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Welcome Some men just seem to get everything, dont they? They live the life.

Why is it that some people have everything and some people have nothing? Its not luck, and its not fateits the sum total of their actions and attitudes. Everything and anything is attainable. Others around you arent succeeding more because theyre better than youtheyre just doing the things that you arent. Knowledge For Men is about teaching you what you need to know to be better, happier, and more successful with women and life. For those of you who have been with me for a while, thanks for your enduring support. You make everything worthwhile. For those of you who are new to the community, welcome. Everythings about to change for the better. We believe in our four pillars of life: Health, Wealth, Relationships and Growth. Each of these pillars is equally important, and theyre inextricably linked. When you strengthen one pillar, you strengthen the whole structure. When your health improves, your relationships improve. When your wealth grows, your personal development can move more effectively. This approachtotal life alterationis what sets us apart from the rest of the so-called seduction community. We dont believe in teaching you how to gimmick your way into the occasional underwhelming onenight stand. Men who spend all of their energy just trying to get laid are inevitably bad at it, and theyll become obsessed with the idea of picking up to the exclusion of all else. Perhaps theyll get a few phone numbers, but theyll work twice as hard as they need to, and meanwhile the rest of their life will be in shambles. Focus on transforming yourself and your life, and all the perks of better living will come to you naturally - health, wealth, relationships and personal growth. Life is too short for anything less than extraordinary. There is no reason to not get what you want in life. In this guide, Primal Attraction, you will learn to tap into the natural instinctive processes that govern human attraction. Weve evolved and grown as a species, but our basic primal instincts are still well intact, and every man can harness that energy to attract women on a raw, primal level. At the heart of this is confidence. Unshakable, unstoppable, rock-solid confidence. The world responds to the cues you give it. When you loudly tell the world I deserve it all, thats what you get.

By the time youve worked through this book, youll find that youre no longer chasing women theyre chasing you and you wont have enough time to get them all because youre so busy
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living it up. People will see you as a winner, someone who is seizing opportunities, making things happen and they will be drawn to you because they want to be a part of your adventurous life. Youll fail at first, but that doesnt matter. Look around youthere are no adult crawlers. Every kid fails the first time he tries to walk, but sooner or later we figure it out, and before you know it were flying across our living room floors. No kid has ever gotten depressed, felt sorry for themselves, and decided to crawl for the rest of their lives. No, they kept at it until it became second nature. Becoming the man you want to be is like this. Dont resign yourself to a secondrate life. Take action today. Your process of growth begins now. Are you ready?

The road less traveled will be a challenging path, but once youve traveled it, your life will never the same.

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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain My name is Andrew and Im the founder of Knowledge For Men. Ive decided I have no time for regrets. Mark Twain summed it up well, and the essence of his words is this: dont be afraid of failure. Get out there and make things happen! Making people understand that is my mission, and Im here to help you find yours. I am an avid reader, blogger, adventure enthusiast, and student of life. I am also an investor, personal development writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. In everything I do, I feel an intense drive to help others improve their lives. Squeezing the goodness out of every damn minute of life is something Ive trained myself to do. When I see people piddling their lives away, mired in doubt and dissatisfaction, I want to shake them and say, this is your life. Start living it! To that end, Ive spoken at numerous colleges and high schools in the San Diego area on college, careers, and turning dreams into reality. Primal Attraction focuses on one specific class of men: the guy who struggles with women and isnt getting what he wants out of life. Were raising a glass to the guy who feels like a second class citizen because hes crippled by his own lack of confidence. This is the guy who people walk on. The guy who cant stand up for himself in front of a crowd. The guy who sees a beautiful woman walk by and thinks, shes too good for me. This guide is for the man who knows all too well the experience of getting a phone number, calling it, and finding out its fake or watching it ring endlessly, the call never to be returned. If this is you, youre probably tired of seeing men half as good as you getting the things in life you want. Hopefully you know what you are, but you are just not getting the results you think you deserve. Ive been there. My life transformed dramatically as a result of changing my lifestyle and my attitudes. It took hard work and determination, but I did it. Thats how I know you can, too. Every morning, I wake up with a smile on my face, ready to take the world by storm and knock it out of the park. Thats how I want you to feel, too. Stay with me. Weve got work to do.

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Thanks for joining the movement thats swelling into a revolution. I envision a community of men that empowers each member to excel beyond his wildest dreams. Together, we can elevate ourselves about lifes little indignities and frustrations and achieve everything weve ever wanted. - Andrew

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Part I: Become a Better Man Being Yourself is Overrated........................................................8 Get to Work.................................................................................9 Confidence is Everything..........................................................10 Have Fun and Live it Up...........................................................11 Charisma Inspires Devotion......................................................12 Time is Your Ally or Enemy .....................................................14 You Can Never Be Too Healthy.................................................15 You Cant Be Anyone Else.........................................................16 Find Your Purpose in Life..........................................................17 Total Self Acceptance is Essential..............................................19 Live an Impeccable Lifestyle......................................................19 New Mantras for You..................................................................21 Game Killing Behaviors..............................................................22 Part II: Build Attraction with Women at a Primal Level Be a Challenge.............................................................................26 Emotions Lead to Relationships .................................................27 Kill Mr. Nice Guy........................................................................28 Never Give a Woman Exactly What She Wants..........................29 You Are the FUN.........................................................................29 Control the Conversation.............................................................30 She Wants to Chase You...............................................................31 Trying to Impress is Unimpressive...............................................32 Be Willing to Walk Away or Friend Zone Women.......................33 Never Chase a Woman..................................................................34 Woman Have a Clock; You Do Not..............................................34 Stop Trying to Be So Seductive....................................................35 Get Into State.................................................................................36 When its Time, Take the Shot.......................................................36 Freedom From Outcome................................................................37 She Feels What you Tell Her to Feel.............................................38 There is No Right Thing to Say.....................................................38 Conclusion.....................................................................................39
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Part I: Become a Better Man

When we're incomplete, we're always searching for somebody to complete us. When, after a few years or a few months of a relationship, we find that we're still unfulfilled, we blame our partners and take up with somebody more promising. This can go on and on--series polygamy--until we admit that while a partner can add sweet dimensions to our lives, we, each of us, are responsible for our own fulfillment. Nobody else can provide it for us, and to believe otherwise is to delude ourselves dangerously and to program for eventual failure every relationship we enter. - Tom Robbins In this section you will learn how to become the best version of yourself. Notice that Im not suggesting you learn how to come across as better, but how to actually improve yourself. Thats an important distinction. Cheesy pick-up lines and tricky techniques may get you a little temporary attention (and probably not much), but theres no substance there the womans going to jump ship, dump you, or cheat on you eventually. How many beautiful women have you seen or met in your life? Probably thousands. By comparison, ask a woman how many real men shes met in her life. It wont be many. The world is full of mediocre men. Its all full of men who may have one thing going for themwealth, looks, etcbut nothing else. It may be enough to initially get the attention of women, but before long shell realize that hes not a man of substance. Not a real man. This is not your fate. The goal of this guide is not to teach you cheap tricks to get laid but to teach you how to make substantial improvements in your life that will keep women coming back again and again. You will learn how to become the best version of yourself. Attractive women are constantly bombarded with the attentions of men, and these men are typically disappointments. Imagine it from her perspective, with men approaching her constantly, each one of them a dud. Imagine how enthralled shell be when she meets one who has the total package: independent, confident, healthy, well groomed, excellent communicator, and a natural leader. Men like this are extremely rare in todays world. Its time for you to step up and show the world who you were born to be.

Stop chasing women, being fake, and settling for temporary, surface-level attention from women. Start working towards becoming the best version of yourself. Every day, strive to be better than you were the day before in all aspects of life: health, wealth, relationships, and personal growth. Never neglect your four pillars. Youll not only find yourself surrounded with dating options, but youll simply be happier with the state of your life in general. The evolutionary playing field is a landscape of primal competition. For millions of years, men have competed for the attentions of women. The best and brightest have been the ones to survive, mate successfully, and raise up strong offspring. The sons of those first men endured the same competition, and again, and again. Somewhere down the line, you came into existence, and so its in your blood to succeed with women. Through war, famine, plagues, and catastrophes, your bloodline has continued to prosper. You are the crme of the crop for your bloodline. There is no reason why you cannot succeed. Use this as fuel as you strive to become the best version of you. The world needs more real men. The world needs you.


