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The Canadian company, Allana Potash, on Tuesday signed an agreement with the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines that will enable the firm to mine potash in the Afar Regional State...

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A call for a court for Africans by Africans
By Yonas Abiye

Vol. XVII No. 892 | October 12, 2013 | ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA

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In light of the recent debacle over the indictment of Kenyan president, Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, African foreign ministers pushed for the realization of the belated African Court of Justice and Human Rights, the African counterpart of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The African Union has already begun its extraordinary summit yesterday to discuss a mass withdrawal from the ICC protesting the trial of Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto. The extraordinary summit was convened upon the request of the Kenyan Government. During the opening of the summit, the members of the Executive Councils (EC), composed of the foreign ministers of member countries, have already signaled on getting unified voices against

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Officials discussing during the opening of the extraordinary summit

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Enat Bank’s president resigns Ethiopia to issue
By Dawit Taye

Fasika Kebede, first president of the Enat Bank, a bank that relies on women professionals in the banking sector, has tendered her resignation to the board of directors in less than a year since her appointment to the post. Fasika’s appointment to the position was almost as dramatic. The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) a supervisory body of the banking sector has to reject two potential presidents nominated by the

external bond
By Yohannes Anberbir

During his most recent interview with local and international journalists, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has announced plans to harness the international debt market by issuing an external bond to relieve country’s age long foreign currency shortage. The counter part of the domestic government bonds the likes of which the state has been floating to solicit finances for the construction of the much anticipated Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, external currency nominated bonds commonly dubbed the Eurobond is sought after by Ethiopia to... page 5 the government to partially relieve the

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Fasika Kebede



The Reporter | Saturday | October 12, 2013

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Observing the rule of law uniformly
This week Dr. Mulatu Teshome took over the presidency of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia from former president Girma Woldegiorgis, who stepped down after serving two sixyear terms for the past 12 years. The transition of power was peaceful and conducted in full compliance with the dictates of the constitution. We wish the outgoing president all the best and the new president a successful tenure. The assumption of power by current Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn following the passing away of his predecessor, Meles Zenawi, was similarly peaceful and legitimate. Both changeovers demonstrate that it’s not beyond us as a nation to build peacefully a constitutional order where the rule of law reigns. Having said this there is one issue which needs to be raised here: If we are capable of effecting a lawful and smooth replacement of the prime minister and the president, why can’t the execution of other tasks likewise adhere to the constitution and the laws of the land? There abound instances of mismanagement and gross violations of the law by the government bureaucracy. As a result what the law provides and the actual practice are divergent. For instance, the law clearly sets out how land should be developed, how it should be made available to developers as well as the punishment for infringing legal obligations. There are also procedures governing the application of the law. The translation into action of the law on the ground, however, varies depending on personalities and how well-heeled they are. Developers who undertake proper development works on their land are dispossessed the land while individuals who fail to properly develop their land are praised; those who commit minor infractions are vilified while those who are guilty of egregious crimes are applauded. Though the public knows well what is going on, nobody seems to have either the willingness or the courage to do something about it. If we invoke the constitution and other subsidiary laws when appointing successors to the premiere and the president, why can’t we do the same when it comes to the implementation of the legislations on land tenure? Is corruption to blame? If Parliament bases its decision to appoint a new prime minister and president in law, what possible reason could justify the failure to put into practice the law entitling citizens to establish and operate a private television station, which was

enacted some 14 years ago? Why has Parliament not seen it fit to demand why the public has been denied its right to obtain and disseminate information through a medium of its choice for so long? Why doesn’t it hold to account the agency entrusted with seeing to it that citizens are able to exercise their rights under the said law? Does Parliament have a double standard when enforcing the laws it promulgates? True Ethiopians proudly hold their heads high when they see and hear good things about their country. Naturally they feel let down when all they see and hear is doom and gloom. At a time when rumors abound about a rift within the leadership of the ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) the election of a new president in a unanimous vote and in a spirit of unity inspires confidence in the people of Ethiopia. Therefore, it is incumbent on Parliament, the government and the ruling party to ensure that such a positive accomplishment is not marred by acts or omissions which erode the rule of law and consequently the nation building process. The number of citizens who have lodged grievances before federal, regional and local government agencies, who are crying out for justice and for the constitution to be upheld is staggeringly high. Sadly no one has lent them a sympathetic ear. This is a clear disregard of the government’s constitutional and legal obligation to be responsive to the needs of the public. As weave reiterated in previous editorials the beginning of wisdom is to respect the supremacy of the constitution and the law. No one is above the law no matter what public office he holds. And the law must not be bent or trampled on in order to accommodate the interest of individuals or groups. It’s absurd to shorten one’s feet so that it fits a smaller-sized shoe; one gets shoes that fit the feet. Hence, it is imperative that the government accord particular attention to ensuring that the decisions and actions of its institutions and officials abide by the constitution and the laws of the land. There is no reason why we cannot do this. After all we have demonstrated that we can do so, and exemplarily at that, during the replacement of the former prime minister and president. In short the government and the ruling party owe the public the duty to uphold the constitution and the rule of uniformly. If they ignore this responsibility the consequences are bound to be dire.

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The Reporter | Saturday | October 12, 2013

Allana to invest USD 750 million on potash mine in Ethiopia
By Kaleyesus Bekele

The Canadian mining company, Allana Potash, is going to invest USD 750 million on the Dallol potash mine in the Afar Regional State. Allana plans to start construction of the potash mine found in north-east Ethiopia early next year and start production at the end of 2015. Allana Potash is investing in Ethiopia through its subsidiary company, Allan Potash Afar Private Limited company. Allana Potash Afar on Tuesday singed a large-scale mining agreement at the Sheraton Addis. The agreement will enable Allana to exploit the potash deposit estimated at 3.2 billion tonnes. Nejib Ababiya, co-founder and manager of Allana Potash Afar, and Sinkenesh Ejigu, the Minister of Mines, signed the mining agreement. After signing the agreement, Nejib said his company has been conducting exploration work in the Dalol depression for the past five years. Nejib said the company discovered a potash deposit estimated at 3.2 billion tonnes in the license area, adding that it spent about 80 million dollars on the exploration work. “When we started the project the area was a barren desert. It was a very difficult area to work in and Ethiopia was not considered as an investment destination. Our management board

did a tremendous work in promoting Ethiopia and exploration work for the last five years. We spent 80 million dollars in the Afar region. By doing so we drilled many holes and we have done lots of work not only to find potash but also to learn the geology of the area,” Nejib told local reporters. “Based on our exploration work we submitted a bankable project to the ministry six months ago. And the ministry, after reviewing it thoroughly, gave us a feed-back and what not and eventually submitted it to the council of ministers for endorsement.” The mining license was approved by the Council of Ministers last Friday. According to the agreement, the license area covers 310 sq. km and the company has an exclusive right for large-scale mining potash within the license area for the coming 20 years and it will be renewed for ten years. The company has allocated 653, 304,624 dollars initial investment capital. When it starts mining, the company will produce one million tonnes of potash every year and shall create job opportunities for 800 Ethiopians, according to the ministry. Sinkenesh assured executives of Allana that the government will provide every assistance the company requires. The minister said the company should follow the country’s mining laws and directives and commence production

Police releases Amharic Reporter Managing Editor
Melaku Demisie, Managing Editor of Reporter (Amharic), was released yesterday afternoon after he spent a night under police custody in the Southern Nation Nationalities and People Regional State (SNNPR) capital, Hawassa. Melaku was under custody for about 24 hours and spent the night at a police station in the town of Hawassa. Melaku was arrested over a news report that was published on the front page of the Amharic Reporter entitled Three SNNPR deputy presidents removed from post. The news report was retracted on the next edition of the newspaper. He was taken from the office of Media and Communications Center (MCC) (office of Reporter) to Hawassa in a Mahindra truck on Thursday around noon local time. The Hawassa stringer of Reporter,



who wrote the erroneous story, faced administrative measures after the editorial team discovered that the story was in fact wrong. After being questioned the police acquitted Melaku and released him on grounds that he will appear before a judge as a witness after a formal charge is instituted on the stringer who wrote the story. While in custody Melaku attested that he was being treated well by members of the police force. Though he was remanded under custody for 24 hours and was told that he was going to appear before a judge that never materialized. After being exonerated regional government officials were cooperative in facilitating Melaku’s release, The Reporter learnt.

Egypt, Ethiopia to hold talks over the dam project in Khartoum
By Birhanu Fikade

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Ethiopian officials are planning to meet with their Egyptian counterparts and discuss about the Nile water issue and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Khartoum, the capital of the Sudan, The Reporter learnt. The final report of the investigation conducted by a panel of experts from Egypt, Ethiopia and the Sudan (each of them designating two experts) and four from other countries did not satisfy the Egyptians in particular. The report has not been made public yet; however, both Egypt and Ethiopia provided their versions of the story regarding the report. Egypt says that the dam project has some erroneous issues with the design. On the contrary, Ethiopian officials gave statements that the panel of experts has made recommendations which are insignificant. Ethiopia will not halt the construction of the Dam, the officials added. The diversion of the water started in May this year. This week, Alemayehu Tegenu, minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy was busy tweeting and re-tweeting on social media saying that the dam project will never be halted for any reason. He also said that both Egypt and Ethiopia will have further talks over the dam project in Khartoum soon. However, he did not

mention any details apart from saying that the project will never to be slowed down and if it is necessary any cost will be paid. In a related news, on Friday night of October 4, the Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa showed a short documentary film, which demonstrated why Mohammed Morsi, the former president of Egypt was overthrown from power. Out of the various reasons for the overthrow the weakness of Morsi’s administration in controlling and spearheading dialogues regarding Ethiopia’s dam project was one. According to reports, he was also challenged for failing to control the polarized crisis in Egypt. Following events in Egypt, the style of reporting by Ethiopian media has been another issue of concern for Egyptian diplomats in Addis. Apart from the diplomats, medical professionals and others, who gathered at the embassy expressed grievances saying that the western media has been interfering in the domestic issues of Egypt and Egyptians. Yousuf Hassan Al Sabri (Ph.D.), Egyptian ambassador to Ethiopia told local journalists that Ethiopian media is becoming one sided, unfair and unbalanced and is highly influenced by western media outlets. He called on the press for fair reporting over the current issues of his country.


are among the long list of companies that submitted their applications.. Ore Corp Minerals Plc.4| HEADLINES Ministry endorses minerals exploration licensing directive By Kaleyesus Bekele The Ministry of Mines this week endorsed mineral exploration licensing directive that will enable the minerals licensing and administration core process to issue minerals exploration licenses to companies. which will double its output by the end of 2014. Once the directive is approved we will start awarding exploration concessions. Indian mining firm. The Sinkenesh said that the ministry used to work on a first-come-first-served basis. The expansion of work in developing wire-harnesses is another significant chapter in the long shared history between both companies. Like any governmental institutions the employees are underpaid. Tolossa Shagi. collaboration and the pursuit of excellence. After suspending accepting applications for exploration licenses for almost two years the ministry started receiving applications from companies last March. Ethiopian will manufacture more varied and complex wire harnesses. The agreement was signed at The Corporate Council on Africa’s 9th Biennial U. vice president of Sales for Africa. Sinkenesh Ejigu. 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Dangote Industries. “Since the directive is now approved the minerals licensing and administration core process will start issuing the exploration licenses. That will now be altered into awarding licenses competitively for each concession. Following the announcement Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines will place additional work at the facility. expanding its value as an aerospace supplier. he said it will not be an easy process like it used to be. Ethiopian Airlines’ facility was recognized by Boeing for its outstanding performance and awarded a gold rating in Boeing’s Performance Excellence Awards – the highest rating a Boeing supplier can achieve. designed to develop closer business relationships between African and US industries. Sources at the ministry told The Reporter that the ministry is hard hit by brain drain. Rusf Gladwuneya Gold mining Plc.thereporterethiopia. “Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines already share a rich history based on trust. page 27 Advertisment   BAMBIS NEWS     J  u  s  t        A  r  r  i  v  e  d      !!!       StEllA Chocolates from Switzerland     Premium  :   Specialties  :                   ●  Bittersweet  w/  Cream      ●  White  w/  Hazelnuts    ●   Bittersweet  w/  cream     ●72%  w/  Cocoa  Nibs      ●  60%  w/  Pomengranate    ●         100%  Pure  Cocoa                           ●  Trinitario  De  Bahia  68%      ●  Nacional  De  Los  Rios     Intense  ….” Minister of Mines. “We have started accepting applications for mineral licenses. 2013 Ethiopian Airlines and Boeing yesterday announced an agreement to double wire harness production at Ethiopian Airlines’ Wire Harness Facility. we have re-structured our MRO division into a strategic business unit that will develop new capabilities. It is also a concrete testament that Ethiopian is no longer just an airline but is transforming itself into an aviation service provider of quality products.” the official said. Dozens of companies have applied for exploration licenses.. “The committee will evaluate each application for a concession and select the best proposal. and MSB Steel Plc. The Wire Harness Facility.” Sikenesh said. In 2012. Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airlines. “Today’s agreement opens a new chapter in the 60 plus years of mutually beneficial partnership between Ethiopian and Boeing. In line with our Vision 2025. Latin America and the Caribbean. “Today’s agreement is testament to the world-class competitiveness and capabilities of Ethiopian industry. who was a recipient of the African Business Leader of the Year award by the US Corporate Council on Africa in 2012. the Ministry did not yet start awarding exploration licenses until this week. told The Reporter two weeks ago. Sikenesh Ejigu. We will not be working on first-comefirst-served basis anymore. The Ministry has organized a committee comprised of relevant experts to compare the merits of applications before granting a license. based in Addis Ababa.” Tewolde Gebremariam. Boeing Commercial Airplanes.S.. The legal department presented the draft directive to the ministers for endorsement. A committee established in the ministry has formulated the draft directive and remanded it to the ministers last month. page 27 Ethiopian.” Celebrating 66 years of partnership with Ministry endorses.  :   ●  Ecuador  75%  ●  Costa  Rica                           ●  LACTOSEFREE    milk  chocolate    AND  a  wide  variety  of  ORGANIC  flavors  !                   ●  Milk      ●  Milk  w/  Hazelnuts      ●    Bittersweet      ●   White    ●  Fruit  &  Nuts                       ●  NEW    !!!!    Milk  Chocolate    with    AGAVE    NECTAR   Salted    &    Smoked  Fish…. on Tuesday endorsed the directive. utilizing the latest technology. However.-out of which Ethiopian to double wire harness facility By a Staff Reporter The Reporter | Saturday | October         .” Van Rex Gallard. Many professionals of the ministry have left in search of better payment. Experts of the ministry are joining the private mining companies and handling the new applications and supervisions work with the existing workforce will not be an easy task. said. Sekota Mining Plc. opened in 2009 and currently supplies seat-to-seat wire harnesses for all Boeing commercial airplane programs. enabling it to become the most competitive and leading provider of commercial aircraft MRO services in Africa.. said. However. The increased output in Addis Ababa has been made possible by the Wire Harness Facility’s ability to consistently deliver high-quality products. The Ministry of Mines so far granted 262 licenses-206 exploration and 56 mining licenses-to 145 companies. Allied Chemicals Plc. and the state minister.-Africa Business Summit in Chicago. The joint press release states that with support from Boeing.

