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Vol. 74 No. 33 October 16 - 22, 2013 50 cents

Mika Koivuniemi Wins Columbia 300 Vienna Open for 12th PBA Tour Title
PBA Player of the Year, World Bowling Tour races get tighter heading into Thailand event
By Bill Vint - PBA and Rash on the men’s points list are Mike Fagan of Fort Worth, Texas VIENNA, Austria – The 2012-13 Professional Bowlers Association Player (506); Tommy Jones of Simpsonville, S.C. (494); Chris Barnes of Double of the Year race got even more interesting last week when Mika Oak, Texas (491), and Belmonte (477). Koivuniemi, a Finnish native now living in Hartland, Mich., won his third The top three men and top three women on the WBT’s rolling two-year PBA International Tour title of the season, defeating fellow Finn Pasi competition points list will earn berths in the WBT Finals presented by the Uotila, 258-237, in the title match of the Columbia 300 Vienna Open at PBA, which will be held on Nov. 3 as the final event on the PBA World Plus Bowling Center. Series of Bowling V program. The top three WBT women have clinched With his win, Koivuniemi became the first PBA Tour player to win three berths. Kelly Kulick of Union, N.J., is the leader with 647 points followed titles – all on foreign soil – during the 2012-13 season. He previously won by Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y. (555) and Missy Parkin, Laguna Hills, the Round1 Japan Cup followed by the Qatar Open in back-to-back World Calif. (539). Tenpin Bowling Association/PBA International Tour events in December The final WTBA/PBA International Tour tournament and final WBT 2012. Jason Belmonte, Australia (Bear Open and USBC Masters) and Scott qualifying event leading into the PBA World Series of Bowling V will be Norton, Mission Viejo, Calif. (Chameleon Open and Earl Anthony PBA the WBT Thailand which is being held Oct. 14-21 at Bul-O Paragon in Players Championship), are the only other multiple title winners this seaBangkok, Thailand. WBT points at stake begin at 50, 40, 35, 30 and 25 for son with two each. PBA photo the top five players, respectively, with lesser points awarded based upon Koivuniemi, who owns 12 PBA Tour titles, also moved into second place Champion Mika Koivuniemi where players finish. in the WTBA’s World Bowling Tour men’s points standings and won a WSOB V is set for Oct. 25-Nov. 3 at South Point Bowling Center in Las Vegas. The WBT 7,000 Euro first prize (est. US$9,500) to take the 2012-13 PBA Tour earnings lead with Men’s and Women’s Finals will be held on Nov. 3. Finalists in each gender division will bowl $172,312 (roughly $3,500 ahead of Belmonte). The Vienna Open was the next-to-last World Bowling Tour qualifying event heading into the for $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 prizes. Seven PBA Tour titles remain to be decided during the 2012-13 season: the WBT Thailand, PBA World Series of Bowling. With his victory, Koivuniemi earned 50 WBT points and now ranks second with 534 points, trailing leader Sean Rash of Montgomery, Ill., who has 563 four animal pattern championships (Cheetah, Viper, Chameleon and Scorpion) plus the PBA points after picking up 23 points for his seventh-place finish in Vienna. Trailing Koivuniemi World Championship during WSOB V, and the season-ending Round1 Japan Cup in Tokyo.

Brian Kretzer Wins PBA Central Regional Players Invitational Title
By Bobby Jakel - PBA ALLEN PARK, Mich. – Brian Kretzer of Kettering, Ohio defeated Tom Smallwood of Saginaw, Mich., 215-200, to win the Professional Bowlers Association Central Regional Players Invitational title at Thunderbowl Lanes. Kretzer, a 47-year-old onetime PBA Tour title winner, earned $6,000, a paid entry into the PBA World Series of Bowling V in Las Vegas in PBA photo late October and a berth in a Brian Kretzer(R) with Thunderbowl Lanes new PBA RPI Finals which proprietor Tom Strobl. will be televised on ESPN. The regional title was Kretzer’s 16th and his second this year. After qualifying third and earning byes for the first two rounds of single-elimination match play, Kretzer eliminated Chris Loschetter of Avon, Ohio, 3-0, in the best-of-fivegame Round of 8 and then defeated reigning Central Region Rookie of the Year Brandon Novak of Chillicothe, Ohio, 223-194, in the semifinal round.

