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ARMY UNIFORM January 2007

Place the U.S. insignia When combat and Center the regimental OFFICERS Center regimental Center leaders
5/8 inch above the notch special skill badges crest 1/2 inch above Center U.S. insignia crest 1/8 inch above identification insignia
on both collars, with the are worn, center the nameplate or 1/4 on both collars the top of the pocket (1 5/8-inch green cloth
centerline of the insignia them 1/4 inch above inch above unit awards approximately 5/8 flap. Wear the crest loops) on the shoulder
bisecting the notch and the ribbons. When and foreign badges, if inch up from the 1/4 inch above unit loops, underneath the
parallel to the inside edge more than one worn. collar and lapel awards and foreign distinctive unit insignia.
of the lapel. badge is worn above seam with the badges, if worn.
the ribbons, badges center line of the
will be stacked 1/2 ALL FEMALES insignia parallel to ALL SOLDIERS
ALL OFFICERS inch apart and may Center the nameplate the inside edge of ALL SOLDIERS Center shoulder-sleeve
Center rank insignia on the be aligned to the left horizontally on the the lapel. Center unit awards insignia on the left
shoulder loops 5/8 inch to present a better right side between 1 1/8 inch above the sleeve 1/2 inch below
from the outside shoulder appearance. and 2 inches above top of the pocket flap the top of the shoulder
seam. the top button. Adjust ALL FEMALES (males), and center seam. When a special
placement of the Center ribbons on unit awards with the skill or marksmanship
ALL MALES nameplate to conform the left side with the tab is worn, the tab
bottom edge 1/2 inch
ALL OFFICERS Center ribbons to individual figure bottom row parallel above the top of the is 1/2 inch below the
Center branch insignia on 1/8 inch above the differences. to the bottom edge nameplate shoulder seam and
both lapels 1 1/4 inches top of the pocket of the nameplate. (females). the insignia is 1/4 inch
below the U.S. insignia, flap. Third and Third and below the tab. Tabs
with the centerline of the subsequent rows FEMALE OFFICERS subsequent rows that are an integral part
insignia bisecting the U.S. may be aligned to A 1/2-inch wide band may be aligned to ALL MALES of an insignia, such as
insignia and parallel to the the left to present a of black mohair, the left to present a Center the nameplate airborne or mountain,
inside edge of the lapel. better appearance. polyester or mercerized better appearance. on the flap of the right are worn directly above
cotton braid will be pocket, between the the insignia with no
sewn on each sleeve, top of the button and space between.
MALE OFFICERS with the lower edge the top of the pocket.
A 3/4-inch wide band of parallel to and 3 inches
black mohair, polyester or above the bottom edge ALL SOLDIERS
mercerized cotton braid of each sleeve. The sleeve will be 1 inch
will be sewn on each below the bottom of the
sleeve, with the lower edge wrist bone.
parallel to and 3 inches ALL FEMALES
above the bottom edge of The skirt length will
each sleeve. not be more than 1 ALL ENLISTED
inch above or 2 inches Place the bottom of
below the crease in the the branch insignia
ALL OFFICERS back of the knee. disk (approximately
Each trouser leg has one 1 inch for males and
black mohair, polyester or 5/8” for females) above
mercerized cotton braid ALL FEMALES the notch, centered on
running the length of the Black service pumps the left collar with the
leg (males 1 1/2 inch, may be worn. The centerline of the insignia
females 1 inch). pumps will be plain, parallel to the inside
with closed toe and edge of the lapel. Place
heel. The heel will be the U.S. insignia disk
ALL SOLDIERS between 1/2 and 3 on the right collar in the
Black oxford shoes are inches high. same position.
authorized for wear.