the time and date of conducting elections is not in the bylaws of the Party. several Chinese construction companies have shown their intense desire to engage in the sector. That man. advertise on Saturday 12/10/2013 Ethiopia to. and town houses are included in addition to villas and apartments of the residential areas. mayor of Addis Ababa. recreational parks. “That is something we will know on Sunday. A lot of African states have already dipped into the international debt market to raise considerable foreign currency. Sierra Leone and Tanzania.” a prison operated by the Marxist military dictatorship that initiated a bloodbath known as the Red Terror in Ethiopia in the late 1970s.The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. it was postponed. Diriba Kuma. said. Kefelgn Alemu Worku. Hence. currency shortage problem it is facing at this time. The company said that it is experienced in the real estate sector having already worked in Nigeria.” Mushe said. The presidential election was scheduled to be conducted last Sunday.” Mushe said. local real estate companies have expressed their resentment on foreign companies’ interest in the sector. Ethiopia’s Red Terror takes center stage in Denver immigration trial By a Staff Reporter father. who is serving the party as president for the last two years said that he not going to rerun for a second term. Sources told The Reporter that the mayor’s response was a positive one. Tigray Development Association reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the bids 5. Interested audit firms. The project is part of the railway construction from Addis Ababa to Djibouti.Box 469 Mekelle Tel 0344-41-31-37 & 0344-40-68-40 Fax 0344-40-79-77 Mekelle Note: Please. Kenya. Hailemariam did not give a formal timeline for the issuance of the foreign currency nominated sovereign bonds instead he disclosed an ongoing credit rating process which needs to be completed before issuance. Interested bidders may obtain further additional information from finance sub process Head office of the company. Mushe told The Reporter that he does not know. “Only a few individuals will be nominated and the members will vote to elect the fourth president of the party. 2013 HEADLINES |5 Second Chinese company shows interest in real estate development By Wudineh Zenebe railway line. where they were living illegally after fleeing Ethiopia. Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) has issued an enquiry letter to secure land for real estate development in Addis Ababa. who spent 18 months at the “Higher 15” prison in Addis Ababa. is most likely to clinch the Ethiopian credit rating contract. Although some credit agencies have evaluated the crediting worthiness of the government in the past. said Kefelegn was  the most feared man in the prison. he added.O. Though the party has already elected 25 executive committee members it does not mean that all 25 individuals are running for the presidency. According to reports. that the rating process is a critical stage to move along with the issuance of the bonds. would run for presidency. Nevertheless. The country with poor credit rating would have to offer big interest rate on the sovereign bond its issues to the international market. 1.” was Kefelegn. Tigray Development Association Head Office P.’ “ he said under questioning by Kefelegn’s lawyer. CCECC is currently working on the railway construction from Me’essoDewalle to Tajura Port in the eastern part of the country. EDP to elect a new president on Sunday By Neamin Ashenafi The Chinese giant construction company. Another witness. 3.. and pressed into military service and killed. “He was a big fish. their father’s original home. one of the few notable credit rating agencies outside of the US. Ltd. but their father suffered dementia. has directed the inquiry to the city administration’s Land Management and Development Bureau. The children of Habteab Berhe Temanu on Tuesday explained in a Denver courtroom the stark choice they faced when they recruited a man to act as their father in order to come to the United States.000 (Three Thousand) in certified cheque (CPO) 2.” Amanuel Habteab Berhe. a couple of crediting rating institutions have weighed the credit worthiness of the government and hence the degree of preference investors would attach to the Ethiopiangovernment-issue sovereign bonds. when looking at previous elections the president will be elected the day following the election of central committee members. “The rationale behind postponing the election this year is that. are therefore. However. In response to whether Lidetu Ayalew. invited to submit technical and financial proposals to undertake the task. commercial centers. where guards routinely tortured and murdered political prisoners. there are many newcomers and young members. The siblings needed a head of household to emigrate. former president and founding member of EDP. The interest rate that the bond offers determines how much the bond certificate would fetch buyers from the international market. 58. Mushe Semu. would have a specific maturity date and interest rate which would attract investors to purchase the bond certificates. told The Reporter that EDP has elected 25 executive committee members and the election will be conducted in accordance with the party’s rules and regulations. and the company is constructing 340 km out of the 750 km The Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) is to elect a new president on Sunday October 13. According to Mushe. however. has conducted recent analysis of the Ethiopian government’s local and Ethiopia to. Although the company that is tasked with doing the rating for Ethiopia is not disclosed. Dogong Global Credit Rating Co. according to the same reports. he described watching as prisoners were beaten on the soles of their feet and burned with cigarettes. External bonds.. Matthew . he was the most feared person in ‘Higher 15. whom they knew as “Tufa. So they found a broker who would enlist another Ethiopian refugee to act as their Advertisment Tigray Development Association Invitation to Bid for Audit Service Tigray Development Association is interested to appoint a competent external Auditor to audit the books of accounts of the Association for 12 months of fiscal year 2012/2013 (2005 EFY). The Reporter learnt. who is now on trial on immigration-fraud charges. we are delaying the election to help the newcomers get acquainted with one another. Prosecutors say Kefelegn was a guard at “Higher 15. 29.thereporterethiopia. In the plan.. Kiflu Ketema. They said they didn’t know anything about the past of the man they recruited.” he said. “It was horrible. a US financial services firm and among the Cont`d from page 1 top three credit rating agencies in the world which includes Moody’s Investor Services and Fitch Ratings . If they stayed in Nairobi. the current president of the party. The Technical proposal among other things shall include  A company profile elaborating on the:• Form of organization of the firm and the management’s qualification and experience • Experience of the firm in the field and any specific experience in the finance sector • Overall staff profile of the firm  Profile of members of the audit team to be assigned to this particular task  Time needed to complete the task  Copy of professional membership certificate/s  Copy of renewed license  Copy of Tax payers Identification Certificate  Bid security of Birr 3. “I have been serving as a leader for a long period of time so it is time to make way for the younger generation. Through tears.. He is accused of being a notorious prison guard in Ethiopia who killed and brutalized inmates. On the other hand. The Technical and financial proposals sealed into separate envelops must be delivered to Tigray Development Association Head Office on or before October 21/2013 at 5:00 PM. just like its domestic counterpart. they could be deported to Eritrea. Mushe. Looking in to the potential market in the real estate sector in the country. He further said. The Reporter’s sources say that Standard and Poor’s. Bid will be opened on October 22/2013 at 9:00 AM in the presence of the bidders /representatives who choose to attend 4.” the outgoing president told The Reporter. “He kept forgetting our names. The government has granted Amanuel and his siblings immunity from prosecution to testify about their part in Kefelegn’s immigration. page 27 www.

P another textile company. Girma Woldegiorgis By Yonas Abiye Former President.D. which was around 70 million dollars in 2003. In several occasion he has been speaking that Ethiopia is an important market for Turkish contractors.V. mixed reactions and otherwise criticisms has been commonly propagated among various groups of the public claiming the President (Girma) should have not been elected especially for his second term in 2007. He is now set to start his new life at the former Imperial Palace. deputy minister of the former Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation (MEDAC) and Minister of Agriculture (MoA). page 26 www. the public was caught surprised as the nation stood still and saw an old man replacing the then relatively younger president. there is a very wide gap between his popularity and his key role in his designated multifaceted sectors while serving as one of the nation’s top officials. Negasso Gidada (Ph. Mulatu immediately relocated his residential address from Ankara. the Ministry of Industry and Oromia Regional State signed an agreement with Turkish Investors for the development of 640 hectares of land The new president. Oromo. S. To mention some.. Until assuming the presedency he served as Ambassador to Turkey combining the status of Ethiopia’s permanent consular to the neighboring nations notably. Of course. More than 300 Turkish companies create a significant added value for the Ethiopian economy in sectors such as textile. Azerbaijan.. The 57-year-old Mulatu was born in Arjo town. When looking at his physical condition and wilting fitness due to long age he posses.The new president a. former president. the ever increasing flow of Turkish investors to engage in the country’s huge investments is pointed as an exemplary success of Mulatu he achieved during his tenure as a diplomat Planting republic Ethiopia’s soil of Turkey in While serving as an ambassador in Ankara. the trade volume between Turkey and Ethiopia. Mulatu looked calm while taking oath and later delivering his speech which was also supposed to be highlighting the major activities to be carried out by the government ahead of the fiscal year “The state of present day of Ethiopia is very much different from what it had been 22 years ago. the capital of Turkey. the parliament appointed Mulatu Teshome (Ph. Turkey where he served as Ambassador Extraordinary Plenipotentiary to the National Palace located off Menelik II Avenue. in the philosophy of political economy. During his very election date in 2001. the polyglot diplomat 6| In-depth The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. furniture and construction materials.a. In June 2012.3 billion dollars. Sources who closely know him told The Reporter that Mulatu has been one of the successful diplomats and proved that during his tenure.D. Total investments in Ethiopia by the Turkish companies have exceeded 1.” the president told MPs in his opening address further noting that “the progresses our country has been able to achieve during the years in democracy. an optic fiber cable manufacturing and so on. 2013 Photo By: Reporter/ Nahom Tesfaye President Mulatu Teshome (Ph. Georgia.thereporterethiopia.) and Former President. After seeing Girma off. being called before his first name and will move out of the National Palace formerly known and the Jubilee Palace – a lavish edifice built by Emperor Haile-Selassie in the second half of the 20th century. Wolega zone of Oromia Regional State and received education in China. Mulatu also held several government positions such speaker of the House of federation (HoF). MNS Textile Company. Sighting the annual meeting of Ethiopian diplomats organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last month at Ghion Hotel. Girma Woldegiorgis was 76 when he assumed presidency 12 years ago. He currently holds a Ph. he has been cementing the bilateral relations between the two nations in trade and investment.D. Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. social and economic developments as well as stability have enabled it to move forward instead of lagging behind.) this week on Monday. While doing so he succeeded in bringing several major Turkish industries and manufacturers who latter have been opening shop in Ethiopia. A great majority of these figures arise from the exports made by Turkey though. has now reached 317 million dollars with an increase of 350 percent. He has also served as Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Japan and China. Particularly. BMT.” he said while outlining the budget year’s major activities that are planned under the government’s focus. Similarly. Coming from Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group.D.k. Despite his long service in public office and a playing key role in the recent Ethiopian politics as well as a very successful diplomatic career Mulatu has not been a household name. sources said he (Mulatu) was granted a recognition and was referred as a model . Now the retired president has got a new fore name.). During Monday’s opening of the budget year’s parliament session.

After the signing ceremony. that is why we are here today.2 billion tonnes of potash deposit that could be mined for over 50 years. on Tuesday signed an agreement with the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines that will enable the firm to mine potash in the Afar Regional State in the Dallol depression. A system that unloads the potash from the trucks to the conveyer and down to the storage shade. We will build different facilities. The project is valued at 1. It is a very hot place. Kaleyesus Bekele of The Reporter spoke to Wilkinson about the Dallol potash project. So you need to build accommodation. Experts of the company claim that it is one of the largest potash deposits in the world. We will need welders and mechanics. We attempt to build as much as what we can. Four or five indirect jobs will be created for every one direct job. We are presently on the financing and construction stage. And under the harsh weather. You cannot simply go there and start exploration work without sound planning. Still it is too small for the construction phase but for the exploration work it is fine.2 to 1. Asia and Europe and most recently as head of exploration for Lydian and Aur Resources. The company says it has discovered 3. After that number will go down to 600. So directly we are looking at 1000 jobs. Excerpts: Right now we are going on the planning stage. This took us six months to develop the area. page 26 www. It is a very remote and hot area. We need to build Working. we have confirmed that we have 3. We have been doing a planning work but without the mining license you cannot place firm orders for equipment. 2013 Interview |7 The Canadian company.2 billion tonnes is enough to start production. Allana Potash. Potash deposits are quite large normally. valuetaking all the things like exchange rate variation etc. plumbers etc. The mine life is 25 years. We will have a large truck fleet that will transport the final potash product from Dallol (the mine site) to the port of Tajura (Djibouti’s new port). We now have the feasibility study that is published. That is a huge amount comparable with large potash deposit in the world. Hopefully in early 2014 we will commence work on the construction on the project site itself. They are not like gold. generating USD 430 million. on the project. Our drillings were successful. doing this work is not an easy task. It is not a lot but for the exploration phase it was enough. That is the amount of revenue that will be generated over the project. The quantity of the potash and closeness to the surface all make it very positive for mining. We have been working on the exploration and evaluation phases. You need professionals like geologists. How do you evaluate the exploration work you have done so far? It is difficult to evaluate the project but it is based on the cash flow model that is generated for the feasibility study.3 billion dollars. So that should be finalized by Autumn 2015 and then we will go for a trial period. We can accommodate 220 people in our camp. That is the result that came out of the feasibility study. They evaluated a small portion of the potash in the area but not in our license area. developing it upwards. We have been waiting for the approval for the mining license. The future generation will come and drill for more. cofounder of Allana Potash Afar. With over 15 years exploration and development experience in Africa. km is underlain with potash material. Yes.Working in the hottest place on earth The Reporter: Tell us about your work? Jason Wilkinson: I have been in Ethiopia for the last four and a half years working on the Afar potash exploration project. It is rather like iron ore or coal deposit. You need maintenance workshops for the vehicles. There is still more potential but 3. When do you construction? plan to start The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. Tell me about your findings of the exploration work. We will import the equipment and do fixing welding work at the project site.2 billion tons of potash deposit in the ground at the moment. But we will have another division-transport department. You do not need to drill more since we have enough resources to mine. Allana plans to mine and export one million tons of potash every year. drivers. Jason Wilkinson is currently the vice president of Danakil Operations.2-billion-ton potash deposit in your license area? That is a huge amount. How many employees do you have now? Right now we have about 120 employees. km in total size. We have been adding and adding to our camp in Dallol over the last five years now. What are you going to build in Tajura? We will build a shade. It was drilled before in the 1950s and 60s by an American group called . We drilled out fifty percent of that potash area. So what we found in Dallol is a very large deposit. Just 200 sq. We took some of the research and expanded it towards Awash. The main jobs that will be required in the future will be manufacturing.. access road and bring catering organization that looks after the employees working on the project.thereporterethiopia. How many jobs do you plan to create? During the construction phase we have some numbers like 800 people directly working on the project in Dalol in the year-and-a-half period. storage facility for the potash before it is going to the ship.2 billion dollars – that is the net worth value of the project. How much money will you invest in the construction? The money that we will spend in Ethiopia and Djibouti will be about USD 650 million. It is a full working company working in the exploration area. This is directly spent on the exploration project. the shallowest and hottest place on earth.2 billion tonnes of potash deposit in our license area. How much did you spend on the exploration work so far? So far we spent between 50 and 60 million dollars on the exploration work in the last five years. I have been working with Nejib Abba Biya. So you have confirmed that there is a 3. Our license area is 300 sq.. That will weld and fix and make sure that everything runs smoothly. The construction will take a year and a half. We value our project to be between 1. It is a very remote area. electricians. There will also be a huge employment opportunity in the indirect jobs. chemists. We will need 300-350 drivers. We will install a conveyer belt system. We came to know that we have 3. the amount of potash deposit you discovered. You have to leave some for the future generation.

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thereporterethiopia.The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. 2013 Advertisment |9 .

Holders of US Treasury bonds would begin to think twice. until the end of the year 2015. it was widely predicted that the dollar would suffer. the purveyors of dollar doom and gloom have cried wolf before. But. Like everything else. mutual funds that are prohibited by covenant from holding defaulted securities would have to dump their Treasuries in a self-destructive fire sale. in 2004.. is not set up to settle transactions in defaulted securities. broke the buck in 2008. ahead of the 2015 expiration date. page 19 www.. page 18 Viewpoint By Barry Eichengreen The dollar and the debt ceiling The dollar is the world’s go-to currency. because they offered safety and liquidity – prized attributes in a crisis. The repo market. Signed in the year 2000 by the then American leader. the act was given an extension in its lifeline. if they are ready to step up to the inevitable reality that is globalization and trade Darwinism. during the time of president Bush (the junior).. the Reserve Primary Fund. To be sure.. However. granting dutyfree access to scores of African economies was not a matter which would gain acceptance in the US Congress that easily. say. President Bill Clinton. The result would be a sharp drop in the dollar and catastrophic losses for US financial institutions. Fedwire. AGOA is one of the most recognized preferential market access agreements of the modern age. data gathered by the Bank for International Settlements show that the dollar dominates global foreignexchange transactions as much as it did in 2007. The dollar. But it is not inconceivable that the FDIC would go bust if the value of the banks’ Treasury bonds cratered. which insures deposits. one would encounter an age-long debate. contractors or Social Security recipients – the idea that the US government always pays its bills would no longer be taken for granted. have started the campaign for further extensions of the window. virtually without exception. Well. A year later. And what an exposure it is since the US market offers the best there is in terms of demand and strong purchasing power. to help boost trade competitiveness and economic growth via market exposure. But for how much longer? Will the dollar’s status as the only true global currency be irreparably damaged by the battle in the US Congress over raising the federal government’s debt ceiling? Is the dollar’s “exorbitant privilege” as the world’s main reserve currency truly at risk? of the dollar in central banks’ holdings of foreign-currency reserves. special attention should be given to the concept of a free market and the global trade treaties (such as the WTO) and the implication that such schemes would have on international trade agreements. Rethinking AGOA: the Ethiopian perspective By Misgana Assefa As the deadline for the expiration of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) looms ever closer. If one was to explore this point further. 2013 T o understand the full ramifications of the AGOA window and the type of opportunity that it offers to the Sub-Saharan economies. The presumption that US Treasury bonds are a safe source of income would be the first casualty of default. when Lehman Brothers failed. Originally.thereporterethiopia. Once again.” allowing their shares to go to a discount. would “break the buck. the greenback strengthened as investors seeking a safe haven rushed into US Treasury bonds. investors piled into US government bonds. whether free trade is superior to protectionist trade regime from perspective of maximizing welfare. which owns nearly $2 trillion in government-backed securities – would be threatened. In response to the subprime disruption and Lehman’s collapse. even a more pressing question would be if the SubSaharan economies are committed to themselves. the entire commercial banking sector. the dollar’s global safe-haven status would be .10| Commentary The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. Of course. The scheme in a nutshell offers duty-free access to 39 Sub-Saharan African countries. Beyond the immediate financial costs. Conceptual basis To understand the full ramifications of the AGOA window and the type of opportunity that it offers to the SubSaharan economies. Even if the Treasury paid bondholders first The impact on market liquidity would also be severe. would also seize up. Confidence in the banks rests on confidence in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. questions were asked and debates were tabled. first one needs to explore where in the global trading system such a scheme would fit in. although the figure varied over the years. in which loans are provided against Treasury bonds. and few other adjustments like the list of products allowed access into the US market. if one thought about them deeply. Regardless which Rethinking. The impact would be many times more severe than when one money-market player. The whole point of having a global free trade agreement is to eliminate unnecessary and inefficient trade protectionist policies and give fair and equal access to all products regardless of their origin. this clever little scheme was meant to reign for only eight years. preferential market access schemes like the AGOA would be found in direct contradictions to the underlining concept of having a global trade treaty like the WTO. The question on every one’s mind is if the US is still committed to the “SubSaharan cause”. with very different effects. special attention should be given to the concept of a free market and the global trade treaties (such as the WTO) and the implication that such schemes would have on international trade agreements. These are precisely the attributes that would be jeopardized by a default. When the subprime-mortgage crisis hit. For their part. Data from the International Monetary Fund confirm that these shocks caused little (if any) decline in the dominance But a default on US government debt precipitated by failure to raise the debt ceiling would be a very different kind of shock. In fact. beneficiaries of this zero tariff Import window. have a lot to think about. Of course. – choosing to stiff. the dollar benefited from the safehaven effect yet again. Money-market mutual funds. Likewise. the electronic network operated by the US Federal Reserve to transfer funds between financial institutions. US politicians. the Sub-Saharan African economies. first one needs to explore where in the global trading system such a scheme would fit in. So Fedwire would immediately freeze. on behalf of the beneficiaries. Indeed.

