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1527 stockton street san francisco, california 94133 T 415. 398.6538 f 415. 398.6521

Baldauf caTTon Von eckarTsBerg architects is a san francisco-based, award-winning architecture and design firm with international experience in creating exquisitely detailed environments and successful food-world projects. BcV was founded in 1997 by principals hans Baldauf, kenneth catton and christian von eckartsberg. With projects in the united states, canada, asia, the united kingdom and russia, BcV is known for bringing its unique design talents to work across the globe. BcV has captured northern californias passion for food and wine in a wide range of projects, including the innovative wine bar concept Press club at the base of san franciscos four seasons hotel, flagship restaurants for major brands such as il fornaio, fat's asia Bistro and the upcoming M.Y. china project with chef Martin Yan, and wineries such as Viansa, franciscan estates and cakebread. BcV has successfully integrated its interpretation of the northern california aesthetic into several projects in asia, including restaurants for the five-star shangri-la hotels and resorts. in addition, BcV is the mastermind behind such food-world landmarks as The ferry Building Marketplace in san francisco and the oxbow Market in napa. BcV architects has expertise in all scales of projects that celebrate food and dining. common to all these projects is the creation of fresh and thoughtful design approaches that engage the public and provide a unique and high-quality amenity. our ability to both conceptualize and realize projects has produced many celebrated destinations.

Wine & dine Press club M.Y. china angelini, Bangkok anthology crush 29, roseville napa farms Market fat's asia Bistro aria il fornaio, sacramento angelini, shenzhen Perry's Piatti stars crush 29, sacramento franciscan estates Winery cakebread Winery east addition liVe city house hill house Peninsula house historic house Mountain house resort house decathlon club




Press Club serves as an urban tasting room for eight of Californias most celebrated premium-quality, small-production wineries and vineyards, where winery employees present guests with an array of vintages and varietals to sample and purchase. The 9,000 square foot venue is located within San Franciscos Four Seasons hotel on Yerba Buena Lane, in the heart of the citys most exciting new destination for dining, shopping and cultural arts. By partnering directly with vintners, Press Club offers a sophisticated microcosm of a premium California Wine Country experience and is home to an exclusive assemblage of wineries not collectively available anywhere else in the world. In addition to wine tasting, Press Club provides an exclusive retail opportunity for local and visiting wine enthusiasts and aspirants, giving customers access to rare libraries of wines and a full complement of current releases directly from the eight wineries -- all in a single, centralized location. The entry levels retail display entices the visitor inside to browse, and then reveals a grand stair to a subterranean level tasting lounge. The palette of materials mixes warm, sustainably sourced woods with exposed structural elements, suggesting the partnership of the organic and the industrial that is the hallmark of Wine Country. Wine bottles themselves are used in innovative displays that bring color and light to the space.


PR ESSsan Cfrancisco, L U B california

BCVs reputation for bringing a Western design aesthetic to hospitality projects in Asia takes a twist with this new San Francisco restaurant that brings East to West. M.Y. China is a 7 ,000 sf, 200seat contemporary Chinese fine dining restaurant with exhibition kitchen, located in the Westfield San Francisco Centre This innovative restaurant is conceived and operated by award-winning Chinese chef and television host Martin Yan. The restaurant is designed as a reflection of Chef Yans life and experiences, and centers on the social celebrations associated with enjoying Chinese food. The kitchen is turned inside-out to blend the cooking and dining environments, and to create a theatrical backdrop to the dining experience. Dramatic wok cookery and noodle pulling take center stage, with colorful ingredients and meticulous stacks of serveware framed as display elements. The design blends patterns, textures, and materials found in China in a distinctly modern American way, in the use of various tones and textures of stone, wood, porcelain and steel. Opening 2012

M . Y. C HINA san francisco, california

Both the challenge and opportunity in reinventing this complex, multi-level, 7,800 square foot Italian restaurant and bar located in the Shangri-La Hotel was the requirement to respect elements of the existing infrastructure as well as conserve where possible the scope of new construction. As a symbolic reference to the old spirit of Angelini, the basic bones of the existing architecture remain intact but are reconceived in a bolder, modern expression that plays upon the contrast of light and dark, hard and soft, old and new. A series of dramatic soaring new window boxes plug within the preserved architectural columns to define a new expression for the important riverside faade of the hotel. Within, against a cream and chocolate palette, illuminated amber toned onyx elements glow with warmth. As part of the Hotels larger master plan, Angelini is conceived of no longer as another fine-dining establishment, but as a distinctly more casual, hip, and sophisticated yet accessible riverside venue.

AN G EL INI bangkok, thailand

Anthology is a modern supper club located in downtown San Diego. The venue features Jazz, Blues, Soul and R&B performers, with seating on multiple levels. The club also features small lounges, with the warm, casual elegance inherent to Southern California. The legacy of jazz is framed here for the next generation. and is a unique venue, as dinner is served during the performance, allowing patrons to enjoy the simultaneous celebration of food and music.

