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Missional Wisdom Foundation

Quarterly Report

All across the MWF landscape, the Holy Spirit is moving in new and exciting ways.
Fall, 2013

Major Initiatives
AMW TX/OK First Academy Cohort Graduated, Summer 2013

AMW Cal-Pac

One-Year Institute Launched by Academy Grad Major grant received for creating comprehensive curriculum in monastic living First Abbot commissioned

missional. monastic. mainline.

The Missional Wisdom Foundation is experiencing a time of unprecedented growth, transition and surprises. Our unofficial motto is you really ought to talk to Elaine Heath because that phrase comes up so often on the way to new friends discovering us. And now, that conversation is happening in unexpected places, resulting in new opportunities in the U.S. and beyond. Our new initiatives are all infused with the foundations philosophy encouraging clergy and laity to consider their calling with fresh eyes and open hearts, yet firmly rooted in the Wesleyan tradition.



Get to know us better . . . over dinner.

Each of the houses in The Epworth Project hosts a weekly Community Dinner for the residents, their neighbors, nearby church congregants, friends and family. Its a time to enjoy gracious hospitality and to deepen connections to each other and the neighborhood we serve.

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Missional Wisdom Foundation

Quarterly Report

Do Justice. Love Mercy.

Missional Wisdom is discovered at the intersection of deep contemplation, radical hospitality and service to others.
In my new role as The Epworth Abbot, I have been actively engaged as highlighted here: Epworth Houses: Spiritual Awareness; Missional Guidance and Accountability w Reorienting each House Family around the Rule of Life within the House w Reimagining Missional Presence of each House within their neighborhoods w Transitioning residents between Houses for best fit for gifts and mission w Teaching Issue Processing using the Covenant Questions within the Rule w Attending New Day Worship at the Indigo Apartments w Creating the Adrian New Day Model for suburban neighborhood around Adrian w Collaborating with Wesley Foundation Directors at UT Arlington and SMU campuses regarding cooperative learning practices and student awareness for Epworth Residential Applications Epworth Houses: Stewardship of Properties w Perform House maintenance as needed w Cooperate with engineers and inspectors in the assessing new property w Creating House ledgers for improvements, repairs and maintenance w Encouraged establishing the online of Bill-Pay system under the MWF oversight Academy for Missional Wisdom: w Participated in Immersion Retreats in Denver and Seattle w Met with multiple individuals and groups interested in learning about the Epworth Houses as immersion learning centers for those interested in the intentional faith community development and missional discernment. Many of these groups are interested in the Academy for equipping Lead Teams in the DFW area. w Becoming equipped to use the Canvas platform for online classes next Spring

Guidance. Stewardship. Formation.

Conferences, Workshops & Retreats w Serving as Spiritual Director for five students and young professionals w Created the first Epworth Retreat for house residents for the purpose of Spiritual Formation and Practice of the Rule of Life as a means for maturity and community formation toward Missional Discernment w Serving as Spiritual Director for Perkins Interns living in intentional community

The Missional Wisdom Band w Writing five chapters for The ABIDE Curriculum, focusing on understanding and living into the Rule of Life, as well as video interview regarding Service in an Intentional Community w Participating in Band activities including bi-monthly prayer, monthly business meetings and board meetings Rev. Jerry Moore

