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Annexure D

No. C-179/1/2000-NSCS(CS)
Cabinet Secretariat
(National Security Council Secretariat)

New Delhi, May 16, 2000

Subject: Task Force to Examine Issues Concerning Internal Security

It has been decided with the approval of the Group of Ministers (GOM)
constituted vide Cabinet Secretariat letter No.141/2/1/2000-TS dated April 17, 2000 to
set up a task force to examine issues concerning Internal Security and formulate
specific proposals for GOM’s consideration.

2. The terms of reference of the task force shall be as under:-

(a) To assess the national level threats to internal security, such as

insurgencies, terrorism, left wing extremism, drug trafficking and
religious fundamentalism and to recommend appropriate measures for
tackling them.

(b) To examine and recommend the reorganisation of structures and

procedures in the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India
relating to the management of Internal Security issues including, inter-
alia, the Central Police Organisations and the Department of Internal

(c) To examine the health of the State Police Forces’ set up and CPMFs and
to recommend measures for improving their effectiveness in dealing
with internal security threats, inter alia, by way of training,
modernisation, restructuring, adoption of appropriate personnel policies
and other related measures.

(d) To examine the role and responsibility of MHA and State Governments
in Internal security management.

(e) To recommend measures for involvement of local communities in

exercising vigilance.

(f) To consider issues relating to cyber crime and cyber warfare and make
relevant recommendations in this regard.

(g) To recommend measures to inculcate a spirit of patriotism and for

enhancing citizens awareness of their duty towards maintenance of
public order, inter alia, rendering national service.

Report of the Group of Ministers on National Security


3. The composition of the task force will as under:-

Shri N.N.Vohra - Chairman

Shri J.F.Ribeiro - Member
Shri Rajendra Shekhar - Member
Lt. General (Retd.) V.K.Nayyar - Member
Shri R.C.Jha - Member
Shri M.L.Wadhawan - Member

4. For examination of the foregoing terms of reference the task force may engage
such consultants for its assistance, as it may consider essential with the concurrence of
the NSCS.

5. The task force should interact with key officials from all concerned
Ministries/Organisations/Agencies, the other three task forces set up by the GOM and
such experts as it may wish to consult. The task force may also review earlier reports
on the subject commissioned by the Government, if considered relevant.

6. The task force will submit its report within 3 months from the date of its
constitution. The task force may also submit interim reports for urgent consideration
of the GOM, if considered expedient.

7. The task force will be serviced by the Ministry of Home Affairs which will also
provide it requisite facilities and secretarial support.

(Satish Chandra)
Secretary, NSCS

Report of the Group of Ministers on National Security