The phrase being yourself carries with it the implication that youre fine just the way you are. To talk about someone being themselves ignores the fact that people are complex. Theyre multifaceted. Theyre full of little contradictions, changing opinions, and conflicting desires. Were not cut from a cookie-cutter mold, and were different from day to day. That also makes us dynamic and exciting. Whether you like it or not, youre in transitionyoure a day older and closer to the end every single day. You can always be better, and self-improvement is attractive. So, stop trying to be yourself, and start trying to be your best possible self everyday. An example: In 2013, high school senior Suzy Lee Weiss was rejected from her dream school, and she wrote a controversial op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. Weiss threw a fit, arguing that shed been lied to all of her life by adult mentors who told her to just be herself, then discovered that just being herself wasnt actually all that impressive. She lashed out against other students who did charity work (citing it as insincere), sarcastically commented that she shouldve been born a minority, and blasted students who studied hard for the SATs (trying to look more intelligent than they really were, in her opinion.) Various Internet outlets posted brutal takedowns making fun of the teen, and all of them focused on two ideas that are relevant to our topic: Firstly, that a false sense of entitlement is bred into young people. Were told that were special, unique, and that we deserve to be loved. The implication is that we dont need to try at all. Secondly, that being your best self doesnt prevent you from being yourself. Being yourself doesnt mean saying okay, Im great, I accept it; I guess Ill just chill. Being yourself means owning who you are. It means following your core purpose and truest of intentionsfree from
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socially conditioned influence. Your physical nature, your individual experiences, and your unique way of thinking are what set you apart from the pack. Its a mistake to think this makes you an outsider. It makes you unique, and being unique is sexy. Its a strength, not a weakness. Where men trip themselves up is in acting out of character because they feel that the real man inside of them isnt going to get the job done. Dont strive to be like other unique men at the top of the food chain. They got there because they were true to themselves and worked hard and becoming the person they were meant to be. You need to identify what your truest, best self is, then become that. Be someone. Be a champion. You beat 40 million sperm to make it into this life, so get out there, light yourself on fire, and make it happen!


Transforming yourself into your best self takes work. Sitting around and waiting for it to happen wont cut it, and it wont make you a real man. You dont magically become a man when you turn 18, lose your virginity, or get a job after college. You become a real man when you become self-actualized. You must continually strive and grow in all facets of life, health, career, and personal growth. Too often men get trapped into thinking of all the changes in their lives that theyll someday make. This is compounded by the fact that we think of our lives in terms of our total lifespan, instead of realizing that youth is wasted on the young. Youll be old before you know it. Think of guys undergoing midlife crises. We frequently see guys hit their 40s and realize with terrifying clarity that most of their life has passed them by, and it signals a dramatic shift in their priorities. They start working out like fiends. They quit The average man the job theyve hated for twenty years. They re-prioritize, take action, spends 33 hours and change their lives in a way that makes them satisfied. Now, what if theyd grasped that mindset at 20? They would have had two more decades of fully fulfilled living, great times, hard-won achievements, amazing sex, and days full of confidence and sheer determination. When you work hard to become the man youre meant to be, everything else falls into placeincluding the women. You know this already. You know guys who are pretenders, who spend all of their time relying on fakery to try and pick up. You also know guys who just seem to carry themselves differently, who work hard at what they do, and whom women seem drawn to like magnets. Yeah, be the second type.

and 56 minutes watching TV each week. Part time

Be self-contained and self-controlled. Avoid being submissive. Take the lead, and start taking actions. Being assertive and decisiveand then sticking to your gunswill ensure that youre in charge of your own direction. As a man, there is nothing someone can give you that you cant get for yourself. When you make your own sense of satisfaction dependent on the actions or opinions of others, youre putting your happiness in the hands of others instead of protecting it and nurturing it yourself. You will never be attractive. Women pick up on this. If you need their approval, you wont get it. If you dont need it, youll be showered with it. This isnt necessarily true for women, who require your approval and reassurance. Give her what she needs, and shell naturally default to giving you the things you deserve: respect, support, and love.


Think about children again. Theyre unselfconscious. They do what they want, and they tackle any role they desire with complete self-assurance. Remember when you were out on the playground as a kid, and each day you could be something newa superhero, a ninja, a cowboy without any reservations. You slapped on a cape, and boom, you were superman. Its all about not having a care in the world. Most people are their own biggest stumbling blocks. We overthink, doubt our capabilities, and as a result we dont take action. Learn to let go, and youll be amazed at how capably you rise to the occasion. Confidence is the single most important factor in coming across well to the opposite sex. Instinctively, every woman wants to associate with an alpha male. Strength is sexy. If you hold yourself back in any way, you lose. Your ego only gets in the way. We sometimes simplistically use ego interchangeably with pridesomething that can be bruised but the ego is larger than this; it is a persons sense of self-importance The average American boy and, additionally, the part of ourselves that mediates between the realities of the world and our subconscious self-conception, allowing us spends 13 to ignore unpleasant truths when they require us to admit that were not hours a week playing video all-important. You will make mistakes. You will occasionally come games. across how you dont want to. Dont let that sabotage your confidence, though. When you makes your ego a priority to protect your image, you will inevitably fall prey to the disillusioning effect of pride. Only insecure men need to protect their pride at the expense of learning and growing. Real men know that mistakes are a part of the process, and their inner confidence isnt hurt because they know who they are, and making a mistake doesnt shake that. A real man doesnt need anyone elses approval. He knows that he has forged his own way of life. He knows that because he has defined his ethics, his own rules of behavior, and his own
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code of honor. His confidence has been established, and what others think is secondary. He doesnt need anyone elses stamp of approval. Confidence is gained through actions, and when you learn from the results, the confidence grows and builds. Ive set these two internal boundaries for myself, and I compromise them for nothing: I will never chase women. I will never compromise who I am for anything. I think of myself as the opportunity, the train leaving the station, the walking jackpotso others see me that way, too. This mentality has caused me to become very decisive, and my level of conviction is unreal. Yours can be too.


In 2006, psychologists Eric Bressler and Sigal Balshine ran a study on what factors affect a womans initial attraction to men theyve never met. They presented women with photographs of men (all of more or less equal physical attractiveness), along with a set of quotes attributed to that man (supposedly taken from essays they asked the men to write; in truth the quotes were fabricated.) Then, they asked the women to rate their intelligence, trustworthiness, desirability, and other traits based on these profiles alone. Half of the profiles had funny quotes, and half had serious ones. The results spoke for themselves: across the board, men whose photographs were accompanied by funny quotes were rated as more sexually desirable.1 Everyone likes a funny person. Life is hard, and people who lighten our burdens are socially valuable. The responsibilities and worries of life (which everyone has) constantly cloud our forethoughts, and people naturally An incredible 53% of gravitate to those who offer the gift of humor. Humor all Americans with a communicates our intellect and makes us more relatable. bachelors degree Developing your sense of humor to its fullest will enable you to under 25 are either engage every woman you meet, as humor is nonthreatening. We unemployed or disarm others defensive walls with laughter, and we dissolve underemployed. tension. Women are often initially uncomfortable when a stranger approaches them, and for good reasonbut when were funny, we tell them that were here to create good times and offer positive energy, and weve evolved in such a way that potential mates instantly accept and need more of this.

The reverse was also true: if the quotes were switched so that the funny men became the serious men, they were rated as less desirable.

Nothing in life is that serious. When you can be funny about everything, you tell others that you float above the daily drudgery. Youre better than all of that. A real man knows that he cant be dependent on anyone to make his life fun, so he makes it fun for himself. He creates a bubble of happiness, fun, and good spirits around himself, and when he encounters a new person hes confident that he will be interesting to them, because they want to spend more time in that bubble. People are social creatures, and we cant underestimate the drive others have to feel like they belong. When were humorous, and when we invite others to share in our humor, were telling them: you are wanted here. I want you to feel good, and when youre with me, youre going to feel good.

