But we have also to consider the political point of view. There would undoubtedly have to be either world-wide agreement or regional agreements on a general population policy in order to have any satisfactory control of the situation at all. But there is absolutely no prospect at the present time of our getting any such political agreement.” Huxley continues, “Now we have to ask ourselves what our attitude should be towards these problems. We come to the other end of the bridge. We pass from the world of facts to the world of values. What we think about all this depends entirely on what we regard as the end and purpose of human life. If we believe the end and purpose of human life is to foster power politics and nationalism, then we shall probably need a great deal of cannon fodder, although even this proposition becomes rather dubious in the light of nuclear warfare. But if, as I think most of us would agree, the end of human life is to realize individual potentialities to their limits and in the best way possible, and to create a society which makes possible such a realization and philosophical way about the population problem. We see that in very many cases the effort to raise human quality is being thwarted by the mere increase of human quantity, that quality is very often incompatible with quantity. We have seen that mere quantity makes the educational potentialities of the world unrealizable. We have seen that the pressure of enormous numbers upon resources makes it almost impossible to improve the material standards of life, which after all have to raise to a minimum if any of the higher possibilities are to be realized: although it is quite true that man cannot live by bread alone, still less can he live without bread, and if we simply cannot provide adequate bread, we cannot provide anything else. Only when he has bread, only when his belly is full, is there some hope of something else emerging from the human situation. “Then there is the political problem. It is quite clear that as population presses more and more heavily upon resources, the economic situation tends to become more and more precarious. As there is a tendency in precarious situations for centralized government to assume more and more control, there is therefore now a tendency towards totalitarian forms of government, which certainly we in the West find very undesirable. But when you ask whether democracy is possible in a population where two-thirds of the people are living on two thousand calories a day, and one-third is living on over three thousand, the answer is no, because the people living on less than two thousand calories will simply not have enough energy to participate in the political life of the country, and so they will be governed by the well-fed and energetic. Again, quantity militates against quality.” And later, “Finally, the unlimited increase in human numbers practically guarantees that our planetary resources will be destroyed and that within a hundred or two hundred years an immensely hypertrophied human species will have become a kind of cancer on this planet and will ruin the quasi-organism on which it lives. It is a most depressing forecast and possibility. “I think one can say from this last point that the problem of quality and quantity is really a religious problem. For, after all, what is religion but a preoccupation with the destiny of the individual and with the destiny of society and the race at large? This is summed up very clearly in the Gospel when we are told that the Kingdom of God is within us but at the same time it is our business to contribute to the founding of the Kingdom of God upon Earth. We cannot neglect either of these two aspects of human destiny. For if we 96

neglect the general, quantitative, population aspect of destiny, we condemn ourselves, or certainly our children and grandchildren, as individuals. We condemn them to the kind of life which we should find intolerable and which presumably they will find intolerable too. “There are no certain theological objections to population limitation. Most religious organizations in the world today, both within and outside the Christian pale, accept it. But the Roman Catholic church does not accept any method of population control except that which was promulgated and made permissible in 1932—the so-called rhythm method. Unfortunately, where the rhythm method has been tried on a considerable scale in an undeveloped country such as India, it has not been found to be very effective. The fact that the Church recognizes this problem was brought home very clearly in 1954 at the time of the first United Nations Population Congress, which took place in Rome, when the late Pope, in an allocution to the delegates, made it quite clear that the problem of population was a very grave one which he recommended to the consideration of the faithful.” And later, “We can conclude, then, by saying that over-population is quite clearly one of the gravest problems which confront us, and the choice before us is either to let the problem be solved by nature in the most horrifying possible way or else to find some intelligent and humane method of solving it, simultaneously increasing production and balancing the birth rate and the death rate, and in some way or other forming an agreed international policy on the subject. To my mind, the most important prerequisites to such a solution are first of all an awareness of the problem, and then a realization that it is a profoundly religious problem, a problem of human destiny. Our hope, as always, is to be realistically idealistic.” LETTER TO U.N. SECRETARY GENERAL U THANT August 30, 1965—My Dear Mr. Secretary General: The United States Government recognizes the singular importance of the meeting of the second United Nations World Population Conference and pledges its full support to your great undertaking. As I said to the United Nations in San Francisco, we must now begin to face forth-rightly the multiplying problems of our multiplying population. Our government assures your conference of our wholehearted support to the United Nations and its agencies in their efforts to achieve a better world through bringing into balance the world’s resources and the world’s population. In extending my best wishes for the success of your conference, it is my fervent hope that your great assemblage of population experts will contribute significantly to the knowledge necessary to solve this transcendent problem. Second only to the search for peace, it is humanity’s greatest challenge. This week, the meeting in Belgrade carries with it the hopes of mankind. Sincerely, Lyndon B. Johnson [President] POPE PAUL VI HUMANAE VITAE (1968) [Quoting:] The changes which have taken place are in fact noteworthy and of varied kind. In the first 97

place, there is the rapid demographic development. Fear is shown by many that world population is growing more rapidly than the available resources, with growing distress to many families and developing countries, so that the temptation for authorities to counter this danger with radical measures is great. Moreover, working and lodging conditions, as well as increased exigencies both in the economic field and in that of education, often make the proper education of an elevated number of children difficult today. This new state of things gives rise to new questions. Granted the conditions of life today, and granted the meaning which conjugal relations have with respect to the harmony between husband and wife and to their mutual fidelity, would not a revision of the ethical norms in force up to now seem to be advisable, especially when it is considered that they cannot be observed without sacrifices, sometimes heroic sacrifices? ...conjugal love requires in husband and wife an awareness of their mission of “responsible parenthood,” which today is rightly much insisted upon, and which also must be exactly understood. Consequently it is to be considered under different aspects which are legitimate and connected with one another. In relation to the biological processes, responsible parenthood means the knowledge and respect of their functions; human intellect discovers in the power of giving life biological laws which are part of the human person. In relation to the tendencies of instinct or passion, responsible parenthood means that necessary dominion which reason and will must exercise over them. In relation to physical, economic, psychological and social conditions, responsible parenthood is exercised, either by the deliberate and generous decision to raise a numerous family, or by the decision, made for grave motives and with due respect for the moral law, to avoid for the time being, or even for an indeterminate period, a new birth. These acts, by which husband and wife are united in chaste intimacy and by means of which human life is transmitted, are, as the council recalled, “noble and worthy” and they do not cease to be lawful if, for causes independent of the will of husband and wife, they are foreseen to be infecund, since they always remain ordained toward expressing and consolidating their union. In fact, as experience bears witness, not every conjugal act is followed by a new life. God has wisely disposed natural laws and rhythms of fecundity which, of themselves, cause a separation in the succession of births. Nonetheless the church, calling men back to the observance of the norms of the natural law, as interpreted by her constant doctrine, teaches that each and every marriage act (“quilibet matrimonii usus,”) must remain open to the transmission of life. In conformity with these landmarks in the human and Christian vision of marriage, we must once again declare that the direct interruption of the generative process already begun, and, above all, directly willed and procured abortion, even if for therapeutic reasons, are to be absolutely excluded as licit means of regulating birth. Equally to be excluded, as the teaching authority of the church has frequently declared, is direct sterilization, whether perpetual or temporary, whether of the man or of the woman. Similarly excluded is every action which, either in anticipation of the conjugal act or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible. 98

To rulers, who are those principally responsible for the common good, and who can do so much to safeguard moral customs, we say: Do not allow the morality of your peoples to be degraded; do not permit that by legal means practices contrary to the natural and divine law be introduced into that fundamental cell, the family. Quite other is the way in which public authorities can and must contribute to the solution of the demographic problem: namely, the way of a provident policy for the family, of a wise education of peoples in respect of the moral law and the liberty of citizens. We are well aware of the serious difficulties experienced by public authorities in this regard, especially in the developing countries. To their legitimate preoccupations we devoted our encyclical letter “Populorum Progressio.” But, with our predecessor Pope John XXIII, we repeat: No solution to these difficulties is acceptable “which does violence to man’s essential dignity” and is based only “on an utterly materialistic conception of man himself and of his life.” The only possible solution to this question is one which envisages the social and economic progress both of individuals and of the whole of human society, and which respects and promotes true human values. Neither can one, without grave injustice, consider Divine Providence to be responsible for what depends, instead, on a lack of wisdom in government, on an insufficient sense of social justice, on selfish monopolization or again on blameworthy indolence in confronting the efforts and the sacrifices necessary to insure the raising of living standards of a people and of all its sons. Paulus PP.VI. U THANT “I do not wish to seem over dramatic, but I can only conclude from the information that is available to me as Secretary-General, that the Members of the United Nations have perhaps ten years left in which to subordinate their ancient quarrels and launch a global partnership to curb the arms race, to improve the human environment, to defuse the population explosion, and to supply the required momentum to development efforts. If such a global partnership is not forged within the next decade, then I very much fear that the problems I have mentioned will have reached such staggering proportions that they will be beyond our capacity to control.” U Thant, 1969. UNITED NATIONS WORLD POPULATION CONFERENCE (1974) Resolutions and Recommendations [Quoting:] The World Population Conference, having due regard for human aspirations for a better quality of life and for rapid socioeconomic development, and taking into consideration the interrelationship between population situations and socioeconomic development, decides on the following World Population Plan of Action as a policy instrument within the broader context of the internationally adopted strategies for national and international progress. POPULATION GOALS AND POLICIES Recommendations for Action 99

