Stuart J. Kamille


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WHY  EVEN  WONDER?   We all have wondered…is there a life after death? Is there a place where we all go when we die? Is there a heavenly home where we will meet our loved ones and where we will reside for all eternity? It is not a modern thought. A yearning for Heaven goes back to the beginning of recorded time. Many religions and religious philosophies have dealt with this issue. Not all agree on the details. Yet over the years the idea of Heaven (or whatever name is given) as a state of existence that is different from the one we know still endures. But that does not prove that it exists. It only shows that we would like it to exist. Is there a way to show that Heaven actually exists? This book will deal with that issue. It is not a religious book. There is no agenda here. This is simply an inquiry into an age-old question. You will not find your religious beliefs challenged here. That is not my intention. You may believe whatever you like and should close this book unchanged. If you find it convincing however, you will close this book reassured that many of the questions you had wondered about have a reasonable answer. Why even wonder if Heaven exists? Won’t we find out one-way or another soon enough? The idea of Heaven, as it turns out, contains answers to a variety of other questions and that’s why it is important. Indeed contained within the concept of a heavenly abode after life on Earth are answers to a large number of profound questions that can’t be addressed as successfully any other way. In other words if Heaven exists, it is a very useful idea and one which provides many other answers If you have ever wondered why evil exists or if there is a purpose to life or if there is a reason for suffering and pain, you will find that these questions can be answered. If you have ever angrily thought that your life is particularly painful and unfair, if you have wondered why you have been selected for the difficult life you lead, if you have questioned the fairness of the world, you will find an answer in the concept of Heaven. If you have suffered a loss and wondered why, or if you have had great luck and wondered why, you will gain a new insight that can ease your mind. I find that just by starting with the assumption that a place like Heaven exists makes it possible for a wide variety of answers to become clear. Whenever one idea leads to answers for so many others you begin to wonder if perhaps there is significant power in your assumption. In other words when one idea leads to answers for so many others, some of which are quite profound and comforting, you begin to imagine that you are onto something. But then isn’t that as it should be? If there is a Heaven it should contain all the answers to any question you might have. And as it turns out…it does. Stuart J Kamille 2010    








  CHAPTER  ONE     DOES  HEAVEN  EXIST?   Haven’t we all asked ourselves if life has meaning? And if it does have meaning then why do we die? What is the purpose to living? Do we have a destiny to fulfill? Why is there pain and suffering in the world? Why is there injustice? Is there a life after we die? Why do we suffer? Why is life so unfair as to allow people to suffer through no fault of their own? Why do we love and then have that which we love snatched so cruelly away? Why do we have to live alone, missing loved ones who gave us such joy? Why do we wonder if we will ever be able to see them again and regain the happiness we lost? What is the purpose of a life filled with such longing and pain? Why do we wonder about any of this in the first place? It is amazing but all these questions and many more can be satisfactorily addressed with a simple idea. Heaven. Since all mankind has speculated on the answers to these questions at one time or another, it’s not surprising that there are many different interpretations of what Heaven is and what the answers to all these questions might be. This book is one way, which I hope you will find reasonable. There is no use denying that life is difficult and painful. No one is happy all the time. So the existence of a place where existence is perfect with no pain or anxiety would be wonderful. A place that contained all those whom we knew and loved in our life and a place where we could meet them again would delight us. If all we have experienced and accomplished in our life were somehow preserved wouldn’t it be wonderful? If we could gain access to such a wonderful place it would be the greatest joy we could experience. But does such a place exist? This is not a scholarly work. It is not a work of logic but of hope. This is simply a way to look at the value of the single idea of Heaven. That the idea of Heaven is a wonderfully useful idea will be shown in the pages that follow. But this approach is limited in what it can accomplish. WHAT  DOES  HEAVEN  LOOK  LIKE?   The most commonly held idea of Heaven is so different from anything remotely similar to our physical world; it is very difficult to pin down. You can’t measure it. You can’t gather it up in a bundle and grasp it. We can imagine it, but how do you prove that an idea is real? So that’s going to make it pretty difficult to prove that there is or is not a Heaven. The reason seems to me to be quite simple. If there is a Heaven it has no physical existence in the universe we know. It cannot be seen nor sensed. If such a place exists, it is beyond our ability now to detect. So we have imagined a place that almost by definition is impossible to prove. It is beyond the reach of human intellect. Doesn’t it seem logical to suppose that Heaven would be a place governed by different rules than the ones we know? For it to be the kind of place we imagine, all the rules that we know would have to be tossed out the window. How can you have a place of perfect peace, filled with all the people who ever lived, containing all knowledge and timeless and also have it be just like Earth? Some things would have to be very different. All the rules that we are used to would have to change. And if they were changed, how could the senses and tools we use on Earth be applicable?


