958-961 SILENT B
"LAM" "JAM "KOHM" "WOOM" "TOOM" "TOOM stohn" "LIM" "KLYHM" "KLYM mur" "THUM" "KRUM" "PLUM" "PLUM mur" "suh KUM" "DUM" "NUM" "BAHM" "BAHM mur" "DET" "D'OW't "D'OW't fuul "SUT tul" "suh PEE nuh" lamb (5.30) a door jamb comb (5.65) honeycomb womb tomb tombstone limb (6.95) climb (5.80) climber thumb (9.15) crumb plumb plumber succumb dumb (9.90) numb bomb bomber debt (12.50) doubt (11.55) doubtful (13.10) subtle subpoena lambs combs wombs tombs limbs climbs climbers thumbs crumbs plumbs plumbers succumbs numbs bombs bombers debts doubts doubtless (13.30) subtlety subpoenas climbed thumbed plumbed succumbed dumber numbed bombed indebted doubted doubtfully subtleties climbing thumbing plumbing succumbing dumbest numbing bombing indebtedness undoubtedly doubtlessly combed combing

"AN sur" "HOO" "SOHRD" "SOHRD FYHT" "SOHRD fish" "RAP" "RING" "REK" "RAYTH" "RATH" "REEK" "REETH" "REN" "RENCH" "RES sul" "RECH" "RIG gul" "HOHL" "RING kul" "RIST" "RIT" "RYHT" "RYHT urz" "RHYT" "KAHRT ryht" "RYHTH" "RAWNG" answer (6.45) who (2.30) sword (10.65) swordfight swordfish wrap (11.65) wring wreck (11.75) wraith wrath wreak wreath wren wrench wrestle wretch wriggle whole (5.10) wrinkle wrist (8.45) writ write (5.35) writers (7.35) wright Cartwright writhe wrong (4.85) answers (8.30) whom () swords wraps wrings wrecks wraiths wrathful wreaks wreaths wrens wrenches wrestles wretches wriggles wholly (16.40) wrinkles wrists writs writes (7.90) writers (7.90) wrights writhes wrongs answered (8.90) answering (8.10) whose (10.30)

wrapped wrung wrecking wreaking wrenched wrestling wretched (18.05) wriggling wholesome wrinkled written () wrought (16.95)



Difficulty Levels on Scale of 1.00 to 21.00 are placed inside parentheses ( ). Homophones: lamb/lam climb/clime plumb/plum bomb/balm sword/soared wrap/rap wrapped/rapt/rapped
wring/ring wrung/rung wrecks/Rex wreak/reek whole/hole wholly/holy/holey writs/Ritz write/rite/right

Spelling Demons: subtle subpoena indebted

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"NAHRL "NASH" "NAT" "NAW" "NYH-SS" "NOHM" "NOH sis" "NAH stik" "NOO" "SYHN" "uh SYHN" "ded ZYHN" "ree ZYHN" "REE SYH'n" "kun SYH'n" "koh SYH'n "EN sin" "uh LYHN" "muh LYHN" "buh NYH'n" "uh RAYN" "kam PAY'n" "DAYN" "pay'n WAH'r" "fee LAY mee'n yoh'n "RAYN" "SAH vrun" "FOH run" "kuh LOHN" "sham PAYn" "im PYOON" "flem" "PAY'r uh dyh'm" "POY'n yunt" "Vee'n YET "See'n YOH'r" "See'n YOO'r "luh ZAH'n yuh" gnarl gnarled gnarr gnash gnashes gnashing gnat gnats gnaw gnaws gnawing gneiss gnome gnomes gnosis (Cf. diagnosis & diagnostic) Gnostic" (Cf. agnostic & agnosticism) gnu gnus signs signed sign (5.80) assign assigns assigned design (10.25) designs designer resign resigns resigning re-sign re-signs re-signing consign consigns consigning cosign cosigns cosigning signpost high signs ensign ensigns align aligns nonaligned malign maligned benign tumor arraign arraigns arraigned campaign campaigns campaigned deign deigns deigned peignoir filet mignon reigns reigning reign (16.75) sovereign sovereigns sovereignty foreign (14.90) foreigner cologne colognes champagne champagnes impugn impugns impugned phlegm phlegmatic paradigm paradigms poignant poignancy vignettte signor signora signore seigneur seignior monseigneur lasagna messeigneurs gnarly

signal signature assignment designation resignation consignment cosigner alignment malignant arraignment


signorina monsignor monsignors

"NAK" knack "NAK kur" knacker "NAHK wurst" knackwurst "NAP" knap "NAP sak" knapsack "NAHR" knarr "NAHRL" knarl "NAYV" knave "NEED" knead "NEE" knee (6.60) "NEEL" kneel "NELL" knell "NIT" knit (10.50) "NAHB" knob "DOH'r NAH'b" doorknob "NAHK" knock (7.50) "NAHT" knot (7.20) "NOWT" knout "NUK kul" knuckle "NOH" know (2.80) "NOO" knew (5.10) "NOHN" known (6.70) "un NOH'n" unknown "NAH lij" knowledge (12.30) "NIK kurz" knickers "NIK nak" knickknack "NYHF" knife (4.75) "NYH'f-ss knifes "HYH'v-z knives (9.05) "NYHT" knight "NYH't huud knighthood NAH’k-ss knocks / Knox NOH’z knows (6.25)

Homophones: gnash/Nash gnu/new/knew sign/sine deign/Dane reign/rain/rein knap/nap knave/nave knead/need kneel/Neal/Neil know/no knows/no's/nose gnome/Nome knight/night knit/nit gneiss/nice knot/not Difficulty Levels on Scale of 1.00 to 21.00 are placed inside parentheses ( ). Spelling Demons: knowledge foreign sovereign

