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M ec ha ni c al Base d Pr oje c t s

D&F of Automatic Embossing Drilling Machine
D&F of Gear type Injection Moulting Machine
D&F of Triangular Air Compressor with Common Compression Chamber
D&F of Scissor Platform with Hydraulic power pack
D&F of Pneumatic with Auto Feed Riveting Machine
D&F of Pneumatic Material Handling Equipment
D&F of Automatic Coil Winding Machine
D&F of mini Hydraulic Press Machine
D&F of Electric Two Wheeler
Fabrication of Conveyor Automation
Fabrication of Multi-Engine Synchronized Car Model
D&F of In volute Gear profile Error Detector
D&F of Multipurpose Pneumatic Pressing Machine
D&F of Chemical Powered System (CPS)
D&F of Hydraulic Press with Power Pack
D&F of Injection Moulding Machine
Fabrication of Ground Dryer
Fabrication of Pneumatic Bearing Puller
Fabrication of Marine Engine Model
D&F of Pneumatic Ramming Machine
D&F of Pneumatic Auto Feed Drilling Machine
Fabrication of Electro-Hydraulic System for Automation in four Wheeler
D&F of Manual Coil Winding Machine
Fabrication of Motorized Wall Painting Crane
D&F of Pneumatic Ramming Machine
D&F of Pneumatic Sheet cutting Machine
Fabrication Slotting Attachment Railway Gate Controlling system
Fabrication of Electro-Magnetic Break
Fabrication of Hand Operated Spring Rolling Machine
D&F of Pneumatic Auto feed Punching And Riveting Machine
Fabrication of Photograph Universal Gas Cutting Machine
Fabrication of Power generation using Highways speed braker
Fabrication of Automatic Wheel Chair
Fabrication of Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine
Fabrication of Oil Pump Testing Equipment
Fabrication of Motorized Shutter Open/Closing System
Fabrication of Mini Service Station
Fabrication of Multi Drill Holder
Fabrication of Special Purpose Tapping Machine
Fabrication of Hydraulic Vice with Power Pack
Fabrication of Pneumatic Slotting Machine
Fabrication of High Speed Portable Pipe Cutting Machine
Fabrication of Pneumatic Paper Cup Marketing Machine
Fabrication of Pneumatic Injection Moulding Machine
Fabrication of Mini Hydraulic Hand Operated Zip Crane
Fabrication of Pneumatic Bottle Washing Machine
D&F of Hydraulic Lift using Pressure Booster
Accident Avoiding System in Heavy Cutting Machine
D&F of Pneumatic Multipurpose Press
Fabrication of Domestic Floor Mill
Fabrication of Hybrid Vehicle
D&F of Portable Slotting Machine
Fabrication of Pneumatic Leaf-Cup Making Machine
Fabrication of Pneumatic Multipurpose Machine
D&F of Hydro-Pneumatic Vice using Pressure Booster
D&F of Hydraulic Lift with Power pack
D&F of Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant
Fabrication of Pneumatic Bearing Press
Fabrication of Pneumatic Auto Indexing Drilling Machine
Fabrication of Brass Screw Threading and Tapping Machine
Fabrication of Sensor Operated Pneumatic Automatic Punching machine
Fabrication of Battery Cycle
Fabrication of Automatic Jack
Installing of Diesal to LPG
D&F of Scissor Platform machine
Fabrication of Manual Sheet Rolling Machine
Accident Avoiding System in punching MACHINE
Highways High Speed Sensing and Automatic Speed Braking System
D&F of Automatic Drilling and Tapping Machine
Fabrication of Two Engine Synchronization for Four Wheeler
Fabrication of Solar Hybrid car
Fabrication of Efficiency Increaser in Automobile
Fabrication of Automatic Electro-Hydraulic Jack
Fabrication Motorized Hydraulic Jack
Fabrication of self feed Drilling Machine
Fabrication of Sensor Operated Braking System in Four Wheeler
Fabrication of Emergency Braking System
Fabrication of Automatic Electro-Hydraulic Braking System
Fabrication of Anti-Lock Braking System
Fabrication of Intelligent Braking System
Fabrication Automated Guided Vehicle
Fabrication Path Finding Robot
Fabrication Fire Fighting Robot
Fabrication of Electrical Power Generation using Foot Steps
Fabrication of Electric Two wheeler with Rechargeable Battery
