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We acknowledge with warm regards and gratitude the in depth guidance and expertise shared by Dr. Sujata Shahi with our group members. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our guide for sparing time from her busy schedule of shouldering great responsibilities at work & family. The main objective of our group was to maximize our learning through this study of Effect of Communication in BPOs. It would not have been possible without the support of efficient team of faculty resources at our institute and employees at Genpact.


• Acknowledgement • Introduction • Objective • Company’s Profile • Research Design • Sample Testing

Recommendations and Analysis

• Bibliography

Communication is the process of sending and receiving information among people. It is the transference and understanding of the meaning.

Functions of communication:
 Control - through guide lines, job related grievances, comply with company policies.  Motivation - task clarification.  Emotional expression – Sharing  Information – for decision making

FORMAL CHANNELS IN COMMUNICATION: Communication channels are established by an organization to transmit messages related to the professional activities of members. 1. CHAIN NETWORK



3 77 3.7777 Define the term


What are the communication tools and techniques used by the BPOs to increase the organization growth and helps to reduce the Communication Gap?

Genpact manages business processes for companies around the world, combining its process expertise, information technology and analytical capabilities with operational insight derived from experience in diverse industries to provide a wide range of services using its global delivery platform. Genpact’s goal is to help clients improve the ways in which they do business by using Lean Six Sigma principles, as well as cutting-edge technology, to continuously improve business processes.

Genpact provides a wide range of services, including Finance & Accounting, Collections and Customer Service, Insurance, Supply Chain & Procurement, Analytics, Enterprise Application and IT Infrastructure. In offering these services, Genpact draws on three core capabilities-process expertise, analytical ability and technology expertise-as well as the operational insight acquired from experience managing thousands of processes in diverse industries. Industries Genpact provides its services across a wide range of industries including banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing, transportation and healthcare. It manages a wide range of business processes that address the transactional, managerial, reporting and planning needs of its clients around the world across diverse industries and multiple technology platforms. Management Team

Genpact is managed by an experienced and cohesive leadership team. Many members of the team developed their management skills working within GE and were involved in building Genpact into the independent commercial enterprise that exists today. Genpact business leaders are Six Sigma trained and combine strategic, operational and financial experience with extensive relationships and expertise within its target industries. Culture Genpact has created a culture that emphasizes customer centricity, teamwork, and continuous process improvement. Our culture is expressed in the Values & Cornerstones that embody our core ideology and define who we are. Our Values act as a compass to guide our thoughts and actions, and our Cornerstones are the pillars that uphold us as an organization. Our Brand Genpact stands for generating value and business impact. All of our actions and words, Values & Cornerstones, and the dignity and respect with which we treat ourselves, our customers and our communities, are part of the Genpact brand. The multicolored Genpact symbol conveys aiming higher and thinking outside the box. Visit our Brand Standard Guidelines website to learn more about the Genpact brand. Investors Relations On August 2, 2007, and as declared effective by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Genpact Limited ("Genpact") announced its initial public offering of 35,294,118 shares of its common stock under the trading symbol "G" on the New York Stock Exchange.

Research Design
Null Hypothesis : We will assume that there is no significant Contribution of effective communication in The working of a BPO. Alternate Hypothesis: We will assume that there is a significant Contribution of effective communication in The working of a BPO. Data Collection

: : Test on sample of 15 employees.


Kind of samples : Consider the employees under various levels

Size of sample

: 3-5 employees at each level.

Instrument Interview.

: Questionnaire and Personal

Sample Testing


Employee’s Name

Effective Communication


Sumit Bhatia Sonal Verma Poonam Sharma Ravi Mehta Asif Khan

10 6 14 8 12

6 4 8 5 7

Saurav Chaterjee Sekhar Agarwal Ashish Malhotra Manoj Tiwari

16 10 8 12

9 6 5 7

10 6 14 8 12 16 10 8 12

6 4 8 5 7 9 6 5 7

4 2 6 3 5 7 4 3 5 15.82 =

16 4 36 9 25 49 16 9 25 TOTAL

(C-P) ^2 C
1.60 0.66 2.50 1.12 2.08 3.06 1.60 1.12 2.08 15.82

x ^2 = x ^2 at .05
Test Results


As the calculated value of chai-square (15.82) is more than the table value (15.45), so our null hypothesis is rejected and alternate hypothesis is accepted. Thus we can say that :There is a significant contribution of effective communication on Employee’s performance.

Research Analysis
Point of view of Upper Level Manager:
Communication through telephones is the most suited means as it is very quick and comfortable way to deliver relevant information. By developing language expertise and promote different cultural/cross-border communication to understand and promote trades. The informal line of communication is very helpful in developing relationships for the long-tenure.

Reference Book Robbins

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