Jerry Boggi 825, Tom Schillaci 299 At Brunswick Fairlawn
By Steve Nitch FAIR LAWN, NJ – Jerry Boggi took high series honors rolling in the Tuesday Night Early Mixed League at Fair Lawn Brunswick Lanes tossing games of 288, 258, and 279 to finish with an 825 series. Todd Ulrich was runner-up with an impressive 783 on games of 279, 255 and 249. Henry Carlos III was just behind him with an impressive 739 on games of 247, 254, 238. Tom Schillaci was right behind him with also an impressive 738 on games of 237, 299, and 202. John Nappi also had a nice score of 718 with games of 249, 258, 211. Other mentionable scores Bob Burroughs 258, Uri Peled 256, Luis Perez 255, Rick Decker 254, Fred Kowalchuk 254, For the women high series honors goes to Lorisa Jones rolling games of 204, 237, 243 for an impressive 684, Gayle Del Tufo 205, 225, Stacey Saposnik 223, Linda Cool 200, 201, Cathy Hansen 211, and Nadine Hovan 205, Debbie Thomas 200.



October 16 - 22, 2013

Danny Wiseman Elected to Maryland Athletic Hall of Fame

Joe Lupo Hit 289
At Rockville Center
ROCKVILLE CENTER, NY – Joe Lupo led the scoring in the Tuesday Oceanside K of C League firing a high game of 289. Tom Forkin rolled 269-226, Pat Zenker 220-235-261-718, Frank Cimino 248-247-250-745, Andy Hegman, Jr. 247-208, Bill Maxwell 247, Joe Butt, Jr. 246, Pete Morreale 245, Rob Allegra 241, Rich Butt 2329, Rich Tanner 235, and Heather Maxwell 200.

Dave Mastropasqua Hit 763 at Montvale
MONTVALE, NJ - Dave Mastropasqua lead all scoring in the Thursday Early Bird League at Montvale Lanes firing scores of 268-258-237 for a 763 series. Henry Carlos followed closely behind with scores of 224-279247 for a 750 series. Other great shooting for the night included league average leader Ed Kilianski posting a 257 game in a 729 set followed by Tim McAleese with 269-711, Mike Pasch 267-706, Bob Greenwood 238-691, Lee Bandy 237-677, and Mike Folchi 225-669.

Baltimore’s Danny Wiseman, a 12-time PBA Tour champion and 2013 inductee into the PBA Hall of Fame, will be inducted into the Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame as part of an all-star lineup on Thursday, Nov. 14, at Michael’s 8th Avenue in Glen Burnie, Md. Maryland’s 54th induction ceremony will include induction of three former world champion Baltimore Colts players (running back Lennie Moore, defensive tackle Art Donovan and linebacker Mike Curtis), NBA basketball legend Wes Unseld, premier track and field hurdler Renaldo Nehemiah and Wiseman. Wiseman is the first tenpin bowler elected to the 57-year-old hall of fame. He will be recognized as part of the organization’s hall of fame display at the Camden Yards complex in Baltimore. For more information about the Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame, including dinner tickets, visit

Tyler Wolfe 277
LAKEWOOD, NJ – Tyler Wolfe topped the scoring in the Saturday Scratch League firing a high game of 277. Brian Coupe rolled 276, Kenny Ryan 231-267, Billy Riley 256, Allen Bank and Nic Chirichello 246, and Matt McCarthy 244.

Nick Clayton 255
LAKEWOOD, NJ – Nick Clayton led the scoring in the Saturday Juniors League firing a high game of 255. Erin Ritchery shot 213, Bradley Aumann 211, Nicholas Gross 204, Angel Gonzlaez 194, and Natalie Swindell 188. Eric Lazarchick shot 135, Alexis Fitzmaurice 134 134, and Amanda Shelters 98.

Racing jockeys have the right to wear advertisements and logos on their uniforms. Why not? Few, if any, sports don't have some form of commercial advertising on their clothing, equipment, or strategically placed signage of all sorts. I don't know if bowling was the first, but it was an early approver of the idea, going back to the 1900s and before. In the booming days of bowling during the major part of the 20th century, bowling shirts were akin to walking billboards. The earliest advertisers were beer, cigars, bowling equipment, bowling centers, banks, amusement centers, and many an industrial organization, as well as a good sprinkling of religious organizations. But what seemed natural in bowling was viewed with scorn and deprecating smiles by too many outside of the game. That didn't stop the bowlers and their sponsors. When there were more than 10 million league bowlers, almost all had bowling shirts and the better teams also had slacks, and often jackets to match. Most of the sponsors were local---restaurants and bars, gas stations, barber shops and beauty salons, banks, insurance agencies, all types of stores, and even politicians, but many of the top national firms also joined as sponsors. For a comparatively small sum, money for league entry fees and shirts, a sponsor could have advertising for 36 weeks and five or six bowlers and their families boosting a product or service by word of mouth as well. These days bowling shirts in low average or regular house leagues are mostly gone---and in some leagues there are more bowlers wearing hats than bowling shirts. There was a number of bowling apparel companies that gave bonus prizes for bowlers who rolled a 300 game while wearing a shirt, belt, skirt or slacks of a cer-

