II SEM. SECTION- C Submitted to: Prof.VARDHAN CHOUBEY Name of the Company HINDUSTAN SYRINGES & MEDICAL DEVICES LTD Medicaps Institute of Technology and Management July 2009


With great pleasure, I express my heartiest thanks to Prof.VARDHAN CHOUBEY for giving us an opportunity to work under her guidance. He gave me the guidelines that helped me a lot in the preparation of my research report. We express my thanks to all the respondents to whom we visited, for their support and valuable information, which helped us in the completion of our research project work. We express my sincere gratitude to my parents, friends and all others who have directly or indirectly inspired and helped us to complete my project with unremitting zeal and enthusiasm.


I here by state that this work is a result of study on the “Survey on Various Hospital and Doctors”. The findings & conclusion expressed in this research report are genuine and for academic purpose. It is our own and it has neither been submitted nor published anywhere before any resemblance to earlier project or research work purely coincidental. It is totally based on our hard work and creativity.


1) Introduction 2) Objective of the study 3) About the organization 4) Description about Product 5) Research Design - Research Design - Sampling - Data Collection Methods 6) Interpretation 7) Conclusion 8) Bibliography


Hindustan Syringe & Medical Devisees Ltd. Is well recognized company from last 50 years in various medical devices. Now company wish to come in the new product segment. They started with surgical product in all those areas in which company has good market share. But before launching the products company want to analyze the current market position of the product. They want to find out the opportunity and threats for there new products. Therefore the marketing research was done on 4 surgical products at Indore head quarter.


A) For launching new surgical product by Hindustan Syringe & Medical Devisees Ltd. B) Marketing Research before launching the product. The primary objectives of this study are:1) Identify important market drivers through a comprehensive look at various sales segments. 2) Discover feasible market opportunities by identifying high growth applications in different medical areas, with focus on the biggest and expanding markets. 3) Discuss the potential benefits of surgical products for various sectors of the medical and commercial communities. 4) Establish the current total market size and future growth of surgical products market, and analyze the current size and growth of individual segments. 5) Discuss profit and business opportunities by individual market segment. 6) Provide strategic recommendation for near term business opportunities.


PRIMARY RESEARCH 1. A questionnaire has been prepared which consist of 05 questions in each product segment and it has been administered by the purchaser and store in charge of various hospital of Indore. There are 55 respondents have been chosen for this survey. 2. Sampling Techniques – Simple Random Sampling. 3. Sampling Unit – Respondents are from Indore (M.P) Secondary source: from Internet http://www.hmdhealthcare.com http:// Public Health at a Glance - Injection Safety.htm http:// HMD launches AD syringe in collaboration with Star, plans expansion Hospinews - Healthcare Management.htm http:// Riding on the success of HMD's Kojak Selinge, the Auto Disable Syringe K1 gets The Queen's Award for Enterprise 2006.htm http://disposable_Syringe_Auto_Disable_Syring.html http://www.google.co.in

With The Help of Questioner

Q2. Which company products are you using? HMD B.D ROMSON SOLOCARE OTHER

Q3. Requirement of syringe 2pcs 3pcs

Q4. How to dispose the syringe after using? Q5.Smothness of syringe while using? TIGHT FLOW NORMAL FLOW EASY FLOW

QUESTIONNAIRE OF STERILE SURGICAL GLOVES/EXAMINATION GLOVES Q1. Which company and brand of products’ are using? Q2 How much quantity required per month? Q3 At what rate (inclusive taxes) you purchase gloves? Q4 Name of the distributor from you purchases the glove?

QUESTIONNAIRE OF CAP Q1. Which company and brand of products’ are using? Q2 How much quantity required per month? Q3 At what rate (inclusive taxes) you purchase gloves? Q4 Name of the distributor from you purchases the glove

QUESTIONNAIRE OF FACE MASK Q1. Which company and brand of products’ are using? Q2 How much quantity required per month? Q3 At what rate (inclusive taxes) you purchase gloves? Q4 Name of the distributor from you purchases the glove?

