copyright OPPENHEIMER SOFTWARE 1992 _____________________________________________________________________ This is the thirty sixth edition of the Periodic Electronic Newsletter (PEN) for MCI Mail users assigned to Oppenheimer Software (MCI Mail agency NY4). You may respond to the PEN by typing ANSWER at the COMMAND; line that appears after you read this. This mailbox (218-0241) is toll free - you may write to it as often as you wish, at no charge! (Please note that you may order a toll free mail box - contact Oppenheimer Software for more information.) NEED ANOTHER MAILBOX? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PRODUCT INFORMATION FORUM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MCI AND YOUR FAX MACHINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SPRING AHEAD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . INTRODUCING MCI MAIL GLOBAL ACCESS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . USING MCI MAIL GLOBAL ACCESS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Instructions for use . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Telephone dialing instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Log-on instructions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Users of Lotus Express: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Users of Crosstalk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Access number list . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SPUTNIK LAUNCHED AGAIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . COMING SOON #1: FAX DISPATCH ENHANCEMENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . COMING SOON #2: EXPANDED INTERNATIONAL COURIER SERVICE . . . . . . . LAN ACCESS TO MCI MAIL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DOW JONES AVAILABLE WORLD WIDE ON MCI MAIL - CONTINUED . . . . . . . POWER USER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THANKS EMMS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TILL NEXT TIME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 5 5 6 6 7 . . . . . . . . 2 2 2 3 4 5

10 11 11 13 15 17 17 17

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NEED ANOTHER MAILBOX? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Need another mailbox or account on MCI Mail? A SCRIPT called NEWUSER allows you to register new mailboxes or accounts on MCI Mail, or provide a referral for others needing information. To use this feature, at the Command; prompt, type: CREATE USING NEWUSER {ENTER} Answer all questions, and follow the instructions at the end of the SCRIPT. You will be notified when the new mailbox/account is active.

The NEWUSER script has been in use for over two years. Hundreds of new accounts set up with the SCRIPT, have been up and running, usually overnight. Note. . . If you access MCI Mail via Lotus Express, Desktop Express or any of MCI Mail's LINK products, you may send the name, address and phone number of the referral to mailbox 218-0241. We will contact them immediately and arrange for the account or mailbox. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PRODUCT INFORMATION FORUM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Businesses in the know sponsor lunchtime vendor forums. These meetings provide an opportunity for the area managers to become familiar with new services and products in a casual setting without taking time off to visit trade shows. Managers and employees get a chance to learn about cost saving technologies used in other areas of the company through informal discussions, and question and answer periods. If you would like to have an MCI Mail representative come to one of your forums, please message us at mailbox 218-0241. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MCI AND YOUR FAX MACHINE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MCI Mail Fax Dispatch offers superb text quality and exceptional ease for computer originated faxes. However, some faxes MUST be sent from a fax machine - original documents with signatures, newsletters composed with desktop publishing software, charts and illustrations, to name a few. MCI Fax Broadcast is the ideal service to help you with those faxing needs. If you are sending a single fax, or broadcasting the fax to 100 recipients, MCI Fax Broadcast provides toll free access, six second incremental billing, custom cover sheets, 24 hours of retries, status and accounting reports and access controls - all from your fax machine. Distribution lists can be stored on MCI (note - MCI Mail Fax Dispatch and MCI Fax Broadcast lists are not interchangeable), and free software is available to help you maintain those lists. There is no registration fee for MCI Fax Broadcast - you pay only for what you send, when you send it. If you are interested in learning more about MCI Fax Broadcast, please e-mail your fax number to mailbox 218-0241. >>>>>>>>>>>> SPRING AHEAD >>>>>>>>>>>> If people are asking why you are working so late, it may be because your 4:30 PM MCI Mail message was time stamped 5:30 PM. No, there is nothing wrong with the clocks at MCI... rather, you need to adjust your time zone from Standard to Daylight time