Being the Funniest Guy in the Room: A Crash-Course

Youre not going to make everyone laugh every time you open your mouth. Get over it. The funniest people in the world sometimes tell jokes that fall flat. Dont let your ego get in the way. Say the first thing that comes into your mind the moment you think of it. Being quickwitted suggests that youre intelligent and keeps others on their toes. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself. Timing is everything. Don't laugh at your own jokes. Dont get caught stealing jokes from comedians or friends. Dont get caught repeating a joke youve told before. Humor works best when it comes from a place of honest expression. We laugh harder when we agree with the genuine sentiment being expressed.


Many of us identify charisma in vague terms. We might refer to someone as having a way with people, but we cant put our finger on what it is. We know it when we see it. But the actual definition is enlightening: Charisma (noun): Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.

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The attractive qualities in a person with charisma inspire devotion. Devotion is selfless dedication and affection. This goes beyond merely liking someone in a surface way. The charismatic man inspires others to rally to his cause and to want to be close to him. Much research exists on leadership, and two terms come up again and again: the referent and expert aspects of personality. The referent qualities a person has refer to their ability to influence people positively through natural charm, sociability, and generally making those around you feel good. Expert qualities refer to the ways we inspire admiration in others by being good at what we do. By being a source of positive energy and excelling in all aspects of our personal lives, we transform ourselves into magnetic people. Of course, lead by example. In simpler terms: handle your life like the badass youre meant to be, and women will want you to handle them. Charisma is that part of you that people want to be around. The ingredients are being inspirational, confident, happy, and humorous. That mixture draws people to you. Since charisma is a combination of leadership qualities, strengthening those qualities increases your charisma. Whats more, charisma is energy. Motion is energy, so the more you move and animate yourself, the more emotion you inspire in others. Energize those around you, and theyll feel good, and since they want to feel good, theyll continue to want to be around you. Its a cycle to raises your social value infinitely. People communicate charisma through social cues, and they carefully control the way they come across. At first, this may take practice, but as it becomes ingrained into a persons being, it soon becomes automatic. Charismatic people hold eye contact and listen intently, keeping nervous movements and unnatural inflections in check. Theyre cool, calm, and collected. The way they speak, too, is naturally pleasing to others. They measure their tone and volume, choose their words carefully, and exhibit impeccable timing. Their posture reflects their confidence. When you see a truly charismatic person, you instinctively get the sense that youre meeting an apex predatora lion in a room full of cats. None of this is mysterious or magical; its all down to social psychology and the way we subconsciously process body language. We assume that these people have a high social value, and oftentimes they make us feel valuable, too. Charismatic people feel like theyre talking to you because theyre genuinely interested in you and want you there, rather than waiting for you to shut up so they can say what theyve been waiting to spit out.


Being More Charismatic: A Crash-Course

1. Learn the concepts behind what makes people charismatic. These overlap with what are commonly called soft skillslistening, being considerate, telling interesting and relevant stories. 2. Learn by observing others with natural charisma. 3. Learn by making deliberate, gradual improvements over time. (Learning to let go of fear and develop confidence.) 4. Mirror the body language of the people youre speaking tothis subconsciously makes them feel closer to you, as well as more comfortable. 5. Remember what people say to you. Learn their names. Bring up details theyve mentioned before, and ask relevant follow-up questions when they tell you something. This tells them that youre interested in them, and it makes them feel valuable. In turn, theyll value you. 6. Dont be afraid to show genuine emotion. If youre happy, laugh from your chest. If youre impassioned, let your tone of voice show it. It shows that you care.


Time is ticking away. Even as youre reading this, time is passing you by. Once youre done with this guide, reading time is over and action time begins. Youll need to get out there, take action, move forward, and take responsibility. This will enable you to either achieve things or learn things, making way for other achievements. It requires work. The worst thing you can do with your time is nothing. Staying home, playing video games, surfing the web, ignoring exercise, eating unhealthily, not approachingno more excuses because none of that is going to help you improve. Its just going to eat up time. Time that you cant afford to lose. Beware the demons of routine and relaxation. Healthy routines are positive, but failing to mix things up and take chances results in mediocrity. It encourages us to become complacent and overly comfortable, and when that happens, we become boring. Theres also a time to relax, but too many people overestimate how much time to unwind they need or deserve. A little television time after work is beneficial in helping you clear your mind, but when it becomes a seven-hour Netflix binge, youve become lazy. When you feel sluggish and lazy, your confidence will fade. When you win and learn, you feel good. Get out there. Dont focus on how you might fail, and instead focus on doing something that matters. There is no failure; it doesnt exist. Its a limit which is really an illusion, a concept man has created for himself. There is only learning and improving.

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Another key component to this is to remove procrastination from your life. While you may rationalize any number of reasons not to do what you need to get done, there are rarely genuinely good reasons. Dr. Timothy Pychyl, who has made a lifes work of studying the phenomenon of procrastination, uncovered an interesting trend in his research: when people feel competent about the task ahead of them, they are much less likely to procrastinate. If they fear theyre likely to execute the task poorly, theyll put it off. This is relevant because its completely illogical. Failure makes us more competent. If we do a poor job at the task at hand, we can learn from our mistakes, and we can attack it again with a new ferocity. The short version: Hurry up and start screwing up. Get your mistakes out of the way in a hurry, reflect and learn, then crush it the second, third, or fourth time around. It doesnt matter how many tries, just keep going!


Fix your diet. Eat healthy, period. Damnit, why do so many people neglect their health? There are some men who take better care of their cars or bikes more than they do themselves. Problems with health and insecurities about our bodies can become a constant distraction from the mental development that is key to becoming an unstoppable force with women. You spend all of your time in your body, so make it a comfortable place to live. Health issues permeate every aspect of your daily life, and theyll affect your game with women on every level. If you currently have unhealthy eating habits, start simple and make small chances that you can stick to. Develop better habits gradually. Cook at home more (youll save money, too.) Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, fish, and chicken. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Try green tea for its antioxidant effects. Fish oil improves the skin. Work out three to five times every week. Again, dont be afraid to start off slowly. Set attainable goals, then work your way up to a more intense routine. If youre a couch potato, and your goal is to have six-pack abs within three months time, youre going to fail. If your initial goal is to be able to run a mile without getting winded, though, youll do itand youll feel great about having done it. Your confidence will skyrocket. Then you take your goals up a level. Before you know it, the abs will come, and youll have dozens of small victories under your belt along the way. The key to working out is to be consistent. Dont go overboard and work out like a madman for two weeks, then skip the next week. Make a schedule and follow it. With time and persistence, you will see results. Remember: if you want results, you have to work for them. Yoga will give you an intense focus and clarity on life, so consider trying that. Do not ever use the excuse that you dont have time. You dont have time to take care of yourself? Take responsibility and make

the time. You govern how your days are spentnobody else. Remember Lesson Seven. Take care of yourself and youll have the energy to work long, grueling hours, be social, and go out all night, all while having a great time. If your heath is not up to par, you will not be successful out in the field with women; youll be too wiped out after a long, hard days work. Ensure that you are sleeping 7 to 8 hours, eating correctly, and working out each day.

Start thinking of your health in terms of those three ingredients: eating, sleeping, and working out. Most people focus on one or two to the exclusion of the rest, and theyre not as effective as a result. When one of your three pillars gets out of sync, the whole pyramid loses strength.


This is one of the single most common mistakes men make: theyre not seeing the success that they want to see in life, and they think they need to be someone else to get what they want whether its women, cash, a better job, whatever. If you want Brad Pitts life, finebut youre never going to be Brad Pitt, and no matter how hard you try, youll only end up looking like a guy trying too hard to be Brad Pitt. Theres nothing sexy or admirable about that. Become the you thats as successful as those guys who seem to have it all. Many guys come into our community looking for shortcuts, ways to instantly impress women and they do this because theyve convinced themselves that theyre not impressive right now. Before you know it, theyre wearing ridiculous furry hats and screwing up lame magic tricks at
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bars, and they actually believe this will make them attractive. The game isnt about learning tips and tricksits about becoming a better person. Its about identifying the traits youve already got that are working for you, then putting them to work in new ways. Its about rooting out your personal traits that are holding you back, then removing those weaknesses. Its about breaking yourself down, then reconstructing a new, better you. Its about overcoming your fears. Ah fear.. the illusion that prevents man from succeeding. You need to fight fear, wrestle with it, bite its head off and spit it out! Successful men at the top of their game know that those who arent growing are dying. They learn something new every day, set attainable goals, and focus their drive and ambition towards crushing those goals one by one. When you focus on cheap moves and pick-up techniques, youre distracting yourself from the work at hand. Youre watering down your genuine personality (your most powerful weapon), and youll come across as childish and desperate as a result. Look at the charismatic, successful men you know who seem to effortlessly date beautiful womenthey didnt take a class to get to that level. They didnt just talk it out on a messageboard or read book after book. Youre never going to learn anything by simply reading and studying. You must put in the work. Theres no simple answer for every guyyou have to pave your own way and discover where your strengths lie by advancing yourself. So, dont fake being a guy people want to associate with. Become him.


