The students are to make a book report on the fiction book that they are reading during the DEAR Period and as such, the books must be approved beforehand by the teacher. 2. The students are to write a 10-page (minimum) book report on the book assigned to them, following the guidelines set forth below:  The font to be used is GARAMOND, Size 12;  1.5-line spacing should be observed;  There should be a 1-inch margin on all sides;  Only legal-size bond paper (8.5x11 inches) shall be used;  Grammatical Conventions will be strictly observed;  The prescribed format (provided after these guidelines) must be followed. All students must compile their works (as a class) in a Compact Disc (CD). This is to ensure that even if their written/printed outputs were lost, they still have a digital copy for reference. This task will be fulfilled by the Class President or the Secretary and is due on the same day as the deadline for the written outputs. The deadline for the Written Outputs is on OCTOBER 18, 2013, FRIDAY, 1:00 PM, in the Faculty Room. LATE PROJECTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Please place your outputs in a short, clean sliding folder. A pigeonhole (or reception drawer) will be placed near the door of the faculty room so you can place your outputs without going inside the faculty room. It is expected that the students submit genuine and self-made outputs for their projects. Should the need to copy or use others’ ideas for their own, they should be able to cite the sources by including a list that includes websites and books where the information was obtained. Should the student fail to do this, he or she will be charged with plagiarism and will be sanctioned accordingly as stated in the SCQC Handbook. The project will be graded as follows:  Content 50 points This includes the detailed explanation of the following: Setting 10 points Characters 5 points Plot 20 points Theme 10 points Point of View 5 points  Grammatical Correctness 30 points This includes the following aspects:  Proper observation and application of Subject-Verb Agreement  Proper observation and application of Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement  Presentation 20 points This includes the following aspects:  Neatness of Paper 5 points  Consistency with the format 10 points  Punctuality of Submission 5 points Making a total of 100 points Which will be the highest possible score for this project. MR. JAYSON ZABALA






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