The long and narrow site presented an unusual shape for viewing a performance. Rather than fight the proportions, they are accentuated for dramatic effect by compressing the space and emphasizing its verticality, which creates sightlines that allow people-watching as well as viewing the performance. A dramatic sculptural concrete stair connects the three open levels. The interior design of the space blends wood, metal and strings to make one feel like the room itself is an active instrument. Bleached woods, soft ivory leather, blue velvet curtains, and shimmering metallic curtain reflect Anthologys unique location in a seaside city.

AN T HO Lsan OG Y diego, california

Crush 29 is a 9000 sf restaurant in Roseville which is focused on wine, and which looks to the Napa Valley for design inspiration. The complete experience begins on approach to the restaurants exterior entry, allowing the tone of the environment and experience to be set well before one steps through the doors. The simple and timeless facade made of Napa Valley Tufa Stone reflects the restaurants unique connection to the Napa Valley. The centerpiece of the restaurant is the circular bar lighted by a sculptural element fashioned from thousands of mica disks, each unique in its color and translucence. The interior of the restaurant continues the wine country theme, with rounded booths fashioned like wine barrels, rustic stone walls and floors, and several fireplaces. Two wine caves serve as private function rooms for up to 50, and the wine library serves as a smaller private dining room.

CR US H 29 roseville, california

The contemporary design aesthetic for SFOs Napa Farms Market features juxtapositions of warm against cool, dark against light, rough against honed, solid against void. Artisan purveyors Tyler Florence, Equator Coffee, Vino Volo and others fill the market with high quality products, providing Food from the Earth for Travelers in the Sky. The market hall features a wall system of buff colored terra cotta planks. A cork-clad ceiling, elm wood fixturing and shelving and concrete countertops and floor provide a tactile earthy touchstone to the palette. Blackened steel and brushed stainless details introduce an industrial edge. The green color of the tile wall at the exhibition prep line continues in the projects graphics and packaging.



NA PA FAR M S M AR KET san francisco international airport

Sacramentos celebrated restaurateurs, the Fat Family, engaged BCV to create a series of Asian bistros with a goal of elevating the typical American Chinese restaurant experience. This 9,000 sf, 248-seat free-standing restaurant incorporates casual dining, private dining areas, a dim sum bar, a retail/take-out food area and an exterior terrace. The palette of materials and finishes feature richly stained mahogany doors and windows, imported limestone counters, and red mosaic tiles. Custom light fixtures, dragon motif sculptural panels, and gemtoned ceramic pots accent the interior. An intricate hardwood screen carved by Bali artist Made Budiasa creates a unique backdrop behind the golden Buddha.

FAT S AS I A B I S Tfolsom, R O california

This 10,000 square foot restaurant and bar is conceptualized as the western expatriates home-away-from-home and is organized along the metaphorical spaces of a house. The ground floor introduces the strong axial organization of the project: a clear shot from the lounge bar through a fireplace lounge to the powerful form of the central staircase and wine bar. The upper level contains the main restaurant and continues the house theme with semi-private rooms around the crown of the central stair. The stringerless staircase rises within a mahogany enclosure. The structures skin erodes from top to bottom, the upper floor shielded by solid panels, wine storage at mid level, and an open stand-up wine counter at its base. Simple stylized forms, custom furnishings, signature steel-blue velvet drapes, and classical images mark the project aesthetic. Aria was a winner of an AIA/San Francisco Chronicle Best of the Bay Special Recognition Award.

AR IA china world hotel, beijing, china

Il Fornaios light-filled Sacramento location features a generous amount of outdoor seating to take advantage of the warm evenings common to the area. The main dining room opens to a covered outdoor loggia, which opens to outdoor garden seating. Full-height windows and nineteen-foot ceilings encourage penetration of light and air and create stimulating views through the layers of indoor and outdoor spaces. The outdoor loggia is a romanticized with large exterior canvas curtains, hand-molded plaster walls and hand forged candleholders. Three distinctive private dining rooms are provided for special functions frequently held by local lawmakers and businessmen. The main dining room is dominated by a large bar, and trademark exposed cookline. Custom light fixtures and Italian artwork were commissioned to enrich the space. Yellow terrazzo floors made from onyx are combined with Carrara marble, stained wood wainscot, ornamented white walls and gold trim to create a classic character reminiscent of a European grand caffe. A BCV Principal served as Lead Designer for this project while employed at Backen, Arrigoni & Ross.