Dont aim for the low-hanging fruit. Your purpose is the mission to be accomplished. Its the dream to be realized. Even if you dont consciously know your purpose in life, some deep-seated part of yourself already knows what you were born for. Identify it by honestly appraising what you care about. What interests you more than anything else? What gets you fired up? Once youve figured out what youre most passionate about, take it a step further: beneath the umbrella of that passion, what change do you want to see in the world? What impact do you want to have? Think of Gandhis words: Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Dont make women the end goal. Getting laid is good, but that alone is never going to fulfill you completely. Its a passing high, and ultimately, its too easy. You should never be satisfied solely from having a new phone number or a date plannedthats allowing your entire sense of happiness to hang on the actions of a woman. Yeah, its exciting, but it shouldnt be the reason you jump out of bed in the morning. No mater how beautiful a woman is, she shouldnt dictate whether or not youre happy. You have to find your own purpose in life. Having that purpose will draw the girls to you all on its own.

The answer you seek is not found in women but in yourself. Having that drivethat purpose makes you a compelling person, someone whos exciting to be around. Again, the woman is coming along on your journey. Dont chase her or ever alter the course of your ship to satisfy her whims. She should support and motivate you. When youve found the right woman, you will know and your purposes will be aligned, and shell enhance and empower your journey, making reaching those dreams all the more satisfying. In turn, youll also invigorate her and energize her life. Getting a girl out of her skirt pales in comparison to having a kickass partner with whom you are an unstoppable team. The latter makes for a lifetime of the good stuff: laughs, adventures, good sex, and a long, healthy fulfilling life. Understand that women are a secondary goal, never a primary goal. Women and sex are an important part of the evolutionary drive, but when you make them the sole focus of your energy, youre going to be left unfulfilled. And worse yet, youre going to come across as desperate and shallow. Just think of how hurt you would be if the relationship went sour and you lost everything you lived for. Women are the natural side benefit of a life that is fully lived and confidently navigated. Life is short. Youve heard that enough times and it has become clich and meaningless. Life is short, thoughit really is, damnit! Not only do we not have much time on this planet, but we have even less time in the prime of our lives. The slower you are in getting started on the mission that you were put here to complete, the less youll get done before youre too old or too dead to do anything about it. Are you listening? I want to make sure I have your attention, because that was so damn important. You need to grab life by the balls and go get what is rightfully yours! CRUSH LIFE!


You enjoy as much as happiness as you believe youre worthy of. From the time were children, were conditioned to seek the approval of others, and our self-worth is tied to this. As a child, its your parentsthey decide whether youre a good boy or bad boy based on your behavior (and, essentially, your performance as a kid.) Typically, people carry this mindset into adulthood. We let others tell us how worthy we are. As an adult, the fortunate thing about this is that we can decide for ourselves that its bullshit.
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Decide, right now, that youre a guy worth being with. You are! It might take some time to fully believe that, but keep telling yourself that. Accept who you are right now. Stop knocking yourself down by fretting about what you dont have. Your height, your skin color, your eyes, your hair, and your body are yours for the rest of your life, so do what you can and be happy with what you have. Children are always looking to the future, thinking about what theyll have down the line, wondering when the good things are going to come their way. Realize that there is only now. There is only today. There is only this moment in time. This is your life. This, right now. Today, how are you going to improve it? What specific actions will you take? Do the work. Put in the effort. Be your own compass, and trust in your own internal frame of reference. In all matters pertaining to your life, you are the final authority. You will not wait to follow the instructions of friends, family, society, or culture. You wont do things in order to gain approval. You will do what is right for you according to your own principles. Be the master and commander of your own ship and guide it into the adventure of life. You wont look back, and youll be happier for it.


You could die at any moment. If you died today, could you truly say you lived and enjoyed your life? Did you consistently have the experiences you sought? Do you have any regrets? Identify your honest areas of interest. What really excites you and satisfies you? Embrace the lifestyle that will make you excited to wake up every morning, then bring others into it. This also enables women who are attracted to you to get closer to you without any pressure, since theyre simply partaking in the social areas of your life that youve made part of your lifestyle. This is how you can attract women to you rather than chasing them down, altering your activities to fit her lifestyle. If your friends are bringing you down, and their interests and goals dont align with yours, perhaps its time to find new friends. Why hang out with people you have nothing in common with? Why feel obligated? How many times have you done some activity you had no interest in because you felt it would please another person? Most of us have done that too many times to count, and its wasting our precious time. We only live once, so start doing more of what you love to do. You dont need to delete people from your life, but you need to spend time with people who support, motivate, and encourage you to become your best self.


You dont have to work specifically at being attractive, because your best self is already attractive. You are the opportunity, and when every aspect of your life screams that from the mountaintops, more women will want you. Build yourself a lifestyle in which you thrive, and youll empower yourself to be that exciting, energetic person that draws women in like moths to a flame. You are the average of your surroundings. You are the average of the people you hang out with the most. This can be good or bad. If your friends play video games, then youre probably going to play video games. If theyre building businesses, then youre probably doing the same. Equally, if your friends are incompetent and awkward when it comes time to approaching women, youre also going to get sucked into that aura of failure. Youll be shot down by association, or you wont be pushed enough by your friends. Surround yourself with social guys who can help you get to where you want to be. Go out with a group that will create an atmosphere of fun and excitementyoull have a better time, and youll be energized, and others (especially women) will be naturally drawn to the group. You wont need to cold approach women as often.

The most important thing is a high level of self-worth. Im talking about your own vision of yourself and your lifestyle. Protecting your way of life is more important than any woman, and you should never allow a woman to waste your time. Either shes along for the ride, or shes not.

To find this group of guys, just go out more often. If you have to, go out solo and introduce yourself to people, so be it. How to make friends quickly? Try to help people in some way, forging a relationship through mutual benefit. Wheres your area of expertise? If youre a healthy guy, help a guy out with his diet and fitness. If you have business connections, help someone out with their career. When you help people, you add value to their lives, and when you enrich someones life, they want to be around you and enrich yours. In time youll have a core crew of guy friends with whom to pool resources and have a good time.

Those pretty girls sitting in a group by themselves, looking around the bar occasionally, pretending to have fun? Theyre tapping away on their cell phones for a reason: theyre bored. They want to be a part of your group, the fun group. Whatever youre doing, have women around. When you watch a movie, invite a few girls around to drink and watch it with you. When you go shopping, bring a few ladies, then invite them to smoke with you later. Theres no pressureits just socializing, and youre the guy they have fun withbut all the while, attractions building, and if you want it to, you can allow it to turn into something heavier. Consider your own social currency. It works the same way that business marketing doeswhen someone perceives something as valuable and acts accordingly, others do too. Diamonds are a
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good example. Theyre not actually very rare, and at the end of the day, theyre just rocks (albeit pretty ones.) But because theyre hard to get, people want them all the more. When women see that youre wanted and that others value your company, theyll want to get in on the action, too. Social Lifestyle: 1) Your social network, hand selected by you, consisting of your guy friends and all the women you meetwhether you want to sleep with them or friend-zone them. This circle is growing every time you go out. 2) Other social circles you mingle with. Youre like a special guest in the main cast, and if you enjoy the people you meet, you can invite them into your own main circle. 3) Thats connected to all of your favorite businesses and venues. When you do what you do in consistent surroundings, you meet other regulars, make friends with the staff, and can earn a little special treatment. 4) Resources: by knowing other men (especially other successful men), you can pool your resources and social connections to enhance everyones experiences. 5) Professional acquaintances. These people can also enrich your life by introducing you to life-enhancing opportunities, and they have the potential to join your main


Nothing rattles me. Im a man of steel. When I decide something, its set in stone. I execute and make it a reality. Nobody chooses for me. I make my own decisions, and then I see them through. I dont go out look for approval from others. They give it to me because I deserve it. I dont see mistakes, I see learning opportunities. I take setbacks in stride and become even stronger as a result of them. When I look at someone, they feel like I see right into their soul. I dont break eye contact before they do. I carry myself confidently. My posture tells others that Im an alpha male. Despite my confidence, Im appreciative of others and treat them well. I dont give up power for anyone, and nobody can take it from me. I can have any woman I want. I know exactly where Im going and how Im getting there. I set realistic, specific goals for myself, and then I crush them, one by one. I embrace competition, because it allows me to flaunt what Ive got. Nobody can show me up. Im always taking action. Im never lazy or complacent. I am a leader. Others look to me to set the bar.

