Social Deviance Cases

Social deviances; thories and its applications CASE 1:
This is a real case of middle class family. The main characters of case are Miss. Nadia and Mr. Ali. The case revolves around Miss. Nadia who is the main character in the case; she is taken as the deviant personality in this case. Miss Nadia belonged to a middle class family living in Rawalpindi. Family of Miss Nadia consisted of six members; Father, mother, three sisters including Miss. Nadia and one brother Mr. Ayaz. Mr. Ayaz was the eldest of all brothers and sisters while Miss. Nadia was eldest of the sisters. Mr. Ali was cousin of Miss. Nadia. Mr. Ali belonged to a middle class family comprising of six persons parents of Mr. Ali and four brothers including Mr. Ali. Mr. Ali was the third son out of the four sons of his parents. Both father and mother of Mr. Ali died away one after other when the eldest brother of them all was of 22, while the remaining brothers were in their teenage. Mr. Ali was hard working and he did some educational courses after his Bachelors degree. He got a good job in a textile industry where he worked for some time. In 1979, one of his friends sponsored him for Kuwait. He availed the chance and went to Kuwait. There he worked for some years and after working hard for some two to three years, he got a job in an organization that provided catering and food services to Kuwaiti Airlines. Miss Nadia got married in year 1990 with Mr. Ali. At the time, the age gap between the two of them was about 10 years as Mr. Ali was near thirty-four years and Miss. Nadia was about twenty-three years. The marriage was an arranged marriage with consent of both families. Although there was surely a big age gap between both of them; probably the close family ties and financially sound position of Mr. Ali was the reason behind the marriage. At the time of marriage, Mr. Ali took permitted leave from his job for about three months. When he was on leave, the war between Iraq and Kuwait broke out and undue circumstances made it difficult for him to go to Kuwait for almost a year. The job was under a contract and due to long leave, he lost his job. His plan was to take her wife with her for Kuwait but circumstances made it difficult for him to take her along with him to Kuwait. The family of Mr. Ali was in Sargodha and were living their in their ancestors home; one of his elder brother was married at that time. He felt that it will be difficult for Nadia to live there so he allowed her to live with her parents and family in Rawalpindi. Mr. Ali went to Kuwait once again in late 1992, it took some time for him to find a good job but he was able to get it in a few months. In 1993, a baby was born to them whom they named “Fizza”. Mr. Ali had permitted leave of 40 days every year that he used to enjoy with his wife Nadia and daughter in Pakistan. He performed every duty as Husband other than the mistake that he was not able to take her wife and daughter along with her. Even he supported the family of Miss. Nadia. Who dislikes money coming in at ease, so family of Miss. Nadia used Nadia to cheat Mr. Ali for money and means of luxury e.g. they said Nadia to demand money from him to purchase a second hand car, later they demanded money from him for purchase of plots. Mr. Ali thought it as their need and provided them with the money they demanded. Miss Nadia used car for about one year


Social Deviance Cases

and then her brother suggested her to sell car and show to Mr. Ali that the car has been snatched on gunpoint by thieves. Mr. Ali trusted her and said nothing to her about this. Miss. Nadia decided to take advantage of her and sold that two plots also and said to Mr. Ali that the registry of plots were fake. Such cheats by the family of Miss. Nadia made Mr. Ali to think that Nadia as well as her family is cheating him. Such acts of cheating widened the gap between the husband and wife. Moreover, Miss. Nadia was eager for more and more money he found another person as a boy friend named “Shahid” who was far more settled and strong financially. This made her to think that if she files case for taking “Khulaa” from Mr. Ali and then marry Mr. Shahid then her remaining life will be far more luxurious than she at that time had. She filed the case for “Khulaa” and won that case. Mr. Ali and his family made their best efforts to resolve matters of conflict but Nadia’s family did not make serious efforts for that and Nadia won Khulaa case as well as case for custody of “Fizza their daughter” in 2001. Miss. Nadia married Mr. Shahid afterwards. Tensions of Divorce and distance from his daughter Fizza made him the patient of Blood pressure and sugar. Hepatitis-C also diagnosed in 2006. In 2007, Mr. Ali decided to come back to Pakistan as he got serious health sufferings. At last, he died in late 2007. His daughter came to his home on his death with permission of Miss. Nadia for half an hour. No one from her family condoled Mr. Ali’s family. Miss. Nadia now is planning to file case for the part in property of Mr. Ali in the name of Fizza but the family of Mr. Ali wants that part of the property will be given to Fizza at time of her marriage so that Miss. Nadia does not do anything bad with her. The case is filed in the court of justice.