Even if this Convention is 46 years old. One of my points on the conventions of the African Union is that ratification should not be the task of the next generation. ratification. Fed officials did not do a great job of managing expectations in the weeks preceding their September policy meeting. I would like to argue on the non-ratified Conventions of the organization.thereporterethiopia. conventions. The first three arguments speak to the Fed’s heightened concerns about the economy in general. Another is that officials worried about excessive financial tightening after Bernanke’s mention in May of a possible taper. That is the good news. on 13 September.The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. Having seen the above background to international agreements. this 38 years old Convention could not enter into force. Rather than reflecting buoyant job creation. In order to concretize my argument I will mention only two of the Conventions. So far the leaders have agreed on a total of forty-three agreements (treaties. O Commentary + |11 Ratification should not be left to next generation By Melaku Mulualem Nowadays international relations are being governed by international agreements between and among States. The Fed does not surprise markets often. page 19 Viewpoint + By Mohamed A. The reason of not ratifying a convention can be varied from country to country. too much of the recent decline in the unemployment rate has been associated with a fall in labor-force participation to a level last seen 35 years ago. Five main arguments for the Fed’s decision to postpone the taper have frequently been proposed. the real issue is that the Fed’s last-minute change of heart does not significantly alter the main challenge that the highly qualified Yellen will face: persistently weak economic fundamentals and doubts about the continued effectiveness of the Fed’s policy tools. Uganda by leaders of African countries on 1 August. Signatory States ratify the agreement in accordance with their own constitutional provisions. and based on the constitution the parliament or the monarch or other designated body ratify it to make the treaty binding to the State. there is great interest in understanding what led the Fed to act in such an uncharacteristic manner.The Democratic Republic of the Congo. According to Article 11 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties(1969) a State may express its consent to be bound by a treaty by “signature. it has been ratified by only ten members of the organization. and timely management of expectations. A country that signs a treaty becomes a signatory. Article 28 of the Convention says “The Convention shall come into force 30 days after the date of the receipt of the tenth instrument of ratification”. jeopardizing the economy’s gradual recovery. A non-negotiating State can express its consent to the treaty through accession.1975. The “Phyto-Sanitary Convention For Africa” was adopted by the Heads of State and Government of African Countries in Kinshasa. Long-term The fed’s. Others see in the decision to postpone the taper an effort to pre-empt the negative effects on the economy of a possible congressional debacle over government funding and the debt limit. Moreover. and this has been especially true of the Ben Bernanke-led Fed. To be sure. the final argument – in a sense underpinning the others – is that the Fed became less worried about the potential for collateral economic damage from prolonged reliance on unconventional monetary policy. it becomes more comfortable maintaining intense policy experimentation. This is to mean that the representative of the State first sign a treaty. In addition to the above mentioned two old Conventions there are also other non-ratified old Conventions of Ratification. greater transparency. and a country that ratifies it becomes a State Party. In order to concretize my argument I will mention only two of the Conventions. 2013 ne of my points on the conventions of the African Union is that ratification should not be the task of the next generation. Now that President Barack Obama has nominated Fed Vice Chair Janet L.. At the stage of adoption States should first agree about the importance of the convention and then open it for signature.. exchange of instruments constituting a treaty. protocols and charters). Having also struggled to reclaim the narrative thereafter. Indeed. Nonetheless. One view is that the Fed recognized that its specification of policy thresholds (based on the unemployment rate) understated the vulnerability of the US labor market. Similarly the Convention called “InterAfrican Convention Establishing An African Technical Co-Operation Programme” was adopted in Kampala. Yellen to succeed Bernanke in January. the Fed’s use of the classic measure of the unemployment rate as a key policy threshold underestimates the US economy’s fragility. I will focus on the agreements of the Heads of State and Government of African Countries in the African Union. approval or accession. which has the same legal effect as ratification. El-Erian The fed’s surprise and Yellen’s challenge The US Federal Reserve sparked a global – and now month-long – guessing game with its decision on September 18 not to “taper” its monthly purchases of long-term securities. some believe that the Fed considered the possibility of adverse feedback loops associated with the financial dislocations in emerging economies. there is even greater interest in what lies ahead for the world’s most important central bank. Most of these arguments – though not all of them – have merit. confronting Yellen with a difficult task when she begins her historic tenure. Treaties or Conventions are international “agreements concluded between States in written form and governed by International Law”. signature and subsequent ratification of the agreement. And if the Fed feels that the costs and risks of hyper-activism have indeed diminished (the fifth argument).com . Since only six African countries had ratified it. Of which only twenty seven agreements are ratified and entered into force.. acceptance.1967. The fourth reflects a desire to insure the economy against congressional dysfunction. Of course some of the ratified agreements are registered in the United Nations. which has devoted enormous time and effort to better communication. The problem of this convention is that it has no any provision relating to its entry into force.. True. and about the labor and housing markets in particular. international treaties pass through the process of adoption. The bad news is that the decision not to taper is unlikely to put either the Fed or the economy in a better place. however. page 20 www. or by any other means if so agreed” In most cases. After ratification of a Convention a State will legally be obliged to apply the agreement.

frequent spraying and are most effective when used in combination with insecticide-treated nets. a person. Cory Couillard is an international healthcare speaker and columnist for numerous newspapers. no antibiotics may be left to fight lifethreatening diseases. and most ear infections and sore throats are viral infections. especially in high-risk children and pregnant women. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Reporter. It’s often difficult for doctors to quickly differentiate between viral and bacterial infections and many are hurried to prescribe antibiotics for many conditions. If approved. IRS requires proper timing. If you do visit a doctor. Ed. malaria drugs and killing of mosquito breeding grounds are other important ways to prevent and treat malaria. 2013 New malaria vaccine could save millions pregnant women and children under the age of . These findings are timely as drugresistant strains of malaria have been surfacing in high-risk populations throughout the world. This ranks malaria as one of the top three disease killers.thereporterethiopia. However.’s Note: Dr. To illustrate this and can be followed on twitter @Cory_Couillard. South Africa. the number of effective antibiotics is www. Antimicrobial resistance – also known as drug resistance – occurs when microorganisms such as bacteria. talk to your doctor and don’t pressure them to prescribe antibiotics. according to the World Health Organization. Viruses must simply run their course as they do not respond to antibiotics at all. fungi and parasites change in ways that render the medications used to cure the infections they cause ineffective. Insecticide-treated nets. use the cause of the condition and weakens one’s immune system. websites and publications throughout the world.S was developed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) with the non-profit Path Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI) and supported by funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. GSK now intends to submit a regulatory application to the European Medicines Agency for approval for use. indoor residual sprays. which are bacteria that no longer respond to antibiotics. If antibiotics are taken for a viral condition. a lead investigator from Burkina Faso. He works in collaboration with the World Health Organization’s goals of disease prevention and global healthcare education. Cory Couillard Do you bring your child to the doctor and expect antibiotics for colds. if they leave the doctor’s office empty-handed – healthy kid or not. Stomach flus. Most kids feel better within one-to-two days if you let a mild condition run its course. When the microorganisms become resistant. Everyone wants a child to get well quick. It’s important to only treat bacterial infections. Antibiotics kill good bacteria that are integral in the digestion and absorption of various vitamins and minerals. This means that. ear infections. especially young children experience stronger. researchers found drugs used to treat malaria have become less effective and over 20 per cent of patients have begun to show treatment resistance. When the immune system is weakened. Antibiotics are anti-bacterial. As resistance increases. The malaria advances made in the last decade could stall with less effective drugs and resistance.12| Health The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. and discuss the risks and benefits of antibiotics. The vaccine known as RTS. maybe even angry. ask questions about whether your child’s illness is bacterial or viral. If you are prescribed antibiotics. Approximately 90 per cent of all malaria deaths occur in Are antibiotics good for tummy bugs? Health + By Dr. but the improper use of antibiotics is bad even with the best of intentions. He can be reached at drcorycouillard@gmail. not antiviral. If it is a virus. By Dr. Letting milder illnesses run their course to avoid the development of drug-resistant germs is often a good idea. viruses. only 55 per cent of children under age five were found to have slept under a net the previous night. the vaccine will add another level of protection with the potential to save millions of people and billions of dollars. but we need more tools to battle this terrible disease. they are often referred to as “superbugs”.” said Halidou Tinto. sore throats and stomach infections? Many parents do and they’re surprised. Malaria currently kills around 660 000 people a year and approximately one child will die every minute. Overusing and overprescribing antibiotics has resulted in the development of resistant bacteria. Younger infants aged six to 12 weeks also benefited with a 27 per cent malaria reduction when compared to unvaccinated children. Progress is being made with bed nets and other measures. The good news comes after a new trial showed that a vaccine had cut the number of cases of malaria after 18 months by 46 per cent in children aged five to 17 months. Indoor residual sprays (IRS) are recommended by the World Health Organization but they unfortunately remain underutilized. What should you do when your child gets sick? Seek advice and ask questions. vaccination may become the best way to prevent malaria. Cory Couillard Experts are now optimistic about the possibility of the world’s first malaria vaccine. magazines. “Many millions of malaria cases fill the wards of our hospitals. colds. In 2012. not only does your child not get well but antibiotics can harm other key systems within the body. The findings were presented at the sixth Pan-African Conference of the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria in Durban. one day. more frequent infections. studies across sub-Saharan Africa have found that within households possessing at least one insecticide-treated net. Giving antibiotics does not get to the decreasing.

’s Note: The writer is on an internship at The Reporter. For example. miso (fermented soybean paste). A meat department showcased a chunk of an organ meat such as tongue. Liyunet Key Boloke and Liyunet Baltina Red Haricot Bean. and mangos at stands will never fail to amuse me. cattle. In a Japanese supermarket.’s Note: Dr. it is rare to find yaoya especially in a populated area. Any remaining antibiotics should be thrown out as soon as your child is well again. I went straight down to the coffee section. all of which share no similar physical traits but are processed forms of soybeans which are used for different culinary purposes. kidney. Keep in mind that antibacterial soap is no more effective than regular soap at killing germs. Small though it is. ranging from a padlock to a pair of socks. and facial creams are imported. Next week. I noticed that most cosmetic commodities like body lotions. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Reporter. As I was taking a close look at the label on Ethio Moka Coffee. Japanese food-stalls are established to entertain people in a certain season. and spices. We also have mobile food stalls called yatai serving ramen (Japanese noodle). Numerous stalls huddled together remind me of Tsukiji in Tokyo that is famous for fishmongers at which people demonstrating their specialties in a loud voice are vending fresh fishes and shellfishes in the early morning. I was taken aback at the first sight because the cattle’s tongue looked exactly as it is! Although Japanese people are familiar with a beef tongue. A shop assistant affably told me that they are eaten as a side dish. Cory Couillard is an international healthcare speaker and columnist for numerous newspapers. In fact. though the closest thing I can think of is yaoya (a small greengrocer).The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. slurping warm noodles under a cold weather will whip up our appetite. You can help fight antibiotic resistance find tofu (soybean curd). you can medication properly and in it’s entirety. made me feel as if I had been in a wonderland. the stalls have nearly everything we need daily. Using antibacterial soap may even contribute to resistance. The stalls like those are unfamiliar with Japanese culture. and natto (fermented sticky soybeans). I am sure that the color of oranges. Moreover. I am going to pay a visit to an open market in Addis. He works in extortionate price. yakiimo (baked sweet potato) and whatnot which can be relatively found in a cold rainy season. coughing or sneezing into your hands and simply whenever they look dirty. Mercato. nevertheless. plastic bags of reddish-brown beans displayed in a supermarket in Addis Ababa. The items on sale have no price tag on. shampoos. The fact that there are shopping places designed to attract foreign visitors or local people renders shopping culture in Addis Ababa distinctive. A number of small-house-like stalls cram quietly in a muddy area behind a main road in the capital. probably. they can be traced back to the same beans. Unlike the stall grocery stores in Addis Ababa which are treated as a local market. blowing your nose. www. come in all shapes and sizes. on the other hand. They almost resembled cake decorating equipment or sugarcraft supplies. The place I visited on the outskirts of the city in Addis is called “Chinese veg market’’. vegetables. So we need to negotiate with a shopper guy. websites and publications throughout the world. it is fascinating to compare the products available in a local supermarket in Ethiopia and those found in a supermarket in Japan and. Never use antibiotics that have been lying around your home or prescribed for another person or family member. this is one of the fastest ways to learn about its food and shopping culture.thereporterethiopia. Ethiopia boasts of the biggest livestock supply in Africa which enables the mingling of goats. poultry. it is usually cut off into a thin piece to make it easy for cooking. which. either way. Tokyo supermarkets By Masumi Koizumi Hopping into a local supermarket located in my own backyard. Then a car pulled over in front of me and a Chinese couple got out of the car. It is not until I realized the sheer amount of by taking simple steps to prevent the spread of infections. Not only skincare goods but also confectionery are almost likely to be foreign-born goods that force the price of the items up. there are stands where people only sell particular goods such as organic fruits. collaboration with the World Health Organization’s prevention and goals global of disease healthcare education. Saving extra antibiotics “for next time” is a bad idea too. 2013 Lifestyle |13 Shuffling between Addis. Walking past the cosmetic section. and stomach harvested from cattle packed in a plastic tray. temporary food stalls will be set up on the eve of a summer festival in Japan. Ed. Ed. Frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading illness. though he is unlikely to ask us for an or preparing food. Despite the area being called such. and local people in a street a daily scene in Addis. Always wash your hands before eating imported products that the supermarket is targeting mainly foreign vacationers and those who can afford the fare. With their physical appearance looking different from one another. He can be reached at drcorycouillard@gmail. magazines. bananas. Perhaps people cherish every bit of animals and are not scared off to see their natural shape due to the close-knit relationship between the people and livestock animals. a bag of colorful spices and peas piled up in stacks in a shelf caught my eyes. Stall grocery stores that sell dairy bare necessities are considered to be vital as they provide basic items at an inexpensive price to a wide population in Addis. I could not find items that are characteristic of and can be followed on twitter @Cory_Couillard. using the toilet or changing a diaper. to see more of Ethiopia’s shopping culture. Ethiopia is believed to be a birthplace of coffee – and coffee production accounts for 65 percent of all of its export . Of course.

2013 When dying is the ultimate choice “Perfection wasted” is the phrase Elias Tekle uses to describe his close friend who died four years ago. Nebiyou Dawit. That has left him with unbearable pain that could not be relinquished easily. The memories are still fresh in Elias’s mind. Elias’s closest friend took his own life. SEE THE FULL STORY ON THE NEXT PAGE . month and the unfortunate date. Unfortunately.14| The Reporter | Saturday | October 12.thereporterethiopia. The pain is still felt among his friends and family. He knows the year.

not to be able to breathe. “Oh I am dying. On the last day the faces of his two sisters came to him like they were there with him. Whether related to mental problem or otherwise. Almaz Leulseged. 2013 By Tibebeselassie Tigabu and Mihret Aschalew |15 ceremony which was intolerable for him. The hospital actually sees the clinical cases and the major thing they question is the suicidal ideation and history. He was weakening mentally and also physically. he asked his mother to give him injera and she said no. In his head he was saying. He does not want to go back and think about that day. Unfortunately. So he started to steal money and was imprisoned many times and his mother was frustrated with his situation. On the day he died. many who attempt suicide are suffering from mental health issues and the minority. Then he went out and hanged himself. depression and the other is caused by psychosis. Rather. They grew up in the same neighborhood sharing many memories together. He was his mentor. Even in religious institutions it is one of the condemned acts and the society actually sees it as something that is outrageous. I was shocked. It was only his uncle who was following the issue. his perspective in life and eagerness to live did not make him breakable but Elias still treasures their friendship and keeps it alive. as he puts it. says one of the symptoms of mental health is suicide and almost 90 percent of the suicide is related to “Perfection wasted” is the phrase Elias Tekle uses to describe his close friend who died four years ago. Now he still feels no regrets for trying to kill himself but does not want to have The other guy from Zenebework area in the Kolfe Keranio sub-City was unemployed for a long time. Some of the reasons might seem awkward but one has to be in one’s shoes to say what is valid and what is not.” Elias told The Reporter. This grew inside him and made him despise his parents. A woman who worked in the finance department.. The suicide that happened inside the compound of the UNECA also shocked many people. schizophrenia and posttraumatic disorder. Zegeye Yohannes. His parents did not know about him getting treatment at Amanuel. The physical deformity on his face which is visible and his low grades in class are what he thinks makes him the least favored. On his graduation day there was a big the feeling of that . Taking one’s life has been seen as one of the courageous but cowardly things to do. month and the unfortunate date. They got into fights for no reason.thereporterethiopia.” and everything went blank. His relationship is still hostile with his family which makes him say. The memories are still fresh in Elias’s mind. page 20 www. leaving the living ones in remorse. many people actually take their lives. According to Zegeye. which is not huge in number. creating a confusing perception on people. Nebiyou was an inspiration for Elias. Anxiety disorder is also suicidal even though the severity differs. One thing he cannot hide is even if he dealt with it his death affected him and changed him in many ways. What he was in life. according to his suicide note. “If words are enough to put what I felt I can simply say. The main reason for suicide is depression. Death by suicide is shocking news more than normal death. we cannot. ‘why fail and live a life?’ was what he wrote. “Everything shall pass and I will also pass. “Choose our parents. They were both interested in music but Nebiyou was determined in making it in the music business and even in his early out how his behavior actually changed before his death. After a couple of years he stopped taking the medication. So he wanted them to feel bad for the things they did to him and he tried to kill himself with rat poison. Nebiyou Dawit. jumped from an eightstorey building. Elias says. He felt the hypocrisy and could not leave pretending. and he does not regret his attempt for a moment. He eventually went to Unity University and graduated in marketing. According to Elias. His death is still a mystery to him and he did not want to dig further since losing his friend by itself was enough.” One notable suicide story is that of Emperor Tewodros II who took his life egged on by bravery not to surrender to the enemy. When dying. Amanuel Mental Specialized Hospital research and training directorate post-graduate coordinator.. Now sitting and reflecting on his death. The pain is still felt among his friends and family. After a week he actually killed himself. Apart from that there are many shocking stories about people who commit suicides. That has left him with unbearable pain that could not be relinquished easily. Through time he was getting popular but one fateful day Elias got a phone call that informed him that Nebiyou died by hanging himself. 56. He knows the year. twenties he actually was working with different bands and was working on his album. After that he was in depression and he went to Amanuel Mental Specialized Hospital for psychiatric service and started to take medicine. but for a moment he wanted to re-live again. Nebiyou used to lock himself in the studio and work for more than ten hours without even moving. After three days of darkness he actually woke up. is related to other reasons. This happened in the morning when everything was solemn and suddenly people started running around. The course by itself shakes many people and makes them think about the moment it happned. Elias’s closest friend took his own life.” Growing up in a family of seven siblings he says that he was not a favored child. Many shockingly gazed in one of the buildings. A 10th grader who killed himself because the girl whom he asked out on a date refused might be surprising for many. but.The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. he started connecting the dots to figure Shimeles Kebede tried to kill himself a decade ago.