If Im forced to stand up for myself, I can do it effortlessly. I know my own strengths and continually enhance them. I get stronger every day. I dont excuse my behavior or apologize. I am my own man, regardless of the situation. Others can take it or leave it. I dont treat the women Im involved with like children. I dont have time to babysit. I give her the freedom to run her own life, and I expect her to be able to handle herself. I dont waste time trying to entertain women who dont meet my expectationsits their job to keep me interested.


Clingy, needy behavior: Theres no quicker way to go from interesting to creepy than blowing up a womans phone with too many texts. Let her have a life apart from you and let her make contactafter all, it shows her that youve got a lot going on in your life and that you dont need her. Jealousy: When youre jealous, youre threatened. When youre jealous of her guy friends, the implication is that they can compete, that theyre on your level. They cant, and theyre not, so dont be jealous. Trying too hard: When youre at your best, things should appear effortless. When you come across as trying hard to impress a woman, she knows youre putting on a front. When you dont seem like youre trying, she gets the impression that shes seeing the real youand liking him. Bragging: Theres a time to talk about your accomplishments: when youre asked. Playing your hand too quickly comes across as egotistical or desperate for affirmation. Let the mystery remain, and when she asks about your goals and accomplishments, youll know she wants to hear about them. Then, theyll appear all the more impressive because you were nonchalant about them. Anger and Defensiveness: Letting others get to you suggests that you require their approval or take their words and actions seriously. Show youre above the rest by remaining calm and collected. Violent outburst and drunken arguments make you look like a teenager. When its time to act, do so decisively, but dont let anyone push you that far easily. When youre affected by others, they win. When youre above being dragged down to their level, you rise above. Being defensive suggests you lack security. Sitting above the conflict suggests that it doesnt even warrant making a blip on your radar.

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Being boring: If youre bored then youre boring. Being boring shows a lack of personality. Your presence should be associated with good feelings and fun times. Remember, you are the party starter. You are the one who livens even the most boring days. Boring days are for boring people. Being pushy: When you rush, you tell her that you need something she has more than she needs youand you give up your power. Remember that women want sex as much as men do, but each woman has a different set of circumstances that need to be fulfilled before shell be comfortable getting busy. Trying to push your way into her bed will get you left out in the cold. Being passive and indecisive: Women want to be with a man. An inability to have an opinion on anything, make any calls, or act in general makes you look timid and weak. Be confident in your decisions, and act to ensure that youre getting what you want. Inability to listen: Listening shows that youre interested in her, not simply her body. Making the mental connection is a bigger turn on for her than anything else, and if she feels like what shes saying isnt important to you, she wont want to stick around. Nobody likes being used, and its on you to convince her through your actions that youre not using her. Appearing desperate for sex: When you come across as totally sex-driven, youre telling her that youre not getting it enough. If she thinks youre not getting any, shes going to wonder if theres a reason for that. Everyone wants sex. Dont worryeven the girl youre talking to wants it. What she needs to do is give herself permission to indulge in it, and you facilitate that by making her feel comfortable. Impatience: Patience is vitally important in any relationship, business, and life. Lack of patience shows you lack self-discipline. It also tells those around you that youre not willing to work for what you get, and that you feel a false sense of entitlement. A real man knows that the journey is as important as the end goal and enjoys the ride. Negativity: Constantly complaining about things creates an atmosphere in which its hard to have fun. Be the guy that can find the fun in any situation and always look on the bright side. Be untouchable. Small-time troubles dont touch you. Speaking too softly or loudly: Fear that you'll impose yourself on people and their personal space suggests weakness. Alpha males arent afraid to make their presence known by projecting their voice and living out loud. At the same time, talking too loudly can be seen as obnoxious and overcompensating.


Talking too fast: Talking too fast makes you seem overly excited. It makes you look like youve never spoken to a girl before. Talk at your own pacetheyll feel lucky to be sharing your time, not the other way around. Insecure body language: Fidgety movements, tight shoulders, taking yourself too seriously, or trying too hard to project a businesslike persona suggest overt self-doubt. Its awkwardness and nervousness. When youre relaxed, people around you will relax, too. Know how you hold yourself, and do so confidently. Practice in a mirror if you need to.

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Part II: Building Attraction with Women at a Primal Level

Try not to become a man of success. Rather, become a man of value. Albert Einstein

Emotion is often illogical. We all know this. The head says one thing and the heart says another its the oldest story in the book. And we cant fully control attraction. You already know this, too. Thats why unlikely matches occur, and its how people get themselves into trouble. Consider people who cheat on their spouses, for example. Many of them are well-meaning, and theyd never want to hurt the person theyre with, even if the attraction is gone. But theres something about that primal desire thats hard to deny, and it changes the way a person behaves. Sometimes, attraction takes over and supersedes everything weve ever told ourselves about how we function. Emotions play by their own rules. If everyone could control them easily, life would be a lot simpler. It would also be a lot more boring. Desire is something you cannot control. If you cant connect with a womans emotions, she cant feel attracted to you. No logic can create that instant gut feeling of attraction, that kick in the stomach of pure, animal desire. No simple technique can ignite that undeniable craving for another person, the one that takes you over, the one that makes you behave differently. In this section, youll learn how to trigger those primal emotions in women. Youll learn how to tap into those primal urges and harness that power. Once she feels attracted, she wont be able to help itits on. That primordial level of feeling takes over, and thats a more basic, instinctive mode than the collected, logical front we all put on. She wont be able to get you out of her head. Shell try to focus on other things, but her thoughts will draft back to you. And for every second she doesnt have you, the desire only intensifies. Youve got a lot to bring to the tablein Part One, you learned to recognize that and hone it. In Part Two, youll learn how to make women realize it, too. I wrote this book to get you over the idea that behaving like you owe a woman something is the way to get the girl. This section is.



Once a person gets what they want, they stop wanting it. They want something better. Another variation: Once a woman knows that you are really into her, she stops being as interested in you. Remember: YOU set the pace. Show a woman youre interested in one way only: through your actions. When you verbally tell her how much you like her, it defuses the spark. When she suspects it through your actions but never hears it out loud, her knees will shake. Attraction isnt something you decide uponits an uncontrollable reaction to the right qualities. When you hit the right emotional triggers, the attraction follows. Its a compulsion on her part, not a decision. One way to kill this impulse before it grows is to appear worried about whether or not she likes you. Assume she does, and she will. When a woman senses that youre a tough catch, your value increases in her eyes. She doesnt want the guy that any pretty girl can swayshe wants the one that cant be tamed, the one who couldnt care less if other girls come or go. She wants the mystery that not just anyone can unravel. If youre that guy in her eyes, any time you spend with her becomes supercharged with the electrical energy of pure attraction. When youre interested as well, it gets harder to play it cool, but keep that challenging persona up. When you decide to seal the deal, shell be putty in your hands. Constantly making her work a little to get what she wants out of the relationship keeps the power in your corner. Throwing her the occasional curveball keeps her on her toes, but just as importantly it keeps her guessing as to what you may or may not do next. This kind of behavior, when executed properly, will make her think about how interesting you are on a subconscious level. Shell value your attention that much more because its earned, not given freely. Refuse to be taken for granteddont make yourself permanently available to indulge her every beck and call. Have other things going on. Leave her alone sometimes, and let her soak in what your absence feels like. When you reduce your availability, you increase your perceived desirability. You cannot appreciate that which you get for free. People dont want things that are readily available to them. Some men dont like the idea of playing hard to get because it seems manipulative. It seems insincere. It seems like a game. Well, guess what? Women want you to be interesting. Women want a challenge. Its fun for them. Beautiful women are used to men fawning over any sign of interest from them. If you have the balls to hesitate on returning such a sign, you send a powerful message about how self-confident you are and how little you need from her. Being hard to get automatically implies scarcity, and rare things are valuable things, enhancing your attraction.