If you use MCI Mail interactively, follow this dialogue: Command; ACCOUNT {ENTER} Do you wish to see your current ACCOUNT settings? ACCOUNT setting you wish to change: TIME {ENTER} Please enter your time zone: EDT {ENTER} ^---(or your local time zone) ACCOUNT setting you wish to change: {ENTER} Are settings PERManent or TEMPorary: PERM {ENTER} New ACCOUNT settings are now in effect. Command; If you are a Lotus Express user, don't forget to change your time zone there too. Bring up the Communications Manager {ALT}{SHIFT}X, scroll the cursor to the bottom of the screen and change it to EDT (or your local time zone). It may also help to adjust the time in your computer. manuals for more information. See your computer NO {ENTER}

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> INTRODUCING MCI MAIL GLOBAL ACCESS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Are you out of touch when traveling overseas? Do your have a foreign office or client that has avoided MCI Mail because of the PTT charges and hassles? Until now, accessing MCI Mail from outside the United States required you to arrange for a separate packet switching (PTT) subscription in each country. The PTT then billed you for both the amount of time spent online and the number of characters sent and received. MCI Mail Global Access simplifies the process. MCI Mail now offers direct access from an initial 27 countries through an in-country telephone call. Additional countries will be added throughout 1992. MCI Mail Global Access service provides a simple, high quality, low-cost alternative to subscription PTT access by providing portability not previously available - simply dial a phone number from your PC in any of the 27 countries listed below - advanced arrangements and hassles are now a thing of the past. Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Denmark Finland France Germany Hong Kong Ireland Italy Japan Korea Luxembourg Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Philippines Portugal Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan United Kingdom

If you want to access MCI Mail from a country not listed above, you can either dial long distance to a nearby country listed, or still use PTT access

to reach MCI Mail. to come.

More countries will be added later this year and in years

While some countries have "country-wide" numbers available; most have one or more cities where local access is available. In cities where the nearest access number is not a local call, you will call long-distance within the country to the city that does provide the access. Unlike the PTTs which bill in local currency on a time plus volume basis, MCI Mail Global Access costs a simple $.50/minute - billed in half-minute increments after the first minute. Charges for Global Access appear on your monthly MCI Mail invoice along with the standard messaging charges. Global Access speeds and protocols however, the majority of locations MNP 5 error-correction. The access speeds and protocols are available >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> USING MCI MAIL GLOBAL ACCESS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Instructions for use ==================== Choose the telephone number that is appropriate to the country, city, and modem speed that you wish to use. Unless otherwise noted, the modems on these access numbers support the "CCITT" standards used in much of the world rather than the "Bell" standard used in modems built for use in the United States. This difference is important only if accessing at 300 baud, as the two standards are NOT compatible at that speed. Numbers supporting ONLY CCITT 300 baud are designated "300 CCITT;" most U.S. modems can not be used on them. Numbers designated "MNP4" support the MNP error-correction protocol; numbers designated "MNP5" support both the MNP error-correction and data-compression protocols. Check the documentation supplied with your modem for further details on how to use these protocols. Telephone dialing instructions ============================== Next to each country name is the International Direct Distance Dialing (IDDD) country code. Preceding each access number is the inter-regional city or area code, if applicable. The following rules generally apply in dialing telephone numbers: LOCAL CALLING: Normally does not require the use of the city code. vary somewhat from location to location; support speeds from 300 to 2400 baud with list below indicates exactly what access from any particular access number.

REGIONAL CALLING: Normally requires use of the city code. Some telephone networks require that a 1 or 0 precede the city code. INTERNATIONAL CALLING: Requires an international dialing prefix followed by the IDDD code, city code, and local telephone number. Consult the local telephone company or PTT for additional directions and