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Missional Wisdom Foundation

Quarterly Report

Founders Report
These are the activities in which I engaged from June through September, 2013, to share the work of the Missional Wisdom Foundation and to invite persons across the nation and the world to partner with us in our ministry: Served as Bible Teacher for the Western North Carolina Annual Conference in June 2013. I drew from Luke 5 to present three sessions on missional wisdom. Out of this experience we generated two new cohorts for the AMW, including our first ever Youth Academy. I also was invited to be the teacher for the Alabama/West Florida Conference in 2014 because the Bishop of that Conference heard me teach in the WNC AC. Served as Retreat Leader for Bishop Ken Carter and cabinet of Florida Conference for two days in June 2013, sharing with them the mission and vision and the work of the MWF. Bishop Carter invited the Cabinet at the end of the retreat to consider who in their districts would be good candidates for a Florida AMW In August, I attended the Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies. I presented a paper that was a case study of our work with New Day at the Indigo Apartments in Dallas. Through this week I cast vision, networked with global colleagues interested in the work of the MWF, especially the UM Russian seminary in Moscow, which resulted in preliminary plans for the translation of my books into Russian and an invitation to bring the AMW to Russia under the auspices of the seminary. I also connected substantially with Methodist leaders of Fresh Expressions in the UK, and have been invited to participate in a gathering with some of them next year in the UK. On August 19, I met with representatives of Path One on their road tour of all the new church starts in the UMC since 2008. We met regarding New Day at the The Indigo apartments, where they took pictures and interviewed several of us so that Path One can promote the work of the MWF and our New Day communities. In September, I completed the manuscript on Missional. Monastic. Mainline., co-authored with Larry Duggins. This book is a theory and practice of forming missional and new monastic communities in mainline traditions and will substantially help to cast the vision for the work of the MWF. On Sept 19, I served as the plenary speaker for the Episcopal House of Bishops, with Episcopalian bishops from around the US and the world. I taught about Missional Wisdom theology and practice. Out of this teaching I received invitations to speak in five dioceses around the nation, and to invite some Episcopalian schools to participate in the immersion programs of the MWF. I also connected with Bishop Gregory Palmer, the UM Bishop who was present there as an ecumenical representative. Bishop Palmer expressed a desire to pursue further connection between the MWF and West Ohio Conference. Rev. Dr. Elaine Heath

Elaine Heath Co-Founder

Dr. Elaine Heath is a visionary leader and theologian, a mystic, an instigator and a passionate believer in the power of the Holy Spirit. Author of seven books, she holds a B.A. in English, a Masters of Divinity and a Ph.D. in Theology. Dr. Heath is an Ordained Elder of the United Methodist Church.

Larry Duggins Co-Founder

Rev. Dr. Larry Duggins is a proven entrepreneur and committed believer in the power of change. He founded and managed a successful commercial real estate investment management firm for many years prior to answering his call to ministry. Duggins holds a B.A. in History, an M.B.A. and M.S. in Finance. He also holds a Masters of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry and is an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church.

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Missional Wisdom Foundation

Quarterly Report

The Academy
The third quarter of 2013 has been a vibrant and exciting season for The Academy for Missional Wisdom. Significant events impacted a broad range of aspects, spanning from our very first cohort completion, the expansion of our coaching process, the first ever alumni-led process and a vision for restructuring the orientation phase. we invited seven new coaches to work with participants. These leaders are all experienced in launching missional communities and are engaged in an intensive, nine-month coach training program I designed just for them and will facilitate. Of course, we cant talk about beginnings without mentioning new cohorts! In September we launched the Cal-Pac Institute for Missional Wisdom. This oneyear version of The Academy was developed in partnership with AMW grad, Nicole Reilley, who is currently serving as Interim Director of New Ministries for the Cal-Pac Conference of the UMC. Nicole has taken her experiences with the AMW and with launching multiple missional communities and is working closely with a dozen participants in her area. We couldnt be more proud! Speaking of how proud we are of our graduates . . . the Academy now has graduates! Our first two cohorts, which both began in September 2011, have completed their program. These participants have been instrumental in the continued development of the AMW program, and their stories of transformation are truly inspiring. The first Western North Carolina cohort is currently in their final class, and the Rocky Mountain, Pacific Northwest and Alaska 2 cohorts have now started year two of the program. Were down to the final days before the launch of the second Western North Carolina cohort and a new Midwest cohort with participants from Kansas and Iowa. One of the most exciting things about these two cohorts is that both will have second year AMW participants in the area to come alongside as mentors and encouragers. Without question, The Academy for Missional Wisdom is overflowing with reasons to celebrate. Rev. Dr. Bret Wells

Curriculum & Coaching

Dr. Bret Wells has served in youth, outreach and preaching ministries and is now a church planter. He is a certified ministry coach and coach trainer. He holds a B.A. in Psychology & Christian Ministry, an M.A. in Christian Ministry and a Doctor of Ministry in Missional Church Studies.