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For instance. under the AGOA window. Quantitative achievement as well are not to be disregarded. despite the success story. However. the sector raked an average of 661. the answer would be not even a little. earning from this sector appears to be much higher in 2011 and 2012 grossing 9. more than 90 percent of the export is covered by oil and other energy related products. Hence. the most important question would be why? To start off. the figures for agricultural commodities export under the AGOA scheme is rather strange. the first thing is first. it might not be difficult to see that the AGOA window has not been able to deliver as it is expected over the course of the past thirteen years. it might be a little out of place to ask whether AGOA has been taken advantage of or not in the context of Ethiopia. the global trading system. many of the GSP arrangements fall under heavy criticism.3 million dollars. placing such stringent standards would render the dutyfree arrangement meaningless. decided to introduce an enabling clause into the MFN rule –an exception with certain conditions. and this by and large is the main justification for profree trade advocates rallying in favor of free movement of goods. In fact. For Ethiopia. US’s eligibility criteria seems to be the target of such criticisms. Given the export figures and overall trends. According to experts. seems to be playing a deterrent role for Sub-Saharan countries to realize opportunities offered by the window. Including AGOA. every AGOA summit in past few years have deliberated on how to improve on the gains. apparels. shall not treat the import of a country any less than imports from its most favored trading partner. The US government as well seems to have recognized the problem of meeting these standards. one can also see real transformative role of the window and trade in general. the benefit of AGOA in Sub-Saharan Africa is not limited to the direct jobs which have come because of the up take in the export of the tradeble commodities. the overall trade balance between the US and Ethiopia. as of 2011. which was 1. Both its theoretical and practical justification show that real trade gains are realized in its ability to create jobs and the extent by which it can support livelihood. and it envisaged a system to make exceptions on the MFN rule without compromising the integrity of the trading system. On the other hand. none of these Sub-Saharan African states claim that they have taken full advantage www.thereporterethiopia. this figure has grown up to 71 billion dollars. A large difference between export of agricultural commodities via the AGOA system and the total agricultural export to the US partly explains this discrepancy.000 jobs across the 39 Sub-Saharan African economies. It could in fact be more significant if such traditional export items can find their way into the list of AGOA-duty free imports. the product composition of Ethiopian export sectors is more revealing as to why the country has not seized the whole opportunity yet. On the other hand. With regard to AGOA. There. Saving the actual export figures for later. are the so-called sanitary and phytosanitary standards that applies to imported items to the US. during the same period. then called General Agreement on Tariff Trade (GATT). year after year the number of countries eligible to AGOA window 18| The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. is just above 10 percent of the total export earnings generated from the US market. As it can be imagined. there is a claim that the list of 4000 and plus items included in the AGOA system oversaw some commodities in which Sub-Saharan countries enjoy a comparative advantage.600 products have been granted access to the US duty-free. the decision was made to have a system where the developed can make special preferential arrangements to allow commodities from the developing countries access their markets. However. the major problems according to experts. during the past thirteen years Ethiopian export through the AGOA window did not even manage to double..3 billion dollars to 18. This figure continues down the same path for 2011 and 2012. What went wrong At this point. services and factors of production. Most notably. is that. some 1. In the nonoil group. Once again. the real and on-theground benefits of the scheme for the Sub-Saharan African nations are undeniable. while being implemented. In this regard. Some agricultural commodities like coffee of Ethiopia is one to consider according to the experts. Here countries like Nigeria. over the course of 2001-2011. For instance. Girma Birru. however. South Africa was the biggest beneficiary from the window. According to the data obtained from the officials website of the AGOA window. Currently. some 4. the recommendations of the working group first underscored the absolute urgency of reauthorizing AGOA for a substantial amount of future time. both in terms of volume and dollar earning. forwarded a useful recommendation. What is true is. the most exported item via the AGOA window from Ethiopia is apparels. However. To see this. being at the bottom of the development and trade food-chain. But. once in the WTO system. although quite an improvement over 2010 and 2011. According to the official data. the only product exported by way of this scheme is apparel and clothing accounting for 85 percent of the overall earnings.9 and 11. in 2001 when AGOA started. Secondly.000 dollars. the GSPs are not as such generalized than they are discriminatory. during 2012 the footwear sector has grown to amass 6. Europe’s nothing but arms arrangement could also be counted as the other in this . it becomes clear that offering a lower tariff rate or an exemption to scores of Sub-Saharan African countries. however. The push for the introduction of the exception on the MFN rule was provided by the strong objections of the developing countries regarding the rule and it service to the developed nation in keeping tariff rates significantly higher on some of commodities important to developing economies. the working group under the chairmanship of Ethiopian ambassador to the US. the MFN prohibits destination countries from designating different tariff rates for similar products that are imported from different sources.053 million dollars and making the apparel and clothing sector the leading Ethiopian export to the US under the AGOA system. Last but not list. In fact. currently. barely making 0. During the past thirteen years. recording a mild 80 percent growth. The basis for the criticism is that. the average annual export earning generated from apparel and clothing was a meager 5. Nevertheless.000 dollars. This was also one other recommendation that the working group covered in its report. 2013 from the arrangement. it would be almost impossible to meet these stringent standards set by the US authorities. The exception was called Generalized System of Preference (GSP). AGOA’s intake for 2012. between 2001 and 2011.3 million dollars. the question of what Cont`d from page 10 varies according to the appraisal of the US authorities based on the set criteria. Of course. By its nature.. Here. which is an outstanding issue even beyond AGOA. the same can be said most Sub-Saharan economies. reveals that introduction of the window by itself has not resulted in the much-needed closing of the gap. For commodities coming from less developed countries like the Sub-Saharan Africa. The other important recommendation of the group was also consideration to the list of items that have been selected to enter tax free via the AGOA window. look no further than the export figures. For one. export to the US market can be seen to have quadrupled over the course of the past thirteen years. a sharp decline perhaps equivalent to 30 percent was recorded in AGOA-export from Ethiopia. Currently. it appears that even the most revered rules might bend a little bit at times. the story is quite the same if not even worse. it happened to be the case that the indirect benefits of countries taking advantage of the window is far more greater than the direct one. of which AGOA is one. trade boosts production in source countries. So.000 jobs have been created indirectly from the AGOA window. Virtually. In fact. 18. would be an important break from the MFN rule that WTO members hold near and dear to their heart. there are other issues such as the workings of the preferential arrangement itself which precipitated the outcome. as one can easily imagine most of the blame for not taking full advantage of the opportunity rests in beneficiary economies. Rather.3 million dollars. the level of export to the US market via the AGOA window have grown by close to fourfolds. in 2010. it ranks the second highest in fetching export revenue from the AGOA system. Between 2001 and 2011. The MFN rule stipulates that a country or a sovereign customs entities. established ahead of the recent AGOA conference in Addis Ababa. Regardless of the debate that whether AGOA is being implemented according to GSP principle or not. strong rule of law and democratic political system and their (the criteria) less clear relationship with trade is often invoked to argue that the window is somehow discriminatory. For the whole Sub-Saharan group.000. an Ethiopian export sector which seems to be on the rise over past five years is the footwear industry. which in effect export the same products say with countries from Asia. What it has achieved Overall. The bottom line. AGOA was directly responsible to some 350. the footwear sector accounts for not less than 10 percent of the total AGOA exports. And. textile and clothing. Of course. Although this figure reflects weak export performance at the time of introduction of the AGOA scheme.1 million dollars. while textile. a special technical help to enable export sectors meet these standards is being offered in some Sub-Saharan African countries. via the USAID. However. In actual terms. the export revenue secured from the agricultural commodities via AGOA window stood at 47. substantial improvements have been observed in recent times.8 billion dollars in the 2012. foot ware and the like were sectors where Sub-Saharan economies performed relatively better. promoting the idea of free trade in the global system gave rise to the most recognized rules of the WTO agreement: the Most Favored Nation (MFN) rule. for example. For example. Reports indicate that. a close examination of the data suggests that between 2008 and 2009. the exception was allowed on one condition that is as long as it is practiced on a general and non-discriminatory basis to a group of developing nations. Simply put. For instance. Sub-Saharan African countries as a group exported some 21 billion dollars worth of articles to the US. is superior. albeit a slight improvement. eligibility criteria requiring no involvement in terrorist matters.7 million dollars. providing a compelling evidence in favor of extension of the AGOA deadline. In mid-1970s. one can see that AGOA is still far too small to carry any significance in the country’s foreign trade sector. Compared with the overall bulk of exports to the US market. For instance. the Sub-Saharan African economies would naturally stand to benefit from GSP. Yes. Angola and Gabon stood to benefit the highest from the preferential arrangement.Rethinking. non-tariff trade barriers.05 percent of the overall agricultural export to the US that year. The figure started to regain in 2012 with 18. but still below one percent of total agricultural export. The non-oil export from the region as well tripled to reach 4.

As a matter of fact. the less efficient firm should accumulate enough production knowledge and capital to oil its production machinery into giving its a product that can win in free market competition. including Ethiopia. Consider the adverse impact on Spain. Above all. Ed.. preferential treatments are not or should not be there always. The first one is that the Assembly can cancel the adopted convention because of taking many decades to be ratified. is not an unreasonable guess. This forum discusses about legal issues of the African Union. there are many factors. It would be a good opportunity to solve the problem of non-ratified conventions of the organization. Based on the above mentioned premises I would like to argue that the Convention on the Law of Treaty should put the maximum period of ratification of an international convention. If the maximum period of ratification of a convention is set internationally. There are two possibilities in solving the problem. and culture. whether in price or quality. My argument is that as long as the Heads of State and Government of African Countries agree on the need of a Convention and shows their interest through adoption and signature. the real gains would not be the increase in export earnings. As a result of this situation these old Conventions are left to be ratified by the leadership of the present generation. With foreign central banks and international investors shunning dollars.’s Note: The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Reporter. as a unique window of opportunity to gain much useful market exposure. But. all states have sovereign right in signing a treaty or refusing the signing of a treaty. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn is the current Chairperson of the African Union. Sane governments do not default when they have a choice – especially not when they enjoy the “exorbitant privilege” of issuing the only true global currency. He can be reached at melakumulu@yahoo.The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. The funny part of this condition is that the concerned body (in the case of this article the African Union Commission) always asks the member states to ratify the very old convention again and again. which would appreciate sharply as a result. At the national level. The impact on the rest of the world would be even more calamitous. The other possibility is to revise them through adjustment and to make it the convention of the African Union. Indeed. the extension of the AGOA window essentially makes sense if and only if Sub-Saharan African nations. AGOA would be most instrumental to improve competitiveness in emerging economies since it offers the taste of fierce export market rigor that they will face once they integrate into the global market. Most Sub-Saharan African nation are actually defined by supply side rigidities. the Canadian dollar and the Norwegian krone – would shoot through the roof. Project Syndicate provides incisive perspectives on our changing world by those who are shaping its politics. and as such it is up to the government to close these gaps. With the Obama administration already expressing commitments for the extension of the AGOA program beyond 2015. the Ethiopian government is the first to establish a national response strategy that specifically targets the AGOA window. the generalized preferences offered to developing nations is exactly aimed at giving a competitive age. In my opinion. In addition. Hence. efficient producers already have welloiled machine that can produce good quality products at lower cost. Because of this a convention can stay for hundred years without being ratified.. or one year’s worth of economic growth. the Organization. According to the principle of International Law.e the period of the Organization of African Unity should be tabled again to the present organization (the African Union) by putting adjustments in accordance with the facts on the ground. Even emergingmarket countries like South Korea and Mexico would experience similar effects. that can easily affect trade and export oriented production. The only difference would be that once in the global system they will not be operating under a preferential trade arrangement and that they would face the danger of perishing in the competition. But two percent of GDP. Similarly. why does the ratification of the Convention takes many decades? One can also argue that taking many decades to ratify a convention means that the convention is not so important to the signatory States. It is good to mention that the African Union has established a forum on “International Law and African Union Law”.com. For instance. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Reporter. But there is a downside to this according to trade economists. are prepared to capitalize on it. The US would also lose the insurance value of a currency that automatically strengthens when something goes wrong (whether at home or abroad). I believe that the organization will give attention to the issue of the old non-ratified Conventions in the African Union. The AU Commission has disclosed the fact that it will receive “inputs informing Agenda 2063 until November 2013. It also seems an anomaly to ratify the convention which had been adopted at the time of the Organization of the African Unity in the present day African Union. To begin with the fact on the ground is changed through time. I hope my recommendation on the subject will be considered by the organization. which would mean the end of financial globalization.’s Note: Melaku Mulualem is head of Training Department at the Ethiopian International Institute for Peace and Development (EIIPD). Many of the Conventions of the African Union provide that entry into force shall take place based on the ratification of a specified number of States. In concluding my article I would like to say that the African Union should revisit the many-decade old non-ratified conventions. at least in price. such as the Organization of African Unity (OAU) is already formally replaced by the African Union. 2013 |19 Cont`d from page 11 Ratification. Thus.. an ailing economy that is struggling to increase its exports. Ed. In my opinion it is good to table the matter to the assembly through his chairmanship. science. it is most likely that the anticipated extension would be passed by lawmakers. A significantly stronger euro is. It is difficult to estimate the cost to the US of losing the dollar’s position as the leading international currency. Ed. This is what the AGOA in its full sense is trying to achieve. prevented the Sub-Saharan African nations to take full advantage would come back to the beneficiary economies themselves. the more efficient producers would always beat the less efficient ones. of which infrastructure is one. Here is why. Of course almost all African leaders who adopted these old Conventions are not now in office. small economies’ currencies – for example. Rather than passing the task of ratification to the next third generation. if the ratification period takes longer time it may lead to the death of the treaty.thereporterethiopia. and costly produced goods would be unable to break into the market due to the sharp competition (price) they face from more efficient producers. Rather. over extension of such preferences and protections might in the long-run make the producers even less efficient. the manufacturing sector in Ethiopia is in its early stage of development. One day. The article was provided to The Reporter by Project Syndicate: the world’s pre-eminent source of original op-ed commentaries. Berkeley. jeopardizing their export sectors. would suffer severe losses on their holdings of US treasuries. . Such forum can also entertain the issue of non-ratified Conventions of the African Union. what the beneficiaries should worry about is whether the next 15 or 20 years are going to be any different from the ones that passed before it. Currently the African Union is trying to find African solutions to African problems. The Agenda will be tabled for adoption and subsequent implementation in June 2014”. Production of a quality products costs money. the US Treasury would have to pay more to borrow. On the other hand. Foreign investors. too. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Reporter. International treaties should not remain open for ratification indefinitely. In this regard. like the euro. We are about to find out whether the US still has a sane government. Likewise. governments as well need to play a part in this. They call it supply side rigidity that in effect is the inability to produce and supply products even when special market access were available. Many trade experts exploring this question agree that the main problem lies with the source economies. of course..’s Note: Barry Eichengreen is Professor of Economics and Political Science at the University of California. In my opinion all non-ratified conventions of the former organization i. economics. eventually forcing them out of the market. The dollar. in free market competition. it could spell the end of all economic Cont`d from page 10 globalization. disaffected holders of dollars would rush into other currencies. the African Union should re-examine the old Conventions and provide solutions. It is also good to mention here is that the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaty doesn’t have an article that limits the life of one convention for ratification. It is not inconceivable that advanced countries would do the same. They would have no choice but to apply strict capital controls to limit foreign purchases of their securities. As it can be imagined. the last thing a moribund Europe needs. even if the debt ceiling was eventually raised. However. But. member countries of any international organizations will decide to ratify a convention or to cancel it within the limited period of time. the state needs to organize various sectors to take the leap towards the foreign markets. My core argument is that the present African leadership should seek solution to them rather than to pass these old conventions to the next third generation. The whole purpose of exemptions on duty is to help less developed nations get a head start in the world market. by exempting them from duties which are applicable on products coming from the more efficient producers. which may not coincide with the present purpose of the African Union. The AGOA then provides the perfect opportunity to test the waters for some of these manufacturing sector players and learn from the big boys playing in the large consumer markets of the world. But some nonratified Conventions have mentioned in their preambles about the purpose of the OAU. Way forward Trade is all about price and quality.