explanations in the use of telephone dialing and services. Log-on instructions =================== 1. Dial appropriate local access number and wait for connect. 2. Press {ENTER} twice or until a "#" prompt appears. 3. Type: C and press {ENTER}. (What you type may not appear on your screen.) 4. At the "CENTER:" prompt, type: MCI,MAIL and press {ENTER}. (Again, what you type may not appear on the screen.) 5. You will be accessing MCI Mail when you see the "Please enter your user name:" prompt. Complete your log on by entering your username and password as you normally do. Users of Lotus Express: ====================== If you use Lotus Express to access MCI Mail, you will need to "program" Lotus Express with the above log-on instructions. This is done as follows: A. Type EXPRESS to start up Lotus Express B. At the C: prompt, press {ALT}{SHIFT}X C. Press {ENTER} D. Scroll down to the phone number field and enter the phone number listed below next to the calling city. E. Scroll down to the baud rate field and make sure it matches the speed of the local access number in your calling city. F. Scroll down to the Protocol field and set it to NONE G. Scroll to the Connection String field and enter: @d~~|~~|~~|~~|~~C~|{CENTER:}MCI,MAIL| Users of Crosstalk ================== The below script can be used for logging onto MCI Mail from Crosstalk: WAIT DELAY 10 <----this number will vary based on your local REPLY | set up time for a call WAIT DELAY 2 REPLY | WAIT DELAY 2 REPLY | WAIT DELAY 2 REPLY | WAIT STRING "#" REPLY C| WAIT STRING "CENTER" REPLY MCI,MAIL| WAIT STRING "PLEASE ENTER YOUR USER NAME" REPLY xxxxxxxxxx| <--------replace xxxxxx with your user name


<--------replace yyyyyy with your password

Access number list ================== City Code& Country City Speed (modem Type) Telephone No. _____________________________________________________________________ Australia (country IDDD Code is 61) Brisbane 1200 7-2524132 2400 7-2524124 Melbourne 1200-2400 3-6391660 Sydney 1200-2400 2-4374288 Australia-wide tollfree 300-2400 008-811 167 Austria (country IDDD Code is 43) Vienna 300-2400 MNP5 Belgium (country IDDD Code is 32) Brussels 300 CCITT 1200-2400 2-6479847 1200-2400 MNP5 2-6476398 Brazil (country IDDD Code is 55) Sao Paulo 300-2400 MNP5 Brazil-wide Tollfree 300-2400 MNP5 Denmark (country IDDD Code is 45) Copenhagen 300-2400 222.50148 2-6480710

11-1081212 000672 38-331499

Finland (country IDDD Code is 358) Helsinki 300-2400 MNP5 92919 (Note: Users outside Finland must dial 358-2919; no area code needed.) France (country IDDD Code is 33) Paris 300-2400 MNP5 1200 1-43207441 Germany (country IDDD Code is 49) Frankfurt 300 CCITT 1200-2400 69-6666881 1200-2400 MNP5 69-6666886 1-43441212


Hong Kong (country IDDD Code is 852) Hong Kong 300-2400 MNP5 8241121 (Note: This number supports both CCITT & Bell standards at all speeds.) Ireland (country IDDD Code is 353) Dublin 300-2400 MNP5 Italy (country IDDD Code is 39) Milan 300-2400 MNP5 300-2400 MNP5 2-40910891 300-2400 MNP5 2-40910939 1-768800 2-40910853


2-40910847 6-2024159 3-52763801

Japan (country IDDD Code is 81) Osaka 300-2400 300-2400 MNP5 6-2027970 Tokyo 300-2400 300-2400 MNP5 3-52763868 Korea (country IDDD Code is 82) Seoul 300-2400 MNP4 Luxembourg (country IDDD Code is 352) Luxembourg 300-2400 MNP5 Malaysia - See Singapore, Below Mexico (country IDDD Code is 52) Cancun 300-2400 MNP5 300-2400 MNP5 988-30035 300-2400 MNP5 988-30124 300-2400 MNP5 988-30146 300-2400 MNP5 988-30149 Guadalajara 300-2400 MNP5 300-2400 MNP5 36-260236 300-2400 MNP5 36-260250 300-2400 MNP5 36-260258 300-2400 MNP5 36-260259 300-2400 MNP5 36-260337 Mexico City 300 CCITT 1200 5-5384252 1200 5-5384253 1200 5-5384254 1200 5-5384255 1200 5-5384257 1200 5-5384258 Monterrey 300 CCITT 300 CCITT 83-548710 300 CCITT 83-548799 300 CCITT 83-548657 1200 83-542291 1200 83-542310 2400 MNP5 83-542292 2400 MNP5 83-542202

02-7951002 498822





Netherlands (country IDDD Code is 31) Amstelveen 300 CCITT 020-6417855 1200-2400 MNP5 020-6476171 1200-2400 MNP5 020-6450952 New Zealand (country IDDD Code is 64) Auckland 1200-2400 9-3664520 Wellington 1200-2400 4-4732600 Hamilton 1200-2400 78-466002 Christchurch 1200-2400 3-651800 (Note: Logon procedure is different - callers get prompt 'Select Host:', at which point you enter 'INFONET' and press {ENTER}, then follow normal log-on as shown above.)