tain firm. The prizes ranged from $100 to $1,000, mostly in savings bonds. That wouldn't be a good idea in this time of high scores. Teams went out of their way to come up with beautiful and often garish shirt designs. Embroidery was an accepted art and could be costly. So at times the writing on the back cost more than the shirts. The International Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum has a classic collection of shirts spanning almost a century of male and female uniforms of all sorts. When the PBA first started its tour it was anything goes and bowlers could wear any kind of shirt advertising almost any product. On TV only the bowler's name, very huge, was allowed. The PBA then went to no names on shirts and a bowler, according to his finish, was allowed to choose from a variety of colors, and those following had to choose different colors. For a time Ernie Schlegel and Goupy Troup were the kings of surprise uniforms, from tux styled outfits to those with each leg adorned with a different color. It all settled down and most will agree that bowlers are dressed neat and colorful these days. The big laugh is that almost every sport was critical of bowling because of bowling shirts with names and now just about every sport has adopted the: same practice. They should have known. Back in the 1890s era the top teams wore stiff starched, long-sleeved shirts and ties when they competed in important matches. Anyone who went through that can't be all bad. Where are all those millions of shirts now? Few are still being used some rest in closets and attics, but most were sent to needy people around the world when for decades clothing drives concentrated on them.

October 16 - 22, 2013



Monday Early Birds: Brian Pires 231-626, Doug Scholtz 225-564, Bradley Kohl 232622, Leann Chervsik 212-542, Mike Riley 278-698, Michelle Clouse 222-593. County Tuesday Night Mixed: Bob Garcia 278-647, Matthew Wood 268-666, Gene Pukas 705, Dot Newsome 248-639, Nichole Opsasnick 241-679 , Jim Westergaard 267730. Fox Hills Seniors: Steve Rainer 246, Joe Tobjy 246-575, Helen Loverro 169-459, Irma Hujer 166-420, Bill Verderber 221-589, Marilyn Forte 161-420. Morris Hills Mixed: Andy Romo 211-606, Sal Antoniello 186-477, Bill Woodbury 175450, Pam Antoniello 217-586, Rosemary Muscolino177, Violet Indyk 166-431, Dolores Webb 177. Rockaway Women: Susan Chillemi 233-605, Coleen Boyd 208-480, Lois Kehmna 187Annette Rossi 178-467, Lois Kehmna 209, Tracy O’Leary 180, Beverly Koval 160. Rockaway Foursome: Tim Panek 279-804, Matthew Wood 256-669, Joan Dakak 204553, Joyce Hulbert 228-558, Peter Furio 278-706, Allen Apgar 263, Geroge Dakak Jr. 257-746. PBA Experience – Bowled on changing PBA lane conditions: Tim Panek 224, Tami Mehesy 185, Ken Yokobosky 221-594, Liesl Apgar 184-500. NorBu Lodge: Jon Klejmont 231-614, John Hearn 230, Maryann Abasto 222-551, Lynn Perry 188-514, Bill Karpack 244-646, Maria Vantreuren 219-505. Lake Hiawatha A.C.: Eric Houghtalen 267-689, Sam Sapio 258-665, John Finno 256744, Maryann Abasto 203-538, Kimberly Feehan 163-452, Jacqlyn Coren 157-449. Rockaway Mixed: Heriberto Matias 278-670, Joe Bawiec Jr. 265, Nidia Heneveld 237567, Keir May 235-633, Gerald Lynees 267-702, Jacqueline Theriault 228-558. Friday Tri-Mixed: Geno McCroy 203-512, Kim Cannariato 191-511, Daryl Frank 201. Spanish American Mixed: Jim Westergaard 247-646, Savan Alsheikh 236, Steven Matias 235, Chris Morris 663, Tyrone Waal 613. Junior Leagues Sizzlin’ Strikers/Weekend Warriors: Nicholas Thies 143-387, Benjamine Cruz 131, Emma Thies 163-395, Gabby 72, Chelsey Cruz 70. Gutter Busters (2 games): Christopher Dunleary 90-161. Bumper Busters (2 games): Michael M 118-206, Jacob Paniconi 92-174, Ricky R 90165. Lucky Strikers: Colin F 63, Samantha F 51.