Population growth: According to the United Nations medium population projections, little change is expected to occur in average rates of population growth either in the developed or in the developing regions by 1985. According to the United Nations low variant projections, it is estimated that as a result of social and economic development and population policies as reported by countries in the Second United Nations Inquiry on Population and Development, population growth rates in the developing countries as a whole may decline from the present level of 2.4 percent per annum to about 2 percent by 1985; and below 0.7 percent per annum in the developed countries. In this case the world-wide rate of population growth would decline from 2 percent to about 1.7 percent. Countries which consider that their present or expected rates of population growth hamper their goals of promoting human welfare are invited, if they have not yet done so, to consider adopting population policies, within the framework of socioeconomic development, which are consistent with basic human rights and national goals and values. Countries which aim at achieving moderate or low population growth should try to achieve it through a low level of birth and death rates. Countries wishing to increase their rate of population growth should, when mortality is high, concentrate efforts on the reduction of mortality, and where appropriate, encourage an increase in fertility and encourage immigration. Recognizing that per capita use of world resources is much higher in the developed than in the developing countries, the developed countries are urged to adopt appropriate policies in population, consumption and investment, bearing in mind the need for fundamental improvement in international equity. Consistent with the Proclamation of the International Conference on Human Rights, the Declaration of Social Progress and Development, the relevant targets of the Second United Nations Development Decade and the other international instruments on the subject, it is recommended that all countries: (a) Respect and ensure, regardless of their over-all demographic goals, the right of persons to determine, in a free, informed and responsible manner, the number and spacing of their children; (b) Encourage appropriate education concerning responsible parenthood and make available to persons who so desire advice and means of achieving it; (c) Ensure that family planning, medical and related social services aim not only at the prevention of unwanted pregnancies but also at elimination of involuntary sterility and subfecundity in order that all couples may be permitted to achieve their desired number of children, and that child adoption be facilitated; (d) Seek to ensure the continued possibility of variations in family size when a low fertility level has been established or is a policy objective; (e) Make use, wherever needed and appropriate, of adequately trained professional and auxiliary health personnel, rural extension, home economics and social workers, and non-governmental channels, to help provide family planning services and to advise users of contraceptives; 100

(f) Increase their health manpower and health facilities to an effective level, redistribute functions among the different levels of professional and auxiliaries in order to overcome the shortage of qualified personnel and establish an effective system of supervision in their health and family planning services; (g) Ensure that information about, and education in, family planning and other matters which affect fertility are based on valid and proven scientific knowledge, and include a full account of any risk that may be involved in the use or non-use of contraceptives. It is recommended that countries wishing to affect fertility levels give priority to implementing development programs and educational and health strategies which, while contributing to economic growth and higher standards of living, have a decisive impact upon demographic trends, including fertility. International cooperation is called for to give priority to assisting such national efforts in order that these programs and strategies be carried into effect. While recognizing the diversity of social, cultural, political and economic conditions among countries and regions, it is nevertheless agreed that the following development goals generally have an effect on the socioeconomic context of reproductive decisions that tends to moderate fertility levels: (a) The reduction of infant and child mortality, particularly by means of improved nutrition, sanitation, maternal and child health care, and maternal education; (b) The full integration of women into the development process, particularly by means of their greater participation in educational, social, economic and political opportunities, and especially by means of the removal of obstacles to their employment in the non-agricultural sector wherever possible. In this context, national laws and policies, as well as relevant international recommendations, should be reviewed in order to eliminate discrimination in, and remove obstacles to, the education, training, employment and career advancement opportunities for women; (c) The promotion of social justice, social mobility, and social development particularly by means of a wide participation of the population in development and a more equitable distribution of income, land, social services and amenities; (d) The promotion of wide educational opportunities for the young of both sexes, and the extension of public forms of preschool education for the rising generation; (e) The elimination of child labour and child abuse and the establishment of social security and old age benefits; (f) The establishment of an appropriate lower limit for age at marriage. The projections of future declines in rates of population growth, and those concerning increased expectation of life, are consistent with declines in the birth rate of the developing countries as a whole from the present level of 38 per thousand to 30 per thousand by 1985; in these projections, birth rates in the developed countries remain in the region of 15 per thousand. To achieve by 1985 these levels of fertility 101

would require substantial national efforts, by those countries concerned, in the field of socioeconomic development and population policies, supported, upon request, by adequate international assistance. Such efforts would also be required to achieve the increase in expectation of life. In the light of the principles of this Plan of Action, countries which consider their birth rates detrimental to their national purposes are invited to consider setting quantitative goals and implementing policies that may lead to the attainment of such goals by 1985. Nothing herein should interfere with the sovereignty of any Government to adopt or not to adopt such quantitative goals. [End quoting.] JIMMY CARTER’S MESSAGE TO CONGRESS MAY 23, 1977 World Population [Quoting:] Rapid population growth is a major environmental problem of world dimensions. World population increased from three to four billion in the last 15 years, substantially cancelling out expansion in world food production and economic growth of the same period. Without controlling the growth of population, the prospects for enough food, shelter, and other basic needs for all the world’s people are dim. Where existence is already poor and precarious, efforts to obtain the necessities of life often degrade the environment for generations to come. It is, of course, up to each nation to determine its own policies, but we are prepared to respond promptly and fully to all requests for assistance in population and health care programs. At my direction, the Department of State and the Agency for International Development stand ready to cooperate through international organizations, through private voluntary organizations, or through direct contacts with other governments. [End quoting.]

CONSIDER THIS On page 65 of Population: Opposing Viewpoints, we read, [quoting:] According to the United Nations, which follows these things closely, some 5.3 billion people enlivened our planet by 1990. By November 1992, that number will have increased to 5.5 billion, an addition nearly equal to the population of the United States. Or course no one, including the UN, has a reliable crystal ball that reveals precisely how human numbers will change. Still, people have to plan for the future, and so the UN’s analysts and computers have been busy figuring what might happen. One possibility they consider is that future world fertility rates will remain what they were in 1990. The consequences of this, with accompanying small declines in death rates, are startling. By 2025, when my now-16-year-old daughter will have finished having whatever children she will have, the world would have 11 billion people, double its number today. Another doubling would take only a bit more than 25 years, as the faster-growing segments of the population become a larger proportion of the total. At my daughter’s centennial, in 2076, the human population would have more than doubled again, passing 46 billion. By 2150 there would be 694,213,000,000 of us, a little over 125 times our present population. [End quoting.] 102

PRINCE PHILIP OF GREAT BRITAIN On March 30, 1990, The Washington Post reported Prince Philip as making the following statement: “We are constantly being reminded of the plight of the poor, the hungry, the homeless and the diseased. What does not make the headlines is that even if the proportion of those unfortunate people remains the same in relation to the total population, their number is bound to increase as the size of the population as a whole increases...The best hope of limiting the increase in the number of such people would be if the world population could be stabilized.”