Fabrication of Miniature Lathe
Fabrication of Multipurpose Sheet Metal Machine
Fabrication of Automatic Spring Rolling Machine
Fabrication of Motorized Sheet metal Rolling Machine
Fabrication of Automatic Foot Dust Cleaning Machine
Fabrication of Floor cleaning Machine
Fabrication of Pneumatic Vice
Design and Fabrication of Cam Vice
Fabrication of Multi Nut Tightner
D&F Micro Boring Attachment
D&F of Circular machine
D&F of Screw Slotting Machine
Fabrication of Copper Wire Cutting Machine
Fabrication of Rubber Melting Machine
Fabrication of water cooler cum air cooler
Fabrication of sheet metal cutting machine
Fabrication of hardness testing machine
Fabrication of Bending/Bend Removing Machine
Fabrication of Rotary Vane Pump
Fabrication of Concave tape Manufacturing Machine
Fabrication of Cotton tape Manufacturing Machine
Fabrication of plate Bending Machine
Installation of LPG to two stroke Gasoline Engine
Fabrication of Lawn Mover
Fabrication of Sheet Straitening Machine
Fabrication of Automatic typical Pipe Cutting Machine
Fabrication of L.L.D.P. Material Extruder (H.M.H.D.P.P Material)
Fabrication of U-Type, L-Type Angle Bending machine
D&F of abrasive Jet Machine
Fabrication of Wood Turning Air Compressor
D&F of cam Method of Sliding Machine
D&F of Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
Conversion of tap or Salty bore well water into purest, testiest bottled Quantity Drinking
Fabrication of Chapathi Maker Machine
Fabrication of Mini size Lamination Machine
Fabrication of Home Floor Mill
Fabrication of Absorption Dryer
Fabrication of Vacuum Pump
Fabrication of Radial Plunger Pump
Fabrication of Multi Drilling Head with Self feeder
D&F of Abrasive Belt Grinder
D&F of slow & high speed Drilling Machine
D&F of Wall grove cutting Machine
D &F of Abrasive Cutting Machine
D&F of Double Yarn Twist System
Fabrication of Tapping Machine
Fabrication of Portable Drilling machine
Fabrication of Cylinder Block Boring Machine
Fabrication of Road Marking Machine
Fabrication of Roller Burnishing Tool
Fabrication of Coffee seeds and leaf removing and Cleaning Machine
Fabrication of Bottling of sugarcane juice Machine
Fabrication of Milking Machine
Fabrication of Grass Cutting Machine
Fabrication of Oil pump and Water Pump for Cars, Jeep and Tractors
Fabrication of lathe Coolant pump with fitting Arrangement
Fabrication of Tool Post Grinder
Fabrication of Concave Attachment for lathe
Fabrication of Arbour Presses Machine
Fabrication of Eccentric Press Machine
Remote Motorized Gas Stove ON/OFF with frame adjustment System
Fabrication of Fly Press Machine
Fabrication of Hand Operated Bending Machine
Fabrication of level Operated conical bending Machine
Fabrication of Hand operated bending Machine
Fabrication of Top and Bottom Seaming Machine
Fabrication of Semi-Circular Cutting machine
Fabrication of Hydraulic Hand operated Pipe Bending Machine
Fabrication of ‘U’ Shape Pipe Bending Machine
Fabrication of Hydraulic Hand operated “Electrometric” pipe Bending Machine
Fabrication of Conduct pipe bending Machine
Fabrication of Soda Making Machine
Fabrication of Rotary Gear Pump
D&F of Swimming Pool Cleaner
D&F of Self primary Centrifugal pump
D&F of Self Multi-Stage Pump
D&F of two stage Self Primary pump
D&F of High Pressure Multistage Pump
Automatic Cylinder Boring Machine
Two wheeler Pipe, Shock Observer, Hydraulic Bending/ Bend removing Machine
Fabrication of Burnishing Machine
CNC Hack Saw Machine for Sheet Cutting Machine
Mobile Electronic Navigation Mechanism
Electronic Numeric Keyboard cum motorized safety locking system with Electronic Security
UV Rays Water Cleaning cum Continuous Water Supply Mechanism
Automatic Motorized Glass Door Open/Close Mechanism
Motorized Focus Light Mechanism
Automatic Drill bit/Drill Check changing Various Drill Holes
Automatic Acrylic Sheet Bending Machine
Video Camera Motorized Tracking Mechanism
Electrical Hammer Mechanism