And then consider the kinds of beings that would exist in such a place. If Heaven exists, the beings (if there are any) that populate it must be different from anything we know. Just like Heaven itself they would have no physical existence since they would exist in a place that was no longer governed by the physical parameters of the world we know. Such beings would be very different from anything we know since they would have to be compatible with a place that has a very different environment. Does that mean they would have no mass, no body, no feelings, no sight, no sound, etc? How can you measure something if no yardstick can be used? How do you weigh something, which has no weight? How do you prove that something exists if it has no existence in the traditional sense? If we can’t see it, or feel it, or measure it, how can we know it is even real? So how can we prove something exists when it does not obey the same rules as the world in which we live? It would be like trying to measure the wind with a yardstick. We lack the appropriate tool that we can use to analyze the evidence. We have to figure this out by some sort of indirect means. As it turns out this can be done. As a matter of fact it is frequently done. It is done by inference. Scientist infer that certain subatomic particles exist because mathematically they must exist to fully explain experimental results. Even though those particles have never been seen nor measured, they reveal their existence by the influence they have on other known particles. Unknown planets, which cannot be detected directly by observation, induce a change in the orbits of stars and thus reveal themselves. We can apply this same deduction by inference in our search for Heaven. We have to assume Heaven exists and then look for things, which are affected by its existence. Those things must be something that we can experience and know. In other words, if Heaven exists it should have an influence on things we know exists. If we can discover that influence then we can show that Heaven indeed does exist. This might be easier to understand if we use a concrete example. Let’s take the idea of gravity. We don’t have to have proof that gravity exists to understand that it does indeed exist. We know that gravity exists because we see it demonstrated all the time. Gravity has consequences. The exact way it does what it does has yet to be fully explained. You don’t have to really understand how mass influences the curvature of space to realize that you end up on the floor if you try to sit down without a chair beneath you. This does not require a supercomputer and complicated mathematics. So how did you convince yourself that gravity exists? Experience is a great teacher and pain is an even swifter one. There are many things in our everyday life that are learned through just such a combination. It is not surprising that you don’t remember figuring out how to walk or that gravity exists. You figured out that gravity existed probably before you could even talk. But, how? No one explained it to you. No one showed you a formula. No one demonstrated it. You experienced the consequences enough to realize that it must exist. Gravity has consequences, which made your life work. Some of those consequences were probably pretty painful. Gravity is a very useful idea. It is a concept that explains why a hammer will fall on your toe if you drop it and that you will end up on the floor if you try to sit down without being certain that a chair is going to be right where it needs to be. The idea of gravity explains lots of things you