DEPOPULATION OF A PLANET PART II: WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE WILL HURT YOU! by Rick Martin 11/22/95 IF YOU THOUGHT IT WAS BAD.. IT’S WORSE THAN YOU THINK! Editor’s Note: Part I of Rick’s well-researched series on the depopulation of our planet by the crooks in power appeared in last week’s CONTACT [Nov. 28, 1995] on the Front Page. We continue with the discussion here. Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., in a chapter titled Human Survival: A Psycho-Evolutionary Analysis appearing in the book, Human Survival & Consciousness Evolution, writes [quoting:] The great experiment in consciousness, human evolution, now stands at a precipice of its own making. The same consciousness which struggled for millions of years to ensure human survival is now on the verge of depleting its planet’s resources, rendering its environment uninhabitable, and fashioning the instruments of its own self-annihilation. Can this consciousness (we) develop the wisdom not to do these things? Can we foster sufficient self-understanding to reduce our destructiveness, and mature rapidly enough to carry us through this evolutionary crisis? These are surely the most crucial questions of our time, or of any time. Today we face a global threat of malnutrition, overpopulation, lack of resources, pollution, a disturbed ecology, and nuclear weapons. At the present time, from fifteen to twenty million of us die each year of malnutrition and related causes; another six hundred million are chronically hungry and billions live in poverty without adequate shelter, education, or medical care (Brandt, 1980; Presidential Commission on World Hunger, 1979). The situation is exacerbated by an exploding population that adds another billion people every thirteen years, depletes natural resources at an ever-accelerating rate, affects “virtually every aspect of the Earth’s ecosystem (including) perhaps the most serious environmental accelerating deterioration and loss of the resources essential for agriculture” (Council on Environmental Quality, 1979). Desertification, pollution, acid rain, and greenhouse warming are among the more obvious effects. Overshadowing all this hangs the nuclear threat, the equivalent of some twenty billion tons of TNT (enough to fill a freight train four million miles long), controlled by hair-trigger warning systems, and creating highly radioactive wastes for which no permanent storage sites exist, consuming over $660 billion each year in military expenditure, and threatening global suicide (Schell, 1982; Sivard, 1983; Walsh, 1984). By way of comparison, the total amount of TNT dropped in World War II was only three million tons (less than a single large nuclear warhead). The Presidential Commission on World Hunger (1979) estimated that $6 billion per year, or some four days’ worth of military expenditures, could eradicate world starvation. While not denying the role of political, economic, and military forces in our society, the crucial fact about these global crises is that all of them have psychological origins. Our own behavior has created these threats, and, thus, psychological approaches may be essential to understanding and reversing them. And to the extent that these threats are determined by psychological forces within us and between us, they are actually 104

symptoms—symptoms for our individual and collective state of mind. These global symptoms reflect and express the faulty beliefs and perceptions, fears and fantasies, defenses and denials, that shape and misshape our individual and collective behavior. The state of the world reflects our state of mind; our collective crises mirror our collective consciousness. [End quoting.] In the book titled Population—Opposing Viewpoints is a chapter written by Jacques-Yves Cousteau which first appeared in the Nov. 1992 edition of Populi. In this article, Cousteau writes, [quoting:]

MALTHUS’ PREDICTION HAS COME TRUE What is happening now is a consequence of the exponential nature of population growth while available resources obey a linear progression and are ultimately limited, as the British economist Thomas Robert Malthus prophesied almost 200 years ago. The warnings were repeated by the Club of Rome after World War II, and substantiated by Norman Borlaug, father of the Green Revolution; in his acceptance speech of the Nobel Prize in Stockholm, addressed to the leaders of the world, he insisted that they had only 30 years to harness the demographic threat. Twenty years have passed since, Borlaug told me, and not only have the leaders taken no action whatsoever, they have even avoided discussing the subject. Since then, the situation has worsened. [End quoting.] Again, Cousteau, [quoting:] SOLUTIONS MUST BE FOUND TO CURB POPULATION GROWTH If we want our precarious endeavor to succeed, we must convince all human beings to participate in our adventure, and we must urgently find solutions to curb the population explosion that has a direct influence on the impoverishment of the less-favoured communities. Otherwise, generalized resentment will beget hatred, and the ugliest genocide imaginable, involving billions of people, will become unavoidable. We must have the courage to face the situation: either the leaders of the world, having participated in the Rio Conference, understand that what is at stake is literally to save the human species, and accept the need to take drastic, unconventional, unpopular decisions, or the impending disaster dreaded by the British and American scientific academies will precipitate. [End quoting.] Cousteau concludes with: “Uncontrolled population growth and poverty must not be fought from inside, from Europe, from North America or any nation or group of nations; it must be attacked from the outside—by international agencies helped in the formidable job by competent and totally independent nongovernmental organizations. “A world policy inspired by eco-biology and eco-sociology is the only one capable of steering our perilous 105

course towards a golden age, and protecting cultural and biological diversity while proudly hoisting the colors of humankind.” CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE In the 1982 book, Higher Form Of Killing—The Secret Story Of Chemical And Biological Warfare [Hill and Wang Publishers, 19 Union Square West, New York 10003—to order, call 800-788-6262], which is a research masterpiece, Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman write, [quoting:] In no future war will the military be able to ignore poison gas. It is a higher form of killing. [Professor Fritz Haber, pioneer of gas warfare, on receiving the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1919.] The world’s oldest chemical warfare installation occupies 7,000 gently rolling acres of countryside on the southern edge of Salisbury Plain, known as Porton Down [England]. Over 700 men and women work there in labs and offices scattered through 200 buildings. There are police and fire stations, a hospital, a library, a branch of Lloyds Bank, a detailed archive with thousands of reports and photographs; there is even a cinema to screen the miles of film taken during experiments. They are the residue of more than six decades of research, generally at the forefront of contemporary scientific knowledge. Though there have been many political storms, and several attempts to close it down, Porton has survived them all—proof of the military’s enduring fascination with poison gases, even in a country which now officially has no chemical weapons. It was in January 1916 that the War Office compulsorily purchased an initial 3,000 acres of downland between the tiny villages of Porton and Idmiston, and began to clear a site for what was then known as the War Department Experimental Ground. [End quoting.] Later in the chapter, [quoting:] This was a crucial admission. No matter how loudly the British, or any other nation, renounced gas warfare in public, in secret they felt bound to give their scientists a free hand to go on devising the deadliest weapons they could, on the grounds that they had first to be invented, before counter-measures could be prepared. Porton Down made use of this logic between 1919 and 1939 to carry out a mass of offensive research, developing gas grenades and hand contamination bombs; a toxic air smoke bomb charged with a new arsenic code-named “DM” was tested; anti-tank weapons were produced; and Porton developed an aircraft spray tank capable of dispersing mustard gas from a height of 15,000 feet. At the same time the weapons of the First World War—the Livens projector, the mortar, the chemical shell and even the cylinder—were all modified and improved. [End quoting.] Several paragraphs later, “Mustard gas, ‘the King of Gases’, employed the most human volunteers. Just one experiment in 1924 involved forty men.” And, [quoting:] 106

In October 1929, “two subjects received copious applications of crude Mustard which practically covered the inner aspect of the forearm. After wiping the liquid mustard off roughly with a small tuft of grass the ointment (seven weeks old) was lightly rubbed with the fingers over the area...” This is just a random selection of the sort of work which was done in Britain. Similar research was being carried out throughout the world. Italy established a Servizio Chemico Militare in 1923 with an extensive proving ground in the north of the country. The main French chemical warfare installation was the Atelier de Pyrotechnie du Bouchet near Paris. The Japanese Navy began work on chemical weapons in 1923, and the Army followed suit in 1925. In Germany, despite the fact that Haber’s Kaiser Wilhelm Institute had been closed down in 1919, limited defensive work continued, later to form the basis of Germany’s offensive effort. And in 1924, the Military-Chemical Administration of the Red Army was established and Russian chemical troops were stationed at each provincial army headquarters. Chemical weapons were not merely researched and developed—they were used. At the beginning of 1919 the British employed the “M” device (which produced clouds of arsenic smoke) at Archangel when they intervened in the Russian Civil War, dropping the canisters from aeroplanes into the dense forests. The anti-Bolshevik White Army was equipped with British gas shells, and the Red army was also alleged to have used chemicals. Later in 1919, Foulkes was dispatched to India, and in August urged the War Office to use chemicals against the Afghans and rebellious tribesmen on the North-West Frontier: “Ignorance, lack of instruction and discipline and the absence of protection on the part of Afghans and tribesmen will undoubtedly enhance the casualty producing value of mustard gas in frontier fighting.” [Again, later in the chapter:] Finally, in May 1925, under the auspices of the League of Nations, a conference on the international arms trade was convened in Geneva. Led by the United States, the delegates agreed to try and tackle the problem of poison gas, “with”, as the Americans put it, “the hope of reducing the barbarity of modern warfare.” After a month of wrangling in legal and military committees—during which the Polish delegation farsightedly suggested that they also ban the use of germ weapons, then little more than a theory—the delegates came together on 17 June to sign what remains to this day the strongest legal constraint on chemical and biological warfare: The undersigned Plenipotentiaries, in the name of their respective Governments: Whereas the use of asphyxiating, poisonous or other gases, and of all analogous liquids, materials or devices, has been justly condemned by the general opinion of the civilized world; and Whereas the prohibition of such use has been declared in Treaties to which the majority of Powers of the world are Parties; and To the end that this prohibition shall be universally accepted as a part of International Law, binding alike the conscience and practice of nations; 107