But for Solomon there is a solution for that which is creating a platform for discussion and going to clinics. drinking poison 161 and unspecified 150. Even though there are no research at a national level regarding the suicide rate in the country. Other policymaking entities – particularly those with potentially more effective tools to help the economy reach escape velocity – need to act but are hampered by legislative impasse. which was done a couple of years ago based on the different hospitals and police report. This research was based on the different hospitals and police autopsy. which grew to 3675 in 1995/96. none of this would significantly heighten the durable impact of Fed policy on economic growth and employment. Ethiopia’ shows the average crude suicide rate for over 15 year olds was found to be 12. In this research. Some of the reasons which are mentioned by the author as a cause are physical illness. the employment/population ratio). and the author of When Markets Collide.The fed’s. The parasuicide rate per 100. social Cont`d from page 15 and political protests and general sense of meaninglessness in life. He gives some of the possible reasons for people’s death. Even though in other countries many elders try to kill themselves.19:1. and a growing opportunity gap relative to formal educational attainment risking lasting damage in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Many people deny suicidal intentions after an act of self-damage. Ed’s Note: Mohamed A. Tomorrow might be another day but for many they could not see that and voluntarily or involuntarily kill themselves.2 percent. cutting and piercing instruments and jumping from high places are not included since the researcher considered them as accidents. Sometimes when people kill themselves it might be related to depression. With Yellen’s nomination to succeed Bernanke. But.. also come in the center. It could even start moving to a more holistic operational measure (say. 2013 Cont`d from page 11 nominal GDP). Some people. For him. a research. The debate about financial conditions is both more heated and more nuanced. alcoholism. Psychiatry department. reveals that a person kills himself every day in Addis Ababa. joblessness and youth unemployment remain far too high.” Solomon told The Reporter. including the key issues facing Yellen? In assessing how far it is from meeting its mandate. reflected in a sharp fall in the mortgage-refinance index. Meanwhile. 20| The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. This attests to the extent to which parts of the financial intermediation process remain over-reliant on Fed experimentation. but when he got back after six years’ stay. continued and prolonged reliance on unconventional policies does involve unusual uncertainty and potential costs. The less confident the Fed is about the robustness of economic recovery at home. it would be natural for the Fed to worry about slowing economic growth in emerging countries (accentuated in countries like Brazil and India by the financial volatility that followed the Fed’s taper talk in May).com .7 for males and 2. interpersonal disputes. Substance abuse is also a contributing factor for the increasing number of suicides. Unfortunately. religious and cultural reasons which condemn suicide. One of the cases she remembers is a woman who works in an international NGO who tried to kill herself because she broke up with her boyfriend. drowning 328. economics. for the challenging tasks at hand. According to the Ethiopian Psychologists Association program assistant. with extreme political partisanship causing a government shutdown and threatening a debt-ceiling debacle. psychological and social causes and the treatment consists of all the three. According to the research. he told her that he was married. with skills erosion. Thus. the common method of committing suicide is hanging and strangulation which holds 70. financial situations and war. So what does all this say about the future. science. who attempt suicide. are irrational and hopeless. The causes are biological. because they feel ashamed and guilty. El-Erian is CEO and co-CIO of PIMCO. manic episode and schizophrenia and some of the clinical diagnosis are related to suicide. Family history is studied and therapy is also given. one Fed guessing game has ended. When dying. The Fed would have an opportunity to discuss this in its upcoming policy meetings in the context of evolutionary steps to strengthen its forward policy guidance. Mood disorder is categorized as uni-polar. depression.thereporterethiopia. apart from the mental health problem such as stress during exam. and declining purchases. Depressions also have different symptoms. hospitalbased parasuicide rates are not included because many parasucide cases do not come to the hospital and some present it as accidental poisoning. some of them being insomniac. In countries which are developing the situation is not that severe. According to Solomon. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Reporter. because they feel ashamed and guilty. and it is not clearly known what the reason behind it is. an initiative that Yellen has spearheaded. higher interest rates have hit the housing market quite hard. Trends of parasuicide (attempted suicide) had indicated high peaks during stressful years. according to Solomon. some scattered ones suggest that the number is increasing. together with indicators of the economy’s structural fragility. suicide by firearms and explosives. Moreover. it is a rare phenomenon Most of the people who try to kill themselves are the younger ones and is related to the mental health problem but many of them do not go to the centers. financial problems. bipolar. Kalkidan Berhanu. It may also need to think more about support for small and medium-size firms that continue to face structurally clogged credit pipes. Parasuicide and Accidental Poisoning in Addis Ababa.45 for females.000 person in 1981/82 was 1092. He met a Congolese woman who was suffering from posttraumatic stress when she attempted to take her life many times. The article was provided to The Reporter by Project Syndicate: the world’s pre-eminent source of original op-ed commentaries. which grew to 269 in 1995/96 when the ratio of men to women is 5. Since he was abroad they were in a long distance relationship. Project Syndicate provides incisive perspectives on our changing world by those who are shaping its politics. But it is not known since depression is not considered as a disease. in Ethiopia since social ties is strong and people are spiritual. Solomon Tefera. The doctor recommends opening a dialogue with people who say what is the purpose of life? Or what is the point in living. Many people deny suicidal intentions after an act of self-damage. The numbers of suicide plus undetermined deaths in 1981/82 was 88. He says suicide is a reaction or a symptom to what is happening to their life. many people try to kill themselves because of psychosis. and whose effects are too indirect. Dr Abdulreshid Abdullahi Bekry’s research entitled ‘Trends in Suicide. Somehow the community’s secrecy and the fact that suicide is taboo contributed its due share. According to Zegeye. She has clients who actually come for consultation. the greater is its interest in minimizing external headwinds. reduced mobility. as speculation over the direction of monetary policy continues – indeed. associate professor. Addis Ababa University Health Science College. While equity and credit markets did rebound from their May-June dislocation. He says that many of them do not come to the hospital but bipolar and severe depression cases do so. suicide is not something that is studied. even as small and medium-size companies still find it difficult to obtain adequate credit at reasonable cost. the Fed may be better served by shifting from unemployment to employment thresholds (for example. it would be understandable for the Fed to try to limit the impact of a dysfunctional Congress on consumer demand and business confidence. intensifies ahead of the Fed’s next policy meetings – we should not lose sight of an uncomfortable reality: No matter how hard it tries – and it is trying very hard – the Fed is still stuck with tools that are too blunt.. with what is happening in Washington. poor appetite and poor functionality. According to Dr. The method they used within these years was: hanging/strangulation 1502. www. lower home affordability.. People who tried to kill themselves related to situations like anger or stress. He says that most of his patients are depressed and most of them are financially well off. that can be a solution to save lives. “The number being smaller has got to do with social. Trycyclic anti-depressant is one of the medicines which are not given to these patients since they might take an overdose. Sixty percent of people who suffer from depression have suicidal ideation where 15 percent actually do it. Trends of parasuicide (attempted suicide) had indicated high peaks during stressful years. even though the number of attempts that are tried by women is higher than that of men the actual act is higher in men. Close family members and friends should consult them or take them to a clinic and make them see how life can change. He says that one of his patients spends most of his day surfing the web trying to find a way to kill himself. In this hospital around 15 percent of the patients are suicidal with some of the patients also having scars – a mark left on their body after their suicide attempt. and culture. Even though these kinds of suicide caused by psychosis are not high in number according to Solomon there are unusual behaviors which are visible by those who have the thought of killing themselves. According to the research..

5 million birr was allocated to Amanuel hospital last year. They are the mentally ill people. Even though they commit crime. They are also on the streets threatening to throw stones at people in addition to spitting. a 28-year-old employee at an NGO. He did not leave the guy alone. Yodit Alemayehu. Somehow the society failed in giving protection and security while their rights such as legal capacity. they stroll around Addis Ababa. the law dealing with criminal responsibility and defenses for responsibility.6 billion birr. Citizenship is a luxury for them or being part of a census is out of question. The one who is insane cannot have the necessary mens rea to commit a crime as the latter is one of the essential requirements to establish criminal responsibility in which the absence of it may absolve one from responsibility for an act which is not premeditated and not aware of the consequence of her/his act. this was not her first encounter. intimidating. They are the neglected part of the community which is not considered as part of the society. He says he did not beat him severely but now regrets doing that. She escaped from a car accident. Another time one guy attacked her while she was crossing. some of them actually became part of a neighborhood where they are known with their special characters. Usually. page 23 www. The health facility which received a court order for the treatment of the person should follow up and report the treatment so that the court will proceed with the other measures. According to the research. They are isolated and do not know what to do about their situation while they are neglected by their family members and friends. access to health. There are those who horde any kind of garbage. She says that she was threatened many times. Many of them pick on women. there is no disaggregated budget for mental health but 29. was terrified when a mentally ill person grabbed her hair. they attack women or children. education and employment is being denied. A couple of years ago another one slapped her. So many of them are forced to be homeless and many of them also commit crimes. Two years ago. They are stigmatized. when they do so. Rather. it is a game of hide-and-seek. He came behind her and grabbed her hair. According to the research. A couple of guys who were crossing the street had to intervene to actually free . These are considered as possessed by the devil and many tend to forget how a mind can play a trick on people or whether it is curable if treated. and this is the only fund allocated by the federal government for mental health services. Most of them are homeless. a businessman in his mid-30s. which results in minor injuries. He did not want to call the police because he knows they are not doing this in their conscious mind. have no food to eat. There are also incidents in which they broke car mirrors and wound people severely. Amanuel Hospital and Gefersa Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre. the person is not responsible for the acts. Even though their origin is not clear. the judge must order his confinement in a psychiatric hospital for treatment or protection. She refers to them as “those” people. the judge orders an investigation into the personal background of the accused and the behavior prior to formally charging the individual.The Reporter | Saturday | October 12.. he took the action on his own. the law lists three essential conditions to establish the defense of insanity which includes the defendant’s incapability of understanding that such incapacity is due to age. When it is found that the offense was committed by a person suffering from mental illness. illness. some segments of society are also attacked because of their aggressive behavior and ensuring public safety and protection is in question. urbanites rushing to their respective businesses and a few ‘nameless’ people are the small pieces that make up a city. considers insanity as a defense. taking a walk is an unsafe thing to do. For the kids. Accordingly. Another common scene is little children calling them “crazy people” while they chase them. For many of the city dwellers this is not a new phenomenon and for some. a 12th grader at Radical Academy. says many of them are actually scared of “men” and. no one who looks after them and are left to die. She just jumped and started laughing nervously.thereporterethiopia. naked ones who throw away any cloth and violent ones who slap people. The research questions the treatment in Amanuel hospital such as modified Nameless. The origin of these ‘nameless’ people is not clear but constitute the common faces in many cities. In ragged clothes. Whenever she sees them she crosses the streets. then she started shouting. 2013 Society |21 Nameless people on the streets of Addis By Tibebeselassie Tigabu Streets of a major metropolis always have something to offer. kicking and chasing people around. a mentally ill person threw a metal can and hit him on his forehead. who one day was waiting for a taxi and was shocked to see a crazy guy trying to bite her. According to this research. They shock people like Selam Reda. Yohannes Girma. abnormal delay in his development or deterioration of his mental faculties and that such incapacity exists at the time of his act that produced the consequences in question. The only two hospitals. so they become violent. while walking with his cousin in Cazainchis area. according to the FDRE Criminal Code. she runs until she is sure of they are not chasing her. could not accommodate the huge number of mentally disturbed people. voting rights. Parenthetically. Fast cars. it is resolved without the involvement of the police while taking beatings and kicks from some people. Apart from that. A couple of them sit solemnly chanting the same word. This is less than one percent of the total health budget that is 3. They are left at the mercy of the streets while some of them are very aggressive and attack people on the streets. He beat him while many people intervened and said he did not know what he was doing and pleaded with him to let him go.’ the government has insufficient budget.. the court is authorized to order an inquiry to be made as to the character. According to Aytenew Debebe’s Master’s thesis entitled ‘The Rights of Persons with Mental Disabilities. antecedents and circumstances of the accused person. In such cases. rather. freedom of expression.

Teshome Gebremariam. though they were unexpectedly hefty for us. it showed how black movements to attain freedom and equality also become the basic foundation for realizing the continental unity afterwards. young locals were shouting at tourists to draw their attention to the accommodation they provided. In fact. where European colonial powers plotted to divide Africa among themselves. was a small kid. thick piece of wood around his neck struck an exquisite balance and readily descended from the mountain. who appeared to be 10. There was also a wifi connection at the hotel where we stayed. the indigenous people with their hands occupied with the construction materials rushed their way up whilst I was struggling not to slip over the slippery hill. “Facilitating travel plans for the delegates. The Rhodesia fighters. hotel reservation and seating arrangements in the meeting hall was among the duties we assigned to oversee. Touching down at Lalibela airport. I was looking at the people overtaking us and fading in the distance. I received a phone call from my friend near Asheten Mariam Monastery. “Above all. Indeed. hoteliers. had been in most polarized position for a long time. told us that prices here are comparably high because of its position as a tourist attraction. blue collars. the eleven churches. Another historian. I was going to observe that Addis Ababa is not the only representation of Ethiopia in terms of the lifestyle of the indigenous people in particular. He recalled to have prepared the final declaration in English and French before member states came up with the idea of reproducing it in Amahric on basis of Ethiopia’s role in the process and the symbolic nature of Ethiopia having its own alphabet. the dusty capital was about to host thirtysomething heads of state from the newlyliberalized African continent. he was also tasked with the responsibility to document and translate all discussions and deliberations into the local language. right in middle of continent that was split into two was based on the approach they want to take towards eventual unification. Ethiopia’s ancient history. and so forth. ’s Note: The writer is on an internship at The Reporter. a lawyer and member of the organizing committee. Moreover. And this was the one challenge facing the Ethiopian emperor to bring the continent together. She was carrying piles of sticks of wood on her back which had pinned her down in the spot. the sticks made Flashbacks of the birth of OAU By Henok Reta marked the birth of the Organization of African Unity (OAU). the Casablanca bloc led by Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana.” he remarks. Residents of the city were somehow informed that something was going down.. An old man carrying a long. Waiting for us with a beam in the midst of the bumpy road were two young children who then uttered.” he says. it was also a city that was holding its breath. 1963.). Abie. Walking down the hill with bundles of straw in light clothes. it features the people who took part in that historic event and scenes of similitude in the setting. the momentous victory of Adwa and the milestone role it played in the establishment of the continental organization are vividly depicted in this film. and the police had to go through an intense preparation period ahead of the event. the two camps. I wondered how she had made her way down the hill with the heavy load on her back. the day was May 25. It was a day of history making. We helped her stand up on her own feet by lifting the bundle of sticks. 2013 People in Lalibela – another life in Ethiopia By Masumi Koizumi Flying to Lalibela from Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa with my friend. the eleven churches. by comparison. They would carry on the conversation on their school life. A documentary film recently produced as part of the 50th anniversary of the OAU/AU takes one back to those days. When looking around the grocery stands. I wondered if he traveled all the way up from the mountain with no bathroom stops or even occasional breaks in his lengthy and exhausting trip. I noticed two things about the people of Lalibela that struck me as a surprise: fluency in English and hard-working nature. It was a beautiful rural town which thrives on tourism business and which still retains the traditional lifestyle in which people spend much time and effort on a daily chore Ed. we had no choice but to call off a visit to a UNESCO World Heritage site. as a holy sightseeing site bringing in a great deal of travelers and pilgrims from overseas. all benefited from the Ethiopian support. After some ten minutes on foot from Lalibela Hotel. and what a precious gift it is. Just in one hour. Walking further down the road which overlooked a village full of mud-thatched houses with a pointed woven-hay hat. Coupled with the piercing sun. In fact.” he says. “It was Ethiopia’s gift to the continent. It further set apart from the lifestyle of the people in Lalibela. Moreover.D. it was the welcoming ceremony that lifted my souls up to the apex of happiness. a young scholar from Jimma University. I felt like we were left alone at the runway – no aircraft were in sight waiting to take off. Tessema Ta’a (Ph. Even children aged three to five knew how to greet people in English and to attract foreign visitors with their innocent charms. it offered us a surprisingly good internet service. Near the exit of the airport. the far more traditional way of life in the capital is among some of things that can easily come to mind. Lalibela is one of the popular tourist destinations in Ethiopia with local people and foreign travelers weaving the geography of Lalibela together. However. using primitive instruments such as a stick with a cylinder-shaped stone at the end in order to level the ground. “Welcome to Lalibela!’’ in excitement. “Regional differences were a serious obstacle for the young and new African leaders of the time. page 26 www.. we reached a busy district around our a pop and crackle sound as she squeezed out her last voice to get up. Ethiopia’s role in providing financial and military support to countries which are waging war for their independence is also among the points revisited by the historian. However. would start off the talk usually by guessing our nationality (I was shocked that a number of people had succeeded in guessing my nationality. and the Monrovia camp under Léopold Sédar Senghor of Senegal. It was not hard to imagine that numerous people in Lalibela are making a living through the tourism business as our local guide. approached us and walked side by side to have a chat with us in English. Abie. Belete Belachew (Ph. encouraged us that we would be able to walk as fast as the locals after climbing up and down the same route three times. In this process. Japanese!) or how we had been up to in Lalibela. Lalibela. elaborates the significance of his country’s role in fulfilling the dream of the black liberty and equality. People.” he remembers. Yes. The chiseled looking boys spoke astonishingly fluent English for their age. it was the biggest homework that the imperial regime had to put together. bracing for an event of its lifetime. Tracing back to the Imagine Addis Ababa 50 years ago in the month of May. They were not the only boys who came up to us. outlines the historical development of the organization and the directions it took to make the continental unity a reality. Government officials. Our guide. the underdeveloped infrastructure and. I certainly needed more time to learn the knack without hurting myself. On our way to Asheten Mariam Monastery. Ethiopia. light of the intense shuttle diplomacy it took before Flashbacks. Indeed. must have enabled locals to communicate well with them. All the artificial dins seemed to be absorbed by a strip of greenery and a beautiful mountain ridge in the region. I landed off with the front of my feet as advised. a lecturer and researcher at the Addis Ababa University department of history. Lalibela accommodation which was full with souvenir stores and cafeteria. The emperor was so anxious about the attendance of some of these leaders in this historic assembly. There was no motorized transportation but mules that could take us to the destination through a rugged and angular path.thereporterethiopia. The people in Lalibela living in a primitive fashion were astonishingly hard-working regardless of their sex or age. Courtesy of the country’s history of strong resistance to colonial powers.D. everyone who walked past us struck up conversation when we replied hello back to them. mostly boys rambling on the streets. my feet started to feel sore after five steps. After all. a 13th century rock-hewn monastery located at an altitude of 3150 meters. two young boys.). which were hewn from the living monolithic rock during the reign of King Lalibela (13th century) due to the dearth of money on hand.22| Travel The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. which 1884 Berlin Conference. we found a woman looking to be in her late forties growling in a muted tone. Although Lalibela is a tranquil countryside monastery which preserves a traditional way of living. Luckily. the Namibians and the South African apartheid rebels. A passer-by ran up to us and pushed up what was on her back. pointed at the sight where men and women of a wide range of ages working under the evening sunlight were constructing what they described as “a priest office’’.com . remembers the massive work load that he and his colleagues had to bear around the time of the conference. Tessema attempts to explain the urgency of unity for African countries at the time.

