PrEDICTIONs For August 2009

Mars in Grand Cross on Holy Cross of the Great Year with the Galactic Centre
Susan Seymour Hedke July 27 2009

In the chart above created for August 14 2009 a grand cross between the heavenly bodies is

shown just beginning (red lines), they are close to, or nearing, the yellow-coloured cross of the solstice/equinox axis. This grand cross will last through the last two weeks of August. Because the solstice/equinox axis of the year is now aligned with the galactic axis (tourquise) we can call it a Holy Cross in the Heavens and its form means we are nearing the end of a Great Year cycle. Depending on how exactly the Galactic centre is conjunct the winter solstice we may or may not have a little time before the worst comes1. Every c. 6,500 years such an alignment as this one causes massive climate changes and shifting of land masses. The last one caused the Great Flood and the one before that at 10,468 BC caused a sinking of continents and enormous changes on Earth preluded by temperature anomalies as told of in The Chronicles of Akakor, the Old Testament and in the story or „myth“ of Phaethon passed down to the Greeks by the Egyptian priests. This does not at all mean that August 2009 is the „end of the world“, but because Mars is in August moving opposite the Galactic Centre, and Saturn, which had been moving retrograde is now returning to oppose Uranus and square the Galactic Centre conjunct Pluto, we may get an inkling of what lies before us. Of course Mars will not remain opposite the Galactic Centre for that long, its aspect peters out to about the September 12 2009, but Saturn will remain opposite Uranus and increasingly they will square the solstice and galactic axis alignment. In fact on this very date, September 12, the Moon in Gemini reawakens the danger of the grand cross, as the Sun also moves to conjunct Saturn. If this does not cause the death of some celebrity it could cause the awaited, or at least a large preliminary earthquake around the LA area. From now on until the following September 2010 every transit of the Moon or other body through Gemini and over the summer solstice with create a grand cross on the Holy Cross. Even if the eclipse of July 22 2009 was not the direct cause of what is coming, it was certainly a preparatary warning of the disasters that lie ahead: the longest solar eclipse of this century came at the beginning of an alignment, which at least in part will remain for the next three years over the Mayan End Date period with Uranus squaring the galactic solstice axis where Pluto is also placed, so a bathe in the river Ganges (reflection of the Milky Way on Earth), or other preparatory measures, to align oneself to the galactic purpose might not be a bad idea So lets get to the point. What will August bring? Most obviously it will bring unrest and conflict, riots and uprisings, or: For nation will rise in arms against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places; there will be famines. These miseries are but like the early pains of childbirth. Mark 13.8i This whole period is about the labour of the Earth to give birth to a new Great Year and a new world mountain. We are just irritated to uprisings by much greater disturbances going on around us. Mars is the Lesser Malefic in traditional astrology, associated with war. Saturn is the Great Malefic and he will also be involved, square Mars. They will be aspecting each other in the grand cross of August. Also Pluto will be involved, and these three bodies, Mars, Saturn and Pluto have been involved by all the worst violent events and wars in history. So to put it briefly, as it may affect us personally: we may have some difficult relationship problems, tempers will be lost easily, headaches created and blood may be spilt.On a worldly level the conflict in the Middle East could escalate as this zone is ruled by Mars (Aries). America could
1Astrology sees the Galactic Centre as at 27° Sagittarius, so 3° from the winter solstice. As it takes 100 years to progress 1° 24', or like precession, which is part of the same cycle - 1° in c. 72 years, this may give us another 250 odd years. But some see the conjunction as now exact. If so then the Mayan Prophecy, which suggests a disastrous end most likely in December 2012, may be correct.

be involved as it usually is, and also becaue its founding Mars is also in Gemini. The second point is that Saturn is moving to take up his place on the Holy Cross at the fall equinox from now until September 2010: one whole year. Saturn, as I have said is the Greater Malefic, even though the difficulties he creates lead to progress – a New Earth even - they are no easy times – in fact one should be kind to ourselves at least by admitting that these are times of tribulation. As Saturn is in the sign of health (Virgo) on the Holy Cross, we can of course expect that health problems and issues will escalate in the next year. Because the aspect involves Uranus, which is associated with collective conditions and particularly associated with humanity, we may think that a world wide pandemic could this time really be a danger. Yet issues of trust will also be brought up as authorities at this time in history will be notably untrustworthy. The Mayan Chilam Balam (Jaguar Priest) Prophecies warn … in the final days of misfortune...there shall be no priests, and no one who believes in his government without having doubts... (Tizimin p.162). Certainly at this time one should take the warnings seriously, though very often the messages of doom and gloom, or war and strife that are abounding everywhere are not that serious as feared, yet they are rumours and the cry has been raised for a reason. There will be wars and rumours of wars Matthew 24:6 Unfortunately, people may be so tired of getting out of bed because some alarm rings at midnight But at midnight there is a loud cry, "'The bridegroom! Go out and meet him!' Matthew 25:6 that they sleep on when the real tsunami warning is raised, or forget the oil to keep their lamps alight as the silly virgins in the Bible story. One does get a bit silly when one is tired and we are at the midnight of a Great Year. Yet whether getting an immunization jab is a good idea or not is also questionable as Sorcha Faal talks about in a recent article on her website the Swine Flu is still mutating and as to who introduced it and to what purpose is still uncertain. As Saturn is also asociated with the start of all the great wars between humans, and as Saturn is the other ruler of Aquarius also ruled by Uranus, into whose age we are entering, which has been called the Age of Man, we might wonder if Saturn in the sign of health opposite Uranus might really mean this virus has been deliberately released by human authoritees to get rid of certain populations, as our populations are soaring anyway beyond the means to feed all let alone keep all healthy. As Saturn went through the fire sign Leo and so many fires broke out, it was often humans who were blamed for deliberately setting them now we have the same uncertaintyabout health issues. Yet whoever seems to be to blame, whether Man or Nature, and blame is another trap that leads to war, we should attempt to see this on a more connected level , recognizing that there are greater heavenly forces involved. When Saturn moves on into Libra in the September of 2010 then health issues will recede again as other problems (probably still connected to war or diplomatic relations between east and west, as Saturn will square Pluto somewhat longer), will rear their heads. I suspect that the main issues of August 2009 will be storms and floods, just possibly a tsunami. Back in mid August 2002 as the Sun was in Leo and Jupiter was transiting that sign also, and they both opposed Neptune in Aquarius, there was the „Flood of the Century“ in Europe. Every major aspect between these two planets since then has caused biblical water disasters. As the trine began between the two occurred we had the Indian Ocean Tsunami and then they moved out of aspect. As
2 From Geoff Stray's useful book 2012 In Your Pocket page 4.

