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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact – Kim Scott Mobile - 07818 061918 Email – dsg.scotlandevent@gmail.


BREAK THROUGH TO A NEW KIND OF DEMOCRACY Two days of effective democracy foundation building happening in Edinburgh (23rd Oct) and Glasgow (24th Oct).

We are delighted to welcome John Buck to Edinburgh and Glasgow. John is a leading trainer and author of ‘We the people consenting to a deeper democracy ’ a book about Dynamic Self Governance (DSG) aka Sociocracy.

DSG/Sociocracy developed in the Netherlands, and is used by organisations in Sweden, Switzerland, Brasil, Germany, Belgium, France, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. This is an untapped toolkit with the high acclaim of supporting harmonious organisations, transparency, equivalence and efficiency. The key to these two days is participation. As the world is changing and for many people who do not vote, do not feel part of the community or that they are not able to make their voices heard these training days are for you. John is offering some practical tools for personal development, community development alongside organisational productivity, and organising in regions. Edinburgh @ The Quakers Meeting House 9.30 -5.30pm. Glasgow @ The Albany Conference Centre, 9.30 – 5.30pm. Both days there will be the opportunity to attend an opportunity evening event giving an overview of the process and principles and some small exercises. Edinburgh @ Edinburgh Uni, Chrystal MacMillan building, 6.30 – 9pm. Glasgow @ The Old Schoolhouse, 287 Woodlands Road from 6.30pm.

All details of the event are available on the website – Tickets can be booked at eventbrite –

We are offering concessions to students – please get in touch. OR 07818 061918 We are very excited to have this opportunity and look forward to welcome you all at the events.

Robin MacAlpine (Scottish Common Weal) says:
"Scotland has become a centralised nation in which citizens do not seem to be deeply involved in the process of running government. There seems to be some assumption that if we leave government to the professionals that'll be the best thing for us. This isn't true. Government is a process of seeking consent from those governed and Scotland really needs to learn more about methods of involving people in decision-making and making sure that their voice is properly heard and their consent given."

How can DSG work for public policy?
Because dynamic governance helps several minds think smarter than any one person independently, it could be very beneficial to Parliament for Committees of Parliament to make more informed judgements when they are carrying out inquiries or in scrutinising legislation. In wider government, there appears to be an obvious application in initial consultations on developing legislation and in handling and managing the development of that legislation. Imagine those processes proceeding in an elegant fashion! In addition, dynamic governance offers a whole new approach to the basic idea of governance. By organising organisations, including conventional government agencies, businesses, and not-for-profits, into well-disciplined networks, it becomes possible to promote orderly affairs much more effectively than current government and without the rancour of majority vote politics. Learn how Scotland might move to the leading edge of governance innovation by promoting the growth of collective impact structures. Such structures are showing they can involve many more people than ever in the processes of governing and on the basis of “no voice ignored.”