That is a common way of treatment and is an effective one for the seriously depressed patients. Throughout the years. schemes. It’s just sad that in the next generations’ way of life. or getting around red tape. It’s not enough on its own. But at least I’ve had the experience of walking around worry free before. He says the responsibility should not depend only on the . under the influence of the European Convention on Human Rights. The number of countries that applied the death penalty in 2012. 2013 |23 Opinion Pieces & Over exposed? By Leyou Tameru Bits By Greg Dorey World day against the death penalty Since 2003. In fact it took the UK some time to come to the above conclusions. electric convulsive therapy which causes brain damage. to half the figure believed valid for 2005. Reflecting our primary concern. Amanuel Mental Specialized Hospital’s research and training directorate post-graduate Cont`d from page 21 the number of the mentally ill in the country is close to 12 million. or “random” security checks on the streets or in airports. He says for the insane ones there is what is termed an “active phase” under which they become aggressive but after a while calm down. We accept that for many states. According to Zegeay. which gives the state an ultimate power over human life which I believe it should not exercise. mosque or a religious temple or a mall and being injured or attacked will not seem like an anomaly. For example. We do this jointly with our partners in the EU. The General Assembly of the United Nations. and put an end to this practice. But for the kids born today. apart from other expenses. coordinator. We will “adapt” to these ways of living. Born and raised in Addis Ababa. He says that there is no system or platform to take care of the wellbeing of this segment of the society or the safety of the people. Many of these have formally abolished it. Iraq and Saudi Arabia. There is obviously the basics such as the educational background. I’ve been pick pocketed and followed on the streets so much. something so rare in the world we live in. the death penalty has no place in the modern world: we believe that its use undermines human dignity. there is a prerequisite that family members should be there to admit the patient. but at what cost? Ed. The good thing about being exposed to different things in this world is that it not only teaches you about how this world works. most experts believe it executed about 3000 people in 2012 – that is a high figure. World Day against the Death Penalty has been celebrated -people all over the world have. which is similarly committed to abolition: no country can join the EU if it retains capital punishment and no EU country can extradite a person to another country where they may face capital punishment. the other thing that is being normalized in our societies is random acts of violence. 21. Many will remember the well known cases of miscarriage of justice that persuaded Parliament to act: following the executions of Timothy Evans in 1950 and Derek Bentley in 1953. on this day. Amnesty currently lists 140 countries as abolitionist. and both were posthumously pardoned. but it also teaches you how to deal with it. and now know what it means to no longer have that. says sometimes there are those frustrated ones who are in the public and pretend to be sick. it’s become so frequent that its occurrence doesn’t shock us anymore. China is followed by Iran. that’s just what a phone looks like.The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. I hope that more countries will heed the call of the United Nations. It’s not that you went out with a specific goal of understanding things and coming up with these ways of dealing with things. perhaps because it is so close to home. there is no conclusive evidence of its deterrent value. next to and in front of me. 172 carried out no executions in 2012. Zegeye Yohannes. carrying a taser or a gun for self protection. But I was thinking about how our children.. sometimes you’re just exposed by the virtue of being born in a certain era. You come up with ruses. recorded its biggest vote yet in favour of a worldwide moratorium on executions. in particular about the lack of evidence to prove that the death penalty has any deterrent effect. 111 states voted in favour of this resolution. as a step toward abolition. the state had to admit that mistakes had been made at both men’s trials. going to a church. We keep ignoring it or dismissing its occurrence as something “out of the ordinary” but truthfully. we work to persuade other governments to consider abolition. those who are born today are going to grow up exposed to these acts. the hospital could not give services to the insane out on the streets since the facility could not accommodate them due to lack of fund as well skilled manpower. it just happened because it’s part of your reality. the ones on the street are more in number. in December 2012. she seeks to understand the impact of economic. we also empower civil society in many countries to campaign for this end. but it is a necessary element that must accompany ones “formal” qualifications. Exposure is not something that you necessarily go out and seek. in that they have not carried out executions in the last ten years. the ones on the street that need to be admitted are about 80. Exposure. little ways of getting certain things done quickly. political and social issues on everyday lives. like we have adapted to so many other things before this such as not being able to carry-on a bag with liquid in it. I started thinking about exposure while following up on the mall siege in Kenya. We must not look at what happened in Nairobi in isolation. It is even considered to being one of the few things that are essential when hiring employees or writing applications for schools and jobs. In many Nameless. Our experience suggests that public support tends to fall as the public becomes better informed about the issue. for some of us the Iphone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phones are the greatest things invented since slice bread. a high school diploma or a certificate program and then there’s the life skills/exposure moment where one “shows” how exposed she is to different things by discussing different topics and sharing opinions and experiences.’s Note: Leyou Tameru is a graduate of Georgetown and Addis Ababa University Law schools. Ed. Beyond this. governments tell us that their public opinion favours the death penalty. Amnesty International. Yet exposure is not always a good thing. there has for many years now been a clear worldwide trend towards abolition. exposure has become an essential element.000. It’s something that somehow robs you of your innocence. For example technology. In terms of numbers. and the possibility of miscarriage of justice. When compared to the institutionalized insane. should not die at the hands of state authorities whose first duty is to protect citizens. notes that of the 193 Member States of the United Nations. Exposure and ignorance are mutually exclusive things and one vanishes at the site of the other. such as writing. The UK uses its diplomatic network throughout the world to promote abolition. been making clear their opposition to this form of punishment.’s Note: Greg Dorey is ambassador of the United Kingdom to Ethiopia. For the British Government. traveling or technology etc.. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Reporter. mainly because it helps you keep your innocence. is the lowest on record. It’s really true when they say that ignorance is bliss. meaning being introduced to or having experience with something. I’ve been robbed of the ability to just walk around Addis without any “checking around”. Moreover. In 1998. We forcefully make the point that our citizens. Apart from the treatment. we intervene directly with foreign governments on behalf of any British citizens who are sentenced to death. But most of them cannot even go to the centers and www. What is the current situation in other countries? Experts believe there were about 3600 executions in the world in 2012. and the last execution in the UK was in 1964. and signed up to the relevant international instruments which place a ban on its use. It is kind of second nature and I do it without even knowing I’m doing it. The article was provided by the UK embassy in Addis Ababa. Besides technology. specializing in International Legal Studies. not to kill them. that when I walk now I am very aware of my surroundings. but still represents a drop. She can be reached at bitsandpieces@ethiopianreporter. Parliament then took successive steps to restrict the use of the death penalty. I check who’s behind. Through our project funding. in its latest death penalty report. In Amanuel. no matter what they are believed to have done. like I was used to before those experiences. I’m not sure why that particular sad act of violence made me reflect quite a bit. for which the UK had energetically lobbied in many countries around the world. Parliament abolished the death penalty for all crimes. Executions are most numerous in China: although China does not publish any statistics. this is not an easy issue. there is a lot of that going on all over the world. In the hospital there are only 260 beds to accommodate patients. and you can’t get it back. be it a degree. and any miscarriage of justice leading to its imposition is irreversible and irreparable. But where exactly is this taking us? “Evolve or die!” seems to literally be the motto of the human race.

com .thereporterethiopia. 2013 www.24| Advertisment The Reporter | Saturday | October 12.

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The other sector Mulatu can be The new president. 2013 Cont`d from page 7 lines comes through the Semera town and the idea is to transport the potash product from our project site to Sedo in the town of Semera in the Afar region where we will have another potash storage facility. We have done a remarkable work with a record time. Seeing his role in attracting more foreign investors. and showed the ultimate reverence to the leaders all the way. We also have many friends in the Afar community. “No one expected the attendance to reach 32 heads of state. he recalls as if it was . Teshome said. many were so delighted to see liberated African leaders sitting around the emperor. it was a big triumph for the emperor as well. So doing any kind of work is a challenge. When time finally came for the emperor to stand up and deliver a speech. some said they would rather see him function as a diplomat or assume a post in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. the previous one. some people tend to question whether the government’s decision in picking such a versatile diplomat is a wise decision in reference to his successful service in diplomatic missions. then and only then. Mulatu has been playing pivotal roles in realizing the government’s move. amongst others. There are military posts.. They say that considering Mulatu’s rich experience. If we succeed.”Aleka BerihunWoldegebriel. including pharmaceutical. We need a ship loading facility that loads the potash into the ship. Transporting equipment and supplies has been a challenge.thereporterethiopia. He further applauds the emperor’s devotion which went as far as inaugurating new building for the organization and offered it for sell for a sum of only 1 birr. BPH. the Derg. The building the emperor had granted for the organization is till erected in the old compound of the organization as a historic gift to the continent. Can you tell me the total investment and how much of that portion you will spend in Ethiopia and Djibouti? The total investment will be USD 650 million and about USD 600 million will be invested in Ethiopia and the rest in Djibouti – on the facilities that will be built at the Tajura port. So they are trying to make our life easier. Mandarin (Chinese). Yara Potash and Allana Potash and there is another one up in the north. Access to the project site is another problem.” he explains. The government is building a road from Mekelle to Dallol.” His speech. That is the next stage of the project. www. who was chairing the assembly. The government is building the road and now the railway. And. which motivated many in the conference hall was reiterated by another charismatic leader and chairperson of the assembly. The emperor ordered all his staff to stand by and remain committed to the legendary Ethiopian hospitality. superbly built AU headquarters financed by the Chinese could be an asset for the continental organization. We unload the potash there and load it unto on the train and it will transport it to Tajura. “We were waiting anxiously for their arrival at Bole International Airport. he will have the government’s backing with a special budget allocation that could bring him better access for moving outside the country. the current. He has also maintained a fruitful result in facilitating the gained cooperative agreement between the two nations’ railways corporations. French part from Amharic and Oromiffa from local dialects. Particularly. will we have justified our presence here. Berihun explains. An over qualified individual for a ceremonial role? In Ethiopia. they conclude. Foreign Minister at the time.” he remembers. says an elderly who was part of palace security at the time. However. “He was an indomitable figure in the case of African unity and he showed his self-determination to restore the continent through a serious of financial support.. according to commentator The Reporter spoke to. Ethiopia’s contribution for freedom and identity of the entire black world has never been equivocal. where it would actively participate in restructuring the country’s railway. What about the railway construction project? line There is a plan to use a railway. That road will be the only access to our project. “It was Ghion Hotel that was fully booked serving the leaders while still some of the leaders were accommodated in Ethiopia Hotel. and colonialists. We are planning to transport one million tonnes of potash every year to Tajura. He remarked. the government has already maintained good relations with the Turkish government in accessing loans for the multi-billion-dollar railway project. garment. and its success in bringing together the different parties to a common African ideology along with pan-Africanism is a result of mass-graves it acquired from fierce battles with the fascists. Apparently. Our employees are now used to it. They have been helping us since we first set out foot here. Everyone looks up at security because there is Eritrea. the emperor played a central role in the formation of the continental organization that brought in the strength and capacity for liberation. To this end. government has decided to allocate more budget for the president to let him represent the country in international events whereby maintaining his contribution for the development of the nation’s tourism sector as well as image building. In our area we have three international companies working on potash exploration. the office of presidency is a largely symbolic and ceremonial and real power rests in the hand of the Prime Minister. It was 8 to 10 expected. The situation so far is very friendly. The road construction has been going on for the last two or three years and it will be finalized in September 2014. still under construction at the time. the first ever African leaders’ meeting in Ethiopia was also much harder to burden for host nation. What are the challenges you are facing so far? at Legetafo. he is credited in convincing the Turkish State Railway (TCDD) to respond to Ethiopia’s cooperation demand for opening new railways. according to Teshome. “We cannot leave here tonight without having created a single African organization possessed of the attributes we have described. Apart from that we have got full support from the government. In that regard.. So. remains firm towards the continental body. They also deem that he would contribute a more paramount service than assuming the presidency in which the post offers more of a symbolic and ceremonial power. Flashbacks. So the railway line construction will enable us to reduce transport cost. We are waiting for the finalization of the construction of the railway line all the way to Semera. The heat! Probably the number one problem in the Dalol depression is that it is the hottest place on earth. Despite the promises made by leaders to attend the Addis Ababa conference and the relentless diplomatic effort by Ketema Yifru. Hotels fitting the standard of the leaders were numbered and. The opening of these companies is expected to generate two billion dollars in export revenue for the country per annum and offer tens of thousands of job opportunities. If we fail in this we will have shirked our responsibility to Africa and to the peoples we lead. Indeed.Working .” he says. leather processing and paper and packaging factories. However in the just ended budget year the government only managed to get a meager 98 million dollars revenue.. His last word as well was equally deep. built by Ethiopian government. the film showed. commentators say. “He was wise enough to do that to make sure that future governments would not make a move to reclaim the property. Cont`d from page 6 associated with is railway. The railway project in the country has been a recent phenomenon and is part of the government’s flagship five-year growth plan. One of the railway 26| The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. The government is currently allocating land around Addis Ababa for the construction of the industry zone which will be overseen by Ayka Addis. One can see his wisdom here as none of his successors tried to reclaim the AU property. Kwame Nkrumah. It is also a symbol of identity and fraternity Cont`d from page 22 between the people of Ethiopia and the rest of the continent. You used to get used to it. That will enable us increase our production.” he says. it was still unpredictable how many of them would actually touch down in the capital. The Ethiopian government has already put up a plan to build a railway network throughout Ethiopia. auxiliary buildings like offices. thanked them for coming. the government might have considered to have the newly elected president play more roles beyond what the constitutional vested duties of a president.. and Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). The government set out a target to earn one billion dollars from textile exports by the end of the five-year Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP). a patriot and historian says. Looking at Mulatu’s well-beefed CV. is historic. What about security problems? Of course there have been some issues in the area. We frequently travel to the project site which is close to Eritrea border but nothing has happened so far.. Furthermore. For many. However. the emperor had to leave his palace to accommodate some of the leaders and stay in a compartment somewhere else. “unite or perish.” As a landmark ceremony to the newlyborn continent. Since he’s multilingual diplomat who can speak English. It was amazing to see them stepping down from the plane and greet his majesty. he greeted all his guests in his charismatic salutation. the documentary has shown this truth. And that is of course the theme of the documentary intended to be dispatched as the organization marks its 50th jubilee. their confirmation was secured for the attendance.

” Nejib said. 767s. “The Union (AU) has a strong policy position that pursuit of justice should go hand-in-hand with the promotion of peace. The company plans to mine one million tonnes of potash and export it through the port of Tajura. However. A call. she said recently it was recently learnt that the land requires potash fertilizer. the first choice Birtukan joined the bank at a vice president post that she still occupies.. we learnt that there is a huge demand for potash fertilizer. According to Nejib. 65 percent of the 7200 shareholders of Enat are women. www. Kenyatta and his deputy deny charges of committing atrocities following the disputed 2007 election. told the executive council of the AU.” Tedros in his remark urged AU member nations to push forward on Protocol on the establishment of the African Court of Justice and Human Rights in order to handle gross violation of human rights within the continent and avoid external influence. In a letter sent to the ICC. the company will invest 750 million dollars. the ICC’s prosecution of Africans. The Bank joined the sector with 260 million birr subscribed and 120 million paid-up capital the last fiscal year. The board on its part. Meanwhile. Justice and the ICC. Ruto’s trial has already begun a day after his nation’s parliament made this non-binding vote while Kenyatta’s is scheduled for the next month.thereporterethiopia.D. According to reports. Birtukan Gebreegzi and Brutawit Dawit. Both Kenya’s president. has canceled at the last minute a press briefing that it scheduled for today to both clarify the matter and introduce its new banking products. Ethiopia will be the first east African nation to produce potash. Canada produces 50 percent of the global potash production while Russia and Belarus supply 40 percent of the global potash product. Allana plans to build the mine in the Dalol depression. An American company surveyed the Dalol depression in the 1950s. he said Allana will keep its words and invest in the Dalol potash mine.The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. construction will commence in 2014 and will be completed and start production at end of 2015.. Sinkenesh said that Ethiopia has been importing and using urea and dap.. Tedros Adhanom (Ph. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma (Ph.D. before it finally settled with Fasika.). where she reached up to a vice president level.” On the international market. And during the Italian occupation Italians used to ship potash to their country through the Port of Massaw. 757s. Ethiopian Airlines currently operates a passenger fleet dominated by Boeing airplanes. Falcon petroleum. who is also the current Chairperson of the Executive Council of the AU. The current Chairman of AU. The price of a tonne of potash which was 430 dollars per tonne has dropped to 400 or less. Cont`d from page 3 Boeing. So now we know that we can supply the potash fertilser for Ethiopian and other African countries. a Norwagian company. Currently. Twelve countries produce potash so far. an MD11 and 777 Freighters. current account deficit and low foreign exchange reserve. He even went further to label the Court as “racist”. “Tendering a resignation did not necessarily mean that it has been accepted. African leaders say Ruto’s presence in The Hague will disadvantage Kenya.. In addition to the majority of bank’s founding shareholders. However. Tullow.” Nejib said.” “The manner in which the court has been operating.” the Bank’s communication department said. reiterated Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn’s position of “unfair treatment” of Africans by the ICC. 62 by local and 51 licenses are on a joint venture basis. But after working with the Agricultural Transformation Agency.. Part of the reason for the Ministry endorses..” Ethiopian Minster of Foreign Affairs. stability and prosperity for our countries and realize the legitimate aspiration of our people for dignity and national reconciliation. 2013 Allana. Cont`d from page 5 foreign currency credit worthiness and have given it accumulative rating of CCC. did not want to comment on the reasons behind her resignation. but lately some have criticized the court. was trying to develop the potash mine but it relinquished the project in the aftermath of the bloody Ethio-Eritrean border war that broke out in May 1990. Pexco and Afar Explorations-are prospecting for oil and gas in different parts of the country. Tedros also indicated that the effort made by the AU assembly calling the ICC for a fair treatment of Africans repeatedly has fallen “on deaf ears and our concern have been completely ignored. particularly its unfair treatment of Africa and Africans leaves much to be desired. Although the reason for her decision to leave the bank is not yet stated. Tedros said that he led an AU delegation to deliver the letter signed by the Chair of the AU and the Commission transmitting the decision adopted by the 21st ordinary session on International Jurisdiction. Cont`d from page 3 149 are owned by foreign companies. Fasika’s absence has prompted the bank to assign her second in command. The Reporter learnt.). Nejib said investors are now reluctant to invest in a potash mine due to the price decline. Thirty-four African countries are members of the ICC. Ethiopian currently serves 76 destinations across five continents and was recently awarded African Business of the Year at the annual African Business Awards. due to the favorable investment climate. Last year the country earned 654 million dollars from mineral exports. Chairperson of the African Union Commission. |27 Cont`d from page 1 “We should not allow the ICC to continue to treat Africa and Africans in a condescending manner. The potash deposit is estimated at 3. He also said that the Court has transformed itself in to a political instrument targeting Africans far from promoting justice and reconciliation for the advancement of peace and stability in the continent. the shallowest and hottest place in the world. According to Nejib. Nejib said Allana will build a fertilser factory that will process the potash. Later. Asked if the potash will be only for the international market. Meanwhile. The AU has previously accused the ICC of “hunting” African leaders and ignoring atrocities elsewhere.. Cont`d from page 1 last minute cancellation. By exporting one million tonnes of potash the company plans to earn 430 million dollars a year. The Minister hopes that Allana will fulfill the local potash demand. Kenyatta and Ruto have both pledged to continue cooperating with the ICC. and 787s and a cargo fleet that includes 757s. Ethiopian. Before assuming the leadership at the Red Cross Society. in the run up to her resignation rumors of disagreement between the board of directors and the president was widespread. However.. 740 km northeast of Addis Ababa. South West Energy. seven international oil companies-Africa Oil. Norex Skydro. to fill the vacant position. former secretary general to the Ethiopian Red Cross Society. in which some 1200 people were killed. The meeting of the EC will be followed by the Head’s of State and Government meeting today. In fact. Cont`d from page 3 work according to schedule. Fasika was an on an extended leave from her work following the alleged disagreement with the board. Fasika accumulated 25 years of experience at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). “We believe that this is a temporary problem and we will bring the FDI we pledged to invest and execute the work we planned. security. however. even though Kenya’s parliament recently voted to pull out of the Rome statue. In the late 1980s. The ministry this year anticipates earning 849 million dollars from minerals exportgold with the lion’s share. saying it is politically driven and is unfairly targeting African leaders.. is a probable unfinished dialogue between two parties. ICC has been claiming its standing up for victims of crimes wherever they are. board. 777s.. the price of one tonne of potash is 430 million dollars. According to the . He went on accusing the Court of neither being ready nor willing to even entertain simple requests made on technical issue of proceeding aside from the major requests. the legal mechanism that created the ICC. Birtukan.” He noted that similar request was made to the UN Peace and Security Council to suspend the proceedings initiated against President Omar Al-Bashir of the Sudan. the government has created more than 148 companies that secured 262 exploration and mining licenses for operating in the country. Dogong is the rating agency that is known for giving a lower rating for the US economy in 2010 and 2011 in contrast to the US based big three rating agencies. “The issue is not only a matter of concern to Kenya but also the continent as a whole’” Tedros began his speech calling the meeting “our gathering here is a clear testimony of our collective determination to address the issue head on and find a solution. especially in conflict situation. Ethiopia to. other leaders from the continent joined with a collective voice that left the ICC under strong criticism accusing it of targeting African leaders disproportionately. Prime Minister Hailemariam has been calling the ICC to stop its move to indict the Kenyan leaders. which according to Dogong Global would make its hard to graduate from dependence on foreign assistance. Mining experts knew that potash deposit was found in the Afar region but it has not been exploited for years.. the overall rating was downgraded from stable to negative due to the accumulation of external debt levels. He has also been defending the Kenyan leaders in several meetings in the world form including the UN General assembly in New York. New Age. However. If everything goes according to plan.” the Foreign Minister said. “For the time being the plan is to produce one million tonnes of potash per annum for the next 20 years.. including NextGeneration 737s. Fasika. Similarly. Russia and Belarus had cartel agreement in setting global potash price. due to a disagreement that flared up between the two countries recently in connection with the price fixation the price of potash has declined. rating of the local credit is given a stable rating in the face of the robust economic growth prospects and public-investment driven development strategy of the state. Enat Bank. “At the beginning we were thinking of the Asian market.2 billion but the company will start producing the 27 million tonnes of pure potash deposit called salvanite.

