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One cold evening two sisters arrive at an isolated house; Molly freezes outside the house refusing to enter. Macy leading the way stops and eventually ropes Molly towards the worn looking house. Inside the house, Molly slouches on the sofa while Macy is looking around for drink continuously glancing back at Molly. Macy rushes back with the two drinks and hands one over to Molly while she is still slouched against the wall. Macy glances at Molly while she sips back her drink. Macy forces Molly over to a group of girls. Molly is staring into space while everyone is talking; she hastily rushes away from the group. A few seconds later Macy’s eyes are searching across the interior; she quickly leaves her group of friends. Macy paces uncomfortably round the house and then enters the cold garden, from behind a tree she can see a group of girls and Molly knocking back shot glasses and laughing. Macy pauses and watches Molly suspiciously. She then catches Molly’s eyes lingering on a boy with a glow in her eyes until Macy herself is locked onto the boy gazing at his dark jeans and scruffy hair taking everything in. A few seconds later she realises she has become distracted and refocuses on Molly; she sees the shot cups on the floor and a litre bottle of vodka getting swigged from the bottle; Macy steams over. Molly is continuously staring at the boy with a gleam until she is interrupted with her sister’s entrance. The group of girls and Daniel are talking. Ellie’s hand burrows down inside her pocket, which Macy’s eyes are locked onto, and suddenly drugs appear; Ellie begins to roll a joint. Macy stares shamefully and uncomfortably at the group of girls and her sister. Ellie sparks the joint up gazing into the lightened end. Daniel is looking at the girls. Ellie passes the joint around to Molly; Macy’s eyes are glued onto Molly as she inhales the smoke, the joint gets passed round to Daniel who shakes his head at Molly; she nods and smiles while Ellie starts to cause confrontation with Daniel, Molly is watching the two battle it out until she herself jumps in and sticks up for Daniel getting Ellie to leave it. Ellie starts to slate Macy off and compare Molly to her sister which brings tension to the

atmosphere. Molly’s eyes are sealed on Macy as she stands there innocently; she enters Macy’s personal space and slowly passes the joint over to Macy. Macy freezes, the smoke is weeping into her eyes and Macy has had enough and knocks the joint out of Molly’s hand. Molly raises her voice at Macy and has her eyes all tucked up and wrinkled taking a step towards Macy. The boy Daniel steps back into the ring of the group of girls and looks disgusted with the girls who inhaled the joint causing tension. Molly just looks at Daniel until him and Macy walk off, leaving Molly dis-heartened and heartbroken. Molly picks up the joint from the floor and stumbles over to the garden fence with the left over vodka; she sits down leaning against the fence sparking up the joint looking down to the floor.

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