Walking Amongst Angels

"Esme!" Old thing, are you listening to me? Esme!" "Oh, I'm sorry Miss Lilly but I was trying to make these traditional English tea biscuits according to the recipe for breakfast. You know how picky you are about breakfast - bacon, fried eggs, grilled tomatoes, sausages, and of all things baked beans!" "Forget about that right now. We'll just have tea and porridge. I want to tell you this lest I forget." How could I forget the writing? You see, in addition to being Miss Lilly's friend, cook, and caregiver, I'm also helping her write her reflections about times past. Miss Lilly asked, "You see that stick over there in the corner?"

I laughed to myself - stick, some stick! It looked like a small tree. Maybe not, but at least a small branch. It was at least 5 feet 8

inches tall and about 1 and a half inches wide! Miss Lilly was not more than 5 feet 4 inches in her tallest shoes. "Yes, Miss Lilly, I see your stick." I thought to myself, it's more like a shepherd's staff. "That old stick of mine and I have had some beastly adventures! You see, I used to walk at least 2 miles everyday - rain, fog, or not just before dawn. You know, before all of this jogging and gym

business type things. My stick helped me walk through grass, dirt, and other things. I walked in neighborhoods, past pubs, and in

farmland. It was glorious!" "I guess you miss it now being over 90 years old!" "I do! I really do! But let me tell you about this one day!"

I continued serving tea and porridge. I don't think Miss Lilly has ever used anything other than this enormous tea service. How

many times have I heard reference to doing the "queenly thing"? I find this odd because according to Miss Lilly she's been out of her "loved environment" for more years than I am old. "When I'd walk I would sometimes encounter stray dogs - a reason for my stick - or hear dogs barking. There was this one big house with a gate around it that seemed to reach heaven it was so tall. The owner - an ancient looking man - had ferocious hunting and guard dogs - 5 to be exact! They told me after what happened that there were 2 Doberman Pinschers, 2 Rottweilers, and 1 German Shepherd. "That's a pretty serious group of dogs!", I injected. "I wouldn't be anywhere around them but do go on." Miss Lilly continued to sip tea. It wasn't her usual Earl Grey but she didn't seem to mind. "Usually, when I walked by this house the

dogs would bark, jump up on the fence, chew at their collars, and just generally raise about $1000 worth of hell! Their owner would come out but it took several minutes for even him to quiet them. This one day there was an extensive amount of digging going on with mounds of dirt and rock everywhere because it seemed that the owner was putting in a garden. I could hear him barking orders from somewhere on the property about if something wasn't done correctly, "I ain't paying you bloody blokes nothing!" Just as I was rounding the road's turn I noticed that the gate was open and became very afraid. Just as I was turning the bend all - I mean all five of the dogs came charging! I turned to ready my stick like my butler had taught me, drop my eyes to avoid eye contact with the dogs, and scream but I tripped over some rocks and feel to the ground. I must have hit my head because I was dazed! When I opened my eyes there were all five dogs sitting in a circle around me with their backs toward me howling like wolves at the moon. Other than their howling sounds it was completely quiet and calm. The

German Shepherd was gently nudging me under my arm and had obviously rolled my stick to the side. I laid there flat of my back on the ground looking at the backs of the dogs encircling me. Their howls had become no more than infrequent whimpers. I noticed that it was past noon. I thought, "How long have I been here? Better sense told me not to jump up. As I was thinking about how to stand up the owner of the dogs appeared and approached me with a puzzled look. He helped me up and said, "Never have I seen anything like this in all my life! My animals are trained to attack and destroy. They are all very aggressive!" "As he was helping me walk away. I looked back and all five dogs were still sitting but had turned to look at me and appeared to be nodding their heads. The German Shepherd came after us with my stick in his mouth and dropped it at my feet. It was probably my imagination but he seemed to open and close one eye as if he blinked! Who said angels had to be human?”

Is this true? No one knows except Miss Lilly!

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