they returned to aspect each other in August 2005 we had Hurricane Katrina. Now Neptune has moved to create a half bow (sextile) to the Galactic Centre while conjunct Jupiter and Chiron, and when the Sun moves opposite this will produce water disasters in some area for sure. We also have a grand cross to Uranus in the water sign Pisces at the same time and the South Node in a water sign – Cancer. Altogether water disasters are the most likely. Because in mid August Saturn is conjunct Mercury we have health issues involving the lungs, arms, hands or nerves, all ruled by Mercury, or we have issues connected to electricity and communication systems breaking down- perhaps even the world-wide-web. For Mercury is the nervous system communicatiing between all parts of the world. Mercury's rulership of air (of course a connection to the air is through our lungs), is also square Mars in his sign. This may mean, as Neptune is also in an air sign and Uranus rules that air sign that we may have air disasters of storm like nature: hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, typhoons. Also there may be aviation disasters. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus its ruler square the Galactic Centre all year, will make 2009 a bumper year for air and flight disasters. Well of course this all looks pretty grim, but of course not all people will be affected, that will depend on individual planetary aspects and also certain areas of the world will be more affected than others. Mars is in the sign Gemini, which will mean that air disasters (also lung problems), may be worst in the Gemini zones, as also conflicts. Here storms may occur that in turn cause flooding leading back to health problems. Such areas as Central America ( Guatemala Yucatan, Belize) and the West Indies- Caribbean on one side of the globe and Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka also fall in these zones on the other side of the globe and could be also affected by storms, floods, wars or health problems coming through the air. Each area of the world, each city, has affinities and founding aspects that are like the birth charts of people showing their sensitive areas, which may be triggered by planetary transits. So Mars may trigger again the tectonic plates around Los Angeles to shake more often in August because it will oppose the founding Saturn (earth) and square the founding Sun. Yet the time is not yet come for the Big One.

All the lightened areas on the chart are more dangerous zones rpresenting solstice/ equinox latitudes and longitudes. Especially where the circles are placed. Of course not all of these areas are highly populated yet we have seen what damage a Tsunami can do! As Uranus is nearing the spring equinox but is still in the water sign Pisces till May 2010 square the Galactic Centre and Pluto and opposite Saturn and similar aspects to the LISBON EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI , one probability is a wave hitting the European countries: that could cause the next big shock.

If it were possible for me to put all the data for cities of the earth and counties of the earth with the coming transits I could make some pretty exact predictions. Yet my discovery of the involvement of the Galactic Centre and attempt to predict using this information is new for me too and my brain is just not big enough. I once met a crystal skull in 1987 in the entrance hall to the British Museum. As I stood in front of it I sort of locked in and a blue light joined us but I broke the connection and moved hastily to one side. My poor lttle brain would have been broken. Perhaps a big quake will not come in August 2009 but it is getting increasingly likely as Saturn, Uranus and the GC move back into T square. At present the area even more likely to be affected than the Piscean Spring equinox zone in the Atlantic and South of France/Portugal area where the Monument to the End of Time stands - the Cross of Hendaye, will be the Pisces/ Virgo Zone up in the Alaska- Aleutian Islands where not many people live anyway, or by New Zealand in the pure Virgo zone, which could be worse. The most dangerous places to live when grand crosses of planets are occurring on the Holy Cross, as in the coming years, will be close to the two solstice and equinox zones of the Earth by latitude or longitude. As nobody lives at the pure winter solstice zones near the poles, except a poor few (and ever fewer) ice bears, this is not dangerous for humans, but the summer solstice latudes, the equator and longitudes (90° east), especially the area close to where the Tsunami occurred, will be the most endangered, for Sumatra-Java is the remains of what the Bible calls „The Land of the Beast“3. Also, on the winter solstice longitude of 90° west disaster is more likely, Guatemala, southern Mexico, Yucatan the exact area from where the End Time prophecy came, may be badly hit by storms, earthquakes and worst of all volcanic eruptions most likely from 2010. If the land rises in the equatorial zones, as is pretty certain to occur (at least within the next 250
3 No, I have not made a mistake about this. Babylon is not Iran/Iraq though they may suffer bad wars, even an atomic bomb, but the land that will receive the „cup of God's wrath“ is Indonesia, our land of origin - Eden. The place where God-Shiva will erupt when he brings the new Earth.

years), it may happen in one massive event, or in a series. It is most likely that it will be connected to large eruptions and the poles shifting. Then of course at least the low lying and coastal areas may be completely washed out by the enormous tsunami waves.To offer some short-term relief, I should say that even if a smaller water disaster does occur in August, I do not see such large catastrophes for the whole world occurring in this year.

Susan Seymour Hedke July 27 2009 ****************************************************************************


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