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Challenging Her to Increase Desire: A Crash Course

1. Giving her a hard time about something in a flirty way. It keeps her on her toes and reminds her that shes not perfect. Expressing problems between the two of you. For example, if we were together we would always fight and I would win or this already too dificult it just isnt going to work This demonstrates a playful attitude that women will play along with. Behaving like you could take her or leave her... and like shes just a good friend (too comfortable.) Other men who wear their attraction on their sleeve and work hard for her approval will bore her. When she feels like shes boring you, shell try and up her game.




Women can control their thoughts, but they cant control their feelings. This includes attraction, which is one of the strongest feelings anyone can experience. For men, attraction usually happens in response to a beautiful face and a nice body. For women, its determined by how they perceive your personality and how you make them feel. Attractive men may have an easier time initially getting a foot in the door, but they have no natural advantage in putting it to good use once theyre at the doorstep. Ironically, the way to get her approval is to not need it in the first place. This is something that she picks up on. Its something you communicate to her through your attitude and actions. When you refuse to chase her and refuse to behave differently around her, she knows that you dont compromise who you are. That in turn puts the ball in her courtshe has to live up to your standards. Attraction is either on, or its off. A woman isnt logically deducing whether or not youre a good choice for her. Shell never think, Theres no spark there, but hes got a good job, so screw itIll sleep with him. Her desire comes from a place of pure instinct. After shes infatuated, shell back up her decision logically. Shell rationalize the way she already feels by telling herself that youve got a good job, good education, nice family, etc.all the things girls pretend are important to them on the forefront. If you want to get into a relationship, then have sex as soon as possible. Make it great sex for her. Dont leave her unfulfilled by being selfish in bed. Give her a lay that will put every other guy shes ever known to shame. The combination of sexual satisfaction and the heavy emotions that come with it will have her thinking of you in boyfriend terms in no time. After youve gotten the

sex, dont change your behavior, though. You still need to maintain that confident, funny, and challenging personality you had beforenow the sex will just come more easily and more frequently, and it will be better as you get used to each other.


Nobodys actually as nice as a typical Mr. Nice Guy pretends to be. We know him when we see him, and we know we can walk all over him. Hes more concerned with appearing gentle than he is with standing up for himself. A guy that spends all of his time trying to act right, catering his actions to what he imagines will get him the girl is a guy whos letting the woman control his actions preemptively. He has no sense of himself. And since hes spending all of his time trying to be someone else, the girl cant get to know him, and attraction cant grow. Also, by placing her on a pedestal, the guy is lowering himself. He signals that shes better than him, and she in turn agrees. Mistaken Things Nice Guys Think: - Whenever I talk to a woman, Im the lucky one. - If I want girls to notice me, I need to earn their attention. - I need to convince women that they should want me. - Shes right, and Im wrong. I shouldnt ever say anything that will upset her or challenge her. - If a woman rejects me, its because I wasnt good enough for her. - If Im a good enough friend to her, shell eventually want me. - I should let her be in control. Letting her make the decisions will make her like me.

What youve heard is true: nice guys always finish last. Women will date a nice guy, yes. Their best friend is a nice guy. But theyre not going to sleep with the nice guy. The nice guy cant unlock their inner desire on that primal level. A plutonic nice guy friend is a dick in a glass caseshe knows she can have him whenever she decides she wants him, and maybe from time to time shell get drunk and make out with him. But then, a week later, shes going to tell him all about the mysterious stranger she met at a party, the one who she cant stop thinking about sleeping with. Its easy to lose respect for the nice guy. Shell take advantage of him. The nice guy buys flowers on the first date, lets her pick the venue, and picks up the tab. He spends too much of his energy trying to compliment her and please her. At the end of the night, hes lucky to get a kiss on the cheek. Then hell repeat that process over and over again. Soon, shell have lost interest, and hell find himself in the ever-dreaded friend-zone.

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They dont usually know what they really want, anyways. Most people in general dont. She thinks she knows what she wants. Youll get an idea of what she thinks she wants early on, and it differs from woman to woman. Shes wrong, though. She is used to getting what she thinks she wants in each man she gets involved with (thats why she gets involved in the first place), but shes still single. The others before you havent held her attention, and you will because youre younot whoever she believes she wants you to be. By not behaving differently for her, you set the frame that youre in control and are not intimidated by her looks. Just do your thing and live your life, and allow her to come along. Youll be surprised at how eagerly she does. Letting her set the pace triggers her friendship instinct. Shell see you as a supportive friend who gives her whatever she wants instead of a person who takes her life to a different level. Take the initiative and be confident in all matters, especially physically. When you decide its time to go in for the kiss, dont ask for itjust take it. If you want to hold her hand, do so. Dont make a big deal of it, and dont wait for her to ask for it. If she wants to go out at 6 PM, make it 7:30 PM. If she wants to see Movie A, suggest Movie B and see Movie A next time If she wants to eat at Restaurant A, suggest B and try A another time. You dont have to be challenging her on every little thing (thats annoying), and youre not creating tension for the sake of creating tension. But youre the leader of the ship, and you sail in the direction you want to go in. Remember, shes along for your adventure. If she wants to do something else, tell her to have fun and youll see her later. Women want their men to lead them. They dont want to wear the pants in the relationship.


When people see you having fun, they know theyll have fun if theyre around you. Theyll gravitate towards you. Enjoying your day is always better than trudging through it. When you go out, you go out to have fun, so do it. Kick back and enjoy yourself wherever you are. You can make any situation enjoyable by having a fun attitude. You can also make boring situations fun for others, and livening up the mundane parts of life enriches those around you.


Women form subconscious associations between you and the emotions they feel when theyre around you. If every time theyre around you they have fun (and thus feel good), especially in a situation where they dont expect it (because its a boring, mundane situation), they relate feeling good to your presence. When youre around, she has more fun than when youre not. This becomes more valuable as you control it. Get off the line at the height of any phone call, or stop giving her direct attention at the high point of a date. Disappear for a few minutes. Let her feel your absence. Become a beacon of fun, ambition, sexual energy, mystery, and constant surprises in her life. When youre there, life should take on a new color, like stepping into a dream. When youre gone, she should feel it. Things and people that are unpredictable keep our attention. If you act like every other predictable guy, then youre going to get he same things that they all get: rejection, no sex, and a one-way ticket to the friend zone.


Conversations with women should consist of the following: Teasing. When women become frustrated in a positive way, they also become sexually excited. Youre challenging them, and a challenge is sexy. This might also make her feel nervous, and if she feels nervous about being with you, shell associate that with attraction. There is more than one way to create butterflies in her stomach. Pausing. Hesitating in conversations gives you a more dramatic, mysterious presence. Dont underestimate the power of intrigue. Unanswered questions and unfinished stories leave her hanging and wanting more. Shell want to unravel the mystery. Make your answers to personal questions purposefully evasive and short at timesshell assume theres a hidden story there, something unfit to share with just anyone. Shell want to be the person you do share it with. Casually mention things that you know shell ask you more about, but deflect the questions. Sexually suggestive topics not including her. Refer to other people and situations. This shows that youre not afraid of sexin fact, youve blown other womens minds before, and you can do it for her, if shes lucky. It shows that youre in command of that area of your life, and it implies that you wont disappoint. Humor. Ive discussed it before, but making a woman laugh increases her interest exponentially. Everyone likes to feel good.
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Pausing, learn how to hesitate to give yourself a real presence. Unanswered questions and unfinished stories leave her hanging and wanting more. Sexually suggestive topics not including her. Refer to other people and situations. Conversations should NOT consist of: Compliments. (You might open with one when you first see her, though, if she put effort into looking good.) Too many compliments says your standards are low, though. Keep her working. Direct statements that attempt to gauge feelings. Nothing about how you like her or trying to get her to admit that shes into you. Act like you already know shes into you. How could she not be? Discussions of exes. Shell start associating you with failed relationships. Besides, your attention and focus should be on the present, not the past. Too many details about your life. Remember, each detail about you is valuable, and you shouldnt spend them all at once. Give her a little at a time, over time. Its fun getting to know people, and when it happens over a long period of time, we stay interested. Basically, you should always be flirting, teasing, and having fun. Dont take anything too seriously. Keep things lighthearted, and avoid heavy situations. Youll be able to tell how shes feeling by her actions. Is she smiling or laughing? Is she spending the whole time on her phone? Is she looking around the room because shes bored of looking at you? When you call or text, does she respond right away or does it take hours or days?