October 16 - 22, 2013

Anthony Coleman 299
FARMINGDALE, NY – Anthony Coleman fired a high game of 299 in the Tuesday Early Birds League. Steve Colman shot 277-221-694, Kerrick Jones 246-277-245-768, Brian Beale 226-227-276-729, Lou Serafini 258, Dan Oliveri 24216-257-697, Morris Jackson 255225-238-718, Anna Bell 226-238247-711, and Charles Turner 244235-695. Joe Livolsi shot 219, Barney Kral 190, Manny LaGatga 183, John Shedel 170, Karen Bruno 167, and Fai Livolsi 160 in the Friday Seniors League.

Craig Bogart 704
FARMINGDALE, NY – Craig Bogart led the scoring in the Sunday Early Mixed League firing games of 255-223-226 for a high series of 704. Rainer Lattier shot 246-644, Garret Knispel 246, Chris Buzzonetti 237-206-637, Chris Weiss 224, and Wayne Embleton 223.

Mike Marrazzo 662
FARMINGDALE, NY – Mike Marrazzo led the scoring in the Tuesday Nite Owls League firing a high game of 254 and a high series of 662. Brian Siemers, Lester Tse, and Ira Kaskel each tossed a 223 game followed by Steve Dawideit with 213, Robert Engellau and James McPherson hit 212.

Chris Norton 700
FARMINGDALE, NY – Chris Norton paced the scoring in the Tuesday Nite Owls League firing games of 216-259-225 for a high series of 700. Scott Bannon rolled 259-247676, Wayne Embleton 258-679, Rafael Santos 245-235-670, Jay Gershen 244-222, Arthur O’Connor 236-224-673, Roger Herrscher 236-680, and John Curtis 232-658.

Ken Tamburrino 660
FARMINGDALE, NY – Ken Tamburrino led the scoring in the Thursday Good Timers League firing games of 238-218 for a high series of 660. Tim Jackson shot 225, Steve Butera 224, Steve Bove 215, Mike Bagnato 212, Frank Berardino 209, Curtis Richardson 206, Miek Herman 203, and Pat Berardino 200.

Kenny Simon 740
FARMINGDALE, NY – Kenny Simon led the scoring in the Tuesday Nite Owls League firing games of 222-262-256 for a high series of 740. Wayne Embleton shot 236-236675, Paul Constantaninopoli 203235-225-663, John Doherty 234227-221-682, and Victor Cassano 225-231-220-676. In the St. Martin’s Seniors League Chris Rothke rolled 224, and Tarvis Miller 183-180.

Joe Livolsi 224
FARMINGDALE, NY – Joe Livolsi shot 224, Oscar Neira 186, and and Barney Kral 185 in the Friday Seniors League. Ken Leek shot 190, and AL Diebold 183 in the Monday AM Seniors League. Ken Lauri rolled 209, Frank Napolitano and Jerry Hoeler 193 in the Monday Am Seniors League.

Aahish Chohan 257
FARMINGDALE, NY – Aahish Chohan led the scoring in the St. Martins Major League firing a high game of 257. Joe Napoli shot 224, Luke Richardosn 221, Amanda Delisi 234, and Carly Licht 222. In the St. Martins Senior League Christopher Rothke shot 244. Jerry Hoeler and Joe Livolsi shot 190 in the Friday Sunshine Kids League.

Chris Weiss 710
FARMINGDALE, NY – Chris Weiss led the scoring in the Sunday Early Mixed League firing games of 254-249 for a high series of 710. Nick Butera shot 246-213-644, George Mazzocchi 241-217, Paul Burns 207-236-202-645, Mike Garfinkel 236-625, Ramon Carcamo 236, and Craig Bogart 231-204. In the Monday AM Seniors League Frank Napolitano shot 178, Jerry Hoeler 169, Frank Nowakowski 161, and Ethel Levine 160.

