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Topic wise Paper - II

11. Write short note on Colonial hangover and its social impact (09/11/1d/20)

12. What are the main principles of the structural-functional perspective ? Comment 1. Write short note on the following with a on the suitability of applying this perspective sociological perspective : Limitations of the to the study of Indian society. dialectical approach to the study of Indian (09/11/3/60) society. (12/11/1a/12) 2. Write short note on the following with a 13. Write short note on Indological perspective of G. S. Ghurye (09/11/1a/20) sociological perspective : Westernization and institutional changes in India. 14. How do you differentiate between social (12/11/1d/12) change and modernization ? Explain with 3. Write short note on the following with a examples from Indian society. (08/11/4/60) sociological perspective : Interaction of 'little 15. How has t he Marxi st Per specti ve been tradition' and 'great tradition'. applied to explain social background of (12/11/1e/12) Indian nationalism ? (08/11/2/60) 4. Distinguish between : Positional change and structural change. (12/II/2a(iv)/4) 16. Describe the major aspects of traditional Hindu social organization. How far are 5. 'Indian society may be understood as a they relevant for present day Indian system of cognitive structures.' How far do society ? (06/11/2/60) you agree with this statement ? 17. Discuss the metaphysical and ethical basis (12/11/2b/30) of Hindu social organization (02/11/2/60) 6. How have soci al refor m movements in colonial India contributed to modernization 18. Examine the ways in which Indian society c a n be st r e n gt h e n ed a s mu l t i -c u l t u r al of Indian society ? (12/11/4b/20) society. Is the dominance of single culture 7. Write short note on The book - view and a hindrance to multiculturalism in India ? the field - view in Indian sociology with a (02/11/4/60) sociological perspective in note more than 150 words. (11/II/ld/15) 19. Write short note : Impact of West on Indian society. (01 /11/1c/200/20) 8. W r i t e s h o r t n o t e w i t h a s o c i o l o g i c a l perspective on A. R. Desai's characterization 20. Write short note : Impact of Buddhism on of leadership of Indian freedom movement. Indian society. (00/11/1a/200/20) (10/11/1a/200/20) 9. Comment critically on The heterogenic 21. Write short note : Response of Indian society to the early impact of West. features that influenced Indian tradition, (98/11/1a/200/20) according to Yogendra Singh. (10/11/2a/200/20) 22. Write short note Impact of Islam on 10. H o w f a r i s t h e s t r u c t u r a l f u n c t i o n a l Indian society. (97/11/1c/200/20) perspective helpful in understanding 23. " T r a d i t i o n a n d m o d e r n i t y c o - e x i s t i n changes in contemporary Indian society ? contemporary Indian society'. Discuss the (10/II/4b/30) New Vishal's I.A.S. Success Planner Series I 2 1 I.A.S. Sociology (Main)

1. Introducing Indian Society I