Bret Wells

Beginnings During the first week of July we completed and launched the Explore the Academy virtual introduction, utilizing our open-source online education platform: Canvas by Instructure. With Explore, we are able to provide widespread and instantaneous access to vision casting, information gathering, discernment resources, and a central application portal. The Explore pack is now accessible from the Missional Wisdom website, or by direct link at: Were committed to continually improving communication and preparation for potential Academy participants. Starting in 2014, there will now be a self-directed orientation course followed by a four-week facilitated overview of Academy curriculum, theological foundations, and practical expectations. Both of these minicourses will be completed prior to our opening retreat. Our objective is to ensure participants have every opportunity to understand what it is they are committing to before their larger cohort participation begins. The four-week facilitated course will provide an excellent opportunity for a shared experience with family members, potential co-laborers, as well as local congregational and district/conference leadership. Gaining perspective together in community, and helping cultivate a support network around each participant not only helps ensure their success; it also models several core principles of the MWF. Therefore, participants friends and family will be invited to join this course at no additional cost. All AMW participants are paired with a coach during their second year of participation. Until now the coaching responsibilities have been shared among the MWF directors. However, this summer

Jerry Moore
The Epworth Abbot
Rev. Moore comes to the Foundation from 30 years of pastoral ministry, including eight years as chair of the Order of Elders. He has also served as faculty and spiritual director for the Academy. He holds multiple undergraduate degrees, a Masters of Divinity and has completed extensive postgraduate studies in Formative Spirituality & Awareness. He is an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church.

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Missional Wisdom Foundation

Quarterly Report

Finance & Development

Highlights from this past quarter: I undertook a detailed recoding of the MWF financial information using QuickBooks for Non-Profits, coding every individual entry back to 1/1/12 as to project type and use. The recoding allows very detailed financial reporting and projection on a project-by-project basis, and allows us to generate project specific financial reports. The re-coding allows us to prepare and present the types of detailed reporting that donors and grantors desire. I solicited and raised a generous General Fund donation from a former business associate who has played a very important volunteer role in the Diamond Hill Project and has now joined the Board of the MWF. Working with Daryn, I prepared a full-color story book for use in fund-raising meetings. The book includes simple narrative descriptions and color photos of the Foundations activities, and will be the centerpiece of a marketing folder. The folder will also include a one-page description of the Foundation, contact information, donation information, summary financial statements and a copy of the 501(c)(3) designation. I have met with Lee Cotton and with Steve Van to begin the process of scheduling HNWI dinners and discussions. Lee is my former business partner in the northeast and Steve is a former business associate in Dallas. Both are willing to be my middleman, making the initial fundraising approach to mutual friends and associates to allow them to gracefully decline. Calls will then be pre-screened and targeted, allowing more productive calls. Cotton and Van are likely to be donors themselves. I have purchased Foundation Directory Online for assistance in grant identification. We will primarily rely on referrals for higher productivity, but this tool will facilitate pre-call research and small grantor identification. In addition to the HNWI marketing in the fourth quarter, MWF plans to investigate and pursue grants from the GBHEM Young Clergy Initiative and from the Waco Foundation. Rev. Dr. Larry Duggins

Justin Hancock
Incarnational Ministry
Rev. Justin Hancock is an Ordained Deacon and holds a Masters in Christian Ministries. His pastoral work with young adults and refugees informs his position as House Steward of Epworths Cochran House. He counsels others living in intentional community throughout the MWF.

New. Now. Next.

From coast to coast, Elaine Heath is casting the vision of Missional Wisdom with diverse groups from young adults to bishops. New opportunities to form Academy cohorts, New Day communities and other expressions are emerging from those who share that vision. You are invited to consider how to partner with the Foundation in your congregation or community. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ at

Daryn DeZengotita
Communications & Administration
Ms. DeZengotita is a social media writer, editor and strategist with a passion for social justice. She holds a B.A. in Journalism from Texas A&M and has a 25-year background in marketing communications and nonprofit fundraising. She is active in Community Gardening and serves on the Lead Team of New Day Adrian House.

Missional Wisdom Foundation

Quarterly Report

Join the missional movement.

The work of the Missional Wisdom Foundation captures my imagination because the initiative to establish missional communities speaks to this moment in the life of the church that is so ripe for opportunity, so open to resurrections and so full of longing. As I hear about exploring monastic forms for intentional community, about deep worship and justice practices that emerge from community, about pilgrimage as a way for leadership, and about learning for practical holiness, my heart leaps. Dr. Amy G. Oden, Saint Paul Theological Seminary

Love God. Love People. Love Creation.

Missional Wisdom Foundation

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