Small Clamps/Angels Bending Machine
Magnetic Locker
Automatic Lamination Machine
Mini Crushing Machine
Electrical Spot Welding Machine
Automatic Room/Toilet Perfume Spray machine
Car or Bus reverse Operation Navigation System by using IR Rays
Automatic Plant Water Moistering System for Garden
Automatic Water level Indicator and Controlling System
Remote Car Security System
Vehicle Speed Measuring using IR Rays
Remote Metal Detector
Antenna/Dish Tracking system for Automobiles
Rotating Dish Antenna
Aeroplane Controlling System
Motor Tracking System using Remote Sensing
Blood/Glucose Flow rate Controller
Fuel Gauge Meter
Liquid Mixer
Mobile Over Speed Indicator
Electronic Hack Saw
Automatic Pressure controller Cum Value Open/Close Arrangement
CNC Drilling Machine
Temperature Controller with Cooling System
Spark Plug Tester
Fabrication of Punching Machine
X-Ray Plotter Mechanism
Electronic Weather Clock
CNC punching machine
Model Highway Road Curve Fitter
Auto Gear Changer
Packing Control Machine for Industry
Lift Controlling System Interact
Automatic Dam Shutter Control System
Mobile Wheel Position Indicator
Automatic Gate Open/Close System
Automatic Screen Printing Machine
Numeric Controlled Gate Locking System
Automatic Weighing/Packing Machine
Musical Water Fountain System
Automatic wash basin
Automatic Drilling Machine
Robot Controlled Vacuum Cleaner
Electronic Water Filter cum Auto Filling System
Automatic Moisture and Light Controlling System
Yarn Detector and Breakage Controller
Electronic Lamination Machine
Automatic Vulcanising Machine
Digital Controlled Coil Winding Machine
Automatic Remote Diesel Starter
Air Leak Detector
Automobile Panel System
Paper Counting Machine
Diviner Cutter
Industrial Boiler Flame Remote Adjustment System
Motorized Crane
Remote Control Dish Antenna Tracking System for Automobile
D&F of Electric Two Wheeler with Rechargeable Battery and Indicating Panel
Folding Mobile with Gas and Petrol
Value teen in Kitchen
D&F of Auto Indexing Die Making Drilling Machine
Electronic Braking System
Magnetic Iron Separator
Fabrication of Mosaic Polishing Machine
Fabrication of Sensor Operated Automatic Ramming Machine
Fabrication of Pneumatic Multipurpose Grinder
Pedestal Spot Welding Machine
Motorized Wheel Chair for Physically Disabled
Mini Portable Genset
Hydraulic Puller for Autombile Engines
Development and Fabrication of Modern Burner cum Room-Heater
Portable Pipe cutting Machine
Fabrication of Variable Drive Gear Box
Fabrication of Dish Brake
Fabrication of Automatic Steering Mechanism
Fabrication of Pneumatic belt Conveyor
Fabrication Pneumatic Diesel Engine
D&F of Contour Turning Attachment for Lathe
Shocks absorber testing Machine
Energy Saving Light Arrangement
Power Saving System for Lathe
D&F of Pneumatic Reciprocating Water Pumping System

The project cost including
• Complete project report (soft copy)
• Guideline Classes
• Full working model of project
• Project completion certificate

Rules & regulations
• If the project cost will above 10,000/- then 80% of total project cost must paid at
the time of conformation of the project.
• If the project cost will bellow 10,000/- then 100% of total project cost must paid
at the time of conformation of the project.
• The payment may be done either in cash, DD or money transfer. No cheque will
• After money will receive the project work will started.
• Once the project conformed, the money will not return in any circumstances.
• After completion of the project the rest of money must paid before taking the
• The PEACE has no responsibility for the project after taking it by the student.
• The institution is a registered organization under the Govt. of orissa, so all
disputes under BBSR jurisdiction only.
• The student will responsible for any loss of kind or property of organization by

For more detail , please ask to 9238983090 with SLNO/Project Title.

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