High Magic Test Spells Compel target to worship caster as a god, increase their STR, DEX, CON, WIS

, and CHA by 10, decrease their INT by 6, and customize their appearance (touch range). In v0.1, costs 13,400 mana, maximum mana, and experience. Subject gets one save to resist STR/DEX/CON/WIS/CHA change and appearance change, plus a separate one to avoid the compulsion to worship and the INT decrease. These two saves are independent of each other but only the second save listed is necessary, as if it is failed they automatically accept the other effects. The save DC is (average of school level and SPELL). In v0.2, costs Teleport the caster and up to four other characters to a predetermined location, inflicting 10d(SPELL) damage on enemies and healing the same on allies, and attempting to knock enemies unconscious. Not yet possible. Solution will probably use Contingencies. However, selective spell effects should be severely limited to avoid unbalancing Multispell. Sample Spells Land 20 unarmed attacks each on up to twelve targets in a single round, none of whom are more than one mile away, as if your STR was 40 points higher. In v0.2, this costs 13(5280 + 440) = 74,360. Of these, 68,640 are in Range (giving no experience) and 5,720 are in Kinesis, giving Kinesis experience and subject to bonuses from Manipulation specialty. This is enormously impractical, but from a more realistic range and against a more realistic number of targets it could be an interesting utility. It should also be noted that as this uses the effect “manipulate targets as if with 20 hands,” it could be used for other things as well, e.g. to steal from the targets or to pin them down or, indeed, anything that could be done with 20 hands. As a touch attack, instantly land 20 unarmed attacks on the target as if your STR was 2 points higher. A much more practical version of the above, still in v0.2. At 402 mana, it is still far from cheap, and with 38 less points of STR deals significantly less damage, but will probably slay most mortals and some weak Empowered outright. Very powerful for a Monk or a cross-class Brawler—perhaps this needs to be adjusted. Disease: Plague of the Trillion Eyes. Afflicted experience no symptoms for one year and are contagious only during the incubation period. After this, they become extremely strong and fast and are compelled to kill every living thing around them and sacrifice their victims to Iorus Trillioneyes at altars of Visyyr. Over a period of three days, they grow eyes all over their bodies; when this is complete they begin to die quickly. Corpses are not contagious. Contagious through air: 100 mana 10% chance per hour: 0 mana Standard DC: 0 mana Incubation period one year: 1790 mana Contagious during incubation: times 5 Not contagious after incubation: divided by 4 Seems like 1785 less mana during incubation: 85

Transmutation: +10 STR and DEX: 200 mana Transmutation over 3 days: grow many eyes: 0 mana Command: “Kill everything. Sacrifice the corpses to Trillioneyes at Visyyr’s altars.”: 50 mana 1d4 damage per hour: 300 mana Delay damage by three days: 3 mana Worshippers of Iorus Trillioneyes are immune: 30 mana Total cost is 3198 mana. Total apparent investment in the afflicted is 967.

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