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Resource Guide for Pronunciation

1. Establish your pronunciation goals

Suggestions & Resources

Areas to improve o Individual sounds and clusters of sounds o Word and sentence level pronunciation including linking o Dialogue fluency o Prepared speech and oral presentations 2. Assess your spoken Self assess by recording your voice and analysing strengths and weaknesses English Self assess by listening to native speakers, repeating a short extract of their speech, recording yourself and making a comparison (use a movie) Resources Speaking Clearly: pronunciation and listening comprehension for learners of English by Pamela Rogerson & Judy B. Gilbert PE1128.A2 R63 1990 includes a self assessment test that uses listening to identify pronunciation weaknesses Get instant feedback on your pronunciation by creating a free account Book a consultation and ask for a pronunciation assessment 5&lang=en 3. Individual sounds focus Work on identifying sounds and improving your production of English on accuracy Repetition is important here so give yourself plenty of time! Work with minimal pairs Resources The University of Iowa Practise similar sounds with minimal pairs 4. Sounds in groups & Work on clusters of sounds within words and phrases phrases build up from Listen and speak record yourself and analyse performance individual sounds into Resources words, phrases and Speaking clearly: improving voice and diction by Jeffrey C. Hahner, Martin A. Sokoloff & sentences Sandra L. Salisch PN4121 .H17 2002 Headway pronunciation by Cunningham and Moor PE1137 .C862 1996 This includes a complete self-study pronunciation course equivalent to about two years of regular classes and ranges from elementary to advanced This online material introduces a great variety of English accents in detail with audio to help you learn the sounds and stress patterns. Phrases as well as individual sounds and words are given as examples 5. Connected speech & Identify linking patterns using Connected Speech software linking build your Sensitise your listening through exercises plus real speech exposure fluency by discovering Resources sound patterns in natural Elements of pronunciation: intensive practice for intermediate and more advanced students speech especially by Colin Mortimer PE1137.M68 1985 contractions and BBC Learning English reductions Connected Speech Software available on ILC computers 101-106 Karens Linguistics Issues

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6. Learn to recognise and produce stress, intonation and rhythm to sound more fluent

7. Prepared speech put your pronunciation practice to immediate use for your oral presentations

8. Dialogue building

9. Search for the resources you need using the Internet

Listen to authentic English to build your awareness of stress, intonation and timing Use practice exercises to help focus and then use listen and repeat techniques to produce more fluent English Work with short phrases and build to longer utterances Resources BBC Learning English Prepare to succeed in your oral presentations by: o analysing for difficult sounds, common errors, key sounds to stress, pauses o using organisation of the content to reinforce your message by stressing key points using different vocabulary you widen your listeners ability to focus on your points o practising the presentation aloud and getting feedback [ILC consultants are happy to help CUHK students] Resources University of Toronto Berkeley Simon Peyton Jones Washington University in St. Louis Learn and use phrases related to topics you need to talk about Combine listening and targeted reading to build your conversational English Listen and repeat video dialogues from the internet Resources For example, use collected links

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