Declare: That the High Contracting Parties, so far as they are not already Parties to Treaties prohibiting such use, accept this prohibition, agree to extend this prohibition to the use of bacteriological methods of warfare and agree to be bound as between themselves according to the terms of this declaration... Thirty-eight powers signed the Geneva Protocol, among them the United States, the British Empire, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada; the fledgling USSR did not attend. “The signing of the Geneva Protocol of 1925” as one expert has put it, “was the high-water mark of the hostility of public opinion towards chemical warfare.” Unfortunately, the anti-gas lobby had underestimated the strength of the interests ranged against them. Merely signing the Protocol was not enough to make it binding—individual governments had to ratify it. In many cases this meant a time lag of at least a year, and it was in this period that the supporters of chemical weapons struck back. The United States Chemical Warfare Service [CWS] launched a highly effective lobby. They enlisted the support of veterans’ associations and of the American Chemical Society (whose Executive declared that “the prohibition of chemical warfare meant the abandonment of humane methods for the old horrors of battle”). As has often happened since, the fight for chemical weapons was represented as a fight for general military preparedness. Senators joined the CWS campaign, among them the Chairman of the Committee on Military Affairs who opened his attack on ratification in the Senate debate with a reference to the 1922 Washington Treaty: “I think it is fair to say that in 1922 there was much of hysteria and much of misinformation concerning chemical warfare.” Other Senators rose to speak approvingly of resolutions which they had received attacking the Geneva Protocol—from the Association of Military Surgeons, the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, the Reserve Officers Association of the United States and the Military Order of the World War. Under such heavy fire, the State Department saw no alternative but to withdraw the Protocol, and reintroduce it at a more favorable moment. It was not to be until 1970, forty-five years after the Geneva conference, that the Protocol was again submitted to the Senate for ratification; it took another five years for this to be achieved. Japan followed America’s example and refused to ratify (they finally did so in May 1970). In Europe, the various countries eyed one another cautiously. France ratified first, in 1926. Two years later, in 1928, Italy followed suit and a fortnight after her, the Soviet Union declared that she, too, considered herself bound by the Protocol. Only after Germany ratified in 1929 did Britain feel able at last to accept the Protocol: on 9 April 1930, five years after the Conference, Britain at last fell into line. Many of the states which ratified the Protocol—including France, Great Britain and the USSR—did so only after adding two significant reservations: (1) that the agreement would not be considered binding unless the country they were fighting had also ratified the Protocol; (2) that if any other country attacked them using chemical or biological weapons, they reserved the right to reply in kind. [Later in the chapter:] This “defensive” work included “improvements to many First World War weapons, including gas shells, mortar bombs, the Livens Projector and toxic smoke generators” and the development of “apparatus for 108

mustard gas spray from aircraft, bombs of many types, airburst mustard gas shells, gas grenades and weapons for attacking tanks.” The various inventions were tested in north Wales, Scotland, and in installations scattered throughout the Empire, notably northern India, Australia and the Middle East. The commitment by most of the world’s governments never to initiate the use of poison gas did not stop research: it simply made the whole subject that much more sensitive, and thus more secret. In 1928, the Germans began to collaborate with the Russians in a series of top secret tests called “Project Tomka” at a site in the Soviet Union about twenty kilometers west of Volsk. For the next five years, around thirty German experts lived and worked alongside “a rather larger number of Soviet staff,” mainly engaged in testing mustard gas. The security measures surrounding Project Tomka “were such that any of its participants who spoke about it to outsiders risked capital punishment.” In Japan, experimental production of mustard gas was begun in 1928 at the Tandanoumi Arsenal. Six years later the Japanese were manufacturing a ton of Lewisite a week; by 1937 output had risen to two tons per day. Extensive testing—including trials in tropical conditions on Formosa in 1930—resulted in the development of a fearsome array of gas weapons: rockets able to deliver ten liters of agent up to two miles; devices for emitting a “gas fog”; flame throwers modified to hurl jets of hydrogen cyanide; mustard spray bombs which released streams of gas while gently floating to Earth attached to parachutes; remotelycontrolled contamination trailers capable of laying mustard in strips seven meters wide; and the “Masuka Dan”, a hand-carried anti-tank weapon loaded with a kilogram of hydrogen cyanide. [End quoting.] And then, “There is now little doubt that from 1937 onwards the Japanese made extensive use of poison gas in their war against the Chinese. In October 1937 China made a formal protest to the League of Nations.” And, two paragraphs later, “The Italians made use of chemicals in their invasion of Abyssinia in much the same way. In 1935 and 1936, 700 tons of gas were shipped out, most of it for use by the Italian air force. First came torpedo-shaped mustard bombs.” In a later chapter from A Higher Form Of Killing, comes [quoting:] The noise of fourteen thousand aeroplanes advancing in open order. But in the Kurfurstendamm and the Eight Arrondissement, the explosion of anthrax bombs is hardly louder than the popping of a paper bag. Aldous Huxley, Brave New World (1932). The history of chemical and biological warfare has thrown up some strange stories, but few are as bizarre as those which surround a small island off the north-west coast of Scotland. It lies in its own wellprotected bay, close to the fishing village of Aultbea—an outcrop of rock, well-covered with heather, three hundred feet high, one and a half miles long and a mile wide. It takes about twenty minutes to reach by fishing boat from Aultbea. As you draw closer it’s possible to make out the shapes of hundreds of sea birds nesting on its craggy shore-line. Their calls are the only sounds which break the silence. Once upon a time the island is said to have supported eleven families. Today, the only sign of human habitation is the ruin of a crofter’s cottage. 109

This utterly abandoned island is Gruinard. Thanks to a series of secret wartime experiments—the full details of which are still classified—no one is allowed to live, or even land here. [End quoting.] Again, later in the chapter, “Anthrax had long been considered the most practicable filling for a biological weapon. A decade earlier, Aldous Huxley had predicted a war involving anthrax bombs. Even before that, in 1925, Winston Churchill wrote of ‘pestilences methodically prepared and deliberately launched upon man and beast...’ Blight to destroy crops, Anthrax to slay horses and cattle, Plague to poison not armies only but whole districts—such are the lines alone which military science is remorselessly advancing.” From the same chapter, [quoting:] In July 1942 the Chinese allegations were passed on to Winston Churchill. Two days later he had them placed on the agenda of the Pacific War Council. The growing alarm in London and Washington that the Japanese were on the verge of initiating biological warfare gave an added urgency to the first anthrax bomb tests on Gruinard that summer. Up to then the Allied germ warfare effort had lagged significantly behind the Japanese, but from 1942 onwards the AngloAmerican biological programme began to vie with the Manhattan Project for top development priority. The British biological warfare project was born on 12 February 1934 at a meeting of the Chiefs of Staff. For two years, a Disarmament Conference in Geneva had been discussing means of finally ridding the world of chemical weapons. Germ warfare had also been included, and in view of this, Sir Maurice Hankey told the Service Chiefs, he “was wondering whether it might not be right to consider the possibilities and potentialities of this form of war.” [End quoting.] From the same chapter, “In October the CID approved, and Hankey became Chairman of the newlycreated Microbiological Warfare Committee. “In March 1937 the Committee submitted its first report, specifically on plague, anthrax and foot-andmouth disease. Though they concluded that ‘for the time being...the practical difficulties of introducing bacteria into this country on a large scale were such as to render an attempt unlikely’ they urged that stocks of serum be built up to meet any potential threat. From 1937 to 1940, Britain began to stockpile vaccines, fungicides and insecticides against biological attack. “In April 1938 the Committee produced a second report, and in June Hanley circulated ‘Proposals for an Emergency Bacteriological Service to operate in War’: the emphasis was on defense, the tone still lowkey.” Winston Churchill in a “Most Secret” minute to the Chiefs of Staff. 6 July 1944: “ may be several weeks or even months before I shall ask you to drench Germany with poison gas, and if we do it, let us do it one hundred percent. In the meanwhile, I want the matter studied in cold blood by sensible people and not by the particular set of psalm-singing uniformed defeatists which one runs across now here now there.” 110

