October 1, 2013

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Wall Street intends to kill millions of Americans with hyperinflation. Quantitative Easing (QE), coupled with the loss of income due to Wall Street’s systematic take-down of the manufacturing and industrial base, is the perfect storm for the hyperinflation that is now hitting. Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly warned Americans about the danger of hyperinflation; particularly since the bailout policy began in late 2008. Since then, he and his associates around the nation have led a fight to bankrupt the Wall Street criminals who have created the bailout/ QE swindle with the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall. Glass-Steagall is the first step to saving the nation, followed by NAWAPA XXI with a science-driver program to make a breakthrough on fusion energy. In a recent White House meeting, top Wall Street CEO’s have just ordered their puppet Obama to keep the QE printing presses rolling and to stop Glass-Steagall at all costs, knowing that it will bankrupt them. This comes after Obama’s ploy to save his sinking presidency with a disastrous government shut-down. The only thing we should shut down is Wall Street; and Glass-Steagall is our weapon to do that. That is the only way to avoid the coming storm of hyperinflation. Since the terrorist attacks of Where is the outrage? Why has the American population quietly suffered through this increasing hyperinflation like the famous anecdote of the boiling frog? In the beginning of 1923, the population of the Weimer Republic saw their
1 http://elsa.berkeley.edu/~saez/piketty-saezAEAPP06.pdf

policy was ushered in in late 2008, the top 1% of income earners has seen a staggering growth of personal income. According to a study by economists Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez1, since the supposed “recovery” of 2009 began up through 2012, 95% of the income gained in that period went to the upper 1% income brackets. Translated into cold hard cash, that means that on average, the income for the upper 1% has increased by approximately one million dollars over those four years, while the lower 99% income earners have seen their income increase by only about $560 over that same four year period—approximately $11 a month, which would barely cover the inflation for a single tank of gas. The last time that this quality of income disparity existed in the United States was 1928.

September 11th, 2001, Americans have seen prices double, or more, for many crucial elements needed for life, such as food and energy. Meanwhile, incomes have collapsed for many Americans—even according to the lying statistics put out by both the Bush and Obama administrations. To add insult to injury, since the bailout

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inflation heating up until it broke into a roiling boil in November of that year. Personal savings were wiped out, and despair set into the German population that opened the door for Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. This is not the time to be frogs or “good Germans,” quietly To suffering get a through sense of the this hyperinflation until it destroys us. hyperinflation, take the case of the increases in a few basic elements needed for any American family since the bailout began: food, gasoline, and rent. Compared to prices at the time of the bailout, in 2012 a family of four had to pay an additional $936/year for food, according to the USDA’s Moderate Food Plan2; $2063/year for gasoline, taking the Department of Transportation’s average household mileage3; and $1,968/year more for a 3 bedroom apartment, based on an average of the top 5 metropolitan areas.4 That means that just for food, gasoline and rent, a family pays $4,967/year more now versus since the time of the bailout, while their
2 According the USDA’s Moderate Food Plan for a family of four per month, at the time of the bailout the family would have had to pay $947 per month, or $11,364 over the year. In 2012, they would have to pay $1025 per month, or $12,300 over the year; $936 more for the food plan in 2012 versus 2009. http://www.cnpp. usda.gov/USDAFoodCost-Home.htm 3 According to the US Department of Transportation, the national average mileage driven per year in 2009, per household, at an average of 20 miles per gallon, would have had to pay $3878 in 2009 (BLS) and $5941 in 2012 (BLS); an extra $2063 in 2012 versus 2009. http://nhts.ornl.gov/2009/pub/stt.pdf, http:// data.bls.gov/timeseries/APU000074714?data_tool=XGtable 4 Assuming an average rent based on the top 5 metropolitan cities of Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Chicago, and San Francisco, according Housing and Urban Development, rent has increased for a 3 bedroom house from an average of $1,706 in 2009, to an average of $1,870 in 2012. Our family of four would have to pay an additional $1,968 over the year. http://www.huduser.org/portal/ datasets/fmr.html

average income has not increased. How many families can absorb paying $4,967 more while making the same, or even less, annual income?

Of course, that does not even take into account other essential payments such as medical bills, prescriptions, heating oil, electricity costs, car repairs, college tuition, etc. It is time to end the insanity and bankrupt these Wall Street criminals with Glass-Steagall. It is time for Americans to fight, instead of thinking they can make it through just one more month. Our nation requires a new Presidency immediately, and an end to the Bush-Obama era of hyperinflation.



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