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Government of Jharkhand Information Technology Department Mantralaya, 3rd floor, Dhurwa, Ranchi-834004

Letter No......... From P. Jha Special Secretary To, Principal Secretary, Health, Medical Education & Family Welfare Department. Principal Secretary, HRD Department. Principal Secretary, Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department. Sub: Workshop on HRMS project at 12:00 PM on 06-07-2013 Sir, Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is an e-governance tool for Human Resource Management, which helps to develop HR related databases for each employee by collecting the information like skills, compensation, personal details, demographic information, and other relevant information. A workshop on HRMS was held on 30.05.2013, in which we had discussed in detail about the project. The presentation was given by SIO, NIC-Himachal Pradesh, and was attended by NIC-Jharkhand and several departments. Subsequently it was decided to replicate it for the state of Jharkhand. SIO NIC, Jharkhand is the nodal officer for the project. The workshop was attended by following officials of your department: 1. Shri .R.K. Varma, Deputy Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Department. 2. Shri Alok S. Kachhap, Director, HRD Department. 3. Shri Mithilesh Kr. Mishra, Statistical supervisor, HRD Department. 4. Shri Yogendra Dubey,Under Secretary, Personnel & Administrative reforms Department. The HRMS project of Himachal Pradesh, which we contemplate to replicate, has the following salient feature: 1. Manpower planning recruitment, deployment , retirement and posting details 2. Sharing of the master data (office, designation, retirees, vacancy, strength etc.) 3. Online creation of orders appointment, transfer, promotion, dismissal, termination, penalty etc. 4. Online submission of Annual Property Return 5. Online filing & approval of ACR 6. eService Book viewing and verification 7. View of monthly salary etc. Dated.02-06-2013

8. Leave application and approval etc. 9. MIS based on various parameters The Himachal Pradesh HRMS is essentially based on 12 forms, which captures the data of employees. The information generated therein is used further for various purposes. In order to make it more relevant for our state, I solicit your feedback (suggestions/additions/modifications etc.) on these forms so that these could further help in managing human resources of your department in a more meaningful manner. It is this feedback that will make the project more inclusive and robust. For this purpose a workshop has been organized on 06-07-2013 at 12:00 PM at office of special secretary, IT department, Project Building. The team of SIO, NIC Jharkhand will act as the key resource for this workshop. Kindly depute at least one official, preferably the above mentioned officer(s), of your department to attend the workshop along with the feedback in the said workshop.

Yours faithfully Special Secretary

Enclosure: 1. HRMS Forms(Total 12)