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Election Questionnaire

Date questionnaire completed: __30 Sep 2013__________ Office sought: __Highland Hts. Ward 3 Councilman________ Political party: __Democratic_____________________

Name: __Bob Mastrangelo_________________________________________________________ Age: ___65_______ Date of birth: ___8 Aug 1948____ Place of birth: __Cleveland, Ohio_________

Home address: ___633 Davidson Drive Highland Hts.________________________________________ Length of residence in that community: ____27 years_ Home phone: ___440.442.2854____________ Cell phone: _440-781-9394________ Campaign Web site: ___BobMastrangelo.com_______________ Facebook: N/A Twitter: N/A

Occupation: ___Financial Advisor_____________ Employer: __Legacy Financial Associates__________ Business address: _5171 Wallings Rd. Ste. 130 North Royalton, OH 44133 Phone: __440.237.8000___ Elected office experience: __Highland Hts. Ward 3 Councilman (2010 to Present)_____________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Non-elected office experience (boards, etc.): _Highland Heights Planning & Zoning Commissioner (January 1996 to Present); Chairman – Highland Heights Planning & Zoning Commission & Zoning Commission (May 1996 to August 2011); Highland Heights Tax Incentive Review Council (past); Highland Heights Capital Improvements Committee (past); Highland Heights Safety & Service Committee (January 2010 to Present)_________________________ Education (list degrees if applicable): ___ BS Aeronautical Engineering - Purdue University 1970; MBA - John Carroll University 1981________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Marital status: __Married____________________ Name of spouse: ___Gail_____________________ Name and age of any children: ____Bill (36) (Anne), Mike (34) (Faith), & Karen (32) (Bill)_______________ Organizations: _St. Paschal Baylon Parishioner (28 years); St. Paschal Baylon Spring Fling Committee; (4 years); Beaumont School Cleveland Heights - JV Soccer Coach (15 years); St. Paschal Baylon Athletic Association Board (4 years Member and President); St. Paschal Baylon CYO Girl’s (13 years) and Boy’s (6 years) Soccer Coach; __ U. S. Navy veteran 1970-1977; Naval aviator 1972-1977________________________________

Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you’d like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it? 1. Explore regionalization opportunies with adjacent communities with the goal of maintaining or improving services at current or reduced costs. The consolidation of Emergency Call/Dispatch Center is one area that is worth pursuing. Cuyahoga County is encouraging communities to consider consolidation of call centers from the current level of 45 down to 4 regional call centers within the next 10 years. Rather than take a wait and see position, I would like our city to actively pursue consolidation with surrounding communities so that we will be in a better position to influence the character of the new regional call center. 2. Budget cutting is but one way to keep a healthy fiscal balance. Cost savings is another way to save on expenses. We currently budget 4.59% of our general fund for garbage collection. In 2012, our ratio of solid waste/recyclables was 62%/38%. With the cost to dispose of recyclables approximately 70% less than solid waste, we need to get serious about recycling. As landfills slowly fill up and become scarce, the cost to dispose of solid waste will continue to rise. With an aggressive education program along with recycle containers for all residents, we would better position ourselves to significantly lower garbage disposal costs by recycling more and placing less waste in landfills when the current contract is open for renewal in 2015. 3. The City should make better use of available technology, particularly by overhauling and updating the City website. More material in addition to the info presently available could then be accessed on line such as budget reports and copies of all legislations. Whether for past accomplishments of future goals, why should voters elect you? _ I am a 27 year resident of Highland Heights. During that time we have seen much growth in the City and numerous accolades bestowed upon us a great place to live and raise a family. But I do not think that we can just rest on our past accomplishments. We need to find ways to improve community life, to thoughtfully promote economic development and manage our assets wisely particularly given the current environment of reduced county and state funding. Highland Heights is where it is today because of the hard work and dedication of past mayors and council members. It is our responsibility to pick up that mantel and ensure that the future will always remain bright. _________________________________________________________________________

Additional comments: __U. S. Navy veteran 1970-1977; Naval aviator 1972-1977________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE TO CANDIDATES: Please be aware that this questionnaire will be published.

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