I L F O RN AI O sacramento, california

As the signature dining and social venue in the new 40-story luxury hotel Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen, Angelini Italian Restaurant & Bar is a major draw for hotel patrons and locals alike. In the heart of the Futian business district, the hotel is in close proximity to the convention center, shopping malls and office towers, and minutes from the Hong Kong border. Conceived as two interdependent venues with separate entrances, Angelini Restaurant and Bar shares a central gallery circulation spine between the two spaces, and an aesthetic that presents organic materials in a decidedly modern and upscale fashion. Cream-colored stone walls, bars and countertops are juxtaposed against dark walnut floors, ceilings and decorative panels. Exhibition cooking areas include a pizza oven, open cookline and antipasti kitchen, and are clad in glass tile and accented with warm mood lighting. Other features include a double-height wine wall accessed by spiral stair, two private dining rooms, a cozy cigar & cognac room, video display capabilities in the Bar, largescale artwork, and dramatic lighting throughout.

AN G EL I N I shenzhen, china

Perrys, a venerable San Francisco restaurant, has been recreated in San Francisco Airports new International Terminal. The 3,500 sf caf contains the classic hallmarks of its original San Francisco incarnation, including rich wood paneling, patterned mosaic tile floor and a zinc bar, and features a frieze of notable quotes lining the dining area. Perrys outdoor seating is arranged along the concourse, with more traditional counter and booth seating within.

PE R RY S san francisco international airport

Piatti Restaurant in Mill Valley continues its successful Italian trattoria atmosphere in this contemporary remodel of an existing building. The restaurant, completed in 2007, has 3,790 sf of interior space and 435 sf of exterior patio. Featuring a wall of windows and an alfresco patio overlooking Shelter Bay, the restaurant is imbued with a resort-like feel. Recycled teak furniture, a community table, and classic Carrara stone reinforces the ethos of timelessness and sustainability reflected in the restaurants use of seasonal food from local producers.

PIAT TI mill valley, california

Stars Singapore brings to Asia the stylish elegance and exquisite culinary creations of the original Stars San Francisco. Sensitively inserted into the rehabilitated historic Chijmes building, and located near the famed Raffles Hotel, the 7 ,800 sf Stars accommodates casual cafe dining in the lower level, with a full bar, fine dining room and exhibition kitchen in the airy second level hall. A dramatic elliptical grand staircase forms the center feature of the cafe, and allows a sweeping entrance into the main dining and bar above. The upper level architectural insertions necessarily avoid engaging any of the historic fabric, with the main dining bookended by the overscaled shimmering furniture-like back bar to the south, and the exhibition kitchen to the north. The colonnaded east and west side aisles are organized into private dining-like table arrangements by use of sheer drapery panels. The iconic Stars poster art accents the restrained elegant architectural backdrop with a potent color punch. A BCV Principal served as Lead Designer for this project while employed at Backen, Arrigoni & Ross.

STAR S singapore

CR US H 29 sacramento, california

BCV was the Design Architect for this new Tasting Room and Visitors Center for Franciscan Estates Winery in Napa Valley. Franciscan holds the philosophy that the wines are the elegant expression of the vineyards, giving unique voice to the terroir on which they are grown. BCVs design seeks to give architectural expression to this philosophy by creating a building that is memorable and fits comfortably into its vineyard setting. The great tasting room is the portal to what may be explored beyond, including the 10,000 bottle wine library, and the clubrooms, which are designed for the members of Franciscans wine club.

FRA NC I S C A N E S TAT E S WIN E RY rutherford, california

Located in the heart of Napa Valley, the Cakebread Winery is one of Napas oldest family-run wineries. The new 10,000 square feet addition blends seamlessly with the existing 43,000 square feet main building by ensuring a continuity of form and materials palette. The architectural style relies on a restrained use of natural materials and textures that harmonize with the surrounding vines and cherished vegetable garden. The main floor of the addition consists of a large barrel storage room, a light filled state- of-the-art wine lab, and a series of private tasting rooms, each with their own view to the vineyards just outside. On the second floor, the new Wine Club room provides dramatic views eastward over the grapes to Howell Mountain beyond. Continuing with the natural modern aesthetic first established by original architect William Turnbull, this winery addition was BCVs first collaboration with architect Don Brandenburger, who designed the majority of the buildings at this Rutherford site. The Cakebread family has established their presence in the wine world by producing the highest quality wines, and providing a wine tasting experience that is a highlight of any wine country visit. The architecture of the project unites and enhances this wine tasting experience in a celebration of wine, food, friends and a sense of place.

CA KE B R E AD WI N E RY E A S T A D D IT ION rutherford, california



BCV Architects combined two modern condominium units into one in San Franciscos historic Jackson Square neighborhood, creating a quintessential urban home for a family of four. The home features a grand main salon that is 40 square, showcasing dramatic cityscape views - this room is the social center of the home. The salon serves as living room, music room, dining room and gallery for the familys evolving collection of photographs. Opening off this room is a skylit kitchen featuring contrasting Wenge cabinetry and Carrara marble countertops. An elegant breakfast alcove completes the room. On the other side of the grand salon is the library, which is painted persimmon orange to provide a strong contrast to the subdued whites and silvers of the salon. The main hall of the home is treated as a long linear gallery, featuring both three-dimensional objects and works on paper. Each bedroom and bathroom reflects the personality of the individual family members.

