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Job Description – Estimator

This position is responsible for the preparation of tenders. Formal qualifications in Civil Engineering preferred with industry experience critical. At least 5 years estimating / site based experience, preferably in sub-divisions, road construction (RTA & council), bulk earthworks would be ideal. Demonstrated understanding of the use of ‘First Principles Estimating’ is essential. Strong communication, (written and verbal), together with high level negotiation and analytical skills are fundamental. A sound working knowledge of Project Management principles as they apply to the field together with technical engineering is essential to the role. An eye for detail and accuracy with numbers are also primary. Proven ability to work under pressure, multi tasking, together with the capacity to plan and prioritise workloads in order to meet deadlines is fundamental so too is effective time management of work flow in order to meet tender deadlines. The capacity to delegate to achieve productivity and efficiency outcomes is essential. The ability to work without Management direction, use initiative and possess a positive attitude towards teamwork is critical. The capacity to train and coach other members of the department is an expected element of this post so too is the capacity to develop and format procedures and work flow systems which accurately reflect the department’s operations. The ability to multi task, have flexibility to switch between tenders, work to deadlines and delegate work activities are also essential. Computer Literacy is essential, particularly with M/S Word and Excel. Previous demonstrated knowledge and experience using M/S Project or Suretrak, Benchmark database, Earthwork quantity takeoff software, Adobe software is preferred.

Reports to: Direct Reports: Critical Responsibilities:

Commercial Manager Nil 1. Tender Management 2. Contract & Tender Administration 3. People Management 4. Business Development 5. Systems Support


Tender Management Duties:
Consistently look to source tenders through various avenues open to the industry. When tenders arrive, assess the type of tender, client and closing date of tender to determine prioritisation of all tenders.

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Role Description – Estimator

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Print Date: 6/07/2009

8 2. risks involved. Review tender documents assessing scope. Calculate and prepare quantities in conjunction with the Quantity Surveyor.6 1. Delegate activities to the Quantity Surveyor.9 1.8 1. Make tender amendments where applicable utilising client feedback on submitted tender.1 2. 2.13 2.6 2.11 1. In conjunction with the Quantity Surveyor and co-estimator. Source subcontractors & suppliers capable of complying with tender in coordination with Quantity Surveyor. Compile relevant tender information into Benchmark & estimate price.5 2. Compile letter of offer. analysis of conditions. As necessary provide support and respond to tender queries made by project team personnel.2 2. In-conjunction with Senior Management.4 1. Once tender is completed incorporate all relevant details.7 1. In.5 Review and assess tenders ensuring all tender documents are received and are correct. Provide feedback to Senior Managers regarding commercial contract exposure on the proposed project.10 1. Liaise with client on an ongoing basis to determine progress of tender. prepare handover material of tender for the project team Co-ordinate and conduct “Handover” meeting with the project team.9 Role Description – Estimator Page 2 of 4 Print Date: 6/07/2009 .0 Contract and Tender Administration Duties: In-conjunction with Contracts Administrator review contract details relevant to the company’s ability to deliver under the contract. Once tender has been successful co-ordinate and arrange for contract exchange. tender schedules. providing detailed briefing of the tender requirements. conduct site inspections for tender understanding.Job Description – Estimator 1. Purchasing Officer and other Estimators and send out subbies packs. assessment of risk and identification of activities that may or may not be shown in the tender documents. participate at contract negations. forward to Senior Managers for review and approval prior to submission. 1.12 1.conjunction with Quantity Surveyor. program and other items required by the tender.7 2.3 1. tender complexity etc and provide feedback to the Commercial Manager.

1 5.3 4. Actively promote the organisation & services offered by the company within the industry. 4.4 3.0 4.2 3.5 4. As required attend and participate at Industry functions Continually seek and identify new /alternative business opportunities or initiatives which may impact on the overall competitiveness.6 3. prepare procedures and work instructions. In-conjunction with Quantity Surveyor. As required. Identify new and existing clients that can assist in the proactive promotion of the company providing feedback to Senior Management.9 4. knowledge and ability. Liaise with personnel with a view to identifying / maximising revenue from forthcoming projects.0 People Management Duties: Coach / mentor in assisting direct reports to develop in their positions.3 Role Description – Estimator Page 3 of 4 Print Date: 6/07/2009 .7 4. 5.10 5.6 4.3 3. entered into system. Complete KPI assessment of direct reports within Company specified time frame. Ensure all reasonable steps are taken in order to achieve workplace harmony within the area. Participate in business development strategy initiatives. Investigate and stay abreast of future projects Maintain and foster relationships with referral sources and other business contacts.Job Description – Estimator 3.1 3.8 4.5 3. termination and counselling. Keep up to date and abreast of industry factors that may impact on the business. Provide relevant information to direct reports enabling them to effectively carry out their functions.4 Business Development Maintain sound and cooperative working relationship with existing clients. Delegate tasks to direct reports in line with skill. profitability and growth of the Business.7 4.2 4. Ensure that procedures and work instructions are consistent with changes. 3. become involved in relevant personnel matters including recruitment.0 Systems Support Duties Ensure that instructions/procedures are prepared.1 4. Identify skill gaps and training requirements for direct reports providing HR Coordinator with necessary details.2 5.

........ Date: .................4 5..... council or service authorities) Authorities Keys to Office Computer Password – Level 3 Civil and Level 1 Office Company Mobile Phone Company Vehicle Burton Contractors Pty Ltd is a Safety....... Construction techniques and specifications (RTA...... Environmentally and Human Rights conscious Company and as a result it is the responsibility of every employee to fully understand and adhere to all of the Company’s Policies and Procedures........ Applicable legislations...... Quality.. Date: .... Estimator: .... regularly review procedures / work instructions etc for currency............ Signed: ........................................................5 In-conjunction with Quantity Surveyor & Commercial Manager................ I have read and understood the outlined responsibilities and duties of my job...... productivities and methodologies............... Signed: .. I undertake to carry out these responsibilities and duties or any other duties and responsibilities as requested to the best of my ability........................................ Role Description – Estimator Page 4 of 4 Print Date: 6/07/2009 .............. Stay informed and up to date with any changes relating to Australian Standards/Regulations.............................Job Description – Estimator 5................................ Witness: ........