who follows his daughter immediately. the self. The paintings presented in You & Me are partly based on real experiences. THE WORLD 9:30 CHEATERS 11:30PAY IT FORWARD 14:00 THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES 16:00 THE PRESTIGE 18:00 ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT 19:00 A CINDERELLA STORY 21:00 OVER HER DEAD BODY 23:00 LAST NIGHT 1:00 THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING 2:30 PAY IT FORWARD SATURDAY OCT 12 4:30 THE PRESTIGE 7:00 MOTHER 9:00 FLAWLESS 11:30 OVER HER DEAD BODY 13:00 THE PRINCE & ME II: THE ROYAL WEDDING 15:00 A CINDERELLA STORY 17:00 LAST NIGHT 18:30 ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT 19:00 AQUAMARINE 21:00 WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S ROMEO + JULIET 23:00 PUBLIC ENEMIES 1:30 UNTRACEABLE THURSDAY OCT 17 CINEMA @ MATI CINEMA Cinema 1 Time 04:30 pm 06:15 pm 06:45 pm 08:45 pm 09:15 pm 11:00 pm Show Title Tikur ena Nech (Amharic) Lek negn (Amharic) in Addis Ababa SATURDAY. collect the material and create the artwork. pastries and relaxing entertainment. Text from Leo Lefort (LeLa ART GALLERY/ Associate Curator). Besides the reciting curator the four participating artists Michael Tsegaye. Tewodros has exhibited internationally in Berlin. announced soon. Tewodros’s work is featured in private collections globally. Alliance Ethio-Francaise. the audience. Antwerp. Alfredo Castellano. one of the most prolific artists of our time took seven years to research.thereporterethiopia. Subsequently Maria wants to know more about her past and natural . Mehret Kebede and Mulugeta Gebrekidans present works concerning the urban development of Addis Ababa and its impacts on the cultural identity of the inhabitants. Her father confesses: Maria was born in Buenos Aires and did not grow up with her natural parents.. The four participating artists Michael Tsegaye. But hearing a familiar Spanish children’s song during the stopover in Buenos Aires she misses her connecting flight. BORROW.28| Events IN Meskerem Assegued will curate the exhibition. Elizabeth Wolde Giorgis curates the exhibition. HAKIM STOUT PRESENTS TASTE OF ADDIS FOOD FESTIVAL WHEN: SATURDAY.I. Mehret Kebede and Mulugeta Gebrekidans will be there and answering questions concerning their artwork. They disappeared 1980. Behind Edna mall in front of Beer Garden For Reservation / Info. SEVER 16:30 THE LAST AIRBENDER 18:45 ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT 19:00 FLICKA 21:00 THE MESSAGE 00:00 THE KITE RUNNER 2:00 THE KID & I 3:45 FINAL DESTINATION 3 5:30 BALLISTIC: ECKS VS. TIGHTROPE WHAT: EXHIBITION WHEN: OCT 19 WHERE: GOETHE-INSTITUT ADDIS ABABA Tightrope is an exhibition about our current lifestyle and its historical development. 6:30 THE BANK JOB 8:30 SCOOP WITH RAYA 9:00 THE LAST AIRBENDER 10:45 THE KID & I 12:30 SALT 14:00 SCOOP WITH RAYA 15:00 BALLISTIC: ECKS VS. All music fans are invited for a German sauce and delightful music at 7:30 PM. Beatriz Spelzini Duration: 94 Minuten Germany 2019/10 “YOU AND ME” WHAT: EXPOSITION / ART EXHIBITION WHEN: MON 30 SEPT. This event corresponds with the exhibition entitled „Addis Ababa: The Enigma of the ‘New’ and the ‘Modern’“ in the MBC TV Guide Movies This week MBC 2 2 1:45 THE DEATH AND LIFE OF BOBBY Z 3:15 A BETTER TOMORROW 2 5:00 THE ROAD 6:45 ADVENTURES OF POWER 8:45 BLAST FROM THE PAST 10:30 THE WOMEN 12:15 ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE 14:00 MOONWALKER 15:30 THE INSIDER 16:00 PHAT GIRLZ 18:00 ALL THE KING’S MEN 20:00 THE VERDICT 22:30 JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE 00:00 THE WOMEN 1:45 BLAST FROM THE PAST 3:30 RARE BIRDS 5:15 W 7:15 13 GOING ON 30 8:45 MOONWALKER 10:15 ALL THE KING’S MEN 12:15 JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE 13:45 CAPTURING MARY 15:00 THE INSIDER 16:00 HOME ALONE 18:00 THE PERFECT STORM 20:00 VALENTINE’S DAY 22:00 SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE 23:30 ALL THE KING’S MEN 1:30 THE VERDICT 3:45 MOONWALKER 5:30 JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE 7:00 PHAT GIRLZ 8:30 VALENTINE’S DAY 10:15 THE PERFECT STORM 12:30 SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE 14:00 MANOLETE 15:30 THE INSIDER 16:00 ADDICTED TO LOVE 18:00 MEAN GIRLS 20:00 CHAOS THEORY TUESDAY OCT 15 7:15 HOOK 9:30 TITANIC 12:30 JAWBREAKER 14:00 SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE 16:00 HOT ROD 17:30 THE MAJESTIC 20:00 FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY 21:30 QUEEN OF THE DAMNED 23:15 TITANIC 2:45 HOOK 5:00 WHAT JUST HAPPENED 6:45 JAWBREAKER 8:30 SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE 10:30 THE MAJESTIC 13:00 HOT ROD 14:30 SPACE CHIMPS 16:00 THE INSIDER 16:30 ADVENTURES OF POWER 18:00 AGAINST THE ROPES 20:00 THE DEATH AND LIFE OF BOBBY Z 22:00 THE ROAD 23:45 THE MAJESTIC 2:15 QUEEN OF THE DAMNED SATURDAY OCT 12 6:00 WORKING GIRL 8:00 ANTWONE FISHER 10:30 THE NEWTON BOYS 13:00 BUY.. She books a hotel room and calls her father Anton. Berhanu Ashagre. cement and barila (sand stretchers). As they perform their music every week a soulful Friday is created at German Restaurant (Behind Bole Boston Day Spa).. abducted by the henchmen of the Argentinian military dictatorship. Endeavoring to define reality in an age where truth remains ever more obscured. MAGOO 4:30 PM CRAZY ON THE OUTSIDE 6:30 PM CON AIR VS G. No waiting in line. 2013 Ababa. BORROW. Elias Sime. Italian Cultural Institute and the British Council. EVENTS TUESDAY @ FLIRT Flirt Lounge Monday -Sunday Happy Hour Every Night from 5:00pm . the Fourth Taste of Addis Food Festival waits you with many restaurants.14 OCT WHERE: ALLIANCE GALLERY ENTRANCE: FREE Alliance éthio-française cordially invites all art lovers to Tewodros Hagos’s exhibition entitled “You & Me”. After graduation the artist left to Belgium where he lived for over 10 years. Elias’ art is also intellectually engaging. Using motherboards as metaphor. Berhanu Ashagre. JANE 2:30 PM PREDATORS 4:30 PM MAX PAYNE 6:30 PM THE SIMPSONS MOVIE 8:30 PM KILLER ELITE SUNDAY OCT 13 10:30 AM BLINDNESS 12:30 PM PLANET TERROR 2:30 PM THE SIMPSONS MOVIE 4:30 PM KILLER ELITE 6:30 PM SCREAM 4 8:00 PM THE WALKING DEAD S4: EPISODE 1 9:00 PM BURN AFTER READING 11:00 PM LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS 1:00 AM AWAKE 1:30 AM DEATH PROOF 4:30 AM LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS 6:30 AM AWAKE 8:30 AM FEMALE AGENTS 10:30 AM TAXI 4 12:30 PM BURN AFTER READING 2:30 PM AWAKE 4:30 PM FEARLESS 6:30 PM THE CLIENT 8:30 PM CRAZY HEART 12:30 PM PRIME 2:30 PM CRAZY HEART 4:30 PM UNKNOWN 6:30 PM BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE 8:30 PM ANGEL 11:00 PM IT’S ALIVE 12:30 AM STUCK ON YOU 2:30 AM SCREAM 4 4:30 AM IT’S ALIVE 6:30 AM STUCK ON YOU 8:30 AM ANGEL 10:30 AM BURN AFTER READING 12:30 PM FEARLESS 2:30 PM STUCK ON YOU 4:30 PM ANGEL 6:30 PM ENTRAPMENT 8:30 PM LOVE HAPPENS 10:30 PM ONE FINE DAY THURSDAY OCT 17 TUESDAY OCT 15 21:30 THE LIFE BEFORE HER EYES 23:00 THE PERFECT STORM 1:00 VALENTINE’S DAY www.8:00 pm Age Limit: 25 and Above Dress Code: Dress Smart Location: Lucky Bldg. His materials are always carefully selected to address his composition.I.I. Addis Ababa University from 1991 to 1995. a creative exploration of human meaning and being. which will be inaugurated two days before. SEVER 21:00 SCOOP WITH RAYA 21:30 SALT 23:30 THE LAST AIRBENDER 1:30 FINAL DESTINATION 3 3:00 HARSH TIMES 5:00 RUMOR HAS IT. 23:00 HARSH TIMES 1:00 TRIANGLE 2:45 MACHETE 4:30 THE BRAVE ONE 7:30 BUY. the world and the artist. a sample of these art pieces were shown at the Italian Cultural Institute during his Ants and Ceramicists exhibition that opened in the four European cultural institutes. Anton and his deceased wife Liliane brought Maria to safety – to Germany. He studied at the School of Fine Arts and Design. In 2011. mostly in Addis Ababa. THE CHANGING ‚DNA‘ OF ADDIS ABABA WHAT: LECTURE AND DISCUSSION WHEN: OCT 24 TIME: AT 6:30PM WHERE: GOETHE-INSTITUT ADDIS ABABA In course of the lecture series „The Changing ‚DNA‘ of Addis Ababa“ curator Dr. No age limit. THE WORLD 14:30 MY GIRL 16:30 FLICKA 18:30 ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT 19:00 THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES 21:00 PAY IT FORWARD 23:30 THE PRESTIGE 2:00 RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE 3:45 STEEL MAGNOLIAS 6:00 MY GIRL 8:00 JACK AND JILL VS. THE DAY I WAS NOT BORN WHAT: GERMAN MOVIE NIGHT WHEN: OCT 23 TIME: AT 6:00PM WHERE: GOETHE-INSTITUT ADDIS ABABA Actually Maria Falkenmayer wanted to fly to a swimming competition in Chile. Rafael Ferro. sand. JANE 8:30 AM MAX PAYNE 10:30 AM FEARLESS 12:30 PM CON AIR VS G. Marcela Ferrari. Rome. Direction: Florian Cossen Actors: Michael Gwisdek. drawing parallels between workers and their daily practice on constructions sites: scaffolding. which will last until the 19th of November 2013.. NOVEMBER 16 AT 11:00AM WHERE: FLORAL TROPICAL GARDENS NEAR WELLO SEFER Floral Tropical Gardens on the 16th and 17th of November 2013. Call on: +251 911 094 075 Addis Ababa ADDIS ABABA: THE ENIGMA OF THE ‘NEW’ AND THE ‘MODERN’ WHAT: INAUGURATION OF EXHIBITION WHEN: OCT 22 TIME: 6:30PM WHERE: MODERN ART MUSEUM: GEBRE KRISTOS DESTA CENTER As part of the lecture series „The Changing ‚DNA‘ of Addis Ababa“ the Modern Art Museum (Gebre Kristos Desta Center) inaugurates an exhibition entitled „Addis Ababa: The Enigma of the ‘New’ and the ‘Modern’“. Tightrope will open in the same venues: the Goethe-Institut. Tewodros Hagos attempts to renegotiate the relationship between the model. Elizabeth WoldeGiorgis delivers a lecture about the urban development and its impacts on the cultural identity of the inhabitants of Addis Ababa. OCTOBER 12 Cinema 2 Time 04:15 pm 06:15 pm 06:45 pm 08:45 pm 09:15 pm 11:15 pm Show Title Battle of the Year Battle of the Year Time 04:30 pm 06:30 pm 06:45 pm 08:45 pm 09:15 pm 11:30 pm Cinema 3 Show Title Gravity Gravity Yaltasebew (Amharic) Battle of the Year Gravity SUNDAY OCT 13 FOX Movies 10:30 PM SCREAM 4 12:30 AM THE WALKING DEAD-S3: EPISODE 16 1:30 AM PLANET TERROR 4:30 AM KILLER ELITE 6:30 AM SCREAM 4 8:30 AM THE SIMPSONS MOVIE 11:00 PM UNKNOWN 12:30 AM PRIME 2:30 AM THE CLIENT 4:30 AM BURN AFTER READING 6:30 AM CRAZY HEART 8:30 AM UNKNOWN 10:30 AM THE CLIENT MONDAY OCT 14 WEDNESDAY OCT 16 WEDNESDAY OCT 16 SATURDAY OCT 12 SUNDAY OCT 13 MONDAY OCT 14 THURSDAY OCT 17 MONDAY OCT 14 TUESDAY OCT 15 WEDNESDAY OCT 16 4:00 FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY 5:30 HOT ROD 7:00 AGAINST THE ROPES 9:00 SPACE CHIMPS 10:45 THE DEATH AND LIFE OF BOBBY Z 12:15 THE ROAD 14:00 BLAST FROM THE PAST 15:30 THE INSIDER 16:30 13 GOING ON 30 18:00 THE WOMEN 20:00 W 22:00 ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE 00:00 AGAINST THE ROPES 6:30 AM RAVENOUS 8:30 AM CRAZY ON THE OUTSIDE 10:30 AM DEATH PROOF 12:30 PM ALIENS IN THE ATTIC 2:30 PM MR. Los Angeles and Addis SOULFUL FRIDAY WHAT: MUSICAL EVENT WHEN: EVERY FRIDAY TIME: 7:30 PM From the Millennium to Abay Abay Poppa and Charlie have tied their name with Ethiopian music and entertainment. The opening time will be The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. Dr. JANE 8:30 PM PREDATORS 10:30 PM MAX PAYNE 12:30 AM THE WALKING DEAD-S3: EPISODE 15 1:30 AM FEARLESS 4:30 AM PREDATORS 6:30 AM CON AIR VS G. No three digit bills. Modern Art Museum (Gebre Kristos Desta Center). STEAL 8:00 SHE’S THE ONE 9:30 THE NAMESAKE 11:30 DANCE FLICK 13:00 FURRY VENGEANCE 15:00 THE BANK JOB 17:00 SHE’S THE ONE 18:30 ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT 19:00 BALLISTIC: ECKS VS. No dress code. Known for stunning audiences with his meticulous and labor-intensive creations. STEAL 14:30 THE ASTRONAUT’S WIFE 16:30 THE NAMESAKE 19:00 FURRY VENGEANCE 21:00 RUMOR HAS IT. The result is a hyper realistic distillation. SEVER 7:15 THE CHUMSCRUBBER 9:00 FLICKA 10:45 STEEL MAGNOLIAS 13:00 JACK AND JILL VS. Tewodros Hagos was born in the Ethiopia in 1974. Jessica Schwarz.