Again from A Higher Form Of Killing, “At the end of the war, the British alone had manufactured 70 million gas masks, 40 million tins of anti-gas ointment and stockpiled 40,000 tons of bleach for decontamination; 10 million leaflets had been prepared for immediate distribution in the event of a chemical attack, and by a long-standing arrangement the BBC would have interrupted programmes with specially prepared gas warnings. Contingency planning ran down to the smallest details.” Later in the same chapter, “On Christmas Eve 1949, Moscow Radio announced that twelve Japanese prisoners of war were to be charged with waging biological warfare in China. The Russians claimed that the Japanese had been producing vast quantities of bacteria, and had planned to wage biological warfare against the Allies. The allegations became more specific the next week. Three days later Moscow Radio claimed that Detachment 731 of the Kwantung Army had used prisoners of war for horrific biological warfare experiments, and then, the following day, that one of the prisoners had confessed to his interrogators that the unit had been established on the orders of the Emperor himself. On 29 December Pravda came to the point. The United States was protecting other Japanese war criminals, and engaging in biological warfare research herself.” Later still, [quoting:] In the early days after the Second World War it was extremely difficult for the British or Americans to check many of the astonishing claims they came upon in the captured German files. They concluded, however, that there was more than adequate evidence that the Soviet Union had been, and was still, engaged in some form of biological warfare research. Although little was known of the nature of contemporary work, it was thought that the Russians maintained some six sites for biological warfare research, most of them in the Urals. The British and Americans recognized that their intelligence was inadequate. But the evidence was judged more than sufficient to justify continuing similar work in the west. When they came to assess the vulnerability of the United Kingdom to a potential germ attack they discovered that London, containing over 12 percent of the population, was only 500 miles from airbases in Soviet-occupied eastern Germany. When the Joint Technical Warfare committee assessed how easy a retaliatory strike with biological weapons might be, they realized that the civilian targets against which bacterial devices would be most effective were dispersed across the huge expanse of the Soviet Union. Even using British Empire airbases in Nicosia (Cyprus) and Peshawar (India), there was only one Soviet city of more than 100,000 population within 500 miles range, and only thirty-five such centers of population within 1,000 miles range. Clearly, at the very least, there should be a major research programme aimed at developing some defense. Intelligence, it was freely admitted, was inadequate. But no such reticence found its ways into the stories which began appearing in the press, [a headline:]

RUSSIA REPORTED PRODUCING ‘DISEASE AGENTS’ FOR WAR In eight “military bacterial stations”, one of them on a ghost ship in the Arctic Ocean, the Soviet Union is mass-producing enormous quantities of “disease agents” for aggressive use against the soldiers and civil111

ians of the free world. In particular, the Red Army is stockpiling two specific “biological weapons”, with which it expects to strike a strategic blow and win any future war decisively, even before it gets started officially. [End quoting.] Jumping several paragraphs later, “There seems little doubt that the Soviet Union did conduct extensive research into germ warfare in the late 1930s and early 1940s. It was felt legitimate to conclude that such research was unlikely to have stopped at some arbitrary point after the Second World War. But firm intelligence to suggest the nature of the work was notably lacking. “For most of the post-war years military microbiologists developed ‘retaliatory’ germ weapons against threats they did not know to exist, and then attempted to develop defenses not against the weapons of a potential future enemy, but against the diseases they themselves had refined.” Again, later, [quoting:] Certainly during the 1950s, the Russians were expecting chemical and biological weapons to be used against them by the West. In 1956 Marshall Zhukov told the Twentieth Party Congress: “Future war, if they unleash it, will be characterized by the massive use of air-forces, various rocket weapons, and various means of mass destruction, such as atomic, thermonuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons.” Zhukov did not say that the Soviet Union planned to use these weapons herself. By 1960 the head of US Army Research was telling a Congressional inquiry: “We know that the Soviets are putting a high priority on the development of lethal and non-lethal weapons, and that this weapons stockpile consists of about one-sixth chemical munitions.” If it was true that one sixth of the total amount of weapons available to the Soviet Union was made up of chemical shells and bombs, it represented an alarming threat to the United States and her NATO allies. Some years after this estimate had concluded that the United States was “highly vulnerable” to germ warfare attack. They pointed out that since the end of the war very little new work had been done to produce a biological bomb. It would, they believed, take “approximately one year of intensive effort” before America could wage biological warfare. True, there was no hard evidence that any potential enemy had developed a biological weapon, but could the United States afford to take the risk of not having her own, should one later be developed elsewhere? The argument was persuasive. In October 1950 the Secretary for Defense accepted a proposal to build a factory to manufacture disease. Congress secretly voted ninety million dollars, to be spent renovating a Second World War Arsenal near the small cotton town of Pine Bluff, in the mid-west state of Arkansas. The new biological warfare plant had ten stories, three of them built underground. It was equipped with ten fermenters for the mass production of bacteria at short notice, although the plant was never used to capacity. Local people in the town of Pine Bluff had some idea of the purpose of the new army factory being built down the road, but in general there was, as the Pentagon put it later “a reluctance to publicize the program.” The first biological weapons were ready the following year, although they were designed to attack not humans but plants. In 1950 Camp Detrick [Maryland] scientists had submitted a Top Secret report to the Joint Chiefs of Staff on work they had carried out on a “pigeon bomb”. In an attempt to discover a technique of destroying an enemy’s food supplies, the scientists had dusted the feathers of homing pigeons with cereal rust spores, a disease which attacks crops. The researchers discovered that even after a one 112

hundred mile flight, enough spores remained on the birds’ feathers to infect oats left in their cages. Then they had experimented in dropping pigeons out of aircraft over the Virgin Islands. Finally, they dispensed with live birds altogether and simply filled a “cluster bomb” with contaminated turkey feathers. In each of these bizarre tests the men from Camp Detrick concluded that enough of the disease survived the journey to infect the target crop. In 1951 the first anti-crop bombs were placed in production for the US Air Force. The United States had established the first peace-time biological weapon production line. [And later:] Fort Detrick scientists discovered a Trinidadian who had been infected with yellow fever in 1954 and had later recovered. They took serum from the Trinidadian and injected it into monkeys. From the monkeys they removed infected plasma, into which they dropped mosquito larvae. The infected mosquitoes were then encouraged to bite laboratory mice and pass on the disease. This ingenious technique of public health research in reverse worked. The mice duly contracted yellow fever. Laboratories were built at Fort Detrick where colonies of the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes were fed on a diet of syrup and blood. They laid their eggs on moist paper towels. The eggs would later turn into larvae, and eventually into a new generation of mosquitoes. The Fort Detrick laboratories could produce half a million mosquitoes a month, and by the late fifties a plan had been drawn up for a plant to produce one hundred and thirty million mosquitoes a month. Once the mosquitoes had been infected with yellow fever, the Chemical Corps planned to fire them at an enemy from “cluster bombs” dropped from aircraft and from the warhead of the “Sergeant” missile. To test the feasibility of this extraordinary weapon, the army needed to know whether the mosquitoes could be relied upon to bite people. During 1956 they carried out a series of tests in which uninfected female mosquitoes were released first into a residential area of Savannah, Georgia, and then dropped from an aircraft over a Florida bombing range. “Within a day”, according to a secret Chemical Corps report, “the mosquitoes had spread a distance of between one and two miles, and bitten many people”. The effects of releasing infected mosquitoes can only be guessed at. Yellow fever, as the Chemical Corps noted, is “a highly dangerous disease”, at the very least causing high temperatures, headache, and vomiting. In about a third of the recorded cases at that time, yellow fever had proved fatal. Nor were mosquitoes the only insects conscripted into the service of the army. In 1956 the army began investigating the feasibility of breeding fifty million fleas a week, presumably to spread plague. By the end of the fifties the Fort Detrick laboratories were said to contain mosquitoes infected with yellow fever, malaria and dengue (an acute viral disease also known as Breakbone Fever for which there is no cure); fleas infected with plague; ticks contaminated with tularemia; and flies infected with cholera, anthrax and dysentery. [End quoting.] Further into the book A Higher Form Of Killing, we read [quoting:] The Vietnam War might have represented the perfect field laboratory for men like General Rothschild to test their theories about seeding clouds with anthrax. But there was by now sufficient evidence of the way 113