Norway (country IDDD Code is 47) Oslo 300 CCITT 1200-2400 2-423590 Philippines (country IDDD Code is 63) Manila 300-2400 MNP5 Portugal (country IDDD Code is 351) Lisbon 300-2400 MNP5


2-8171449 1-609192

Singapore (country IDDD Code is 65) Singapore 300-2400 MNP5 5351444 From Malaysia and other countries (transit traffic): 300-2400 MNP5 65-5356743 South Africa (country IDDD Code is 27) Cape Town 300-2400 21-4197424 300-2400 21-4197432 Durban 300-2400 31-3052372 Johannesburg 300-2400 11-4035730 300-2400 11-4036934 Spain (country IDDD Code is 34) Barcelona 300-2400 MNP5 Madrid 300-2400 MNP5 Sweden (country IDDD Code is 46) Stockholm 300-2400 Switzerland (country IDDD Code is 41) Bern 300 CCITT 1200-2400 31-260787 1200-2400 31-260691 Geneva 300 CCITT 1200-2400 22-7986364 Taiwan (country Code is 886) Taipei 300-2400 MNP5 3-4123282 1-3581951 8-7646595 31-260931 22-7985756


United Kingdom (country IDDD Code is 44) London 300-2400 MNP5 71-4374393 300-2400 71-4394055 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SPUTNIK LAUNCHED AGAIN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On Oct 4 1957, the former Soviet Union shocked the world by launching the first of several satellites named "Sputnik" (meaning "traveling companion" in Russian). It weighed 84 pounds and was launched from the Baikonue Cosmodrome. It was a simple test payload containing a radio beacon and a thermometer. Latter Sputniks were launched to further investigate outer space and to discover if living organisms could survive space conditions. The Sputniks came as a tremendous shock to the West, which had up to then tended to downgrade Soviet technical capability. Reactions in the United States and Europe, which in some cases bordered on hysteria, initiated the

American drive to send astronauts to the Moon. A lot has changed since then. We are now entering a new period in history, where the Russian and American people can start to build normal societal and commercial relations, without a fear of mutual annihilation. Unfortunately, communications between the two countries is still substandard. Western companies seeking to establish business relationships are hampered by a lack of information on new laws, business regulations, finance, and social changes taking place. The Sputnik Business News - Headlines, a new electronic newsletter published in St. Petersburg, is now available on MCI Mail. It is weekly electronic newsletter with a brief synopsis of new Russian business information and the changes in laws that effect both Russian and Western business. The goal of SBNH is to keep the business community informed on immediate changes that effect business in this ever changing climate, as they happen. Complete text of any article is available for an additional fee on request. If you are interested in learning more about the SBNH, send a note to Sputnik Business News / MCI ID: 511-6359. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> COMING SOON #1: FAX DISPATCH ENHANCEMENTS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Effective in May, 1992 MCI Mail will be introducing several enhancements to the Fax Dispatch service which will allow you even more flexibility and control over the delivery presentation of their fax messages. These new features include custom page headers, automatic page numbering and cover page suppression. Each feature will be made available to you on an optional basis. PAGE HEADERS - This feature will allow you to send a one line banner which will contain sender, recipient and date/time information. The header can be used with or without a cover page to identify the sender and recipient of the fax message. PAGE NUMBERING - This feature will allow you to optionally select pagination for their Fax Dispatch messages. The page numbers will be placed within the header when requested. COVER PAGE SUPPRESSION - You will have the ability to automatically suppress the generation of the Fax Dispatch cover page. When the no cover page option is selected, you will receive the one line header information mentioned above, unless you instruct to suppress the header also. Details on using these new features will be available in May in the on-line help files, as well as the next issue of the PEN Newsletter. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> COMING SOON #2: EXPANDED INTERNATIONAL COURIER SERVICE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Beginning also in May, 1992 MCI Mail will support delivery of hardcopy messages via international Overnight Letter to approximately 190 countries. This nearly doubles the number of countries to which MCI can now deliver. To check on the availability and pricing of Overnight Letters to a specific country, you can type HELP [country name} at the Command; prompt. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> COMING SOON #3: INTERNATIONAL FAX DISPATCH PRICE DECREASE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On May 1, 1992 MCI will lower its Fax Dispatch rates to 16 popular international countries. The price reductions vary from 9% to 30%. This is based on an average 2 page Fax Dispatch message (with cover page). New Fax Dispatch International Pricing Country Country Code 1st .5 pg/ Addl .5 pg -----------Greece 30 Netherlands 31 Belgium 32 France 33 Spain 34 Italy 39 Vatican City 39 Switzerland 41 UK 44 Denmark 45 Sweden 46 Norway 47 Germany 49 Australia 61 Portugal 351 Ireland 353 New Rate ---------1.70/.85 1.60/.70 1.60/.70 1.60/.70 1.60/.70 1.60/.70 1.60/.70 1.60/.70 1.25/.45 1.60/.70 1.70/.85 1.70/.85 1.60/.70 2.50/1.00 1.70/.85 1.60/.70