October 16 - 22, 2013





October 16 - 22, 2013

PBA World Series of Bowling V Expected to be Most Exciting Yet
New events, sold-out field, battles for 2012-13 top player honors on tap for Oct. 25-Nov. 3 in Las Vegas
By Bill Vint - PBA SEATTLE – The Professional Bowlers Association’s World Series of Bowling was created in 2009 to provide the sport with its greatest international showcase and countless memorable moments have been recorded for the history books. But the fifth edition of the multi-event championships, scheduled for Oct. 25-Nov. 3 at South Point Bowling Center in Las Vegas, is likely to provide the most drama and excitement of all of them. WSOB V will include new events, a sold-out field of 240 of the world’s most talented players representing a record 22 countries, and an end-of-season battle for the PBA’s most prestigious honors including Player of the Year, eligibility for the 2014 PBA League Draft, and much more as the extended, 14month 2012-13 season draws to a close. Bowling fans around the world will be able to follow the action by watching more than 60 hours of live online coverage on Xtra Frame, the PBA’s exclusive webcasts; live scoring on, and 14 hours of nationally-televised coverage on ESPN over seven consecutive Sundays, starting Dec. 1. The fifth edition of the World Series will retain its traditional roots. It will feature four animal pattern championships (the Cheetah, Viper, Chameleon and Scorpion Championships, conducted on the unique lane conditioning patterns that bear those animal names), and the qualifying rounds for the four animal events will determine the 24 finalists who will compete for the 2013 PBA World Championship. All five of the championship tournaments will be televised by ESPN. First prize in each animal pattern event is $20,000; first prize in the PBA World Championship is $50,000. Also returning to the World Series schedule will be the World Tenpin Bowling Association’s World Bowling Tour Men’s and Women’s Finals, presented by the PBA. The top three men and the top three women, based upon a rolling two-year points competition in WBT events held around the world, will bowl Exhibition Hall B. Tickets for all television events are availin a three-player stepladder finals. Each champion will win able through PBA’s official website,, and at the con$20,000. trol counter at South Point Bowling Center. New to the World Series program will be a PBA50 Finals and The five PBA Tour events will have a major bearing on the a PBA Regional Players Invitational Finals, which will be con- 2012-13 Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year and Harry tested on Nov. 3. The PBA50 Finals will feature the PBA50 Golden Rookie of the Year races, along with the George Young Tour’s three top point-earners (PBA Hall of Famers Walter Ray Memorial High Average Award and Harry Smith Point Leader Williams Jr., Amleto Monacelli and Pete Weber) in a stepladder Award races. Heading into the World Series, Jason Belmonte final with a $10,000 top prize at stake. The players will be seed- is the leading contender for Player of the Year honors, but he’s ed based on their rankings in the 2013 PBA50 competition being chased by Mika Koivuniemi, Sean Rash, Wes Malott, points list. No. 2 Monacelli will bowl No. 3 Weber in the first Tommy Jones, Scott Norton and Pete Weber. match, with the winner advancing to meet No. 1 Williams. The final 2012-13 competition points standings will deterThe PBA RPI Finals will feature six RPI champions repre- mine eligibility for the 2014 PBA League Draft, which will be senting the PBA’s East, South, Central, Midwest, Southwest held in South Point Bowling Center (and webcast live on Xtra and combined West/Northwest Regions. RPI finalists will be Frame) on Sunday, Nov. 3, at 7 p.m. PT. All eight PBA League seeded for television based upon their 28-game qualifying managers will draft one additional player for their 2014 rosters. totals in the four animal pattern events. Players who rank sec- The PBA League begins its second season of competition in ond, fourth and sixth will bowl the opening match; players late January at Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, Mich. who rank first, third and fifth will bowl the second match. The Throughout the World Series, PBA fans around the world two winners will then bowl for a $6,000 first prize and a berth will be able to follow all qualifying and match play rounds live in the 2014 PBA Tournament of Champions. on Xtra Frame, and by tracking “live scoring” on For Also new to the WSOB V program will be a special High 5 a complete roster of players, log on to: Gear PBA League Challenge Match: USA vs. The World that One competitor will kick off the World Series on Friday, Oct. 25, and provide fans will be watching with special interest is NFL all-star wide Xtra Frame subscribers with a preview of the PBA League’s receiver and PBA League owner Terrell Owens, who will new singles, doubles, trio and team format that will debut in make his PBA debut in the World Series. late January. The Challenge Match also will be available to If all of these activities aren’t enough, there also will be Xtra Frame non-subscribers for a special one-time pay-per- optional PBA All-Regions Singles and PBA West Region view cost of $5. To subscribe to Xtra Frame, visit and Member/Non-Member Doubles tournaments over the Nov. 1click on the Xtra Frame link. 3 weekend. And the Teen Masters Grand Championship will WSOB V will conclude with three days of ESPN television be decided on the television lanes in South Point’s Exhibition finals, Nov. 1-3, on special lanes installed in South Point’s Hall B on Friday, Nov. 1. PBA WORLD SERIES OF BOWLING V SCHEDULE South Point Bowling Center, Las Vegas (All times Pacific)
Friday, Nov. 1 South Point Exhibition Hall B: 6 p.m. – Teen Masters Grand Championship finals South Point Bowling Center: 8 a.m. - PBA All-Region Singles Squad A qualifying (8 games) 2 p.m. – PBA All-Region Singles Squad B qualifying (8 games) Top 16 advance to best-of-five-game single-elimination match play Saturday, Nov. 2 South Point Exhibition Hall B: 9:45 a.m. – PBA League Challenge (details to be announced). 1 p.m. – PBA Cheetah Championship four-player ESPN stepladder finals. ESPN telecast: Sunday, Dec. 1, 1 p.m. ET. 3 p.m. – PBA Viper Championship presented by PBA Bowling Challenge four-player ESPN stepladder finals. ESPN telecast: Sunday, Dec. 8, 1 p.m. ET. 5:30 p.m. – PBA Chameleon Championship fourplayer ESPN stepladder finals. ESPN telecast: Sunday, Dec. 15, 1 p.m. ET. 7 p.m. – PBA Scorpion Championship four-player ESPN stepladder finals. ESPN telecast: Sunday, Dec. 22, 1 p.m. ET. South Point Bowling Center: 8 a.m. - PBA All-Region Singles Round of 16 best-offive games match play 10 a.m. – PBA All-Region Singles Round of 8 bestof-three games match play 11 a.m. – PBA All-Region Singles Semifinals (one game) 11:30 a.m. – PBA All-Region Singles championship match (one game) 2 p.m. – PBA West Region Member/Non-Member Doubles qualifying (7 games) Sunday, Nov. 3 South Point Exhibition Hall B: 10 a.m. – WTBA World Bowling Tour Men’s and Women’s finals presented by PBA. ESPN telecast: Sunday, Jan. 5, 1 p.m. ET. 12:30 p.m. - PBA World Championship five-player ESPN stepladder finals. ESPN telecast: Sunday, Dec. 29, 1 p.m. ET. 3:30 p.m. – PBA Regional Players Invitational Finals and PBA50 Tour Finals. ESPN telecast: Sunday, Jan. 12, 1 p.m. ET. South Point Bowling Center: 8 a.m. – PBA West Region Member/Non-Member Doubles Round of 16 best-of-five match play 11 a.m. – PBA West Region Member/Non-Member Doubles Round of 8 best-of-three match play 1 p.m. – Semifinal match (one game) 1:45 p.m. – Championship match (one game) 7 p.m. - 2014 PBA League Draft (South Point Bowling Center), covered live on Xtra Frame.