observe everyday and it is the very usefulness of the idea that makes it clear that there must be something to it. We infer it exists because it explains so much. Most of the things you know you learned in this way. You don’t remember understanding gravity but you learned enough about it to enable yourself to walk and to skip and to run and to jump. You just expect it to be there every day and so far you’ve been right. Everyday things fall down and you pick them up. You don’t question the existence of gravity because you deal with it everyday. It isn’t very remarkable. It is commonplace. But if you think about it, gravity is actually very remarkable. It is absolutely astonishing. But then so is the beating of your heart or the way your thoughts are produced or the feeling you have when you view a beautiful painting. These things are truly remarkable but, we rarely remark upon them. They are part of our life so we just accept the remarkable aspect as an everyday experience. That doesn’t make it any the less wonderful. It’s just that for the moment, as remarkable as these things are, they slip into the background of our life and we don’t notice them. What if Heaven is like that too? If Heaven were just part of our existence it wouldn’t emerge from the background of our life. We would just take it for granted and it would be built into all our assumptions. If that were the case you wouldn’t even notice it because it would be a component of your very existence. It would never occur to you that you could not live as you do if Heaven didn’t exist. So picking the existence of Heaven out from the background of your life to examine is going to be pretty difficult. CAN  YOU  PROVE  HEAVEN  EXISTS?   Let’s agree then that Heaven by definition is so different from our day-to-day existence and seems to have such different physical parameters that giving you a proof showing how large and how deep and how hot Heaven is, isn’t going to be very useful. Instead let’s look at why it must exist rather than how it exists. Let’s look at things you know to be true and things you can experience and then see if they can be explained in some way by the idea of Heaven. We all know that you love your children and abhor death. Why? You see evil everyday and wonder why people can behave in this way. You feel pity for the infirm and handicapped. Why? You wonder about your future and the reason for your existence. Why? As we shall show the answer is directly related to the idea of Heaven. Now let’s consider the answer to this simple question. Why do you have a conscience? How can you explain it? Why does it dog you day and night if you do something you know is wrong? Why do you worry about not doing what you know to be right? If you are as independent and completely in control of your decisions as you would like to think, then why does your conscience keep telling you what to do? This might be a good starting place for our assumption that Heaven exists. Since Heaven would have no mass or size or weight, the only way it could influence you would be through something that also had no mass or size or weight. It would have to be something that was non-substantial. What might that be? The only part of you that is non-substantial would be your feelings and thoughts. Could it be that Heaven would influence you by controlling the way you felt? If so then we would have a basis for inferring the existence of Heaven itself by observing the way you feel.


You exist on this Earth and have feelings. Most of those feelings are due to the things that happen to you on Earth. The way you feel determines what you do. So perhaps that is the way you are influenced by Heaven. But how would this influence be communicated? What might be the communication means? There must be some way to send you the message. What is it? Perhaps the answer to that question is not a ‘what’ but a ‘who’. Perhaps Heaven communicates with you through something we shall call a ‘Soul’. We now bump up to a problem in nomenclature that might alarm you. Others have given a name to this place; ‘Heaven’ and they have also given the beings that exist in Heaven a name. Those beings are called ‘souls’. And that may present you with a problem. You may be asking yourself: “Is this just a subtle way to slip in someone else’s religious beliefs? I thought this was just an inquiry into Heaven’s existence?” So let’s stop for a moment and ease your mind. Even if you don’t believe in any particular religion or in God in the first place, using a name isn’t going to change anything about what you believe. That’s not the purpose. We have to call this place and these beings by some name so why not use the one that has been in use for such a long time? It simplifies the discussion without committing you to any belief. My purpose here is to try to discuss the existence of Heaven without forcing my beliefs on you in one direction or another. Please bear that in mind as we go along. You can believe anything you wish and you should feel free to make any assumptions you want without having to accept any specific theology. There is no theology here. These are simply labels. ‘Heaven’ and ‘Soul’ are just words to describe certain ideas and nothing else. So let’s resume where we left off. The connection that you have to Heaven might be through something that could exist both here and in Heaven. Since it exists in Heaven it would be accustomed to the laws that make up Heaven. By definition then it could not exist on this Earth. The two places are too dissimilar. It couldn’t survive without special protection. Why do I assume that? If you or I were suddenly displaced to an entirely different environment, which would potentially be lethal to us because none of the parameters we had grown up with existed, we would require some way of carrying our special environment with us, wouldn’t we? So wouldn’t that apply as well to anyone or anything that was placed on our Earth, which came from someplace equally dissimilar? As a matter of fact we do it all the time. There is no place that we know (except perhaps Heaven) that is as dissimilar to the Earth as outer space yet we send astronauts there all the time. They protect themselves with a space suit. If you and I were going to remain underwater for a long time we would need special equipment as well, since we can’t survive underwater for any length of time. We would use a dive suit. In both cases the suit contains our special environment and acts as a protective covering. Perhaps these heavenly beings would have a need for exactly the same kind of protection. They would need a buffer between our environment and the one they were used to. Perhaps that protective suit is your body. Notice I didn’t say it was you. You are much more than your body.