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LAN ACCESS TO MCI MAIL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This might look familiar to some of you. ===================================================================== TO: Smith There is more than one: No. MCI ID Name Organization Location 0 NOT LISTED BELOW. DELETE. 1 NOT LISTED BELOW. ENTER AN ADDRESS. 2 123-4567 Alan Smith Smith & Associa Luther, MT 3 321-4567 Deborah L. Smith ABC West Boise, ID 4 REMOTE 523-1234 Don L. Smith Atlanta,GA ===================================================================== Have you ever wondered why some mailboxes are marked REMOTE? Contrary to

some opinions, REMOTE people do not live far away, nor do they have trouble making friends. The word REMOTE denotes the mailbox as an ONR (Off Net Registrant) - someone accessing MCI Mail from a LAN (local area network), or a mini or mainframe computer. A typical LAN user (the exact same rules apply to mini and mainframe computers) is able to send messages to other people connected to the LAN using a terminal to terminal electronic mail system. Within the LAN, each user has a unique username or ID. This allows a LAN user to route a message to the proper terminal. This scheme does not however provide for any access to the "outside" world -no faxing, telexing, external electronic mail, etc. is available from within the LAN. These services are however available MCI Mail. Although it would be possible to provide each LAN user with their own modem and phone line, a far simpler and less expensive route is to provide a single modem and phone line on the LAN for all users to share. With the proper gateway software, the LAN communications server can be made to call MCI Mail periodically to upload and download messages for the LAN users. An unlimited number of LAN users can be accommodated through a special type of mailbox called a REMS (Remote Electronic Mail System) account. Once the REMS account is in place, if you wanted to send a message to Don L. Smith, you would not only need to know the ID of the REMS account, but you would also need to know Dons user name or ID as it is known to the LANs internal electronic mail. A typical address might be: To: Don L. Smith (ems) EMS: 543-5432 <-REMS account ID MBX: DLSMITH <-user name on the LAN Although you could probably remember Dons address if it were this simple, his address could be a great deal more complicated. If he were instead attached to a mini computer that was itself connected to the LAN, he might have a far more complicated address, possibly: To: Don L. Smith (ems) EMS: 543-5432 MBX: DLSMITH@PDP11@SYSOP There is nothing easy (or obvious) about this address. To make life simple for people needing to send electronic mail to Don, he might choose to store the EMS and MBX addressing information in the MCI Mail directory itself by ordering an ONR mailbox. An ONR is not a true mailbox - it has no password per se. It only serves as a pointer to a mailbox on the LAN. Don can not log into the ONR - he must send and receive his mail from the LAN. If an MCI Mail subscriber wanted to send a message to Don, he need only enter DSMITH or 523-1234 (the user name or MCI ID assigned to the ONR). MCI Mail would then have sufficient information to route the message through the REMS account to the LAN or mini mailbox location.

