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Election Questionnaire
Political party: Republican Name: John R. Hamercheck Age: 48 Date of Birth: January 9, 1965

Date questionnaire completed: September 24, 2013 Office sought: Madison Village Council

Gender: Male Place of Birth: Euclid General Hospital, Euclid, Ohio

Home address: 81 Parkway Blvd., Madison, Ohio 44057 Length of residence in that community: 21 Years Facebook page: Occupation: Electrical/Electronic Engineering Marital status: Married Name and age of any children: Dyan, age 18; Sarah, age 17 Public office experience: Village of Madison Council, 2006-present. Served as President of Council for 4 years (January 2008-December 2011). I have also served on various Village of Madison committees, advisory groups and boards, such as Budget Committee, Safety Advisory Group(Chairman), Utilities Advisory Group(Chairman), School Liaison Advisory Group, Township Liaison Advisory Group, Madison Recreational District Board, Safety Communications Panel(Chairman), and the Website Enhancement Panel. Non-elected experience (committees, boards, etc.): Village of Madison Police Department Auxiliary Team 2002-2006, Special Olympics Ohio Bicycle Ambassador Awareness Program Project Manager (a.k.a. Mission Control) 2008-present, Child Identification Program 2002-2006, Safety Pup Program (Child Safety and Awareness Program) 2002-2006, Assistant Coach Madison Softball Association 2005, Grinch Christmas Community Reading (Ground Crew) 2010-present, Madison High School Senior Project Sponsor 2009, Couch Potato Running Team (Honorary Member) 2004-present. Campaign Web site: Twitter: Not at this time Employer: Hamercheck Communications, Inc. Name of spouse: Susan E. Hamercheck

Political office held


Years served

Elected or Appointed? Elected


Village of Madison Council

Village of Madison

January 1, 2006December 31, 2010 January 1, 2010present


Village of Madison Council

Village of Madison




Degree-Subject or

Certificate High School College Grand River Academy Lakeland Community College 1983 1983-1985, 1985-1987 High School Diploma Associates

Graduate Other Motorola and Kenwood Communications National Training Programs Ohio Police Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) Training for Grant Writing Continuous Certifications



(Note: Only list schools from which youve graduated and/or earned degrees. Please indicate if currently attending.) (Note: If youve completed a certificate program, please list in Other row and indicate certificate obtained.) Should you be elected, what are three specific areas youd like to change, address, improve or further research, and how specifically would you go about it? I will continue to inform the citizens of Madison Village of the issues and events relevant to our community. I will continue to research, study and update the Villages financial situation with a continuing goal of spending within our means. I promise to continue to work tirelessly to establish a clear development path for our Village with an emphasis on a right track/wrong track review process. I will continue to accomplish these objectives by the time proven method of seeking support from both Village residents and our business community. I will continue to work closely with my colleagues on Council and the Village Administration in general to secure additional grants beyond the recent $227,000.00 awarded to the Village of Madison. I would continue to advocate corrective actions that can be implemented that provide a working migration path to solutions that can be employed on a go-forward basis. Whether for past accomplishments or future goals, why should voters elect you? My 25-year accomplished business career track and my eight years of elected service have allowed me to become known throughout the area for a proven ability for delivering and sustaining tangible results within highly challenging circumstances. Both in business and elected service, I have been able to prove myself an exceptional communicator with a consultative interactive style, strong negotiating skills, exceptional problem solving abilities and a keen constituent needs assessment aptitude. I aggressively identify opportunities, develop focus and provide both tactical and strategic solutions. As an example, I offer in my first year on Madison Village Council, through a strict adherence to budgetary responsibility and keeping the citizens informed, it was made public that in 2006 the carryover balance for the general fund was less than $15, and our Enterprise Funds were selling services at less than cost. Additionally, it was revealed that our Village was $3.4 million in debt with this amount not (emphasis added) generally known outside of only a few elected and appointed officials. Through open meetings, seeking public input and through applying lessons learned, in recent years the financial situation in Madison Village had reached a carryover of $1.4 million and our Village debt is under $2 million with funds at sustainable levels even with reduced revenues. In my second term, most notably I was able through my experience as a businessman, engineer and elected official, to take the lead on applying for and receiving a grant for $227,000.00 for water system improvements.