Applications of theories for social deviances in Case 1
In the first case, following are the theories applicable to the social deviances exhibited by the main character that is Miss. Nadia. • • • Psychological theory Transition neighborhood Social class and structure

First of all let us discuss how the psychological theory can be implemented to find out the causes for the socially deviant behavior displayed by Miss. Nadia. Psychologists believe that the deviance occur due to any kind of mental problem. Every individual has some defined role in the society and he is expected to fulfill that role. Now when the person fails to comply with the specified role then this can create frustration and mental disorders and this ultimately leads to a deviant behavior. Miss. Nadia got married to a person who was 10 years older that her. This must be kept into consideration. There are a lot of cases around us in which these kind of marriages do not go anywhere else than complete fiasco. It surely is a fact that the lady would not have expected this from her parents and she failed to come in terms with what she had got and what she was required to do as a wife. These kinds of marriages do create frustration as the bride may feel that she had been manhandled or she had been a victim of social injustice. Secondly as her

Social Deviance Cases

husband was not able to take her with him, so he could not do what he was ought to. That could also have played a part in creating some mental dissatisfaction which resulted in her finding another man. It was like getting out of jail for her and the way out. Her parents were also behind her so that made it easy for her to get out. Now let us move to the second theory that is the transition neighborhood. This theory suggests that deviance is a social decease and it is transferable from one person to another or from one generation to another. It is a huge fact that Miss. Nadia’s parents were somewhat greedy about the strong financial state of Mr. Ali and that may have caused the marriage. They wanted to have what they did not have and that was wealth. They were not bothered about what they did for money. This socially deviant behavior may have got propagated to their daughter and the result was always bound to be chaos as we did see in the case. The differences in the social classes and the inappropriate distribution of money can always harm the society. Karl Marx had said that economic and social injustice can result in a socially deviant behavior. That is exactly what had happened here. The family of Miss. Nadia did not have the wealth and the financial strength that Mr. Ali had at that time. They used Miss. Nadia as a tool for snatching it from Mr. Ali. This thought may have lead to the distrust created between the couple. Miss. Nadia did every bit to get more and more money and did never take care of the relation she had with Mr. Ali. So that is how the whole case folds with the application of some theories for the deviant behaviors.


Social Deviance Cases

Rana Iftekhar was born in lower middle class family. He was a very intelligent child from the word go. He had been a brilliant student all the way to university. Extra-curricular activities had always been his great specialty. He was doing his masters in Economics and had high ambitions. In those days, Islamia University, Bahawalpur was a hub of student politics. Students Unions were a huge force there and these affected the educational activities a lot. These students unions were supported by some political parties that manipulated the students to serve their political interests. These students unions were responsible for many clashes that many times resulted in causalities. This had been a real bane for the educational activities in one of the major educational institute. The main causes behind the recruitment of students in these unions were the slogans that attracted the budding minds of the youngsters plus they used religion for serving their interest. So they spotted Iftekhar as they felt would be a great asset for them. So Iftekhar who was bound to be a support of his family became a victim of student politics as he joined the students union and became the student leader. He was used by the people from apolitical party that who spotted Iftekhar as a mean to achieve their interest. Soon, Iftekhar became a prominent student leader who had been involved in many violent clashes. He was at front in many terrorist activities and was listed as “Wanted” by Local Police. He was the youngest of three brothers and his family had high hopes from him. Hiding from the police did not last long, and one day he got shot in one of the clashes and died after hanging between life and death for some days. His family was left mourning for the rest of their lives. So that is how an individual who was expected to be productive part of the society was victimized by the social elite that left bane in the hearts of his family that will surely keep aching throughout their lives.

Applications of theories for social deviances in Case 2
In the second case, Rana Iftekhar is the main character who is showing a socially deviant behavior. The theories that may me applied to what he did can be the following. • • • • Sheldon’s biological theory Psychological theory Differential association Social class and structure

Iftekhar was always a muscular individual and was quite strong with raw power. He was so special in his extra curricular activities. Sheldon says that the individuals who have a healthy body tend to dominate the week ones. They are always trying to dictate the terms as they know their physical strength will keep them safe. Sheldon classified them as


Social Deviance Cases

Mesomorphs. These people are most likely to be involved in deviant behaviors. So in our case we put Iftekhar in the category of these healthy individuals and we can say that this caused the socially deviant behavior displayed by him. Secondly it may be a case of psychological disorder. We can see that he was the youngest of his brothers and his elder brothers could not do what he did as far as educational activities are concerned. He had been a good student throughout. Great things were expected from him by his family plus he was bound to be a productive part of the society. These expectations may have made him feel the burden. He could see the social injustice and he went trough a brain washing done by the people who wanted to use him about he should snatch his rights rather than waiting for them to come his way. He thought he might not be able to fulfill the dreams of his family and that may have lead to a mental conflict that resulted in a violent burst out. The theory of differential association holds true to a great extent in this case. A man is known and influenced by the company he keeps. Rana Iftekhar was caught in the company of some criminals who had disguised their political interests under the name of so called struggle for the establishment of an Islamic system. His company influenced him and turned a bright student into a criminal. Rana Iftekhar was from a lower middle class family so there had been a will to go up in the society. He was somewhat made to think that he will not be able to get what he wants to with the way of life he was following. The society rewards people who are willing to snatch their right. So the thirst for the high living standard and a feeling of deprivation made him deviate from the way he was expected to go by his family.