in which American and South Vietnamese troops would also be affected to rule it out. Instead the germ warfare laboratories concentrated their efforts on the development of incapacitating diseases which would bring an enemy down with sickness for days and weeks. For some years the Fort Detrick laboratories had been working on enterotoxins causing food poisoning, on the military theory, as one proponent put it, that “a guy shitting away his stomach can’t aim a rifle at you”. By 1964, they believed a weapon based on the theory was feasible. But by now, another disabling disease looked a better candidate. [End quoting.] Several paragraphs later, we read [quoting:] The results of the continuing research could be seen in the maps of Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, part of which were marked “permanent bio-contaminated area”, after anthrax experiments in the mid-sixties. In the Pacific more tests were carried out with “hot” agents—the jargon for real biological weapons—on a number of deserted islands. The results of the tests are still classified on the grounds that they reveal weaknesses in American defenses. By March 1967 Fort Detrick had developed a bacteriological warhead for the Sergeant missile, capable of delivering disease up to 100 miles behind enemy lines. The Defense Department had justified the accelerating rush into biological weapons in the early sixties by saying that there was no prospect of any treaty being arrived at which would be acceptable to the United States. Since any argument to ban biological weapons was unlikely, they argued, the United States was bound to continue her research work. They were wrong. In 1968 the subject of chemical and biological warfare came up for discussion at the standing Eighteen Nation Disarmament Committee in Geneva. Previous attempts to get agreement on an international treaty to ban the weapons had floundered because of an insistence that both chemical and biological weapons be included in the same treaty. Since gas weapons had already been used in war, been proved effective, and were stockpiled on a large scale, they would be much more difficult to outlaw than germ weapons, which as far as could be satisfactorily proved had never been used in war. The British proposed that the two subjects be separated, and introduced a draft Biological Weapons Convention which would commit all signatory states to renouncing the weapons for all time. There was heavy initial opposition from the Russians and their eastern European allies, and little overt enthusiasm from Washington. The British and Canadians, who had shared their germ warfare expertise with the Americans, nevertheless argued to President Nixon that an international treaty was now a real possibility. What was needed, they said, was a gesture of goodwill. Nixon was already under pressure on the subject of chemical and biological weapons, and facing mounting domestic opposition. On 25 November 1969 he issued a statement. “Mankind”, he said, “already carries in its own hands too many of the seeds of its own destruction.” The United States was taking a step in the cause of world peace. “The United States”, he went on, “shall renounce the use of lethal biological agents and weapons, and all other methods of biological warfare.” It was a brave gesture, which proved the spur for which the British had been hoping. The laborious negotiations in the Palais des Nations, Geneva, received a considerable boost with Nixon’s announcement. Within two years the Soviet Union had abandoned its opposition to a germ warfare convention. On 4 April 1972 representatives of the two countries signed an undertaking that they would “never in any circumstances develop, produce, stockpile, or otherwise acquire or retain any biological 114

weapons.” Over eighty other countries followed suit. The Biological Weapons Convention was a triumph, because unlike many other arms control agreements which merely restricted the development and deployment of new weapons, it removed one category of armaments from the world arsenals altogether. By the time agreement was finally signed, the research which had begun with a small group of biologists pondering their contribution to the war against Hitler had produced a host of diseases capable of spreading sickness throughout the world. In addition to infections which would destroy wheat and rice, anthrax, yellow fever, tularemia, brucellosis, Q fever and Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis had all been “standardized” for use against man. Plans had been laid for their use behind enemy lines in the event of another war in Europe. At Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas the machinery which for twenty years had been mass-producing disease was used to turn the germs into a harmless sludge, which was spread upon the ground as an army public relations officer explained what a good fertilizer it would make. And, on a small, bleak island off the Scottish coast the warning signs were due to be repainted. [Again:] Despite the fact that such major powers as France and China have still (by early 1982) not signed it, largely because they consider the verification procedures to be inadequate, the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention was a major achievement. One of the provisions of the treaty committed the eighty-seven signatory countries to “continue negotiations on good faith” with a view to obtaining a similar agreement to ban chemical weapons. The United Nations General Assembly optimistically dubbed the 1970s “The Disarmament Decade”. In the field of chemical warfare it might more properly have been named “The Distrust Decade”. [Later:] In January 1978, a correspondent with Reuters news agency reported from NATO headquarters that “scientific experts” had informed him that the Russians were developing “three horrific new diseases for warfare...Lassa fever, which according to the sources, kills 35 out of every 100 people it strikes, Ebola fever, which kills 70 out of every 100, and the deadly Marburg fever (Green Monkey Disease)”. Not surprisingly, the effect of these allegations was to throw serious doubt on the value of attempting to negotiate a second treaty with the Soviet Union to ban gas warfare. Indeed, in the summer of 1978 a story appeared suggesting that Nixon’s original decision to stop developing new chemical and biological weapons had been the result of work by Soviet spies. “According to US intelligence officials”, said the NEW YORK TIMES, “the Soviet Union attempted to influence then-President Richard Nixon in 1969 to halt chemical and biological weapons development by transmitting information through double agents working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” The paper maintained that the director of the F.B.I., J. Edgar Hoover, had conveyed the information to Nixon personally. While none of Nixon’s White House staff was able to recall having been given any information about chemical or biological weapons by FBI agents, the NEW YORK TIMES report was sufficient nonetheless to add to the growing disquiet over what the Russians might be up to. 115

Soon there was a positive cascade of stories about Soviet preparations for germ warfare. A Polish army officer claimed to have been told that KGB specialists in biological warfare had been posted to Cuba. Then in October 1979 came perhaps the most sensational allegation of all. The fledgling British news magazine Now! splashed across its front cover the headline “Exclusive. Russia’s secret germ warfare disaster”. It reported that “Hundreds of people are reported to have died, and thousands to have suffered serious injury as a result of an accident which took place this summer in a factory involved in the production of bacteriological weapons in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk”. The Soviet authorities had attempted to hush-up the accident, said the magazine, but information had been obtained from a “traveller who was in the city at the time”. This “traveller” claimed that bodies of the dead were delivered to their relatives in sealed coffins. Those few who had managed to glimpse the bodies had described them as being “covered in brown patches”. [And again:] In the latter half of the 1970s there emerged a group of military theorists who believed the threat of Russian chemical warfare to be one of the great unrecognized dangers facing the West. In increasingly strident tones they began to argue in favor of chemical rearmament within NATO. One of the more restrained analyses of the Soviet threat was made by Professor John Erickson, an acknowledged authority on the Soviet Army. Erickson estimated that there were eighty thousand specialists troops in the Red Army, commanded by Lieutenant General V.K. Pikalov, whose battlefield job it was to decontaminate men, machines and weaponry of chemicals. There were a thousand ranges where Soviet troops trained to fight on a contaminated battlefield. Soviet tanks and armored cars were equipped with elaborate seals and pressurization systems to keep out gas. Chemical training was taken so seriously that Soviet soldiers, he discovered, had been burned by real gas used in training. Erickson noted that the Russians “constantly emphasize the likely use by the enemy—presumably NATO— of chemical weapons”, yet NATO, as Erickson remarked, had only a small number of such weapons. Furthermore, Russian training emphasized defense not only against nerve gas, but also against blood and lung agents first developed during the First World War, and now unimportant in the NATO stockpile. Erickson decided that “the attraction of the chemical weapon would appear to be growing for the Soviet Command”. [And, continuing later on:] The conviction was growing among the “hawks” in NATO that the decision to stop expanding the chemical arsenal had given a dangerous hostage to fortune. In 1980 the British opened a purpose designed 7,000 acre chemical warfare “Battle Run” training area in the Wiltshire hills alongside Porton Down. The US Army opened a specialist chemical training school in Alabama. The US Chemical Corps, reduced to 2,000 in the early 1970s, was built up to nearly 6,000 by 1981. In 1979 NATO commanders played out of their biennial war games simulating the outbreak of World War Three. Code-named “Wintex”, the exercise involved only the generals, civil servants and politicians who would make the critical decisions about how the war should be fought. In Operations Rooms in Europe and North America they acted out how they would respond to an escalating international crisis which 116

