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Zeynep rem GNE 1855378 Section 92 23.05.

2013 Worlds Energy Problem As the Earth gets older, the natural energy sources are decreasing rapidly. This situation forces humanity to find other energy sources. In the text Benefits of Nuclear Energy, Comby says that nuclear power is the best solution for this energy shortage. I partially agree with the writer about that finding new energy sources is neccessary, but I do not agree that nuclear energy is as beneficial as he claims. I agree with the Combys idea that (humans) must adopt new life styles and find other energy sources. (n.d., para.4). Fossil fuels are our major energy source since the industrial civilization. Because of this continuous consumption of them, we need to find other energy sources immediately. The first reason of dethroning the fossil fuels is that they cause changes in Earths climate and this harms both environment and humans health. The climate change caused by high CO2 concentration in the atmosphere leads the Greenhouse effect. The Green House effect is the main reason of the increase in the climate. With consumption of fossil fuels, the released CO2 blocks the atmosphere and does not permit the sunlight leave the Earth. Thus, the sunlight cannot leave the Earth and the Earths surface start to heat and because of that, the balance of the nature is being harmed. Changes in the climate also affect the humans health. Therefore, climate has role in many health problems. According to Haines, Kovats, Campbell- Lendrum and Corvalan: Extremes of temperature and rainfall have direct immediate effects on mortality as well as long-term effects. For example, populations that have experienced flooding

may suffer from sustained increase in common mental disorders. Changes in temperature and rainfall may also affect the distribution of disease vectors - e.g. those of malaria and dengue- and the incidence of diarroheal diseases (2006, p.2101). Secondly, fossil fuels are going to become extinct and we will need other reliable energy sources eventually. As the Comby says 85% of the worlds energy is provided by the fossil fuels; coal, oil and gas. (n.d. , para.2). This shows us that the consumption rate of fossil fuels are very high and we are going to vital problems about energy sources. According to BPs Statistical Review of World Energy published in 2011, we see that the remaining time for coal is 118 years, for natural gas 59 years and for crude oil 46 years (as cited in Kolesnikov, n.d., p.1). Therefore, we will need other energy sources in at most 118 years. I disagree with the Combys idea that Nuclear power should be deployed rapidly to replace coal, oil and gas in the industrial countries (n.d., para.1), which implies that nuclear energy is the only alternative energy source. There are other energy sources such as wind power and wave power which are effective in producing high amount of energy. Although Comby mentions wind power, he does not see it as a important energy source and he underestimates the importance of it by saying (wind tribunes) generate electricity only when the wind blows. (n.d., para.6). Yet he is missing some points that in the world there are many places that the wind never stops blowing and reaches really high speed, which stays nearly constant for all year. Therefore, wind tribunes are not marginal energy sources. Another important energy source, wave power, is not known well, but it is very good energy source in the countries that has seas or oceans near them. If we think that the Earths two thirds is covered by water sources, the waves that caused by crustal movement of Earth and the wind can be used to produce energy. Furthermore, because these movements are continuous, wave power can supply regular energy.

I also disagree with the Comby at the idea that Nuclear power is clean, safe, reliable, compact, competitive and practicall y inexhaustible.(n.d., para.8). Nuclear power is not a safe and clean energy source. Nuclear energy reactors are very sensitive to physical conditions of Earth. Since formation of Earth is a continuous situation, movements on crustal surface of Earth triggers the nuclear reactors. These cause very serious accidents such as the Fukushima accident. In 2011, an earthquake with the 9.0 magnitude occurred in Japan. This earthquake affected the nuclear reactors in Fukushima central and leak of radiation affected a huge area, so the nuclear energy is not safe. Moreover, the waste products of nuclear energy are dangerous. Even there is no accident, the radiation always released by reactions. Almost all stages while producing nuclear energy is dangerous; mining of uranium, refilling and enrichment. These processes produce radioactive isotopes that may cause contamination in the water, plants and air. Thus, they pollute the ecosystem and threaten human health. Furthermore, these radioisotopes remain for thousands of years. Therefore, the side effects of them will be more understandable in the future (Lai & Morrison, n.d., p.2). In conclusion, I agree with the writer that our energy demand cannot be resolved with fossil fuels, but I disagree with him at the point that nuclear energy is the only solution. In my opinion, such a dangerous energy source should be our last solution, thus I do not support the nuclear energy.

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