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India Nature and modern India

India is well known in the world history due to the very important events and the rich cultural heritage it possess. One might be under the impression that our nation along with the world as whole have grown into a superpower in the short span of post freedom. It is quite true and heartening to understand the progress India as a nation have made in last few decades. The challenge that we face today is the growth of so much population have led to the wild emergence of infrastructure especially as far as housing and service oriented set ups are concerned. One cannot be fooled to feel proud on that as we have takes care of the nature just so she nourishes and makes us healthy and strong. The Rise of machines in last few years has actually bamboozled the mankind. The age of digital technology and Plasmas is busy taking exploratory routes toward the next level of human civilization. Our life is definitely improved and we can forget the struggling famines and epidemics. But what about the toll our natural resources are taking. We certainly need to look upon the options which can ensure the sustainable and peaceful co existence with nature. We can start by exploring the feasible options like Eco friendly electronics product. It will have to be a collective effort if we want to live in a green and nature loving India. The generations which are to come and which already have born will take the reins from the current generation. Now it is totally up to us weather we give them a green and healthy environment or a land full of machines where nature would be a thing of exhibition and past. However one must not ignore the fact that our survival completely depends on the chances of preserving and conserving the nature in its natural form. The organic foods are a good start towards the endeavor although a lot needs to be done. The Big electronic Brands will have to take inspiration from Panasonic and other eco friendly manufacturers of Home Appliances. The Profits can still be made but the nature will have a fair chance of once again flourishing in its full delight and grandeur.

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I have noticed the Entertainment Industry can actually prove instrumental in promoting such ideas in a creative and productive manner. In fact we all know what movies can do especially in a country like ours where film stars are treated like Gods. The point is if anything that can encourage a mass awareness and produce ripples in the conscience of human society then it can bring a wave of revolution. We will hugely benefited by this idea if we bring it into our daily routine to lead a life that is environment friendly and minimum use of products and services like vehicles that use patrols. The initiative is our best bet and fair chance of survival. Last month I visited my hometown in Rajasthan. I belong to the rare green belt of desert. I could not help but work with my Lumix when I saw the purple twilight of the evening. Also I went on for a camel safari and to my surprise I noticed that people in desert were so content without the luxuries and yet they lead a life of happiness. The power of wind that can transform a heap of sand generally called as dune into an arrogant storm only teaches us something. Nature is the ultimate power in this universe and no one should. Because the moment nature loses her patience the swells in the oceans can invert the Big Ships so we must humbly accept nature in her supreme form and try to live in peace with her.

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