She wants to chase. She really does. But she has no real avenue to do it. Theres no thrill to the chase when the target isnt hard to catch. Its boring if youre giving her what she wants to work for. Thats trying to buy her affections, and that results in failure in the long run. She wants to come after you, but she cant if you are already with her. If youre at her beck and call, doing everything she wants and agreeing with everything she says, youre not a leader and a man who excites her (and excites her by inspiring her to also be better)youre a Yes Man. You might as well be her butler or servant. You must always be aware of her need not to be run over by your enthusiasm. She wants the thrill of the hunt and the excitement of not knowing what you really think. Shell find herself questioning how much you really like her, and that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling

is a rare and exciting one. It gets her juices flowing and keeps the adrenaline pumping. Give her the opportunity to come after you, and shell do it. You defuse that raw energy when you do all of the work for her. Like everyone else, the girl youre interested in wants what she cant have. The anticipation of getting you only heightens the intensity when it happens. Think of it from your own point of view, remembering the times youve nervously called a girl and been unsure if shed pick up the phone or not. Remember the small high you got when she accepted the second date. Remember how you worked hard to get a kiss, and remember how supercharged it felt. That adrenaline rush comes with being the one who did the work. Let her do the work, anticipating how satisfying it will be, thinking of you beneath the sheets at night, waiting anxiously for your next text. The more time she invests in chasing you, the harder shell work to get you and keep you.


In any given social interaction, one person is always reacting to the other. When youre saying things to impress her or make her laugh, youre trying to impress her. Youre trying to draw out a specific reaction from within her, instead of speaking sincerely from within yourself. When youre speaking candidly about what youre passionate about, she gets sucked into your world, and the conversation is taking place in your territory. Youre in your own headspace, not hers. Youre setting the pace and rhythm. Women are attracted to the man who can express himself genuinely without fear of being judged or ridiculedyour earnest delivery signals that you know youre interesting, and so shell follow suit and be interested. Not only does trying to impress a girl make you less interesting, but it also once again signals a willingness to give up power. It tells her that you require her approval, and by now you already know that you dont. She should be trying to impress you. When you adopt a take me or leave me, it doesnt matter to me attitude, shell choose to take you every time. Youre not trying to convince a woman to like you. Its not a logical game. Its an emotional one. So, instead, behave like the alpha male you are. They feel what you feel. When youre interested, youre interesting.

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Know your standards. Know what you want, and decide right now that you wont settle for anything less. It doesnt matter how beautiful she is. If you decide that she has to respect your hobbies, time, and friends, stick to that. If you want her to come from a quality family, stick to that. Stick to your boundaries. Dont compromise. If you want a woman with a college education, dont settle for a bikini model who dropped out of high school. You might have fun for a minute, but youll be unsatisfied quickly. Then, most importantly of all, be willing to walk away from anything that doesnt work within your game plan. You wont be happy settling for less, and again, women pick up on thisshell know without having to be told that youre willing to pull the chute if she doesnt pass muster. This will make her curious. Shell naturally want to know how to get at you and why youre like this. Shell also be impressed with your confidence and strong stance. The interaction becomes framed in terms of her wanting you and you deciding whether or not to accept that, and so its her game of figuring out how to get what she wants. This is opposed to the normal game, in which the girl is used to holding all the power, stringing some poor sap along as he tries, and tries, and fails. Keep your interactions social, and dont chase her. When a perfect ten doesnt meet the bare minimum of your criteria, put her in the friend zone, or walk away. You havent lost anything you wouldve wanted for long, anyways. In your reality, your needs come first, and you may decide to let her spend some time in your realitybut ultimately, youve got control. Zeroclinginess and a I dont need this and can cut the string any time mentality communicates that youre of high status. It tells her that youve got plenty of options, and that she might not even be the best oneshell have to prove it to you that she is. It says that youre above being controlled by her or pitifully bowing to her every whim and petty desire, like shes used to. It makes you stand out above the rest of the pack. This will not only attract higher quality women, but it will make it enormously easier to filter out the ones who will waste your time.



When you stop chasing women, sex becomes infinitely easier to obtain. Dont chase, dont chase, dont chase. When you want them, they dont want you. When you dont need them, theyll do anything to have you. Its not rocket science, and if you dont believe me, try it. The majority of men are out there trying to get women. You can see it from a mile away. You can spot these guys at clubs. They go out to get women, whereas women go out to have fun. You need to match them in that goal: go out to have fun, and women will naturally be attracted to that aura of fun and excitement. Be the guy women want to be around by having fun, teasing them, physically escalating and challenging them. Keep them on their toes. What is the fastest way to lose any woman? Putting a woman on a pedestal and idolizing her as the only beautiful woman in the world. Shes smart, hot, and has goals? So what? There are millions like her. You might not realize it because you might not interact with many women. Youre What Happens When You Chase: probably not going out several times a week and meeting new people each day. You meet one girl through happenstance, and shes got little competition Flaking 100% no sex so she becomes the one object of desire, and she No texts back, very low might not be worth all that. When you make her the response rate, takes hours or biggest priority in your life all of a sudden, youll days to respond come on too strong and push her away even further. One minute she's fascinated, You become the salesman who never stops trying, next minute she isn't leaving a dozen voicemails and annoying the hell out Goes for another guy of you. When dont want to feel like theyve been Would rather hang out with sold on something; they want to feel like they just just the girls won the lottery.


George Clooney is 52 years old, and he still makes the Sexiest Man Alive lists of magazines. Hes not the only one. When men age well, they become more distinguished, more refined, and more confident. By contrast, women are constantly fighting the ravages of agethats why aging creams and wrinkle removers are a multi-million dollar industry, and thats why they have to work harder to maintain their physical shape. Every woman feels that ticking clock, and they all know their dating stock goes down each year, not up.
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For women, the quality of their social/sex life is highly unpredictable and based heavily on: - Their looks - Their pool of chasers - Their social circle Each of these diminishes with time. Every day that goes by, new fish are turning 18 or 21, and each day those looks fade. Those 18-21 year old girls will happily date older men, too. As we age, we can gain depth in our personality, and the older we get, the more experience we have. We learn and grow and become more financially set. You get better and better at being you. You also get better at sharpening and enriching your lifestyle. That makes you even more attractive to younger women, since theyre not as far along in life as you are, and you can introduce elements into their lives that they want but cant attain on their own. Consider a 30-year-old man and woman. The womans attractive, but those looks have faded. Sure, some guys might be game to get involved, but there arent many of them. The 30-year-old man, on the other hand, has an impeccable lifestyle and has retained his good looks. The 22 year old college grad that just walked into the bar would be more than happy to have his attention. Hes got a bigger pool of potential admirers to work from than his female counterpart. Hes got the choice, and the competition is between the 30-year-old woman and the 22-year-old. Too many men chase, and thats become the prevalent social dynamic. You are the opportunity. Dont forget it.


When you try to be seductive, youre playing a guessing game. Youre trying to figure out what key will unlock a woman youve never met, and thats another losing game. And again, it broadcasts to the room that youre someone who needs to work hard to get the attentions of women. Thats not the aura you want to project. Instead, by being your best self, youll trigger the proven attractors in all women across the board. That self-reliance, confidence, and positivity will do all of the work for you. Youll see social situations open up before you. Every party will become an opportunity for you to allow new people into your lifestyle. Every room will be a proving ground for women to prove to you that theyre worth your time. Youll have a blast, youll make friends, and youll have all the attention you can handle.


