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Equation for the simple, short term answer to increased sustainability, reduced global warming and lower costs

SES = Less CO 2 = Lower Costs

SES is the Light-Weighting Leader
For more than 20 years SES has been helping reducing CO2 emissions from packages and packaging-related manufacturing operations. How? Light-weighting. Light-weighting and ghting global warming by reducing CO2 are one and the same activity. Lower costs come along for the ride. Light-weighting (material use reduction) is the number one strategy on everyone's list for addressing sustainability.

Hard Data Truth about Light-Weighting

A look at hard data regarding packaging and CO2 reveals that package cost and CO2 emissions are positively correlated. A higher package cost equals higher CO2 emissions. Conversely , a lower package cost equals lower CO2 emissions. DUH! Of Course! Package cost is mostly material cost. High CO2 comes from high material consumption. A=B, B=C, therefore A=C. The graph representing a mix of plastic and paper-based package systems (excludes only pallet and shrink wrap) tells the story.

The Answer is (drum roll)Use Less Material!

Much is written about the complexity of sustainability. Indeed, much tweaking will be attempted that will seem complex. In the end, however, it's really very simple. Are there differences between materials? Yes. Are there differences between recycling rates? Yes. Are there tweaking and arbitrage opportunities to be exploited? Yes. Yes, yes, and yes. There are and will be some complexities (many probably unnecessary) in the pursuit of sustainability. The easy and honest answer is to simply use less material. And it saves money too. So much for the debate about whether Wal-Mart's scorecard has economic outcomes.

SES Offers Solutions at TWO Levels!

The first level consists of the many small things we can do today. Simply use less material. Bottles remain 1020% overweight. Overweight is good for the bottle maker, bad for the buyer and the environment. Ditto for the box maker. Full boxes continue to be used where trays might suffice. Corrugate often contributes more CO2 than the primary package in a plastic-based system. Design for recycling. Use a lower CO2 material. SES can and does help address these problems and we're world class at it. Stay tuned for sustainable solutions at the second level.

To Improve Your Sustainability Scorecard

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