The moisture wicking tan Skill badges will be worn in order

t-shirt or cotton t-shirt is worn of precedence 1/8 inch above and
ALL SOLDIERS ALL ENLISTED underneath the coat and is centered on the U.S. Army tape.
The shoulder-sleeve Center distinctive unit tucked inside the trousers at all Two badges require a 1/4 inch
insignia for former insignia on the shoulder times. space between them. Up to five
wartime service is worn loops, an equal distance badges may be worn with the first
on the right sleeve from the outside shoulder four in two rows of two and the
according to the same seam and the outside Army chaplaincy religious
denomination pin on insignia fifth on top.
specifications as the edge of the button, with
shoulder-sleeve insignia the base of the unit is the only branch insignia
worn on the left side. crest pointed toward the authorized on the ACU. It Skill tabs will be placed centered
outside shoulder seam. is worn 1/8 inch above and on the shoulder pocket flap on
centered on the nametape. the left shoulder of the ACU
ALL ENLISTED coat in order of precedence
Center rank insignia ALL SOLDIERS with a maximum of three worn
The U.S. flag insignia is worn on
between the shoulder Center marksmanship the right shoulder pocket flap of at one time. There are only four
seam and the elbow on badges on the pocket flap the ACU coat. authorized skill tabs (President’s
both sleeves. 1/8 inch (males) below the Hundred, Special Forces, Ranger,
seam and 1/4 inch below and Sapper).
the ribbons (females). The former wartime service
ALL SOLDIERS If more than one badge shoulder sleeve insignia is
When worn, center is worn, space them 1 centered on the hook and loop- Tabs that are part of unit
identification badges inch apart. When special faced pad on the right sleeve of organizational patches such as
between the bottom of skill badges are worn the ACU coat. the airborne or mountain tabs,
the pocket flap and the place them to the right of are worn with the shoulder sleeve
bottom of the pocket marksmanship badges. insignia below the shoulder
(males), or parallel to Name and U.S. Army tapes pocket flap.
the waistline of the coat are 5 inches long and are worn
(females). ALL ENLISTED immediately above and parallel
with the top of the slanted chest Shoulder sleeve insignia is
Center service stripes centered on the hook and loop-
on the outside of the left pocket flaps. The background
ALL SOLDIERS can be either olive green or the faced pad on the left sleeve of the
sleeve 4 inches from the ACU coat.
If authorized for wear, bottom. Place the service universal camouflage pattern.
the lower edge of the stripe at a 45-degree
overseas service bar angle with the lower end A maximum of two pin-on The coat is normally worn outside
is 1/4 inch above the toward the inside seam of identification badges may be the trousers, and the trousers are
right-sleeve braid the sleeve. worn centered on the ACU coat worn with a belt. The coat will not
(officers) and 4 inches pockets. extend below the top of the cargo
above and parallel pocket on the trousers and will not
to the bottom of the ALL SOLDIERS be higher than the bottom of the
sleeve (enlisted). Each The front crease of the The embroidered rank insignia side pocket on the trousers.
additional bar is 1/16 slacks or trousers will is 2 inches high and 1 3/4 inches
inch above and parallel reach the top of the instep wide, and worn centered on the
to the preceding bar. and be cut on a diagonal front hook and loop-face pad of Sleeves will be worn down at all
line to reach a point the ACU coat for all ranks. The times, and not rolled or cuffed.
approximately midway background of the rank insignia
between the top of the can be either olive green or the The knee pouch for internal knee-
heel and the top of the universal camouflage pattern. pad inserts and the bellowed calf
standard shoe in the back. The rank insignia background storage pocket on the left and
The slacks or trousers will match the background of right legs will be worn closed at all
may have a slight break in the name and U.S. Army tapes. times.
the front.

Army combat boots are made The trousers will be tucked into
of tan rough side out cattlehide the top of the boots or bloused
leather with a plain toe and tan using the draw string at the
rubber outsoles. The boots are bottom of the trousers or by using
laced diagonally with tan laces, commercial blousing devices.
with the excess lace tucked into They should not extend below
the top of the boot under the the third eyelet from the top of the
The Army uniform is authorized for year-round wear. This poster is a guide bloused trousers, or wrapped boot.
around the top of the boot.
and does not include every accessory available for wear on the uniform. For Metal cleats and side tabs,
a more detailed discussion of proper wear of the uniform and accessories, and sewn-in or laced-in zipper
consult Army Regulation 670-1 or visit the Uniform Policy Web site at inserts are not authorized.

The Army Combat Uniform

Uniform photos courtesy of

The Official U.S. Army Magazine Special thanks to Old Guard Soldiers PFC Sam Neely (Revolutionary Soldier), PFC Jonathan DeCosta (Blue Uniform Soldier) and SPC Phillip Noe (Army Combat Uniform Soldier).