Friday, Oct. 25 8:30 a.m. – Squad A practice session 12:30 p.m. – Squad B practice session 3 p.m. – High 5 Gear PBA League Challenge Match: USA vs. The World (covered live on Xtra Frame) Saturday, Oct. 26 PBA Cheetah Championship 8 a.m. – A squad qualifying (7 games) 2 p.m. – B squad qualifying (7 games) Top 24 advance to semifinal round 7:30 p.m. – Semifinal round (7 games) Top four after 14 games advance to ESPN finals Nov. 2 Sunday, Oct. 27 PBA Viper Championship presented by PBA Bowling Challenge 8 a.m. – B squad qualifying (7 games) 2 p.m. – A squad qualifying (7 games) Top 24 advance to semifinal round 7:30 p.m. – Semifinal round (7 games) Top four after 14 games advance to ESPN finals Nov. 2 Monday, Oct. 28 PBA Chameleon Championship 8 a.m. – A squad qualifying (7 games) 2 p.m. – B squad qualifying (7 games) Top 24 advance to semifinal round

7:30 p.m. – Semifinal round (7 games) Top four after 14 games advance to ESPN finals Nov. 2 Tuesday, Oct. 29 PBA Scorpion Championship 8 a.m. – B squad qualifying (7 games) 2 p.m. – A squad qualifying (7 games) Top 24 advance to semifinal round 7:30 p.m. – Semifinal round (7 games) Top four after 14 games advance to ESPN finals Nov. 2. Wednesday, Oct. 30 Top 24 based on 28 combined qualifying games from Cheetah, Viper, Chameleon and Scorpion championships advance to PBA World Championship round robin match play 11 a.m. - PBA World Championship round-robin match play (8 games) 6 p.m. – PBA World Championship round-robin match play (8 games) Thursday, Oct. 31 12:30 p.m. – PBA All-Region and PBA West Member/Non-Member Doubles practice session 2-6 p.m. - PBA World Championship round-robin match play (8 games) Top five advance to ESPN finals taping Nov. 3

October 16 - 22, 2013



Anthony Pratts 287
MADISON, NJ – Anthony Pratts led the scoring in the Police & Fire League firing a high game of 287 and a high series of 691. Tom Schneyer rolled 253, Jim Beston 246, and Clorinda Landi 204.