But certainly your body protects whatever it is that makes you up. My contention here is that perhaps what makes you up is more than just what you think makes you up. Perhaps there is a component of you that is more than you might imagine. While we can see that the Soul might be a useful means to connect us to Heaven there is another way to come to a similar conclusion by reasoning from a different starting point. Instead of thinking about how we are influenced by Heaven what if we thought about why Heaven might need to influence us?   WHAT  IS  A  SOUL?   Let’s assume that souls are special beings that can exist in both the Earth and in Heaven. Since they exist in Heaven, they also have some pretty unusual abilities. Unlike us, they are undistracted by the usual feelings you or I might feel. Why do I draw that conclusion? It’s one thing to accept that Heaven is this place of perfect peace, but why should that give us any basis to invent special qualities for this something called a ‘Soul’? If Heaven is a place of perfect peace and harmony unaffected by the normal rules of physics, wouldn’t it seem logical that the beings who dwell there would be quite a bit different as well? If you take away normal physics as a guiding element, they would have no mass, no speed, no inertia, no tangibility. Wouldn’t that mean that they would have no body? And with no body they would not experience the same sort of sensations that we do. That would mean they would have no way to experience any sensual experience. No pain, no joy, they wouldn’t be able to feel cold. They couldn’t feel heat. These entities would be about as different from you or I as you can imagine. It would seem that these beings would be undisturbed by the constant assault of outside information that our senses provide to us. They would be impervious to sensation of any kind. They would be undisturbed. They would be unruffled. In other words they would be at peace. Now this might not be all good because it also means that they wouldn’t be able to speak because there is no air to speak into. They wouldn’t be able to walk since they would have no body. They wouldn’t be able to laugh or cry or react. No body, no input. No body, no output either. On the other hand, it might not be all-bad. Without all these sensations that we deal with on a daily basis, they would also be perfectly calm and content. To us, so used to the constant distractions of our bodily senses, we would describe their existence as ‘bliss’. Eternal bliss…a feeling of being in perfect harmony with the place in which they exist…Heaven. So a perfect place like Heaven, if it contained beings of some sort, would also contain beings that obeyed the same rules and these beings would be at peace and (at least from our perspective) perfect. I realize that none of this is particularly new. It’s not new frankly because these concepts fit together. If Heaven is perfect and filled with peace then anything that exists within it would benefit from the rules that govern that existence. It would be a perfect existence except for one thing.


It would be a perfectly useless existence. Since these entities have no mass and no senses they couldn’t do anything. All they could do would be to exist. And that means that Heaven couldn’t be very useful. So there has to be some way to make it useful. There has to be something or someone to provide a way to allow Heaven (for all its perfection) to act. In the world that you and I inhabit our mass and our senses allow us to change things about us. Since these beings are not of this world they would have no mass, they cannot make themselves known or felt. They would be invisible to us and unnoticed. So within the idea of Heaven we find a real problem. For Heaven to have a use we have to allow for entities to exist within it. And since those entities have to obey the same rules that govern Heaven, we then have to assume that they can act. But how can you give such beings no body and at the same time give them all the benefits that a body has and relate them in some way to something useful? We have to find a way to allow them to be in one place for a time and then in another place with entirely different rules and still be able to exist. WHAT  IS  THE  PURPOSE  OF  A  SOUL?   But we can’t. We can’t assume that they can be in one place and then the other for a specific period of time, because they can’t exist here without some sort of buffer. It requires an intermediate stage, something like a space suit, which protects them from the foreign environment and when they have done whatever it is that they are supposed to do; we have to give them the ability to remove that buffer and return to the place where they can exist. So a soul has to have the ability to bridge the difference between our world and Heaven. This would make Souls our direct link to Heaven. Souls are the instrument, which exists outside of the Earth and cross the barrier between our world and this other place where none of our rules apply. They are the bridge to Heaven. So our belief in a Heaven and in souls pretty much requires some way to allow these souls to have a purpose and influence things. And that further requires us to suppose the existence of something else…our bodies and our existence here in this universe. For these massless beings to be able to interact or achieve anything, they need something to interact with, an instrument of some sort. In other words, perhaps we aren’t inventing Heaven. Perhaps Heaven is inventing us...our bodies and our existence on this Earth are required by Heaven, so that Heaven can do what it does. You and I would then become an instrument of Heaven. DO  YOU  BELONG  IN  HEAVEN?   Perhaps we exist because Heaven requires us to exist. In short, if we want to suppose the existence of souls, we need to have something nearly the opposite to make our assumption work. We need to suppose the existence of you and I. Souls are a means to connect us to Heaven. If they did not exist, Heaven would not be knowable to us and would have no influence on us. If we assume Heaven exists we have to have a way to make contact with it. We have to assume that souls exist to provide that link. Thus you are directly related to Heaven. If Heaven didn’t exist you would not exist either. You are the physical extension of a soul, which resides in Heaven. That soul needs you to help it.