HINDUSTAN SYRINGES & MEDICAL DEVICES LIMITED Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. (HMD) is Asia’s largest syringe manufacturing company. It was established in 1957. HUD’s standard disposable syringe "DISPOVAN" is the only established brand name in the syringe market in India. Its ownership status is Family Corporation. Its major product is Disposable Syringe (DISPOVAN/UNOLOCK), Disposable needle (DISPOVAN/UNOLOCK), Non Re-Useable Auto Disable Syringe (KOJAK SILENGE).HMD introduced Kojak Silenge in technical collaboration with Star Syringe LTD.U.K.A turning point in history – First low cost auto disable syringe for Curative & Immunization segment HMD major markets are INDIA, U.S.A, EUROPE, MIDDDLE EAST. And secondary markets are SOUTH EAST ASIA, SOUTH AMERICA AND NORTH AFRICA. Its group employment is 2000. MARKET PROFILE:The products are marketed through an established distribution network of over 50 logistic agents and more than 3000 dealers to ensure ready availability even in remote areas, and defective’s customer services support. MARKETING PHILOSOPHY:To manufactures and market products of international standard and offer then for the benefit or patient and doctors at prices that any other local manufactures will find difficult to meet without compromising quality, to ensure market leadership. MANUFACTURING PHILOSOPHY/CORPORATE MISSION:To achieve uniform quality with the help of the most economical massproduction technology harnessed through a dedicated production team in a requirement of ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and the European M.D.D products carry CE mark. The corporate philosophy of preventive maintenance of human relation ensures that there is no need for any labor union to exist. CORPORATE VISION:From ‘Top 10 ‘worldwide to be ‘Top 5 ‘for each product family.


SYRINGE A syringe is a simple piston pump consisting of a plunger that fits tightly in a tube. The plunger can be pulled and pushed along inside a cylindrical tube (the barrel), allowing the syringe to take in and expel a liquid or gas through an orifice at the open end of the tube. The open end of the syringe may be fitted with a hypodermic needle, a nozzle, or tubing to help direct the flow into and out of the barrel. Syringes are often used to administer injections, apply compounds such as glue or lubricant, and measure liquids PURPOSE:A syringe and needle assembly is used to administer drugs when a small amount of fluid is to be injected; when a person cannot take the drug by mouth; or when the drug would be destroyed by digestive secretions. A syringe and needle may also be used to withdraw various types of body fluids, most commonly tissue fluid from swollen joints or blood from veins. MAINTENANCE:Syringes and needles are normally sterile products and should be stored in appropriate containers. Care should be taken prior to using them. The care provider should ensure that the needles have not been blunted and that the packaging is not torn, as poor handling or storage exposes the contents to air and allows contamination by microorganisms. SAFETY:All health care personnel must be offered vaccines against such blood borne infections as hepatitis B and C. Used syringes and needles should be discarded quickly in appropriate containers. If a needle stick injury occurs, it must be reported immediately and proper treatment administered to the injured perso


GLASS VAN SYRINGE:Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, Glass van and Perfecto glass syringes enjoy an undisputed market position on account of consistent standardized quality. The syringes are interchangeable due to micron precision engineering. The barrels are clear glass and not ground, permitting good visibility of the medicament, to permit detection of particulate contamination.

COMPONENTS:BARRELS are made of clear borosilicate glass which conforms to the requirements of the "First hydrolytic class" (Class-I) as per ISO: 719. PLUNGERS are made of borosilicate glass. The bottom end of the plunger is bevelled and colored for easy and accurate judgment of dose. PACKING: The glass syringes are individually packed in duplex board boxes. PRECAUTIONS: GLASSVAN and PERFEKTUM syringes are type-I syringes which are inter changeable within our own manufacture only. The syringes are to be sterilized by autoclaving prior to usage.