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"AH nur" "AH nur b'l" "diss AH nur b'l" "AH nur" "AH nur b'l" "diss AH nur b'l" "AH ness't" "AH ness't lee" "AH ness tee" "ohr DURvz" "GOHST" "AF gan" "af GAN iss TAN" "uh GAST" "GAST lee" "GET toh" "spuh GET tee" "GOOL" "GAH nuh" "DING ee" "sil oo ET" "WOH'R-F" "WOH'r-v'z "YAHT" "KAHN" "RYH noh" "ryh NAH sir us" "tur REE'ss" "TAH muss" "TAH'm sun" "TYH'm" "AH'm" "KAH'm" "PAH'm" "PAH'm iss tree" "PAH'm mur" "BAH"m "KWAH'm" "SAH'm" "AH'mun'd "SAM mun" "SAV" "HAV" "KAV" "HOH'm-z "MAL kum" "STAH'k hoh'm "LING kun" "NEM mah niks" "kuhn DEM" "DAM" "SAH lum" honor (9.45) honors honored (12.45) honoring honorable (14.60) honorably dishonorable dishonorably honour honours honoured honouring honourable honourably dishonourable dishonourably "KAK key" khacki honest (7.30) honestly (10.25) "kahr TOOM" Khartoum honesty (10.25) "kyh YAM" Khayyam, Omar hors d'oeuvres "room" rheum ghost (11.20) "room uh TOY'd" rheumatoid arthritis Afghan "roo MAT ik" rheumatic fever Afghanistan "ROO muh tizm" rheumatism aghast "RAH'm buss" rhombus rhomb ghastly "RUM buh rhumba ghetto "RYH'm" rhyme spaghetti "Rith'm" rhythm ghoul "ROO bah'r-b" rhubarb Ghana "GUR kinz" gherkins dinghy "G'ee" ghee silhouette "ROH doh den drun"1 rhododendron wharf "BUR'g Carol Burgher and Carl Burgh wharfs or wharves "ROH'n" Rhone yacht "RYH'n Rhine khan "RYH'n stoh'n" rhinestone rhino "OH'm bray" hombre rhinoceros "TEM'z" Thames Therese "tur REE suh" Theresa Thomas "TAH'm kins" Thompkins Thompson "TOH muh SEE nuh" Thomasina thyme alm calm (9.35) palm (8.65) palmistry Arnold Palmer balm qualm psalm almond salmon (11.65) salve halve calve Sherlock Holmes Malcolm X Stockholm Lincoln alms calms palms

SILENT L (See p. 244 for the silent l in -lk words such as talk, walk, folk, yolk.)
calmed palmed calmer Palmer

qualms psalms almonds salves halves calves salved halved calved salving halving calving


condemn (17.50) damn solemn (18.00) condemned damned condemnation damnation solemnity

Homophones: khan/con nix/nicks balm/bomb burg/berg/burgh burger/Burgher thyme/time damn/dam halve/have balm/bomb honor (Am.)/honour (Br.) honorable (Am.)/honourable (Br.) Spelling Demons: honest spaghetti dinghy yacht silhouette khacki hors d’oeuvres

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"SAHM" "noo MOHN yuh" "noo MAT ik" "SOO doh" "SOO doh nim" "SOO doh · "SHAW" "SYH" "sohr RYH uh siss" "SYHk" "SYHk" or "SYH kee" "SYH kik" "SYH koh" "syh KAH luh jee" "syh KAH luh jist" "SYH koh path" "syh KAH tik" "syh KYH uh tree" "syh KYH uh trist" "SYH kee AT rick" "TAYR uh dak til" "tur ID oh FYHT" "TOH luh mee" "TOH luh MAY ik" "toh MAYN" "ree SEET" "KOO" "KOO DAY tah" "KOO duh GRAH" "KOH'R" "ree SEET" psalm psalms pneumonia pneumatic pseudo pseudonym pseudoscientific pshaw psi psoriasis psych psyche psychic psycho psychology (20.10) psychologist psychopath psychotic psychiatry psychiatrist psychiatric pterodactyl pteridophyte Ptolemy Ptolemaic ptomaine poisoning receipt book receipts coup coup d'etat coup de grace corps receipts (17.95) receipt (17.60)

Homophones: pshaw/Shaw ptomaine/toe mane coup/coo corps/core Difficulty Levels on Scale of 1.00 to 21.00 are placed inside parentheses ( ). Spelling Demons: pneumonia psychologist psychiatric psychiatrist ptomaine corps

X-RATED FAMILIES Xmas Please say “Christmas”—not “Ex-muss.” This abbreviation came about as the result of an
early Christian practice of abbreviating the name of Christ with just the first letter of Christ as it is written in the Cyrillic alphabet, which looks something like this: {hbcnjc. x-ray This was coined by the man who discovered the rays, W. K. Roentgen. Some scientists still call them the Roentgen rays. I prefer the simple x-ray.

The rest of the "x" words really should be be "zee" words because the "x" has the sound of the letter z. xylophone xenophobia xenia xenium xerography ZYH loh fohn ZEE no FOH bee yuh ZEE nee yuh ZEE nee yum Zeer RAH gruh fee xylocaine xenomania xenial xerox Xerxes ZYH loh kayn ZEE no MAY nee yuh ZEE nee yul ZEER ahks Zurk zeez

There are over 100 words beginning with x that we have omitted. They are all scientific or technical words. With the exceptions of Xmas and x-ray they all start with the sound of ZEE.

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