Steve McNichol 740
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Steve McNichol led the scoring in the Michael Carbonaro Mixed League firing a high game of 268 for a high series of 740. Bob Jacobson rolled 259-709, Derek Gilbert 268-698, Jason Todaro 278-707, Deo Lall 254673, Mike Andrews 257-661, Gene Doherty and Garry Reebe 246, Daneille Hall 213, and Sue Campbell 211.

In the Monday Seniors: Michael Sala 215, Joe Marsiello 203. In the Monday LIA: Joseph Morreale 280,724, George Schnepp 246, Patty Werbeck 231, Joanne Perry 204. In the Monday Charlie Cap Classic: Jack Fengler 279, Robert Grammarosso 279, Fabrizzo Cerutti 278,706, Frank Locascio 268, James Anemone 258, Robet Gotterban Jr. 258, Jason Nikol 257,728, John Vilardi 257, Rich Salcedo 257, John Johnson 256, Ross Robbins 257,728, Anthony D’Elia 256,722, John Cummings Jr. 256, Vonetta Jolliffe 257,749, Patti Cacioppo 246, Nadine Williams-Clory 245, Cristina Reale 222. In the Tuesday Early Birds: Debi Makovy 220, Reg Traina 199. In the Tuesday BK Sweeneys: Joe McLaughlin 249,618, Rich O’Neill 246, Dawn Hastings 226, John Gannon 610. In the Tuesday Postal League: Dave Roberto 239, Tom Lewis 223. In the Wednesday Young at Heart Seniors: Richie Coyer 226,204,611, Joe Marsiello 213, Joe Cagna 206, Bernie Goldstein 203. In the Wednesday Swingtime Seniors: Cappy Caporusso 206,205, Ginny Caporusso 210. In the Wednesday Early Birds: Karen Rubinstein 220. In the Wednesday Hicksville Elks: Byron Lamm 237, Pete Perone 223. In the Thursday Night Foursome: Scott Ehrlich 266,700, Marc Freidman 259, John Siano 258,732, Eddie Weissman 258, Tom DeVincenzo 255. In the Sunday AM Trios: Iceman Risi 268, Tom Byers 266, Sal Guidice 247, Keith Hengel 246, Tony Pepe 242.

Jim Sirica 277
MADISON, NJ – Jim Sirica led the scoring in the Thursday Mixed League firing a high game of 277. Bill Phair shot 221, Frank Sirica 187, and Patty Campanelli 177.

Vinnie Pagnotta 268
MADISON, NJ – Vinnie Pagnotta led the scoring in the CMIL League firing a high game of 268. Dorey Badolato hit 737, and Jennifer Dunklin 199.

Oren Warter 268
MADISON, NJ - Oren Warter led the scoring in the Wednesday Trio League firing a high game of 268. Dave Michelson shot 267-745, Greg Hava 256, Harry Franz 658, and Dave Krivak 651. Jack Vander Meulen rolled 232, Robert Bednarik 224, Evan Weinberg 205, and Rebecca Bednarik 182 in the Junior/Major Breakfast League.

Ken Soto 671
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Ken Soto led the scoring in the Adult/Child League firing a high game of 248 and a high series of 671. Kevin Buono shot 210-266, Christopher Ribaudo 248, and Daniel Costantino 210. In the Tue. Earlybirds League Anne Marie Rubilotta shot 203231-629, and Joanne Soto 212.

Dorey Badolato 268
MADISON, NJ - Dorey Badolato led the scoring in the Friday Classic League firing a high game of 268 and a high series of 678. Pete Carporaso shot 258-659, Joe Parisi 244-666, Lauren Freestone 227, and Donna Badolato 218.

Curtis Kyzima 258
MADISON, NJ – Curtis Kyzima led the scoring in the Junior/Major Breakfast Club League firing a high game of 258. Jack Vander Meulen shot 235, and Evan Winberg 205. In the Bantam-Prep Breakfast Club League Charlie Glunk shot 158, Alex Berg 134, and Samantha Glunk 125.

Dan Pridham 257
MADISON, NJ - Dan Pridham led the scoring in the Tuesday 400 Double League firing a high game of 257. Joseph Mazzarese hit 254, and Dave Hanft 249.