DISPOSABLE SYRINGES:“Ribbon” packed Dispo Van & Unolok syringes with out needle & with needle mounted on top, is synonymous with quality. COMPONENTS:BARRELS & PLUNGERS are made of non toxic, medical-grade polypropylene compatible any medication. The nozzle of the barrel is of two types – luer mount and luer lock. Both have a 6% luer taper as per ISO: 594. GASKETS are made of natural rubber which is chemically inert and compatible with any medication. LUER LOCK nozzle present in UNOLOK syringes ensures a secure needle fitment. PACKING: Dispo Van and Unolok single use syringes are individually RIBBON PACKED in a double-laminated plastic film. Ribbon packaging is superior to blister packaging due to higher puncture and water resistance, enabling extended shelf-life under adverse condition. PRECAUTION: Before use, check the integrity of the sealing of the pack. WARNING: Do not attempt to re-sterilize and reuse.

AUTO DISABLE SYRINGES:Auto Disable Syringes as a general healthcare syringe for patient safety in the curative sector, a syringe that breaks automatically if you try to re-use it. COMPONENTS:BARRELS & PLUNGERS are made of non toxic, medical-grade polypropylene compatible any medication. GASKETS are made of natural rubber which is chemically inert and compatible with any medication. LOCK: Presence of ring & lock mechanism which automatically breaks the plunger, if reuse is attempted. NEEDLE: The tip of the needle has a thin wall and 3 facet lancet points. Needle is well silicon zed to reduce friction (for smooth penetration & withdrawal). PRECAUTION: Before use, check the integrity of the sealing of the pack. Do not push the plunger forward before withdrawing medicament from the vial otherwise plunger will get locked.

Medical Glove
Medical gloves are medical safety accessories that ensure sanitary hospital conditions by limiting patients' exposure to infectious matter. They also serve to protect health professionals from disease through contact with bodily fluids. Medical gloves are traditionally made of latex and powdered with cornstarch to lubricate the gloves, making them easier to don [1] Cornstarch replaced Lycopodium powder and/or talc but since cornstarch can also impede healing if it gets into tissues (as during surgery), non-powdered gloves are being used more often during surgery and other sensitive procedures. Special manufacturing processes are used to compensate for the lack of powder. There are two main types of gloves: exam, and surgical. Surgical gloves have more precise sizing (numbered sizing, generally from size 5.5 to size 9), and are made to higher specifications.[2] Due to the increasing rate of latex allergy among health professionals as well as in the general population, there has been an increasing move to gloves made of non-latex materials such as vinyl or nitrile rubber. However, these gloves have not yet replaced latex gloves in surgical procedures, as gloves made of alternate materials generally do not fully match the fine control or greater sensitivity to touch available with latex surgical gloves. High-grade non-latex gloves such as nitrile gloves also cost twice as much, or more than the price of their latex counterparts, a fact that has often prevented switching to these alternate materials in cost-sensitive environments, such as many hospitals.[3] Powder-free medical gloves are also used in medical cleanroom environments, where the need for cleanliness is often similar to that in a sensitive medical environment.[citation needed] Similar but specially tested gloves are used in electronics clean rooms.


B.D (BECTON DICKINSON) As a global leading manufacturer of injection devices, BD is committed to their safe use and Disposal. Reuse of disposable syringes and needles leads to the transmission of blood-borne Pathogens such as hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), and other Infections, such as abscesses and septicemia. To help prevent reuse of disposable syringes and needles, BD has developed several auto-disable (AD) devices in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO) and several other international agencies. The WHO defines “auto-disable” syringes as syringes that are automatically rendered unusable after having delivered a prescribed dose of vaccine.* BD Auto-Disable (AD) devices include the BD SoloShot Syringe Family and the BD UniJect Prefilled Injection Device. BD seeks to support international efforts to reduce the risk of vaccine-preventable disease and infections from unsafe injection practices by providing AD products, as well as training and education. BD hopes our AD devices and services will help ensure the health and wellbeing of future generations. BD’s objective is to provide high quality AD syringes, ensuring that our customers’ needs for performance and service quality are fulfilled and exceeded. We have been successful in doing so, as we have been supplying these devices for more than 10 years, and we have already supplied more than one and a half billion devices to most countries in the developing world and to agencies such as UNICEF, MSF, IFRC, and JICA, among others.