Social Deviance Cases

Shah Sawar was born in a poor family that had a small business related to dairy farm. He had three brothers and two sisters. His father had died when he was just six. As he grew up, he saw his eldest brother working hard to earn a respectable living. His brother had to do everything by himself as he was the only individual capable of doing some earnings because all other brothers were still quite young. Shah Sawar was an intelligent student but he had always been on the destructive side. He used to fight a lot in school he studied. The sense of deprivation and inferiority complex lead him to his mental transformation. He was always trying to think about getting out of his way of life. He was quite fed up of self control. The frustration that had been mounting throughout his entire life had to come out one way or the other. When he got to the college, he joined a student union and he was impressed by the party motives. This union was supported by a religious party. Soon Shah Sawar became a pivotal part of the party. The party motive was so called establishment of Islamic system. The young age of Shah Sawar made him to make decision to go deeper and deeper in the whole on the basis of his heart rather than his mind. Soon he became the heart and soul of the party and he was involved in many violent clashes. He was in the Police “Hit List”. Certain charges against him were robberies and involvement in a few murders. He got arrested for a case of robbery and murder in a Jewelry outlet. He went through a trial and at the age of 36, he was given the death sentence by the Judge. He was able to change the social status of his family but at a cost that was far more out of proportion to the change he brought. Till date, he is in the jail as his family has launched an appeal in the Supreme Court. Whether he gets out of jail or not is another thing but the main fact is how social differences can ruin the youth of the nation and result in social deviances.

Applications of theories for social deviances in Case 3
In the third case Shah Sawar is our main character who has become a criminal and has been displaying deviant behavior throughout. The theories that may be applied to his case can be the following. • • • • Sheldon’s biological theory Psychological theory Rebelling approach Differential association

Let us start with the first theory that how the biological theory given by Sheldon can be applied to Shah Sawar. He was a healthy individual and as it has been said in the case that

Social Deviance Cases

he was always willing to fight with the children in the school. That perfectly complies with what Sheldon said about the individuals who are physically strong and powerful and are called Mesomorphs. So considering the theory of Sheldon Shah Sawar was more likely to be a criminal if not bound to be that. Secondly the thing that he was fed up of the struggling life in which he was always under the complex of deprivation and inferiority. He had seen his eldest brother struggling for so long just to give his family a living. The frustration had been mounting throughout his life. He was also expected to support his brother when he grew young. So the burden of expectations took its toll. He was not willing to graft away all his life. He wanted to get everything at once. His frustration saw ventilation in the shape of the student union where he tasted power for the first time in his life. This made him forget the difference between good and bad and afterwards there was no way back. The theory about the rebellion approach can also be applied in this case. We know that Shah Sawar was an intelligent individual but was always on the destructive side. So he was tagged by the people as the one who was not a good part of the society. His friends used to dread him in his college and he was stamped to be a typical bad boy. The theory for rebellion approach says that an individual becomes exactly what the people say he is. This is the way how he displays his anger and frustration. This is the way how that individual lets out the tension that had kept on mounting when he was said to be an evil. This is a big problem with the teenagers and this can just ruin the youth of a nation. Lastly the theory of differential association is applicable to this case exactly like it was applied to the case of Iftekhar. These two cases are very much similar with each other as in both the cases the deviant characters were victims of some bad company.

Suggestions for the removal of social deviances:
We would suggest the following things in order to remove such deviant behaviors like what we have seen in the discussed three cases. • • • • • • First of all society needs to understand that not every person can carry the burden of expectations and sometimes over expecting from someone can lead to a mental disturbance to that person and he may retaliate in a negative way. Secondly the social differences and the social and economic injustice have to be uprooted. Society should be very careful in handling an individual who is tilted towards the negative activities and should try to mould itself into a productive part. The youth is the key to the survival of any nation so social reforms are needed to save the youngsters from deviating from the desired path. The existing deprivation has to be removed. The social and political evils need to be thrown out of the window.


Social Deviance Cases

• •

The class differences have to be narrowed down in order to minimize the risk of the snatching game.


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