More than 3. the Democratic president has been urging congressional Republicans to end a fiscal impasse that has overtaken Washington and rippled through the country. The former military intelligence boss was indicted by the ICC in 2011 for war crimes allegedly committed during the uprising against Colonel Gaddafi.divers are still searching for bodies there.The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. (BBC) President Barack Obama will press his case for a quick reopening of the entire federal government coupled with an emergency increase of U. where procedural delays can slow legislation for up to a week . £25m) to help refugees in Italy.about the time remaining before borrowing authority runs out. But many details had to be worked out. It is not uncommon for organisations to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The OPCW. The ICC said Libya had failed to show it had collected more than “a few sparse items of evidence” against Mr Gaddafi and had yet to secure him legal representation. has won the Nobel Peace Prize. among 20 figures of the former regime charged with the 2011 killings of protesters. It has happened 24 times since 1901. Agence France-Presse reported. also involving Syrians and Palestinians off the coast of Alexandria. Maritime surveillance The accident follows another capsizing understood to have happened 10 days ago. with campaigners for nuclear disarmament and against land mines among those recognised. security officials said. saying the OPCW had “greatly strengthened the rule of law in the field of disarmament and nonproliferation”. Only 155 people survived the disaster near Lampedusa . including what Republicans would get in return. They say the money would be better spent on increasing physical rescue capabilities.S. Saif Gaddafi is being held by a militia in the western town of Zintan. House of Representatives Republicans were looking at possible changes to a vague plan they floated that would give Obama a short-term debt limit increase .S.thereporterethiopia.000) as winner of the most coveted of the Nobel honours. A pre-trial chamber at the ICC decided that “Libya is willing and able genuinely to carry out” investigations into Mr Senussi. (BBC) The International Criminal Court has ruled that Libya’s Gaddafi-era intelligence chief. which includes plans to share data and use surveillance drones.possibly lasting about six weeks . the body overseeing the destruction of Syria’s chemical arsenal. A court in Tripoli is to decide on 24 October whether to indict Mr Gaddafi and Mr Senussi. borrowing authority when he meets with Senate Republicans on Friday. this task has been laborious and unheralded. can be tried in Libya. 72 Palestinians and four Egyptians. The Nobel committee clearly feels it needs all the support it can get. The OPCW has been working to rid the world of chemical weapons for the past 16 years. should speed up the EU response to boats packed with migrants heading for Europe. Ministers say the 35m-euros Eurosur programme. the court said in a statement. was established to enforce the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention. (Reuters) www. On Thursday the European Union also voted to launch a maritime surveillance system aimed at preventing further migrant disasters. according to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.25m. 2013 Africa |29 Egypt boat capsize: 12 Gaddafi-era spy chief almigrants die. Vice President Joe Biden will join Obama in pressing for fast action. That case has been adjourned until 12 December. The late leader’s son was also indicted by the ICC for war crimes. The boat sank early on Friday. With a partial government shutdown in its eleventh day and less than a week to go before the Treasury Department runs out of money to pay the government’s bills. It is facing its biggest challenge ever . They were initially taken to a naval base in the Alexandria district of Ras al-Tin and then to a police station. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon praised the award. House Speaker John Boehner said he and his fellow Republicans want solid commitments from Obama and his congressional Democrats on some longer-term deficit-reduction steps. But opponents insist the bloc needs to provide safer ways for genuine refugees to enter Europe. But it is only in recent weeks. (BBC) World Syria chemical weapons monitors win Nobel Peace Prize U. It said the decision had “no bearing on the case against Saif al-Islam Gaddafi”. debt ceiling or risking an historic default was daunting because any deal that is struck by leaders could face a revolt from conservatives in both the House and Senate. following the use of chemical weapons in Syria. were taken to a naval base. A staff of about 500. The survivors.and reopen the government. over 100 rescued Senussi to be tried in Libya At least 12 migrants have drowned and some 116 were rescued after their boat capsized near the Egyptian port of Alexandria. The OPCW recently sent inspectors to oversee the dismantling of Syria’s stockpile of chemical weapons. Amin Ezzeddin. told the BBC that the survivors of the latest incident included 40 Syrians. For the most part. which could come by week’s end if a series of new efforts by Republicans in the House of Representatives and Senate bear fruit. based in The Hague. He said the deployment of chemical weapons in Syria had been a “tragic reminder that there remains much work to be done”. The Lampedusa incident. is charged with making sure that the 189 signatories to the Chemical Weapons Convention are abiding by its terms. It is the first time OPCW inspectors have worked in an active war zone. Nonproliferation has been an occasional verify and destroy Syria’s entire chemical weapons programme by the middle of next year. Alexandria’s security chief. Last month the militiamen refused to deliver him to a court in Tripoli to appear at a pre-trial hearing alongside Mr Senussi and the other defendants in that case. along with 36 others. OPCW director general Ahmet Uzumcu said the award was a “great honour” and would spur it on in its work. £780. The decision means that the ICC will no longer demand that Mr Senussi be sent to The Hague to stand trial. The watchdog picks up a gold medal and 8m Swedish kronor ($ . that the OPCW has become a household name. The October 17 deadline for raising the U. Mr Senussi was extradited to Libya from Mauritania last year. of Mr Senussi in the domestic case. mostly Palestinians and Syrians. Abdullah al-Senussi. He is facing trial in Zintan on a separate charge of trading information threatening Libya’s national security. That is particularly problematic in the Senate. Congress urgently works to end fiscal deadlock The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The incident comes a week after at least 311 migrants died when their boat sank off an Italian island. in which the boat caught fire and capsized less than 1km (half a mile) from the island’s shore has prompted an EU pledge 30m euros ($40m. Late on Thursday. The Nobel Committee said it was in honour of the OPCW’s “extensive work to eliminate chemical weapons”.S. according to the UNHCR. Many are Syrian and Palestinians escaping conflict in their countries. The ICC does not carry out proceedings against a suspect if it deems they are receiving a fair trial in a domestic court.400 refugees have attempted to make an illegal crossing from Egypt over to Europe since August this year. working from its headquarters at The Hague. and is a codefendant.

Junedine put emphasis on transparency which he reiterated will be his core principal while also saying that he hopes to improved the football standards throughout the after the team training in Addis Ababa. Junedin got 55 votes from 106 General Assembly members to become the new football chief.” “Proper nutrition is important when playing three important roles of training.” Junedine is credited for efficiently and smooth running of the Harar Beer where he left a mark. The talented striker hopes for another start against Nigeria now that its once again confirmed Getaneh has been ruled out of the match and he reiterates that he is up to the task and that his team mates injury was just unfortunate .I have never been bitter for not being fielded because I know God’s time is always the best” “Nigeria are a good side with superbly talented players but I believe Ethiopia has equally good players who are able to cause any upset. Tesfaye was adamant that proper nutrition has played an important factor for Walia’s success since he took over the portfolio that had been vacant. “’When I joined Walia the players were eating anything on the table and this was not good for their performance since they could not gauge what was good and bad for them. 2013 Salhadin eyes New EFF boss outlines Omod eager to impress PSL move his vision Photo By: Reporter /Mesfen Solomon Ethiopia all time scorer Salhadin Said has set his sights on the South African Premier Soccer League which he described as amazing despite being offered a new lucrative deal by his club Lierse in . In 2012 his brace helped Ethiopia to a 2-2 draw against Nigeria In Addis Ababa.30| Sport The Reporter | Saturday | October 12.” Tesfaye told supersport.if the clubs want I will help them transform themselves into viable business institutions so that they can experience growth. But since then things have changed as I have introduced a regime that entails four meals in a day that help replace the electrolytes lost in training.Nothing is impossible as long as you are determined and focused in whatever you do.(Suppersport) Tesfaye Berhane in Addis Ababa. I also want to modernise football to a greater level and ensure that we also emphasise on youth development. “I always believe in the coach’s decision. However it was a blessing in disguise for him when he was picked ahead of an injured Getaneh to face CAR in the 2-1 win in Congo Brazzaville. “I am delighted to have been given the mandate to run football in Ethiopia and my core aim will be to ensure Junedin Bashah and Sahilu Gebrewold transparency and accountability in the running of football matters so to ensure growth and stability. Nutrition can make or break a player and since we started the regime we have seen fundamental improvements and success has accompanied this. Many have talked about the coach’s tactical and technical superiority but one factor that has also been important in their success has been the team nutritionist Tesfaye Berhane who is a top exercise biochemist and a lecturer at Adama Science and Technology University.” Junedine told supersport.thereporterethiopia. but the main aim is to collect all the three points “Omod told supersport. It is important to note that when players train the muscle is damaged that is why I have emphasised on the carbohydrates loading to help play against tough teams like Nigeria. However after the qualifiers I am focusing moving to South Africa where I intend to make an impact before moving to Europe. Salhadin is expected to be played as a lone striker with the help of Omod Okwury against Nigeria.I cant wait to play against Nigeria and give a good performance that can help to inspire my team mates and country. “I also want to make football a business unlike treating like a hobby .I have been training very hard and if given a chance against Nigeria at home I hope to make good use of Newly elected Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) President Junedin Bashah has outlined his vision for the next four years as he took over office on Thursday. proper nutrition and proper rest to ensure productivity. “My focus currently is on our important game against Nigeria which I hope to give 100 percent performance by scoring the Important goals.(Suppersport) Omod Ukwirry has been an integral part of the Walia Ibex set up but of late has been overshadowed by the great form of team mate Getaneh Kebede.” “I have always admired how football is run effectively in South Africa and players are rename rated well just like in some European countries. com. Salhadin is the man expected to lead the striking force against Nigeria after his partner Getaneh Kebede was ruled out with a nagging knee injury and he had promised fireworks against the African champions against who he has scored against on several occasions.(Suppersport) Nutrition the secret to Walia success Alot of pundits have been wondering how Ethiopia Walia Ibex transformed itself and is now enjoying footballing success in Africa.” Salhadin told supersport.

______ fork 29. Taverns 14. Jacob’s brother (Bible) 56. 87. 59. Take great pleasure 13. show them that you really care. United States Geological Survey 23. fellow employees are key. Attributable 44. Yourself (archaic) 26. Perhaps you should alter it instead of abandoning it.may 21) Money should be loosening up for you now and you have some choices to make this week. 62 GEMINI (May 22-June 21) A vacation or a trip over water is on your mind now. 84. 19) You have a flair for the dramatic now so use it to your advantage. old problems seem to have cleared so that you can see the way ahead more clearly. Uncouth 8. This is a good week to start an exercise routine. This week lucky numbers are: 33. 14. This week lucky numbers are: 29. Projecting overhang 47. Some very good news comes in the mail and you may have to resubmit some papers. Friend or a loved one that has been ill lately it is recovering nicely so try to comfort them the best you can. 34. the Moon has left Aries and entered calmer . Don’t go overboard. Narcotics officer 29. 29 CAPRICORN (Dec 22. 14 VIRGO (Aug. 23) You are just as happy to have some work put off this week until someone else solves a major problem for you. British slang for toilet 40. Foundation 11. 21. Tropical South American palm 50. Against 4. 6 LIBRA (Sept. 2013 LEISURE |31 Crossword ACROSS 1. 89. 91. City in Yemen 36. Start a new health regimen on Saturday. although you know there are serious matters lurking round the corner they all fade into insignificance as you focus on the immediate future where good luck and lady fortune are in attendance. the Moon enters Gemini and your energy is soaring again. 23 -Sept. there is much in the world of nature and in your own local area and home that is a source of inspiration and comfort to you as you observe life in all its profusion. In the manner of 9. This week lucky numbers are: 79. This week lucky numbers are: 79. Baking appliance 53. The moon is in opposition to your sun. This week lucky numbers are: 59. 23. Emperors 7.Jan. The work week includes those from far away places who are or become your friends. 33 Can you spot the 12 differences between the two pictures? Spot the differences Solution Solution www. Fastens with a cord 66. Long black garment 52. Pigs 51. 9 SAGITTARIUS (Nov. even if you start incurring a lot of costs you will still feel it is all worth it. Projecting mass of rock 10. Another unit of loudness 30. United Press International I would like to study Chinese. Offer your time. This means that whatever you choose to do now turns out exactly how you want. You would do well dealing with boats or ships. Former king of Norway 55. Evergreen trees of the genus Taxus 38. One who reveres 5. 21. Part of the former Yugoslavia 48. beware what you wish for it just might happen. ____ Alto California 3. On Friday. Biblical first man 19. You’ll find it difficult to express yourself and your needs on Thursday and Friday. or cologne.. Unexpected changes that occur this week should improve your surroundings. Friday and Saturday will cost you more than you can afford. Partnership endeavors are possible this week. You have started to feel much more relaxed and confident about your long term This is a week when you are very busy with your own affairs. Comments have to do with intimate details or financial standing. particularly with women if you are male. 97 TAURUS (Apr.Nov. Detective (slang) 10. and maybe it be better put off until next week. you should benefit from the earthy balance. This is the time to make a fresh start. just in time for the New Moon that night. 2. 1 AQUARIUS (Jan. Diatribe 63. This week lucky numbers are: 80. Extreme 18. While things won’t be quite as exciting with your mate. or both. Utilizes 28. Movie script 37. There may be little gains made with a lot of effort this week at work. US 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Gravity Prisoners Rush Don Jon Box office Kuncho Komments Why sudden interest in the three languages. Abrupt. Boat 15. Here is a word of caution. 27. 84. 65. This week lucky numbers are: 38. This week lucky numbers are: 39. 20) This is a time when you are handling bits and pieces of everything with nothing large or important going on around you. 24 . too calm . Evade 41. Thursday working alone is important. Venus in Scorpio this week finds you searching out ways to enlarge financial prospects on a day to day level. However. 34. home or relationships. This week lucky numbers are: 60. Former CNN anchorwoman _____ Russell 25. 24 -Oct. Device to cut thin flat pieces 24. 21 -Feb. Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf ____ 25. This week lucky numbers are: 59. and buy them flowers. _____ in Wonderland 12. 81.Taurus. 34. Monday is good for artistic pursuits or just taking care of yourself. === It’s time to put your efforts into your own goals for a change. Taking care of old business and cleaning up this and that keeps you busy. Prevalent 67. Semi-precious gem 64. you will understand your own position by the end of this week. Parasite 46. This week allows for conversations that tax your spiritual nature. 48. If you have just moved. a very lucky week. let partners make the decisions in order to keep the peace. however. LA Dodger left hand pitcher Carlos _____ 39. dry sound 33. Put in order 6. Do something nice for yourself to lift your spirits. Take time to show your spouse a little extra love this week as they have been doing a lot for you and deserve a little extra appreciation.April 20) (astrology-online. She is (contraction) 60. 91. Skin disease 57. Enjoy and make the most of the opportunity. 91. Hindu god of destruction 20. You will also need to exercise some degree of patience. Immediately 31. Flemish painter Hieronymus _____ (1450-1516) 62. 22) You can be a little moody the first part of this week. Doozy 61. Dross 2. This week lucky numbers are: 54. be lazy. 86. No matter where you go or what you do there will be limitations of some sort and you must learn to come to terms with this.The Reporter | Saturday | October 12. open up with others. 28.thereporterethiopia. The week is once again taken over by many activities on a day to day level. particularly if you have been feeling frustration with your job. Get out and mingle on Monday or if involved go for romantic atmosphere to make the difference. A Bantu language 16. the solution to your feeling stifled is there within the confines of your current situation. This Saturday you could be a big help to your family if you pay close attention to them and learn what they have to say. Silly 65. Paperlike cloth from the Pacific islands 27. Investigation 32. Cloth worn around the neck 21. This week lucky numbers are: 65. Having 2 hues 43. A loved one is feeling somewhat neglected lately. Chairs 52. 15. Your imagination is working very well now so this is a good time to get things done. 27 LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Things you thought finished are being done all over again. Events you attend on Thursday. but it would be a good idea to play the lottery. City and river in northcentral New York state 54. 84 PISCES (Feb. 11 SCORPIO (Oct. Quite possibly. 42. 50. not your cash. You have a nice surprise by the end of the week. You seem to be on the right track. 21. 4. You are likely to feel valued and appreciated as partners show the good feelings they have for you in splendid ways where the entertainment and sense of mutual well being is at a high. 23) This week you have nine out of the ten planets all in an excellent aspect to your sign. This is a good week to get things done. Recurrent fits of shivering DOWN 1. oh well. Your social instincts are in top gear as you search out any gatherings of people and magically get to hear of social occasions where the sense of good cheer is to be found. _____ogy: study of the nature of God 26.perhaps. 14. Early microprocessor company 42. The return trip on Friday may see you having some car trouble that you quickly have fixed. Some will purchase little luxuries. 26. Immature ovum 54. At the same time. Finding that appliance or furniture you have been looking for might prove to be a problem this week. try running or cycling. Again 45. 40. Offspring 6. 44. you know how to make progress. 49. Slow down this week and take care that you do not become overly aggressive. United States Information Agency 59. I have an intuition that it could be just what I need to become the next president. 72 CANCER (June 22-July 22) Some decisions that were made in secret meetings are being postponed for a couple of weeks while details are worked out. get out and meet the . allow others to take the lead. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Runner Runner Oh! That’s great! What do you want to study? Baggage Claim Insidious: Chapter 2 Pulling Strings Enough Said Your Zodiacs ARIES (Mar. If you need a job now is the time for interviewing for one. give into your higher self when making decisions that count. Judicial assembly 49. Dampness 22. 57. 20) You seem to be trying to find ways in which to increase your personal resources and to build up a savings account. This will be a good week for you. Medieval liturgical music 34. Toward the end of the week you have a nice surprise for everyone. 20-Mar. One of the acting Baldwin brothers 17. 46. In another country 58. at least you are energised. Moon 35. 74. Hey Dad! I need to start some language courses. However this is all to your advantage so be patient. Citizens of the largest continent 48. 21. 32. They need you now more than ever. It’s time to take a break. New moon focus is on work projects that need your intense focus. thanks to no expense being spared. 82. Contact experts for advice. 23 -Dec. 21) This week is very lucky for you so get busy and straighten out all your affairs.

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