Help it? Why would this special being need help? What is it that a soul would need? Well whatever that might be it would have to be able to exist in a place like Heaven with no substance and a place like Earth that is practically all substance. What can exist in such dissimilar places? DO YOU HAVE A SOUL? Actually that question isn’t very difficult to answer because the answer is directly related to the essence of what makes Heaven so special. Heaven is a place with no physicality. So we simply ask ourselves: “What has real meaning and existence but also has no physical presence?” Thoughts. Experiences. Feelings. Knowledge. Understanding. These all are both real and not solid at the same time. Mental things have direct consequences since knowledge and experience can guide us and yet they also have no existence in mass or size or shape. We can sum up thoughts, experience, feelings, knowledge, understanding etc in a word. Life. A soul needs us to learn about life and living. That’s what you and I do everyday. That’s what can travel from this world to another by using a special agent, a soul. And what does the soul convey to Heaven-the knowledge and memory of life. In a more personal way then, you and your soul need each other to learn about life and what you learn in life is available for your soul to take back to Heaven. Your body can’t exist in Heaven but your soul can. Once back in Heaven then the knowledge that your soul carries can be shared with all the other beings in Heaven. In other words your life benefits all of Heaven. The relationship is both intimate and foreign. Your body cannot exist there and your soul cannot exist here. One is pure energy and the other pure physicality. The two together make you up. There is one important thing to keep in mind however. The two can separate and at some point will. WHAT  IS  YOUR  JOB  ON  EARTH?   I am sure you can already see where this belief in Heaven is leading us. We now have a reason to exist. We now have a purpose. We are supposed to do exactly what we do. We are supposed to live and through that experience benefit all of Heaven. We didn’t start asking why we exist. We didn’t begin this inquiry looking for meaning. But we have found it wrapped within the idea of Heaven. Gently, but in a very deliberate way we now see where many of the questions that mankind has had for such a long time can be answered just by believing in Heaven. That of course does not prove that Heaven or that souls exist but it doesn’t disprove them either. If you propose that Heaven exists then you need to propose that souls exist and if they exist and have a purpose, then you can see a reason for you to exist. Since you exist, you have your first piece of evidence that perhaps souls and Heaven exist. We shall proceed in a similar way to answer a wide variety of other questions using this same technique. What is amazing is that it works over such a wide range of topics. So lets follow this thread a bit further and see what else we can assume from the very existence of Heaven. If souls exist within our body why don’t we know it? Why can’t we tell?


