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Date questionnaire completed: September 24, 2013 Office sought: Madison Village Council

Election Questionnaire

Political party: My affiliation is not applicable for this office, but I consider myself a Conservative Name: Duane H. Frager Age: 46 Date of birth: January 6, 1967 Place of birth: Newark, New Jersey Home address: 165 Willowbend Drive, Madison Ohio 44057 Length of residence in that community: 9 yrs. Twitter: NA Facebook: Frager 4 Council Campaign Web site: NA Occupation: Supply Chain Mgr. & Financial Planner Employer: EGC Enterprises Inc. & Business address: 140 Parker Court, Chardon OH Richmond and Richmond Insurance 44024 & 2461 Hubbard Road, Madison OH 44057
Elected office experience: I have had the honor of serving as a Madison Village Councilperson for the Last 4 years, after my initial appointment on January 1, 2010. In that time, I have been appointed by 2 different mayors and by council to serve on the following SubGroups: Audit, Roads and Parks, Economic Development, & on the Madison School and Madison Township Liaison Advisory Groups. In addition, I have been appointed to the Madison Joint Recreation District, & the Website Enhancement Panel. In each case, within the various groups, I have had the privilege of being elected chairman and/or Co-chairman by my peers. I have also served for 3 years on the Budget and Finance Committee. Non-elected office experience (boards, etc.): Professionally, I have found it advantageous to maintain my college affiliations with AMA (American Marketing Association), Sigma Nu Fraternity & DECA (Distributive Education of America). Since college, I have also maintained my memberships with the ISA (Industrial Supply Association) and the BGSU Alumni Association. Personally, I have been involved with a number of organizations that are directly tied to enhancing my family’s experiences here in Madison. These groups include the Madison South Elementary PTA (formerly PAC and PFC), the Madison Dad’s Club, coaching for the youth football, baseball and basketball programs and running the YMCA Youth Flag Football program. Also, my association with Lifeline Church on Middleridge has helped me to stay focused on what is important in my life. Education (Please only list schools you’ve graduated from and list degrees if applicable): I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Majoring in Business Management & Minoring in Marketing at Bowling Green State University Marital status: Married for 10+ years Name of spouse: Alexsandra Zborowski-Frager

Name and age of any children: Zoë Alexsandra Frager - 9 Zachary Raymond Frager - 8 Daniel Robert Frager - 6

Should you be elected, what are three specific areas you’d like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it?: A) First and foremost the primary responsibility of a Madison Village councilperson is to be a good steward of the people’s money. With a national economy that has been down for 6 years now, this region has not escaped the trickle down effects locally. The residents recently communicated that they wanted their local government to find other ways to deal with the budgetary shortfalls by way of voting down the police levy. The voters are now counting on experienced leadership to make hard decisions and then monitor the implementation of those decisions to guide the village thru these tough times. I plan to continue to not only use my experiences in public office, but also the basic business practices I have accumulated in the private sector over 30 years, as well as experiences that my family, friends and neighbors have endured in this economy. B) Out of the budget process, we need to stay focus on Storm Water Management. For the first time ever, this administration and council is not “kicking the can” down the road with regards to this major issue that has been with us since 2006. Like the overall budget, accountability and communication will remain the key to ensuring that this program stays funded and on tract. This will be done through budgetary reviews, reporting and follow ups in council meetings and workshops and the reporting by the utility sub group. Communications will primarily happen via the village website of which I am a member of the enhancement panel. We will dedicate an entire section to this SWM program. We have made some progress already completing the 1st, 2 of a 12 step process. We have also joined the Lake County SWM program along with creating the accounting to fund these projects. C) A third area that needs to continue to be focused on is in creating the infrastructure internally in Village Hall. I have been asked to serve on the Ad-Hoc Administrative search Sub-Group by the Mayor. We all understand that we must get this position filled with the right person and that this might be the most important hire processed since 2010. This process has given me the opportunity to stress and help implement an updated Organizational Chart, Job Descriptions and even have some input on the evaluation and disciplinary processes. The strides we are making right now will positively affect the Village for years to come. Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? I believe that the residents of Madison Village specifically and Madison in general appreciate and respect; honesty, hard work, integrity and a real desire to do the right thing in their political leaders. Madison Village has a number of tough issues that have to be dealt with now and in the near future. They cannot be passed along for others to deal with any longer. I believe that the residents want and deserve someone in office that is looking out for them, which really means someone that they can trust. I believe that the residents want and deserve their political leaders to be approachable, accessible and have a desire to communicate with them. It is what I want in my political leaders too. The residents in this region are tough, smart and able to handle the truth. It is something that I have seen and experienced in my time here and is part of what attracted me to Madison in the first place. There are a number of issues to elaborate on that I have been intimately involved in which include: The Village Budget Economic Development Marketing Program Storm Water Management The new village park policy The Water Tower at 528 and I90 The Village Police Force and its CBA Consolidation of resources with the TWP The Administrative Search The potential new Rec Board Park Road Maintenance and Repair A new Sidewalk Policy The Water and Sewer Rates The Waterline extension to 307

But the real question is “Who can you trust to give everything they have, to research listen and make the best possible decisions on your behalf?” I believe that the team that has been assembled over the last few years both in the administration and on council is a great one. We have worked extremely well together playing off of each other’s strengths and experiences to accomplish a number of things whether it is cleaning up past issues or moving forward with new ones. I believe strongly in Communications, Accountability and Timelines. Taking this C.A.T. approach has been a major part of the successes I’ve achieved in my adult life and has been my major contribution to this team effort. There are a number of goals that we are currently working on and a number of issues that have been completed already. An action items list that I help to track goals established by council land the mayor shows 48 goals completed. It also shows 41 still in progress!    I am asking for your vote so that I can continue to do this job. I am asking for your continued trust in me that I will have the will and desire to do the right thing and communicate it despite pressures to the contrary. I am asking for your support so that I can continue to serve for 4 more years.

And I thank you for the support you have given me and my family in good times and bad since we moved our family to Madison Village in 2004. This has been my pleasure and my honor and blessing to my entire family.