CI T Y HO USE san francisco, california

Designed for the enjoyment of the Northern California climate and the views of Richardson Bay, Mt. Tamalpais, and sunsets over the Marin Headlands, this Mediterranean Chic residence has multiple outdoor living areas. This three-story home is anchored into its steep hillside site with hand-cut stone walls, elegant gardens and fountains. The upper outdoor loggia has a fireplace and radiant floors to extend the seasons for outdoor living. The lower level features an outdoor pizza oven, a fire pit, a pool and Roman spa. A stone and plaster spiral stair gracefully but purposefully moves guests between the top and bottom public floors and encourage them to bypass the middle private bedroom floor. The walls and ceilings are plastered throughout the home, including custom plaster air vents integrated into the plaster surfaces. All exterior doors, windows, balconies and louvered awnings were customdesigned out of steel and bronze.

HI L L H O USE belvedere, california

This 5,100 square foot residence is organized around a majestic Blue Oak tree, which occupies the only flat portion of this one-acre site. With dramatic views of a Windy Hill to the southwest, the house is designed to respond directly to the natural features of the site. While breaking down the buildings overall massing, the various components of the house - garage, main house, master wing and guest house at the rear - form edges of a formal courtyard anchored by a heritage Blue Oak. The spaces of the main house simultaneously look inward to the quiet tree and canopied courtyard, and outward to the dramatic distant views. Tucked into the sites hillside, and locked into the landscape by the great rooms loggia and terrace wall, the house conceals its story scale and allows for a poolside setting to be elegantly carved into the cascading terrain, shielded from neighbors views and the building approach.

PE N I NS U L A H OUSE portola valley, california

Located in the hills of Marin County, this residence was built in 1906 by John White, the brother-in-law of Bernard Maybeck, with subsequent renovations to the house and gardens. The most recent garden design was conceived by notable landscape architect Thomas Church. The goal for this renovation and addition was to reinforce the design approaches of the original Architects and to respect the character, proportions and detailing of the main house, while addressing lifestyle requirements of a contemporary family of five. The rear of the house was redesigned on all three levels with a light filled breezeway added to connect the main level and the guest quarters. A roof access deck was enclosed and now functions as an exercise room offthe master suite. BCV collaborated with the landscape architect on material selection and solutions to the challenging level changes at the garden. The new pool house and outdoor shower satisfy the functional needs of the historic circular pool, and a new outdoor kitchen elegantly provides modern day outdoor entertainment.

HI S T O R I C H O U S E ross, california

Located in the Crows Nest development of Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, this 5,600 sf, three-story ski-in/ski-out cabin enjoys 360 views and direct access to the ski lifts. The board-formed concrete podium anchors the cabin into the hillside, allowing the steel, glass, and wood structure to emerge above the snow line. A double-height living room sits at the center of the home, and features large south-facing windows, a grand stone fireplace, and log columns that reinforce this cabins place among a cathedral of trees. The year-round south-facing deck features a hot tub, fire pit, and outdoor dining table for slope-side family lunches.

MO UN TAI N H O USE lake tahoe, california

This private oceanfront estate on the north shore of Kauai is designed as a personal resort. The buildings are arranged on the site in a cluster with careful attention to views, wind protection, privacy, and access to the sand swimming beach. The central building functions as the Master House. Detached Beach Bungalows provide resort style guest accommodations. A Lodge Pavilion contains a large living room, dining and kitchen for group entertaining and gatherings. A Recreation Pavilion incorporates a gym, yoga studio, lap pool and tennis facilities. Every room has sliding walls that provide full views of the ocean, and clear access to abundant outdoor living areas. The master plan for the property includes a remote Barn to house the recreational vehicles and horses to be used for exploration of this large, park-like property.

RE SO RT H O Ukauai, S E hawaii

The Decathlon Club is a revisioning and updating of an existing fitness club into a contemporary health and social club for all ages. The new program expands upon traditional club amenities of pool, tennis courts and restaurant to create a hub of shared activity to also accommodate family and educational uses, by adding art and music studios, learning labs, family gathering areas, juice bar, media room, business center, and an iPad lounge. The club entrance has been made to feel like an elegant modern hotel lobby, with distinct zones accommodating multiple functions defined within the existing atrium, through the use of wood screens and a changing materials palette. The indoor-outdoor lifestyle of Northern California has been highlighted through the reorganization of view axes to the exterior, and the abundant use of foldaway doors.

DE CAT H L O N C LUB santa clara, california