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DA PAM 25-30 Installation Instructions

Instructions for Installing The DOS application DA PAM 25-30

(These procedures assume a previous installation on your PC.)

The following instructions are for the users

who download the self-extracting version of the DA PAM 25-30
Step 1. Download this self-extracting file (PAM2530.exe) to your desktop (see options above).

Step 2. Click on the My Computer ICON on your Desktop

Step 3. Locate your primary directory. Most often, this will be your C: drive
(though your PC may have other drives/directories). Within the C: directory
there should be a folder named INDEX. The PAM 25-30 INDEX folder should
contain files named Armyhelp.txt, Da_poste.txt, pam.bat, etc. Once you
confirm that the INDEX folder has these files, you know you have identified
the correct PAM 25-30 INDEX folder. DELETE this INDEX folder. After you
have completed this, close your open windows and any running applications.
Return to the desktop level.

Step 4. Locate the PAM2530.exe self-extracting file on your

desktop, and double click it. Select the Unzip Button, unzipping to
your C:\ drive. After you have unzipped, you may select close. After
completing the steps below this file (PAM2530.exe) may be removed
from your desktop and archived to another folder or deleted.

Step 5. Click on Start then; Select RUN

Step 6. Type: C:\INSTALL.EXE in the ‘Run Command
Line’. Then Click OK.

Step 7. Once the installation starts, you will

be prompted for setup information. The first
prompt asks for the location of your CD-ROM
drive. Since this version of the DA PAM 25-30
runs from your hard drive instead of the CD,
please disregard this prompt and enter the
letter C then press your Enter key.

Step 8. Change the Edit path to C:\Index and press

Enter. The following screens will require your pubs
account number followed by a screen requesting a
ZIP code. If you know your pubs account number
and ZIP Code, enter them when prompted. If you
do not know your account number, or ZIP, use the
example values provided (A9999, 22331).
*Note: If there are access restrictions installing applications to your C: drive (such as in some NT
environments), you may want to install the PAM 25-30 to your D: directory on your hard drive and change
this path from "C: to D:" You will be prompted whether to create a new directory. Answer Y.

TO CREATE a DeskTop Icon for the DA PAM 25-30 -You go back to the "DeskTop" level. Right click
your mouse,

1. Select 'New'
2. Select 'Shortcut'
3. Browse
4. Locate the 'Index' Folder on the drive where you installed the PAM 25-30 Index folder.
5. Open the INDEX folder and double click the "pam" or "pam.bat" FILE.
6. Click Next, then Finish
7. You now should have a DeskTop Icon for the PAM 25-30.