ROMSONS One of free India’s earliest; most critical revolutions took place in 1952 in the field of healthcare. At a time when most patients were vulnerable and many succumbed to infection caused by re-usable medical devices, Romsons stepped forward with a pioneering breakthrough – the concept of disposable medical & surgical devices. Today, over half a century later, the culture of disposable medical devices is well established; and Romsons has entrenched itself as the pre-eminent brand in the business –a pioneer and a leader. An INR 1.25 billion, professionally-managed enterprise. A global player with a presence in 40 countries. A product portfolio that’s 100 products strong. A retail footprint across geographies – with a 400-plus distributor network in India and abroad. Most significantly, the name Romsons continues to inspire trust – for unsurpassed quality, innovation and safety of its products.

HI-TECH In last decades HI-TECH medical products ltd.came into existece as an 100% EOU in the eastern part of U.P (India) engaged in the manufacturing of single use syringe,needles & insulin syringe. To meet the market demand the company has acquire 2 local syringe & needle manufactures institution its new name HI-TECH HOSPITAL & HEALTHCARE CORP LTD. All the plants have been setup with most modern automatic machines in a clean room environment.its produt are manufacture in a meeting requirements of WGO-GMP norms.all the machine are fully automatic and most modern having state of art technology. Production of syringe,needle & inusline syringe is being done under the supervision of well qualified and experienced technicians and engineers. To ensure that nothing is left to chance, we have provided standard lab facility for continous inspection and testing of the quality of raw materials and other inputs used in the manufacture syringes,needles & inusline syringes.

The final product as the syringe its individual packing primary & secondry packing are being randomly selected and checked as per BIS standard.

Interpretation for Hospital:-

Percentage w ise Hospital Consumotion

30 25 20 15 10 5 0

25 20 15 12


Volume in %







It is clear from the above the graph that the top 15 hospitals in Indore have maximum no. of consumption of surgical products. Therefore our research is targeted towards these hospitals. Interpretation of Syringe:-

Type of Syringe Use
100 90 80 70 Volume in % 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Disposable Auto Disposable Hospital Glass Van 7 92



It is clear from the graph that Disposable syringe is more preferable by Doctors. There we target mainly on the disposable syringe in the research. Type of syringe used:-

70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2 PCS 8 3PCS OTHER 26 SYRINGE 66

From the above graphs it is clear that 3pc syringe is more preferable amongst the doctors. Already preferable brands in Syringe:-







From the above graph it is clear that our company is more preferable by doctors in case of syringe. Therefore it is our good opportunity to sell our other product to the same doctors.

Interpretation for Glove:-





It is clear from the graph that New Life Surgical (NLS) is the brand of choice in the hospital. Therefore our target company is NLS to find out there quality, price, and other strategies for marketing and selling.

Interpretation of surgical cap and face mask:-

Competiter in Face Mask & Cap
70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 local 13 New Life Other 21 Brand 66

From the above graph we find that our face mask and cap will highly influenced by local market.


Analysis of the colleted data shows following facts:-

For Syringe: 93% of hospitals used only disposable syringe. Under it HMD and BD are the top brand with 33% and 20% respectively. 47% of the (a major part) is distributed among other brands from any company.  Basically 3pcs syringe are more preferable by the doctors  Mostly all the hospital used syringe for disposal of syringe.

For Glove:-

 In case of glove the major portion of the market is captured by the New Life surgical and Surgicare about 46% and 33% respectively.  But on the opportunity for the company is that most of the customers are not loyal to a particular company because they are more consensuses about the rate. Most of them want product at lower rates. For Face Mask and Cap: Here the Local market play an important role they capture all most 66% of the market share.  They basically work only the price strategy by the help of various negotiation methods and there personal relation.


When you decide your destination and if you able to know all the ways to reach there with full knowledge about the difficulties and blockage during the journey. You will able to reach the destination in a specific time. Same the Marketing Research provides deep knowledge about the present market conditions, already used brand, channel of distribution, price, consumer behavior etc. it is easy for the company to launch the new product in the market.


    

Marketing Management and Contemporary practices, 3rd Edition, Philip Kotler. Business Research Methods, Cooper and Schindler, 3rd edition. Management consultancy: A Guide to the Profession, Milan Kubr. Marketing management An India perspective, S.L.Gupta Research methodology method and techniques,2nd edition, C.R.Kothari

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