Health Perception: The client’s health for the past (di ko alam eh) was painful.

He verbalized that he was confined in a hospital 2 weeks ago due to ulcer because he kept on skipping meals. After that incident, he felt normal as before. Client is now careful of what he eats. He doesn’t eat oily and fatty foods anymore. Health for him is very important because it enables him to do his daily routines like going to school. If his health is bothered, he couldn’t concentrate on his studies because he would feel ill. Client manages his health by exercising everyday. He plays basketball every afternoon if he has time. Nutritional Metabolic Pattern: Client, as he verbalized, never skips breakfast. For him, it is the most important meal of the day. During breakfast, he either eats bread or rice. For Lunch, he either eats rice, burger or pasta. During breaks, he eats chips. For dinner, he, most of the time, eats rice. Client has an average intake of 6 glasses a day (size of a tumbler). He barely drinks softdrinks nowadays because he has a condition of ulcer. Day 1 2 3 Elimination Pattern: Client verbalized that he has a normal bowel movement of twice a day. His stool is solid and brown in color. He urinates at the average of six times a day. His pee is sometimes yellow and sometimes white. Client verbalized that he has no sweating disorder and sweats only when it’s hot. Client does not use any laxatives for excretion of stool, urine and sweat. Activity & Exercise: Client verbalized that his favorite pastime is playing basketball. If he has time, he would go out and play. Client also likes to surf the internet at the average rate of 10 hours or more. If client is neither doing both, he either sleeps or listens to music. Cognitive – Perceptual: Patient wears glasses which have a grade of 20 on the left and 50 on the right. Client does not use any hearing aid. As client verbalized, he makes decisions for himself. But when it comes to food, money going out his dad makes the decisions and he just abides by it. Breakfast Bread 2 glasses of water Egg, Ham, Rice 2 glasses of water Tocino w/ rice 2 glasses of water Lunch Mechado with rice 2 glasses of water Pasta (pesto) 2 glasses of water Mongo w/ rice 2 glasses of water Dinner Mechado with rice 2 glasses of water Pasta (pesto) 2 glasses of water Mongo w/ rice 2 glasses of water

Sleep/Rest Pattern: Client verbalized that he always sleeps at an average time of 4 hours. But he gets to sleep on the bus for an hour while going to school. He doesn’t have a hard time sleeping because as he verbalized when he falls on his bed he immediately dozes off. He doesn’t have a hard time waking up either. Self/Perception: Client, as verbalized, is comfortable of his body image. He admits he is overweight for his height but that doesn’t get him down. Yet, it makes him strive more to exercise to be fit and be at the normal weight limit for his height. Role-Relationship: Client is the only child of their family. He lives with his dad. He doesn’t have a mom. Basically, it’s just his dad and him living in their house plus their helper. Client is at the moment single. Client verbalized that he wants to stay single up to third year college. He doesn’t want to have any serious relationship yet because he doesn’t want any disturbances in his studies. Sexuality – Reproductive: Client, as verbalized is a virgin. Coping/Stress Tolerance: When client is stressed out, he would most likely eat or listen to music. He does this so that his attention would be shifted away from the problem even just for awhile. He doesn’t tell anyone his problems because he knows that people have their own problems and does not want to bother them. Though he knows that it is not right to do so, he is capable of controlling his emotions and just fixes the problem immediately. Values/Beliefs: Client, as verbalized believes in God. He is a Born-again Christian. His religion has a major role in his making of decisions. He verbalized that whenever he makes a decision by asking himself, “What Would Jesus Do?” he would think deeply then do what he thinks is right. His religion is very important to his life also because he believes that “we are all in this world for a purpose. We just need to find out what it is.”

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