Vocational Training for Youth in rural areas of India

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Each One Teach One Charitable Foundation Off T. J. Road, Sewri, Mumbai 400022 Tel.: 022- Email: eoto@eotoindia.com

Each One Teach One Charitable Foundation

PROFILE OF THE ORGANIZATION Each One Teach One Charitable Foundation (EOTO) is a registered foundation working towards holistic development of underprivileged students in municipal and government aided private schools. EOTO was initiated in 1983 by Ms. Jyoti Tanna in response to educational needs of five destitute children. It has further expanded and now has reached 3,500 children in and around Mumbai. Mission of EOTO is to provide a strong educational foundation with the required integrated support which equips children for a better future. Basic work area- In Mumbai we are working in six municipal schools and 3 government aided private schools mainly with children from 8 th to 10th std. Apart from teaching core education syllabus, we focus on integrated development of each child through conducting special classes, workshops, sessions, art classes, educational tours etc. for the children. Each One Teach One runs similar projects in few rural sectors of Maharashtra too like Palghar, Manor and Neral.

PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION AND ANALYSIS    Frequent drop outs from schools Lack of motivation to continue studies Inability in rural youth to provide financial support to their families due to lack of education and required skills.

JUSTIFICATION FOR THE PROJECT COMPONENT In current competitive world, children need multi skills along with good academics. Youth from urban India is better equipped to face the competition; whereas rural children are left with very little options in their platter. EOTO has taken up the challenge of providing quality education to few schools in rural sector. From an in-depth study, EOTO found that the rural youth has to migrate to make both ends meet. It further leads to severe personal, family and social problems related to migration. To avoid this, EOTO has decided to start a vocational training centre in rural areas where it is operational. It will benefit the youth in that locality and will reduce the rate of migration.

Educate a Child, Discover a Personality


Each One Teach One Charitable Foundation

OVERALL PROGRAMME OBJECTIVE To empower the rural youth with vocational training that will generate employment opportunities in the area and will decrease rate of migration. PROJECT OBJECTIVES:     To impart vocational training to unemployed and illiterate youth in Manor. To enable youth in Manor to take up locally available employment opportunities To make the rural youth economically independent To reduce the rate of migration

To achieve these objectives Each One Teach One is planning to start a vocational training centre which will equip local youth with following skills : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Electrical Wireman Mobile repairing Tailoring Plumbing Beautician A/c Refrigeration

Educate a Child, Discover a Personality


Each One Teach One Charitable Foundation Proposed Budget ( To set up and run 6 courses at one centre)

Sr.No Line items Fixed onetime costs 1. Equipment cost a. Tailoring machines b. Electrical equipments c. Plumbing Equipments d. Beauty Parlour Furniture e. Mobile repair equipments f. A/c Refrigeration repair equipment 2. Onetime payment to Facilitators Recurring costs Stationary Material for Beauty Parlour Course Salaries 1. Teachers

Proposed expenditure


Rs. 8,000/- x 10 nos. Rs. 15,000/Rs. 15,000/Rs. 25,000/-

Rs. 80,000/Rs. 15,000/Rs. 15,000/Rs. 25,000/-

Rs. 10,000/-

Rs. 10,000/-

Rs. 15,000/-

Rs. 15,000/-

Rs. 50,000/-

Rs. 50,000/-

3. 4. 5.

Rs. 5000/- x 12 Months Rs. 5000/- x12 Months

Rs. 60,000/Rs. 60,000/-

Rs. 4000/- x 12 Months x 12 Teachers (For two shifts) Rs. 7,000/- x 12 Months

Rs. 5,76,000/-

2. Centre head

Rs. 84,000/-

3. Coordinator Mumbai based 6. Miscellaneous expenditure a. Maintenance b. Conveyance c. Electricity TOTAL

Rs. 5,000/- x 12 Months

Rs. 60,000/-

Rs. 5,000/- x 12 Months Rs. 60,000/-


Educate a Child, Discover a Personality

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