Revit Keyboard Shortcuts

Italicised shortcuts are non-standard.

Rev. 1

BM BR BS CL CM CS DI DL EL FT GR LI LI LW RP RT SB TG TX VB VE VS WA Beam Brace Beam System Column; Structural Column Place a Component Create Similar Aligned Dimension Detail Line Spot Elevation Wall Foundation Grid Model Line Model Line; Draw Lines etc Linework Reference Plane WSP Revision Triangle Floor; Structural Floor Tag by Category Text Void Blend Void Extrusion Void Sweep Wall; Structural Wall

DV GD HL RR SD TL VD VG VV WF Viewport - Activate View Graphic Display Options Hidden Line Render Shading with Edges Thin Lines Viewport - Deactivate View Visibility/ Graphics Visibility/ Graphics WireFrame

// AL AR CC CO CP DE DM EW FR JJ MD MM MV OF PC PI PL PN PS PV RC RE RO SF SL TR UJ UP Divide Surface Align Array Copy Copy Notch; Apply Notching Delete Mirror - Draw Axis Edit Witness Lines Find/ Replace Join Geometry Modify Mirror - Pick Axis Move Offset Paste Aligned to Current View Pase Aligned to Picked Level Paste Aligned to Selected Levels Pin Paste Aligned to Same Place Paste Aligned to Selected Views Notch:Remove Notching Scale Rotate Split Face Split Element Trim/Extend to Corner Unjoin Geometry Unpin

Ctrl+B Ctrl+I Ctrl+U Fn2 AA CG ER EX FG KS LD LG LL QS RA RA RB RC RL RW SU SV UN WL WS Bold Italicise Underline WSP Revit Help Manual Adjust Analytical Model Cancel Editing Requests Exclude Finish Keyboard Shortcuts Loads Link Level File Save Reset Analytical Model Restore All Excluded Restore Excluded Member Repeat Last Command Reload Latest Reload Latest Additional Settings:Sun Settings Synchronise and Modify Settings Project Units WSP Wish List Worksets

EH EU HA HC HH HI HM HP HR HS IC LF RH VH VU Hide in View:Hide Elements Unhide Element WSP Show/Hide Analytical - Current View Hide Category Hide Element Isolate Element WSP Show/Hide Sect/Elev/Det Marks - Current View WSP Show/Hide Reference Planes - Current View Reset Temporary Hide/Isolate WSP Show/Hide Scope Boxes - Current View Isolate Category WSP Show/Hide Linked Files - Current View Toggle Reveal Hidden Elements Mode Hide in View:Hide Category Unhide Category

SA SC SE SI SM SN SO SP SQ SR SS ST SW SX Select All Instances: In Entire Project Centers Endpoints Intersections Midpoints Nearest Snap Off Perpendicular Quadrants Snap to Remote Objects Turn Override Off Tangents Work Plane Grid Points

ZA ZC ZE ZF ZO ZP ZR ZS ZV ZX ZZ Zoom All to Fit Previous Pan/Zoom Zoom to Fit Zoom to Fit Zoom Out(2x) Previous Pan/Zoom Zoom in Region Zoom Sheet Size Zoom Out(2x) Zoom to Fit Zoom in Region

DF DG MY PD WSP Export DWF - Current Sheet WSP Export DWG - Current Sheet WSP My Plots - Current Sheet WSP Export PDF - Current Sheet

IM Import CAD

Ctrl+` Activate the first contextual tab Move to Project Close Cascade Windows Tile Windows Close Hidden Windows MP SZ WC WT WW

Ctrl+L AD AP EG GP RG UG Load into Project Attach Detail Group Add to Group Edit Group Create Group Remove from Group Ungroup

Ctrl+1 MA PP PT VP Properties Match Type Properties Properties Paint Properties

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