Dear Editor I refer to the letter by Priya Manickchand captioned “The Geetanjali Singh issue is about women being

able to work in the field of their choice” (SN 10/14/13) and would appreciate the opportunity to offer an initial comment. Ms Manickchand has written a lot, and we will address her commentary in segments.

It is difficult to read Ms. Manickchand's letter without retching! Given the political and ... factual ... contexts in which Ms. Manickchand's comments (and Mrs. Singh's appointment) are made, Manickchand's letter constitutes an obvious attempt to manufacture scholarship out of thin air, or else attract the sympathy of the gawkingly gullible like Captain Jerry Gouviea. Such a strategy only becomes effective and noteworthy when pigs begin to fly, so one anticipates that Manickchand's next treatment will be on that truly revolutionary development. As outlined below, it will probably involve a defense of Bobby Ramroop. Opposition to Mrs. Singh's appointment, position and tenure are ... simply ... all about delineating the first tangible steps necessary to begin to dismantle the real and potential nuts and bolts of the incredible machinery of corruption, skullduggery, death and deception that the party associated with former President Bharrat Jagdeo has foisted upon Guyana and Guyanese, in plain view of his Minister of Finance, Mr Ashni Singh (whose wife is Geetanjali Singh, one of two Audit Directors in the office of the Auditor-General). We have outlined the general specifications of that "machinery" in the online articles "Greed, Genocide ... and now 'Green': Corruption and Underdevelopment in Guyana" ( ), and "Harry Gill, Barrington Braithwaite, and the Documents that Indict Bharat Jagdeo" ( ). It completely escapes Manickchand that the best proof of Geetanjali Singh's saintly nature would be have her (Singh) write an equally long letter explaining her husband's stewardship as, say, contra-indicated in (and since) the 2006 Auditor General's report, part of which is summarized in the first article listed above. Or else all and sundry will recognize Manichchand's sleight-of-hand to be the latest installment of the putrid hypocrisy that informs Kean Gibson's expose' of "corruption that is ruinous to the state"! Now the usual apologists like Jerry Gouveia will not offer to help either of these ladies at this time ... for good reason! He has yet to respond to Ram/Gaskin's "Response to Questions Posed by Gouveia" ( ). As the list of available apologists for state-sponsored questionable-enterprise becomes smaller and smaller, we should expect more and more of these exercises in twisted logic to emanate directly from the “horse’s mouth”.
And so what, exactly, does Manickchand mean when she says " ... I have already said that Ms Geetanjali Singh does not audit/supervise/manage any accounts or do any work that involves her husband, Minister Ashni Singh...." Given the scope of the financial atrocities outlined in numerous Auditor-General reports in the past 20 years, involving the widest possible range of entities under the oversight of the Minister of Finance, then the entire country would be enlightened by Manickchand's additional explanation of WHAT, EXACTLY, Geetanjali Singh does as Audit Director in that office to justify her position and pay grade. Indeed, her supposed non-participation (she has “recused herself”) in the protection of the people's money from the carnage occurring under her and her husband’s noses QUALIFIES her very well for a lateral and immediate movement outside the Auditor-General's Office to others more prestigious as , say, Company Secretary or Audit Director of NICIL,

Sithe Global or the Berbice Bridge Company. It is called “redeployment”. These companies obviously need “saintly”, “qualified” persons of Geetanjali’s calibre. And we have seen how easy it is to plead ignorance ... and innocence ... in those environments. Geetanjali Singh can do no worse than Michael Brassington, Geeta Singh-Knight or Nigel Hughes! Indeed, she will find her new employment paved with signposts outlining actions to avoid courtesy of Kaieteur News’ “The Heist of Guyana Continued” ( ) … the contents of which, it goes without saying, she was COMPLETELY unaware of as Audit Director in the Auditor-General’s Office. In Ms. Manickchand's jaundiced view, Geetanjali Singh will then be finally free of any "conflict-of-interest" accusations! The analogy that should rightfully inform this lesson in hypocrisy would be “gross dereliction of duty”, “criminal irresponsibility given her position”, and (since someone has boasted that Mrs. Singh also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy) “professional irresponsibility and shortsightedness of the highest order”. Kaieteur News publishes today the latest installment of the consequences of that shortsightedness: “The Tale of Bharrat Jagdeo and his Best Friend Bobby Ramroop” ( ). As predicted above, Priya Manickchand will doubtless now regale us with another full-page letter beginning with the words “Bobby Ramroop is a quiet and unassuming person ….”. Delusion, it appears, resides in the same apartment as does steadfast deception! Geetanjali Singh by all reports is a chartered accountant, fully aware of her professional and ethical commitments. She should have taken the high road and resigned … years ago … to protect her professional reputation. It is unthinkable that she is somehow being forced to stay in that position against her wishes, memories of Varshnie Jagdeo’s experience notwithstanding! Instead she allowed Manickchand to define her outlook, standing and professionalism with this trite piece of apologetic … garbage! Yours faithfully Roger Williams October 17, 2013