finally pitted NATO and Warsaw Pact against each other in open war. As hostilities intensified, someone in NATO headquarters fed new information into the war plan being flashed to the decision makers in their concrete bunkers: the Soviet army had launched an attack with chemical weapons. What should be the NATO response? The choice alarmed everyone—both the small NATO members who disliked gas but wanted to avoid nuclear war at all costs, and the NATO nuclear powers, where many felt that the appropriate response was an attack with battlefield nuclear weapons, which itself ran the danger of inviting full scale Soviet nuclear counter-strike. The then NATO Supreme Commander, General Alexander Haig, soon to become President Reagan’s Secretary of State, told reporters in 1978 that NATO’s ability to wage war with chemicals was “very weak”. “Sometime in the near future,” he said, “this will have to be reassessed”. His successor as Supreme Commander went further. “We ought to be able to respond with chemical weapons,” he said, “and they ought to know we have that capacity to respond.” Ten years after Nixon’s decision to suspend the manufacture of chemical weapons, by the end of the so-called Disarmament Decade, the advocates of chemical rearmament included some of the most senior figures in the military establishment. There was already a weapon developed to make up for the deficiencies the generals saw all around them. The idea was simple, and, by the 1970s some twenty years old. [From A Higher Form Of Killing, in conclusion:] Increasing cynicism about Soviet intentions had already led in the late 1970s to a more aggressive stance. Remembering the opposition to chemical weapons which had arisen during the late 1960s, and recognizing that any new generation would need to be based in Europe, the Pentagon began discussions with the British. Although initial negotiations with the Callaghan government came to nothing, discussions on the possible basing of chemical weapons in Britain were resumed after the 1979 election brought Margaret Thatcher to power. By the spring of 1980 the British Defense Secretary was publicly ruminating about the size and power of the Soviet chemical arsenal. That summer the British held a series of meetings with their American counterparts which resulted in British support for Pentagon proposals to begin producing a new generation of gas weapons. By December 1980 the British Defense Secretary had been finally converted to the cause of chemical rearmament. Even before the T2 allegations, the climate had changed so much that in 1980 the Pentagon did not include proposals for a new binary gas weapon plant in its request for funds for the coming year. There was no need. When the budget proposal came before Congress for approval, eager politicials endorsed a suggestion to write into the budget plans to begin work on a new factory capable of turning out 20,000 rounds of 155 mm binary nerve agent shells every month. The entire debate in both houses of Congress took less than three hours. By the time the T2 allegations surfaced even Richard Nixon, the man who seemed to have halted the chemical arms race in 1969, believed that his efforts had been in vain and that the Russians had rearmed while the United States stood still. In the past governments have justified continuing gas and germ research by pointing to the weapons they believe the enemy to possess. Plans for chemical rearmament in the West are already well advanced. Unless disarmament negotiations suddenly bear fruit, the present climate of suspicion may provide the perfect culture in which to breed a new generation of weapons. [End quoting.] 117

REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN In 1967, Report From Iron Mountain On The Possibility And Desirability Of Peace was published. The report said, in part: “As we have indicated, the preeminence of the concept of war as the principal organizing force in most societies has been insufficiently appreciated. This is also true of its extensive effects throughout the many nonmilitary activities of society. These effects are less apparent in complex industrial societies like our own than in primitive cultures, the activities of which can be more easily and fully comprehended.” And also, [quoting:] Another possible surrogate for the control of potential enemies of society is the reintroduction, in some form consistent with modern technology and political processes, of slavery. Up to now, this has been suggested only in fiction, notably in the works of Wells, Huxley, Orwell, and others engaged in the imaginative anticipation of the sociology of the future. But the fantasies projected in Brave New World and 1984 have seemed less and less implausible over the years since their publication. The traditional association of slavery with ancient preindustrial cultures should not blind us to its adaptability to advanced forms of social organization, nor should its equally traditional incompatibility with Western moral and economic values. It is entirely possible that the development of a sophisticated form of slavery may be an absolute prerequisite for social control in a world at peace. As a practical matter, conversion of the code of military discipline to a euphemized form of enslavement would entail surprisingly little revision; the logical first step would be the adoption of some form of “universal” military service. [End quoting.] From the Iron Mountain report, under the heading of Ecological, [quoting:] Considering the shortcomings of war as a mechanism of selective population control, it might appear that devising substitutes for this function should be comparatively simple. Schematically this is so, but the problem of timing the transition to a new ecological balancing device make the feasibility of substitution less certain. It must be remembered that the limitation of war in this function is entirely eugenic. War has not been genetically progressive. But as a system of gross population control to preserve the species it cannot fairly be faulted. And, as has been pointed out, the nature of war is itself in transition. Current trends in warfare—the increasing strategic bombing of civilians and the greater military importance now attached to the destruction of sources of supply (as opposed to purely “military” bases and personnel)—strongly suggest that a truly qualitative improvement is in the making. Assuming the war system is to continue, it is more than probable that the regressively selective quality of war will have been reversed, as its victims become more genetically representative of their societies. There is no question but that a universal requirement that procreation be limited to the products of artificial insemination would provide a fully adequate substitute control for population levels. Such a reproductive system would, of course, have the added advantage of being susceptible of direct eugenic management. Its predictable further development—conception and embryonic growth taking place wholly under laboratory conditions—would extend these controls to the logical conclusion. The ecological function of war 118

under these circumstances would not only be superseded but surpassed in effectiveness. The indicated intermediate step—total control of conception with a variant of the ubiquitous “pill”, via water supplies or certain essential foodstuffs, offset by a controlled “antidote”—is already under development. There would appear to be no foreseeable need to revert to any of the outmoded practices referred to in the previous section (infanticide, etc.) as there might have been if the possibility of transition to peace had arisen two generations ago. The real question here, therefore, does not concern the viability of this war substitute, but the political problems involved in bringing it about. It cannot be established while the war system is still in effect. The reason for this is simple: excess population is war material. As long as any society must contemplate even a remote possibility of war, it must maintain a maximum supportable population, even when so doing critically aggravates an economic liability. This is paradoxical, in view of war’s role in reducing excess population, but it is readily understood. War controls the general population level, but the ecological interest of any single society lies in maintaining its hegemony vis-a-vis other societies. The obvious analogy can be seen in a free-enterprise economy. Practices damaging to the society as a whole—both competitive and monopolistic—are abetted by the conflicting economic motives of individual capital interests. The obvious precedent can be found in the seemingly irrational political difficulties which have blocked universal adoption of simple birth-control methods. Nations desperately in need of increasing unfavorable production-consumption ratios are nevertheless unwilling to gamble their possible military requirements of twenty years hence for this purpose. Unilateral population control, as practiced in ancient Japan and in other isolated societies, is out of the question in today’s world. Since the eugenic solution cannot be achieved until the transition to the peace system takes place, why not wait? One must qualify the inclination to agree. As we noted earlier, a real possibility of an unprecedented global crisis of insufficiency exists today, which the war system may not be able to forestall. If this should come to pass before an agreed-upon transition to peace were completed, the result might be irrevocably disastrous. There is clearly no solution to this dilemma; it is a risk which must be taken. But it tends to support the view that if a decision is made to eliminate the war system, it were better done sooner than later. [End quoting.] THE CLUB OF ROME In the 1972 document titled The Limits To Growth—A Report For The Club Of Rome’s Project On The Predicament Of Mankind, it says: “The problems U Thant mentions—the arms race, environmental deterioration, the population explosion, and economic stagnation—are often cited as the central, long-term problems of modern man. Many people believe that the future course of human society, perhaps even the survival of human society, depends on the speed and effectiveness with which the world responds to these issues. And yet only a small fraction of the world’s population is actively concerned with understanding these problems or seeking their solutions.” The report goes on, [quoting:] The following conclusions have emerged from our work so far. We are by no means the first group to have stated them. For the past several decades, people who have looked at the world with a global, long-term 119

perspective have reached similar conclusions. Nevertheless, the vast majority of policy-makers seems to be actively pursuing goals that are inconsistent with these results. Our conclusions are: 1. If the present growth trends in world population, industrialization, pollution, food production, and resource depletion continue unchanged, the limit to growth on this planet will be reached sometime within the next one hundred years. The most probable result will be a rather sudden and uncontrollable decline in both population and industrial capacity. 2. It is possible to alter these growth trends and to establish a condition of ecological and economic stability that is sustainable far into the future. The state of global equilibrium could be designed so that the basic material needs of each person on Earth are satisfied and each person has an equal opportunity to realize his individual human potential. 3. If the world’s people decide to strive for this second outcome rather than the first, the sooner they begin working to attain it, the greater will be their chances of success. These conclusions are so far-reaching and raise so many questions for further study that we are quite frankly over-whelmed by the enormity of the job that must be done. We hope that this book will serve to interest other people, in many fields of study and in many countries of the world, to raise the space and time horizons of their concerns and to join us in understanding and preparing for a period of great transition— the transition from growth to global equilibrium. [End quoting.] The Report concludes with [quoting:] How do we, the sponsors of this project, evaluate the report? We cannot speak definitively for all our colleagues in The Club of Rome, for there are differences of interest, emphasis, and judgment among them. But, despite the preliminary nature of the report, the limits of some of its data, and the inherent complexity of the world system it attempts to describe, we are convinced of the importance of its main conclusions. We believe that it contains a message of much deeper significance than a mere comparison of dimensions, a message relevant to all aspects of the present human predicament. Although we can here express only our preliminary views, recognizing that they still require a great deal of reflection and ordering, we are in agreement on the following points: 1. We are convinced that realization of the quantitative restraints of the world environment and of the tragic consequences of an overshoot is essential to the initiation of new forms of thinking that will lead to a fundamental revision of human behavior and, by implication, of the entire fabric of present-day society. It is only now that, having begun to understand something of the interactions between demographic growth and economic growth, and having reached unprecedented levels in both, man is forced to take account of the limited dimensions of his planet and the ceilings to his presence and activity on it. For the first time, it has become vital to inquire into the cost of unrestricted material growth and to consider alternatives to its continuation. 120