WHY  CAN’T  YOU  SEE  YOUR  SOUL?   The reason you cannot see that you have a soul is the same reason you can’t see the inside of your eye. You are the beholder and the beholden at the same time. You are what you are looking for and since you can’t stand outside of yourself, you can’t see it. Now you can see me and I can see you. But I don’t see all of you. I can’t. You can’t see my Soul and I can’t see yours. All you and I see are the shell that surrounds the Soul. Your body is solid and real and can interact with other similar bodies. But each person’s Soul is unique to them and can’t directly interact on Earth with anything of this world. A Soul can only exist because your body exists. How do you know your body exists? You know your body exists because you feel and laugh and run and sleep. You can sense it in every decision you make and every breath you take. You know you exist. You can pinch yourself and it hurts. You can dream and feel the difference between things you know to be material and the things you can imagine. You know that you exist, but how do you know that within you somehow is a Soul? Have you ever noticed that even though you should be able to understand why you do certain things, you often can’t find the reason? You feel in a certain way and don’t understand why. You fall in love and it surprises you completely. Life is not totally predictable and that tells you that something else is operating just off stage and in the background. Your life is being directed toward an end, which you can vaguely feel but cannot know. This is a bit like understanding that you understand. You know you think in a logical and directed way, but you cannot understand why you think the way you do. You just do. But the very lack of understanding of the process doesn’t prevent you from thinking. This is similar to the reason that we can assume that gravity exists or that Heaven exists or that you exist without having hard proof that is intellectually satisfying. However you can assure yourself that you exist by using another yardstick other than logic. You can tell you exist because you can follow a trail to prove you exist. HOW  DO  YOU  KNOW  THAT  YOU  EXIST   Have you ever wondered how you ended up where you are right now? Isn’t it a wonderful chain of events? Don’t you also feel that it was perfectly natural that you ended up right where you are? It was. It is perfectly natural. You ended up the way you did for some very good reasons. Each reason required something to happen, just when it did. It wasn’t totally random. You made decisions to reach this point. But why did you decide as you did? What motivated you? What made you make the choices you did? You made the choices because they felt right at the time. They made sense and they felt right. No one does anything unless it feels like the right thing to do at the time. Part of that decisionmaking required that you think about the decision and weigh the evidence and decide. Something influenced those decisions. Now you might not like to admit it, but most of your decisions are based on the way you feel, not the way you think. We are not as logical as we would like to believe. Our gut directs most of our decisions and our mind spends a good bit of time trying to control our gut. If you don’t believe it, try working on a crossword puzzle when you have a headache or try going to sleep when you are


really upset. Sooner or later you are forced to put aside whatever it is that you are doing and deal with the way you feel. You can’t rely on logic to explain your existence. You have to take into consideration your feelings as well. And those feelings were built up over years of experience much of which you can’t even recall now. They are buried deep within you. Your entire past helped you make those decisions and that past is buried in the past in your memory. Your entire lifetime of experience helped you make every decision you made and only a small part of you understands it or remembers it. HOW  ARE  YOU  GUIDED?   How then can you be sure that you are being guided if you can’t remember it? You were guided by an inner sense of what is a correct choice for you to make. That is the basis for the decisions that you make throughout your life. Your inner self (some would say your conscience) guides you. And that guidance is very powerful. It is relentless and stern. You cannot lie to yourself. Your conscience will tell you what to do and woes betide you if you don’t obey. Have you noticed that when you make a decision that feels wrong you will backtrack and change your mind? It is impossible to make a decision and stick with it if it feels wrong. That is the guidance. It comes from within you. It is not clearly logical. It is mainly emotional. You just feel one way or another. But how do you know that the guidance is not just a random whim and that somewhat later or in another setting you would make the same decision? Look back and you will see that you are consistent in your likes and dislikes. You decide to do something, which fits with your expectations and with your inclinations. WHY  ARE  YOU  HERE?   Your proof is that you have a pattern to your life. We all do. Look back over your life. Don’t you see a pattern? That pattern is the guidance you have been given. You live where you live, do what you do, and pursue your own path in life for a reason. That reason may be vague but it is definitely there. You are not wandering around aimlessly. You are being governed. That governing influence is your Soul telling you what to do. You are following a path that was decided for you. You may wander away from the path at times but you will always be guided back. You will be forced to return if you wander too far. You really have no choice in the matter. Or rather you have all the choice you wish, as long it is the choice that has been decided upon by your Soul. IS  THERE  FREE  WILL?   This guidance is not to be confused with what some have referred to as ‘free will’. You are free to choose as you wish. But the choice is influenced from within you not from without and it can be resisted. We all have experienced it. We decide to do something for a reason, which much later seems to have been less than a good one. And what happens? We change our mind. We try to undo what we have done.


