IT Skills – Haarlemmermeerlyceum Hoofddorp

Chapter 4. The Portfolio
The portfolio is an area of the computer where you can save all the important documents that you will make while you are at school. This lesson will show you how to set up a portfolio and how to put documents in it. Login to:

Mysite (

Example login: Username: Ruud.vannistelrooij Password: 8karaktersen1cijfer

§4.1 Make your website

Step 1a. Click on the Internet Explorer icon next to the start button: Step 1b. At school, you will automatically go to (it’s set as your homepage). At home, you
will have to type in (without “www” in front) in your browser address bar.

Step 1c. Log in using the same login name and password that you use at school. MAKE SURE THAT YOU
CLICK ON THE RADIOBUTTON “Dit is een particuliere computer”.

Step 1d. Click on the pulldown menu at the right: siteacties Step 2a. Click on “maken”

Step 2b Select sites and werkruimten in the column “webpagina’s”


Select “unieke machtiging gebruiken”. Step 2g: click on Maken 2 . You will see a form with fields to complete: Fill in the title: <first + last name> TTO bovenbouw Portfolio Bij “beschrijving” (description): Here is my TTO bovenbouw Internationalization Portfolio and other files. Look at the illustration below and select the choice shown: !Step 2f. Enter in “naam van de URL”: Portfolio Step 2e. Step 2d.IT Skills – Haarlemmermeerlyceum Hoofddorp Step 2c.

IT Skills – Haarlemmermeerlyceum Hoofddorp Step 2h: click on OK §4. Add the internship coordinators as users of your portfolio. Step 3d.Gembey. Click on nieuwe gebruiker toevoegen Step 3b. Click on the book icon at the bottom of the form. Find the coordinators by typing in their last names (Roth.2 Adding users Step 3a. Step 3c. Click on toevoegen and ok 3 . Then click on the magnifying glass. Blom).

so we will add something. Then give the teacher the right to read your files. The click on Ok . In the example. Repeat steps 3a-f for each coordinator. 4 . simply use the upload button. Click on the circle: gebruikers rechtstreeks machtigingen geven. we upload an image from the folder “mijn afbeeldingen”.IT Skills – Haarlemmermeerlyceum Hoofddorp Step 3e. Step 4b.3 Adding a document Step 4a. and add your tutor as wellt §4. There are no documents yet in your portfolio. Step 3f. Step 4c. To upload a document from your computer. Upload the image. Step 3g.

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