Mike Jankowski 257
MADISON, NJ – Mike Jankowski led the scoring in the Pharma Plus League firing a high game of 257. Scott Harnish shot 232, and AJ Clark 230. In the Plaza Ladies League Karen Reinacher shot 235, Elaine Wilson 192, and Liz McKissock 180.

Bo Serillo 247
MADISON, NJ- Bo Serillo rolled 247, Mark Martinowich 234, and Tom Klein 233 in the Livingston Business Men’s League. In the Monday Night Ladies League Karin Sarnato shot 181, Alice Bednarik 180, and Beth Van Ness 175. Alice Bednarik shot 182, Karin Sainato 181, and Nancy Roberts 175 in the Monday Night Ladies League.


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October 16 - 22, 2013

Monday Trios: Walter Robinson 275, Ralph Artemisio 268, Mike Semanciki 268, Bobby Castillo 776. SunMix: Michael Laspada 256, Lauren Pietrowicz 245, Marquis Byrd 243. Tuesday - Knights of Columbus: Steve Nordt 257, Frank Nordt 255. Wednesday - Men's 820: Doninic Prunella 298, Karl Kalogera 278777, Sal DiBenedetto 257. Thursday - Thursday Early Mix: Ed Biggy 278-734, Tony Musso 269, Charles Jackson 253, John Manfredo 253. Friday G&L: Rich Ogden 279-766, Mike Ong 279-757, Flor Mangasi 279-730, Terri McKinney 248. Sunday FAST: Drezzy Ochotorena 297-765, Percy Remulla 279, Alvin Villena 257.

THE MAGIC AT John Zagajewski 723 At Parkway Lanes Jeff Scire 762
ELMWOOD PARK, NJ – John Zagajewski topped all bowlers with scores of 203-254-266 for a high series of 723 in the Wednesday, Teterboro Bowling League, at Parkway Lanes. Peter Honan pitched a 258 game in a 705 set followed by Charley Babjak with 244-700, Kevin DeFrancesco 245-690, Steve Semancik 254-684, Jaime Soto 255-673, and John Lord with 246672.


HOPELAWN, NJ – Jeff Scire led the scoring in the Madison Park Men’s League firing games of 267-268-227 for a high series of 762. Nick Guarneri rolled 289-222-221-732, Joey Weisenstein 205-246255-706, Willie Zammitto 224-280-698, and Sharon Medoro 268-647.

Scott Akalewicz 707
HOPELAWN, NJ – Scott Akalewicz led the scoring in the Thursday Nite Mixed League firing games of 231-210-266 for a high series of 707. Kieran Zebrowski shot 220-202-238-660, Rollin E. Ball 225-227645, and Vinny Medvetz 200-213. In the Merck League Robert Parker shot 239, John Strauss 247, Rob Serate 211, and Bobby McCracken 205.

Mike Dellamanna 691
HOPELAWN, NJ – Mike Dellamanna led the scoring in the Atlantic City Trios League firing games of 222-234-235 for a high series of 691. Joseph Krupinski rolled 232-223-638, Willie Hall 225-225-631, and Mike Rodriguez 242. In the Knights of Columbus League Cid Stentella rolled 223-236617, Al D’Alessandro 230, and Frank Clarkowski 200.


Rocco Fortunato 684
HOPELAWN, NJ – Rocco Fortunato led the scoring in the Family League firing games of 245-2232-216 for a high series of 684. Tom Martino, Jr. rolled 248-215-212-675, Dave Morgante 266-217, Paul Kopko 230, and Thomas Kopko 210.

Steve Venito 668
HOPELAWN, NJ – Steve Venito led the scoring in the Family League firing games of 226-215-227 for a high series of 668. Dave Morgante shot 244-234-661, Dan Pawelek 204-229-606, Thomas Kopko 256-639, Susan Bobrowski 231, and Bobby Nebus 216.

Don Anione 664
HOPELAWN, NJ- Don Anione Led the scoring in the His & Hers League firing games of 268-224 for a high game of 664. Tom Poulos rolled 215-204-602, Bill Smith 205-215, Walter Malecki 219, and Michael Holoka 235. In the Winter Senior Citizens League Wayne Michel shot 196, and Rich Rowley 192. James Haaf shot 268, DJ Petardi 202, and Daniel J. Ward 200 in the Tuesday Night Mixed League.

Barry Bailey 656
HOPELAWN, NJ – Barry Bailey led the scoring in the Garden Staten Mixed League firing games of 227-208-221 for a high series of 656. Rich Hardish shot 241-202-635, Richard Rowley 227-223-621, Bill Slattery 233, and Donna Estok 225. In the NJ Turnpike League Mike Grant shot 207.

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