Free will is the idea that you make choices with no influence upon that choice. But we all realize that we have our own inner feelings. And those inner feelings control your choice. So it is true that outside influence can be resisted and that you have free will from coercion but that doesn’t mean you have no governance at all. You are free to choose as you wish. However the way you wish may be less under you logical control than you might imagine as any one with a guilty conscience will tell you. Those feelings are developed over the years of your life. As an infant and later a child you had to be guided to think about things in a certain way. When you reach a certain age, you made decisions for yourself based on your internal feeling. That internal guidance developed bit by bit, based on previous learning and natural inclination. You have likes and dislikes and they make up your internal guidance system. Some people resist making decisions. Some relish them. Some like to take risks. Some do not. Not surprisingly the people who take risks are completely different from the ones who do not like to take any chances. For that reason they live entirely different lives. And it is the life that they lead that sets one person apart from the other. We all lead different lives and have different existences. WHAT  IS  THE  VALUE  TO  LIVING? Some lives appear to us as more interesting than others, but just because they seem different in value to us with our personal taste and inclination doesn’t mean that Heaven will view it the same way. It is too easy to assume that the value that you place on someone’s life is dependent on your everyday values and emotional opinion. First, these values vary from person to person depending on their previous experience and secondly, what is valuable here may not have the same value in Heaven. We don’t know what Heaven values. We can’t know. All we know is what we grew up with and know here on Earth. So it is impossible to say what someone should do with his or her life. Only they can determine what they want to do with their life. And if they don’t want to decide, they will be gently urged in one way or another. It isn’t really a decision. It is a destiny, which, try as they might, they cannot overcome. The result of all their choices after many years of exercising their ‘free will’ is the sum of all those decisions and those experiences. In the end, our life is determined by our own choice and our choice is determined by the way we felt at the time. And the way we felt was determined by previous experience and choices until finally we come back to our beginning. We create our own life though a series of gut driven choices. Those choices are uniquely our own. However our interests, proclivities and interests guide those choices. For that reason we cannot fully appreciate another person’s life because each life is so different from one another. WHAT  IS  YOUR  PURPOSE?   So we have now reached another conclusion about our life and our future based on the idea of Heaven. We have value. We have purpose. We are here for a reason. We see a pattern in our past, which shows us that we are destined to do whatever it is that we do. We realize that we are walking along a path that has been selected for us.


But how do we know that that path has value? On Earth we can only assume it does, but once your Soul returns to Heaven it will return with the entire story of your life. That life was selected especially for you. So obviously your life has value to Heaven. It is very special. THE  GUIDANCE  YOU  RECEIVE  FROM  HEAVEN   But then all things in Heaven are special. Heaven directed each life and so each life has a meaning. All life stories have the same value. They are equal. Different of course, but of value just the same, because Heaven wanted each life to turn out as it did for a reason. So your life and mine, though very different, are alike in that Heaven ordered them up for a purpose. So to Heaven both are of equal value. How do we know that all are equal? If our bodies exist to help each Soul learn then anything they guide our body to do would have value. If every Soul is given direction then whatever you do has value because you are being given direction as well. You are guided to do what you do and whatever that is has value. Your entire life has meaning that is equally valuable, interesting and of use because you are the direct servant of Heaven and Heaven has a plan and you are an important part of that plan. Thus the idea of Heaven and of a connection to Heaven through a Soul gives you a purpose and a meaning. It gives all living things meaning. Heaven creates value for each of us and gives us a reason to exist. If you got something out of this download please pass it along to your friends or whomever you feel might benefit. I’d like to distribute it to as many as might be interested and the internet is such a big place that it is lost among the stars. The complete book deals with many other issues, which you might have wondered about as well and is available from Amazon.com an soft cover or in Kindle format. Thanks for giving Why Heaven a chance. S Kamille Skamille@goldenleafpress.com 2/2011


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