org/wiki/List_of_French_cheeses#Popular_French_cheeses Facts France 1.France is well-known for its production of cheese (over 400 types) and consequently it is the largest exporter of cheese in the whole world (eg. Camembert, Brie de Meaux, Roquefort etc) 2.The “Tour de France” is the world’s most notorious cycle race and the first Tour was on 1st July 1903. 3.After English, French is the only foreign language taught in every country of the world. 4.Mont Blanc (4810 m), Alps mountains, located on the French-Italian border, is the highest peak in Europe, if we exclude the Caucasus mountains (on the European/Asian border).
5.Presently, the French have a life expectancy at birth of 81 years (one of the highest in European Union).

6. France is the most visited country in the whole world. 7.Paradoxically, the oldest bridge in Paris is called “Pont Neuf “(“New Bridge”). 8.The most visited attraction in Paris is Disneyland (16 million visits in 2012). 9.April Fool's Day is considered to have its source in France(1564), when the country started using the Gregorian Calendar. Those that did not know about the switch in the calendars, were mocked on this day as they continued to believe that 1st April was the first day of the French new year.

after Luxembourg.10. Crepes (Pancakes). but in Strasbourg. .8 km/h (on 3 April. French national anthem. western France.Nicotine was named after Jean Nicot. 15. a French diplomat. ancestors of the modern French. but its origins go back in the Ancient Egypt. 13. They set up the first independent kingdom covering most of today’s France territory. then to Romans. Among all the European countries. 17. Until 1964. in 1559. 16. one of the most known dessert. 14. perfumes as well as cosmetics). Most immigrants live near Paris (40%). “La Marseillaise” was not composed in Marseille. French women could not open a bank account or get a passport without their husband’s permission. from where it spread to Greece. 12.French are the second biggest alcohol consumers (per capita) in Western Europe. a Germanic tribe that invaded Western Roman Empire. originate from Brittany. who brought the tobacco plant from Portugal to France. 18. 11.Foie gras is an emblematic food reference of French gastronomy. 20.France is famous for the TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) which set the record for the fastest wheeled train reaching a speed of 574. as we might think.The name ”France”(Francia) comes from “the Franks”. in 1792. France is considered the world’s leader in luxury goods (“haute couture”. 19. France has the highest wealth tax. 2007).

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