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Question Bank:

1. QTP workflow Phases

Prepare, record, Verify/enhance, Integrate

2. what are the conditional statements provided in QTP?

Do Loop, For Next, While Wend

3. Break point is used to :

Pause the execution at the specified point, before executing the step

4. What is the first step to change the logical name of the object recorded by Quick test?
Open Object Repository

5. Where can you find the result of an output parameter?

Runtime Data Table

6. Where do you set action iterations for a specified action?

Action Call Properties

7. which of the following is created by default with new action?

Local Data Sheet, Folder,

8. What are the default addins provided by QTP?

ActiveX, VB, Web

9. Which source property specifies that data is retrieved from database?


10. Local object Repository is used for Single action tests.

11. shared object Repository is created in Object Repository Manager.

12. which tool is used to merge two shared object repositories.

Object Repository Manager

13. Low level Recording is used to record:

Exact coordinates of mouse movements

14. virtual objects are stored in :

dat folder… Under VOCollection folder

15. bitmap checkpoint takes into consideration:

Screen Resolution, Image Size

16. When using recovery scenario wizard ,the first phase is to specify :

17. Trigger events :

popup window,object state, test run error,application crash

18. GetToProperty is used to:

Retrieve the value of property of test object

19. Two ADODB objects are :

Recordset and Connection.

20. Close method is used to close the data base session.

21. Exportsheet is used for

to export the local data sheet to excel file
22. recovery scenario:
is used to handle exceptions.

23. Action iterations are set in:

Action call properties.

24. question on step generator.

Options available under Category dropdown of Step Generator window Test Objects, Utility
Objects, Functions

25. information pane and missing resource used for?

to find out syntax errors

26. where do you enable smart identification?

displays the missing resources under test e.g., objects

27. environment variable types: User defined and built-in.

Object Identification

28. One more area to look into is Menu options i.e., where to look to enable or disable different features of
QTP .There are around 4 to 5 questions covering the same.
environment variable types: User defined and built-in.

29. By which type, procedure parameters passes the values:

By Ref

30. If we create a procedure under any test/script, Where we can use it Test/script in which it is created, not
callable from other test

31. If we create a procedure under function library, how does it save with which extension: .QFL

32. What is the difference between function and subroutine:

function can return a value, where as subroutine cannot.

33. What are the different STEP commands:

Step In, Step Out, Step Over

34. Which keyword is used for counter increment Under For…Next loop: Step

35. In Do Loop, at which point the condition is checked to proceed for next iteration: End of the loop,
minimum one iteration will execute

36. What is the first step to use the low level recording mode: Open in Normal mode

37. How do register a procedure/function to a test object : RegisterUserFunc

38. How do you bypass the object repository: Descriptive Programming or Programming Desc

39. Where do you set the action as reusable action: Action Properties

40. Global Data sheet is having one record and Local Data sheet is having two records, how many times the
test executes by default: One time

41. Test -->Settings --> Run tab belongs to which sheet: Global

42. Global Data sheet is having no records and Local Data sheet is having two records, how many times
the test executes: One time

43. How do you find the number of columns in database table: Fields.Count

44. What will return for ChildObjects method? Collection object

45. Where can u set the smart identification "ON": object identification

46. How can we release the database after its use: close the connection and recordset objects

47. How can u link individual actions to shared repository :resources>associate repositories

48. which object properties are shown in object identification box: Mandatory and assistive

49. where can we disable the virtual object recognition: general options

50. how to associate a procedure to a test object class: register user func

51. which object is used in sending information to the test results.: Reporter

52. what is default identifier type for web objects: index

53. test object properties are: those mentioned in object identification box and in object repository

54. which object is used to read from text file: file system

55. A dot followed by object in expert