As more personal computers are connected to LANS, more LANS are connecting to MCI Mail. If you are planning to install a LAN at your location, plan to provide a gateway to MCI Mail. All of the messaging features (e-mail, fax, telex and hardcopy) will be available to the LAN users through a single modem and phone line. Use of the gateway requires a REMS account, costing only $100 to support an unlimited number of workstations. ONRs are $10 per year. Please message us at mailbox 218-0241 for more information about any of these gateways, or for assistance with REMS and ONR registrations. LAN MCI Mail ------------------3COM/3+ Mail Microsoft Mail/PC for MCI Mail Microsoft Mail 2.0 cc:Mail DaVinci Mail Banyan Mail Wordperfect Office Connections Gateway to Developer Access ------------- -----------------3+Reach/MCI 3COM M.S. Gateway Microsoft CommGate cc:Mail Link M-Bridge V-Bridge WordPerfect MCI Mail cc:Mail REMS Inc. CMS Inc. WordPerfect Int'l ------Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DOW JONES AVAILABLE WORLD WIDE ON MCI MAIL - CONTINUED >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> In the last PEN Newsletter, we told you about a new service from Dow Jones News Retrieval Service.... providing access for MCI Mail subscribers located outside of the USA. Below is a listing of the available services and associated fees. Usage Rate: Information Unit Charge Database Charges //CLIP Dow Jones Clipping Service has an introductory monthly folder fee of $15 per folder //DSCLO Disclosure Database //SP - Standard & Poors Online //WATCH - Corporate Ownership Watch //WORLDSCOPE - Worldscope All three have a document charge of $9 per company search (three Disclosure ownership files have additional document charges of $9 each) //FIDELITY Fidelity Investors Express has a monthly fee of $12 but no per-minute charge for access //INVEST Investext has a $1.65 per Information Unit Charge. Information Unit charges do not apply Standard $.65/minute - all hours $.65 per unit (1000 bytes)

//QUICK Dow Jones Quick Search: The ALL command is charged at a flat rate of $49 for each time it is used. There are no per-minute or document charges. Free time offers do not apply to the ALL command. When making individual QuickSearch selections, document charges apply to Corporate Ownership Watch, Disclosure and Standard & Poors and Information-Unit charges apply to Investext. //TEXT & //TEXTM Dow Jones Text Search Services- The ALL command has an additional $.20 per minute surcharge

//TRACK Dow Jones Tracking Service has a monthly storage fee of $8 per password. //TRADELINE SCREENING REPORTS per screen $5.00 plus per issue listed $0.25 plus per Int'l listing $0.15 PRICE HISTORY REPORTS per quote $.010 DIVIDEND REPORT per dividend $.035 SECURITY SNAPSHOT per issue $2.00 ISSUE DIRECTORY per search $.035 CAPITALIZATION REPORT per event reported $.035 STOCK EXCHANGE REPORT per report (except Holidays) $1.00 EXCHANGE RATES REPORT per daily value rpt'd $0.10 ID CROSS REFERENCE per report $1.00

Once registered for the service, you can type DOW while on-line with MCI MAIL to gain access. If you are interested in accessing Dow Jones from outside of the United States, please send a message to mailbox 218-0241. >>>>>>>>>> POWER USER >>>>>>>>>> If you access MCI Mail from a REMS account (i.e. a LAN, mini or mainframe computer), you need to be careful about the addressing format used for sending Fax Dispatch messages. Although the below format will send a fax out, the fax will not include any letterhead or signature graphics that may be available to you: TO: James Jones EMS: Fax

MBX: Phone: 212-333-1111 Instead, use the below format to include the desired graphics on the fax: TO: James Jones EMS: MCI Mail MBX: FAXNo: 212-333-1111 If your REMS account does not have any registered graphics (ask four system administrator) , or if you need a graphic for a specific application, please send your name and address to mailbox 218-0241 and we'll forward the proper graphics registration for to you. >>>>>>>>>>> THANKS EMMS >>>>>>>>>>> A poll of electronic mail users taken by the EMMS voted MCI Mail as this years best messaging company. Thank you. >>>>>>>>>>>>>> TILL NEXT TIME >>>>>>>>>>>>>> It is Spring. Take a moment to enjoy the flowers.

Gary....... MCI Mail Agency NY4 MCI ID# 218-0241 Fax: 212-787-2416 Telex: 6502180241 Tel No. 212-724-9785

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