2. We are further convinced that demographic pressure in the world has already attained such a high level, and is moreover so unequally distributed, that this alone must compel mankind to seek a state of equilibrium on our planet. Underpopulated areas still exist; but, considering the world as a whole, the critical point in population growth is approaching, if it has not already been reached. There is of course no unique optimum, longterm population level; rather, there are a series of balances between population levels, social and material standards, personal freedom, and other elements making up the quality of life. Given the finite and diminishing stock of nonrenewable resources and the finite space of our globe, the principle must be generally accepted that growing numbers of people will eventually imply a lower standard of living and a more complex problematique. On the other hand, no fundamental human value would be endangered by a leveling off of demographic growth. 3. We recognize that world equilibrium can become a reality only if the lot of the so-called developing countries is substantially improved, both in absolute terms and relative to the economically developed nations, and we affirm that this improvement can be achieved only through a global strategy. Short of a world effort, today’s already explosive gaps and inequalities will continue to grow larger. The outcome can only be disaster, whether due to the selfishness of individual countries that continue to act purely in their own interests, or to a power struggle between the developing and developed nations. The world system is simply not ample enough nor generous enough to accommodate much longer such egocentric and conflictive behavior by its inhabitants. The closer we come to the material limits to the planet, the more difficult this problem will be to tackle. 4. We affirm that the global issue of development is, however, so closely interlinked with other global issues that an overall strategy must be evolved to attack all major problems, including in particular those of man’s relationship with his environment. With world population doubling time a little more than 30 years, and decreasing, society will be hard put to meet the needs and expectations of so many more people in so short a period. We are likely to try to satisfy these demands by overexploiting our natural environment and further impairing the life-supporting capacity of the Earth. Hence, on both sides of the man-environment equation, the situation will tend to worsen dangerously. We cannot expect technological solutions alone to get us out of this vicious circle. The strategy for dealing with the two key issues of development and environment must be conceived as a joint one. 5. We recognize that the complex world problematique is to a great extent composed of elements that cannot be expressed in measurable terms. Nevertheless, we believe that the predominantly quantitative approach used in this report is an indispensable tool for understanding the operation of the problematique. And we hope that such knowledge can lead to a mastery of its elements. Although all major world issues are fundamentally linked, no method has yet been discovered to tackle the whole effectively. The approach we have adopted can be extremely useful in reformulating our thinking about the entire human predicament. It permits us to define the balances that must exist within human society, and between human society and its habitat, and to perceive the consequences that may ensue when such balances are disrupted. 121

6. We are unanimously convinced that rapid, radical redressment of the present unbalanced and dangerously deteriorating world situation is the primary task facing humanity. Our present situation is so complex and is so much a reflection of man’s multiple activities, however, that no combination of purely technical, economic, or legal measures and devices can bring substantial improvement. Entirely new approaches are required to redirect society toward goals of equilibrium rather than growth. Such a reorganization will involve a supreme effort of understanding, imagination, and political and moral resolve. We believe that the effort is feasible and we hope that this publication will help to mobilize forces to make it possible. 7. This supreme effort is a challenge for our generation. It cannot be passed on to the next. The effort must be resolutely undertaken without delay, and significant redirection must be achieved during this decade. Although the effort may initially focus on the implications of growth, particularly of population growth, the totality of the world problematique will soon have to be addressed. We believe in fact that the need will quickly become evident for social innovation to match technical change, for radical reform of institutions and political processes at all levels the highest, that of world polity. We are confident that our generation will accept this challenge if we understand the tragic consequences that inaction may bring. 8. We have no doubt that if mankind is to embark on a new course, concerted international measures and joint long-term planning will be necessary on a scale and scope without precedent. Such an effort calls for joint endeavor by all peoples, whatever their culture, economic system, or level of development. But the major responsibility must rest with the more developed nations, not because they have more vision or humanity, but because, having propagated the growth syndrome, they are still at the fountainhead of the progress that sustains it. As greater insights into the condition and workings of the world system are developed, these nations will come to realize that, in a world that fundamentally needs stability, their high plateaus of development can be justified or tolerated only if they serve not as springboards to reach even higher, but as staging areas from which to organize more equitable distribution of wealth and income worldwide. 9. We unequivocally support the contention that a brake imposed on world demographic and economic growth spirals must not lead to a freezing of the status quo of economic development of the world’s nations. If such a proposal were advanced by the rich nations, it would be taken as a final act of neocolonialism. The achievement of a harmonious state of global economic, socio, and ecological equilibrium must be a joint venture based on joint conviction, with benefits for all. The greatest leadership will be demanded from the economically developed countries, for the first step toward such a goal would be for them to encourage a deceleration in the growth of their own material output while, at the same time, assisting the developing nations in their efforts to advance their economics more rapidly. 10. We affirm finally that any deliberate attempt to reach a rational and enduring state of equilibrium by planned measures, rather than by chance or catastrophe, must ultimately be founded on a basic change of values and goals at individual, national, and world levels. 122

This change is perhaps already in the air, however faintly. But our tradition, education, current activities, and interests will make the transformation embattled and slow. Only real comprehension of the human condition at this turning point in history can provide sufficient motivation for people to accept the individual sacrifices and the changes in political and economic power structures required to reach an equilibrium state. The question remains of course whether the world situation is in fact as serious as this book, and our comments, would indicate. We firmly believe that the warnings this book contains are amply justified, and that the aims and actions of our present civilization can only aggravate the problems of tomorrow. But we would be only too happy if our tentative assessments should prove too gloomy. In any event, our posture is one of very grave concern, but not of despair. The report describes an alternative to unchecked and disastrous growth and puts forward some thoughts on the policy changes that could produce a stable equilibrium for mankind. The report indicates that it may be within our reach to provide reasonably large populations with a good material life plus opportunities for limitless individual and social development. We are in substantial agreement with that view, although we are realistic enough not to be carried away by purely scientific or ethical speculations. The concept of a society in a steady state of economic and ecological equilibrium may appear easy to grasp, although the reality is so distant from our experience as to require a Copernican revolution of the mind. Translating the idea into deed, though, is a task filled with overwhelming difficulties and complexities. We can talk seriously about where to start only when the message of The Limits to Growth, and its sense of extreme urgency, are accepted by a large body of scientific, political, and popular opinion in many countries. The transition in any case is likely to be painful, and it will make extreme demands on human ingenuity and determination. As we have mentioned, only the conviction that there is no other avenue to survival can liberate the moral, intellectual, and creative forces required to initiate this unprecedented human undertaking. But we wish to underscore the challenge rather than the difficulty of mapping out the road to a stable state society. We believe that an unexpectedly large number of men and women of all ages and conditions will readily respond to the challenge and will be eager to discuss not if but how we can create this new future. The Club of Rome plans to support such activity in many ways. The substantive research begun at MIT on world dynamics will be continued both at MIT and through studies conducted in Europe, Canada, Latin America, the Soviet Union, and Japan. And, since intellectual enlightenment is without effect if it is not also political, The Club of Rome also will encourage the creation of a world forum where statesmen, policymakers, and scientists can discuss the dangers and hopes for the future global system without the constraints of formal intergovernmental negotiation. The last thought we wish to offer is that man must explore himself—his goals and values—as much as the world he seeks to change. The dedication to both tasks must be unending. The crux of the matter is not only whether the human species will survive, but even more whether it can survive without falling into a state of worthless existence. The Executive Committee Of The Club Of Rome 123

Alexander King, Saburo Okita, Aurelio Peccei, Eduard Pestel, Hugo Thiemann, and Carroll Wilson. [End quoting.] To be continued...