The fact that youre not out looking to be seductive makes you more seductive than anything else. It shows that you trust in yourself, youre a creator of good times, and youre not interested only in sex. You dont need to trick attention out of womentheyll come running. All of this is another way of saying whats been said before: seduction is not the goal in and of itself. Being your best, most excellent self will put you at the top of the social food chain, and the seduction will occur effortlessly, naturally.


If youre new to the theories prevalent in the seduction community, the idea of getting into state refers to getting yourself into a confident, positive, upbeat, party mood. Its like getting an athlete getting pumped up before hitting the field. You get your head in the right place, ready to make something happen, and then you hit the scene. Remember that being in state isnt whats getting you the girlsyoure not magically a different person. But youre confident, performing at the top of your game, and that confidence gives you the power to pull the trigger. You set your own state. Just being in an energetic, fun atmosphere alone wont put you in a fun, energetic mood. Its up to you to get your head in the zone. If you dont get yourself pumped up and ready to confidently present, youll disappear in the sea of your environment. Nobody will notice you over the others in the club, or youll end up zoned out, lost in your own thoughts. Listen to music that helps you get into state on your way out. When you get there, stay active and fun-oriented. Play games with your friends, dance with girls, or whatever else gets you in a fun, confident mood. Keep your blood pumping and your muscles moving by staying active and dynamic. A rule of thumb is that motion is emotion. If you keep yourself active, your game will be on point when it comes time to meet women.


An easy way to fail is to jump the gun and try to sleep with a girl too early. An equally dangerous way is to be too timid and wait too long, however. Wayne Gretzky said, you miss all the shots you dont take. Theres a tipping point beyond which sex ceases to be an optionyou move in her eyes from someone I will eventually sleep with to someone I flirt with but who doesnt seem to want to sleep with me. The window of opportunity closes. If you wait too long, the girl will assume its because you dont want it or that youre too shy to pull the trigger. Dont be the guy that cant seem to close the deal, or youll suddenly find that youve somehow slipped into the friendzone.
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Challenge them. Lead them. Take the initiative, and when you think its time to escalate things, do it. Go in for the kiss. Take them home. Set the pace. If she says no, it just means you have more work to do. Usually, no means not yet. Keep drawing them in, and those walls will crumble in no time. Make them feel more comfortable. Remember, women are sexual creatures as well. They want to have sex, but they need to do it under circumstances theyre comfortable with. They wont allow themselves to become vulnerable in that way unless those criteria are metand usually, the most important aspect of that is that the minute they decide youre not only in it for the sex, thats when they want to give it to you.


More simply put: not giving a damn! Lets play a numbers game. Imagine if you only go out one night a month and talk to one girl while youre out. For that month, thats your only potential optionevery interaction holds way too much weight, and if it falls through, youve got nothing to fall back on. Imagine if you went out five nights a week, however, and you talk to a few women each time youre out. Your options would essentially become endless, and that I can take it or leave it attitude becomes effortless to adopt, and that makes you a lady-killer. Your increased confidence means you approach more women, which increases the chances of you meeting a great match. Every time it doesnt work out, youre also getting better at approaching, and that also builds skill and confidence. By using your personality to draw attraction your way instead of using lame tricks to stumble your way into a drunk chicks bed, youll find that you will have plenty of women to choose from. You will no longer feel lucky just because a woman agrees to go out on a date with you, and you wont need to try and buy their affection with food and girls. Theyll be calling you because youll be on their minds all the time. Theyll daydream about you while theyre sitting at work. Theyll think of you when they touch themselves at night. Just be up front with what you want, and plenty of women will want to give it to you. There are 3.5 billion women in the worldwho cares if a few dont work out at first? Understand that 33% of girls will not like you, no matter what. 33% may like you but wont do anything due to being in a relationship. And the other 33% are the girls you potentially could connect with, hook up with, or date in the future.


Do plenty of approaches, and train yourself not to feel worried about the outcome. Dont restrict yourself to meeting girls at night, either. Beautiful women cross your path all the time, so start talking to them. Places like coffee shops, grocery stores, and the gym are deceptively great for picking up phone numbers, since the approach feels less likely to be all about hooking up. An added bonus is that girls like being able to tell their friends they met a guy somewhere other than a bar.


When you were born, you didnt squeeze out of your mom feeling down on yourself. You didnt spend your childhood feeling self-conscious about the fact that you wet your diapers. Noyou learned as you went, and you grew. Nothing could stop you. Its only when you put up mental roadblocks, force things, and act unnaturally that you feel out of sync with that natural good feeling. Remember that you set the stage for what she feels. Shes not judging you based on logical factors; shes responding with attraction purely based on the feelings you inspire in her. Shell feel what you feel, so feel good. Everything about you should say that youve got a great life, you know youre a damn fine catch, and that she can have a little piece of your life, if she meets your criteria. Get your life in order in such a way that youre happy with things without a woman, and the women will come. You dont need them to be happyyoure meeting them because its fun, and its a part of enjoying life. Relax. Do what you enjoy. Youll be happier, and that happiness will make her happy. When shes happy, she wants to be with you. Her attention will in turn make you happier. Its another endless cycle, and everyone wins.


Whatever you say is the right thing to say, because youre the one whos saying it. If there were a right thing to say in any given situation all the time, it would also be the most boring, predictable thing to say, because everyone would say it. What sets you apart from the pack is your unique personality, and when youve honed that into something worth pursuing, everything you say will have added weight. Your words will hang in the air like smoke rings or jazz notes, something for her to savor. Shell hang on your every word, because what you say will be coming from a place of genuine interest, the result of your unique experiences and thoughts. Too many men speak through a filter. Not worrying about what youre saying will give you a freedom of expression and creativity that youve never known. The minute you look to others to
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for the right thing to do or say, you communicate all the wrong things. When you realize that there is nothing right to say, its as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and you establish an unwavering feeling of fulfillment and positivity in you that shell feel from across the room. Remember that the best you, the real man inside, is unlike any other man. Naturally, the things you say will be different from the things they say. When she never knows whats coming next, and she knows that you dont give a damn about saying challenging things, shell develop an intense interest in whatever you have to say. Youre unafraid, and you show it.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. Oscar Wilde Attracting women is not about cheap tricks and so-called techniques. Perhaps that low-level fakery will get you into the pants of some gullible girl who wouldve gone home with anyone anyways, but its not going to fulfill you. What creating real, lasting attraction is about is becoming the best man you can be. You should be owning every day. You should wake up ready to take the world by storm, and when youre living with that level of intensity and positivity, the women will be drawn to you like moths to a flame. Both women and opportunities surround you you just need to recognize it, open your eyes, and take action. Youll feel better about your life. Thats what all this is about anyways, right? Your happiness will not be dictated by the fickle affections of any woman, but it will instead come from within. Nobody will be able to take it away from you, regardless of the outcome of any relationship. Paradoxically, as a result, youll have more success than you ever knew you could. The main point is to not chase women but to attract women. Do this by enhancing your life, transforming it from the ground up. Embrace the hard work that it takes to improve your life, and enjoy each successive accomplishment. Dont play around, and dont focus on trying to appear to be something that youre not. Its not all about your haircut, your ferocious sense of style, your musical taste, the shape of your body, or the car you drive. At the end of the day, what its really all about is the man you really are. Every other book out there will tell you that you can get by with surface-level changes, but those books are written by guys who are worse off than you because you now know that youre ready to create the life you desire. Women come along with


you for the adventure that you create because you are living a life they want to live. A life well lived. I can tell you what you need to do, but now its your turn to take responsibility for the state of your life. The difference between an average guy and a great man lies in who is willing to take action. Dont waste any more time. Youre not getting any younger. Start improving yourself and your life right now, the moment you finish this guide. On our website, youll find like-minded men who will encourage you and keep you accountable. Be confident, work hard, and reap the rewards. Once you get started and start seeing changes in your life, youll never look back. Cheers, Andrew

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